Healing is from God for all!

August 19th, 2006

The Lord healed my dog and saved it from the death! A dog might not be as important as a human being but I am giving this testimony as it is important to give glory to the Lord. I would have given the testimony if God has saved my car or my house as well although those are not living things at all but it shows how the blessings of the Father rest on everything that pertains to the life of the believer!

My dog is now 11 and 1/2 years old and about a month ago she got very sick. Her stomach swelled and was gathering water. She could hardly move. My sister and mother took her to the vet and they said that apart from that her liver is enlarged and she has either an infection or a tumor in her lungs.

When I was told this I knew that it was appointed for my doggy to die then but I didn’t just want to accept it and I said to them: “I will pray to God and our dog will be allright. Please you pray too!” But I knew it within myself that the situation was a heavy one.

I prayed and cited the scriptures where it is written that not even a hair will fall of the head of the cattle of the righteous man and that there will be no sickness and famine among them. And I said to my Lord: “Lord, my dog is my cattle. If she has to die let her die in full age and good health and not oppressed by demons!” And I charged all demons to leave my dog in the holy name of the Lord Jesus.

After three days of prayer the word of the Lord came to me and said: “It will be okay with your dog.”For a few more days I stayed on this faith till I knew that our dog is getting better! Now she is fully recovered and is and will be okay. Glory to Jesus forever and ever. Healing is of God and is for all who believe! Amen!

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  1. Disciple Says:

    Hi, I have searched but I cannot find the scripture you quoted:

    “not even a hair will fall of the head of the cattle of the righteous man.”

    Do you have a chapter and verse for this one? Thanks.

  2. santhosh mathew Says:


  3. sonshine1966 Says:

    I believe in this story and that God works the miracles on our behalf. Animals are HIS as well. He created everything and is in control of everything, that is why He chose for you to keep your dog. Praise God. Great testimony.

  4. Mitzi Says:

    My dog is Annie & is 13 this year. She has been diagnosed with 3 cervical herniated disks and bone cancer. I don’t believe it is God’s will for her to suffer so I annointed her with oil & commanded her body to be made whole in the name of Jesus. I prayed the Father that at her appointed time to die if He would just let her die peacefully with no pain. I believe she shall recover & die a peaceful pain free death at her appointed time. Please pray for her suffering & recovery from any pain.

  5. Sanjeev Says:

    Even My Goldy is moving out of a painful time.
    Its her surgery today.
    I am so glad to see that God worked out your situations.
    and,i pray and Bless that your joy will be full..
    Praise The Lord.

  6. Praising the Lord Says:

    My 3 year old stepson had brought a puppy home with him while visiting us. While he and my daughter were playing with it, one of them threw it up in the air and hurt it pretty bad. I am praying right now for it’s healing. We need to take it to the vet but no one is open on weekends around here. I am praying for it right now. After finding this website the puppy (laying on my bed in the other rood) starting yelping very loudly as though it was being hurt. I believe that the devil was attacking it (and my faith at the same time) and I rebuked it. So far it is still breathing but I know in my heart that this dog is healed. All we have to do is believed. Please pray for this dog, it will be a testimony to my stepson and when he goes back he can tell his mother about it who needs Jesus.

  7. liz Says:

    Halleluyah, sing to Jesus. My dog was cured today after much prayer supplication and fasting. My faith did not waver despite not having any physical proof around me while I was Tarrying. God is good. God is good all the time!

  8. josh Says:

    My dog is a chihuahua and ive been using a collar on him. i found out that it can cause a collapsed trachea. i think he might have one now. 🙁 i hope not. he always makes the goose like cough. i have a harness now though so it wont do any more damage. if you people could please pray for him and ask god to heal him. i would really appreciate it oh and pray for me to.

  9. Tania Says:

    Dear Josh, the Lord Jesus loves you so much that He died for you on the cross so that it will be well with you. He loves you so much that if you would only accept Him, He will bless you and everything that is yours. Sickness and blessing don’t go together so just stand in faith in the love of God for you, and His healing power, for there is nothing impossible with God; and it will be well with your doggie. Jesus loves you! God bless you.

  10. Pam Says:

    Hi all,

    I’m so glad I found this site. My little 18-month old kitty, Chloe, was recently diagnosed with FIP, which is a fatal disease. The doctors cannot cure her…only God can, and I believe it is His will to heal her. I have been praying many scriptures over her. I am not willing to give her up to this illness. She is so beloved and an important part of our family. I would appreciate your prayers!

    God bless,


  11. Lexy Says:

    Hello All,

    I have two toy dogs. One is a 9 yr old black poodle & the other is a 2 year old shit zu. In March, my poodle stuck her entire nail into my shi tzu’s blue eye by mistake. Frantically, I took her to an eye specialist who said there was nothing we can do to save her eye. I refused to believe that. Doctors are not God people. My mother-in-law, my husband & I annointed her eye with oil & prayed for 3 straight days for her healing. Unbelieveably, her eye healed & is brighter & bluer than ever. I give praise to the Almighty God, King of my life. Thank you Jesus for healing my dog. And I thank you for clearing the minor infection she has now on both eyes.

  12. A Prophetess 4 JESUS CHRIST 25/8 Says:

    here is a true miracle an shows GOD still does miracles.
    1st of all praise be to GOD an GOD alone for salvation.
    my husband was at work/ working in an underground mine with marble. he is the only electrician. he was called to the crusher which crushes hard marble into fine powder that is used in tums baby powder milk ect. now please know this crusher has large balls its like a giant hammer. my husband went an got inside of the crusher. their was a mother cat an two small kittens. the mother cat took one baby in her mouth an jumped on my husbands back and got out. the other little black kitten that has the letter M on his chest was fighting my husband, which I can understand. it was scared to death. my husband finally took his jacket off an threw it over this poor little kitten an crabbed it an pulled it out the crusher an put the kitten in a box an set it out side to safty. then my husband went an pushed the button on the crusher an it started right up. now this truly is a miracle from GOD. it was winter time. my husband went an seen the kitten was still in the little box so he took him to his office an tried to get the kitten to drink some water but it would not. my husband said he took dipped his finger in some cold water an let it drip on the kittens mouth. the little kitten took the water an started purrring an rubbing all over my husband. of course we have the little bugger. we named him TT. I tell my hubby the M on TT chest stands for our MASTER GOD. TT is very special an he can actually fly. he jumps on top of the door an flys with all 4 feet stretched out an jumps on our big ole black lab bubba bear. TT is a mess but a blessing from our LORD. please pray for our bubba bear, for he is having small seziures an on phenobarbatol. he is our baby. please remember JESUS loves all people an let us not judge one anther. let us all come together an serve GOD for he is worthy to be praised worshipped an bowed down to 25/8

  13. Candy Says:

    Hello. I have a 15 year old Pomeranian named Cuddles. He is more than my dog, he is like my child. He recently got diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and coughs a lot. The vet told me there is no cure. Cuddles in now on 2 heart pills and doesn’t seem to be doing very well on them. I am praying to God…begging actually, that He will totally heal my sweet baby. I decided to fast also. Please say some prayers that my little angel Cuddles is healed. I don’t want him to have to suffer or be on these medications for the rest of his life, however long that may be. Thank you and God bless you all!

  14. Tammy Says:

    I have a 5 year old shitzu. I can not explaine how important he is to our family. He became ill and I brought him to the vet. Treated him for a stomach virus. Next day 90 percent better. Friday back to being sick. Brought him back Sat and more antibiotics. Vet thinks maybe could be a tick born disease. I have been praying over him and praying that the Lord or God said through him all things are healed. I am believing for a healling and have really loved reading the comments. I was needing to hear healing of other animals through the LOrd. Praise be to HIM our Lord o God. I will post a update in a week when he is 100 percent better. Thanks

  15. Leonid Says:

    Praise The Lord. Ditto happened to me. My cocker spaniel had a collapsed or dislocated back bone, and the poor things was limping and dragging her hind legs. I loved her so much that I touched her injured back and said “be healed in the name of Jesus Christ”. The very next day she was running around the house as if nothing had happened to her. First I felt guilty that I may have offended God by wasting the precious power of Our Lord Jesus on a dog, but when I found your post I realised that God’s love is for all His creations.

  16. Tammy Says:

    I posted about the shitzu and he is already so much better. Leonid; I as you felt as if I was being selfish asking God to heal my Dog. But as I read these Testimonys I realized they are also one of Gods creatures and they are precious to him. A man once told me that they were put her for a reason or there name would not spell God backwards!!! I am so glad I found this site. I will post later when he is a week into his healing. I am standing on faith and no my God is in controll. Glory be to the LOrd!!!!!!!!

  17. Tammy Says:

    It has been 5 days and I believe rockie has made a complete healing. I give all the glory to God…. Not only do I believe God had a direct healing on him but God put wisdom on my vet to no how to treat him…. Keep up faith and continue to pray for all your little loved ones for the Lord only knows what is in their future, and he only sees good things… Tammy

  18. Tammy Says:

    It has been a complete healing!!!! Rockie has made a full recovery… Prayer does work on animals and it did work. I am giving all the glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  19. Peter Says:

    My girlfriend has a little “Westie” his name is Winston…He is almost 18 years old, blind, and believed to have a brain toumor which keeps him up all night. My girlfriend of course stays up with him and is ready to collapse herself from exhaustion. She loves this little dog like her child and has prayed everyday of his life that the Lord would keep him well untill he was twenty years old…Now I know that Winston has lived a very good and long life and perhaps should be put to sleep but I am asking for prayer that God would grant her request (which she now feels was selfish of her to have made) and heal Winston and give him a few years more and that when it’s time that he may go in his sleep….. Nothing is too hard for God…P.S ..I pray for every letter posted on this sight that expresses faith in the Lord our God. .may He bless you and your family, friends and pets forever……..Peter

  20. Tammy Says:

    My mother has a dog named Sophie and is her baby. She is suppose to have a Kidney infection. She has had blood in her urin and my mother is so worried. I have posted above about the Shitzu (TammY) and told my mother about all of your dogs complete healings including mine. If all of you will take time to pray for her I would greatly appreciate it. Iam believing in her full recovery. As mine has made. May God bless you and all your little blessings.. Thank YOu. Will post later with update.

  21. Tammy Says:

    My mothers dog seems to be doing much better.. Funny sidekick the dog actually went missing the same day I put her on this web site. As soon as I finished the post the phone ring and it was my mom saying that sophi just entered the door… Thank You for all the prayers… Tammy

  22. Hallie Says:

    I have a 3mth old puppy which the vet believes has a heart problem, his tummy is swollen and his energy level was really down when we got him, people have said to me that I should put him to sleep, honestly I thought of it but everytime I looked at his green eyes I saw his will to live something told me not too.
    I decided to pray for God to heal him as I believe that God will.
    Since my first prayer, his energy level has gotten up, and his appitite has returned a bit which is encoureging for me,
    I want his tummy to come down to a normal size, for him to start growing like a normal puppy, and complete healing of his heart problem or whatever is the cause of his condition……Hallie

  23. Jeremine Says:

    Hi! my name is Jeremine. My brother’s and I have 4 guinea pigs. the youngest who is Chip got a severe injury on his head because my mother accidentally stoop on him. We were bewildered by how Chip struggled as he moved disturbingly on the floor.. i took him gently in my hands and put him on a round fury pillow. I didn’t know what to do but i just called out to God my Abba Daddy for help. Our hearts were grieved and broken as we see Chip struggle but was so proud for he was trying to stand up. i declared that he is healed in Jesus name! and tried to comfort him as if he can understand the words that i am saying. Thank God and you for this website. i read all the testimonies and was filled with courage and hope. i told my brother to buy a small bottle of oil. We prayed and poured a little amount of anointing oil as we began declaring God’s words. We believed that God loves His creations and He has blessed the righteous’ possessions. i also declared the words that encouraged me from this site. Then i asked God to give me a sign that my dear Chip is healed totally. Surprisingly, he shook his head twice. That means he can move it. Then he started walking normally.
    Our Father is so good. He doesn’t want to see us hurt even the animals which are His creations. He’s so wonderful and i learned that in the moment of giving in, convince yourself that Your Heavenly Father loves you. God bless You! =)

  24. ashley Says:

    Please pray for roger. A baby bunny that was injured by my mothers’ dog. His leg seems to be broken and vets suggest to just put him down. I can’t seem to bring myself to do it. Please pray for a healing miracle for the little guy. Thank you.

  25. Jorge Says:

    My dog Pepito who is 17 was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The treatments were very expensive and heart wrenching at times. Through tears, emotional anguish and faith in God we prayed for him and for his meds to work and remove the illness from his body. Nothing was working and just last night I did not hear him breathe heavy and he slept peacefully for the first time in months. This morning he has not coughed at all and wagged his tail to go outside. God is good!

    Candy, have faith and pray by commanding the illness be removed from your baby. I am sure that Cuddles still has a lots of living to do.

  26. SAIRA Says:

    please pray for my dog he is a chihuahua almost two years old diagnosed with liver and kidney failure! but i rebuke everything in the name of Jesus please pray for him n family this hurts so muchhhhhh!!!! i believe that God healsss!!

  27. Kiahana Says:

    I wanna start off by saying I’m gonna pray for each and everyone of you and I wish all of you the best as I am the same situation,and it a very scary one . My 10 year old shih tzu Henry was diagnosed with liposarcoma (a cancer of the fat tissue) in the hind limb oct 26,2011 (the day before his birthday). I cried for days . We then drove 3 and 1/2 hours to tinting falls, new jersey for them to tell us our only option was amputation .. The dr then said we could try some low dose chemotherapy pills named cyclophosphomide to slow the growth of the tumor and possibly kill what the cancer is feeding off of and hopefully dry out the cancer cells . Well it’s only been about 5 days since he started taking the medicine and I don’t know if I’m seeing any results, or maybe I’m just to anxious .. But anyway lord knows I love this dog like it was my own child I would do anything to help him. I have noticed he’s been sleeping better but I pray to god it goes away completely .. I would just love for him to live the rest of his life out pain free and happy .. All of gods creatures deserves this .. Please please pray for little Henry … And may god bless you all !!!!!

  28. Kassie Says:

    Please help me pray for my beautiful almost 4 yr old boxer. The vet thinks that she has Myasthenia Gravis. The Prognosis is “okay” but I am praying for a FULL Recovery. My husband and I werent able to have children together so we have filled that void with 3 Awesome dogs. Roxanne ( the Boxer ) is our youngest and our baby. I havnen’t been able to stop crying since she has been sick. I am so worried about her. I keep tellig myself that GOD is Faithful and I am LOVED by him. And that he knows the desires of my heart when it comes to Roxie. I just wouldn’t mind more help praying for her life and a full recovery! and I just hope our Lord God heals her and lets her stay with me for a long time. God Bless and Merry Christmas

  29. Michael Says:

    Hey my name is Michael, I am 18 years old and I have a 14 yr old bishon frise, Maddie. She has been slowly declining the last year and we just knew it was a matter of time. She is having trouble walking today and has many problems that come with old age. The poor girls body is deteriorating slowly. She has been the best dog I could of ever imagined. We first got her when I was 4 years old and I dont know how lifes gonna be with out her. She’s always been there for me and loved me no matter what. My mom and I are planning on taking her in tomorrow and having her put down. It’ll be the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. As a Christian who believes in healing, I am praying and believing that god can heal Maddie tonight and restore her to her younger life . Please pray the same for Maddie, she is the most loving dog ever. I know Christ can heal her despite what may seem impossible, all we must do is believe and have faith in him that he will do it.

  30. Rose Says:

    I will pray for maddie.I believe in miracles.I have a 3 year old pit bull named Adrian.I know all the bad things said about them but she has brightened up our life so much that the thought of her leaving us makes me cry.She is so affectionate and she hugs you and kisses you all day long.She is very obedient too.Sad to say,I know one day she will go to dog heaven and I pray she lives as long as Maddie.So I will pray you get in God’s word tonight and tell Him to talk to you about Maddie,and He will,if you give Him a few minutes of your time. What ever hurts you ,hurts God.Jesus said ,Come to me all you that have heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.He is waiting for you to come to Him.You will be glad you did.God bless you and comfort you..

  31. Susan Says:

    My sister has a 2 year old pomeranian, just like a family member to her, who has serious breathing problem, maybe collapsed trachea or worse. She cannot afford operation for her. Please pray for her complete healing and that my sister gives up cigarettes for the health of her pet. Thank you.

  32. June lim Says:

    to all…

    I have resured a dog golden retriever his name Chien Chien from the street…
    today his x-ray result released n it was a heart failure case… I’m crying over again n again…
    Now i look to all healing testimonies… I start to have arise a my small faith n ask God for His mercy healing grace upon the dog…. as the vet said no hope… But i choose to belive God’s way… if God wants nothing can block His hand…

    Dear Lord… may u grant me n the dog healing blessing n I can have more time together with Chien Chien too…
    pls pray for Chien Chien…. thanks

  33. Dautzkt Says:

    Please pray for my dog Lexi. She’s been battling kennel cough/pneumonia for a few months. I believe God can heal my baby!!!!!! Please believe with me, I am excited to leave a update in a few days reporting of her healing.

  34. Kris Says:

    I have a 15 year old cat that has recently been diagnosed with kidney failure. The doctors said he could live anywhere from months to years. I just cannot bear the idea of losing him! So please pray that my baby will be healed. That he will never develop any other diseases. And that when it is his time, he will just go in his sleep at home. But not for many years. And that he will never get any symptoms or feel sick. Please, God, give him at least ten more years of good and active life. And that next time we see the doctor, they can tell us that he does not have the disease anymore. Please also pray that animals go heaven, so that we can meet them there again. Martin Luther and Billy Graham thought/thinks that that is not only possible, but that we can expect it. And they knew/know what they were talkin about.

  35. G.D. Says:

    My little girl Sophie has been diagnosed with lymphosarcoma and she is getting more sick by the day. I have never prayed and asked God for something this desperately ever. Please pray with me for God to cure this horrific disease and not allow my little 4 yr old papillion mix to suffer. She is the most gentle, sweetest little creature God has ever created. She was abused as a puppy and we received the blessing to adopt her. Thank you everyone.

  36. Mandy Says:

    Glory to God in the highest! My little Sasha, an 8 week old pit, just had her first shots 12 days ago. She was malnourished & had roundworms when we rescued her at about 6 weeks old. I did not know 12 days ago the severe effects of vaccinations upon animals, especially combination vaccinations & even worse, vaccinating sick animals is a major no-no. Well I know now because I searched the internet for answers yesterday after Sasha became very lethargic with very rapid breathing & fever. Well, this evening it was so bad that I was reduced to tears, pouring over the internet once again only to find one horror story after another. Something inside me said “Why are you searching here for your answers?” & I decided to search out God instead. I chose to plead the blood of Jesus over my pup & commanded all ailments & infirmities to leave her body in Jesus’ name! I laid hands on her & was even moved to praying in my spirit language. I was astounded!! Astounded by the quickness in which my Lord & savior answered my petition! She visibly calmed & relaxed as I prayed & fell asleep as I sang “What a Mighty God We Serve”. Her breathing is now completely normal!! Body temperature, normal!! All of this happened less than 30 minutes ago!! God is truly worthy to be praised!!!!Thank you Heavenly Father! Thank You Jesus!

  37. Dollie Says:

    Hello,I am asking for help with prayers for my cat,(not quite 8) named PEANUT. Peanut was recently diagnosed with Fibrosarcoma,a cancer caused by the Lukemia vaccine. Its horrible because they dont tell you the vaccines can cause the thing you are trying to prevent.Upon research I found that it says 1 in 10000 cats will get this fibrosarcoma. Its in her left hind leg. The cancer doctor says she will have to have amputation,with no guarantee. She is at the vet now getting her fifth treatment of chemo to try and shrink it some to even do the surgery and to keep it from spreading. My whole world has been ripped apart by this. I am a disabled person and most days I dont even have strength enough to get up and put clothes on. If it had not been for Peanut I dont think I would have come this far. She gave me a reason to try harder,and she has always stuck by my side when not even a human would help me. I come from a long line of sorrows,losses of loved ones very young to tragic acccidents and I have endured much physical and mental torment in my lifetime. I have had to endure the unthinkable. I survived. BUT,this horrible thing with my cat just threw me for a loop. It happened because of Greed. I say that because they dont tell people these vaccines can kill your pet. They just tell you they have to have them. Anyways,Peanut is my little world. I just cant even bare the thought of losing her. I even ask God if one of us had to die from this thing to let it be me. I talk to God all the time ,but I have broken wings and my halo has fallen off. I stay in alot of pain and over the last couple of years I found it impossible to keep from saying bad things and being angry. I hate what the last disease I was diagnosed with has done to me. But through everything my PEANUT has stuck by my side. I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE WITHOUT HER!. Pease help me . Please ,somebody pray for my Peanut,and tell me which prayer I need to pray. Please.I been begging God everyday since I found out to please save her life and let her be happy,healthy,full of life. The summer time is comming. She should be out chasing butterflies and doing what cats do. Somebody help me pray for my Peanut.Thank you and God Bless Everyone and their loving Pets on this page I pray. And please pray God stop this vaccine maddness.

  38. Dollie Says:

    Above ,I thought I pressed the number eight but somehow a face come up. I dont know why. My Peanut is not quite eight.

  39. Bridgett Says:


    I am asking for prayers and Gods healing power for my 8 1/2 year old Dillon. He is a mini Husky and we know when we got him that he would have some health issues. ?He has had cancer removed from his leg, he was running through the woods and fell on a stick that went through his body. God saw us through those tough times but now my precious angel has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and lung complications. the vet implied that he will not make it much longer. I am a long time sufferer of depression and my sweet dog has always been there at my side. By the hand of God, he lifted me out of my depression but now I am facing losing my Dillon. I am not ready to let Dillon go, I try not to lose faith as I know that if it’s possible, God has made it so. Please pray for me and my dog. I’m not ready, he’s too young and brings me the joy to my life that I imagine others feel about their children. This is in your hands God, please touch my Dillon ~ you are the only one who can make that possible!

  40. Jade Says:

    hello, I have a 2 year old basset hound. he is now comatose and unresponsive but they have managed to stabilize him. i have spent last night praying and believing that God, the ultimate healer, will restore him. He is scheduled for surgery for possible stomach sepsis. he might have ingested a foreign body that tore his stomach or intestines. i ask all of you, to join my in prayer, good children of the lord. his will be done. praise be to God, who, in this tough time, has brought me closer to Him!

  41. susan Says:

    I have a shit-zu that was found on the streets, and she recently had an ulcer in both of her eyes.She basicly lost one eye because it was too late to save it…but the other the doctors said it needed transplant or she looses it.We didnt have the money,it was like 2,000 dollars for an eye,and It was literally almost on the last phase of exploding.And I just love her so much I had to pray for her…this took weeks of prayer and fasting I didnt see any results she was suffering alot but I never gave up on her I would always give her the medications on time…until I started to notice that the cornea started to heal itself,it was a MIRACLE I couldnt believe it, it was amazing…right now shes better then ever im so happy that God was listening and also caring for my feelings(: Godbless everyone

  42. Louie Says:

    We ask for prayers for our beautiful 4 year old spayed female German Shepherd, Charger, to be healed, she was recently diagnosed with disseminated aspergillus. It is a fungal bacteria that is attacking her spinal area and she is having trouble getting up. She cries getting up. She is on oral antifungal medications and pain medicine and also she is getting IV treatments to help rid of the fungal disease. We are so heartbroken and stressed about her. She is our very first family dog. Our children are devastated. We ask for your prayers.
    Thank you.

  43. Erica T Says:

    Please pray with me that my dog is OK. He ate a bone and it was stuck in his throat and now he may possibly develop a esophageal stricture which will result in more surgeries and it may not even work. My career has been really blooming lately and I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown with the feedings and my work. Some people do not understand, but I do not have children so Kobe is like my child. Please pray with me that he does not get any stricture or any complications. He has already almost died from this and had a very risky surgery. Please pray for peace of mind for myself and my family and that he is completely healed. In Jesus Name Amem.

  44. Roger Says:

    Hi my name is roger, please pray for my dog shorty. He had been given up on by the vet. She told me he had lung cancer. His bladder was milky on the x-ray also. He is peing blood and having potty isues. They said it would be best to put him to sleep. He is only about 7 years old. He would not eat. So I bought some can food recomended by my vet to at least get him to eat. After I got home the next day from work I prayed over the dog. I then took him out to potty and go for a short walk. Brought him in and he ate two cans of food and drank lots of water. The he ate another can of food before bed.I am still going to pray over him for complete healing every day after work. Praise god! When the doctors say its over. Its never over with the great doctor jesus. I am asking everyone to pray to our lord for devine healing. Please also pray for me to not listen to the devil and his lies. God bless and thank you all roger!!

  45. Pam Says:

    I have 3 shelties 2 males that I rescued. The one male named Rex is loving, devoted, loyal and just so appreciating to have a loving home. We have had him for 9 years and I found a lump in his back left groin/thigh area end of October. In November took him to vet he was examined and vet said it is in an area where we find hernias but this lump feels too hard. So we had X-rays done and they schedule surgery for 4 days later. They remove a tumor and part of the muscle mass in that area, poor pup was in extreme pain for a few days after the surgery. Results came back a week later the day before Thanksgiving and it is cancer! It is a sarcoma and is fibrosarcoma and also shows some signs if osteosarcoma. I’m told we can’t do radiation because if the area it was in could do damage to his anal gland/area and to his organs! We have more X-rays and ultrasounds to see if the cancer has spread and it has not! Thank you Lord Jesus! Week later we decide to start oral chemo treatments from home he seems to be doing ok eating ok, no vomiting etc…. I have prayed morning, noon and night in between work and crying! Last week I find what we think is another tumor growing back in the same place!!!!! He is limping and having a hard time getting up and down! We are finally getting into the vet tomorrow night! I rescued this dog and love him with all my heart and he has given me so much back in return. I pray and pray for him to be rid of this so we can have more years together! I have changed dog foods, I am giving him veggies, I’ve researched herbs! Please help me pray for my Rexxy! I have been praying to The Lord but I am not feeling or seeing any peace or calm!!! I love The Lord with all my heart and always pray and say the rosary please, please save my Rexxy!

  46. Tina Lee Says:

    I was so happy to find this website. I know God can heal my dog. Yogi is 13 and he has glaucoma. Please pray for him to regain his sight. He is still a healthy dog but I want so bad for him to see again. God bless you..

  47. Jacqui Says:

    Quince, my 12 month old italian greyhound had a simple surgery in december and now has a bone infection. all antibiotics have just made her sicker. we have taken her off everything now and leaving it up to god and have no faith in vets anymore. my husband and I felt silly praying for her but have been praying for her to be healed and it is encouraging to see others do it too. I pray now that she is healed in jesus name. god cares for all creatures.

  48. Jason R Says:

    God does love us and believe me, he loves our pets more than we do. With that said, please pray for my 8 1/2 year old German Shepard Scooby Deuce. He was diagnosed with lymphoma when he was 5 and with God’s grace has made it to today. His lymph node in his right side of the neck has returned and I ask for all to pray for my best friends total healing from this dreaded disease. All glory be to our God.

  49. Mary D. Says:

    Please pray for my 7 year old pony, Hannah. She has something going on in her that is making her lame. She is not overworked. She is really a happy girl, but she has pain and some problem somewhere. Please pray for her complete healing!!!!

  50. Nik Says:

    I think that someone might like some of these scriptures pertaining to animals: Exodus 9:4-6, Jonah 4:11 (spared the people and animals), Psalm 36:6 (“the Lord preserves both man and beast”, Romans 8:21, 2Kings 3:17 (Lord provided water for the men and their animals), Mark 11:22-26 and Matthew 7:7-11. I have had the Lord heal my dogs severally and now my cat. I am convinced of the love of God, the depth of which surpasses understanding, for you and your pets. Trust in Him and His love for you. Look up these scriptures and then having done all to stand, stand therefore. Believe in Jesus love for you. All the best.

  51. sky Says:

    I am praying for my precious cat Teddy. He and his sister Tash are my only family. They belonged to my mother who died 3 years ago. I have kept them since my mother died. They are almost 10 years old.

    Teddy has been wheezing for a couple of weeks.
    I have been laying hands on him and praying for him in Jesus name. I ask that all christians please pray that it is not anything to worry about.

    I pray for all the animals in this thread to be healed in Jesus name.

    Just an FYI, Noahs Ark was 100% for the animals. Noah did not need an ark, he was told by God to build it to house the animals.
    A parable is useless and ineffective if the literal translation is not also valid, so the value of sheep is clearly stated in the Bible.
    Proverbs talks about the righteous looking after animals, and the kindest acts of the wicked being cruel.

    Blessings to you all
    Ecclesiastes 3.18
    In Jesus name be healed Amen

  52. Charles Says:

    Please pray for my girlfriends Dog, Chance. He is 9 years old has developed Lymes disease and Cancer. 🙁 Chance was rescued in Kentucky when he showed up at her cabin door. They both saved each other as they are best friends. Chance has characteristics that every pet owner would dream of. His loyalty, compassion, and unyielding love for his owner makes him such a special dog! There is nothing more powerful than the power of prayer! I humbly ask that whoever reads this please take time to prayer for Chancey boy! Pray for Gods healing and mercy for Chance. Prayer for God to comfort him and his owner (Jessie) during this tough time. In HIS name we pray, AMEN!

  53. doring Says:

    Hi, my family and I have adopted a dog from a neighbor.We called him BONGBONG. He is now about a year or so. He has gotten sick for weeks and we decided to bring him to the vet. He told us he’s diagnosed of having canine distemper, it is a dreaded viral infection. Further, he said that we can do nothing about it, and can only live for about a month or two. I went over the internet about the said virus and I found out horrible symptoms that might about to conquer our poor dog’s body. Now, he is in the stage where his whole body is shaking and trembling. We couldn’t bare look at him suffer like that. BONGBONG is so precious to our family, my dad even cried a tear seeing him, my mother too.I poured lots of tears last night, and have swollen eyes right now. I was really given hope and was glad to have found this thread. I was really looking for comforting miracles and testimonies, thank God I have bumped into this page. I always have faith in the Almighty, He has done lots of things for our family. Now, I have included our dog to my prayers, please site him to yours too. I really pray and hope that the virus will leave his body now, and that he will be back to his old, healthy self. I believe in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, and I rebuke the devil that’s making him suffer like that. Let BONGBONG be healed!! Please pray for him, Thank you! God Bless us and our pets!!!

  54. sheila Says:

    Praise and glory be to our Abba!i am so blessed come across this site..have been surfing the net on how to receive healing for my baby Johnny,a lhasa apso.he has been limping on his left leg and the vet also said he had a hip problem…It has also been revealed to me that God loves our pets a gazillion times more than we love them..and that gave me comfort and strength and I was a bit humiliated,coz I kept begging our God to grant His miraculous healing to Johnny and I keep saying to Him that I love my dog so much so so so so much…im humiliated coz there is no greater love than His love,for all His creation.. If I hurt seeing my baby in pain,how much more is our God in pain seeing His creation in pain…im so sorry Lord, we pray that we will receive your healing power and love..Yours is complete healing, from You comes all that we need..Abba Father, I believe You love Johnny so much more than I love him..and I hope and pray and believe and claim in Jesus’name healing for my Johnny and everyone else’s pet babies in this thread.. All glory and honor are Yours Almighty Father in union with our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit forever and ever.Amen.

  55. Tracy Says:

    My 5 year old dachshund mix is very sick. The Vet says she needs a surgery that we just cannot afford. My only hope is that God will take care of my very much loved Dog. I believe and have faith that God will heal her. I have prayed and believe. Please pray for her too! Thank You!

  56. mb Says:

    I believe the same and prayed the same for my 22+ y.o. but unfortunately she passed away a week ago not as I had requested of the Lord with no pain or debilitating condition when it was her time in faith standing on His Word as it is written in John 14:13, John 16:23-24; Mark 11:23-24. He was faithful to keep her well as well as heal her when she may have been attacked with something in her body; and, I have not been able to get an answer from the Lord or anyone else as to why this prayer I prayed quite some time ago not when she just recently had this situation and stayed in faith with the Lord about did not get answered.

  57. dennis hendrix Says:

    My Body has been diagnosed with lympoma
    Please pray wirh me.

  58. cheeryleesa Says:

    Dennis Hendrix,
    I agree with you in prayer:
    Father God thou art Jehovah Rapha our healer…You are a loving God not a punishing God, In the name of JESUS, Dennis and I agree in prayer for his healing. Lord, the doctors say things with worldly knowledge, but You are the one who created our bodies and orchestrates every process in it. In the Holy name of Jesus, we anoint Dennis with the blood of Christ. Holy Spirit arise, with healing in your wings and HEAL Dennis in the name of Jesus.

    We ask You to guide Dennis the way You wish him to go and that he understand what his purpose is according to Your Holy will. Holy Spirit Intercede for us in the name of Jesus. Thank you Holy Trinity for Healing.

    Testimony share members please agree in prayer for a mighty testimony to the glory of Jehovah in the name of Jesus.

  59. Emory Says:

    I’ve been praying and agree with cheeryleesa in prayer for Dennis.

  60. Dorothy Says:

    I have a one year old pit. He is my 4yr olds best. Friend. A room-mate let him out back at the beginning of july and he was MIA for 10 days. Well hes home now but is badlysick. I know that God didnt bring him home for him to die, so i am asking you pet prayer warriors to stand in agreement with me that my dog is healed . I thank you in advance and will keep u updated.

  61. robert Says:

    please play for kitty cat she’s almost 17 years old and she’s all I really have she’s very weak right now very skinny please pray that you can give her at least another 6 months to get her back to New Mexico. she’s all I I have and she really cares for me and spend time with me. thanks for all your prayers and support. kitty cat means the world to me.please pray god will heal her.

  62. Priyanka Says:

    My pet pug is missing for last week.please pray to God to please bring him back to me.i really pray to God.please bring him to me

  63. cheeryleesa Says:

    I agree in Prayer with you…Jehovah Jeirah in the name of Jesus, under the roof of the Holy Spirit, Priyanka and I pray please bring that little dog safely home. You are the Creator to which all nature still calls out and glorifies and obeys…Holy Father guide that little dog safely by your angels to Priyanka. Praising for Your wonderful works Lord.
    be sure to give testimony!!!:-)

  64. Amanda Says:

    I have heard many of your stories and I hope god will heal my puppy snowball who is very ill. And at the vet their not sure if its distemper or parvo but I pray she lives she is just the sweetest thing.

  65. Valerie Says:

    Hello everyone,
    I hope this finds you and your loved ones well or on the way to being well. I wish the best for all of you fellow pet parents. My heart and prayers go out to all of you. I too find myself in a similar situation. Our beloved 13yr old fur baby Tiger is a very good cat and is a vital member of our family and lives. He is very protective and loving toward his family, even to the point of showing some dog-like protective qualities.

    Tiger has an eye infection that has caused glaucoma as well. We don’t know what the underlying problem is that is causing the infection. We’ve tried antibiotics and eye drops. We have had testings done. The doctors want further very expensive testings done. Very sadly we can not afford it.

    He is not doing well and has stopped eating and drinking for the last few days, which is never a good sign. He whimpers in his sleep. I am praying for him and ask if others could find it in their hearts to aid me by adding him in their prayers as well.

    Thank you in advance for whatever you can do. God Bless you all and I will keep you all in my prayers as well.

    Very sincerely, Valerie

  66. fumani Says:

    hi everybody
    i’ve got a 17 year old dog his name is Snoopy, his had many episodes where he has fallen ill and he has always healed in the power God. now i need God more than ever to heal his disease that has caused him paralysis. everyone is telling me to put him down but the same people told me this when he was sick before. i believe that God will heal him and i thank him in advance for the healing. the tests are coming out today for a diagnosis and i pray its something reversable. please guys pray with me for my beloved dog, he’s my everything. thank you all

  67. fumani Says:

    hi everyone
    please pray for my dog Snoopy, he is very ill but i know the only force that can heal him is God. his 18 and i love him so much and i believe its not his time yet, i thank God in advance for the healing. thank you guys

  68. Anna Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m so glad I’ve found this page. Please excuse my English, I’m writing you from Germany and try my best. I please you all with all my heart, please pray for my little dog, because I’m sure, God is listening and He is going to heal her, because I’m his child and he loves me and he loves my dog, even much more than I do. My little Dog’s name is Lila, spoken like leela. She is just 6 Months old. For round about one and a half week now she is showing symptoms of the fly catcher’s syndrome, which can have severe neurological condition as underlying disorder, but I do not beleve this for my dog. I am praying and begging Jesus every day he may heal hear. I believe He will, no matter how much the devel is gonna to fear me. I believe in JESUS, Jesus loves me and Jesus loves Lila. He is gonna help us, because he is full of love, even when I haven’t deserve it for sure. Please pray for my little Lila, for hear healing. She shall live a looooong happy and healthy life, and all the deamons and illnesses and the devel shall leave her in peace forever, because the blood of Jesus is on her and protects her. Please pray for her healing. I’m going to update you for sure. God bless you all and all your Pets.

  69. Anna Says:

    Guys, please join me with your prayers, please pray for my little girl. My little doggy Lila neads the healing of our God so much, please help us, I begging you. God bless you.

  70. Srm Says:

    I am a Christian and my darling dog has recently become very sick. She was diagnosed with severe diabetes but although her blood sugar levels had dropped she was still vomiting up all her water and was very very flat. The vet said because she isn’t improving there must be an underlying issue such as cancer. He didn’t know for sure though but strongly advised us to put her to sleep yesterday as he said there is no hope for her. I was devastated. I refused however to put her down without knowing for sure that she could not get better. I asked the vet to restart her fluids and told him I wanted to fight for her and get tests done to confirm his suspicions. He really had given up. That night I went home so sad and upset. I needed to hear some comforting words from people who had hope through God. I came across this post and read about the prayer Tania had said for her dog. I said it over and over for my Tilly. I’ve been praying so hard for her.

    This morning I went back to the vet to visit my beloved dog. Well the vet said he couldn’t believe it but there is now a tiny glimmer of hope for Tilly. He now isn’t convinced about his cancer theory anymore. He said yesterday he gave her zero chance but that today she has showed him something to give us all some hope. She hasn’t vomited today and has started eating a small amount. He said it is still touch and go but now I have some hope. I am so convinced that God has heard me. I am so convinced that he is helping my dog and I am so grateful to him. I know that her future is still uncertain but I keep praying that she will make a recovery and that we have many more good years ahead together.

  71. shiro Says:

    Please please pray for my little chihuahua. I don’t know what is wrong with him but I really need prayers. God please heal my chihuahua.

  72. Georgia Says:

    Dear all,

    I have a ten year old dog, the love and life of my life. He has been fighting serious diseases including cancer and survived. I have been a Christian all my life, but not very much practicing. Just in theory. Recently, I have been trying to come closer to Him through prayer. I am not very good at it, I am trying hard though. Please pray for my little one that he will be healed by the love of God. I am worried that I am still not worthy of His love and I don’t want my little one to die from anything other than deep old age. He is the kindest soul I have ever met, and even though he is not human, I think he is much more wise and kind than most people.
    He has a serious kidney condition, and there is a probability, low, but still there, that here is also a different form of cancer.
    I pray for a miracle this Christmas. Please pray for him. Please pray that his scan will show his condition stable, that his kidney removal operation will go well and that there will be no signs of cancer.
    I am so desperately trying to shake all demons away, to become a more disciplined Christian and a true believer. I pray and I pray but I don’t know if He listens. I have been a sinner too long. Please pray with me.

  73. Deborah Says:

    In 2012, The Lord healed my little dog (Wagz) of a cruciate ligament tear. Wagz had been in desperate pain, and after 6 weeks of treatment, the vet told me that the only option for him was expensive reconstructive surgery ($3000), I didn’t have that kind of money, and so I asked the Lord to help. I anointed my little doggy with oil and I prayed for him. Within 3 days my dog was completely healed. The vet could not believe it, he still doesn’t understand how it happened, but my family and I all know what it was, it was the Lord,he healed my little dog. It was a miracle and it’s something that I’ll never ever forget.

  74. Nivi Says:

    Please, Please, pray for my beloved 6 year old Chihuahua, Skippy! On December 26, 2013, the day after Christmas he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure! My family and I are devastated and deeply saddened. There is no medical cure for this but I know our Lord Jesus Christ can heal him. I am praying for him and laying hands on him every day. I am also going to annoint him with oil. Our Lord’s love for us is so great that he wants healing for our beloved pets too. I declare in the the name of Jesus Christ that my Skippy is healed!!!

  75. Mags Says:

    Please pray for my sick cat, Iggy. Something is not right with him and I have a meeting with our vet tomorrow. Please let the tests show that my little boy will live a long, healthy life. Please pray to Jesus and ask him to lay his healing hands on my kitty.

  76. Eva Says:

    Hi, I would be so grateful for prayers for my Babouska. She is a bision frise 8yrs and my best friend. She has been diagnosed with a cancer of the spleen. She had it removed but the vets insist it is going to spread. For now she is ok but they have said three months. I have been applying Holy oil and praying over her daily. I know God wants her healed and I ask if you could pray for her also. My life is on hold. I feel like I have been punched in the stomach and I need Gods Healing Presence to heal her, I want her to be my little testimony to help others. Thank you all for your prayers. I am praying for your friend too.
    God Bless you all.x

  77. sophie Says:

    I am going to stand in Faith for FUDGE our 2 year old Labrador. He has been diagnosed with serious kidney problems. I know God heals still and God has shown me that dogs are ‘creatures of glory.’ I asked what he meant when he said that and his answer was that he had made the dog to be a companion to humans and were created to render services to humans and comfort them… I believe it.

    Jesus came to SAVE the whole creation and that includes our animals … Save from the curse of Satan …sickness and diseases… My mom just died of cancer recently and God extended her life 15 years… I have lived from promise to promise…
    for 15 years so she was able to meet her two little adopted chinese granddaughters and Etiopian adopted girl too. What God has done for my mom he can and he will do for my dog… God is powerfull and good …Please stand with me… for FUDGE THE brown LABRADOR my beloved baby…

  78. Monica A Says:

    Great site! I have often felt so alone in my ideas and thoughts about the canine creation of Gods. As Christians we are not taught that God sent his son for all of His creation which include the plant and animal creation why not I ask myself? God has not forgotten about all of His creation and He has not turned a blind eye to the atrocities against his beautiful and amazing creation which is why we who are spiritual and belong to God MUST also fight for this part of life. I work with dogs and find so many with cycts, horrible odd growths and tumors on their bodies and it breaks my heart that there are few who believe that Gods eternal promises are also for all of His creation including canines and thus we should interceed on their behalf and believe for miracles in prayer over them and for them. Annointing with oil and laying on of hands is something so powerful. So great to see many here who believe also that God loves dogs and plants and has not forgotten them even now on earth before His return.

  79. Nikki Says:

    Please pray for my dear furry friend Buckles. She’s a 12 year old shih-tzu and has been diagnosed with oral cancer over 3 weeks ago. The vet says there’s nothing they can do, suggested putting her down. But that isn’t an option for me because I know that cancer and every form of sickness does not exist where God’s presence is – on earth as it is in heaven! the name of Jesus can break every chain! We’ve been praying for her everyday and sometimes see her getting better and praise Jesus for that! but sometimes she gets worse. Thank God she is still eating but the tumor is really giving her trouble breathing. It’s a real spiritual battle over her. Please stand with me to pray against the spirit of death and every evil thing in the way of her complete healing. My friends and I have been receiving pictures or words while praying for her, of her alive and well. One of them is that she is our ‘Miracle Dog’, loved by Jesus.
    i believe it!!

    Thanks everyone for sharing your testimonies and requests. Soo encouraged to hear these healing testimonies for pets. God’s promises for healing for us are also for our furry friends because they belong to us.

  80. NJ Says:

    Urgent prayer needed for little Timmy the squirrel. He is 10 years old, but squirrels have been known to live twice as long. He may not seem as important as a dog or cat but he is a sweet loving little animal made by God.
    Please pray for him.
    Also my 13 year old dog Blaze. He is blind and looks a bit poorly. Miniature Schauzer.

    Thank you and many blessings to everyone who prays for Timmy and Blaze,

  81. vince robinson Says:

    Please help me in praying for my german shepherd Axle, he was diagnosed this morning with perferations in his lungs, which collasped his lungs and filled his chest cavity with air, they displaced the air from his chest
    cavity but said he only had a 10% chance in making it through the day.

    Axle is the kindest soul with such a great disposition, he approx 8-9 years old and still thinks he’s a puppy. I rescued him 6 years ago when working at a remote jobsite and think I was put there to find him, He has become my best friend and I can’t bear to say goodbye to him yet. So I plead with you all to help me pray for God to help Axle, he deserves a long full life. Thank you.

  82. Cherisa Says:

    I have a 9 year old cat who is sick please help me in Prayer I know God can heal her thank you.

  83. kim means Says:

    please pray for my chihuahah puppy named Chloe to come back to life, she is died tonight due to an injury and me and my husband are praying and believing for her life that God will raise her from the dead. Thank you Jesus

  84. Dianne Brown Says:

    Please pray for my kitty, Emma Ann, who has a blood clot and is paralyzed in her back legs. I know JESUS will heal her and I am asking for an agreement for healing according to Matthew 18 -19. Amen!

  85. Emory Says:

    I’ll stand in agreement with you, Dianne.

  86. Marilyn Says:

    So thankful to have found this site. Please pray for my Sister’s Yorkie, Nikita. The vet thinks she has bladder cancer. I believe God loves His creation and wants us to stand in faith for their healing. The name of Jesus is greater than transitional cell carcinoma!! Thank you for your prayers! Marilyn

  87. Theresa Markins Says:

    I have taken the time to read the postings on this page & I am in agreement with healing for all requests!! God healed my cat of cancer in 2008 when the vet said it was hopeless & I am believing God again for that same miracle for my 18 yr old best friend Goldie. In Jesus name it shall be done according to God’s will! Thx for keeping us in prayer as well 🙂 🙂 :). -Theresa.}

  88. Zoe Says:

    Please pray for my dog Rambo, possible cancer. Sonogram test showing possible cancer but don’t know results of biopsy yet. Please pray for healing!

  89. andrew Says:

    I agree with the other people prayers for healing of their pets and ask everyone to pray for my two and a bit month old female ferret Sweetie.I love her and pray in Jesus name to God that she be healed of a most likely congenital condition which has already claimed her brother.Sweetie is the only survivor of her litter and now she has started to show signs of the illness which claimed her brother which are labored breathing which will lead to her lungs being filled with fluid and back leg paralysis so she can’t walk.her brother most likely had congenital heart problems as well so please pray for her.I always thought God didn’t care about animals till I saw this site and I formally ask for help from you and God and Jesus.I just want her to live out the natural term of her life healthy not cruelly cut short.thankyou

  90. Maria Says:

    Please pray for my sweet cat Haylee. She is very old and has been sick the last few months and off and on anti-biotics. She is congested and has trouble breathing and this time, she doesn’t seem responding to the anti-biotics and she is not eating. She is already skin and bones and I have been syringe feeding her but it is not enough. I have been praying to St. Francis the patron saint of animals and I ask for your prayers please. Thank you.

  91. Emory Says:

    Maria, I pray to the Almighty God, Jehovah Rapha, the Healer to remove this sickness from Haylee, in Jesus name.

  92. Ercie Says:

    Hi, I have a cat who is just about 17 years old. His name is Chewie. He has become very sick in the past few months. He has a growth on his skin and has been losing weight. He is starting to have trouble swallowing now and not much can be done for him. But I wanted to ask everyone to pray for a healing so he can enjoy the rest of the life he has left. I believe God can heal him and just need some extra prayer partners to stand in faith with me. Bless you all and thank Jesus for this website.

  93. Ercie Says:

    I just wanted to pray for the sick pets we all love and adore. Jesus is the healer and I pray that each and every animal on this website will be healed in the name of Jesus. As I also am praying for my cats health. It is an awesome place where we can come together and believe. For Jesus said where there are two or more gathered in my name I am in the midst.

  94. kim Says:

    I believe in healings and I believe that can heal animals as well. I had a kitten once that died and I prayed for it, breathed on it as if it was God’s breath and her heart started beating again. So now I face a time when my faith is very small. Our beloved sassy was killed is a very tragic accident and we had to have her put down as a result. My husband is so broken over her as is my son and our other dog (they were the best of friends). I want to see such a great miracle of God. I’m asking that He will restore and make brand new everything that was damaged (because He can)and breath His breath back into her little body. I want to see her live like she did before this happened. She was so spunky and every bit her name. Let the Lord’s name be magnified in all things! He is great no matter the result, but we want a miracle. Thank you for helping me to pray. We are burying her tomorrow, unless….

  95. Angie Miglialo Says:

    Please pray for dog Coco who has been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure. The past 3 days he only drinks water and does not have any appetite. Visiting the vet tomorrow and hope to have good news. It would be devastating to put him down. I do not think he is in pain, sleeps most of the day but does get up when I am home at night. walks around the house a bit then lies down and you could see his eyes open so he is not sleeping but resting.

  96. Patricia Says:

    please pray for my Treeing Walker Coonhound, Flint. He is fighting hard for his life as I write this. He was diagnosed with cancer yesterday. He has a large mass on the right side of his heart! In the name of Jesus he will be healed!!! We love him very much. Please stand with us! Thank you

  97. Orna Says:

    Please pray for a miracle that Jake, my sisters adorable gentle 1 yr collie will be saved. He is going through kidney failure and we have been told that there is no hope and that he has only between a few days and a few weeks to live. Everything medically and holistically that was recommended has been done. He is a rescue dog who was bottle fed from one day old and survived against the odds. He has been raised by my amazing sister. He is her baby and her world. We love him with all our hearts and we do not want to lose him. Please, please pray that he will be healed and survive to live a long healthy life. Thank you for your kindness and prayers. Orna

  98. Angela Says:

    So appreciate the healing testimonies on this site. I also am requesting your agreement in prayer for our 7 year old Rottie. He was diagnosed with bone cancer last week and is getting tired of the pain, etc. He is so lovable and great with our grandkids. I am praying that he is strong and healthy; as God created him to be. “When two of you agree on earth as touching anything that you shall ask; it shall be done for you of my Father in Heaaven” Agreeing with you all. God is faithful and so loving. God bless!

  99. Janice Ince Says:

    Please pray for my 9 year old German Shepherd mix Heidi. She’s been at the vets since Tuesday with high liver levels. She tore a ligament in her knee New Year’s Day and was recovering from that well when she ran and slipped and injured her other leg or back last Friday night. We had to use a sling to help her potty. Vet not sure what she did but then on Monday she wouldn’t eat and threw up her food Monday night. Took her back to the vets Tuesday and she’s been there since. Her liver levels are very high and he’s giving her meds. I have been just devasted. She is my baby. I know The Lord loves his creation and that includes all. I have prayed that the Lord will make her whole and I pray that my Heidi grows old gracefully without sickness. In the name of Jesus… I pray that God will touch and breathe the life of wholeness into all the fur babies on this page. God bless you all…

  100. Carla Says:

    Please pray for our 6 year old terrier/bichon. His name is Chip. He was just diagnosed with a mast cell tumor between his 2 and 3 digits on his left paw. It is an aggressive cancer and we will be seeing a specialist tomorrow to determine what stage. Please please pray that the cancer has not spread and for complete healing. We love him so very very much and at 6 he is just a baby. I so believe in the power of prayer and that God can and does perform miracles and is the great healer. Oh please God I am putting my trust in you to heal our sweet little Chip.

  101. Mariel Says:

    Praying for all the parents and their fur babies who are going through a difficulty. May you be strong in the Lord and hold on to the promise that everything is possible with Him. I, too, have a sick fur baby right now, so I understand the pain that you feel; but may this be a season in our lives to increase more our trust and faith in God– that He loves us and He cares what is important to us.

    “Dear Lord,

    You know the desires of our heart. Nothing is too hard for You, and we believe and claim complete restoration of our fur babies’ health. Please provide comfort to the parents and their fur babies during this time; always remind us to look unto You and not in our situation. I pray for each and everyone here to just continue holding on to You no matter what the circumstances are.

    Your name be lifted high.

    In Jesus’ mighty name we pray, Amen and Amen.”

  102. Mary Says:

    Please pray for our Westies, both 12 years old, Casey who is a cancer survivor and may have cancer again, he is so sick right now, won’t walk or eat and vomits what he drinks. Casey will be going to have an ultrasound tomorrow. Willie has a collapsed trachea. and bouts of pancreatitis. Unable o have children Jesus brought my boys into our lives. I want my children to die peacefully in their sleep, of old age, not suffering with some illness. I have been praying and ask for your prayers too. I have been laying hands on them while I pray but Casey gets worse and worse and he is such a good boy, they both are. I believe God heals, all of his creatures. In JESUS name we pray, AMEN!

  103. MARY Says:

    Please pray for our Westies, both 12 years old, Casey who is a cancer survivor and may have cancer again, he is so sick right now, won’t walk or eat and vomits what he drinks. Casey will be going to have an ultrasound tomorrow. Willie has a collapsed trachea. and bouts of pancreatitis. Unable o have children Jesus brought my boys into our lives. I want my children to die peacefully in their sleep, of old age, not suffering with some illness. I have been praying and ask for your help. I have been laying hands on them while I pray but Casey gets worse and worse and he is such a good boy, they both are. I believe God heals, all of his creatures. In JESUS name we pray, AMEN!

  104. cheeryleesa Says:

    Hello and PRAISE THE LORD!
    I have sufferred from eczema for forty of my forty three years. after being in the Lord for fifteen plus years, 2014 was when I actually understood the meaning of HEALED BY HIS stripes. I received healing from severe allergic conditions by feeding on the Word of God and letting it go deep DEEP INTO ME>

    why I am writing on this board is to tell others that one truth I understood was that when we are in Christ , the ONE WITHIN ME is stronger than him in the world.

    HOLY SPIRIT OF CHRIST JESUS is in me. my flesh and ALL flesh must follow MY COMMAND IN CHRIST>
    I am a dog lover and in Pune where I live there are innumerable stray dogs on the roads. there was a particular one which I named fluffy because of his glorious fur. to my dismay he developed mange or something and became a miserable creature, lost all his fur, was itching continuously,completely grey and hideous and bleeding.

    All animals are soulish creatures. Meaning that though life is in them, they dont have spirit. they are flesh. Dont get offended friends…the Word says so. Maybe they have something more than we have from God ,they are such wonderful creations of His.

    Around November 2014,as my healing started visibly showing on my body,I was struck that if I cannot heal a dog in the name of Christ,then my faith was not much. Every time I passed fluffy on my errands to pick up my boys (different times), when I shopped etc , I would just say BE HEALED IN CHRIST JESUS’ name!

    A few days later he stopped itching…then he was still pathetically horrible to see coz he was without fur and gray and sore….then slowly the grey dried up and HE HEALED. Gained weight, STARTED GROWING FUR! Today he is fully blond again…only his back side is still somewhat hairless. and I AM FULLY HEALED.

    Friends…you have the same spirit in you that Christ had when He walked the earth. He NEVER said NO to anyone who came asking for Healing.He COMMANDED His disciples to go out and attack every evil thing in HIS NAME. Be aware of WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST AND COMMAND…SEARCH THE WORD OF GOD FOR GUIDANCE,FLESH MUST FOLLOW! PRAISE THE LORD… AMEN

  105. Erica T Says:

    Please pray with me for the healing of my dog Kobe. We are checking to see if he has liver cancer because his levels are high and he has a mass. In Jesus Name please heal Kobe and give him a full life. I do not have any children so Kobe is like my baby. Please pray with me for complete healing in Jesus’s name.


  106. More Says:

    I am in a situation close to yours. My 14 months old kitty Heidi has the blood profile od FIP yet has not been tested or diagnosed. Please pray for my Heidi too, I will pray for you and joint prayers to our Lord Jesus will be heard and the kitties given back their health, may,the Lord be with you and Bless you

  107. More Says:

    Please pray for my kitty cat Heidi, she is going to be tested for FIP and I am praying non stop till the Lord hears me and those tests come out negative and my baby heals completely from her ailments and won’t lose her to such ugly disease. Please please pray for her, I can’t emphasize how much she means to me. I don’t have kids and she is my only baby and I adore her.

    Lord have mercy of this little creature of yours and give her back her health, in the name of Jesuschrist, Amen

  108. More Says:

    Dear Jesús please have mercy of Kobe and give him his health back into his body, you created him in the name of Love, please heal him in the name of Love.
    in The name of our Lord Jesuschrist, Amen.

  109. Suzanne Hall Says:

    I want to start out by saying the original Hebrew Bible did say that animals have a living soul. Even King James removed so many verses in the Bible that one one has the right not to give us the full content of God’s words to people and animals both. There is a Bible called the “Interlinear Bible,” by Green, which has all the words and the verses that have been removed from the King James Version. Theologist use this book to study. I want to say that the original Hebrew bible, the words are spoken more as we speak today, not as how King James spoke the word sometimes often making the meaning a little bit less unclear. But still it is a good Bible, but the Interlinar Bible is so much more detail

    In Genesis, God gives all animals a living soul. He gives the sea creatures a living soul, the creepers and the birds of the heaven also. He gives cattle and all it’s kind a living soul, and it is spelled out this simply in this wonderful, unedited book.

    There is on thing that I want to remind people about their animals that are sick and how God connects the animals to us in a great way. Remember, he made them first before he made man.

    But think of a dog, with the emotions they are capable of having. They feel love, guilt, anger, they also mourn when there is a loss in the family. They love us back so unconditionally, and we must consider that the phrase, “God is Love,” is real. If a person or an animal posses love, then it is a gift from God. God gave this to the dog as the dog is a great companion to people. Many people cannot relate to people often from traumatic experiences from childhood as from the result of abuse and neglect. But a dog can fill the love void that is out of this world. I can see the love that they give as a truly gift from God.

    The dog has healing powers to us all. They lower our blood pressure, and they offer us love that has so many health benefits. When dogs are taken to a nursing home or a hospital, those that come in contact with them, their health improves. Who has the power to do this and who has programed the dog and the human to interact this way? No one other than our wonderful God.

    God has given us a true healing loving companion, and it is not by mistake. God makes the dog to help us, as we are over the animals only because we are so much more advanced than they are. We have the arms, legs and brains to watch over them and treat them. Not because they are worthless. If the animals had the brain power we did, they would see to it that we got to work on time each day and take care of us. So he put us over their welfare. In the Old Testament, if you mistreated your animals, there was a severe consequence.

    Martin Luther, John Wesley, and St. Christopher all believed that animals went to heaven. I think that it is not written directly about the animals going to heaven in the Bible because they do not need saving and they cannot read it. But I think they have short lives as to not outlive us as those that love them, take good care of them as a whole. There are a few that mistreat them. What a shame, and the bible says that they will answer to it. Those that hurt animals, hurt people as well.

    Our Bible says that Jesus will ride down on a white horse, and that the bears and wolves will eat straw with the lamb in Heaven. That means no more killing. My father’s hills are filled with many cattle. The earth was made as a replica of heaven, and at some time we will return back to earth when it has been purified after being in heaven. I think Heaven is so large that there is plenty of room for us all.

    Such love, and understanding; guilt and mourning from a dog is a true gift from the “God Of Love.” I know that he loves dogs as they bring so much our lives.

    If you animal passes, please know that he will be in heaven as I keep reading the Interlinear Bible.

    I just had a little dog that was bit in the head by a large dog, and I rushed him to the hospital. They are going to try to relive the swelling around his head, and I have prayed and cried. I know that God is a just God, and I have prayed over and over for him to reach down and touch my little one as I am devastated. But if he doesn’t make it, then I will know he will be in heaven when I get there. But please, Dear Lord, pull my baby through this accident, as he is a loving companion. Amen.

  110. Emory Says:

    Very interesting Suzanne, thanks for sharing this. I’m curious if you can elaborate on what you mean by the many verses being removed from the King James Bible. Do you mean there were things there were lost in translation or pieces that were removed. Any examples?

    Also, if there is a specific you can share about the Interlinear Bible that supports what you’re saying, that animals have a living soul, it would be helpful to readers I think. Thanks!

  111. Rachel Says:

    Sending prayers for everyone’s babies, including ours, that need deliverance and healing from sickness and for God to give us courage and stand strong in our faith, In Jesus name, amen.

    Hello everyone,

    Our Pekingese has been coughing for 4 months now. We took him to two different vets and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong but prescribed antibiotics and also allergy pills.

    He should’ve gotten over a cold if that’s what he had by now and I needed to get a definitive answer on what is going on with my little boy so we can get him the proper care. My husband and I decided to take him to a different vet who seemed more competent and experienced. She ordered some X-rays for him. The X-rays showed a mass in his chest. I’ve been a mess all week crying and pleading to God to save my baby and give him many more healthy years with us. Our darling boy is 14 and has always been in perfect health except for this. I believe he can live many more healthy years to come by the grace of God. We also have his sister who is 12 and she’s in good health as well. We cannot have kids and these are our babies and mean so very much to us. They complete our little family with God at the head. Please pray for my boy, Halo that everything will go well when we take him to see the oncologist. Please pray that IF it’s a tumor, that it’s benign and will be removed from him safely and cancer never to touch my family again. Please join us in prayer also to keep our precious little girl healthy as well, in Jesus name, amen.

    God bless you all and your families.

  112. Sheila Says:

    Please pray for healing Sadie and that she doesn’t have brain cancer. I pray she will be totally healed. Thank you

  113. Gina Says:

    Rachel and Shelia I am praying that the sweet Lord Jesus bring healing to your fur babies. Remember to speak the Word over them and no matter what the situation looks like that God is the great I am and Jesus is the mighty healer. Nothing is too great for the Lord.

    Please pray for my dog Charlie. He is a wonderful American bull dog that never met a dog or person he did not love. He is 9 years old. He is experiencing liver failure which has impacted other parts of his body. He had a biopsy and the results should be in tomorrow. He had been so sick the last 10 days and had to be hospitalized the past two weekends to keep fluids in him. I visited him today at the pet hospital and he looked the worst yet. The doctor told me that it’s really bad and that he may not make it to see morning and if he does I will still most likely have to put him to sleep. I have been praying for days and believing that he will be healed in Jesus name. However, it was such a blow today to see how bad he was. When I got home tonight I prayed for him again and then found this site. I read Lania’s post and declared that the demons be removed from his body. I prayed healing in the name of King Jesus. I also started speaking the scriptures. One I spoke in particular is, “whatever things you ask for when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” The vet then called me at 11 pm to say that Charlie is resting now. She said the new antibiotic shot she gave him seems to be working. I told her it was the Lord and my prayers. She said he is still very sick but that there is now a small sliver of hope. Please agree with me that all things work together for those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. I believe healing in the mighty name of Jesus. No sickness can stay when the blood of Jesus is applied. Charlie will be healed. In Jesus name. Amen.

    Thank you and God bless all of you.

  114. Dawn Marie Says:

    Glad I found a post about a kitten named Chloe…Our kitten Curry was healed of complications after spray surgery. Vet wanted to send her to a cardiologist and was concerned about her breathing. She has a level 2 heart murmur. Laid hands and prayed over her. She finished her pain meds and steroid prescriptions. Her breathing was labored and she was nearly immobile, eyes wide and glasses over,we knew she was on thin ice. 4 days later she is back to her playful self. Thanks and all glory is His!!!

  115. Orna Says:

    Please pray for a miracle that Jake, my sister Mary’s adorable gentle 2 yr lab puppy will be saved. He is going through final stage kidney failure. We have been told that there is no hope and that he has only between a few days and a few weeks to live. Everything medically and holistically that was recommended has been done. He is a rescue dog who was bottle fed from one day old and survived against the odds. He has been raised by my amazing sister. He is her baby and her world. We love him with all our hearts and we do not want to lose him. Please, please pray for a miracle that he will be healed and survive to live a long healthy life. Thank you for your kindness and prayers. Orna

  116. Larena Says:

    My 7 year old dog Cheyah (Alaskan Malamute) was just diagnosed with kidney failure and she also has a stone blockage in her bladder! If y’all can keep her in your prayers tonight it would be greatly appreciated!

    My vet is giving her 24 hours to see if theres an improvement as they cant operate on her while she is not stable.

    I pray Our father in heaven watch over Cheyah and give her the strength to fight this disease and expel all the demons in her body and begin her process in healing and recovery! I saw this scripture posted above on Gina comment “whatever things you ask for when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.”  I believe our almighty father will cleanse Cheyah of this evil and in the name of Jesus christ she shall be healed.

    Please keep her in your prayers as i will pray for all your pets! May God Bless u and all your loved ones (esp. Animals)

    We love you Cheyah! X

  117. Staci Says:

    Tania Z. the original author said above:

    “I prayed and cited the scriptures where it is written that not even a hair will fall of the head of the cattle of the righteous man and that there will be no sickness and famine among them.”


    I am asking you also where is this scripture? I’ve looked online on Bible Gateway and cannot find this scripture at all. I think you might have mixed some scriptures up or are not sure of what the Bible says.

    Can you clarify?

  118. stephanie Says:

    God is an amazing god we serve only he is holy and can make a miracle I put everything in his hands my baby Wendy has been attacked by a bigger dog she is a chihuahua chitzu mix and she can eat and moves her legs and try’s to move we took her to the vet and he told us that there is nothing we can do. She barks when she hears other dogs and gets happy when we come in the room a waggles her take but can’t really move her upper body when she try’s. I don’t want to believe it because you can see in her eye’s she wants to live and I don’t want to give up on her my whole family doesn’t want to give up on her.

    I pray for her whole body, bones, and wounds to be heal only god who is the creature can give her peace and happiness I pray that god my saver heals her all my trust is in your name my lord Jesus Christ I ask for prayers for Wendy pleas thank you Only you oh might god can make this miracle at I’m on my knee’s for you lord save her and heal her give her the opportunity to live a long healthy lovely life thank you lord for everything in the name of Jesus. I pray for every person here and everywhere that is going through the same problem with any condition that you oh lord make a miracle take care o that beautiful creation you send us to love and have as companions in the name of Jesus. I pray and thank god for everything thank lord thank you everyone for the prayers.

  119. Kelly Anderson Says:

    Why didn’t god save our cat Nathaniel Hawthorne? He was only three. We prayed so hard and god let him die of cancer that we didn’t know he had. We prayed and prayed when he had fever of an unknown orgin. At the end of September of 2015 he got real sick. We took him to an emergency clinic for treatment. He died the next day. I guess god just didn’t care. He let our son(cat) die. Why pray if god’s not going to answer your prayers?

  120. Emory Says:

    Kelly, I am sorry to hear about Nathaniel Hawthorne. I don’t know why he was not healed but I am sure it wasn’t because God doesn’t care. There is a reason. Keep seeking God to give you the answer. I pray that you receive it from Him.

  121. stephanie Says:

    God is amazing and he does everything for a reason even then my love for him is even more big and he made a miracle and saved my doggy Wendy I thank him every day and he proved every doubt I every had his present is on this world and he wants to prove and show his creations he is living thank you God everyday and everyday and every person who prayed thank you for everything and that god protects and keeps making miracles for everyone thank you Lord he is my savior and I love him thank you.

  122. Jeanine Says:

    I have the most loveable faithful Bullmastiff. Diesel is 4 years old and has swollen lymph nodes which the vet believes is Cancer. I am praying for my Lord God to place his healing hands over this precious boy and to grant him the full healthy happy life he deserves. God knows that this amazing animal has given me such unconditional love and been a companion through my most difficult times. Lord you are our savior and through you all things are possible. Please will you all prayer for my Diesel that our Lord may heal him and restore his body to full health. In Gods name I pray AMEN

  123. Be blessed Says:

    God bless. Praise our faithful God. For His word is truth, faithful and power. Keep on speaking His word over every aspect of your life. Do not let anyone discourage you. Thank Jesus for all He has done on the cross. There is power in praising Him. Thank Him for goid and bad situations. It is always for our good, amen.

    Father God thankyou for healing your creation. Only You…are the Healer. All glory to You, Abba Father. All Gods creation is important to Him. He knows our hearts desire. Walking the righteous walk, pleases
    Him. Ask and you already revieved. As God did for you. Thank you for healing the dog.
    Be blessed, both of you, amen.

  124. Be blessed Says:

    If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and Savior. And believe it wholeheartedly …God, His father raised Him from the dead…..1). you are going to Heaven
    2). you will see your cat there, as well.
    Don’t worry sweaty, all situations are for our good, amen. Be blessed.?

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