Demons Attacked Me

July 19th, 2009

I have always believed in demons existing and have seen them off an on through out my life but they have never attacked me.  But what I’m about to tell you challenged my faith and my sanity. I was in a point of my life where a lot of my friends were turning to drugs and no they were not that way when I met them. I had gotten involved with them too sadly, but gotten out of them by help from an angel, but that’s another story. The point I was trying to make was I was not in a very good crowd of people and was trying to get them out of my life because they were bad influences on me. I had recently broken up with my boyfriend who wouldn’t stop drinking and doing drugs.  He as well suffered from schizophrenia and was scaring me more and more with what he was seeing.  I had still remained friends with him at this point but kept him at arms length. I had recently moved back to my parent’s house and was apprehensive about moving back there because I knew there were something bad there, at the time I called entities or spirits. 

No one in my family ever listened to me even though I had been seeing them since I was a child.  I even went as far to gain the courage to tell my mother how scared I was to move back home.  She has never see anything be it angel or demon and really never believed me. The first night I moved back I was woken up by a scary looking demonic face grinning at me from the foot of my bed. I screamed and turned on the lights and it left I prayed that night for it not to return. I kept the lights on for weeks after that.

I tried telling my mom again and she wrote it off as either a dream or hallucination or something. I was still scared out of my mind and wasn’t sleeping well. I would hear odd sounds like scratching in the walls but this was no rat, creepy demonic laughter and other odd sounds, as well as glinting dark shadows. I kept trying to tell my family about what as going on with little to no response. I begin praying for my safety because frankly I was down right scared. No one seemed to really believe me except one of my friends. We’d talk late into the evening on the phone about what was going on in my house.  He suggested that these sprits might actually be demons. This went on for about 3 months off and on .

I had been praying every night at this point even tried to put blesses olive oil on the doors. I tried blessing my house in the name of Jesus, but these things wouldn’t go away.  It was really starting to discourage me at that point because prior to this my praying had always worked. My friend had come over to my house because we were going to go see the musical Phantom together, when he got into my room he even said “Something doesn’t feel right in here.” I said “See no one believes me.”

We went to the musical and got back to my house kind of late. We were talking about the musical and how much fun we had and he was showing me some videos on line with clips from other musicals when I started to feel weird. Now when I say weird it’s hard to explain so I’ll try my best. I was week, somewhat disoriented and kind of sick to my stomach. I remember having to go to the bathroom and he was worried about me cause I guess I wasn’t looking so well. As well as he wondered if whatever evil presence was in the house was causing my strange symptoms. I remember going to the bathroom feeling even weirder flushing the toilet walking out in the living room and feeling really dizzy and odd. My friend asked me what was wrong and I said I really didn’t know. He asked me to explain what I was feeling and then I felt like I was passing out. The next part of this is the scariest event in my whole life. This is all true and I seriously still don’t know what to make of it.  I remembering feeling weird and starting to pass out and my hearing going. I remember I felt like my breath was being taken away and my heart felt like it was being crushed. I was so confused it didn’t hit me to what was happening till I came too while being lifted  3 feet off the ground. I saw my frantic friend yelling and trying to grab at me. I suddenly realized I was being demonically attacked. My friend had managed to get me down and put my on the couch. I remember not being able to move or speak and I was trying to scream out for help. I remember spiritually trying to protect my self and crying out to God for help. All I could see was my friend above me, I couldn’t hear what he was saying but I remember he was holding me down as my body was thrashing, but I couldn’t physically move. I was so scared and I felt like I was dieing.

I remember I suddenly could hear him reciting the lord’s prayer and praying. He had his hand over my heart and was praying over me. I could see the fear in his eyes and that’s when I knew this was very serious. I began praying with him and reciting the lord prayer. The minute we said Amen together the demons let go of me and left. I sat strait up and screaming what happen what happen. He told me that he thought I had been attached he actually said he thought I was dead, as I wasn’t breathing. I have never been so scared in my life.

We left my house that night and didn’t say anything to my parents. As they never believed me any way. As I was driving to go get something to eat because I was very week and hungry. My friend noticed scratch marks on my arms. He pulled my shirt to the side and there were burses on my arms as well as my chest. I was so scared because now there was physical proof as well this had actually happen. My whole body couldn’t stop shaking from the fear. And I still to this day have arm spasms. On my right side as that’s the side they attacked the worst.

I told my parents what happen the next day, but they still didn’t believe me. It wasn’t until my friend was there by my side and I showed them the marks that they begin to realize I was telling the truth.  I was so disturbed by the whole ordeal I dropped out of school because I couldn’t focus on anything. I didn’t understand why this happened to me and I was scared out of my mind it would happen again. I grew up in a family where these things just don’t happen to Christian.

I was always told demons can’t attack a Christian and now I was having to question my upbringing and my faith be cause that was clearly wrong. I had always had strong faith and I read the bible quite frequently.  There was nothing I was scared of until this happen. I got little to no comfort from my parents. I was so scared I took to sleeping on the couch away form the bathroom and the bedroom. Which were to too rooms causing with the most demonic activity.

I was so scared I begged my family to get a priest out there and bless the house because my consistent praying wasn’t enough. My parents eventually took me to a pastor to try and get some help. I told him everything and still no answers. Even he was stumped as to why this happened to me and couldn’t even offer any advice on what to do. He seemed to think I caused it at one point and I assured him I did not. He asked if I was in evolved in witchcraft and I said heaves no. I still to this day don’t know why this happen to me. I’m scared it will happen again and I often have trouble sleeping at night. I always wear a cross around my neck and pray for protection. But even when banishing the demons in the name of Jesus doesn’t what do you do? I have more questions then answers and more fear then ever. I have asked God why this happened to me with no response.

My faith then was wavering badly because of this incident. These days I try not to think about it but there is always an underlining fear of what happen. I’m not telling this to scare any one They did leave when we recited the lord prayer, but I’m still scared at why I was attacked in the first place, but I’m grateful it happen when my friend was there I think I might have died if he hadn’t been there to help me. I have since moved away from my parents house and put my self back in school, but I’m still very scared and confused.

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  1. milo Says:

    me too.. evil spirits are harrassing me in my dreams.. and you know what keeps me strong to fight them? I pray the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet everyday… It never fails… it gives me courage and peace of mind… btw here’s my email >>> hope we could chat sometimes… God Bless!

  2. Eunice Says:

    God bless you!
    There is a story on the bible when the disciples tried to expel a demon out of a boy and they couldnt and Jesus said this one will come out by praying and fasting. Pay & fast Because God want to use you in that area , because if you learn how to defeat the enemy , you can be a great instrument in God’s hand. Dont get discoraged because sometimes it takes time to learn . But remember if you recived Jesus as Your savior, He gave you the Holy Sirit and He has more power then any demon ; so fight the battle He didnt gave us Spirit of fear. He can try to scare you but he canot take your live , because you are God’s child , God owns you , He bough you with His Blood. Dont be scare , dont confess with your mouth, said I can do everithing with God over and over againg and he will give you the strength. I will pray for you and I Know that everibody that read your testimonie will to God bless you.

  3. vallovesgod Says:

    God Bless you sister…
    well in my church we believe in demons but we know when we do a sin you open the doors to the demons this weekend we had church for 3 days, our pastors wife was praying for 2 youth and demons were coming out, and when this is happening you have to cover yourself with jesus blood like say “i cover myself with jesus holy blood” we dont believe that you need to put up a cross or something just for god to be there you know, whats the purpose of you hanging up crosses and angels when you know jesus is there. Well if you have any questions message me on my yahoo god bless.. im valerei ok take care god is with you!

  4. julian valencia Says:

    praise the lord,
    im 22 year old been converted 3 years already.the first time i received the lord jesus christ a similiar activity happend to me.and the only thing i could incourage you in and say is that the devil is a liar and that he hates human beings.i feel to my knees and prayed and always stayed positive and strong.pleading the blood of jesus over and over always helps knowing the lord will never leave you and forsake you.i just encourage to stay strong in god and learn psalms 23 verse 4 even i walk thru the valley of the shadow of death i shall fear no evil for the lord is with you thy rod and his stiff comforts you. god bless you ill be praying for you

  5. Marco Weiss Says:

    Hello my name is Marco :),

    First of all wenn i heard your story i did get a little scared, because i also have demonic attacks, but these attacks go to my Mind, Heart and mostly Emotionaly or in Dreams.

    I also was or still am being Possesed by Demonic forces wich influence the mind, thinking, emotion and so in Man/Women, yes they have that power, even in christians.

    Sometimes late at night i hear laughter, moaning ect, or wenn i close my eyes feel as if a demon is sitting on my chest moking me, showing me his tounge ect…

    I see that your first reaction is that you pray to God, your lord, wich is GREAT. Even in disturbing moments you either say the prayer in thought, mind or mouth. Great job, it shows faith and believe that what you are dealing with are no aliens, monsters ect… But litterly Demons that are described in the Bible and that Jesus and YES EVEN YOU have the power to cast them out, in the name of Jesus.

    Run to Jesus, I want you to meditate at least 2-3 times a week, alone or with a friend in the Name Jesus Christ. If you never have meditated befor and what your thoughts should be focused on and your heart should look for then ill shall try to help you.

    Let your mind be cooperative with your heart, saying “Jesus please come, touch my Heart with your Hands”.

    Let your mind be not fleshly but Spiritualy and say “Jesus come onto me, be the light onto me and the darkness that i am captive of, BE MY LIGHT JESUS”

    what can happen is either A: you will have success, on your part, dont worry if you call Jesus he will come, but on your part it might happent that Satan will confuse you so much that you either Get Tired, Uninterested, Dont Believe it will work, Other Thoughts, your thoughts and mind shift in every direction, Boringness etc… i have witnessed it also, so i know what im talking about.

    The main goal of Meditating in Jesus Christ is so he may abide in you and you in him. Not just that you gain the Life, but also that you will become a light onto the world and for yourself. I mean a litteral light, its hard to describe walking in the light of Jesus Christ but trust me, its not a parrable or a metaphor, its a litteral light.

    Why you are getting so much attacked be demons?, i have no idea, might be that its litterly the house on its own, i mean imagine christians in a basement were satan worshipers call upon demons, i dont belive we would be save there either, or it could be that you sinned in a way that you allowed a demon to enter you, or you even called a demon and invited him in, someone might of cursed you, someone who knows who you are and sees that Jesus laid his Eyes upon you so wants to destroy you.

    Ill pray for you a couple of times, and if you want you can add me in MSN or anyone else here if you have problems with Sin and Demonic Forces that doesnt accour in “normal christian” life. We can pray together to Jesus Christ with your Name or and your House, workplace, school ect… or talk about what the causes are, how to stop it and just talk.

    There are christians out there who i call “Housebound”, why?, because i myself was plagued and still plagued with sins and demons that it is impossible for me to go outside. I mean sins that are HEAVY, DISTURBING, SICK, NOT NORMAL. I had and still have those, but everyday Christ kills them off, if i stop sinning.

    So add me on MSN, we can talk…

  6. solomon Says:

    Hello Sylent Angel,

    I read your story and the responses of others and I thank God for their responses and encouragement to you. Just like many of the respondents have said, what you are experiencing is not new or strange. It is an experience those whom God has chosen to use in this last day in a mighty way especially in the prophetic and apostolic anointing must pass through.

    This however is apart from the fact that, God is trying to show to you that there are spiritual foundations in you that is giving the demons the legal ground to afflict. You must be delivered from these foundations to enjoy your christian life. I will explain this later.

    The purpose why christ came to the world was clearly started in Luke 1:74-75 and I quote:

    “that he would grant unto us, that we being delivered out of the hand of the enemies, might serve him without fear, in holiness and righteousness before him all the days of our life”.

    I want you to know that, that scripture said “…we ‘being” delivered….” take note of the word ‘being delivered’. It shows that our deliverance is a continuous thing. He keeps delivering us till we are totally delivered from all our enemies. It does not say enemy as in singular but enemies. This demonic attack you are experience is just first of the many enemies of your soul that God would deliver you from that you may be able to serve the Lord in holiness and righteousness.

    Everyone who want to serve the Lord must first face this kind of battle you are facing, to prepare them for the battle ahead. Days ahead is full of darkness and God is preparing us to shine as light.

    Two ministers of God whom I respected so much reported this strange encounter with the power of darkness at the beginning of their salvation experience just the way I also experienced. Rick Joyner of Morning Star Ministries USA and Madam Bilquis of Pakistan, in their books both spoke of their encounter with evil beings and their first reaction was fear and despair.

    Rick Joyner in the introduction to his book “The Touch and The Sword” spoke of this experience and how he cried out his heart to God asking God “why are they (demons) so real than you to me”. The presences of the demonic forces were so real to him than the presence of the Lord at that time and it was a great cry in his heart. Today he is one of the great men that God is using in America and around the world to prepare God Emerging Endtime Army.

    Madam Bilquis was led to Christ by her encounter with evil forces hovering in her garden. Her fear led her to seek for solution and eventually the Lord reveals himself to her in a dream. This experience is recorded in her book “I dare call Him father”. These two books are books I would love you to try and get and read if you can. They will help you.

    Satan at a point is allowed to know whom the Lord is preparing to use in a mighty way and he is given the chance to do his best to try them. It is you and I who must not give up.

    Before I gave my life to Christ I use to have these strange experiences even as a child. And when I gave my life to Christ the power of darkness did everything possible to kill me and terminate my life because they know who I am and who I am called to be. They know the Lord is raising me as he is raising many others to destroy the work of darkness. Satan fought me seriously and in the process I almost lost my life. I faced spiritual attack every blessed night and I was being spiritually poisoned every blessed night in a dream. I became sick and weak physically and the level of the weakness kept increasing. But my determination was that I would not give up. I prayed, I bind and do many things until one day I woke as I use to wake up every 2a.m in the midnight because of the attack and I sat before the Lord after the enemy has oppressed me sore and pledge my allegiance to God from the depth of my heart afresh. I said to the Lord “Lord I would not deny you even if I died from this oppression” by saying that I was committing myself unto God and pledge my allegiance to Him. This is what God intend to prove to Satan, that this soul you are toying with is mine and not yours and he would not deny me. After that night the problem ceased and I was not being poisoned anymore. I began to regain my strength back till I was totally restored.

    So my sister, don’t give up. Let this attack make you say to satan and to whoever care that though satan slay you, you will not deny Christ. Let satan and his host know that you are all out for Christ and your hope is in him. Do like the three Hebrew children who said to Nebuchadnezzar, that even if God does not deliver them they would not bow to his idol.

    The battle you are facing is satan attempt to make you deny Christ and turn back to sin and satan.

    God is aware of what Satan is doing and he is permitting him just to try and strengthen your faith in him. Every Christian faith and allegiance to God must be tested in every way. It seems to be an answer to Satan partition before God against everyone that move out of his camp to the camp of Christ. So sheer up my sister. Trust in the lord and rest in him.

    one scripture that helped so much at this period of my life even after I scaled through the initial attack is Isa. 30:15. It says, “in returning and rest shall you be saved, in quietness and confidence shall be your strength…”

    As long as in your heart you have return to the Lord, God is saying to you to rest in His word and promises to you. His promise is that “He would build you (His church) and the gate of hell shall not prevail against you.” There are depth in the scripture and I pray the Lord would give you understanding.

    The other area I want you to know is that Satan through the ancestral covenant your ancestor may have entered with him in the past even before you were born would try every mean to fight and get you back to himself. This was the further understanding God gave to me.

    In my case the Lord was showing to me that there are forces in my family. They are spiritual forces that have been invoked by my progenitor during their involvement with Satanism and Idol worship. This is common in Africa where I lived and it is openly done sometimes. But in western world all these things have been modernized and given a fancy label such as carnival, festival etc that makes the ignorant think nothing is wrong with them.(Note: not all carnival and festival are satanic) Some western family had in the past engaged in secret cult and by what they have done or say had covenanted their generations yet unborn to demonic power invoking them power to keep watch over their family and prosper them as ancestral guardian angel. Don’t be surprised that some of those members of your families that made such covenant with Satan or belong to secret society are in the open church goers and self proclaim Christian, but in the secret they are member of secret cult and society. and that inheritance has been spiritually passed to you. When any member of that family decides to get serious with Christ just like you did, these demons would rise and fight back because they believe that they belong to them and they have authority over them since your ancestor has dedicated them to the devil. Ask your parent question about your background. ask if any of your great grand parent, grandparent are member of any society. ask question about their life and ask your parent if they knew anyone of them practice witchcraft. If your parent are not genuine christians ask God for wisdom to know how to ask them. often time parent would try to cover thing up. ask if your parent has ever visited any fortune teller or have visited spiritualist who predicted things about you or them. If they have, that may have been the door. since you also said that the demonic attack happen mostly in your parent place it is a sign that it is either they or your ancestors has deep their hand in what they ought not to and the family has been handed over to the devil.

    The covenant and the foundation must be broken by word of prayer for you to move on. the reason why you need the knowledge is that you can know how to pray the prayer.

    The last possible issue is that the house you and your parent are staying may have been dedicated to satan or there is satanic activities going on there as marco rightly stated.

    However if this is true it wont be only you who will be affected among your family except that house is your ancestral home and everyone in that house is a follower of whatever secret tradition except you.

    In Africa we have an adage which says “if the enemy within does not kill you (expose you) the outside enemy cannot kill you (attack you). Jesus says satan came and he found nothing in me. if satan is still finding anything in us be it ancestral foundation or inheritance that gives him the legal ground to our life he would attack either through ancestral spirit or satanic human agents practicing witchcraft.

    I hope I have been able to help you.

    Finally, I will like to say cheer up and keep faith, the Lord who have began good work in you is able complete them.

    If you don’t mind I would like to send soft copies of some books that I felt would be of help to you and show you what you must do to overcome these powers like I have done. You can go to my blog at and copy those books as I would personal post them there because of you. You can also email me at if you have any question.

    You can also try and get Rebecca Brown books on Spiritual warfare such as “He Came to Set the Captive Free, Prepare for War, Becoming a Vessel of Honor, Standing on the Rock” they would help you in understanding the spiritual warfare that God is calling His endtime soldier into and would help prepare you to understand the fundamentals of spiritual warfare which I believe is part of the calling God is preparing you for.

    God bless you.


  7. steven Says:

    My friend had come over to my house because we were going to go see the musical Phantom together,

    you opened a direct door

  8. Friend Says:

    How is that Opening a direct door. It’s a story about a man’s tragic life turned into a musical?

  9. hi Says:

    yeah i tink steven has a point it happened after a night out watching phantom of opra.i can understand that you may not see this but but watching something like that about a mans tragic life is bound to invite demons for a treat, the thing is she has beeen so sensitive to them so watching anything with a thrill, sadness,scare to it will bring them out in her.knowing that these things are happening she should be careful about what she dose with her life including materal things and things she watches and listens to would be a start..go for chistian tv..hurd of benny hinn im sure hes really good.christian music..remember you need to find a church that is doing someting for you one that makes you feel better in youself,one you can feel a difference in yourself..
    if you don’t feel this and you don’t feel joy in your heart when your in that church its not the right one for’d need to move on to another..
    you don’t need props crosses etc just your bible your faith and a strong will.. don’t give up or give in..
    hurd of a christain healing retreat? maybe that be good to find one near you where they can talk to you and listen and pray for you and start healing you through god and they may be able to give you answers..
    resons for whats been happening may be anything anstoral curses,which craft maybe whats been going on in the house you dont know who lived there years need someone to tell you this so find the right church for you, you need the truth as the devils a lier and you will think it your falt.
    be strong the more stronger your faith is the easyer it will be for you so seek god in everything you do in your life..i’m glad your friend was there as the prayer was stronger that there were two ppl with faith in god and thats someting else you need to do is pray with other cristains when you can as you are stronger together we are all stronger together..
    remember you are not alone but be strong and follow god.

  10. sarah Says:

    I do believe you. I have experienced demonic activity but I have also after becoming Christian have also experienced Angelic activity.

    Have you received Jesus as your saviour?

    Have you received the baptism of the Holy Spirit as spoken in the book of Acts & luke

    When I received the baptism of the )Holy Spirit it
    also came with power. I experienced a big difference in my walk as a Christian.

    Personally I just prayed and received..I was alone …but some people do need help to receive…You can go to any Christian Spirit-Filled church and they will help you to receive. They will pray for you and you will be baptized in the Holy SPirit

    Jesus said in Luke”I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high” …

    There are certain places that have demonic strongholds
    as well as certain places that are a Place of Freedom
    or a Heavenly Fortress.

    I have also heard of certain objects actually having a
    demonic spirit attached to it. Any idols or symbols of witchcraft should be removed from the house.


  11. sarah Says:

    Sylent ANgel:
    If you want to be encouraged…take a few moments to
    what the above link. It is amazing story of deliverance

  12. Joyce Says:

    Dear Sylent Angel,

    I had strange visitations over 20-years period, which I subsequently found to be from evil spirits. It usually occured when I was about to fall asleep. I would sense evil coming, then my hair would stand on ends, my heart filled with fear and my body paralysed. The “thing” would have its hold on me until it had done its business (I never knew exactly what). It never harmed me physically but its presence was frightening enough.

    I used to scream my head off each time I was visited. Then one night: instead of the normal screaming, I called “God helped me!”. It continued moving towards me. I called “Lord, help me!”. Again, it continued its advance. Finally I called “Jesus, help me!”. I could sense it stopped on its track as if to listen to something or someone, and then dissappeared!

    Since that night, I have been calling on Jesus each time it happened and He has never failed me. The visitations continued on and off over a 2-years period (I could feel its growing agression) before stopping altogether.

    Btw, I was a backslided Christian. I was about one year into seeking God again when the wonderful thing happened.

    Please try out the power of Jesus’ name. Our Lord asked us to pray/ask in His Name but I never took it seriously until then.

    God bless,

  13. Kris Says:

    Satan was defeated, not will be, was. We have all been given the measure of faith. So it is your level of belief. Do you believe that God has given you the power to cast out demons? I mean really? Have you asked for the power of the Holy Spirit to come upon you? If not, ask and you shall be given the power of the Holy Spirit. Command the demon to leave…you..the house…etc. In Jesus name (as an added dig to the spineless defeated foe) and praise the Lord that it is done. You have already triumphed in the Spirit realm, it;s already done. Renew your mind and you will be able to do waht Jesus did and more, just as Jesus said. Grace and Peace do you have!

  14. Wendy Says:

    Hey there hun. I think i have some really good advice for you. There’s an evil demonic spirit called the spirit of fear. I stuggled with this for a very long time, but i would have several people pray over me at once demanding the spirit of fear leave in jesus name. The actual attacks may be gone but sounds like the spirit of fear remains. Also when you feel scared out of your mind start pleading the blood of jesus for this was his covenant to you and satan and his demons cant stand to here you say it they will flee. Good luck and many blessings. Dont lose faith satan tries to destroy those that are a threat to him.
    “For god hath not given you the spirit of fear, but of peace love and a sound mind.”

  15. mary henze Says:

    I too have a problem,I have unwanted guests Satan himself,I was told I had left the door open and I do not know what it is,He tells me I invited him.He has been in my head for 2 months,he knows the Bible and we sing hymns plus he likes the game of scrabble and tells me they love me,but the scriptures do not faze him he knows them all and keeps quoting his numbers and keeps saying pretty soon etc…thans for your prayers and answers. mary

  16. mary henze Says:

    anyone have an answer mary

  17. mary henze Says:

    Does anyone go through like me with Satan mary

  18. mary henze Says:

    hi is someone plating tricks on me mary

  19. Diane Says:

    Dear Mary, I just came upon this website, while doing a search for “demon guardian” as it was suggested to me by ministers that I need to realize when I opened the doors to evil spirits in my own life. You, obviously, are taking the first steps in realizing something you did was very, very wrong. I am encouraged and impressed with the writings of the above individuals who are sharing their testimonies, which are real! I, too, have unfortunately, succumbed, knowingly and unknowingly to the demonic forces. Yes, I was rejected early on, from a parent who just couldn’t love me. My mother had deep, dark, possessive spirits of her own. Unforuntately, I was passive and weak from my early childhood, and I do recognize accepting a spirit in my early 20’s out of lonliness as a comfort companion and although I thought this spirt was actually sent by God as a companion to keep me company, it was actually a seducing spirit that was just revealed to me this past June 2009. I have been under heavy attack, both mentally and physically and practically housebound. The companion spirit I let into my life did first appear as a soft loving light. I was only a Christian for about one year (22-23yrs old). Do you know I am now 55 years old, believing I was a sweet, born again Christian woman, who tried to work hard at my jobs, but I had frequent bouts with sickness and would miss work more than others. I struggled with relationships with my family who were abusive verbally and I hid my anger and bitterness, resentment, hurt, which led to me being overly friendly or afraid of social gatherings. I would find comfort with my spirit friend, who would talk with me, but I made the spirit like a boyfriend or husband, which obviously was not normal. I had a terrible demonic attack after my mother died June 1, 2009, which manifested itself as a dark, shadowy, hunched over crawling dragon dog type that sprang at me and I screamed but it has been affecting my mind and body in such embarrasing ways. At this time, I am seeking strong deliverance help, but it was my weakness in my flesh that allowed the entrance of the deception, initially, it begins in your mind.

    Mary, I apologize for my long winded writings. You must humble yourself and search yourself to see when you actually allowed yourself to listen to the “trickster” as you call him and hopefully, you can reject him from now on. Read your Bible, Confess your sin/sins to Jesus. Believe HE died on the Cross for YOU. He suffered so much for us, beaten 39 times with a whip that tore off his flesh, the agony he bore, not only with physical pain, the anquish of HIS accuseres. Soliders even gambled for his remaining clothes, while he hung, affixed on the cross with three nails holding him up – UGH….It is amazing that we as believers fall continually, with fear, lies, false beliefs. We set ourselves up so easily. I can write so much. Mary, I want you to write back – Diane

  20. jennifer Says:

    These two sites are the best for anyone needing deliverence. Make sure you check out the forums on the 1st site.

  21. blessedbygrace Says:

    you wrote about having an experience with an angel before. Please remember that that fallen ones are fallen angels and they will try to conceal the fact that they are fallen…

    I also want to share with you that the Lord is a awesome , compassionate God. He delivered me from evil ones today. Please pray, repent , pray and praise his name. Try to fill your home with christian music. Also seek a deliverance minister.

    May HIS Grace Bless and deliver you out of bondage.

  22. Charles Says:

    The bottom line is to be born again and be saved by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ who said it Himself. Jesus answered, verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. (John 3:3-7 KJV)
    You have heard this before through this blog: repent, turn your life around and put your faith in Christ who has paid for the penalties of sin/eternal death so that you can have life abundantly, be sanctified in the Holy Spirit.
    I have been attacked number of time in my dreams: a black orb that tried to paralyze my lips to prevent the name of the Lord Jesus Christ from being said, I was walking down a stairs with my heart almost stopping ( very similar to the above testimony, “…felt like my breath was being taken away and my heart felt like it was being crushed…”), some extra dimensional dream that is will not describe and more that I will not go into. I have seen/heard a few demonic physical manifestations. All of these have been stopped by believing in the Lord I would call, “I order all demons and fallen angels to leave in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” The only one that did not leave right away was the black orb and that was said twice. It said “no” the first time and was expelled the second time.
    For me, some of these attacks happen when dig into some truth in the Scriptures or some truth. Was I scared? No but really annoyed. Was it disturbing? Sometimes.
    What is the answer? Faith in Jesus Christ and “you know He is there”.

  23. AttackedByDemonsToo Says:


    I was attacked by demons too. Prayers are not enough. You need deliverance. Find a deliverance ministry and have the demons cast out in the name of Jesus.

    Example deliverance ministries:

    I fact, I got attacked by a demon and got delivered by doing self-deliverance after stumbling upon and reading it. I had even contacted the ghost hunters from SciFi channel, though they only directed me to a demonologist. The local church priest told me he doesn’t believe in demons and I was left alone, but God directed me even though there was nobody around to help me. I saw Angels as well and they told me to stop being afraid.

    So STOP being afraid. Fear is the opposite of faith. It is praying to the devil and that’s what they want.

    Jesus has ALREADY defeated them in the cross. It is all smoke and mirrors. If you accepted Jesus, you will be tormented by demons for a while but you WILL BE OK though the process until you get them out.

    You have spiritual authority. Did you know that? You can cast them out commanding them, just as the disciples did. However, you don’t have faith yet. That’s why you should look for a deliverance minister.

    Praying to God, Jesus, Mary or the saints to get them out will NOT work. He expects you take your authority (the one given to you on the cross) and command them out. Praying for help is like asking Jesus to come back to earth, die again so you can have the authority. You already have it.

    The gentleman from Africa describing ancestral curses and witchcraft is exactly right.

  24. AttackedByDemonsToo Says:

    Hi Sylent Angel,

    Sorry for being so blunt. I just felt you need direct and honest answers.

    I know you have asked God why and he hasn’t answered. He just wants you delivered and free. Those demons were almost surely influencing your life subtly maybe from childbirth, if you inherited them though the bloodline.

    To make them explicit makes you aware of that spiritual reality, both to set you free, and so that you can help others.

    Bless you and in you need to contact me you can do so at

  25. Mary Says:

    Hi Mary, I Hope you have received help. Are you a born again Christian? Remember Jesus died for us. There is forgiviness for sin. But we must also forgive ourselves.There is POWER in JESUS BLOOD.
    It cleans us and covers us.Read 2 Cor 10-5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing thst exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of CHRIST.
    read ron 8-38+39 Nothing can seperate you from the Love of God. 2 Tim 1-7 For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Cor 6-7 By the word of Truth, by the power of God, by the armour of rigtheouness on the right hand and on the left. Fear not. Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. If you have invited Jesus in you will have the holy spirit also. Eph 6-11 Put on the whole armour of God. Join an alive church that beleives in the Father , Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit, It’s a must. It you would like to contact me , you are welcome.
    Praise the LOrd Jesus Christ. May God Bless You.peace to you. Sharon

  26. tabitha Says:

    I have being attacked by demons for years. I experienced my worst attack ever last night. I felt as if someone was holding me down and i was fighting for my life to get up. my fieance was lying next to me when the attack was happing. I was sceaming his name for help and it would come out then it did and he said it frieghtend him so after i sreamed his name i raised my head from my bed i looked and i saw something it looked like a human translusant spirit and fled from my bed side into the living area. I was scared so bably then i looked to the ceiling and these black shadows where flying above me they had eyes that glowed also the human like figure seemed to glow wit like an orange color. I began to pray for god to make them leave and that jesas christ is my savior and my love is for him i sreamed it out. I think my fiance was thinking shes got to be crazy seeing all that but he believed me and did not want to go over to my side of the bed. I also had an attack where a voice in my mind reaped incubus in a whisper in my mind. I was wondering what it meant looked it up on the net and saw that it was an evil demon that prays on women at night I then become very worried so it happend on a saturday night as most of my attacks do and then went to church the next morning asking a pastor what i should do he said that i should yell out when im experiening this jesus christ is savior and i needed to get closer to the lord i have tried so hard to get closer and then the demons attack me harder can someone help me with my sittuation if they can send me an email at

  27. SYLVIA Says:

    Dear Angel,
    Advice from experience: Please go to
    follow the instructions of the Moody Deliverance Manual there, or Basic Deliverance. After you receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, do follow the steps as indicated on the manual, and you won’t ever have any of those problems again. Remember the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST cleanse and delivers us from all sin and demonic oppression. May Jesus bless your life and give you Shalom!

  28. BobbyC Says:

    The blood of Christ brought me peace. For many years I was attacked in my deams. Even as a young child Its a long story that involves my eventually turning my back on the Lord and praying to the devil. After being physically attacked while awake I once asked the Christ into my hear and life. Attacks in my dreams them began. I began to pray and call on God while being attached. This seemed to only increase their furry. The last attach was the most violent and was ended only after verbally yelling and repeating something simular to “by the blood of Jeses Christ”. They fought me until my faith and determination proved that Jesus was my personal savior. I have only had one occasion since then that was slightly demonic during sleep. Nothing even close to before. I have continued to stuggle with my ability to follow Christ. For some reason (oppression),Im not able to fully commit myself. I fear evil is always waiting. Though I struggle, Christ Jesus is alway with me and my struggles are because of my sin nature.
    To be honest, I have been reading up on witcraft and magic for a few weeks now. Thinking its just an interest. As I wrote the line above, I realize it is just the temptation of evil that my mind is giving in to. An old flame that is a snare of the devil. So, I hope my experience has helped someone, and hope that we both will accept fully Christ gift of grace and freedom from that which we struggle. Please pray for us both. God bless and keep you.

  29. Johanna Brown Says:

    Firstly, I can tell you that you are not alone with your experience,I have personally experienced what you did. It’s quite few ears ago and yet it has never left me, although I moved away and left my hounted home behind. But for my comfort I have come to know what it was and best way to protect myself in case it might ever occure. I know lots of people here has got diferent answers and opinions, but none seemed to be directly from God’s word the Bible, that is the only place you can find answers to your questions,including the tools to fight against evil spirits! I’d like to share that information with you, so if yo are interested e-mail me at:

    Meditate on this scripture:
    (1 John 4:1) Beloved ones, do not believe every inspired expression, but test the inspired expressions to see whether they originate with God, because many false prophets have gone forth into the world.

  30. BobbyC Says:

    I’d like to make contact and gets some of that information Johanna. Could you also post it here for those who do not want to make contact?

  31. Evelyn Says:


    I just want to tell you that I have been in your shoes a lot, I really mean a lot.
    Unfortunatelly demons definetly can attack Christians, and very good.

    I had so many question just like you. NOw I have some answers and probably I could help you to clear up your mind.
    I have seen demons my whole life, feel them and hear them. And the saddest part is when I see them around people.
    Forget about the the musical causing this, and of course the cross helps specially the ones made of real wood, and it can be a simple one. Unfortunatelly when we see demons they already saw us.
    It is a big and constant battle. There is no way out.
    The reason why they attack you harshly is because you have some work to do here on earth and it is something to do with doing the clearing them from other people.
    They are just trying to stop you. I know you are not aware of it “yet” but it will come to you very soon. It wont be pleasant but at least you will know what to do then.
    I cant explain you more in this little space but believe me they are not attacking you because you are doing something bad or because you are not a good person but the opposite. Just feel relief you are not the only one. Please if you can wath the movie of “Padre PIo”, it will give you an answer to your main “Why”. You can also check the book of “theresa of Avila”. They went through a lot with demons. So, we have.
    HOnestly i have hear clear and loud “the blood of Jesus has power” but if you have no faith when asking god for help, the evil ones wont go away.

    If you ever have a chance e-mail me, i think I could be of help to you.

    YOu know the sad part is that sometimes even some pastors or prists do not believe in demons and some of the ones who believe do not know what to do.
    Here is my e-mail. eversene071[at]

    by the way I wasnt going to use the computer today but for some reason I felt a strong need out of the blue to type in google “Why the demons attack me a lot” and then i found your comment.
    Trust in God and yourself, i can tell you it feels at times that we are going to die of terror at the moment, but God made us of a very good materia and we just dont break down no watter what right???
    Blessings, Evelyn.

  32. joyfulforGod Says:

    sylent angel it is possible for it to happen. You can be oppressed by them to the point it feels like possession Pray and praise God and they will flee

  33. Timothy Says:

    Wow, but He is almighty!

  34. Denise Says:

    I don’t know why but I have also been attacked constantly by demons and to make it worse my own family wont let me go to church. I cant tell you the hell I am going through, you wouldnt belileve me… and even after I asked Jesus to come into my life I was attacked even more serverely. I think its because we are living in the last days before Christ returns and satan wants us bad but I wont ever let him have me. I am very sad and unhappy but the joy of the Lord and his promises keep my faith for Jesus, our savior. Everlasting paradise is a far better reward. Prayer and fasting, yes and root out those demons in Jesus name, speak to them and tell them to GO.

  35. Mysterygirl Says:

    Hey SilentAngel,

    Ur not alone, I’ve been attacked too by demons and I believe this is like the sixth time or soo-they began last summer. I know what it feels like to call his name and it may take a long time to work but the thing is just keep ur relationship with God & Jesus as well as the Holy Spirit, I kno its hard, its hard for me too. But I’ve come a long way in God and to give up now would be horrible. It feels like all of this is some kind of test even for me! And I agree with Denise maybe the reason why demons are attacking us like crazy is because they can feel the last days coming so they’ll do anything to get us to be in Hell with them. But I don’t wanna give up and I’m glad ur not either. Anyway I don’t really know why they’re attacking me or u but those two reasons can be the answer. Anyway stay strong and I will too. 🙂

  36. Mysterygirl Says:

    One more thing I have to say: I just read Evelyn’s comment and I think she makes the most sense anyway good luck and God Bless you 🙂

  37. Jjoy127 Says:

    Hello SylantAngel,

    I would like to encourage you to draw closer to God in prayer and Bible reading.

    When you pray ask God to fill you up with the Holy Spirit and be opened to His filling. Also ask Him to show you if there are areas in your life that are encouraging the demons to stick around and torment you. Any sin that we hold on to gives Satan a foothold in our lives. When the Holy Spirit reveals what the area is ask Jesus to help you overcome it. He will give you complete victory.

    Read the promises from the Bible prayefully and commit them to your memory. Make His Word a part of you. Then when the demons try to scare or discourage you say those promises in the Name of Jesus Christ and you will be rescued from torment.

    Here’s a promise for example: “You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He (Jesus} who is in you is greater than he (Satan) who is in the world.”
    1 John 4:4.

    Commit your life to Jesus everyday and lean on Him completely. Don’t despair dear sister.

    I’m praying for you and for others here who are being attacked by the Enemy of souls and his helpers.

  38. Cak Says:

    When I was a child, around 11 years old, I was sexually abused by a neighbor boy not much older than me. It lasted for around six months before I told anyone, and then it stopped. Then, after my body and mind got over the initial shock, I started to get PTSD in the form of insomnia and panic attacks. I remember so clearly how it started, I was laying on a little couch in a room by myself, watching a movie, when I started to think things like “curse you God” and “Hell is where I’m going.” Now this is going to sound crazy, but I myself wasn’t trying to think of these things. They just started to enter my head! I felt like I was losing my mind–like I couldn’t control my thoughts. I kept on saying “God please forgive me! Make it stop!” but the thoughts kept on coming. I started to sob. I went to bed that night trying to hide my terror from my family, but I couldn’t sleep as these thoughts plagued me. That’s how the panic attacks started. Night would come, poisonous thoughts entered my head, I would panic thinking demons and monsters were attacking me, and wouldn’t be able to sleep for weeks. This went on for months. My parents helped me best they could, holding me and praying over me and such, and that helped a bit, I was able to sleep at least.
    The night that it stopped was a night I’ll never forget. I had another panic attack, and went to my father to help me. He prayed with me, and told me that he thinks that the reason I’m suffering so much is because Satan is afraid of what I could accomplish in life. “God is going to do amazing things through you Carrie.” he said to me, I went to bed feeling a sense of relief and wonder at this new idea. Me? Do amazing things? No way. I went to bed, and then woke up later with another panic attack. I didn’t want to wake up my dad again, so I lay there and cried, waiting for the waves of horrible thoughts and fears to pass. I started to freak out quite a bit, sobbing out loud and trembling with anxiety and fear, when suddenly I heard a voice. The voice was still, small, and it said to me: “Carrie, calm down. I love you.” I was so surprised and so touched that I lay there, and I felt peace. I fell asleep, and don’t remember having another panic attack.
    That voice was God. It sounded so close, so small and so still, just like in the Bible. It was beautiful. It was my creator’s voice.
    I’m 21 and still this memory makes me cry.
    SylentAngel, you’re God’s creation, his beloved. You’re his baby. I’m sure he knows what’s going on with you, and he wants to reach out and protect you and let you know that he’s right there. What’s blocking you from reaching out to him? I don’t think he can protect you if you won’t let him, because he gave us free choice.

  39. Fero Says:

    hi, i just recently converted to being a christian, and have been under attack for the past three days getting worse and worse…..I plan on going to church on sunday and also gonna try 2 speak to a pastor but feel like something is preventing me from doing so im finding all sorts of excuses not 2 go but just realised this and im more determined then ever! May the peace and love of God be with all of u

  40. Neftali Says:

    Ha! Good to see I’m not that strange. I was a victim of what the “norm” would call night terrors. Through the ages of 7-20 I would see things, feel things, and be physically attacked. At the age of 7 my mother got married to my step dad which made me and my sister happy. He ended up moving us away from south Bronx to Chicago and giving us a better life then what we had. I had my own room and was ecstatic about it.

    Now after about 3 weeks of sleeping in my room things started to happen. Things I could not explain. The bed was shake by itself, I would see creepy shadows. I would wake up to attacks on my body like scratches on my chest. All these things started to happen when I was 7 years old! Of course I freaked out and every time something happen I would run to my parents room. It was so bad that I would try anything to not sleep in my room. So my mother eventually figured I wasn’t lying and we blessed that room, had a priest come bless it. I would also sleep with several different bottoms of holy water. I was raised catholic, needless to say this didn’t do much.

    As I grew older I developed a fear of the dark, to this day if I have an option to leave the light on I will. But I also developed a sort of tolerance to these “night terrors”. I started researching about ghosts and the paranormal, again drifting down the wrong path, eventually I found out that an older woman had indeed died in my bedroom. Well that bummed me a bit, but at the same time I figured I wasn’t crazy. I asked my dad about it and he told me that it was true, which was one of the reasons why he got the house so cheap :D. My room was not the only place odd things happened, at night you would actually hear loud footsteps running across the ceiling, which was weird considering the attic was sealed off.

    Well I dealt with the terrors in my own way and it at least got me some sleep. Then at the age of 15 I had forgotten to leave the light on. I woke up abruptly for no reason. The time was around 1:10 a.m I sat up and looked at my doorway. There was this figure of a lady standing in the doorway. She was no more then 8ft away, her clothes were quite old she had a tight bun for her hair, with some hairs sticking out. She wore an older dress, stockings with some old leather strap shoes. Her face was absolute darkness and I could not make out any facial features. I stared at her for a while, I blinked and rubbed my eyes and she still was standing there directly facing me. I turned around reach for my glasses and when I turned back she was gone.

    Shortly after this we moved to Florida. I thought that these things would stop with the move but I was wrong. Everywhere we lived the bed would shake, I would wake up with scratches. Now at this time I really didn’t have a relationship with God. I had tried going to church but I would never keep the faith and keep going. I would never try and keep building my relationship. At around the age of 18 I started to get mental attacks. I had many many unwanted thoughts going through my mind that I COULD NOT CONTROL. No matter what I did I could not stop thinking of these thoughts.

    Towards the brink of almost losing my mind I met someone who now is very dear to me. I ended up doing a favor for him and as God would have it I ended up asking about his faith. We spoke about God and how he affected his life for about 11hrs kid you not. We also spoke about how he was going through a situation just like mine, he could not control his thoughts. I asked him what he did to stop them he told me he rebuked them in the name of Christ.

    This was the beginning of me turning my life to God. I started rebuking those thoughts in the name of Christ and was amazed when they ACTUALLY STOPPED. Every time I went through my bed shaking I rebuked it and it would stop. So I finally understood, these things were Demons, always have been. Demons Will flee, in the presence of Jesus. The name Jesus has power in itself.

    With me studying the bible and trying to get closer to God I would get attacked worst and worst. I would see more detailed things. I have actually woken up to see a floating shadow, rebuke it and watch disappear around a corner. I have seen spiritual spiders, and I have woken up feeling that I was being choked. I woke up feeling a presence on me so heavy that I could not even open my mouth to whisper the the name of Jesus. When I finally did the presence left I felt so tired and weakened.

    God puts us through these situations for reasons that are usually revealed to us later in life. For the things I have been through I have been able to talk to people who’ve have been to similar situations and help them. But more so I believe that times are coming where those things will be sort of a conditioning for us. So we will be able to handle the other attacks that will be thrown at us.

    To this day I have my share of mental attacks to try to sway my from the word of God. The devil, hes a smart fellow and knows the mind of man. He will play you and deceive you if you allow him.

    God Bless brothers and sisters and May you keep the faith for ever. In Jesus name- Amen.

  41. deborah Says:

    They use your fear to atack you. You need to grow in faith and understanding that you, as a Christian have power over them Through the power that Jesus has given you.. I have had problems with them in the past, but now they do not bother me much. One had a go at me in a dream the other night and it woke me up and its evil presence lingerd a bit but I told it to get lost and went back to sleep. As your fear goes so will they. They usually start on kids, mine began age 3 I remember the first time. Night terrors are demonic attacks.Often brought on by too much heat in the bed. I got so mad one night I saw one I went for its throat and it flew out of the room. They are incredibly rude, they care about nothing and satan even has the audacity to go before God’s throne, (read Job) Anyway the good news is that when you have learned to deal with the spiteful evil wretched creatures, you will have a fantasic deliverance ministry to offer the World, so get studying get help and get going. Look at it this way, Jesus knows what is going on and He is with you all the time. If he lets it happen he wants to make you strong and teach you.

  42. Bernard Baatjes Says:

    Hi my name is Bernard i have been oppressed by three demons for two years a spirit of lust succubus, mute spirit and mocking spirit and i know that these demons enter through doorways and set up shop in our lives these are called strongholds and they only gain access through sin, so use the blood and confess to pull down these strongholds. For the word of God is not carnal but mighty in the pulling down of strongholds again… the wages of sin is death in other words death which is satan the devil will enter only through sin and the blood of Jesus is or protection unless we open a door through sin he can not enter. The bible tells us about a spirit of fear and that is also what you are being oppressed by through your traumatic experience and i really don’t blame you i understand as i know how allot of these demons work as they are all different and carry out different assignments or activities for example a spirit of fear makes one feel fear, a spirit of heaviness makes one feel depressed.

    The opposite of fear is love pray against the spirit of fear speaking scripture of love as this is what casts him out and keeps him away- binds him. 2 Timothy 1.7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Demonic spirits also enter through generational curses from up too four generations; Ex 20:4-6 “You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand [ generations] of those who love me and keep my commandments.” What also could of been attacking you is a familiar spirit, these spirits attach themselves to idols, paintings, magazines, books, videos, idols and plenty of other things that are just to much to explain, they are also the spirits that come to those who consult the dead and would refuse to leave you afterwards in seances divination etc heres some word on these spirits.

    “There shall not be found among you any one that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD.”

    Wizards, witches, and astrologers are “an abomination unto the Lord.” These practices all involve familiar spirits and The Holy spirit has maybe told me that you were attacked by one although i am NOT certain. Anything that is not of God you should burn as God has commanded in his word rosaries also carry familiar spirits with them thats how deceptive the devil can be as he decises himself as an angel of light his name means light bearer the bible tells us this. message me at bernardproxy[at]gmail[dot]com. Blessings.

  43. becky Says:

    hey i had the similar problem of demons fighting me in my sleep like evil spirits. I remember being so scared to go to sleep, cause i knew the evil spirits will come to disturb me. But as i can tell you that God has delivered me from these nasty evil spirits that i hate so much much. Thank God for his deliverance. If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to email me (kayrecca[at]hotmail[dot]com) am a christian and i conquered this by prayers, anointing doors with oils won’t help your situation you need the person of Jesus Christ in your life and his going to deliver you. AMEN

  44. Anthony Says:

    I have recently been in a ministry that deals with spiritual warfare
    I have been dealing with demons for quite some time.
    They do not only attack people who have habitual sin in their lives
    that is simply not true.
    They attack people especially Christians who are a threat to Satan and
    his kingdom.
    If they know it or not Christians are in a war against evil.
    Do you know of any wars that the focus is on the
    Parts of the enemy that are the least of a threat.
    Jesus is the answer for these demons cast them out in the name of Jesus!!!
    Stay in the Word of God take up the full armor of God and you will be protected
    May God bless and protect you all

  45. Diane Says:

    i thought i was the only one,i didnt know there was other christians going through this,god told this woman who was a christian friend of my mom’s he said tell diane i know what she’s going through,tell her im going to use her one day to tell some people about them because she know’s about them,i have also already started to delivering people,i started seeing satan at the age of 15,i didn’t know who he was so after,he kept showing up in my life,for 30 year’s in my dream’s,in person,i got curious oneday and looked him up on the inernet and that’ when i figured out it was satan,satan has tried to kill me so many time’s,but god was there every time and saved me,demon’s tried to crawl in bed with me,but the power in the name of jesus,is what stopped it,hang on to jesus and don’t let go no matter what you go through,he is your life line,he loves you,and he is a good god,and remember what jesus said,when you see these thing’s come to pass,look up for you redemption draweth nigh,praise god for his grace and mercy,

  46. madhu Says:

    please read,
    “baptized by Blazing Fire”
    by Pastor Yong-Doo Kim Book #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
    please download and read these books…
    it will strengthen you alot…. please don’t neglect to read…. u can understand what is right and what is wrong…

  47. Gabby Says:

    Hey guys can you pray for me. I love Jesus but I feel I am at my wits end with these attacks. They are getting worse and I want the strength not to leave Jesus but also to be able to sleep peacefully at night without fear. When they attack I feel physical pain of it in my dreams and I just want them to stop and be very faithful to Jesus and not leave him because of these. Thank you

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Sylent Angel,

    I could tell you so much about what I’ve experienced , but i will save you the time. I am a 32 year old male. I travel the world for a living and i have found myself in very different spots around the world. Some that have very evil governing spirits over them. I don’t know if you understand what I’m talking about, but sometimes when we open doors to the spirit world (second heaven) Which in REALITY is all around us with NO TIME. Things tend to happen. Again i am keeping this short.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Sylent Angel,

    I could tell you so much about what I’ve experienced , but i will save you the time. I am a 32 year old male. I travel the world for a living and i have found myself in very different spots around the world. Some that have very evil governing spirits over them. I don’t know if you understand what I’m talking about, but sometimes when we open doors to the spirit world (second heaven) Which in REALITY is all around us with NO TIME. Things tend to happen.

    Look, i just wrote so much but erased it because i don’t want people to read all my junk i got to say, but let me tell you this. I was filled with the Holy Ghost at the age of 10 and yes i spoke in Tongues and i still pray in Tongues today. for many years of my life i rebelled against the Lord and did my own thing including 3 years of crack cocaine addiction.

    Well guess, what i have opened a door that i personally cannot shut. Only in the last 2 years have i learned what to do and am still learning how the WORD OF GOD is the only tool we have to fight this enemy. The word is as sharp as a two edged sword. First of all you need to get with someone that knows about this stuff in Church. I don\’t recommend repeating prayers and that stuff,. it has no effect if it doesn\’t come from your heart and through your mouth.
    I don\’t know what you\’ve learned your whole life , but i can tell you what has worked for me. read the book of Ephesians to understand what is going on. When i get tormented, I usually Grab my two Bibles i travel with , read a PROMISE god has in his word, and i PRAY out loud to God and say LORD this is a promise to me through your word. That you would give me a sound mind and peaceful rest. or Lord ect ect ect. Pray on his promises and call him out on them

    Usually after that i pray the whole armor of God to be placed on me through him by his word. I say Lord , please put on the helmet of salvation upon my head so that the fiery darts Satin throws into my mind can be extinguished. and then i go one step further. Might sound crazy , BUT IT WORKS. i can feel evil staring at me in my room as i do this because i have the faith they cannot touch me at this point. This is powerful, JOHN chap 1 v.1 the very first words, lol. ok , In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. You see these words are the truth and they are alive. God is truth and he is alive.
    Ok so what i do is sleep with my Bible in my arms and one at my hips. Like a teddy bear or something. But it is My protection believe me they are all around us and i see them and they see me, But although i have been choked at night and other weird things, I am still alive and still able to give some sorta message about the FAITHFULNESS of God. Even though they torchure me , Now i ignore it and realize there is no Fear in Christ Jesus. But since in the past i opened those doors , now i realize the importance of God in my life because i have seen Evil face to face and all he wants to do is kill us.

    Hope this helps. if you want more stuff email me at Merchantvb30[at]gmail[dot]com

  50. Ben Says:

    i can not stress how important it is that you remain faithful to jesus. He was spat at, mocked and attacked by the enemy satan and all his followers but he was stronger and had victory over the enemy.So now the enemy will do all they can to try and crush your faith and loyalty to jesus. Don’t let them. Let God see how faithful you are capable of being when you come up against the enemy. Remember faith goes a lot further than worrying or giving in to fear. Remain faithful and strong and God will reward you.

  51. Theresa Says:

    I have had alot of attacks at night and its seems the more i tried to get serious with god the more they happen and i felt really scared and then i backslided. I kept going back and forth and i have realised that when i backslided the attacks never happen. Sometimes at night i feel as though someone is watching me or when i close my eyes to pray its as though someone is watching and dont fill like closing my eyes when praying. I think i have so much fear .

    I grew up in africa and went to bording school and sometimes you would hear stories of other girls who were satanists and how they would attack people and i have always been scared from this experinces. Sometimes i could not sleep because i was so scared i had to sleep in other peoples beds because it was so bad. Even when i would go home for holidays i would just wake at night and felt as though if i slept something would just attack me. I would wake up around 12AM and watch TV untill 4Am or when the sun is coming out and i would then go to bed.
    Another thing that happen to me while is boarding school is a dream which i remeber so vividly i have never really talked about and only talked about to a friend once and she encouraged me to pray more. I dreamnt that i was with my friend precious and we were running away from something evil and then we reached a river my friend precious crossed the river walking on water without any problem. I started crossing this river i started drowning i was calling out for help and asking why i was drowing and she managed to cross and something came said in a horrible voice saying it because you are engaged to the devil i woke at the these words and have never really understood what that is about.

    Yesterday i prayed to god and repented and asked jesus to come in my heart and read the bible and at night the attack happen it was not nice it was like someone was pinning my head down with their knee i called to jesus saying please help me i said this couple of times and it stooped and as i was trying to see what it was it was trying to hide and not face me I just saw hair covering. I woke this morning trying to look for answers and understand why thats happening when i stumbled across this website. I have decided to give my life to god and start anew, Reading all these stories has made me realise that the devil will do all he can to try and destroy me but my god is stronger. Jesus has given us authority to cast the demons out. Yesterday i watched pastor chris who talked about jesus coming and we are living in the last days and i want to have eternal life and be with god. I think becoming a disciple of jesus is difficult and hard as they are many things of the fleash that you have to give up inoder to really serve christ and i think that is were i really had a problem with backsliding. I have known god all my life because i grew up in a christian home i even went to a catholic boarding school. This time i really want to change Please pray for me so that i will be stronger because these attacks sometimes really scare me and please advise me on other things i can do or any thoughts about the dream i had.

    God bless you all.

  52. richard Says:

    God has a path for each and every one of us, demons and satan try so hard to get you off this path. please don’t let this affect your praying and your faith. I can’t explain much because i’m not that knowledgeable but i really think that this will explain all those attacks. “”

  53. Andrea Says:

    I recently found true God in my life and heart but strange thing just happened to me. I felt anger and wanted to hurt myself! I even took knife and cut my shirt! Past weeks I was happy I got rid of my fears and anxiety and I can’t understand what happened now. I was shaking, feeling weak, numb, about to pass out, felt fear. Was it demon in my body? What should I do if it happens again? I was just praying.
    Many blessings

  54. Emory Says:

    Andrea, I’m not sure anyone can say definitively here. I’d encourage you to share this with someone local, a pastor or small group and sit down with them in person, pray with them and get their advice. Praying for you.

  55. Jeff Says:

    I have been a devout, well mostly, follower of Jesus Christ for sometime. Just recently, I have been convicted of dipping tobacco. Most would probably think that tobacco use is a sin. No brainer, right? Well, it has been very revealing since I have stopped. I have dipped since I was 14 and I am 22 now. I have been convicted about it for a while, but I always seem to justify it. And if we can justify this sin, why not justify that sin, too? Long story short, I stopped cold turkey and found it very difficult. I not only wanted to dip but I also wanted to commit other sins. I have never really been interested in exorcisms or actual demons.

    I go take a walk outside before bed and I start praying. I feel very strange though, like something is watching me. And all these sins that I am trying to break are being harder and harder to avoid. That’s when I realizes;These things are not things that I should be weak to. I fell into these things before I knew better and have been stuck here all along. It became clear that the source was not the sin. The source is a pack of demons that I have allowed in to my life with all their temptations. And in that moment I gained strength and faced my demons. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I began to rebuke and belittle the demons that have attached to me like parasites. And in an instant, a creature that seemed to come from the air charged me. I thought I was going to have to fight for my life. It was pitch black outside and I could only make out a silhouette of my potential attacker, which appeared to be a seemingly large dog. Though it never made a noise except for its feet running on the ground. It was truly a frightening moment.

    Demons have no power over us when we accept Jesus Christ as Lord. They will attack and try to get you to turn from the truth, but we must stay persistent in reading the Scriptures and constant prayer. We are at war, but we have already won. God bless you all.

  56. louise Says:

    Thereza, if you have ever prayed to saints or Mary then the enemy will have deceived you. You need to repent of these things and ask the true and living God into your life, ask Jesus to rule and reign. He will speak His Holy Spirit words to you if you invite the Holy Spirit to counsel you. If this is not relevant to your own situation it may help someone else!!!

  57. Rae Says:

    I have a story much like yours. Since I was a child I have been sensitive to demonic forces. Never seeing them, but always getting “the willeys” whenever I was near a “hotspot.” 6 months ago that changed. A big demon got into our house. At first I didn’t realize what he was. He did a good job shielding himself. I kept feeling him sit down on the bed beside me. This went on for about 2 months, I just kept telling myself I was imaging things.

    Then one night I was laying with my back to the edge of the bed and I felt like something set on the bed again. Then suddenly I felt something rake down my spine – like it was on the inside. It felt like when you take two swords and run them up and down each other and sparks fly. It hurt, it caused me to arch my back. I laid there for a minute and thought “what was that!!!!! That was weird!!!” And then it happened again, except it came from my feet up this time, raking up my spine. Again, painful. At this point I knew something was in the room with me and my husband. After some time had passed and I had time to think about it and dwell on it, I truly believe the demon that night was trying to possess me, but he couldn’t because I believe in Christ.
    I was just about to wake up my husband, he was lying on his side facing me, when he suddenly sat up on his arm and looked at me, out of a dead sleep, and said “YOU DON’T TELL ME NO!” I said “What”, he repeated even louder “YOU DON’T TELL ME NO”. It was at that point I realized “that’s not Randy”. That’s when he screamed at me “YOU DON’T TELL ME NO!!!!!!” Then he laid back down and shut his eyes and fell back into a peaceful sleep. I thought about waking him up, but I was afraid of what I would get, so I just laid their and looked at him for about 10 minutes. I was wide awake. No chance of me getting to sleep anytime soon, I was scared to death.

    After I was sure Randy wasn’t going to attack me, I turned my back on him and laid back down. Like I said, I was wide awake, and I started praying many different versions of In the name and by the blood of Jesus who saves me, be gone from this place. The second I started praying that it was like this overwhelming drowsiness came over me. I could not stay awake. Something was pulling me under, but I managed to tell myself to continue praying my prayer even into my sleep, and I did. So when I “woke up” in my dream I was still praying the Jesus Name prayer. I was in a dark scary place. I prayed the prayer loud. The demon was there and the first thing he did was laugh at me. He told me that my “little prayer about Jesus would do nothing to stop him”. I continued saying the prayer, but I also started trying to claw my way out of the dream. I knew that if he pulled me in there I could fight my way out. And suddenly I woke up, only to be pulled back in again. In the second dream he talked to me. I can’t remember what he said but it scared me and I made my way out again. Only to be pulled in again. He said scary words to me again, again I don’t remember, but I do remember being terrified of what he said when I woke up. This time when I clawed my way out of the dream, I forced my self to stay awake! And I decided it was time to wake up my husband. That’s when I found I couldn’t move or speak. He kept me bound for several minutes but finally I was able to break free. I woke up my husband and we turned on the lights and the demon left for the night. We did everything we could to get rid of that demon we had the house blessed by a pastor (in addition my husband is a minister). We olive oiled all the doors. We hung a cross in each room and the pastor hung a cross over each door. I also hung crosses all over our bedroom since that was where the most activity had happened. The crosses in our room was the last thing I did. The morning after we did the oo and the pastor blessed our house, my husband and I got woken up to “someone” playing the piano in our bedroom, even though the lid was shut and there was junk on top of it and it was turned off (it is electric). The Demon wanted to let us know he was still here, after all we’d done. So that day I hung the crosses. We had been told by a local Christian Demon expert that demons can attach themselves to physical things. If it was attached to something in our house we had no idea what. But that day I was hanging the crosses all over our room and praying a prayer that Jesus allow them to be like beacons of protection around us. We had this guitar hanging on the wall, it was my husband Randy’s grandfather’s before we passed away. I hung a cross behind it and put my hand over it and got this really weird feeling, then I tried to start praying the prayer I was saying over the crosses. I couldn’t get a word out. I was like something was totally blocking me and God. So I tried again. The exact same thing total block between me and God. So I moved to another cross. No problem at all. So I picked it up and took it out to my husband and I told him “Here’s our problem”. I explained what had happened. So he called up his dad. It turned out that Randy’s Grandpa had been plagued by demons, that he could visibly see for the last 8 years of his life. And we had had that guitar in our house, hanging by our bed for 5 years!

    I wish I could say that it ended there, but it didn’t. We got rid of the guitar of course. But as I told you in the beginning I have always had a small sensitivity to demonic things. I kinda see it as like having a small tiny hole that lets you have the slightest of feelings sometimes. For example, I knew that Randy’s Grampa’s house had demons in it. I didn’t know he could see them, but I knew it had some bad mojo. But ever since the night I was attacked, it is like that demon took that little hole and ripped it wide open. Now every bad thing within a 5 foot radios knows that I can possibly sense them, and they go out of their way to get my attention. And now something else is back in my home again…I have to figure out how to “close this hole” or some way to veil it. Just because they know I can sense them doesn’t mean I want to have anything to do with them.

  58. Johanna Says:

    It’s sad to think that some people actually believe that these things are caused by God, considering Bible says God is love, therefore, would he really cause it? Would you cause lots of pain to someone you love? And we were created after that image, capable of showing all these emotions, being created in his image! Also God does not cause bad things to happen to us. (James 1:13) “When under trial, let no one say: “I am being tried by God.” For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone.”

    Anyone who is interested and wants to get helped, should find out what God has to say about these matters read:
    Any Bible should do, but personally I recommend Old King James version:
    Proverbs 18:10 Isaiah 42:8 Psalm 83:18; John 6:44; James 4:8.

  59. Rochelle Says:

    Please ignore Johanna’s comment that she posted on January, 2013. She doesn’t know from which she speaks and needs to study the Bible more. Yes God is a loving God but He does allow us to suffer and carry the cross. God makes it very clear that nothing happens that doesn’t first pass through Him. Sometimes God allows bad things to happen to good, godly people. He does this for many reasons. If you do not believe me, then just read Job. Job was the most righteous man on earth at the time and did nothing to deserve all the bad things that happened to him but God wanted to test him and make him a stronger Christian and prove Satan wrong. A common argument with many Christians is that God doesn’t allow bad things to happen Satan does the bad things and that they happen because of human’s free will. Again nothing happens that doesn’t first pass through God and sometimes God does also allows Divine Intervention. Whether it is a guardian angel or a human being, God does stop evil acts from happening sometimes. Why He does it in some circumstances and not others can be hard to understand. Many times when we are going through a trial, it is to make us stronger or to give us empathy for others who are not Christians. It is hard to save a soul, if we do not know how it feels to be in their shoes, so sometimes a trial will happen so we can learn how it feels and be able to say, “Hey, I’ve been there.” But we may not always know the reason God allows us to go through tough times. It is ok to not understand everything about God. Part of faith is trusting in what we can’t see or touch. I am tired of some other Christians giving wrong answers that can potentially harm non-Christians or baby Christians from knowing our great God. You can have questions and not understand everything. Keep seeking the truth, educating yourself and striving to know God better.

  60. Donna Strickland Says:

    I need to know if a demon or evil spirit can physically attack you and cause damage to things in your room. I have been attacked physically and have been thrown around my room leaving really bad bruises on my body. Vases in my room made from thick tin have been dented deeply.I am deeply committed to my Lord and I have been saved and baptized in 1998. I recently have been spending a lot if not all of my time studying Gods words I have been told that they will attack sometimes when your deep in Gods word. I don’t know what to do. I can tell my family has a hard time believing me, They think it’s my meds. But I can remember being thrown around and shoved into things I have huge bruises and one looks like hand or claw prints.I am so afraid of it returning, Please help. DONNA S.

  61. Donna Strickland Says:

    Please Help.

  62. anonymous Says:

    “Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”
    if you have not prayed to receive Jesus please take time.

    I would also like to state that it is true yes demons are real and they can attack Christians. They can invade there minds and everything. As Christian you must obey the gospel, preach gospel, be filled with SPirit, confess all known sins, read bible, pray, worship Savior, if Lord leads you to an evangelical church that worships HIs name and obey Him then go. Mae sure you grow in your knowledge of Lord and preach salvation to other and how they can come to salvation and more light will burst thru forth in your life. Street preaching is a good witness tool. Open air preach on the sidewalks. Confession of all known sins and preach gospel have been two ways in which set christian truely free and keep them balanced. Other thing is dont cast out a demon unless Lord tell you to, especially if the person is an unbeleiver cuz demon can return 7 time worse. Only if Lord tell you to and person is willing to stay completely free of that demon from that point on should you ever even consider this. Let Lord do the deliverance process if that person want o be delivered then tell them they must first get saved and then seek Lord about be delivered but they must remember to never return to very thing that allowed demon entranace to attack them. and they must continue to be an obedient christian in there awlk

  63. cheeryleesa Says:

    In the Name of Jesus Christ, my advocate….I who have taken His blood on me, with that very blood I REBUKE you satan. Be gone hence ,for He has said that I have the power to trample on EVERY power of yours. The glory be to the Father and Son and Holy Spirit.
    Donna ,say this when you are afraid.Claim the blood of Jesus upon yourself and your family,upon the walls of your household and room daily. Find verses in the bible that speak to you and claim them as your promise. PROCLAIM THE WORD ALOUD. you dont have to shout you can even whisper but it will hear you and leave. Please read “take your stance against the evil ones attack ” on this site. DONT get confused, just keep asking Father God in the Name of Jesus to help and guide you.
    Anonymous…you are so correct in the Lord.

  64. Aine Says:

    Hi Donna,

    I’ve heard a similar story (to yours) and don’t be afraid you’re alone because you are not. A teenage kid in Chicago is undergoing the same experience. You are gifted and you need to be super cautious of the things you’ve taken into your life, your house and your words. Do you have any demon-like kinda stuff in your house? Like symbols and even tshirts? of course demons can harm us but you should know that you are the apple of God’s eye and they can never take away your life. I will pray for you because I’ve had experiences like being tortured by demons in my dreams for the past 15yrs and I am still standing strong in Christ. Whenever you feel demons are coming, just put all your trust in Jesus Christ and call His name as loud as you can, with everything you’ve got. The name of Jesus has saved me from a hundred demons. And His name can definitely save you too. Jesus have already defeated them. You just have to shout out. JESUS CHRIST IS VICTORIOUS !! If you wanna talk about it or send prayer requests, lemme know ainexstark at gmail dot com

    (p.s: I agree with cheeryleesa)

  65. Ange Says:

    You have to be strong and never be affraid of evil spirits as God give us power ower them. They attack people whom belive in God more often then people whom dosent belive at all. You need to start have confidence in yourself and know that we human are sow much more powerfull- demons feed on your fear with hope you will turn your back on God and his son Jesus. Asking why is happening to you, answer is easy the devil allways tray destroy that what is good. When the evil spirits attack you or you fell pain or you are ill you have to comand them in the name and Jesus blood to leave you .

  66. Jennymick Says:

    Angie is right. I have been attacked as well. Remember God places you on Eagles’ wings…you are protected. They HAVE to obey…say with COMPLETE confidence, NO FEAR, “I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST” Say this over and over. The attacks will become less and less and finally they will go away completely. Also, remember to NEVER engage them in conversation. Say the above command over and over – nothing else. Don’t fear them, they have NO power over you – God promises His protection. Jesus defeated evil on the cross…they MUST obey Him.

  67. k Says:

    i dont know what to do i dont know what to do please i dont know what to do this thing is trying to send me to hell. Jesus plese help i dont know what to do. Jesus please help me i need help. can some one please tell me what to do to get back with Christ. PLEASE!
    please get ahold of me
    sallyforlovelolpun123 at yahoo dot com

  68. Emory Says:

    k, can you post some details of what’s going on? Someone here may be able to help. Thanks.

  69. Jozy Says:

    please help me. No one believes me. I have hours of recorded conversations between me and my ex bf, he is the demon, where he tells of his true self and feelings toward me and his plans. Usually in a round about vision or story, sometimes flat out says it quickly or when the music gets loud or im in the other room. Through research I have found this is exactly what they want to do. Discredit me make me look crazy. He started having an affair with a girl I introduced him to the first day they met. By the next day they were already working together to break me down. In one recording his on his phone with someone and he kisses and slaps twice and then u hear my phone which for some reason was recording vibrate and he calmly says “Jozy your phones ringing”, I say from the bathroom ” I cant hear it who is it”, he says right away, “its her pick it up”, having no time to look at my phone which was on silent, hence the vibrating, when I come out of the bathroom and go to my phone and see it is her and my insecurities are visible he says in a devilish way “oh yea this is how were gonna do our thang”! They both denied the affair and do to this day except he had twice under extreme distress. I listened to hours and hours of these recordings after I banished him from my life and couldn’t understand how he or they could be so cruel. And when his ex gf accepted my facebook request even though she hadn’t been on it for two years I spoke with her and she told me the sentence that made everything fall into place. “He is a Satanist”. He has a warrant for his arrest. After 3 months of the cops doing nothing I contacted the chief of police and the ACLU. The next day the detective came to my home and told me they couldn’t arrest him bcuz he was in Miami and the incident occurred on Miami Beach. They knew he was in Miami from day one and told me they would get him. Always giving excuses why they never called one number or did anything until the day they said sorry. Maybe Miami police can help you or if he gets pulled over. So I found him last week flagged a cop down and begged her to put her car in reverse while he was in eye contact but she said she had to go around and of course she lost him. However when I called MBPD to prove he had a warrant they confirmed it but the cop didn’t wanna look. So today I found him walking two boxers with a girl and called Miami police again and followed him until cops came and I flagged the down and they apprehended him. But when I called MBPD to get them to tell the cops of the warrant they wouldn’t. Now that he was in back of the cop car they wouldn’t help. Miami officer said they found a simple battery not even domestic but no warrant and let him go. He always said
    “I never lose” and I am starting to understand why. His powers and his clan are far reaching and omnipresent. I have begged for help to churches police friends and they all look at me like im crazy. They don’t even do their jobs. Forget the demon stuff but u see that’s why because he has his ways and they want me to give up. Where are all the believers? I need people by my. I am in the trenches. Please before they win help me. Jozy put in subject box DEMONS R REAL

  70. cheeryleesa Says:

    Are you saved in Christ. Repent, be baptized and be saved. `no demons stand up to the name of Jesus Christ because all has been put under His feet. Call upon, actually call upon Jesus, ask for protection and salvation. HE WILL FIND YOU AND GUIDE YOU.

    If you find yourself in a threatening situation start speaking out your confidence in Jesus. Just repeat that I am the Lord Jesus Christs. By His name, JESUS, leave me.

    My dear you are in a bad position but God Jehovah can help you in Jesus name. My advice may seem impossible but this is the only thing that can actually restore your life.

    Please do read the following posts :

    This is a post I had given long ago but good for you: In the Name of Jesus Christ, my advocate….I who have taken His blood on me, with that very blood I REBUKE you satan. Be gone hence ,for He has said that I have the power to trample on EVERY power of yours. The glory be to the Father and Son and Holy Spirit.

    Say this when you are afraid.Claim the blood of Jesus upon yourself and your family, upon the walls of your household and room daily. Find verses in the bible that speak to you and claim them as your promise. PROCLAIM THE WORD ALOUD. you dont have to shout you can even whisper but it will hear you and leave. Please read “take your stance against the evil ones attack” on this site. DONT get confused, just keep asking Father God in the Name of Jesus to help and guide you.

    Most importantly to tell you just WHO you are in Christ that satan dare not even come near you, please do read the following post “

    I release the gospel of Jesus Christ into your life. I cover you and I and our households and dealings with the blood of Christ and ask Father God in the name of Jesus in agreement with you for your salvation, rescue and restoration by His Holy Spirit. Amen

  71. El Gibbor prayer partner Says:

    I have had numerous attacks for as long as I can remember. But some of these attacks are etched in the vaults of my soul…and mind….No matter how I try to delete them from my memory….they just stubbornly glare back at me with glee.
    I have been chased by murderous villains well….how did I know that they were villains? Good question……I just knew that if they caught up with me….I was going to be chopped up pretty back.
    Much to my horror…I just ran at an agonizing slow motion trance…..unable to breathe…unable to scream…..and just as one of the evil looking people swung his machete……I woke up…..thinking that I was decapitated.
    I have woken up ….in a coffin…inside a coffin…..with little air……and trying hard to shout as people were burying me(I think I passed out in the coffin…only to wake up….shouting the name of our LORD and Saviour….Yeshua HaMashiach.
    I have had some powerful…..ooh so powerful and suffocating being..presence smoother me with my own blankets.That was some suffocating and paralyzing experience. The beast/evil presence/demon/entity was smothering the life out of me. I could not even shout the name Yeshua…..I just mumbled it…and just managed to wake up.
    I then took to noting down my dreams and started fashioning prayer points and praying them over and over.
    The more I prayed…the less I saw the demons mentioned in the prayer points.
    It got to a point where I had hundreds of prayer points noted down and at the encouragement of my relatives….I published some e-books.
    My relatives…obviously had access to my prayer points…and they started using them and confessed to scoring some victories of their own.
    I penned these e-books as Elgibbor Prayer Partner.I HAVE COME TO LEARN THAT THE DEMONIC ENTITIES FEAR THE NAME OF Yeshsua HaMashich.
    They cannot penetrate the full armour of Elohim and they dare not touch anyone who dedicates themselves to Elohim all the time.
    The surprising fact is that the more i prayed…and as the ‘usual’ harassing demonic entities disappeared…more stronger and more aggressive entities appeared.
    I just trudged on with the praying and the fasting until such a time that I can fight back in the dreams and can actually call out the name of Yeshua as I need to…and can actually evade the attacking entities or avoid them..or at times actually get to observe them attack others.
    It has not been a smooth journey….but am still trudging on…stumbling here and there……especially if i do not pray.
    this vexed me for a long time…so much so that I TOOK TO READING THE BIBLE ALMOST ALL NIGHT AND ONLY TO SLEEP IN THE AFTERNOONS.
    As I read the Bible…coupled with recording my dream experiences…I found myself penning down some hard hitting prayer points.
    I wrote so many…….based on mostly the nightmarish experiences…and at the encouragement of relatives I published them as e-books under the name Elgibbor Prayer Partner.
    As I prayed my prayers…..the attacks got worse and intense……I decided to fast on a daily basis…from midnight to midday.
    Then I realized that…I was now able to fight…wrestle…and even rebuke and chase all the evil entities that always attacked me.
    I am talking…strong and powerful giant pitch black demons….lions…vicious snakes…..marauding robbers…gun totting and crazed if not deranged evil police and soldiers.
    As I speak……I now fear no evil…for I have found a way of fighting back.

  72. Mandie Says:

    I literally just had listened to a sermon tonight on demonic oppression and possession…
    It is said that every person is assigned a demon to follow them during life when born, when you have given your life to Jesus, he brings 7 others to come and help him….
    Stay strong Keep praying. i believe also in the praying a fasting. pray over your house, with the promises of God 🙂
    God Bless

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