I have known God since I was a 11 years old. I have always been a strong minded person who always knew that God would do something with me one day but little did I know the kind of prayer that I was praying all those years ago.

I am a graduate and always knew that I was special. I have never been ashamed about loving God so much. And sometimes that is the key to some basic doors opening for you. I had the privelage of getting a visa from UK to USA to start working. All this while I always had God in my life because you dont get what you have by yourself. If God says he want to bless you he will. So I was making my money, living the single life and having fun but still worshipping God. Then I came home to Africa to visit my parents. That was it. The devil had something planned for me that I had no clue about.

It was in January 2004 when I met someone who wanted to marry me. I knew that I was getting older but I was very smart about men and their tricks. But for some reason this guy seemed real and loved me dearly. I was impressed by how quickly he learned from me. I never intended to marry someone who was not on the same educational backgound as myself. I was more advanced than him in everything, even speaking english. I believed in what some of the old aunties in my house would say that you make a man what you want. You polish them up. At the time I thought it was a silly saying, but before I knew it I was helping this boy become a man.

Time went by, I did everything  for this man, from send him money while in America, send him travelling, help his family, even have  a baby for him. What I did not know was that when I was praying  God use me did I know what he was going to do ? I left America and gave up my apartment, my two cars, my job to come to Africa and live here. Then God said it was time.

When I got here, that man called “husband” was not quite the person that I thought. He used me, he had children I never knew about, he was abusive, he used all my money and made me live like a poorper. It was such a shock that I nearly had a nervous breakdown and a mental breakdown. I went from having money to having nothing.  And to add icing to the cake he was a womaniser. And I never saw anything. And more to the cake was that he was not a believer at all. So all the secrets came out and I was shocked.

What is my testimony, its too big for words and only God knows the testimony of what I went through. But I want to encourage anyone who says to God use me, that keep praying that prayer. But be ready to go through something. I know what I went through and I know that I can council anyone with all kinds of situtions and I am so grateful to God.

God laid it on heart to start an NGO which will allow me to minister to all kinds of people on a global level. But I am in a bad sitaution. I am still in Africa even what to eat is a problem. I have lost all my money and I dont even have any money to register it and start the NGO. My life is totally horrible, but I know that God will see me through and he has promised that he will make away in the wilderness.

I hope that I have touched somone with this testimony. God Bless you and keep hope and faith alive.

Miss P

8 Responses to “God Use Me. He will but are you Ready?”

  1. epiphany serena Says:

    praise the lord , thank you im 23 years old and im going thrua similiar situation thank you you gave me encouragement to stay strong.im been fightin to give up with everythinhg and my faith but i hold on to god always he will make a way for the both of us sister stay strong god will keep his promise to you . god bless you

  2. jesse senko Says:

    Friend ..i have been praying for you…and will continue to pray…even if i end up in a worst scenario i will not lose hope ..he is with you

  3. Thank You, Jesus! Says:

    Miss P,

    Hi!! Praise The LORD!!! He is soo Powerful and Amazing! Keep believing and Praying! Take one step at a time! By the way, your testimony has touched my heart! I have not yet gave my testimony on this website because its 5:00 in the morning and I really cant believe im not asleep yet because I have taking my anxiety medicine. But, I find your testimony very interesting along with one other tonight. I had to take this quarter off of college because well my 3 of my teachers were very worried about me and made me speek to a physc. doctor. Which actually turned out for the best! I pray all the time! I believe whole heartly in GOD all mighty and BELIEVE that he is around all the time. He is actually leading the blind. I was grown up in a non religious home. Well, I take that back, I was baptised and went to church when I was younger but my family and I stopped as we all grew older. But, I myself decided to get back into going to church. AND I LOVE EVERY MOMENT. Right now, I am currently having some health issuses so I am taking time to get that all figured out but still staying strong with power of JESUS CHIRSTS AMEN! OH, I had some advice from a wonderful friend of mine, to get rid of evil or the devil just say “devil go away, in the name of Jesus Chirst, AMEN.” BELIEVE ME IT WORKS!! ALSO BE STRONG AND I got a tattoo on my right foot from accomplishing something a while ago (8 months sober from narcotics :)) and it says….DREAM AND BELIEVE!!! ITS SOO TRUE….dream for your goals and believe in jesus and dont hold anything in. LET IT ALL OUT!!!

  4. Thank You, Jesus! Says:

    HE CAN RESCUE! AND I BELIEVE SOO MUCH HE RESCUED ME FROM DYING BY ME CALLING OUT HIS NAME ONE NIGHT!!! one that note…good night and best of luck. Have u ever listened the Band Mercy Me??? They have soo many goood songs!! One good one is Unaware!!! Keep strong and faithfull! And I will pray for you. Also, pray for my health if you remember. Would appreciate it greatly!!! Just had to add all this in because the anti-spam word was broad…lol I believe that was a sign I didnt say enuf! BEST OF LUCK SISTER AND PRAISE THE LORD and BE STRONG AND POSTIVE TOOOOOO

  5. Thank You, Jesus! Says:


    I am going to make this short but want to say a few words that I hope helps. Praise Almighty God! HE (THE ONE AND ONLY) is awesome and is powerful. Not sure what you believe and yes to be honest I am new at this who religion thing. I have always believed in God. But, I just recently found out that others believe there are many others…?? CONFUSING…IDK. BUT I BELIEVE IN ONE JESUS. I am starting to read the bible but right Now, I believe Jesus is leading me (the blind) I wasnt raised as a true faithfull person. But, anyways, BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE is key. HE IS AROUND ALL THE TIME. Trust me. Jesus has given me signs….little signs. BUT, they all come together. LIFE IS TOUGH BUT HARD…right now im going thro alot and I KNOW IM NOT ALONE cuz I HAVE JESUS and my family and friends BUT MAINLY JESUS!! AMEN!! PRAISE HIM AND BELIEVE. HE IS REAL! I PROMISE! ITS AMAZING! SOMETIMES HARD TO COMPREHEND BUT BE POSTIVE AND TO GET THE DEVIL AWAY just say, “Devil go away, in jesus christ Amen.” Because I heard this at my church from a speaker….”Jesus and the devil (devil go away, in jesus chirst AMEN) will fight for you. Just pray and dont be affraid to be open to yourself and others. Praise the lord and let others know you are doing so 🙂 I THANK GOD FOR ALL HE HAS DONE TO TAKE OUR SINS AWAY AND FORGIVE US OUR PAST! I also thank him for leading me these last couple of days…been hard choices…but u know what? THE END RESULT TURNED OUT TO BE THE BEST! THANK YOU JESUS FOR DYING ON THE CROSS AND GIVING UR LIFE AWAY FOR EVERYONE AND THANK YOU JESUS FOR RESCUING ME—IN A BLINK OF AN EYE :)anything can happen in a blink of an eye…..its crazy but wonderful to know!!!

  6. Miss P Says:

    Ahhh since posting this so much has happened to me and I am truly blessed. Thanks for all the encouragement.

  7. Johnthin Says:

    I want god to use me more than I love anything in this life, Speak, lord, For your servant is listening!!!

  8. ellelana Says:

    Hello I dont believe God used you to go thru bad things, it’s the enemy of our soul job to destroy you, how ever you can use what you went for Gods glory! our decisions arent always God decision, remember our thots are not Gods thots and our ways are not Gods ways! Think about it when you were weak God made you strong, and you kept your faith and hope. Now you can go on living for God and become more grounded and rooted in his word, God dose’nt want us fixed, he wants us broken, you were gifted with education, high morals and blessed beyond measure, with money and material! he knew you were focused, but just like the rich young ruler asked Jesus what must I do to follow you and Jesus said to deny yourself and follow me. “what Jesus was asking” was to die to self just like Jesus had to, die on the cross. And that life you went thru with that man was not Gods will for your life, it’s not Gods purpose to hurt us. God plans for us is to give you a future and hope plans to prosper and not to harm you Jesus did not come for the righteous but for the sinner, and we are all sinners, he did not come to bring peace but division. And when we are unequally yoked there are consequences. But praise God your ok just ask God for direction and he will lead you! say this “by his stripes I am healed” “the blood of Jesus sets you free” Amen

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