Finding Grace

October 22nd, 2014

My birth mother was only 16 when I was born. She gave me up for adoption and then took me back. She gave me up the second time when I was 8 months old and was adopted by a loving Christian family. My mom raised my sister and I up in church and my father didn’t go to church unless it was Christmas or Easter. I became heavily involved in church with choir and missions and church camp; but it wasn’t enough. I was just going through the motions. I was a hypocrite. I would be all about Jesus on Sundays and live every other day of the week the way I wanted.

When I was 14 I started dating guys behind my parents back. My first boyfriend was emotionally and verbally abusive; we dated for three years. I started cutting myself at 15 and at 16 someone noticed and got me help. My second boyfriend was physically abusive. Through all of that I started giving up on the whole religion thing.

When I started college. I completely stopped going to church. I began attempting ways to fill the void in my heart. I tried drugs and liquor and then I started jumping from relationship to relationship. One night I went to a party at my best friends house where I was drugged and raped by her brother’s best friend. When I told her she said I was a liar and if I said no he would have stopped. After that I slipped into a deep depression. My roommate would invite me to church and try to fix me the only way she knew how. I decided I needed to change the way I was doing things; I tried to change myself. So, I transferred schools and everything was going okay for a couple of months then I found my way into trouble again. This time I got caught. I was suspended from school.

That’s when I realized I couldn’t do it alone. I needed help. I cried out to God; He changed me. However, after all I did I kept thinking that I wasn’t good enough; I’m not worthy enough for God. I just kept thinking I don’t deserve Him. Finally, in 2013, I realized the truth in that. Yes, I am far from worthy and I am definitely not good enough. However, that is the truth in God’s grace. We were dead because of our sins and it is only by God’s grace that I am saved! God saved me by His grace when I believed and I can’t earn it because it is a gift from God. He loves me just as I am despite the sins of the past. Because He is rich in grace and mercy I am forgiven.

Dear Friend,

First of all I would thank you for sparing few minutes of your time to learn about miracles of Jesus Christ in my life. I assure you that this passage will help you find answers to many of your queries in life and about Jesus as well..!!

When someone asks me about my faith in Jesus, whom I claim to have changed my life radically, I take no time to smile back and say – ‘without Jesus, you had no Timothy around you this day to ask this question..!!’ That much is the impact of Jesus Christ on my life. It was then painful every day before HE came into my life but now every minute has turned into joy..!!

My association with Jesus Christ is 13 years old and in course of time, I have never neither felt alone nor forbidden from HIS mightiest love. This great love of Jesus has empowered me to cross many hurdles, multiple milestones and claim blessings after blessings in my life and into other’s life as well. Yes! It is Jesus Christ who led me all the way in this victorious life and it was HE, who was with me in my every fall and rise in all these years. His strong hand has never neither let me down nor left me alone. Instead, blessed me to be a blessing to others! Read the rest of this testimony »

God Healed Me from Herpes 2

October 19th, 2014

Hi all! Ive been eager to share my testimony with the world so here it goes. Growing up i was raised to worship God due to my parents. I remember as a very young child my siblings and I were forced to go to church until i was saved and accepted Jesus Chris into my life. Although after being saved I went back to the world and found myself being in two waters. Long story short I found myself in a relationship with this guy for a long time until things broke off. He was the only guy I’ve been with n lost my virginity to.

Until one day after graduating high school one of my friends and i went to a party, which of course God was not there only the devil. I ended up getting drunk and having lust for one particular guy at the party. I’ve only been with one guy and was curious to know what was like to have sex with another person. This only came to thought after we bonded in the party. One thing lead to another and the devil ended up getting the best of me that night. After we had sex one of his friends told me he put a pill in my drink which helped me reason why I got so drunk. I remember seeing myself in a corner of the party feeling so alone and scared. Two weeks later I ended up feeling a really uncomfortable pain down my privacy as if I had a yeast infection. I completely ignored it but something inside me told me something was wrong. So all I did was pray.

Three weeks later I felt an enormous burn down my private area and each day was worse. I thought please God dont let it be a std just some kind of bacterial infection. I ended up sharing my issue and pain to my parents n older sis. I didnt know what I had until I went to the clinic and was told I had herpes. Depression hit me like never before I looked up at the wall and there was a portrait of Jesus I felt hope and Gods embrace all around. Although I was only 18 n thought wow is this really happening to me ive only slept with two guys I argued with God n then said sorry.

My dad suddenly spoke to our pastor and the pastor made the decision to bring a minister to pray for all the sick. That Sunday after the service was over the minister than called all sick to the alter and my dad came up with me praying as well. The minister that was invited to our church then said your faith will heal you in 15 days the ones with faith will be healed, so mark down each day in your calendar.

On the 15 day before I woke up. God revealed me a dream of about 30 people in a body of water as if we were getting baptized. I tried to look at the minister in my dream but a light surrounded him I couldn’t see his face but his white cloth he raised me from the water and I felt born again. I woke up from the dream I realized todays the 15 day I’m healed. I ran to the bathroom because I had my period but this time. I had no outbreak I usually got an outbreak or felt a burn when I had my period.

My faith was super strong that I ran to my dad hugged him and said

“Dad I’m healed.”

He said ok and was speechless. 7 years have passed and I’ve never gotten an outbreak again. I’ve gone to clinics to test me specifically in herpes after and twice two different clinics said I tested negative. God bless you all God is real and almighty turn your life to him in purity have faith. There’s nothing wrong to pray for faith .You are just important believe in your God and he will give you the eternity if you ask and believe in him. I love you God is forever with you. Amen

Hello Readers….Travis Campbell, Poetry Testimony…

All of my past, was a life lived fast. Selling drugs and making money were my daily first and last
A twisted life Travis chosed to be living, which had me trapped with a mindset of always dealing
I stayed lost to the streets just going in circles, hood rich was my thing just stuck in that game
I never knew a way out except death or jail, thousands upon thousands what we were daily making in sells.
The cops stayed on the loose looking to fill another jail cell.
I can’t take no more, but that money keep calling,
I can’t take no more, but those drugs keep coming.
Blood in blood out, I stayed on the inside looking out,
I was trapped in that worldly system if you know what I’m talking about
At such a young age my life of selling major drugs seemed to be the thing to me,
6 figure money with an abundance of materialistic possessions.
Little did I know where this life style would take me and even do to me.

Truth be told, I have been in jail 76 times, shot very badly on 3 seperate occassions, I even died 4 times, had 20 major operations, spent over 3 and a half years in the hospital, and even found myself homeless do to my poor choices while addicted to the drugs that I once were selling. Now on the other hand, God saw fit to protect me and keep me through all of my mess. Thanks be to God after doing a year in Miami County jail in 2005-2006 my lovely sister provided a way of escape for me.

I found myself on an airplane Feb 18, 2006 headed to Atlanta to be picked up by Pastor, Waymon Johnson to be welcomed at New Birth Ministry to begin my journey with Christ for “CHANGE”. I whole heartedly accepted Christ Jesus into my life on Feb 19, 2006 and since then I found myself following after Him through it all..I have gained a sense of worth and I live daily with a purpose to Glorify Christ in all I do.

I completed my year at New Birth on Feb 18, 2007. I chose to stay on my journey, because I know for a fact that time spent waiting on Jesus is time that’s never wasted. I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to attend Alabama Bible College where I became an ordained minster. I minister to adults and youth…At the present, I attend Southern Union Community College majoring in computer science, because I love computers..I also have a heart to encouraged others no matter who they are. Now, none of this would have been possible, because Travis couldn’t do it on his own…

You read up above were I said I never knew a way out the drug game except by death or being in jail, but God is so able to do the unthinkable. All glory goes to God for making what was impossible, possible for me..A “CHANGED MAN” set free from all hang ups and habits…

Testimony for God’s glory

October 17th, 2014

God bless you all. I would like to share this testimony with you to God’s glory. A few months back I did some shopping and afterwards got in a taxi. The taxi was still waiting for other people to get in. During this time I all of a sudden felt like I wanted to pass out. Not knowing what was going on, I got out of the taxi and made my way to a public restroom to wash off my face.

I felt a little bit better after that, and took other taxi home. I phoned my husband and he told me that I should go lie down. I did as he said and also listened to a sermon of the prophet during that time. By the time my husband got home I was fine. I was a little bit shook up by this experience since I didn’t know what was happening that moment.

This situation repeated itself a couple of times again. I can remember when I was alone at home and I all of a sudden felt like passing out again.This time it felt worse than before. I text my husband and asked him to pray for me immediately. I had a lot of work to do at home so I just put on the tape “Taking God at His Word” and start washing the floors, still feeling like I want to pass out. I afterwards just started to sing God’s praises. I probably felt like that for more than an hour. Praise the Lord, by the time I needed to go fetch my children at school I was well.

Well, the other day while I was on my way fetching the kids at school. This horrible thing wanted to attack me again worse than ever before. I don’t know why but it made me think when Jesus was about to cast out an evil spirit out of a boy how he had a fit like never before. While waiting for my children at school, I could only stand on God’s Word. It was a fight but the Lord see me through just like He did the other times. Arriving home I put a prayer cloth on and continued making something to eat for my children. All the while still feeling not nice.

Then out of nowhere, I don’t know how, but I just accepted my healing. That thing just went away from me. I’m so thankful to the Lord for delivering me. I do not have words to described my joy.

I hope that this might have encouraged someone.


I was angry with God. I wanted to know why I had gone from an outgoing, smart, academic girl to nothing… My soul was broken,my marks dropped and my parents seemed to love my brother more than me. I wished for death but short lived moments of happiness killed me more…

I gave my life to him, I thought. Burned a paper with all my sins in a fire but yet still continued to hoard them. Life was good and bad and then tumbled into worse.”Christians tend to suffer more than non Christians – just look at Jesus” but I didn’t want to suffer. I still continued to suffer and it was in those moments I left God to swim in my sorrows that I drowned. I left God thinking he’d let things go back to normal but the more I stayed away the more he made me need him.

I prayed, danced and worshiped but inside I could not trust his plan and when my finishing school marks came I came crushing down like a house without a foundation. Whilst my friends displayed their marks with pride I hid my tears and shouted at God. He had not answered my prayers like he said he would nor did he come to  my aid when I looked for him.

I thought he didn’t want universities to accept me, I thought he put unpleasant people in my life to hate me, I thought he wanted to prove to my parents that I was a failure but that wasn’t the case.

I’m in the process of having my college application approved even though I do t have the marks to do the course. I’m in the process of  building a business empire that is sure to provide financial relief to my family-which I wouldn’t have thought of if I’d gone to college. I’m about to be confirmed. I’ve seen my self confidence rise over the past few months. I haven’t been spending time in devotion but everyday I say I prayer to God. Letting him know I need him and trust him and that I’m thankful for the cross and my burdens are no longer mine to carry.

Job is the only book I can relate to really and I hope I can be as faithful as him when it comes to being tested by God!!!!! I hope one day God is able to say that my baby girl can handle anything you throw at her!!!

Thank you for reading

God bless

I am in love with a girl. She is the one person that really completes me, most caring, hardworking, prayerful & beautiful person I have ever met.

But she also does live in a different continent. Her family relocated 4 years ago to the other end of the world. She is a student, working and paying for higher education.

Let me start from the beginning. We met about 6 years ago at a church event. We started talking almost daily on phone and became really good friends. She lived in a nearby town. A few months after we met, I told her that I wanted us to be more than friends but she told me she didn’t feel the same about me & she was already in a relationship. I was heartbroken. Our communication stopped. We didn’t speak for almost a year. I never got over her, believe me I tried. I got into a few relationships thereafter but I could just not find someone like her. They were always short and lacked depth. Eventually I decided to stop chasing after a fulfilling relationship altogether and just be.

So almost 2 years after we met, she called me and wanted to meet me, perhaps mend things before she & her family left. We did meet the day before her departure and it was a very bitter-sweetest moment. I felt like a part of me had been ripped off. I know it was also difficult for her. We promised to always pray for each other.

They left. All this time she was still with the boyfriend. I then came to know that they tried to keep their long distance relationship active via Skype etc, but it was strenuous. It came to a point where he didn’t trust her, said she had changed etc. Then I believe they broke up.

2 years later, she reached out to me, we started communicating a few times. Then a year ago, I decided to take my prayer life more seriously and started doing a Bible plan (for reading the entire Bible for a year using a popular android bible app). I thought it was something she might be interested in (she had always been the prayerful one, much more than me). When I told her about the reading plan, I found that she had actually started one just a few days before me, so she decided to delay her reading plan so I could catch up. We then started praying Novenas together, week after week with each person taking a turn at finding a Novena.

And that leads to my situation at the moment. She regards me as a friend, nothing more. I don’t think she is in a relationship, and if she is she’s kept it to herself.

At any time when we have talked about our future plans and getting married, I’ve always told her that I am waiting to meet the right person and hope to start a married life soon. For her she also says that she’s also waiting on the Lord to meet the right person, but that her focus right now is school and work, she gets very busy and it can be very demanding sometime. She has another 3 or so years to finish campus. I on the other hand I finished school a few years ago and I’m in employment. She is a year younger than me.

But she always encourages me to date, even sounds happy at the prospect of me getting a girlfriend etc.

I feel that she really is the one for me. I don’t want to ruin our friendship or make things uncomfortable by telling her how I feel, considering that she did in the past tell me that she saw me as a friend and nothing more.

And even If I were to, I know that long distance relationships are not easy, and considering that hers and her ex failed, I really don’t want to place that burden on her, should she be willing to. I am willing to wait for her until she finishes school or until the time she comes back, if she decides to, if I were to know whether our relationship stands a chance of becoming something more.

I really don’t know what to do at this point. Advice?

Preaching God’s word

October 14th, 2014

Hallo, I am now 18 years old, A few months ago I was doing as if I was preaching, and I felt this amazing love in me. I was saying that God has us in our heart and telling God’s grace that he loves us and has us in our heart, and I said in phillipians 1:7 it say that God that he has us in our heart” and I quickly searched for the bible vers and indeed it was correct, I couldn’t believe what was happening to me I had a really awesome feeling.

In phillipians 1:7 “For it is only right for me to feel this way about you all, because I have you in my heart, since both in my imprisonment and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel, you all are partakers of grace with me.”

Wow I couldn’t believe that I just quoted the right bible verse where at least the word heart was inside. It felt very well and I felt God’s love surrounding me very awesome. However I barely read the bible so I actually never read that chapter before and suddenly the good bible verse came. Is this a gift or just per coincidence. I think it is the holy spirit who is with me. What’s your opinion?

A Miraculous Encounter

September 26th, 2014

My life was radically transformed when God encountered me while I was in college. Growing up, I never really believed in God although I was raised in a Christian home. Being preoccupied with life and not being able to ‘see’ our God during church service made me doubt his existence. I continued to live life and as I got older, I felt the need to prove my worth to others by falling into so many temptations around me. When I went to college I started drinking and hooking up with guys, although it truly wasn’t things I enjoyed doing.

I fell into many sexual addictions while having plenty of boy drama to deal with. At that particular time, I was already overwhelmed with all of the stress that I had from the problems I created and out of nowhere, my health started to deteriorate with another illness that came upon me around the time of my finals. I quickly went to my mom to ask for help and because she was a believer, she said that we’ll see the doctors but also have people pray for you.

As the week went on, I woke up one morning not feeling any of the symptoms of this illness and began to wonder what just happened? I’ve been sick and even my friends knew about it and all of a sudden, everything was gone and I felt normal. After getting checked out by the doctors, they said nothing was wrong with me. I began to wonder if this was a work of God or if science just proved to be the answer. Still carrying the weight of my problems and thinking that I have nothing to lose, I thought about praying to Him myself to see if he really did exist and if he could lift all of the burdens I was carrying. I cried out to Him and after I was done praying and pouring my heart out, I felt the weight being lifted off. I felt so light and experienced a burst of joy coming from the inside, and not knowing what to make of it, I simply embraced it.

So right after I was done praying, I decided to listen to this song that I really liked. It was a secular song that had hip-hop artists on there. I have been listening to this track for about 3 years but I lost the song on my computer so I asked the DJ if he could send it to me. When I got the track and began listening to it, I heard a man interrupt the rapper in this hip-hop song and begin to sing about Jesus. I immediately freaked out, not understanding what was going on! I never listened to christian music because I never enjoyed it so I didn’t understand how it showed up on my phone! I also realized that the DJ who made the hip-hop track was Hindu so it didn’t come from him either.

And I was listening to the same song for 3 years before that I never heard this man who sang about Jesus. The only connection I could make was to the prayer I prayed to some ‘God’. I kept hearing this man sing about Jesus and when I looked at my phone it said that I was listening to ‘DJ Kash: Money to blow overnight’ and I knew that wasn’t right. After staying in the middle of the song for about 3 weeks, the christian man just completely disappeared one day and I heard the original hip-hop track with all of the rappers. Everything that happened went beyond my mind’s comprehension and deep-down inside, I knew God just showed up. I still listen to the hip-hop track to see if the man who sang about Jesus would come back but it’s been a year and a half since that incident and there has been no sign of him! Right after that incident, I gave my life to Jesus and have been on a journey knowing more about Him and who I am in Him!

I encourage all of you guys to talk God, no matter where you are in life or how deep you are in sin. His love is more powerful than anything on this earth and He can show up if we ask Him to! I hope this testimony provides hope to all of you and stay blessed peeps!:)


September 25th, 2014

It’s been a month since my boyfriend of 2 years and I broke up. We got into a huge argument one night and it got so bad we both hit and pushed each other. He walked out the door and never came back. For about a week straight after he left I continuously called and texted him trying to apologize, but he ended up blocking my number. I went to his job and apologized and told him how much I missed him and needed him in my life, but he told me we couldn’t be together. He told me his parents disapprove of me and so does his friends.

He was my first and only boyfriend I’ve ever had, and even though we argued a lot it was mostly because of me and my attitude. I was always rude towards him and took advantage of him and made him do everything for me. I feel so horrible about the person that I ‘ve been to him, and I only realize it now that he’s gone. When he left I was so miserable and heart broken that I cried out to God asking him to bring him back. I confessed all of my sins to God and asked him for forgiveness. I even asked my ex for forgiveness and he told me he forgives me and will always love me, but we can’t be together.

It’s been a month and I’m still hurting just like I was the first day he left. I still cry every day. I still pray for hours each day asking God for healing, restoration and guidance. I see no changes and no chance of him coming back. This situation has taught me so much in just a month. My relationship with God has never been stronger, and even though I trust in God, I still get discouraged every day. I feel so empty and lost and I feel like God has abandoned me but I continue to try my best and have faith anyway.

Whether God brings my ex back or not, this situation has taught me so much. It’s impacted my life so much. It’s brought me closer to God, and even though I see no changes in my life and I feel like the more I pray the worse things get, I am not going to doubt God. There’s a reason he’s putting me through this. And I know he will bring restoration and happiness someday soon. Right now it’s hard for me to even imagine moving on without my ex. I’d give anything to have him in my life again. He accepted me at my worse and I long so much to show him how much I’ve changed. He desrves my best! But regardless of what happens, if God brings him back or not, I will continue to have faith and trust in God. I know God loves me and wants the best for me. And even though I don’t see a way, I know that God does.