During most of my adolescence, my life was a living hell. I was born with a disease that effects my joints and sometimes makes it hard to do certain physical activities. Throughout childhood, I had to take very strong medication that had nasty side effects and I was tormented terribly at school, eventually went into total isolation and became severely lonely and depressed.

On top of what was going on at school, I had a load of personal problems to deal with. My parents were less than supportive. Sometimes, my joint problems even made it hard to walk. On these days, my mom would threaten me, “You better learn to walk or you are going to be in a wheelchair by Christmas!” My mother had a very traumatic upbringing, so its understandable that she has trouble dealing with stress, but still, her cruelty caused me great depression and low self-esteem throughout my childhood.

My other major personal issue was something that will haunt me my entire life. When I was fourteen, just as my joint problems were starting to disappear, was when my life took a turn for the worst. I was violated by someone I trusted. I would rather not explain everything that happened; it is too painful. I was heart broken. How could someone I had trusted for so long suddenly become the subject of my nightmares? I desperately wanted to tell someone, but I was afraid of starting trouble, or that no one would believe me. So I kept my mouth shut, even though I was screaming from the inside. I thought if I just forgot about, I could move on with my life, but that’s not what happened. I started having nightmares where someone was chasing me, and horrible panic attacks. I also started to hate my body. I thought it was a useless object. I cut myself and eventually developed an eating disorder. My life was spiraling out of control. somehow, someway, I got out of that mess. I started going to private school. Finally, I had friends that I could trust. For about a year my life seemed to be pretty okay, then, just as I was about to start my junior year, the most traumatic events of my life started to unfold.

It started off with me not feeling so well. I was tired and nauseous most of the time. I thought I just had a virus, but the symptoms would not go away. My parents agreed to take me to the pediatrician, who chalked up my symptoms to a lack of sleep/seasonal allergies. My symptoms only got worse. I started feeling hot all over. Then came severe muscle weakness and shortness of breath. At one point I couldn’t even walk up the stairs. I begged my parents to take me back to the doctor. They finally agreed. This time they found some concerning signs. I had a heart rate of 120 bpm and a 100 degree fever, but again the doctor told me I was just stressed and needed to take it easy. My symptoms only got worse from there. Over the next weeks, my shortness of breath became severe. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep because when I would lie down it was hard to breathe. I was so weak I could barely get out of bed. Eventually I couldn’t eat. I kept telling my parents how ill I felt, but they forced me to go to school and do everything I normally do, saying “we’ve already been to doctors,” but I knew something wasn’t right.

Finally, my mom agreed to take me to a urologist since I have had kidney problems in the past. We learned some shocking news. My kidneys were failing. Next came multiple tests. I was bombarded with needles, tubes, electrodes, swabs and catheters. From the tests, they concluded I was in shock, cardiogenic shock to be specific. For an unknown reason, my heart was failing terribly. It was only beating at 15%. Not only was my heart failing but because my heart was working so poorly my lungs, kidneys, liver, and digestive tract were also in early failure. I was taken to the ICU, where I lapsed into a coma, with a small chance of survival. I was on so many devices that were keeping me alive during that period. During the coma, I had some very strange revelations. Of course, I couldn’t hear or see or feel anything going on around me, but my brain was doing strange and wonderful things. I had been distant from God for some while, even doubting him in my times of struggle, but when I was unconscious I could feel his presence, and it was beautiful. Eventually, I woke up. It was one of the best days of my life.

My Life with Jesus

January 25th, 2015

This story is 100% true.

On Wednesday April 24, 1996, a baby boy was born into the world. This boy’s names was Maurice Echols II (Reese For short) this boy is me. I was born blind, partially deaf, with cerebral palsy, and he had a blood disorder called Hereditary Spherocytosis. No one knew it yet but Reese was a Special baby, God was going to use me in big ways.

When I was 71/2 months old, my parents took me to Cincinnati looking for my dad’s fathers family. So we went to a church that my grandfather went too trying to see if anyone there knew him. At the end of service, the pastor said, “there is a lady here with a blind baby, please bring that baby up.” so my mother brought me up to the pastor. The pastor said, “may I lay hands on your baby?”. My mom was hesitant at first but then she let him.

The pastor laid his hand on me and asked God to open my eyes to the natural world and the spiritual world. And it didn’t happen immediately, it took some time. That’s what people most people don’t understand. God can heal you instantly, but some times he chooses to do it slowly and sometimes he heals you by calling you home to heaven. So that’s what he did with me, he healed me slowly.

Three weeks went by and I hadn’t been healed yet or so everyone thought. One night my mom was giving me a bath and she started tossing bath toys pretending that I could see. And that’s when my eyes opened up. She threw this green rubber ducky and I followed it. Then she tossed a red rubber ducky and I followed it with my head. Then I started playing with bubbles which I had never seen before. My mom leaned in and I just busted out laughing. And she grabbed me out of that bath tub and started screaming for my dad. My dad came in and he was yelling at my mom, “you’re scaring him” and snatched me out of her arms. Then I looked right up at my dad and grabbed his face and gave him this giant smile. And he believed I could see. Right behind my dad was Jesus. And I saw Jesus and angels every day. I started seeing angels and demons on the regular. I used to see just angels but when I turn 4 I started seeing everything.

I think at least one year went by till my ears were healed. One night we decided to go to world harvest. In the middle of service my ears just started burning. It was like my ears were on fire and my mom said that my ears were burning up. I started screaming and crying and pastor Rod Parsley called us up and said that this baby’s ears are healed.

When I was 4 I got tired of not being like a normal boy, so while at church I told my pastor that I wanted to be healed. And he responded with the most stupid question that I had ever heard. He said,

“Reese, what would you like me pray over you for?”

and I told him

“If my God can make my eyes work, I know He can make my bones work.”

Before he could even lay his hands on me, I went down. The room felt like the building was on fire. There was snow out side and when they opened the windows, all the snow around the building melted. And one by one each muscle and bone popped up and into the correct position.

When I was 5, I had to get my spleen removed. The surgery went great, or so we thought. An artery in the back of my stomach ruptured and I bled to death. I remember going to heaven and walking out side the gates of heaven with Jesus. He held me in his arms and told me how much he loves me and that he has big plans for me. I wanted to go through the gates and He told me that it is not my time yet, that I had to go back home. And I started falling and next thing I know I’m back in my body, and I sit up gasping for air on the operating table. It turns out that after the nurse found me in my room passed out and blood coming out my mouth, they rushed me to emergency surgery. The surgeon said that I died on the operation table, and that God told her not to give up on me.

When I was 6 my babysitters boyfriend killed his son and tried to break into our apartment. During that time, Jesus appeared in my bedroom. The guy tried everything to get into our apartment. He used a crowbar, a sledge hammer, a shotgun everything. He even tried to kick the door in. the door didn’t even budge. When the police showed up. They found the crowbar bent in half, the shotgun wouldn’t work, and the hammer broken. Nothing he did to get in worked.

When I was 7, I was molested by my babysitter and raped by my friend’s dad. God was with me that entire time. They threatened to kill me and to kill my parents. My babysitter and her girlfriend made child pornography and forced us to carry it down to [name removed] house. But God was with us, and kept us safe. When we finally told, [name removed] got arrested but my babysitter and the detective were friends and she got off the hook. The detective was in on the whole thing, but its in God’s hands now.

When I was 8 I was at Barnett Road Baptist Church and this lady named Mary and my mom were talking, and all of a sudden Mary gets mad and points to the table that I am sitting on, and that table and me go flying. Mary was a witch, the first of many that I would encounter, and I was so scared. Next thing I know I am being caught by an angel and put carefully on the ground. Then all hell breaks loose literally. Demons start coming from everywhere. For every demon, there were four angels. So imagine how crazy it was. It was so cool and scary.

When I was 9, I was sent to the hospital with a dangerously high fever, and when I got to the hospital nothing was wrong. When we left I got super sick, and then when we went back in I was fine. This went on for about 2 hours. Then I decided to go pray for this girl that broke her leg and her arm. And as I was praying, her arm and leg were healed. Through me God cleared that entire emergency room.

When I was 10, I started preaching at nursing homes. It was one of my favorite things to do. I got to tell people about Jesus and be around old people. It was fun.

When I was 11 and 12, I started going to pray for people that were dying in hospice. Sometimes God would heal them there, and sometimes God would heal them by calling them home to heaven. But I loved it.

When I was 13, I don’t really remember that much from when I was 13 but I know God was very present in my life.

When I was 14, I went to a school called [name removed] academy. That school was the most evil school that I went to. I mean spiritually evil. The school administrators were not aware that the church where the school was, was covered in demons and curses. I was scared to leave my class room or be in the class by myself. That’s where I really learned that our word really do have power. For one whole week, I was being taunted and tortured by five demons. They were telling me that Jesus hates me and that I will die alone and that I will never amount to anything and that I have no friends that no body really likes me. One day, one of the demons threw me on the floor and the other four pined me down and the demon that threw me down started choking me. Out of no where I screamed in the name of Jesus get off of me. And I broke free. And they went flying back. They started to run at me and I screamed Jesus Help me and next thing I know, the room was filled with angels and Jesus appeared and the demons started screaming with fear. And Jesus told them to go and do not return. And they did.

When I was 15, I started being a stupid teenager. I was just straight up stupid. I started putting other things before God. And that was not right it was a sin. People called me out on it a lot but I told them to mind their own business. I started putting Michael Jackson before God. I put him before God for the longest. And God just kept on tugging on my heart telling me to come back to Him.

when I was 16, nothing really changed, but I was under a lot of attack.

Everything changed when I turned 17, the closest thing to a real grandpa that I ever had, Carl Peters died, I started wanting to be closer to God.

Now I am 18, I am getting rid of all idols. I am going to trust God more. All of the miracles He has done in my life, I am going to focus on Him because He is the higher power, He is the Creator of the universe and everything in it, He is the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end. I will praise Him for ever and ever

God is faithful to His word. I read psalm 50:15 after reading a testimony on this site about how God helped a fellow believer in their studies when they failed and performed poorly. I have been struggling with FAITH because of fear and doubt. When reading that I knew the Lord will do what He said He will do. Psalm 50:15 says the Lord ”Call upon me in the days of trouble and I will deliver you, so that you may Glorify me”. When reading I believed that the Lord will help me from my trouble.

In the mist of my trouble He gave me a word that I will get in this certain university that I always longed to go. Even though He knew I was in a big academic hole, He gave me that word. I never had felt a real panic attack until this very month and I cried myself to sleep every night. Forgetting that I have a God who works all things for my good.

So last night as I was pouring out my heart to Him and casting my anxieties to Him, He told me not to cry and I read His word and told Him

”Lord I screwed up big time. I messed up. I fell short. I am the only one to blame. But I have You who are faithful to Your words. I believe in Your word. I am in big life changing trouble and I am calling upon You my God. Deliver me Father so that I may glorify You and taste and see that you are good. If your name carries any power which I know it does then my words will not return to me void. Because You declared that YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE then I know I am delivered. Everyone who earns their grades the wrong way are raising their banner. I decree and declare that I will also uphold YOU my God for you are JEHOVAH NISSI MY BANNER”

Brothers and sisters this is a huge step of faith that I am taking. I never ever did this before. I thanked God in advance for what He did that is yet unseen. I believe, I believe that He will do for He says He will deliver me. I offered Him thanksgiving with an offering and will keep on doing so. Miracles happen around me but I have yet to experience one first hand. God said He does and because He did for others He also did for me. I refuge to let reality limit the works of my God. This post is to help all you whatever situation you may be in. God loves us and wants to help us. My God has answered my prayer and PLEASE GIVE HIM THANKS FOR THAT EVEN MORE. AMEN :)

Passed Exam

January 12th, 2015

I am here to testify to all of you here that I have PASSED my A level exams through the grace of great Lord Jesus when I thought I would fail. I had messed up in some parts of the paper and could not answer many of the questions … I was mortified and immediately prayed to Lord Jesus to save me and give me hope and prepare me for the best. When results day came and results were reveal, I PASSED all my subjects. I now qualify for some post graduate courses and I know the Lord is always watching and guiding my path. The Lord has destined for me to pass my exams and here I testify to you all the power of merciful Lord Jesus. Praise be to God forevermore and without him I would have strayed from the road to success . God is REAL and he will never leave or forsake you … PRAISE TO GOD

It’s been 2 years ago 2012 when I started to see this dream. I’m having  questions too why I’m seeing a dream like this, which I don’t understand. I hope you all can help me figure this all out, so it will be clarified for me… I told my friends about this dream but some believe in me some don’t. Some just listen at first yet later they just stop me and turn their back  to excuse them  because they will gonna do something. Other of my friends just listen at first and then change the topic even though I am not finished yet talking about it. I know that some of these people I talk about my dream thought that I was crazy or over thinking. I talked about this dream with friends and I had very few positive responses about what I saw in my dream after I shared it with them. So right now I will tell you what is that in my dream. It was actually three dreams in three different nights wherein I saw an angel and the destruction of the world. It is actually the scenes and situations that I seen in my dreams. No more, no less. I can see and it is all still clear to me.

I woke up around 3 am. Frightened and rushing to get my pen and book to wrote down and draw what I see in my dream so I will never to forget… and this is what I saw:

In my dream I saw Jesus Christ so bright wearing a beautiful so shining full of gold crown. And all white  like what popes  robe wearing but it is so very shining full of gold shining brightly really so white brightly shining. On HIS side I saw Mama Mary  so beautiful holding the hand of Jesus Christ.  Mama Mary wearing like she is wearing in revelation to Fatima. That’s what she looks like. and her dress … And she is so shining brightly so white with a crown like Jesus Christ. they were shining brightly with a light shining brightly on top of their heads. I see in my dream THEY were face to face to me at first floating in the sky. on split second  my vision is me op top visioning their heads like u seeing your feet. that I can see and I can see the world-the earth- from above. Split second I saw Jesus Christ change to just like a bright shining just like a wishing star seen and gone, but here I see Him change to bright shining star and then go to the world and I see him change to a man with white cloth covering his body. He has very short hair and a beard. He looks dirty and he look so pitied.

The man was on the center of a stadium I mean like a football stadium. He was a mocked and laughed of people surrounding the stadium. the scene is like in arena..and he was just alone in the center of the dome. Later I saw helicopter crash into a building fire burn all over the place.. people were screaming where to go… all over the dome there were fires and full of distraction. I see also volcano erupting. trees in the mountains even far away I can see it was all burning.. I see also people in the small cottages who are naked drinking and was partying  were crying because destruction of the world had start. the line of electricity in the street were  on fire. people in the cottages some are just still partying I see some of them don’t care of devastation.

In a split second my vision seeing that the Man on a white cloth covered was running and looking for a way out and there after I didn’t see the man.

…split second change scene of dream   I saw the dolphins are dead .. on the seaside of the ocean. lots of dolphins were dead everywhere.. and there I saw water is arising and disturbed. there is a tsunami coming. I see people in the top of buildings. I see as well a tall bridge  but it is reaching already by the water. I can see myself  inside of a train, I was praying while holding the railing of the train. Lots of people are in the train so scared frightened like me. everybody were screaming I see the water tsunami is so near. I saw my aunt and my cousin reaching my hand. I see people reaching their hand in that bridge. . and there water came and is filling up the train. the glasses of the train are broke. It filled the train, I was catching my breath and then I know after that I was dead.

I saw myself walking into the three stairs going up. in which I’m just. I following the crowd.. I was on the back of the crowd. I was wearing white cloth having a long hair.. on my  back side I turn and see that there is a wall and I saw a black crow on the top of the wall with a radio playing near into the crow. on the other side of the edge of that wall i’m seeing the world is like changing to brown wet soil. the soil is sipping down.. eroding.

And there I talk to  the one in the crowd. I ask her where we going?. she said we will go to that big house. from her head down looking to that house she’s saying to me.. I see it looks like a church, and all the people with me were walking. They’re walking head down. Looking at the floor walking. And leading  getting into that  big house like church. while I was walking down in that road with this people I see other people saying their rosary. I was talking the one beside me of my past that I am repenting and  was so very sorry and later I was doing rosary to with them. I was crying and I was so afraid like others. we get into that place like a church. it was a three row line, and there I saw  a long table. Three people were sitting on the chairs like they were judges or something like that. I can’t see actually what they look like, but when it was my turn there was a bright like a shining star come out from my chest when that someone touched and got something in my chest. Everyone in that place was silent. After that, my turn.

I was looking for my mama and my sister. I saw them on the chair sitting on that first row which is it surrounding the three  line.  when I saw mama I touch her chin and bring it up to look at me. She was just looking at me like she didn’t know me, but she looked so beautiful. She’s so young, red cheek. like she don’t have illness. she looks so fresh. Yet, she didn’t know me. Even my sister.. she didn’t know me… I left them and I walk just beside them there is small room, there is doorknob. I reached it and open it.. its dark inside I just took a peek. and I went out. I walking in the whole place of that church. I saw my childhood friend. And my friend in college. And that my first dream.

Another Night I had a dream…

I saw the angels., they were everywhere. the angels were riding in like a Noah’s ark. they are from heaven and riding down the earth flying in the air from the sky…. there were angels beside the people who are in the line… there were two lines that watched by  an angels.  and the top of that line there is a man who is holding a paper its full of names written on it. calling names whether to go ride to go into the room. The people chose and called are getting into the Noah’s ark riding thing  and is getting up into the sky with the angels … anyways the angels were so white complexion with curly hair. they were tall much bigger than human. they have wings see them so innocent like babies. As I remember they look so positive, full of joy. They don’t even speak, but they were just smiling. The smile is not leaving their faces.

Another night’s dream..

I saw my angel holding my hand and I was looking at the angel and that angel looking at me too. he has wings and curly hair and he look so  tall like he is two times taller than me.. and we are getting up above the sky till I went out of the earth. And I see the earth. getting smaller and smaller…. I didn’t speak. The angel was not speaking to me too. we are just looking at each other. Like he is telling me something. While holding me and getting up above the sky…inside of me I was full of joy…


God Is Alive

January 7th, 2015

I just want to share a testimony with everyone. God is alive. I was recently in a car accident, my car rolled over and flew over a fence and then landed on my side but stood back on its wheels immediately. I got out of that accident without a scratch. I saw the whole thing happen and I remember saying to God.

“God please protect me, take the wheel.”

I got out and looked at how badly damaged my car was, and I did not have a scratch, not even one. God is truly alive people. He lives within us, he is with us everyday, he protects us. I needed to share this miracle with you. God is Alive and he protected me. I should’ve been dead but because it was not Gods timing, I am alive and well. Praise God, he deserves the glory. Amen

Mess Into Message

January 2nd, 2015

I’m your regular junior in high school- always laughing and joking, and always wanting to be with my friends. However, ten months ago, I would have never thought I would be where I am now. I live in a small town. Up until Fifth Grade, I grew up in the county’s small public school system.

However, my Momma got offered a job teaching at a small Christian private school when I was in my last year of elementary school, so I began going to that school as well. Things were great for the first two years, however as I grew from middle school to high school, it seemed like everything crumbled. I was seen as “never good enough” to the headmaster and always compared to the favorite students of the school. I was even told that I needed to seek out professional counseling.

But no matter how much I struggled, things were great for my Momma. She was the parents’ favorite teacher and the only teacher to receive perfect teacher evaluations every year. However, this summer, at the end of May, that reign came to an end. My momma lost her job and I was to find a new school.

I questioned how a loving God could allow so much pain. I lost all my friends, confidence, and comfort. But on the night of August 6th, I encountered God’s love and my life has never been the same. I now play sports for my new school and have made a lot of friends who are very supportive and help me through my struggles. Even though I’m not fully recovered, I’m on the road to healing. God really can turn a mess into a message. So, my biggest piece of advice for anyone struggling is to trust God. He knows what will happen and has a plan for it all.

Hi, my name is Rami Khanfar, of the Palestinians by flesh, but a blessed Israelite by the Spirit. My story has an angel and demons involved and is true from first hand experience and rationalization. But it has a back story and I wouldn’t want you to miss out. I am 19 and when I was 17 I committed a robbery that got me a spot in County Jail. Now I grew up a rebellious teenager, the type of kid parents weren’t fond of. So jail visits couldn’t be counted on two hands. As you might know, i was brought up in a Islamic household and I made a name for myself in school. In high school I ended up on drugs and was even more rebellious towards family and authority. I always believed in God and the Supernatural because I felt its reality in my life.

I was a realist, but in the most semi spiritual way. So I always sought the truth because I knew truth, would set me free. The final touch of the back story is that, i was so bad in the eyes of others and even myself that sometimes i would lay at night and see a man, who was me, but older, and he was wise and discerning, friendly and full of love, and he would teach others. My happiest moments were watching him. But I knew it was just a dream because I could never be who I wanted. I knew I was chained, just couldn’t put a name on it. Read the rest of this testimony »

Dewey Dovel Testimony

December 30th, 2014

My Testimony

*Note: The text and numbers that are included in parenthesis are references to verses in The Bible. They are included for support and encouragement to all who read this testimony.

This is my personal testimony regarding how Jesus Christ has changed my life:


Process. This single word can be used to summarize my relationship with Jesus Christ. Defined as “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end,” the process of which I am referring to is God sculpting me into the “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14) masterpiece that He has created me to be. The “series of actions/steps” involved in the sculpting procedures are never-ending and I will not be a finalized work until I reside in The Kingdom of Heaven (1 Peter 5:10). However, my journey with Christ during my Earthly life is not one of perfection, but of direction. Although that journey tends to be ever changing and unpredictable, the direction always remains constant- Steadfast pursuit towards “the narrow gate” (Matthew 7:13-14) with the Heavenly Father as my guide (Psalm 32:8). With each passing day, God continues to mold me into the Disciple I was created to be (Isaiah 64:8). Throughout the course of this eternal walk with God, it is only Him that I wish to receive glory, honor and praise; I am merely a vessel at the disposal of my Master (2 Timothy 2:21). The Lord has placed it on my heart to publicly share my story of being redeemed by His Grace and Love, and it is my prayer that through the sharing of my testimony, God’s Love can be witnessed and received by somebody who comes across this text. To all reading this, may The Lord bless you and keep you everyday of your life (Numbers 6:24), and may you come to experience the greatest love this world has ever seen through a relationship with Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:4-5)! Never forget: God loves you more than you could ever fathom no matter who you are, where you come from or what you have done in your life (Romans 5:8)! Read the rest of this testimony »

OCTOBER 2, 2014, average day for a young adult like myself. I woke up, got dressed for work, stopped and got breakfast and made my way to work. As soon as I got in the office I began to pay bills. Then on my lunch break I went to the bank to pay and send more money. Again I say, average day.

Arriving to church close to 6 pm, I come into the sanctuary and I see my brothers Martravis and Kemmoy playing on the instruments. I talk and laugh with them. I also had the back thought that I may not be staying for Bible Study because my brother Joseph had hurt his ankle at school and may have needed to be taken to urgent care (by me because my mom was at work). Eventually around 6:30, I went to the altar and began to pray (I had already received the call that I did not need to go home). God really began to deal with me. As I laid before The Lord, I laid myself before The Lord. The Lord began to show me, me! Things I dealt with. Things I needed to fix. I began to cry out to The Lord with a pure heart. Determining to know nothing. About 30 minutes passed then I got up and went back to my seat. Pastor Hinds entered the sanctuary shortly after.

He began to speak about “Rescue Mission.” He and the congregation began to speak about the terrible things that were going around us in this city and in this world. The whole focus of this bible study was for us to think outside of ourselves and consider people who have much worse than we do for a change.

Here is the part I never shared. During this bible study, I was in a weird state. Very few words and very few expressions which is not normal for me. I’m usually the most expressive one in these type of settings. Something had me lock-jawed. Remember I just said I just cried out before The Lord, so my problem was not with God. I believe it was something in the atmosphere. I can still retain the discussion and was very much so connected to the bible study, yet lacking outward expressions. I took notes and everything.

By the end of bible study, I became very anxious. I wanted to hang around, but couldn’t for some reason. So I left the sanctuary immediately to go home as soon as possible.

Walking outside, here is what I saw. It was dark. I remember looking back to see if one of the gentlemen were coming to assist, but they weren’t. I looked further down the street and I saw two young men. They were venturing off into the parking lot, looked back and saw me and began to steer in the opposite direction before they were busted. Knowing they were up to no good, still anxiously I proceeded to my car to leave. I got in my car. Looked back to see if someone had followed me out the church, still they hadn’t. I started my car, plugged my phone in and turned my windshield wipers on and as soon as I did so, there was a loud tapping at my driver window. I naively turned thinking it was a member trying to tell me bye or something, but No! There stood a dark-skinned young man banging at my window with a gun! His partner at my passenger side window. Immediately I panicked and began to blow my horn, but then suddenly realizing that no one could hear me. They were yelling at me telling me to get out the car. He then opened the door and demanded I get out the car, while holding a gun up to me the whole time. I was screaming, they were telling me to shut up! I began to back up and finally I lifted my hands and said “just take it”. That’s exactly what they did. I had been carjacked!

As the car reversed, I ran swiftly back towards the church, it was raining so I slipped and fell at the entrance of the door. I quickly got back up and ran in screaming trying to tell Pastor Ralph and Bro. Shamarr what had happened, but they just couldn’t seem to understand. So I ran into sanctuary looking for Pastor Hinds and ended up running right into him! Screaming and hollering, I told them what happened and he and Minstrel took off after them!

Eventually I collapsed in the arms of someone and all of the women of the ministry began to pray until I had calmed down.

Within 20-25 minutes, the police were contacted and my car had been found. The suspects had hopped out of the car and ran, leaving my car without my keys or my phone.

I could not retrieve my car immediately for investigation purposes as ordered by the police. After dealing with all the madness with the authorities, I eventually went home; Pastor Hinds had driven me. We pull up and I see my mom. I tell her what happened. She was in disbelief as she proceeded to contact family members to tell them what happened. And so on…

I could not sleep for days. Having anxiety attacks off and on. My life had just took a sharp turn. I had never experienced something so traumatic in my life!

The detective for the case then calls the next day, explaining procedures on how he would be a help to find my victimizers. Meanwhile, car still held up. I was tripping because my whole life was still in my car (purse, phone, license, bank cards, etc). I did not realize that they had my phone until they were calling people playing on their phones. This stressed me out all the more.

On October 4, 2014, the detective calls me to tell me that they had found my phone and that all my belongings were still in the car!! I was ecstatic! This could be nothing, but God with His hand in the midst. Pastor and I immediately rush down to detective office to retrieve my things and the notice to release my car.

Over the course of October and November, I had a few court dates and appointments. ANNOYING! I really did not like the idea of constantly reliving this oh so traumatic situation. It was horrific! Later down the line, they found one of the suspects and locked him up. Bittersweet for me because I agree with justice, but I also plea for mercy on everyone’s behalf. Read the rest of this testimony »