God Healed My Broken Heart

January 31st, 2006

When God promises us something, He can be counted on to keep it. I had a dream where God promised to heal me in all areas; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Deep in my heart I believed Him.

Jesus said he was sent to heal the broken hearted. This he has done for me. Most of my life I was mentally abused. I was told by my father and later by my husband that I was stupid and crazy. They said I couldn’t do anything right. I was even compared to the neighbor’s kids who were the same age as I. I was asked: “Why can’t you be like them? It wasn’t good enough that I got on the honor roll. Why couldn’t I do better? I studied and tried so hard to make it. I didn’t even make the honor roll.

I could never please my father. There was only one time he was ever proud of me. I had won the American Legion Medal in the eighth grade. My Dad was in the hospital at the time. Nine years later after I got married, he was in the hospital again, dying of cancer. My husband went to see him. My Dad told him that he wished he would have treated me better and that I was the best of the bunch. I was surprised that my husband even told me that. He treated me like my dad did.

The statement my dad made of regretting that he didn’t treat me better, came a long way to heal my broken heart. It helped me to forgive him. It showed me that it wasn’t just my imagination that I was treated badly. As a good consequence, I was able to forgive him but not right away. Even today, when the devil attacks me by telling me how bad I was treated, I remember that. It keeps me in line with a forgiving spirit.

Since I felt I couldn’t do anything right, I decided not to do anything at all when I could get out of it. I became a perfectionist. I set high goals for myself, knowing I would fail. This way I could say my dad was right about me. I was just no good.

My mother wasn’t satisfied with me either. I couldn’t even make a bed right to please her. She would do it herself instead of taking the time to make me do it until I got it right. It was easy to get out of doing anything. My Dad cursed and swore at the family, my mother included. I didn’t see until now that she was hurting inside, too. She developed a martyr complex.

When my dad wasn’t swearing at us, he gave us all the silent treatment for days at a time. This was often worse than his verbal anger. I walked around on tiptoes so as to not stir him up again. It wasn’t pleasant. My siblings had their own way of dealing with it.

I was curious about life and quite adventuresome. When I tried to get close to my mother and discuss things with her, she wouldn’t listen. She wanted to know why I was always arguing with her. I learned to keep my thoughts to myself.

My parents never showed me any love; any hugs or kisses. I was starved for affection. Between my parents and my church, I came to the conclusion that God was just like them. He was stern, unforgiving and unloving. He was ready to punish me at the least mishap. I pulled myself into a shell. I added brick by brick to build a wall around me so no one could get close enough to hurt me. I couldn’t stand rejection

I became the god of my little make believe world. I buried my head in my books where people were always nice to each other. My dream world was much better than the real world was. Outwardly I was doing what normal people did, like dancing, roller skating, going to the movies and so on. I pretended people were different than they were. I could never take them at face value and just accept them as they were. I wasn’t accepted so why should I accept others?

My real life was in my own universe. I pretended all the time that life was different than it actually was. I had my make-believe playmates. They couldn’t hurt me. I could not and refused to face reality. I lived a lie. No one but no one ever knew! I was a good actor. I smiled on the outside while I cried on the inside.

I only say all of this to show you what a mess I was. I know there are others who have had similar experiences or even worse. What God has done for me since the year 2000 when I had the dream, and is still in the process of doing now in 2006, is hard for me to believe. Now, at the age of seventy-five, I accept it. It is making me happier every day. God has healed my broken heart and set me free! He opened my blind eyes. I have been delivered from the bondage of my own prison. I praise the Lord everyday. It is never too late.

I have been able to forgive my parents and realize maybe they did the best they could. I’ll never know just what kind of life they had. My past is where it belongs; in the past. It doesn’t hurt any more. I bring it up, hoping maybe that someone reading this will see that God can do the same for them. I just hope they don’t wait as long as I did to receive the new life God wants for all of us.

I see now that my parents did teach me many good things which I will talk about at another time. My life wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be. I just developed a bad attitude. So many hurting people and I was one of them. If I can help just one person, it will be worth all the problems I had faced for such a long time.

I will write another article about how I could forget the negative and concentrate on the positive. All this is a big part of my emotional and mental healing. God is breaking down my brick wall.

I Praise Him that I am still a work in progress. That is why we have Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus. He has come to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 61:1 “And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up: and as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day, and stood up for to read. And there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Isaiah, And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me; because He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent me to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord. And he closed the book, and he gave it again to the minister, and sat down. And the eyes of all them that were in the synagogue were fastened on him, (Luke 18, 19 & 21)

And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears. Jesus is the same today as he was yesterday. God’s Word still holds true. I heard the same preaching in this generation as they did way back then. This preaching was for me. I was poor in spirit, broken hearted, captive to my imaginations. I was blind for I couldn’t see the truth. I was set free of all these prisons, including my self-made ones. God is the God of promises.
We serve a wonderful God. God bless you.

36 Responses to “God Healed My Broken Heart”

  1. Margaret Hutter Says:

    I was truly blessed by your testimony. I feel that God has used it to help me find hope again in Christ. Many parts of your testimony were so much identical to parts of my life. Even the scripture you shared was one recently given to me. Thank you for sharing. I pray that you will pray for me that God will heal my broken heart also and give me a brand new heart. God Bless you!

  2. Jhanice Rebecca Langley Says:

    Amen! Glory to GOD, He is so amazing there is none like him. As i was reading your testimony it reminded me of what i went through 4 years ago but God delivered me and he healed me completely he restored my soul. It just shows that God is yesterday and today the same what he can did for you he did for me. It doesn’t matter how old you are God delivers and heals us on his time and not our time and i believe that he delivered you at the right time so now you can share your testimony with other who are facing similar difficulties.

    Be blessed my sister.


  3. Joan Morrone Says:

    I am learning more and more how my testimonies are encouraging others. I was so insecure, I thought no one would ever want to read anything I wrote. The important thing is It is God’s stories not mine. I just obey and do what the Holy Spirit inspires me to do.

    Margaret I will pray and I do know God can heal your broken heart, too. If I can help in any way to encourage you, I will. God sent an email friend to help me know who I am in Christ not a the pitiful creature I thought I was.

    I thought nobody liked me. To prove I’ve been healed almost everyday I run into someone I knew as a child or in high school who commenced to tell me how well liked I was back then and how smart and how much I helped people. That doesn’t sound at all like the person I thought I was.

    When you really look hard, you can find many blessings to count among teh bad events. I was so surprised.

    I didn’t forget you Jhanice. Yes, I know now without a doubt that it is why God let me go through a long hard trek in the the wilderness (much in my my mind and not reality. I liked playing the part of “Poor me” a little orphan girl no one loved.

    The time now is like a pleasant walk in the park on a beautiful day. Jesus is by my side chatting with me.

    I write on quite a few sites. Most of the readers are under 50. They say things similar to you and Margaret. My messed up life was not wasted. God uses every bit of it. There is a scripture that says teh end is better than the beginning. I can’t find it now but I believe it. May yu continue to be encouraged in Jesus Christ.

    God loves you and so do I.

  4. pastorqasim bux Says:

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    We want to ask you can we work together for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in whole the world,
    Yours in Christ,
    Pastor Qasim Buksh
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  5. Joan Morrone Says:

    Pastor Qasim Buhsk,

    I thank you for your comments. I think it is wonderful what you are doing. And I pray God will continue to bless your ministry.

    First of all I am not a pastor and don’t have a congregation unless you call writing testimonies, Bible studies and other articles which reach all around the world like it did you—by computer, my congregation.

    In a sense you could call me a prophet. Not like the ones in the old testament like Isaiah, Ezekiel and Jeremiah. Prophet means an inspired teacher or preacher or speaker. I can only write under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. When I try under my own power it falls flat.

    In the 70’s before I ever had a computer I went to a woman’s retreat. As I was waiting for it to start I opened my Bible to Jeremiah 1:4-10 (read it all if you would) As I read I got excited. I knew it was meant for me but I thought it was impossible. Two verses # 4 & 5 especially ” Then the word of the Lord came to me saying,Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee and before you came forth out of the womb, I sanctified you and I ordained you a prophet unto the nations.”

    I thought that was impossible. Like Jeremiah he argues with God saying he was just a child and couldn’t speak. As old as I was I felt the same way–insecure and never able to speak to all the nations.
    verse 7 “But the Lord said unto me; say not I am a child, for you shall go unto all I send you, and whatsoever I command you, you shall speak.”verse 9b :Behold I have put my words in your mouth.” In my case the words are in my pen and are sent around the world. I have had comments from Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Nigeria, Sweden and even Macedonia (mentioned in teh Bible) in Greece. These I know of but many others may have read what I write. God sends them to those who need to read them. I may never know
    how many they have reached.

    All I can do is to continue writing and I can put you on different prayer lists on all the forums I write on and in my church. Prayer for making your ministry grow
    and sending you what you need to help your people and more people to help you as it grows.

    God bless you, your sister in Christ, Joan Morrone. May teh love of God continue to shine in your heart.

  6. Michelle Says:

    I’m going through this right now. My father is the same way. He has a bad temper and a very negative outlook on just about everything in the world. He’s always told me that i’m stupid, lazy, good for nothing, and worthless. No matter what i do, it’s never good enough. For the past 18 years i’ve built this wall around me to block out the emotional abuse, but i feel like i can’t do it anymore. I have never once believed in myself. I wish so much that I could change that, but i don’t know how. Your testimony is very encouraging, and i hope that someday things will change for me, too. God bless you!

  7. Joan Morrone Says:

    Dear Michelle,
    Your comment is so much like mine. God was merciful to me
    because He sent me an email friend who walked me through my whole life. All on email.

    No matter what I told him, he sypathized with me, prayed for teh ones who hurt me and pointed me to Jesus. He wouldn’t let me stay in self pity.

    In about 2 years he helped me to see that much of my trouble was caused by myself for accepting all the negative words.

    The wall I built around myself not only blocked me in but also blocked others from reaching me who could and would help. After God opened my eyes, I saw there was always someone standing on the sidelines who helped me by just one kind word or deed.

    I was never quite alone. But I didn’t see it. Accepting only the negative was the easy way out.

    What I have said is how it worked for me. If there was a way that we could email I’d be glad to use the Godly priciples my friend used for me. Because of his constant concern for me I have changed from a negative anti-social being to a positive extrovert. I can smile and laugh easily now. I haven’t met a stranger yet.

    I speak to everyone and leave them with something good to think about. As an example. I wasn’t even aware of it. It became second nature.

    I was an a store. The clerk was havng such a bad day, whe was ready to walk out. I don’t know what I said but she gave a half smile. I said something else. When we left the person with me told me I really encouraged the clerk. She was even laughing and went back to work with a different attitude.

    Only a loving God can make that big of a change in a person’s life. I would never have guessed it was possible to change this old sour puss.

    As a song says “It is no secret what God can do. What He’s done for others, He’ll do for you.”

    Jesus loves you and doesn’t want you to be unhappy the rest of your life. You are young yet. I was 71 when my
    emotional healing began. That was a lot of years of pain. Don’t let the devil do it to you.

    I pray that anyone in the same bondage will be helped by what I have told you if they read this.

    God bless you. God loves you and so do I. Go in peace.


  8. Helen Bryant Says:

    Hello Ms. Joan. I read your testimony and a lot of other testimonies with in this website. I was really moved by it and I was brought to tears. I have been dealing with some “problem children.” So, I went to Google and put in, “Is there anyone out there with a testimony for delivered problem children?” How many know that God has a plan for our lives?

    Ms. Joan, as I read other testimonies, I got tired because I work two jobs to support 3 of my 4 children. On Saturday, 9/30/2006, I worked from 9:00a to 7a-all together and between both jobs. My eyes felt like they couldn’t stay open any longer-so I went to a room within the hospital where I work to sit down;but the Holy Ghost said, “Go read more testimonies.” Without any rebuttal, I turned and walked back to the computer-and I knew God had something in here He wanted me to read. I am so glad I obeyed my Father.

    Ms. Joan, I’ve gotten over my parents’ that God used as a vessel to bring me to existance. I have forgiven them for the way they spoke negative to me, cussed me, belitted me, showed no affection towards me, didn’t listen to me, didn’t teach me about God, etc. When I say I’ve gotten over them, I mean I have forgiven them and forgotten the past-as you’ve done. (This testimony goes to Michelle and all like Michelle).

    When I was a teenager coming up under my parents’, my dad would cuss me up one side and down the other. He’d tell me-much like your dad, Ms. Joan-I would never amount to nothing and that if any man marries me, he will put me out and beat my you know what. My mother was so argumentive, both parents were negative…they didn’t have a positive thing to say…

    As I grew, I wanted deseparately to kill myself and tried. I was so quiet around my parents-especially my dad. I couldn’t please him and he fussed so much. He was always grouchy and still is. He’s still nasty mouthed and he still tries to put me down. Ms. Joan, in trying to remain quiet to keep from stepping on their toes…I became depressive. I was shy and couldn’t talk to strangers without fumbling with my words. As a teenager though, I was in a gospel group and it felt really good. I believe it could have gone further than it did if I had my parents’ support. Sure my mom would come to my gospel concerts to see me sing but she didn’t teach me about the word of God. So, I went back out into the world looking for what-I don’t know.

    When I did get married-how many know what happened? If you guessed my husband put me out and beat my you know what…you guessed right. I was 6 months pregnant with my first child (a girl). My husband would jump on me for no reason, try to kill me and committed adultery in our first apartment and put me out. I went through hell and back with this guy. My mind stayed on God through it all. I promised myself that if God would bless me with a good job so that I may take care of me and my babies’ (I had two children with him, a boy was next), I would divorce him and get an apartment. Well God came through for me. He gave me a job making $15795 a year which was a lot to me in 1990. I rented an apartment and to my belief, God gave me a car through my mom. (How many know that God will not forsake His children or leave them begging for bread). I paid for our divorce after 3 years. Before we divorced, he was living with another lady (I actually prayed that God would put a woman in his life so he could leave me and my children alone–God did just that…my former husband have been married to the same woman for 11 years…and they have 2 children together…Praise God!!!) I got married a 2nd time to a nice guy from my jr high days…you guessed it my junior high sweetheart. I went through it with him also. The difference was I went through alcohol and drug abuse with him….(my dad was an alcoholic and violent drunkard…he would physically abuse my mom-often…sometimes for no reason…He’s been delivered from that stuff as well–how many know that history repeats itself as King Solomon says in Eccl.?)

    I don’t know if I’m helping anyone yet, but I’m surely being helped right now…because God has brought me a long way from the beginning. At least that part of the story is over. I’m in the middle and coming to the end. Its going to be marvelous and I know I got the victory.

    My second husband and I are still married. God worked a miracle in his life through my prayers and others during the year 2001…my husband has been clean and free of alcohol and drugs for 5 years. We are separated…he went for the ladies of the world once he saw his outer flesh physically and mentally. He became very handsome and physically built upon being cleaned up. That’s okay because I know what God can do when he wants to and if he wants to.

    Now I’m back with my parents’ under their roof. It has been rough but God…I prayed to God and I said, “God, I can’t go through this again…please help me find a place soon…now my parents’ had started in on my children…I don’t mind anyone teaching my children right from wrong but I do believe there’s a good calm way to do it. My children have become violent, disobedient, rebellious, and argumentive. They get into many fights and quarrels…they are not responsible nor do they possess self-control along with self-discipline. God has come through for me again…I was able to obtain a 1 br apt for we 4- this to is a testimony…I have bad credit because I’ve always been free hearted with money, gifts and favors. I got the apt. and money between my two jobs to pay for it…Amen!!!

    A lot has gone on in my life…OhHHH…God told me to mention that I was molested by my dad’s buddy (another drunkard at the age of 9 and I was raped by a stranger at the age of 10). How many know satan meant to destroy me and shut me up; BUT GOD turned the bad into Good.

    Through God and the teaching I receive from my spiritual mother and father…I’ve been delivered and saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. Listen, I have forgiven my parents’, my husbands and those guys that tried to take away my innocence for life. God only used all this and more to make me stronger for what lies ahead of me. So, I say thank you to all for helping me to become who I am in Christ Jesus-whether you were a positive influence or a negative influence.

    I’m a new converted child of God. I have been washed and clean by the blood Jesus shed for me on that old rugged cross. Now I carry my cross and when it becomes a burden to me…I seek the only one who can give me peace not located in this world but only in heaven and he sits on the right hand side of the throne of God…How many know its Jesus Christ?

    Hold on Saints of God, broken hearted sisters and brothers…The angels’ of God are on their way with your blessings and deliverance…I’m a witness….I love all of you. Thanks again, Ms. Joan for coming out no matter how old you are…God still used you to be a blessing to all of us…and you didn’t remain quiet until God laid you to rest…Some people take their blessings for others to their grave. They allow satan to steal their word for others. BUT GOD!!! I hope this testimony helps you, Michelle and others…

  9. Helen Bryant Says:

    All welcome to email me at helenbrynt@yahoo.com…I hope I can give my email in this website. Someone wants to hear more about my testimony and I’d love to share it with them.

  10. Julie Says:

    I just want to share the blessing that your website and your testimonies have just had in my life. This goes for Helen, after reading your testimony many of the things you mentioned, reminded me of my childhood. And how my parents relationship until I accepted god as my Lord and savior and put him number one in my life affected me. My father used to mentally, emotionally, and physically abuse my mother and not to mention the adultry behind it all. He left our home when I was 12, leaving me my mother and my 22 yr. old sister alone with all the financial responsibility. My mother is disabled and can not work. The worst thing about it is he would come by on certain occasions and state this is how I wnated to see ya’ll crawling on your bellys like the snakes. This brought him joy. As soon as I was able to work I found myself a little job, I remember feeling so empty inside and wanted to commit suicide, I didn’t see the purpose in life. I had a boyfriend who abused me physically & emotionally and was unfaithful with numerous amount of women. At this age I was 17. I had no idea about this till later on. all of a sudden I started to get sick… I didn’t know what was wrong with me, later to come to find out that I had an STD! I took medication for it and it would make me so weak and vomit. I was still working as hard as I could to support myself at this time my boyfriend is telling me that I am good for nothing… I swear I wanted to end it end it all! I was caught up in the world drinking, smoking out of control my next step was drugs and prostitution. But we do serve a wonderful god who delivered me from bondage and thank god now, he has blessed me with a great job as a legal secretary and I was able to exceed in my career as a chemical specialist (hair stylist). And like you mentioned above I thank all the people that had an influence on the person that I am now either in a positive or a negative way. May God bless yall & keep you always. I hope that my testimony helps in the life of others God will deliver you and I am living proof! I currently volunteer at my church and I am always thinking of ways in which I can help others brake free from bondage. Thank you father for this wonderful website and for these wonderful sisters in the name of Jesus AMEN!

  11. Joan Morrone Says:

    Hi Julie,

    God is such a good God. When I wrote this I had no idea it would still be touching hearts a year and a half later. The Holy Spirit led me to write this.

    I thought I was the only woman ever mentally abused by my Dad and my husbands. I am learning more and more that many others have had physical abuse as well. I was spared that. Except when I got raped when I was in my 40’s. God even turned that around. The young man (25) got saved that same night, went home told his Dad that he just hurt someone very bad. He didn’t say how. Repeated it so it showed much remorse. God allowed me to know this and I was able to forgive him.

    Then he went upstrairs and shot himself. I don’t know if I posted that story on this site or not. “Bless those who curse you.” If not I will post it in the morning. I woke up at 1 A.M. It is an amazing story just how much God CAN turn something bad around and make something good out of it.

    I need to get back to bed now. Thank you for giving your testimony too. God bless you richly, Julie.
    (((((((hugs))))))) love you (couls never do this before.


  12. Latrice Says:

    you have surely blessed me with your testimony and I am believing God for my healing too I also was abused as a child mentally and physically and sexually even though I was not sexually abused by a family member but I still was a child. I too had a imagaginary friend because that is all I could talk too. my mom would not talk to me or kiss or hug me but she did these things to the other two siblings. I always wished and still do that I had a mom to do those things to me. My mom has died now but she never apologized to me so I am still in the process of forgiving her. I know now that God loves me better than that. I am married today and my husband used to put me down when he gets mad like my mom did even though now he understands a little better why it hurted me so bad. whenever I see a mom amd daughter story on tv and they are getting along so well and talking and doing things together It still makes me cry because all I wanted was my mom to love me. I always loved my mom and always been there for her through whatever even when she died I was the last one by her bedside until they took her away. My mom treated me so bad because of how my dad hurt and mistreated her and I did nothing to deserve it. It still hurts to this day and I am now 35 about to be 36 in october. I have to go now Iam reminiscing and crying now plese pray that god will take the pain away for me too. p/s I also smile all the time and hurting like crazy on the inside.

  13. Joan Morrone Says:

    To Pastor Qasim Buhsk,

    As I looked through my books to see where all I had posted my articles. I just found yours. I would like to hear from you again. See how you are progressing. I pray you are not being persecuted.

    How are you and your wife.?
    I would like to keep track of the work you are doing. When I hear anything about Pakistan, I do pray for you.

    I haven’t been writing much new items but instead am finding new sites to post them on. “Preach the gospel to all the world.” We are in teh end times.

    God bless you. Your sister in Christ, Joan Morrone

  14. Kim Says:

    Hello… I feel that God led me to this testimony because I have lived through the same things. My dad is an alcoholic and my family has always been a mess and still is. I am 26 and trying to find myself, but am stuggling. Like someone else said, my mom is very distant because she has been so hurt by my dad. I’m just in need of some kind of healing because I do not want to continue to live this way. I guess I do wallow in self pity sometimes, but it is because i truly have been deeply hurt. Joan, I’m not sure if you still check this site.. but if you do, would you mind emailing me at kimmykov444@yahoo.com… and anyone else that would like to chat feel free to email me, too. I want out of this awful prison I am in. I want to enjoy life and be happy.. and forgive those that have hurt me.

    Bless you all

  15. Ed Says:

    Your testimony was very moving. I too faced many of the same hurts when I was growing up. Healing is a process. God bless you.

  16. allison Says:

    I share a similar testimony, so sorry for it taking so much to finally be free. I was abused and lost a marriage and children and a job. So it was easy for me to get bitter and angry for the selfishness of my family but I have to focus on the good things and find out what they are. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Joan Morrone Says:

    I have been led to go on all the sites where I have posted. I was surprised to see where it is up to date in 2010. I first wrote in Jan. 2006; 4 years ago.

    I know God wants me to post more but wasn’t sure where.

    I am glad that my testimony has helped many.
    God bless you all.

    Love you in the name of Jesus

  18. jamie Says:

    Amen! I have been going through so much with my cheating spouse and my diobiedient children and only God our father above hears my cries and this have truly helped me alot just by sitting here at work reading this what you have wrote !!!! The holy spirit lead me to this website to fee my soul and remind me that God our Father never puts anything on us that we can not handle and I’m so happy that I read this . It makes me realize that I’m not alone! Please prey for my relationhip and prey that my family will come together and children will obey me AMEN!

  19. Darlene Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful testimony. Please pray for my daughter who is going through a trial and has become angry with God. She feels forsaken and lost. She wonders if God loves her and even though I try to convince her, she still is in a state of doubt. She is hurting because of past hurts and disappointments. She has three children and needs a touch from the Lord. Thank you for your encouragement. God bless you.

  20. Brenda G Says:

    God bless you all for looking to our Heavenly Father and our Precious LORD and Savior Jesus Christ who alone delivers us from all of our afflictions (2 Tim. 3:11). We all have an enemy out there in this world who is out to devour us; (the prince of the air)he’s out to kill, steal, and destroy, but it is our LORD Jesus Christ, who came to us to show us that through Him we can and have, the abundant (plentiful,more, superabundant; Greek root word stems from ‘peran, per’-an it is to pierce through, to across:-other side, meaning “on the other side, across,” going beyond – according to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance). I commend all of you who are “piercing” through to the “other side” of the greater glory that be in Christ Jesus. All through out the Bible we can read where God’s people were going across, through or to the other side. Keep pressing in my beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ. We do have the victory as long as we do not lose hope, or sight of His redeeming victory he bought for us. Hold fast to your confession of God’s word and His truth’s that He reveals to you through His precious Holy Spirit who leads and guides us into all His truths.

    I thank you all for your wonderful testimonies, I too, as I believe all of us somewhere out there can relate to these testimonies and apply them to our own lives. Just know that you all our precious in our LORD”S site and He loves each and everyone of you very much With His eyes full of love that is how He (our Father) sees us. Thank you for your encouraging words and testimonies and edifing the body of Christ. So many people out there hurting and don’t know what truth is or where to find it. But those of us who know truth, it is Jesus (God’s Word) and His Holy Spirit which are the very essence of “absolute” truth and where there is no shadow of turning for God’s light is absolute and can not cast any shadow. As the day’s grow closer to the coming of our precious LORD Jesus Christ, may I leave you with these thoughts: Never cofuse reality with truth. Truth is foundational, while reality is unstable at best. Reality morphs into the image of its surroundings and adapts to its culture and time, while truth “stands” unmoved and unchanged by cultural influences. Truth therefore, remains an absolute light casting no shadows, for our true living GOD is Absolute Light! Glory be to God our Father and our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, forevermore!!!!

    My hope is that what I’ve said here is to encourage you my dear brothers and sisters in Chirst, and to continue to admonish you in our LORD Jesus Christ. I’m not sure why I’m even writing these things down and saying them, so my hope is to fall back on my LORD and trust Him that I may have encouraged someone out there today in this post and to let you know that while you are living, there is hope. hope is an “expected” hope not a wishing kinda hope that is used in our English language today. Hope is in our Lord Jesus who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed of the devil (Acts 10:38). Now we being “in Christ” are to imitate Him and let this “true love” be in us all. It blesses me so when I hear about the wonderful works of our GOD, bless His Holy Name. For now abide: faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love, for God’s love is power and powerful. May we all learn to live, and flow in His Marvelous Love.
    Ms. Joan, God bless you sweetie!!!! You are a dear and mighty woman of valor in our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ and a witness to His Mighty Power. You are strong in the LORD and the Power of His Might!!!! Thank you for starting this thread of testimonial blessings!

    God bless each and every one of you with fullness of life, health and prosperity in the abundance and riches of our LORD Jesus Christ and who loves us all so richly.

    Shalom and Shalam

  21. PATRICIA Says:

    have you ever fallen inlove with God in such away that it seems like you are fallin inlove with your husband or wife? dats what im feelin at this life time,im so inlove with God in such a way that sometimes i even feel like i can hug and kiss him, and there for i feel like everything in this world is not real. is it normal?

  22. Brenda G Says:

    Yes, Patricia it is normal. For all natural things fall dim in the Light of His glory. :>D Bless you and contine to think upon the wonderful Love of God and all your affections that are above (see Colossian 3:2).

  23. Brenda G Says:


    Blessings sister! Just to comment on… “there for i feel like everything in this world is not real. is it normal?” This is too, normal, please also see 2 Corin. 4:18. Sounds like Jesus our Lord and God – The Father are loving on you :>D.

    Continue to be blessed.
    His Grace and Peace be with you.

  24. Charlema Says:

    Thank you for sharing your testimony with the public it gives me hope for my situation

  25. JoAnn Says:

    I just started a blog about the healing power of God and would love for people to check it out. godhealsbrokenhearts.com

  26. Grace Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It is such a blessing to a lot of people, including me. I had the same experiences or even worse. I made a huge wall for myself because of such experiences and had made my own “reality” as well. I kept on asking God to help me and save me, but after reading this, I realized that the same things kept on happening again and again because it is I who doesn’t want to let go of my past. I was still afraid of letting go of my imaginary life. Thank you for sharing! May God bless you!

  27. Jose Says:

    Praise the Lord.
    My name is jose thomas, please pray God to heal my tremour that i have on left hand and leg, am sure our Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever, through him i will be healed, please pray for me.

  28. leila Says:

    thank you for posting this, gives me hope! i am glad god healed you and ty for telling others b/c i’m encouraged that the same can happen for me.

  29. Amos Maimato Says:

    I am really inspired by the multiple testimonies on this site. I have been heartbroken by someone I loved for more than 7 years.Only for the person to tell me that the relationship has ended, as such we cannot marry. It dealt with me seriously, because I was devastated, frustrated & depressed, coupled with my stressful job. In the night I can’t sleep, in the day I become restless. I became so acquainted with sorrow, When I close my eyes sorrow is there, when I open my eyes, sorrow is present.

    But I bless the name of the Lord who is my current Helper in tmes of need. I cast all my cares on Him, because He cares. He told me 2 hold my peace nd see what He will do. I believe as I hand over everything in His hands, He will tell me ‘it is finished’

    God will bless as many that are brokenhearted & are trusting God for peace, He will give you peace, for He says;My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, giveth I you. The peace that suppasses all understanding will you receive in the name of Jesus. Amen!

    May the good Lord encourage you all, as I am also encouraged by this site. God bless you!


  30. joyce Says:

    DEAR god, please help me. I’m Joyce single always crying please restore my relationship to my special someone I really love him so much i want him back. his name Arman I really love him so deeply. I promise i will become a good wife and a good mother to our kids…god please give me a sign I will wait for him…

  31. Ks Says:

    Can u please e mail me ur e mail I really need your help. I am having trouble forgiving my parents. I don’t know how.

  32. E.R.D Says:

    We have the same story, Actually I’m going through of what you have gone through. and I’m trying to help myself out of this shell through the help of people like you.

  33. marsha Says:

    I thank everyone for your testimonies, it is a great help to me. I was in what i thought was a relationship that i thought was headed to marriage because he promised we would get married but from the looks of it after for the last time i told him we were not going to have sex anymore he stopped communicating with me altogether,i dont understand because he never said why but my supicions his he only wanted to use my body for sexual pleasures to fulfill his lust. But God is good He is healing my emotions. from now on i will obey God and wait on him to send that special mate for me. please pray for me. i cried almost everyday but i forgive him. everything happens for a reason, maybe this is God way of protecting me from marrying the wrong person. God bless

  34. Tushar Tekam Says:

    dear pray for my mother she is in Critical condition. Pray that her heart and lungs be healed in jesus name. doctors are just medicating her but i know jesus can heal any one and anywhere.
    Your prayer will help my mother to recover fast and get healed.

    Thanking you.

  35. Jeany Says:

    Hello Joan..I am one of those that likes to read when I am searching. Thank you for your feelings and life and the help Father has been to you and in His ways how he has helped you and still is doing so.

    Archives are wonderful. I remember considering how we have the Word Of God that was not written yesterday and how we are reading what was written over time and by God’s inspiration.
    A little of my thanks I’ll share. You took my pen and wrote my words, those in my mouth you spoke and my handle has been ” A work in progress ” for many years.
    I had a wonderful happening recently. I applied for a free TV licence only to find I was a year younger than I had been living for a long time. A whole year to live again until I reach the one I thought I already was!

    I had to stop reading your story for a while as I was so very astonished that the words I wanted to share were all there on your page. The brick wall came down brick by brick for me over a few years too. I recall the shock of realising someone could see me and I felt like a tortoise without it’s shell and very vunerable!
    I am so very happy to have found that this life in Jesus in so very ongoing and that the best is yet to be. Also happy that I found no retirement date in the scheme of God’s plan for us.

    He uses the foolish to confound the wise. His ways are passed finding out but they are taught and revealed to us for our progress. Thank you so much for being obedient to share. We are now in 2013 and here I am looking into a mirror of happenings in your life that have reflected into my story too. I am not alone then!
    Hugs in a heavenly way, your sister in Christ Jesus. Jeany

  36. dgar Says:

    This is a very nice site, and i’m sure many brokenhearted people had discovered this and read most of the wonderful testimonies of people.I would like to share mine. but at this stage god is in the process of healing me, i know it will not happen overnight, accompanied by time and his wonderful promises i began to digest his words and apply it to my misery. it started 2011 when i met a young lady ,at Face Book , Incidentally I am 65 yrs old, married with 2 grown up daughters, who at this moment remain single, i am a Christian, but i would say a seed that is thrown on a sand instead of a soil. Going back to my story of meeting a sweet 23 yr old woman as i estimated her when we met. She came to a poor family. we chat at Fb and told her if i can paint a portrait of anything available at Fb, she nod (I am an artist), then we met at a fast food chain she worked for then. This was the start of sweet moments and a “EMOTIONAL QUAGMIRE”. As time went by, we exchange sweet words of frienship quotes anything on that aspect. I began to feel a closeness on this young lady. She will even text me on occassions when she goes to get some clearances required for works anywhere, she will describe the place, and i will go there to see her and bring her some ffod to eat. We began to make small dates and shared our lives with each other in short we became so close. I would even take time to go to their province to attend fiestas and some occassions, i met her relatives.Incidentally before this i was affected on a day she told me that her cell phone was stolen, in an event of time i decoided to buy her a unit. We met again to give this to her and was so excited to see her cause i asked her to see her house but she told me that they are poor and please bear with her re their house. i told her that was immaterial. There i met her mother talked to her and exchange stories of our lives, i easily get acquainted. I never lied to her, and told her i have a family. This start became also a chain of events. I met lots of relatives and they like me, as many says.This strong friendship grew, until i began to feel someting for this young lady, i showered her with gifts, sweet words, she repond in a friendly gesture. during a small date, i began to pour out my emotions to her by saying, Jane the moment i see you in the arms of anybody, i will be out of your life. Then i didn’t know that she remembered that. Then the most heartbreaking event took place when i discovered that she already had a boyfriend, my world crushed on me, i tried to keep quiet then the following day she texted me that sir, i remember what you said that our friendship will be cut off the moment i will have a relation, she said i am afraid of that. I had mixed emotions and try to understand her. I went to their place give her a nice watch to show that i am still a friend and a lover. After few months she broke off with the Bf. Years passed by, we maintain that friendship, again small dates (no physical contacts) and another crushing blow hit me, it was another guy former bf way back in time, i don’t know that she posted on fb. We had quarrel then, i told her why did she post that, she told me that her new bf is jealous why i am in her fb, where he should be the one. I was trembling and got the most depressing moments whwn i saw her pictures with her bf.I called her once and told her that i will once and for all block her in my fb, she told me that if it will make me comfortable she told me to do it. i did. weeks passed i started pouring my emotions to the Lord , prayed , prayed hard… but the girl still haunts me up to this moment. But i can see the conforting words of the Lord with the brokenhearted people. i beagn to see , i admit a little relief in this “emotional quagmire, an unrealistic love” I searched the internet on God’s way to heal the brokenheart, i believe God wants me to focus on HIM. I always pray to give back a romance someday that i had for my wife, and i lay my future on HIM. Do please pray for me to that GOD will help me forget this woman, that has been a marked in my heart.

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