Hello, my name is Vanessa. I am 24 years old. At these moments, I would like to ask you for prayer. My life has changed soooo much in the past year. Our family lost our home because we could no longer afford paying the mortgage. Therefore, my mother and I will soon be moving to my older sister’s house. The truth is… I’m very nervous. Its going to be a huge change.  The reason being… my sister lives with her boyfriend who has hit and verbally abused her. I can still remember the bruises upon her body. I haven’t been able to completely forgive and forget. PLEASE pray that God may help me to forgive.

I’m also unemployed at the moment, which has been very difficult. I feel sooo helpless and discouraged at times. I just pray that I may have patience and trust that God will open the doors to a job. I’ve been applying, praying, but still remain unemployed. On the other hand, I’m very humbled and grateful because God has opened the door for me. I got accepted into graduate school. I will be pursuing a master’s degree, in guidance and counseling for K-12 graders. However, I’m terrified. Sometimes, I question my potential. I’m scared of the “unknown.” I’m even more scared of failing. Its so ironic… getting accepted into graduate school comes with many different emotions.

I long to seek and accept God’s amazing plan for my life. PLEASE pray for me… may God direct me and keep me strong.  Thank you very much =) God bless!

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  1. Tasha Says:

    I will pray for you and I ask for you to pray for me. Our situations are so similar. So I will keep you in prayer. God bless.

  2. Vanessa Aguilar Says:

    Hi Tasha =) thank you sooo much! I will definitely keep you in my prayers… Are you currently looking for a job or currently going through changes?? (hopefully you don’t mind me asking)

    Today, I felt so overwhelmed with everything going on. I broke down. I fell to my knees and cried until I couldn’t cry any more. I cried out to our Father… I don’t know what the future holds, but I trust that our heavenly Father has a plan for us all.. including you and I. Please stay strong. =) God bless!

  3. quino_ann Says:

    Sis i prayed for u and i will continue pray for u,,God is good,,,

  4. Naizgi Says:

    Jesus is the same yesterday today and for ever he just for you and to you done all things and now you are in him in heavenly places es see Jesus the owner of the universe who did for you and raised and live for ever more he is the king of kings and loves you as himself be blessed and prayed for you may God fulfill all your needs in this tent of your dwelling place just a tent. When Jesus comes you will know that you look like him.

  5. Vanessa Aguilar Says:

    Ann- Thank you soo much. I really appreciate your prayers. AMEN. God is wonderful.

    Naizgi- Thank you so much for your beautiful words. They are taken to heart. I will fix my eyes on Jesus. I will walk by faith. I may have been the sheep that went astray, but I will find my way back to my faithful shepard. May God bless you.

  6. becca Says:

    Hi my name is becca,I was bought up as a christian from a young age but not everything was as it seemed behind closed doors sexual abuse for years,I received gods healing and am set free the struggle I have is with my ungodly partner.when we first met I had come out of a turbulent unloving relationship I had always prayed for a commuted christian but over years this never materialised I felt abandoned very alone anyway my partner showed me love I had never known he excepted me loved me untill now,I suffered a miscarriage a wanted baby then after a few years last year 2012 I went to bible week only to find when I got home he no longer wanted me two days later I found out I was pregnant again I miscarried again he sent me home middle of night bleeding heavily I just wanted his arms around me him to love me again I took sleeping pills walking the streets every second like an hour little by little I was getting through with a loving church but then he wanted me back suddenly I drifted back into problems again finding him on twitter again broken promises then Christmas I find lingery in his wardrobe partly hidden said for my birthday which was a lie then he said I will tell U the truth I was mistaken identity no label but he signed for the parcel collected it from depot his name address but said no tags attached and very expensive something he never bought myself I am truly devastated I longed for thus baby too now I cant get myself together he says he’s telling me the truth he never cheated then today I never wanted a baby then anyway as I was arguing for the truth then he said well that was when we were not together I said what when you cheated he said no when parcel sent … The truth is painfull but eventually sets you free lies mess with your head and I can’t cope nine years together what do I do I just want to hide away please help. Thanx

  7. pietergabriel Says:

    It is so painful to read about all this pain and suffering,but…then realising nothing happen without God knowing and or allowing it!Now, that doesn’t sound as if that is right! The truth is and will always be …God is always in control.When “bad” things happen to the children of God ,we ask many questions -the reason we ask… is because we struggle to believe that God can allow these things!!! THIS is EXACTLY where faith in God ,and trust in His Word really kick in!

    The reasons as to why God allow these things, are explained by Jesus Himself! We may not question God’s “plan”! God explain it sooo clearly to Job! Where were you ,when I created everything? Read the book Job in the Bible – you will learn as to how Big God really is, how Sovereign He is! God is the Almighty – do you understand what that mean?!! We want to understand the fullness of God’s power but… just to be able, to understand more than what His Word explain to us!That is far too much for us!Just to experience God’s presence, caused people to fall to their knees and they were immediately overwhelmed by the Greatness,Love and Power of God! God the father, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit of God (knowing they are one but three) revealed Himself/themselve to people in different ways! Moses experienced a powerful storm, fire and then… in a breeze God came to Him! Paul saw a blinding light when God spoke to Him – he trembled.

    In Marc 9:2-8, Petrus and 2 other disciples saw Jesus in His Glorified Body! In that event, we don’t read that Petrus and the other 2 fell down, but surely in some way they were stunned. The Word says that Petrus was talking, but not really knowing what he was saying! He said that” …it is good that we(the disciples) are here, now we can build a shelter for You, Moses and Elija !” Something I find quite interesting – the Word doesn’t tell us, that Jesus have to introduce them to Elija and Moses(people who they just read and heard of before) – it seems that it was revealed to them by the spirit, they immediately recognised them! Surely they were frightened by what happened, but Petrus could still speak …even if it didn’t make sense what he said!Seeing Jesus in His glory …! Wow… it’s amazing! I’ve seen the face of Jesus and experienced our Savior’s presence… it was not frightening but the most wonderful experience ever!His passionate love, shining through His eyes….(read The testimony of pietergabriel in the Healing section) God is sooo wonderful!

    Your problems… take everything to God Almighty!Give it to Jesus!All your fears,anxiety and whatever may trouble you!Don’t take the words:”Trust in the Lord” ever and ever again as lightly!!!God is busy with you and your family! Put ALL your trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus!Open your heart ,your ears ,your eyes! God will reveal Himself to you!Whether it is by His presence, Jesus’ presence, or by different ways through the Holy Spirit ,or…by the “opening” or “closing” of doors , restoring your life , healing, or which ever way He wants to reveal Him, God will,bit in His time!Be patient and walk in faith! God, Jesus Christ ,in Your Name and by the working of the Holy Spirit we pray for this family!Please guide them, join them in the power of Your Spirit and provide in their needs. Jesus, Father God , be their Way ,their Truth and their Life – because You are the Almighty and You know the best!!We ask this in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ!Amen! Be blessed in the Lord!

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