God Saved Me

April 7th, 2012

First start off with, God is good and forever will be. All is His and He will forever reign Amen.

I was surely under the devils control. Once in a while I would have the urge to look up porn and masturbate. It became more like an everyday thing. The crazy thing about it is that I knew what I was doing was bad and definitely sinful in the eyes of the Lord. whenever I wold be finish, I felt this great amount of guilt inside me. There was an extreme battle going on within  me that The Lord my God wanted me to win. I certiamly knew that God wanted me to stop and save me because one time as I was doing it, a voice inside me constanltly told me, what you’re doing is a sin. It is a sin. Stop”. I figured to myself that it was just myself talking and ignored it. This problem became a very troyblesome thing to me that I decided to stop and try to win God back into my life. That I knew that He wanted His son[me] back. I prayed constantly asking and crying for help. PLease God help me. Help me stop what the devil is having me do. And I must say, never give up praying my brothers and sisters. He is listening and will always take care of you. All you have to do is accept Him as Lord and savior. He loves both you and me that He is will to help us overcome all odds. So, one night I prayed tremendously and I believe that God had had enough of my suffereing. That night as I was sleeping, in the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up and couldnt talk. A certain type of fear and restriction came over me. I was awake and looking straight up to the ceiling but I couldn’t talk nor open my mouth. Then a constant talking inside me repeatdly said “pray”. I just prayed the whole night and then all I know it was morning. I woke up in the morning and it was like a new me inside. The urge of that sexual feeling to look at porn was gone. I would not think of it nor would I accept it. Since then I have been thanking God and till now I still do. My brothers and sisters, let me say that when you pray and it just seems like you are not being answered, doesnt mean He isnt listening or is not caring. God really loves you and cares for you like a father caring for his child. You are His child and He wont ever let you go. Give Him a chance to love you and believe that He will prevail over any obstacle for you. All He asks is for you to love and believe in Him. May the Lord our God richly bless you and heal you from what you are going through. Pray for His mercy. Pray for His love. Pray for His Care. God bless you! I hope one day we meet where He says we will all meet. Thank you for reading. I will also pray for you.

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  1. Valyente Says:

    we are facing the very same problem, and i know the key is to pray and welcome peace that god has to give. fleshly desires is not eternal its a hunger and thirst of human nature, god wants us to practice being pure and righteous yet were still a living soul. godbless in jesus christ mighty name.

  2. Sarafina1994_8 Says:

    WOW!!! Isnt God AWSOME!!!
    I used to be the exact same as you before I totally came back to God (I had been away from him since I was about 11 or 12)
    Im now 17 and Ive been back with Jesus for nearly 8 months now.
    But nearly 7 of those 8 months, Ive spent fighting satans evil, attacking, heavy and condeming words and thoughts. And by God’s Grace I won the VICTORY!!!
    Its such a relief to finally be free, at the start I gave in to the temptation about 2 or 3 times.(The worst part about this is that Im a girl) I felt so guilty after and so I decided once and for all that is it!!! Its one of the toughest battles to win, mostly because sex and porn are plastered everywhere tv, magazines, internet and even music.
    I remember having sexual thoughts randomly thrown in my head atleast once a day, I also remember one time getting so sick of fighting what seemed to be a never ending battle that I just broke down in tears, begging God to free me, I wanted to give up, I wasnt strong enough. But God IS and he gives strength to the weak and weary. Now I am free, all the fighting the tears and begging was worth it, it was worth the FREEDOM!!!
    Praise Jesus!!! Brother that you were able to win this battle!!!
    I pray that God continues to strenghten you and guide you in his PERFECT will for your life!!!
    I love you bro and God bless, you’re sister in Christ xx

  3. Mary Says:

    I was exposed to sexual literature at a very tender age by the presence of seemingly innocent mills and boons books around my home. i used to smuggle the books and read them in the bathroom. Without knowing what i did I learned how to use my body wrongly when I was but ten or twelve.
    By the time I realised this is sin, it was too common a thing for me to resist. Neither did it bother me too much. I hid it very well and it continued well into my married life.

    Only after many years, when I was around twenty seven or eight, was I truly saved when I gave my life to Jesus. Somewhere along the line, i dont know when, I lost the urge to look at such literature, films or any such material. I just stopped using my body wrongly. Not only that I had absolutely no interest in it at all, to the extent that it disgusted me.

    I am sorry I cannot be more definite about the details or when and how it happened. But there are a few things that I am sure about. One was that I became the prey of the devils tools through books that my parents left lying around the house which as a child came to my notice. BE AWARE of this and do not expose your children to wrong things even unknowingly! Secondly and more importantly was that with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit you are washed clean and He will hold you back and protect you from such things ever again. I never even asked God to purge me from such things, though I used to attempt to resist and used to ask forgiveness.

    PRAISE be to our Jehovah God In the name of His son Jesus Christ. May the Holy Spirit always guide and protect us Amen

  4. gracy Says:

    Does god even want to save me and my soul or does he refuse to save me?

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