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The writer of this testimony asked us to remove it for personal reasons but we’d like to leave the comments open to post your thoughts and experiences regarding God’s plan for romantic relationships.

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  1. JesusLover Says:

    Dearest brother,

    your testimony has made me cry today, I separation from my ex of 5 yrs had brought me closer to Jesus Christ, he gave me the strength to forgive him, Jesus himself was not happy with my cry and one night at his perfect timing he healed my wounded soul, i used to cry to Jesus for a year becoz i was not able to bear this pain in my heart but that very night through one prayer at His perfect timing he healed my wounded soul completely and made me able to forgive him hat very moment, it was a miracle to me, Lord did it for me, Priase the Lord.

    Its been a year since i got separated from my ex but my heart still longs for him which has made me pray to Christ for his salvation but at the end i want not my will or my desire but HIS will and HIS eternal desire for my life and soul, your beautiful testimony has given me a great hope and guess what…….. the word in the Captcha says HOPE 🙂 Jesus bless you so much, your words has bought hope and peace in my heart,thankyou so much thankyou Jesus Amen

  2. T.K Says:

    Hi. I’ve just read your testimony and wanted advice. I was dating a Muslim man for 3 years, we got engaged, but the relationship ended because I was saved. Praise God. I have had plenty of dreams that seem to say he will become Christian. I am praying for this. In these dreams we are always together and happy.
    My main question is that how do I know we are meant to be. I believe in the deepest part of me that we are, I cannot see my future without this man (cannot be with him until he is saved) I just have a deep sense within that we are supposed to be together. We are like one person. (He feels exactly the same) could this break up just be Gods way of bringing us BOTH to Him and making us stronger before we can get married? I feel so desperate 🙁 even though God has blessed me with dreams I still feel panicked.

  3. AsianJesusLover Says:

    Thank you for your soothing words, the word of christ is so powerful and so peace, to know how christ changed my life please read my testimony on this site titled as “Rain the biggest miracle” its explains how i received salvation from christ and he has promised me thru his words that one day he will bring my ex back to me.

    From what i believe…when you receive the holy spirit you become a new person in christ, every evil thing that doesnt suit you goes away from you and you dont feel like running after it anymore, for instance ever since i received the holyspirit baptism, i quit listenin to worldy music, movies or many ungodly things intead i listen to christian songs and stuff, tho i still need lot of cleansing in my heart but this love for my ex has still remained the same even after a year and it is this love that mas made me learn to forgive others as well as to pray for others need and salvation.

    Tho i love him dearly but i wont wish to accept him back unless he is saved, i could mail him but i dont becoz i want it to happen when God instructs me to, i dont want to cause any damage or interrupt in his mighty plans for us both.

    A hope never ever disappoints us and if we want anything so much and have faith that we will receive it then it will be done for us in heaven, Christ told me thru my prayers that he desires MERCY and not SACRIFICE, he doesnt want us to sacrifice our hope and our love for anyone but he wants us to pray eagerly and wait on him, he rejoices in prayers, he is delighted when we make our requests known to him and wait on him, he certainly does the BEST for us more than we can imagine. I want Gods purest love to flow within my and my soulmate’s heart, nothing in impossible to christ and prayers are our strongest tool to achieve all the richness and desires though christ.
    Jesus bless you sister and you too blessed brother in christ, amen 🙂

    my testimony…

  4. Glittersparkles Says:

    What an Awesome testimony and revelation! I want to be closer to God

  5. cbfy Says:

    Where do I start? I was with the love of my life for almost 30 years. We were childhood sweethearts had four wonderful boys. We accepted Jesus in our lives and what kind I say, Live WAS GOOD. One the enemy look on this happy family and decided to try my husband with past relationships with women. Slowly he stopped going to prayer meetings, bible study and finally church. He started going back out to clubs and would be home with our children at that time 16, 6, 5 and our premature baby was just 15 months. I was so devasted I couldn’t eat, sleep do nothing. I was embraced, humilated and a mess. I continued going Church and believing God would bring him back to himself. Our oldest son turn from a A student to getting a GED and going to jail. My second took on responsibilities that I was ashamed of because I had to go to work. He didn’t help financially or anything. I cried nights and then one night I felt God lay me on His shoulder and He comforted me. I know it was God. Seven years later my I decided it was my turn I was tired of being lonely, I decided to date and then I left the church. In 2008 my dad died, my mom and my divorce was final. This man that I started dating was so good to me. He wined and dined me. He loved my children and I loved his. We decided to live together. he was still just a good man. Then I found out that was doing something that was not right. But instead of me ending it. I took part in it. 3 years later after I called out to God to save me and forgive me I knew that this man would have to be out of my life. The way the break up was, It was so bad that I knew we would never get back together. Today I am serving my Lord and I cant be more happier. I still Love this man so much and I do pray that God will bring us back together we he feels we are both in a place with him. My ex husband married a 29 yearold and are oldest son is 28. I belive thats why I just jumpped into this realationship. My children love this man and respect him. I read a testimony saying that God knows who is best for me and who is best for him. I will wait as I pray. But I do Love him

  6. cbyf Says:

    It still hurts. I believe he is right for me. We fit but know he is with someone else. Maybe I just wanted this. God will not go against another man’s will.

    How do I let go?

  7. sindiso Says:

    i got married at a very tender age and spent 12 miserable years in an abusive marriage, three years after i left i got involved with a male friend, he was the only person i could confide to, he offered a shoulder to lean on, we both knew it was wrong, we went before God, repented, life went on, but every time we meet there is there is a magnet force pulling us together, deep longing that cant be explained, please help. I’ve tried fasting, I’ve cried before God, I’ve confessed the scriptures, I’m so confused……please help im dying spiritually.

  8. cbyf Says:

    It has been awhile. But I’m so much better. I have prayed against those spritual ties and every demonic force trying to hinder the move of God. I love God and has been staying in His word daily.

    I must confess that I had contact with the old boyfriend and at first it was okay. But then all of sudden he yelled at me from the top of his voice and told me to never call him again. It was so mean, that it took me off balance for a few days. I couldn’t understand why he was being hateful. I had to pray and seek the face of God. It was so bad that I said that was the devil. I will not talk to this man again.

  9. cbyf Says:

    After that happened. It seemed that I began to do alot of soul searching. Before my divorce my husband and I separted. I see that I was the one holding on when he did not want to. I was the one who would see him with other women and make myself believe that he was just giving them a ride. I would go to his apartment and see that a women was there. Then I found myself doing the same thing with this guy. He would tell me he was seeing someone else but I made myself believe that he was just saying that. He would tell me in his own way to leave him alone but I found myself making excuses to call him. It wasn’t until he yelled.

    Since then I really have been doing some soul searching asking God why do I do that. Why do I try so hard holding on to someone who don’t want me. I want to write all of this, just so someone else can read and learn. That if a man do not want you. Please, you cannont make anyone love you or be with you. I went all the way back to my child hood and seen how clinging I was. Always around people and trying to fit in. Once I got in, I did not want out. I would see people actually peek out window and I would leave and come back. I would call a person 5 times and wonder why didn’t they call back. I didn’t see none of that until
    I cried out to God and asked why did I need that love. I loved my parents. But then divorce. They divorced when I was about 7 years old. We lived a community were there were families. Maybe that was it.

    But as the Holy Spirit ministered to me. I knew God loved me so much more that any person could ever love me.My soul needs that unconditional love that I seeked man for. God is the only that can provide that. I put myself into those situations. It’s like a person putting you out somewhere far and you always find your way back to them. It annoyed them so much that it angered them and made me come back for more punishment.

    I tell you I took a time out. CRIED CRIED. I think the Holy Spirit made me see what I did and is doing it again.

    I take one day at a time. Knowing that God is the only one you love m and will never leave me or forsake me.

  10. Me Says:

    Been reading all the comments on this site, me and my ex broke up a year and a half ago, I still cry about it all and feel bumb. I just can’t get over it I guess. I stopped going Church because I don’t feel God loves me, I haven’t left the house for a year or more except to go shop. I hate praying because I just put so much energy into prayer in the past and God never answered. I guess I hate Him for bringing somebody into my life and then taking them away, I’ve never had good friends, and still don’t have any so I’m alone most times and the last break up was the last straw. I kind of hate God for letting me be born and letting me go through this time and time again, not just the once but many times. God helps those who are having marriage problems, because He didn’t intend for divorce. But those who are Christians and pray about God restoring relationships is a waste of time because He won’t bother. There I said it

  11. Seeker Says:

    Hi Brother and Sister,

    Just want to share the same here, I was with Hindu guy for 3 years and had planned to get married soon…however, one day when i said that there will be only 1 ceremony which is church wedding, he got pissed off, I’ve tried every option like just register our wedding without any religious ceremony (church and temple wedding). He did not agree with me… he wanted so much to please his parents. He said not only christian people will go to heaven, they also do good things and they will go to heaven..I told him it is just not right to go to temple, to me it’s a sin bowing to other gods, statue… just as written in the 10 commandments, my God is a jealous God..besides, I don’t believe in 2 weddings. I said I believe Jesus is our saviour and he is the way and the truth and im doing this for HIM, not for my family or other people…and the arguments go on an on until finally he just leave me like that…So i figured it out that we are not meant for each other…Hopefuly one day we will open his eyes and ears to see and hear the truth…I pray that God will save him..Honestly i do miss him and always thinking about him and dream about him also…Now he’s happy with his own friend, and I’m happy for him…I will continue to pray for both of them that they will be save by God…I will keep my faith until God call me into his Kingdom…AMEN

  12. Wheng Says:

    I’ve read the post and I can relate to this. I think for every heartbreak that we encounter, God can use it for the good. He can take that time to really come to us and work in and through us. God will not allow anyone to be in our lives if it will just hinder us from seeking him first. God wanted us first to be secured in him, because he is our first love. Unless we are not secured with our relationship with him, our relationship to our partner might only cause to destruction that will only give us another terrible heartbreak. Its been 7 months since my previous relationship ended and our relationship only lasted for almost 2 months. We are both Christians and also serving in the Ministry and looking back it really left my heart broken cause I thought he’s the one that God is leading me to. But God doesn’t make any mistake in any plans that he had for us. I came to a point that the Lord revealed to me what it cause me of not respecting God’s perfect time. I might miss the season where God can do great things over my life, where I can enjoy my singlehood and also discover the things God has stored for me. It’s the time where the Lord can really make my heart secured for his love for me, as I get to know him deeper I also get to know myself the way God created me as a woman knowing that I am best loved, I’m accepted and lovable in the eyes of God because I’m his daughter. Right now I know how the Lord is really commited in making myself whole. God wanted me to really enjoy myself as I am right now. Now the Lord sendt me back to my own country and believing God has plans for me why he allowed us to broke-up. Sometimes I remember him but I just pray that the Lord will do his plans for him whatever it may be. Even if God’s plan for him is to have someone new in his life that is better than me, I pray that when that happens I have a heart who can be happy for him knowing its the best for him, after all he is my brother in Christ and we should have the best interest for them.Now my heart is rejoicing for I know God is preparing me for something great and I know God can really make a great love story. I just trust him with all my heart and I just enjoy this time where God is my partner, my lover and my bestfriend. His love is enough for me to rejoice and only through Christ we can really overcome from the inside and out any pain and heartbreak that cause us from the past. We have freedom in him and he can break any ungodly soulties that left us hanging over the time. Let Jesus fill the void and the empty spaces in your hearts and you’ll never be the same again.

    “But seek first his kingdom and rigjteousness and all this things will be given unto you” – Matthew 6:33

  13. Sal Says:

    Hi there,
    I broke up with my girlfriend in Nov24,11. We broke up because I was being a dush bag. She got tired of me and decided to move on with her life. Her parents pushed her into dating someone else, who her parents love because they never liked me for her. After we broke up I whent to god for comfort and every day that passed by god showed me my mistakes. I have grown strong in the lord ever since. I apologized to her and everything, she told other people that she loves me but she doesn’t admit it to me.

    Here is the thing that hurts me the most, ever since we broke up I been praying to the lord to let me make things right with her and I always pray for her, its about to be 8 years in April that we been together and ingaged. Ever since I came bqck to the lord and stopped seeking her with my own strenght and started seeking her with gods strenght its gotten worse! Now she is ingaged to someone else in less than 3months. I don’t know what to do, she knows the lord. I pray for her everyday and night I hope the lord brings her back before is too late.

  14. Audrina Says:

    hi, me and my ex has being apart for a year , we only dated for 2 months but somehow i just cant stop thinking of him , when we broke up i went to God and asked for hes comfort cause it felt like a knife was going through my hert and i couldnt handle the pain.. God helped me of cause but the love for him was still there 7 months after we broke up he moved on and while he was with her he always seem to come back , he would always call and i was confused at the time .. but i know that God took him away cause we didnt put him first in our relationship… i moved once he stopped calling me that was 7 months ago i stopped thinking about him and didnt care about him but than i had this wierd dream that felt so real and nw i cant stop thinking about him and i recently seen him which is not often and nw i cant stop thinking off him im not sure what too do ? ive been praying and praying and IF it is Gods will for him to return , than God will bring him bak in hes time.. i know that we werent going by Gods will and now i understand that no matter what relationship it is God will always come first !! please help im praying and waiting on the Lords reply i really want too move on but theres always something pulling me back and i do want to get back with him but not at this time i need to foucus on the Lord and get my relationship right with him first i really do LOVE HIM and i do but if its not hes will than im happy i know he has the right guy out there .. thank you

  15. Kate Says:

    I just want to say thank you for the post above…and I also want to say that I am praying for all of you and that you experience God’s wonderful plan…thank you. My boyfriend and I broke up a month ago and I miss him terribly…over the past two weeks though I have become closer to God…and I know that it is not a coincidence…I still wish for my boyfriend back…but I understand that if it is God’s will it will happen…I have certainly become closer to him…thank you all…I am praying for you…PRAISE BE TO GOD!:):)

  16. Ana Says:

    I’ve read the posts here and the one thing we all have in common is that the brokenness we have inside lead us to seek God.

    The past few months have been rough for me.I was devastated and disgusted. I felt torn, damaged, and heartbroken. So many nights I would always find myself crying when I pray.. All I wanted was peace of mind from that current relationship that I already know was going nowhere. All I wanted was for that person to be honest with me and tell me where we are going. I knew in my heart it was over but I needed to be at peace, and everyday, I cry to God for comfort and to grant me that peace of mind..to grant me the ‘serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’ And God didn’t abandon me. He finally answered my prayers..slowly.. I saw that as His way to prepare myself. And when the answer I needed the most came, maybe for a minute I was shocked, palpitated for a while but guess what? I haven’t shed a single tear eversince. What I felt was peace. That finally I can move on. If anything, I felt grateful.I felt that I was finally free from being trapped in my own illusion that my ex and I were still ok (though deep in my heart, I knew we weren’t). I have been a religious person eversince I was little (I go to church, I pray) but I have never been more serious about my faith, and have never felt more closer to God if not for this experience. At first, I thought, that there must be a divine reason why I got into a relationship with this guy..that he was my soulmate..I felt like it was destiny..that maybe somehow this was meant to be..but no. God had a different purpose, He wants me to find His Love before anything else. And I did. I believe God wants the best for me and He is still writing my story. I have already surrendered everything to Him. I’m starting over. Each day, I know I am being healed. I am a perpetual work in progress. I am not settling. I was at that point where I felt the need to lower my standards.I became impatient, I compromised my values and I undervalued myself because I thought that’s what love is. But clearly,it wasn’t. I was not proud of myself. In fact, I blamed myself for not waiting for God’s perfect time. The love that God wants me to have is much bigger than I could ever imagine. And It’s not too late for me to start over. Right now, I am working on myself on becoming a better person, so that when that right man comes along, someone who is worthy of my love, I will know in my heart that I am worthy of his love too.

    “The Lord does not delay in fulfilling His promise, though some speak of delay; rather He gives you time because He does not want anyone to perish, but that all may come to conversion. – 2 Peter 3:9”

    God, help us to wait for Your perfect timing so that we can spare ourselves from unnecessary pain and sufferings.

  17. Kay Says:

    To Ana:
    That is so true. I’m just a teen and thought I knew what love was. I was so caught in lust, that when I lost my virginity I allowed spirits of fear, worry, and anxiety to enter into me. But now that I’ve prayed, fasted, and seen God bring me through, I look at it as God’s way to say “It’s time for you to come on home.”

    I’m now very strong and firm in His Word because I know it brings truth and peace into my life. I’m just going to wait on God to bring me that special someone. I’m now learning to love myself and God before giving my heart away to anyone else. God bless you.

  18. NewCreationInChrist Says:

    I love this!! This was awesome to read.Good job and great testimony 🙂 May God bless you abundantly.

  19. Caleb Says:

    Hey Ana your story sounds like mine . My name is Caleb and hope to live out the name , I prayed for god to send me someone to help me stay on his path and also in the prayer was for her to be the one but her father didn’t like my skin color and he claimed to be a Christian I guess . That affected me for months I couldn’t be myself and I prayed for him almost daily then one day he accepted . Well then my gf friends filled my head up with negative things about her my guess is that they were and still are jealous of her so that played a part . She said she wanted space and I feel we went ahead of God by sleeping with each other and I really wanted to wait till marriage but my flesh was weak at that time . Fast forward to today I’ve put it in Gods hands but now I hear she seeing someone which was quick and all I can do is see what’s God develops with this picture . She has a daughter with no living father but I’m really attached to both her and her daughter sigh I really want to raise her daughter knowing Christ with her and have a Christian family so I guess I’ll see what happens in time .

  20. Ben Says:

    Hi..recently about a month back my relationship of 5 years with a gal broke up..she is godly n anointed whereas im jus the opposite..she told me that it is not God’s will for us to be together after wat God revealed to her..still after dat i proposed to her again n she agreed..Everything was well until one day i came to learn that 20 years back my aunt didn’t accept her dad’s marriage proposal bcz she jus didn’t like proposals..I shared that to her she couldn’t take it..her pride let her leave me again..Im depressed n broken..i asked her agn but she said it was not God’s will..so i decided to hack her fb account n found out she was intimate wit a godly guy..I want to ask whether prayer can change God’s will and im willing to change n become closer to God from now forth. will this bring her back to me?

  21. erin Says:

    Wow..oh my goodness:

    This has helped me a great deal, I share the same heartbreak when I initiated a breakup with my fiance. Now, God is my first love and he will supply my needs and knows the plans I have you, jer 29:11~13 comes to heart. Not my will my abba father but yours. God bless~

  22. Ana Says:

    HI I’m Ana, I am here to share my testimony and also asking for prayer for my broken family…

    2 years ago my boyfriend of 5 years and I broke up. We like everyone one else argued, said things horrible things to each other. LIKE BAD!

    When we broke up I felt super lost, cried everyday, never ever ate, cried cried cried cried… cried.

    On a prayer application on my smart phone I placed a prayer, about ofcourse my broken heart, and feeling towards the situation, asking god to please bring back what is faithfully mine and begging god to reunite our love.

    In that app god brought an angel to my life who I consider she is my sister, she I believe is the foundation to mine and gods relationship, WHY? well because she told me to have faith and pray because through god all things are possible NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD EVER!!!!

    When we broke up their was a female holding him from me, keeping him busy and occupied, I would call my fiancee and try to fix things, text him and he always told me he didnt want to try things out, he didn’t feel the way I did, OFCOURSE I CRIED, but inside I believed and I prayed hard, for god to remove anything and anyone distracting him from realising his true love for me.


    I am proud to say four months later god reunited our love, and we now have an 18 month old…

    STATUS UPDATE: Him and I are currently fighting do to a deep depression issue I went through, also I let the devil take over my life, and my emotions and I ignored every calling god placed in my heart I just kept ignoring god trying to call me back to his heart. I believe god removed him for a little while that way I could work on my and god’s relationship while god works on my heart and my fiances heart.

    I have texted him, telling him I miss him and to return home but he has not replied, he has not called, he has not contacted me at all, I feel like he is hurting as much as I am, and ofcourse pride is in the way, and maybe another girl is trying to keep him busy, but I AM RELAXED NOT PANICING because god place a promise in my heart and he confirmed that promise.

    I have faith that my family will be restored, our love will be revived, our relationship will be happy again IN JESUS NAME I CLAIM my fiancee will be back soon.
    I am just waiting on god to touch his heart, place the right people in his life to help him see and realise his family is here, loving and missing him like crazy.

    YES I DO STILL CRY, BUT I AM HUMAN NOT A ROBOT all I have to do is believe and have faith in our father, and he will take care of the rest.


    Take it from someone who was and is currently in your shoes, when you feel like nothing is possible, trust god, let go and let god show you what he is capable of doing.

    i am sharing this testimony everywhere, because everyone needs to know the amazing god we have.

    Thank you guys for your time and pray for my family as I will also pray for everyone

  23. TJ Says:

    Years ago I met a man. We became close friends, went fishing and such. I developed feelings for him but never told him because he wasn’t a Christian. He was also struggling with PTSD from being in the service and was getting deep into drugs and alcohol. I finally had to just walk away. I prayed continually for him. Asking God to bring him back if he became saved. I loved him. I never forgot him, none of my relationships ever worked out as I couldn’t forget him. Now he’s back. And he saved! And has a fire for God I never ever imagined could be possible with him. Beautiful. We started getting together, with others and alone. We’ve grown close. And God has shown us some amazing things together. One example: Last year (summer) I had a business idea of sorts. He was the first person I thought of but I never said anything as we weren’t talking as often then. But I felt in my heart he would be perfect. Two weeks ago, out of the blue, he asked me if I was interested in the very same business proposition that had been on my heart a year ago! I didn’t say anything at first so he continued on to say that the Holy Spirit had laid it on his heart last summer but for some reason he didn’t ask and he felt bad for not asking when God had told him to. ?!?!? That blew my mind. I’m still in awe over it. Over all of it. God brought him back into my life. I’m falling for him all over again but it feels so different this time. Like now its more appropriate. Better timing. I’m unsure how he feels for me. He obviously likes me or else he wouldn’t want to keep spending time with me. We’ve already agreed to do this business endeavor together starting next spring. So we are committed to being together for that. The part I struggle with is where he wants this to go romantically. He does a lot of playful flirting with me but never seems to go to the next step. (Of course its only been a few weeks.) I’m shy. I’m insecure at times about my weight. Is he waiting on me to encourage him? I don’t know. Should I ask him how he feels? Or is that pushing it? I pray constantly about this situation. I do not want to make a mistake or move faster than God wants. Any advice would be appreciated. Prayers too please!

  24. Kori Says:

    I have been separated from my ex-boyfriend for about 11 months.It has taken me the entire 11 months to put my life in God’s hand.However, I become confused by my thoughts. When I think I am completely ready to move on, something holds me back. At first light, I thought it was the work of the devil playing tricks. But, I believe its more than the devil hurtful ways.In my heart I know that God is telling me something or to do something. I prayed to my Lord for answers. I also, told God: if this man is not the person for me..please remove me. yet, I am still here wondering.Can you please tell me,how to listen and know its God speaking to me and not my own will or that of the devil’s?

  25. holdingon Says:

    Thank you for the testimony here. I lost my boyfriend due to depression, but then God brought him back. He is currently going through another bout and has stopped communication. (He tells me nothing is wrong and that he is not mad at me, it’s just ‘his stuff’).

    He had been on a stressfull trip and is now different – I believe due to the depression. I am praying to God to bring him back again and believe me, sometimes it is the only thing that works. Praying for all here.

  26. joana Says:

    Hi my name is joana,

    I read the testimony and it made me think.

    I have felt lost in my relationship, school, spiritually. Sometimes i feel really dry (like if i have no feelings what so ever). I pray but sometimes i feel like God doesnt hear me. I made a promise to him a while ago but didnt keep it. I keep making promises but never keep them.
    My relationship was suposed to be different than my usual ones because my boyfriend is “christian”. I am also christian, and i have been seeking for someone that has the same religion, faith, etc. But its really not different at all any more. WE mest up by having sex, and now i feel like i have to start all over agian with god. i feel like i ask for forgiveness all the time. I feel like (as dumb as this might sound) God is done with me, and my search for forgiveness.
    I want to learn to keep my word, my promises. I want stability in my spiritual life. I want to have a romantic relationship with god. i feel like when you said that “God doesnt put two people together that have not reached a certain level of spiritual matuarity because they will distract and destroy each other through their relationship,”; that this relationship might not be what he wants for both of us.
    i need some guidance, i feel lost, i have no passion. I need passion in my life.
    i just need some guidance.

    you might not understand my writing. sorry

  27. Hannah Says:

    Thank you for sharing this…I have been searching the internet trying to find testimonies of people who have gone outside of God\’s context for relationships and healed them completely.

    I am having a really tough time…When I was 18 and at college, I got involved in the wrong crowd of people and got really rebellious partying and drinking and what not. I was living in the moment and didn\’t want to face the consequences of my decisions. I started getting really promiscuous and ended up in an unplanned pregnancy at age 19. I almost got an abortion, despite growing up in a pro-life Christian family. But, I was so far from God. Thank the Lord He saved my baby from that abortion and totally transformed my heart and life through her precious life.

    Anyways, I lost her at fullterm. I gave birth to a precious and perfect 7lb9oz baby girl named Lily. She was beautiful and such a gift from above to bring me to Jesus…God is really healing my heart through all of that and there is so much more to the story…but I just feel like I cannot get over her father. It has been over three years since I\’ve been with him. I know it was my own fault giving myself to someone I was never meant to…my heart and my body…and I feel that tie to him that can\’t seem to be broken. And having a baby with him makes the connection that much stronger. I just hurt beyond words can express. How can I find freedom?

    p.s. the security code is john316 and my daughter was born on 3:16 (March 16)

  28. kui77 Says:

    Hi Joana, I understand what you are talking about. But one thing you have to understand and not let the enemy or even the world lie to you otherwise is that God will never be done with you as long as you are in this life. He knows you are only flesh and he can see how much you wish to please him but you cannot. However, there are some things that you can do. Do not promise, because on your own you cannot keep that promise. Don’t try too hard by yourself because you will never make it alone, the flesh and the devil are stronger than you, and you will always fall. The thing to do is to lay it all before God. Be honest, tell him your intentions are the best, but by yourself, you keep failing in keeping them. Then ask him to give you the strength to keep to your intentions. That is why once we are born-again, God gives us the Holy Spirit, so that we can overcome both the flesh and the devil. Pray that God will give you his Holy Spirit to help you in your struggles. And when you fail him, repent and never feel tired of repenting for God does not condemn you, condemnation comes from the devil, he is the one that lies to you that you have failed God too many times and He will get tired of you. Also when you feel like you have no passion to do anything pray to God every single day to give you enough strength for that day. Don’t worry about tomorrow, pray just enough for the day and you will be surprised how effortlessly you go through each day. I was at that point myself and God taught me to pray for enough strength for each day and I am surprised at how much I am able to do in that one day. Then at the end of the day, i pray for enough strength for the following day. Lay all your struggles before God, he says he is close to the broken hearted. He knows it all anyway. I hope this helps just a little.

  29. Sarah Says:

    Thank you all for these testimonies. In many ways I feel a great sense peace, knowing that God DOES have a perfect plan for us all.
    I have been going through a painful time these last few months, with the break up with my boyfriend of 2 years. I am only 18, and although this is young, I do not consider the love I have for my ex to be of any less greatness or importance than someone who is older. The feelings and the happiness we shared were what I always believed to be almost perfect love. So strong and so amazing. However despite how i felt, at many times i treated him very badly, I took for granted the love God had given me through this person, and believed i could get away with saying anything because he would never leave me. But this was so wrong. He did leave, and because of the many months of pain and sadness i caused him, he eventually lost his love for me.
    Even after we broke up we still spoke, we still saw eachother, and for a while we tried to slowly restore our relationship. He told me he still loved me, but could not be with me because of how our relationship previously had caused him so much sadness. During this time I admit that I began to stop praying to God to help our relationship, because i belived everything was going to be ok. I did not out God FIRST in my life, and i did not focus on my relationship with Him first.
    well, about a month ago things between my ex and I began to get really bad again, he stopped wanting to talk, he began not replying to texts and told me he didn’t want to keep seeing eachother and talking. A few days ago he told me he does not love me anymore, that his love will never return, and he does not want our relationship to reconcile. All the feelings of heartbreak began and consume me in every way, now that this hope i had for reconcilliation had gone, i was lost. all I could do was cry, think of him, think of him every hour of every day, no sleep, just pain. This pain is unbearable. I know that it is wrong, but i have always found myself turning to God only in my times of need. I forget about the relationship i have with God. So this time was no different, I began to pray and pray again to God to please bring him back to me, please bring his love back, that i was sorry for my sins and sorry for the ways i had treated him and that i had learnt from my mistakes. But Yesterday, through speaking to a Christian coach i came across online, I believe God spoke to me through his words. It hit me, I had been blinded entirely, and never realised that the problem was NOT that i treated my boyrfriend in the wrong way, it was that we did not put God FIRST in our relationship. We were both believers in Christ, but we did not worship him how we should, we forgot about him in every aspect of our relationship. My relationship with God has to come first, and although it is not what i wanted to know i belive God did not want us to be together. Not in the way our relationship was. I had strayed from the Lord, and even though this break up as caused me so much heart ache, God did it so that i would return to God. I have never relied so much in God as i have in the past few days, I have never accepted so mucht that His will WILL be done and not mine. And for this i thank Him. It does not take away the pain entirely, but i feel a peace inside me that i did not have before. I continue to have the conflict of not wanting to accept that God will not reunite my relationship, but I continue to still pray that if it is HIS WILL, he will show me. I believe that the only way this relationship will work is if God is put first, and if i reconcile my relationship with God. I have prayed to the Lord to show me if it is His will, and i do not feel he has shown me, but i continue to have faith that he is there, and he still is listening to me despite this. I dont know if i am wrong in praying for the relationship to be brought back, but i have so much faith that it can be done through God and God only. And although I still feel te loss of this relationship immensely, I have a hope inside me that one day, whether I will be with my ex or not, I will be able to thank the Lord, and understand what his plan was for me.

  30. Melissa Says:

    I need..guidance..It has been almost a year now that my fiance left me ( together six years)..we were perfect for each other, we were always happy, we were soulmates, I still love him so much, but you see when we first started dating i was in a horrible patch of life and i did not know what to do, he came along this agnostic yet caring and smart man, i slowly turned agnostic for thats what i felt was right, big bad nono, I would pray to God and on occasions go to church but i was not big on it, he left me saying he does not love me anymore, when i asked him why he wouldnt tell me, know i found out it was because i didnt believe in the Lord…so I found my place in the light and am loving God as full as my soul can and he keeps saying “you still have a ways to go” i bettered myself and my life…he just keeps hurting me but i love him so much, he keeps saying he wants to travel the world and maybe date some girls…what should i do?..he tells me he loves me, then some days he pays me no attention…i pray to god to answer me..but…i just dont know

  31. elizabeth Says:

    two months ago, i was communicating online on a christian marriage portal with a California, US based American widower . we exchanged few mails over a week and we became quite good friends. I could write anything to him and felt sure he would not hold it against me and i looked forward each day to his e-mails. He was very actively looking for a new partner (since his widowhood few years ago) on the marriage portal. his profile said he was a Born Again believer, but he didn’t write much about his faith walk with Christ. then, one day out of my insecurities (because i’m Indian, he is American), i wrote him saying i thought it might not be worthwhile carrying on the communication because we couldn’t meet face to face, something on those lines. He stopped writing to me altogether!! he didn’t even acknowledge having received my last email. I prayed for a few days and wrote back again to say i was sorry for my harsh words, but he didn’t respond. I realised then, painful as the sudden end to our friendship (though online only) was, that God was fully in control and He allowed this ending of our communications, because it was His Perfect Will for us to end it. It was very hard for me to accept His Will at first, but as i prayed i felt peace and God has brought me to a place of great healing over this incident. I still do remember this man occassionally, but most times God’s Spirit leads me to pray for him and his future. I now believe fully that God has a better partner prepared for him than i could ever be to him.

    This knowledge humbles me and draws me even more closely to my Lord who comforts me through all this.

  32. rededicated Says:

    After reading the testimonies here it has given me great Hope and Faith. I was praying about a 9 year relationship I was in that has ended & I left everything behind.I found the Lord and prayed if I should go back & God showed me how irresponsible I was to leave my home just because things didn’t go the way I planned. I was also confused about alot of things and at the caption at the end was Fear Not. I know God has plans for me & I need to continue to stay focused.Thank you for your testimonies, it gives me Hope & Faith.

  33. Odwa Says:

    Thank you all so much for your wonderful testimonies, they are a huge encouragement to me.
    I have been saved for quite a while now and I got into a relationship with a man that loved Christ just as much as I did, but God starting speaking to him about our relationship and we had to break up but have been in constant communication. Last night we made our break up official by virtue of the fact that we wanted to trust God and if it is meant to be then it shall be, all in due time. I love him with all that I am and I cannot imagine anyone else to share a future with. The pain is still very real, I cry all the time but my help comes from the Lord. so thank you for your encouraging testimonies.

  34. CK Says:

    Sarah (18)

    I have to say that it makes my heart smile that at your age you have been able to realise what god wants for you.

    I have just got out of a very loving relationship where I was did not even see it coming to an end.

    I just need to put god first and then can the destiny he has for me be put into place.

    Once again Sarah, I just want to say you are an extremely spiritually mature young lady and that makes me so proud.

    God Bles


  35. T.S. Says:

    Hi, I am a 35 year old female whom has dealt with anger issues for as long as Ive known. It wasn’t until I met the love of my life the one i call Gods gift to me that I came to the realization that my emotions and my deep hurts would cause nothing but hurt and pain for our relationship. When i met him i was happy after all these years ive finally met a man who isnt abusive towards me in any shape or form. Who loves me for me and most importantly loves my children like their own. Our relationship started taking turns for worse when my issues came to the forefront it started with jealousy, envy and quickly became anger. Why? this man never deserved any of this. I became abusive, if at anytime we argued and i didnt like what was said i would lash out and hit him. it wasnt everyday or month but it happened at least 5 times in our 4 year relationship. This man and his love for me was so strong that he stood by my side through it all and just took it begging me to get help for my issues. I would start but never would finish it. Im a christian and am strong in my faith of God so i would pray about it only to continually to be defeated by this issue. This past August he did something i never expected or saw coming, he asked me to marry him. Yes!!! finally im on the right track. He just showed me even more that he loves me flaws and all. Things had been going great no instances of anger at all the whole year even before he proposed. We were happy together. My bday was jan 13, and a few days after that we got into a huge argument that i took it more then what it was. I ALLOWED ONCE AGAIN for my anger to get the best of me and i hit him again! I allowed my ego to keep me from caring or even apologizing to him. i went to bed angry acting as if i didnt care. Well he packed up and left and took the ring. Now im hurting and missing him badly. Only by Gods grace this man is still standing by my side. Although the engagement is off noone really knows whats going on and i have since started counseling for my anger and he wants to eventually go to counseling with me. OUr issue right now is his 13 year old son is really hurt and angry by this and is not talking to me. I want our relationship to heal and God to restore our family. I have been doing alot of self reflection and I now see why i had been so angry and I was wrong. My ex fiance has not gone to church the whole time we have been together and I am grateful to God that he texted me this morning and is on his way to church right now. I am also fasting and praying and on my way to church. How do we heal from this? IVe prayed to God that if our season is over to move him so that we both may heal but this man is my angel still has faith in me and still loves me and our family enough to hold on and faith that we will be back together soon. Ive been reaching out to his son daily through text and although he wont respond i still tell him i love him and that i hope he forgives me. I really feel in my heart and soul that this is the man God sent for me and my kids. We all miss them both. Am i doing too much? Am i doing what God would want me to do? I need prayer with this, especially now that i know he is going to church today. Im praying God will speak to him directily concerning us and that when we do get back together as a family that we grow our relationship with God.

  36. Nick Says:

    Hi, I am a teen of 16 years and my love is 18. We love each other so much it’s crazy, we are both christians, we try our best to love God and each other but it’s been to where it’s idolatry and were trying to take time in to knowing God, we know there’s going to be a time when we got to stop talking and have our time to grow in Christ and all but I get doubtful and fearful that God wants me for her and it would depress me for days then I would think she’s probably with another guy and the thoughts get crazy, her getting hurt…raped…all of that…she the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, I know there’s nice girls out there but I found the one just for me……I just want to hear from God that she is the one and that she’ll be ok and faithful but he doesn’t speak to me when I pray so I doubt more……I grew up liking her then this like turned into love…I studies what true love is in the bible and I do all of that but I know I still need to grow….I’m just afraid Gods answer will be “NO”…me and her have so much history and love…advice?

  37. Nick Says:

    And I have a problem of trusting her at the moment because a few months ago she never told me of this “friend” she was liking but then she knew it was nothing…but it’s the fact that she held that from me and lied to me…I love her and want to trust her…she has dreams alot of us getting married, having our car together, having our daughter…all of that beautiful stuff…but I can imagine her with another guy it’ll kill me……I want to trust her again…

  38. jessie barrera Says:

    I am going through a break up. We were both toxic to each other in our in a relationship. we broke up because of lies mostly on her part. I have turned to the lord for help and sometimes I feel strong and sure but.sometimes I break down and I wanna go back to her I read that I have to let go of these type of relationships because I was getting close to god and with her Ikept falling into temptation. Is it ok to try to keep contact and if its not then how do I deal with this cause I have such a strong desire to talk to her and see what happened and went wrong. Should I just never look back or keep that bridge.

  39. H Says:

    Ahh I’m right up there with all if you. I was with my ex for 8 months & its been 6 months since we separated. I still love him, but some how feel its unfair. Why love someone who ovb doesnt love you back? Ive prayed & prayed for these months & nothing. He is still with his new gf (whom he lives with) but it doesnt mean I will stop praying. The first weeks after the break up I was in my knees praying for his return & God said to me ” Let him go & focus on yourself. He will return” . & everytime I get really hurt & go through those moments in which I see NO HOPE the same thought comes to head. Everyone arounds me hates him and say I can do so much better, & I know if this is true God will let me see this. You see in conclusion you have to just trust the process, God has a plan for all of us we just choose to not listen & thats where the pain comes in we try to swim against the current. Live day by day , just remember God is almighty & can change anything in one second

  40. H Says:


    Toxic relationships are the worse, but kudos on seeing that it isnt good for you. Lies are the root of all evil & not only is it a major sin but it self destructs. Just think of it as this, You are changing as a person. Growing older & wiser but is she? We are mere humans and are really prone to temptation so we must erase any contact or ways it can bring us down. It hurts letting go of some one you really care about but I promise it does gets easier

  41. Tokyo Says:

    WOW!!! All these testimonies are soooo touching, i literally had tears rolling down my face, it’s so sensitive and emotional! but you know what is my best part of your stories? The fact that through your pain, through your hurt, through your tears, through your troubled time, through your confusion YOU FOUND JESUS! Just to think you actaully had to just go through all of this, so that you can seek Jesus! Guys sometimes God has to work in mysterious ways to get our attention, thus because his a jealous God! Yes his so jealous whatever you make an idol of or whatever you put firt which is before Him….HE SAID HE WILL TAKE IT AWAY! But those who believe and will endure this process will be victorious! Yes losing someone you loved, because you made him your number one instead of God, he had to be removed so that God can bring use close to him individually, because he found that you guys wasn’t growing or seeking him whiles being together! Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength! If you believe that you partner is you soulmate, if you believe that your fiance is to be your husband, if you believe that your boyfriend is to come back!… Prayer is the key to that door and only faith can unlocks it. If use are meant to be, only then God will allow that door to open my sister and brother
    I want to conclude by saying, do ont force the hand of God, because believe me God knows what his doing and what he does… He do good! he has never carried out a promise which he has never fulfilled!
    Let us also learn to accept the decisions God has made in our lives, if it does not workout with your partner it was just a season to mould you, firm you, structure you, build you, reform your, transform you and renew you into a stronger and better person! Sometimes God allows us to meet alot of wrong people in order to characterize us for the RIGHT one he has put aside for us.
    It’s not the end of your life when you lose someone who wasn’t meant to stay in your life, that person had to leave so that that empty space can be fulfilled with ‘Thee One’
    God is placing!
    Do not feel discourage, depress or hopeless because I AM WHO I AM IS WITH YOU:-)

    God bless you and let his face shine upon you and keep you.

  42. Maria Says:

    Thank you for sharing with us the testimonies ,frst i dated a married man for 3 and half year. we wer obsess with each other he ‘s not a christian then i m a christain, i decided to leave him cause it was wrong before God . I found a man of God a christian one. I gave it all cause i thought now i found the right one, he doesnt belong to someone. We dated for 3 months we broke up 01 january 2013 and its hard for me to get over him . i am praying , fasting for God to bring him back to me, its hard for me to move on . i have anger and i dont wanna see other guys proposing me. I only want him.Sometimes i feel like not praying cause something is bothering and it kills me inside. it makes my spiritual life down

  43. Jonathan Says:

    I love this post, so much. I get so discouraged sometimes, I’ve heard many people who have been married that weren’t attracted to each other. The only thing Ill ever ask God for is an amazing cute lady in my life, I can’t bring myself to trust him. Reading this over and over again until I can trust my relationships over to him, but I don’t think I have the courage to. I tell him I’m afraid. Any suggestions or personal experiences and insights??

  44. susy Says:

    Reading your testimony gives me hope….

  45. susy Says:

    Awesome testimony!!!

  46. natalie Says:

    I was in a relationship for almost two years with my daughters father. On March 11, 2013 I had received some devastating news. My ex told me that after all these years that God told him that he wasn’t supposed to be with me. He said he didn’t feel at peace with our relationship since the beginning. He said that the reason he stayed was because of his growing love for me. God opened doors in court for me to be able to be with him as I lived in CT and he in Florida. I don’t understand what happened. He says that he still loves me dearly. And he hasn’t been in church since he got back to florida and claims that he reads and prays. He also says that God used his friends mom to tell him that he was making the right decision. I have just been praying and asking God to give me direction. I am lost at understanding but trusting that God will bring in due time eberuthing into the light. Please keep me in prayer!!

  47. Duke blue Says:

    well i am 20 years old and in college and my ex is 18 years old and a senior in high school and I’ve been going through a lot the past 3 months because me and my gf broke up and we dated for 2 years alright well…a year and a half ago i got caught up in some texting scandal with another girl, i was so stupid and immature at the time and i told her that nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes and that i truly made a huge mistake. As time went on it seemed like she never could trust me like she onced did and she was constantly questioning every thing i did, and 2 months ago one night i wasnt honestly feeling good and i told her that i was going to bed well that night i was struggling going to bed and she saw that i was online and obviously jumped to the conclusion that i was creeping on facebook behind her back, and she just lost it confessing that she hasnt loved me for a while now and that i was a horrible boyfriend and treated her like crap which is complete bologna outside that huge incident. It seems like she could never recover from that fact and ive been crying for months over this situation because its probably my fault and it kills me inside bc i still love this girl and think honestly she is the one for me but she has completely just erased me from her memory and idk what to do bc god has touched my heart and has made me a better person out of it and i believe he is telling me not to give up on her bc this Sunday I was just sitting on my couch and it felt like god touched my heart and urged me to tell Ali that I’m still here for her and that right there makes me think god has a plan for us in the future even though she doesn’t believe that right now. Well it’s crazy bc I felt like god urged me to talk to her and then like yesterday I finally sent the last thing I had to say and afterwards I felt like god told me my job is done bc I told her that I still care for her and told her to seek god bc he wants to touch your heart and now it’s all in gods hands now. Each day I’m trying to build my relationship with god and I pray that she is doing the same thing because her mom said that I was a good influence on her and ever since we broke up her so called “friends” have been pressuring her to become somebody that she is not by partying and drinking, but i hope and pray god will get in her life as well as mine because I’m not perfect at all but I do have a strong caring heart about her and the new friends in Christ that He has put around me.

    Please give me some feedback!

  48. Lizzy Says:

    My ex broke up with me about a month ago, and I wanted to share what this forum has taught me… Thank you:)
    What God taught me today: if I truly love/loved Austin… I have to love him the way God loves him. Meaning that I knew I wasn’t the best person for him.. So I should pray for him to find someone who loves him the way God loves him. And as for me.. I have to become someone who is deserving and has the love of God to love someone the way God loves them, and the only way to do that is to be so in love with God that His love is shown through me. My goal for this year… To be so in love with God that in order for someone to love me too, they have to also be so in love with God. My goal is to love God FIRST, above anyone else.

  49. Morgan Says:

    Me and my boyfriend were together for 5 months. It doesnt seem like much but we loved eachother to death. He recently broke up with me because according to him, God told him I wasnt right for him. I got a different answer from Him. We still talk daily, he still loves me and I still love him. I know God broke us up because He wanted me to spend more time with Him. The relationship at the time was very unhealthy, alot of sexual sin. Im encouraged that God seperated us so that He could let us get our relationship with God together. We’re both christians but we were young christians. We made alot of mistakes. I love him soo much, and eventually I want him back. I pray that God lets us get back together. These testimonies have encouraged me alot. I hope to hear more successful testimonies. Whether he’s the one or not, only God knows, but God has given me comfort and hope that my plan is coming into place.

  50. joi1225 Says:

    Worth Reading! God Bless Us All..

  51. Annie Says:

    Hello and God Bless!

    I am having some confusion lately. I want to know Gods will for me and my relationship. I am with a wonderful man for five years now, however I have been keeping it a secret from my parents. I am white and he is hispanic (darker than I) but we are both of the same religion (Roman Catholic). I love this man beyond words because he brings me peace and happiness; he supports me in my goals and always gives me advice in guidance to do right. His mother is a woman of great faith and always tells us that we go together so well because of our love and support for each other; we have goals and aspirations and we both want to do right in this world. My parents however, dont agree upon interracial relationships because they believe that were are not the same culturally and my mother believes that I will get hurt and even cheated on. They have a stereotypical view on interracial relationships and so do alot of the people from my country. I just feel that they are judging before they get to know the person, he has shown me that he is a great man and one that God would approve, and even they would approve… but only if he was of my culture or white. I am scared because they have mentioned before, even before I began my relationship that they would disown me if I ever did something like that to them. However, this wonderful man came into my life and when I am with him I feel less anxious and just happier and more vibrant; my faith has grown as well. I would just want to know Gods plan for me, I just want things to fall into place as they should, and for God to give me strength through this because I dont want to loose this man, but I dont want to loose my parents, and sometimes I feel that I will need to loose one in order to reach Gods plan for me. I am just confused and I have been praying and keeping positive.

    Need advice

  52. tiffany Says:

    Hi I am so glad I found this website and I hope someone can relate and help me. Well I have just decided to give my life to God and have known him my whole life grew up in a church whole family nearly rate all though that has nothing to do with me. but I have been with this great man who takes care of me and my son for just a little over a year and one day after talking to a great friend of minds about God I prayed to him and ask him to forgive me for my sins help me and strength me to seek him first. and to open my eyes and ears and show me what to do the same night I told my boyfriend I dont want have sex anymore and he understood and I tell you no lie two days later I was reading off my bible app ephe 5 and I felt like God spoke to me thru them scriptures and I sat him down and read him the same scriptures and told him that I feel like God is telling me to separate myself from you and that I just want to stay focus on him (God). he cry and I cry I moved back with my mom and I still think about him we still keep im contact me him and my soo attends church together every Sunday I dont know if talking

  53. tiffany Says:

    Taking to him and texting him is wrong we are just friends now and he as well is trying to get right with God but I find myself trying to save his life more than mine I want to marry him k want to see him in heaven but I also love God more and so happy he is working in my life and don’t want to put another man before him ever again I want to be saved and holy

  54. tiffany Says:

    Can someone help me I really need advice

  55. Emory Says:

    Tiffany, it sounds like you’ve made a clear decision to break the relationship off based on what you’ve heard from God. I believe that you should continue to seek God first above all things. Try not to worry about your boyfriend’s salvation now because but what God wants you to do right now is the most important thing. Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7) and stay focused on Him. Commit your boyfriend to the care of the Lord and move forward with your life to see what God has in store for you.

  56. Tony Says:

    Hey well …I just need help on one issue so I grew up with this girl , and we are both Christian , but as we got older my feelings for her grew strong in our late teen years we decided to date …eventually we knew it was a lilttle to early for us to date …and our relationship turn in to a broken one due to fornication, I still to this day love her with all my heart I truly do, and I know God right now is telling me to give him my complete focus… The last day I saw her I was telling her how much she meant to me , an she started tearing but I asked her if she can see us in the future , and her reply was no but I just still know that God can bring us back together I mean we used to be the best of friends and I still love her so much…do you think God can mend us back to be together again the right way?

  57. Raychel Says:

    Hey, everyone.
    Absolutely touching entries!
    To those who are hurting, my tears and prayers go out to you.
    To those who have seen their relationships restored, my smiles and prayers go out to you.
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart, no matter what. After all, as our creator, he knows what’s best.

  58. Tan Says:

    THis is for Annie! The woman who is Roman Catholic and keeps her relationship a secret from her parents:

    ANNIE!!! You both love each other and you share the same faith!! What else do you want?!
    Let me tell you my story: I am Roman Catholic and I was in a relationship with a non-catholic Christian. I loved him and he loved me. However, in the end, he broke up with me because he decided our doctrinal differences were going to separate us in a marriage. Annie, I still love him, and I would do anything so that we could share the love of CHrist together of Christ in the Eucharist!! If your boyfriend is hispanic, black, asian, blue, yellow, or red SO WHAT? He brings you CLOSER to Christ!!! and that is what Christ wants in a marriage!! A heaven on Earth! Annie, please, don’t let your parents’ stereotypes PREVENT you from experiencing this gift God has placed in your hands! Nurture this love! Also, my ex boyfriend kept me a secret from his Church family because I am Roman Catholic–which reminds me of you keeping your boyfriend a secret to your parents. It seems that your parents are strong about you not marrying people from a different culture. If they disown you because you choose to be with the man God has put in your life, as painful as it is, so be it! If you know in your heart and in your mind that God wants you to be with this person, let it happen! And eventually, if you marry your boyfriend, you will have children!! Your children will win the hearts of your parents! Anyways, I hope you read this. I don’t know how to reply to your post.

    Keep Positive! God loves you and He will always fulfill your needs! I’m praying for you! #LoveYouInChrist

  59. Matty Says:

    To Anne,
    Stuff what your parents say. They are being racist. You need stand your ground with your parents and say this godly man is the one God has chosen for me andout of obedience to God, i’m going to be happy with him. You either accept both uf us or you’ll never see me again.

    I know it can hurt to have your parents in your life as you’d hope, but it’s far better than have then constantly trying to interfere and break you two up. Remember also that Jesus said “I come to put a sword between mother and son, brother and sisster, etc.. ” Obedience to what God wants for you comes before what any family member may want. You say you know in your heart that this the man God has chosen for you, so i to throw away who God has provided would be a sin, would it not.. Not to mention you’ll probably regret it for the rest of your life.

    You’re lucky God even brought along your match! He never did that with me. If God had his way, i would been a virgin for the rest of my life!

  60. Jake Says:

    Can God restore broken relationships even if the two fornicated?

  61. tiffany Says:

    Thank you so much for your reply Emory… I really needed that but I tell you now that I have been reading God’s words and talking with friends but I feel like it’s only God right now who I need to speak to.. I don’t want the devil to be in my life he has no place here but I just pray till my faith grows stronger cause I am still having trouble letting my boyfriend go now I call him friend. I just want to know how can I still be a friend to him and stay focused on god but yet I always have this feeling that I may have to leave him completely alone to give my all to God cause I can’t have both what my flesh and emotions want and God.

  62. tiffany Says:

    To do worldly things and still serve God…there is only one way to go and i want to follow the lord I just pray for under coding wisdom faith and a clean heart I want to walk like him talk like him think like him I want to be his sheep and know his voice im so ashamed and tired of putting a man before him I am only 18 and have a two year old son and thought I have been thru the worst but reading and learning more about Jesus Christ I see that if he can im thru Tim pain and suffering and being talked about just for me and love of unconditionally like he ones who am I not to the same…amen I just ask that your payer be with me love you all sister’s and brothers

  63. Bill Says:

    i am a straight man that is looking to meet a good woman for me to share a life with, instead of being alone all the time. i hope that with God’s blessing it will happen.

  64. jade22 Says:

    Hi guys,

    I am going through a difficult period at the moment, I have just split up with my boyfriend of 5 years.

    I am so hurt because eventhough I knew we had difficulties in the relationship , he never wanted to resolve them. Everytime I attempted to talk to him he would say I was moaning.

    He was not the nicest guy, he was always very selfish and inconsiderate but as a christian this is something I was consistently praying about… he was also the type of guy who found it hard to express his emotions and never openly said I Love You, unless I asked him if he did.

    I put alot of effort into this relationship and found that I did not reap very much back !!

    I know I have painted a bad picture of him, but I love this guy so much and I know some of his behaviours are down to his poor upbringing.

    Anyway to cut along story short , my ex and I did not mutually decided to split. He just stopped speaking to me, after a certain amount of days went past. I contacted him, his response was very cold and infact nasty. He told me that things hadnt been the same and i knew it . ( I didnt know a thing , he acted completely fine up until this point) He then told me to get on with my life because he wanted nothing to do with me !!

    I am so hurt, this guy is supposed to be a christian but his treating me like this. I can honestly say I havent done anything wrong . I have just loved him , cared for him and tried everything to make the relatioship work.

    I wish the very best for him, I just want God to make him realise that I was a good girlfriend and see error of his ways. I love this guy dearly and I hope he will one day apologise for the way he has treated me !!

    I just cant stop thinking of him and wishing he would just call me up and tell me he has made the biggest mistake ever !! I am feeling so low, but one big blessing this split has caused is that its brought me closer to God.

    I just pray that one day he will emerge as a fully restored christian.

    Please help and pray for me


  65. jernell Says:

    Hi I’m a 31 pregnant female just went thru a breakup.. he has left me twice due to his drug habits I can’t get thru to him. Our baby is due in August and I trying to hold myself together to keep from stressing over him. . I’ve even gotten high with and contribute to his habits in Jesus name I have asked for forgivness… I prayed and asked God to send him to me Clean and godly.. My kids love him dearly as their dad. This is his first child and Just want him to get the joy if raising his son. I tried to be there for him but he bring me down as well to where I have to call out for God. . I Just want to grow strongly enough to not hender him. I don’t ask much out of him cause he has not been with a woman such as myself to stand by him. Lord help me please because grant needs your guidance lord and strength to find himself. . I cry so much for him til I’m sick and size months pregnant.. I need him back he makes me happy but I know he needs helping
    .. I can’t do it alone without God’s help please help..

  66. Rosalinda Says:

    Good Morning my sisters and brothers in Christ. I’m so glad to to find this blog. I needed somewhere to express these things that I’m going through after telling it to my Lord. I spend 4 years in a long distance relationship with a guy in my country (Haiti). He wasn’t my first boyfriend ,but he was the first guy I fall in love with. I moved to united states after 2 months of our relationship. I was only 15 going on 16 when I was going out with him. I loved him so much that I keep myself from having any other relationship here in America. We kept our relationship over the phone and email. When I went back to Haiti in four years after I left. He was a totally different person. He was cheated on me, he didn’t show me any interest. It turned out he moved here in the same year. We have a very bad break up he was not interested on me anymore. I was heart broken. I spent 3 years not getting over this guy. I was so in love with this guy, hearing just his name make my heart beat. Well two to 3 years later I found Christ. Things I have gotten better. I didn’t worry about him, cause Jesus fixes the pieces of my broken heart. I had dated other people fell in love but never like I did for him. I turn to a point of my life right now I got tired of dating. Now I just wanna sit back and wait for God to send me the one . So lately I start including my future husband on my prayers . I pray for him ask God all the great things. And suddenly I start dreaming about this guy that broke my heart from years ago. I got a first dream , it was like he’s coming from work and he was asking me for food like I was his wife. I got so mad when I woke it’s not even funny. I suddenly have this fear in my hear like it freak me out. and I went again and have another dream where he was telling people why he had broke up with me. every time I dream of him I got real mad. I ask the Lord to give me a peace of mine, to forget about him because I heard a while ago that he had a woman pregnant for him. I want a peace of mine. God is working on my future , I know I can’t make decision for myself anymore. But those dream driving nuts, Just thinking about him frightening me. What can I do about all of this? My sisters and brothers in christ what are your Godly answers to me?

  67. Maria Says:

    So this was recent. My ex and I broke up on January and we went out for 7 months . I was 18 and he was 21. It was a long distance relationship he’s from California and im from Florida. We met online he was the first one to pursue me. He was my first boyfriend but we never met in person only on facetime. And after our breakup I can’t seem to forget about him. We prayed together and read our bible together and talked. But I don’t know how was his relationship with God. He had an addiction to smoking. I love him. He messaged me on march asking how was I doing and I answered back but he never replied back. I asked God to take the feelings away and he did. Eveyday he comes to my mind. I want to meet him, God’s will. And right now there is a guy who says he likes me and he’s from boston but I dont know what to do. We are not dating. He is 11 years apart from me. Not sure if thats bad. I still love my ex and now I just want to talk to him. I’m focusing my relationship with God. Since he is my first love. Anyone has some wisdom to tell me..? Love sister maria

  68. M Says:

    I`m so glad i stumbled upon this website. I recently brokeup with my boyfriend of 5 1/2yrs whom is the father of our son. i discovered he was cheating and I was very irrational and threw him out. He was going through a difficult time in his life: he couldn’t find a job, he had low self esteem, o son has a speech delay and they suspect autism, we had to move back into my parents home, I was in school and he watched our son most of the time. Im not trying t o make eccuses fot him bc what he did was unforgiveable. But i saw it coming months before…he was going through this midlife crisis. He hated his life, felt unaccomplished, and then, i was exceling and hyperfocused on school. I still believe in my heart he was confused. He wanted less responsibilty, felt he grew up too fast, was scared this was it for life and i would be the last woman in his life. I feel very guilty about kicking him out bc he had no place and no money to go anywhere and his car was not working at the time. But I did what I had to to survive.

    We`ve talked but not too much about what happened. He apologized and sent me a text that brought me to tears. Ive had this uneasy feeling like we have unfinished busines. I think he is the one for me. I have prayed day and night to my Lord, to help guide me in what I should do. I have been praying fora miracle… that he really sees the errors of his ways and sees there is reason and hope to continue to work on this relationship. Maybe i should have said this before i kicked him out? But i was and am still hurt. I believe in miracles and have seen God work, and if it is Gods will, I have no doubt we will be together again.I`m more scared that it may not be Gods will? I have also prayed bc some days are unbearable and its difficult to be me let alone a mom to a 3yr old. Im coming down with a depression thats trying to weigh me down but will pray bc God always lifts me right back.

    I have become stronger in my relationship with God…its much easier to pray. But at time s my wall shakes and i ask why do i have go through this pain? Its the worst feeling and I cant forget the memories. It’s beem 2 months and I pray my Lord reach his heart and open his eyes. He even hasn’t seen his son in a month. I don’t know what he’s thinking he’s not like this person thats stands before me. I pray he return to his humbler and loving self. And for God to please help me to forgive him, let go of this pain, and heal the wounds in my heart.

  69. cheeryleesa Says:

    M, if he is truly your husband and you are married…remember “So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”Matthew 19:6
    what the Lord told me when I was having difficulties in marriage was “the battle is the Lords”2 Chronicles 20:15
    You need to claim the blood of Christ over your marriage and husband. and forgive. Is your husband saved.
    either way you should ask for guidance from senior members of your church. as for the desperate feeling when rejected and hurt by a loved one that is from Satan. cast him down in the name of Jesus each time and call on the Holy Spirit for comfort. He will .
    Please do read “stick fast to His word” in this site. It will help you.
    God bless you and guide you
    In Christ

  70. VeryTrue Says:

    well as a straight man like me that is very seriously looking to meet a good woman to share my life with, it is very hard for me. i certainly feel that God is really punishing me, and doesn’t want me to have a love life like so many VERY FORTUNATE men and women that have met one another and have a life with their families. why in the world would God be very mean to certain people like us that are straight, and want so much to have a life with a woman which is certainly very normal? i am no different than the ones that have their life together. and what in the world makes them so very special? i wonder if they have a sign on their forehead that said SPECIAL, and maybe that was it. and yes, i sound so bitter because i don’t want to be alone the rest of my life which would really suck for me. then again, there are so very mean and nasty women out there nowadays that like to CURSE at us men that are trying to start a conversation with the one that will attract us. and why is that? i never did anything WRONG to begin with, and i just would want very much to have my life back. i know other men that had this happened to them as well, so it is not just me. i never expected to get CURSED at by a woman that i really wanted to meet like i have mentioned before, and since many women are like this now, it will be very difficult for many of us men that are looking.

  71. cheeryleesa Says:

    dear VeryTrue,

    instead of complaining and comparing your life with others start praising God for what He has done and will do in your life. Our Father Jehovah is loving.Not punishing. He has said in His Word “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”Jeremiah 29:11

    In our christian walk, as we grow closer to the Lord, the world WILL hate us. The Lord Himself said that” If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.”John15:19

    Brother the spirit of bitterness and sadness is not ours in Christ. He has given us a spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind ..2 Timothy 1:7

    You must call upon the Holy Spirit of Jesus to guide your walk and to lead you to the chosen spouse He has for you. In the mean time involve yourself more in your spiritual life. The net is a rich source of Word based counselling about Christian marriage and love. You could start with the book of Derek Prince “The Marriage Covenant.” As a Christian man stop analyzing the world and start correcting your walk in Christ so that you can be a Spirit Filled husband to the spouse that God intends and wills for you.

    I bless you in the name of Jesus and release the Light of Gods Word into your life.
    If you need to talk my email add is cheeryleesa at rediffmail dot com

  72. VeryTrue Says:

    To Cheeryleesa, thank you very much for your support.

  73. Tvader Says:

    Even though it saddens me to see that people are struggling and in pain and confusion, it’s also a sense of relief since I thought I was the only one.

    I didn’t date this guy, but I met him when I was 20. I’ve been praying for him ever since because he’s a non-believer. Now my parents kept warning me to stay away from him but I just felt drawn to him for whatever reason, but I eventually started pushing him away. Well he eventually started dating someone and I got upset, but I started focusing on my career and trying to prove that I was doing fine without him, even though I missed him.

    A few months went by and his relationship ended and we slowly started talking again. Then we kept trying to see each other, but it always seemed like something would get In the way of that. Well finally we ended up going out and had a really great time. And we kept going out and trying from there for a month or so.

    But then he started falling through on our plans. That happened 4 times before I decided to stop making myself readily available to him. Towards the end of it, I remember one day I met him some place but he kept telling me to call him while I was on my way. Then he called me and was sort of being persistent. So we get there and this girl asks “weren’t you just here?” And he’s like yea and she’s like “with…” And he cuts her off and says his dad. And she’s like right and then she walks away and he was a bit irritated about it. I’m now sure that his current girlfriend was who he was there with. That happened to be the last time we went out together but we would still text sometime.

    We drifted and eventually he stopped texting and calling me, he stopped coming by to see me and I had a feeling he was seeing someone so I started to get depressed and sad. So I deactivated my Facebook but sure enough he started dating this girl. I was so sure, me and him would end up together and I still feel that way.

    I was heartbroken when I found out, I remember the literal ache I felt in my heart. I wanted to die, I prayed God would take me every night before bed. I stayed in bed or in my room all the time. I didn’t go to work for almost two months, I dropped just about all of my classes except for one, I started drinking and partying more. I literally was heartbroken and upset and angry with God.

    I was upset because I prayed before I met him, that God would not let me ever fall in love or develop feelings for anyone unless it was going to work. I’ve tried too many relationships and no one has ever felt the same way and I felt like at one point this guy did. I also felt like God wanted me to show him love, be there for him and try to get him to come to God. Which now I see I cannot save anyone, only God can. I remember crying everyday and I’m not a cryer. I also remember this voice trying to get me to kill myself, which I found myself on two different occasions in the process of it. I attempted to swallow a bottle of this sleep aid stuff, but it burned my mouth and I threw it up. Then I had a gun siting in my lap and everything in me wanted to pull the trigger, but I just felt “this isn’t what I want for you.” And I didn’t do it. I’m in my early twenties and this is the first time I’ve had my heart actually broken, and you know, the first cut is the deepest.

    Months went by and one day after I made a new Facebook, I see he sent me a friend request. I was debating on accepting it and I did, but then I saw he was still in that relationship so I deleted him. Then I just wanted any form of contact with him, so I tried adding him back and he never accepted. Well a month after that, I find out he’s engaged and well that broke my heart even more. I felt like in my heart, that me and him would be together and even now I still feel that way. But yea he’s engaged and stuff and I hadn’t talked to or seen him in a year. I sent him a message congratulating him and saying I hope he’s happy which I did want that at one point. But I was bitter and unforgiving and that took over. I was in a really dark place all of last year, I was pissed off at God, I was doubting Him, all that. But there were too many nights that I’d fall to my knees and cry out to Him begging for it to end.

    I still care about him and I still love him, but I hadn’t fully forgiven him yet so I think it’s best we keep our distance. And I think he still doesn’t believe. But I still pray for him, I pray for him so hard and so passionately…I sometimes pray for the girl he’s with too, even though I’d rather not. It seems like everytime I try to pray super hard though, I feel like I’m being attacked spiritually, mentally and emotionally. And I’m sure it’s the whole spirit ties thing too but I feel like the devil sees me as some sort of threat. I mean, why would he waste his time on someone who isn’t a threat right?

    But the guy avoids me. If he sees me anywhere, he will turn around and go in the opposite direction. My friends say that’s the guilt he feels for what he did. He never told me we were done or that he was seeing someone, he just stopped. And honestly as of right now, I’m still in the process of forgiving him. I still pray for his well being, his safety and his salvation; but I also pray for God to drop kick him and do whatever it takes to make him come to The Lord.

    People say I’m crazy, but I feel like me and him have something more to do with our relationship. I know currently, neither of us are mature in our walk with God. I know I’m not, I’m not even sure if he’s even saved yet. So I feel like God is waiting for us to get mature in faith. I’ve been a Christian for most of my life, when I was about 14 or 15 I somewhat stopped believing in God and then I was teetering back and forth. But then when I met this guy, it just made me want to be a good example of Christ. I know I messed up the first time, so when I had a second chance I said, “I won’t make the same mistake again.” And of course I did make mistakes but not the same ones. I still want to help him and I still feel like something more than all of this is meant to happen between me and him. I think about him alot and wonder how he’s doing….I just so badly want him to know God above all else though.

  74. Kizzy Says:

    WOW! It has been almost 4 years since my husband of 21 years, without notice, just left. At that time our two children were 13 and 15. My daughter, my son and I were devastated at first. I, personally, felt betrayed because back then I felt, if anyone should have left, it should have been me many years ago. I tolerated such disrespect and abuse in that relationship. In retaliation, I abused, especially after he shared himself with two other women. I lost it and became so angry, bitter and mean to him. Towards the end of the relationship, I cried out to God one night, and I said, Lord, I can’t take this man anymore, but your word said what you put together cannot be separated. I heard God so clearly that night when he said, “I didn’t do that, you did that, and that first marriage, I didn’t do that either”. It was in that moment that I realized that neither one of my marriages were ordained by my heavenly Father. I went all the way back over my married lives, and not one time did I or they consult with the Father regarding whether I was the one for them or were they the one for me. Married life both times was like going through hell. Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Financial Abuse, Drugs, Alcohol, Adultery, Cussing each other out. It was just crazy. I finally went back to what I knew best from the tender age of 11, when I first found Christ. I started reading my bible and then I found a local church. My ex was a Muslim. My spirit just would not allow me to conform. I started taking the children to this church and the word of God was speaking to my situation each time I attended. One night, I cried out to the Lord again, and I asked the Lord, what am I going to do about this Man. If I leave him or ask him to leave, what am I going to do about the children. I am in the middle of Grad School. He didn’t work and he was the one at home with them. God spoke to me and said, “Are you willing to give it all up for me”? I started to cry so hard till I felt weak. I knew that things were beginning to change, and that October morning when I got home from work, he was gone. Let me tell you, God has a way of working it out when you don’t even see it coming. I said, “God, how could he just leave me like that”? God said, “He didn’t leave you, I removed him”. 3 years later, I have been focused on my relationship with God. I am celibate and I know that the husband that God created just for me is saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit, and I will never compromise myself or sell my soul to the devil ever again. Be Blessed

  75. Joy Says:

    Kizzy, what an amazing testimony. Thank you for sharing that. God’s ways are not ours.
    I am not married. I would like to meet a Godly man, but I am terrified of marrying an abusive guy after experiencing my parents’ marriage as I was growing up. I am not exaggerating when I say I literally feel terrified at the thought of marriage. I can’t think or pray straight if the thought even crosses my mind.
    Can there be a blessed marriage? I don’t know. I don’t know any to be honest. Is it really a trial to be avoided?

    Thanks, God bless,


  76. Bryan Says:

    Idk if you will be able to reply to this but I was just hoping for some guidance. Ok so i liked this girl on and off for about a year and i told her how i felt but she said she didnt think of me that way. I was ok with it cause we had a great friendship going. But i never stopped liking her. So after that Ive been seeking God more. Ive been talking to Him almost all day everyday and reading my Bible whenever i could. As i was getting closer to God this girl was getting closer to me. Being in a good place with God i prayed to God about what was happening. I asked if i should pursue this girl or should i not? I was willing to not pursue her to not date her and tell her that we shouldnt be together so i could be closer with God. It was a couple of weeks after that prayer that we kept getting closer and then we started to date. I will tell you this now. It was the GREATEST relationship i have ever been in! God was in it cause i could feel His love pour down upon us. I thanked Him everyday. My spirit was lifted higher than it has ever been. I was completely happy. My heart was full. I saw clearly that i could spend the rest of my life with her. And she also felt God in our relationship! But in all the happiness i began to control some things. I was afraid of losing her that i put things in my own hands to keep her. I would let little things get to me like jealousy and not enough attention from her. I stopped giving everything to the Lord. And around that same time she started to have this feeling that we wont be able to work it out when she goes to college and that our personalities dont work as well as we thought. It started as a little feeling but it grew as i kept controlling more things and demanding more attention. She eventually broke up with me 3 months after. Ive talked to her and she says that we arent meant to be and wants to move on. But in my heart i feel like we still are and that relationship is the kind my heart desires. Its been a month since the break up and i miss her dearly. We dont talk anymore and i feel like God has big plans for us. No girl has ever treated me the way she did. She knew when something was bugging me and stopped it. If she wants to move on then i will let her. I wont hold her back. I want the best for her. But i just cant stop feeling like she is the one God wants for me. And i have been praying to God about this none stop. So what should i do?

  77. Stacy Says:

    I must say this is truly a blessing. I, like the first poster, had interaction for a month. But for some reason, even after the other half refuses to contact me, always thinks about us together. I truly miss and pray for him. But reading this testimony has revealed my selfishness. I wanted him for myself. I really appreciate this and can see that God is always in control. Spiritual maturity on both sides weren’t reached and I believe that that was the number one cause of failure. Now I can relax knowing that the love of God will keep him, even if its not with me.

    God Bless You!

  78. God'sPrincess Says:

    Greetings all in the name of our Lord, Christ, Jesus!

    It is amazing how someone elses testimony can give one faith and hope for their own situation.

    I have been in love with a wonderful man of God for 3years now. However, our relationship has seen some testing times. We met and became close freinds 3 years ago and soon realised we have anythng less than a romantic relationship. I had just come out of some bad meaningless relationships and asked the Lord to bless me wth a man that would marry me and as specified, I met this man.He has been a blessing to my life and has helped me become a better person. However, after 2 yrs our relship began to fall apart and as we saw this happen we both received the message that God needs us to withold from sex and to have Him as the centre of our relship, as no1, but we did nt act on ths message. Shortly after this we broke up. Ths was a wake up call! We took time apart and in that time we grew into greater leves of closenes wth Jesus, and we found our way back, but unfortunately it was through our heavy sexual attraction to one another. After 8 months, we reunited for 3 months, until just some weeks ago, he told me that he felt like he had drifted away from Jesus again and so did I in all honesty, so we broke up again, in hope that God will will be done.

    A few days later he tells me that he saw that I was meant for another man (even described him) and that he had to let go even though he loves me. This was so confusing and I am still confused. This is because in our time apart, I prayed and fasted asking God to remove him from my life if he was not my husband, and to show me in some way if we were meant to be, but even in this time I was always sure that this man is my husband, but I fear that he has thoughts of doubt. I believe that God had to seperate us for Him to caRry on working on us and for us to seek Him more and be able to put Him as no. 1. I believe ths is a temporary seperation and that we have to wait for the right time to be back together and court and not have sex until we marry, but I am confused by his vision, could it be wrong? Could God be telling us different thngs? I think the devil is tryng to confuse us and I pray everyday that God’s will be done and I rebuke any spirit that is not of God from our lives.

    Could I please get a response, maybe it would be better to hear someone elses perspective on this.

    God bless and keep you all!

  79. Emory Says:

    God’sPrincess, Is he saying that you were “meant for another man” because God has revealed that to him? Or is that just his opinion?

    It sounds like you both need to draw closer to God and seek Him first before making big decisions.

  80. God'sPrincess Says:

    He is saying that God has revealed this to him.
    But I have prayed to God about this and have asked Him to remove him from my life if he is not my husband. I have always felt that he is the man for me, but right now I’m confused, but I just wana take this time of being alone for spiritual growth and to be in the presence of my Lord with no distractions.
    Yes, thank you! That is exactly what I’m working towards.

    God bless

  81. Pavina Says:

    Thank you for sharing. I broke up with my ex almost 1 year ago, I know God love us. And I don’t want to be second person of him or choice of him ex boy friend. I need God. God never broke my heart.

  82. Nicole Says:

    I am still with my boyfriend whom I love very much. He is not Catholic like I grew up raised, but he comes from a Christian family. He was not raised to be as religious as I was, and we did fall into temptation and did things that I can never forgive myself for. I can’t see myself breaking up with him because we are so close, and I want to help him grow closer to God because I feel like he won’t be able to on his own. I need prayers, I feel very guilty about the people we have become, but I go to confession and he does not seem to feel guilt which scares me. I want him to be saved, and to love God before me.

  83. Seriously Says:

    well there are certainly many of us men out there too that are looking to meet a good woman to share our life with, and it is very hard for many of us since we hate being alone to begin with. why are so many other men and women so very blessed by God to find love and happiness with a family? I really feel that God is punishing many of us men and women which i will speak for the ones that are looking for a love life as well. and why should we be alone and have no one? life stinks as it is and then to live it alone is worse, especially when the holidays come around which really makes it worse too.

  84. Emily Says:

    I am a 20 year old woman and this is my story…

    Back in march I met a man at a church event, he was new and I thought he was so attractive and funny. but I eventually found out that he was 10 years older than me at the time and his spiritual maturity wasn’t what I sought in man for marriage.

    H invited me to hang out one day and I accepted, we both considered ourselves friends but I thought more of him from the get go.And, from the get-go, Jesus told me that this wasnt going to work. Part of me wanted to evangelize to him, but looking back, I was crazy.time went on and God told me time after time that it wasnt going to happen, and if it did, He wouldnt bless it. in my mind I thought,” we are just friends”, but our actions dictated otherwise when we hung out one-on-one. I shared a lot with him; my secrets and dreams. I just had such a hard head.

    I want of on a missions trip, and I met someone else and God told me I had to end the friendship with this man back home…. so I did.

    we sat down and had a conversation and he was upset that we couldnt be friends the way we were before.
    we ended up meeting again two weeks later.And then he, confessing after that he had feelings for me, as did I. the more we professed feelings the harder it was to say for both of us that, if its not Gods hand in this, then we cant.

    i thought somehow we could wait it out and wait for God to say yes. I deliberated everyday to figure out how we could make it work. in my mind our marriage would be a struggle. As good as friends as we are it would work.

    So here I am, heart broken, left asking God “why did you do that? why would you take him away from me?” But I have to stop cause thats foolish. Sometimes I get mad at God, but He reminds me that he is constantly good and He sees something I dont in the possibility of the relationship. I have to trust Him. And from seeing everyone elses testimonies, I feel so encouraged that God is bigger than our sorrows and heartbreaks. Surely, yes Surely, He will put this lamb between His shoulders and comfort.
    I know my Husband is out there and I know one day, I wont ever have to worry about my best friend not being my best friend anymore. Amen to that dream, because God gave me it.

  85. Andrew Says:

    I know this is an old post, but I thought maybe you’d be interested in giving some input on my current situation.

    I just read the comment right above me and it is astonishingly close to what I’ve experienced (on the opposite side), the closest to any account I’ve seen.

    I was best friends with a girl for about a year. She was funny, smart, Christ-like, beautiful, and a thousand more adjectives. We had great chemistry and enjoyed talking for hours about every topic under the sun. We became closer over the year and our relationship was looking more and more like a romantic one. We would go out to dinners and dances and such, making it obvious we were into each other but just letting the relationship grow organically.

    I confessed my feelings before too long, and she confessed that she felt the same way. But she also confessed that God was telling her ”no,” and had been for a while. Just ”no.” Not ”I need you to work on this” or ”the timing isn’t right” or ”be careful” or something. I couldn’t understand. She wanted to stay as friends and I agreed because I didn’t want to lose her altogether. But continuing to spend time for each other just made things hard because we were both attracted to each other and wanted more in our relationship, and it was like trying to hold back a strong relationship that wanted to keep growing. So she decided to cut off all contact.

    That was six months ago. I can’t get her out of my head. We talk at times now, and see each other sometimes because we run in a lot of the same circles. It might be crazy but I honestly think I love her, and I think she might love me too. Usually moving on wouldn’t be so hard. She still has feelings for me and I for her, but here we are, with her strongly insisting God is telling her no. And I have to believe her, because I’ve seen her cry over wanting to be with me and I’ve seen her struggle with listening to him.

    My question is… why? I have been fervently praying for months for God to show me what is happening, to guide me and direct me, but so far, he only seems to be talking to her. And yet she’s stayed somewhat in my life and I still love her and pray for her all the time. What’s the endgame? She said at one point that she was even told that she could NEVER date me. And if so, doesn’t that basically mean that I’m not good enough for her God? Basically, I just don’t even understand at all. Our relationship wasn’t perfect, but we were doing our best, and we both have given our lives to Christ and want to seek his will. I’ve never thought this was the sort of thing God would do… I see Christian people in terrible relationships all the time, why didn’t God tell THEM not to date? I want to trust God and her but I don’t know if I should be trusting God THROUGH her and what she’s telling me.

    Does anyone have any thoughts… :/

    I’m losing faith in the power of prayer, because i’ve been praying nonstop for six months about this and have no more idea about what to do than I did before.

  86. lebo Says:

    I want to share something And would really appreciate it if someone can answer me

  87. lebo Says:

    I greet you all in the name of JESUS!!

    I went through a lot of pain in August.I was a mess and the devil was busy playing with my mind I could not take the pain any longer but then decided to give my life to JESUS!!

    It was his way of allowing him in my life.

    I started dating a guy last year August 2012,I had a deep connection with him before we even started dating.It did not even take long for me to fall in love with him!It felt so right,we had a mutual feeling towards each other.Later on,we started arguing over little things that made no sense.He caused most of the tension,he started to be short tempered about jokes and etc.

    He once told me about a dream he had.He said it was me and him having a casual conversation and suddenly he saw a little demon running around us,and I called it by its name.Afterwards he wanted to end things due to the dream but he didn’t because he loved me and he prayed about it.

    I was shaken by his dream and I started praying!August this year we started fighting a lot and the relationship was just destructive!and I was going though a lot of trails along the side!I had a break down one Saturday evening!I cried for hours!luckily I was not alone!After discovering that he blocked me on facebook and he avoided my text messages!My cousin asked for his numbers and asked him to at least unblock me and talk things through!

    we talked and I ended up breaking up with him because I was hurt and mad at him.But then I could not let go of him because I was deeply Inlove with him!He was the best thing I ever had!He treated me like a queen and he was so defensive towards me!Even though we fought we loved each other!

    I ended up going back to him telling him that breaking up with him is not a solution we should just fix things!He agreed and told me that we should meet during the week !We met and that’s where I ended up being confused.He told me that he wanted to give us a chance but then he had a nightmare.He said he thinks that God is sending him a message that if we don’t end things something bad was going to happen to him and that it’s Gods will!!i was so speechless I could not believe my ears!!i just agreed and went back home!i was so confused that why would God send him a message through a nightmare!!

    when I got home I texted him telling him that his wrong!And that God does not operate with such !God does not wish bad luck upon his children!God is love and kind!And that the devil gains control over minds!But his respond was “I am a man of faith”…and he made a statement saying “bad spirits will enter you if you allow your partner to put them inside you”….he accused me of bad spirits indirectly !when I ask him what he means he changed the subject!

    He hurt me a lot !!!I started fasting and praying about it so God can reveal himself to him!I cried days and nights!especially during prayer !I asked God to forgive him just like I did!and prayed for him because I still loved him and cared about him even thou he hurt me!

    I bow down before God to give me direction !I told GOD that I know it was not his will.I asked him whether I should let go or hold on!the very same night I had a dream.I dreamt of us back together!and again I continued fasting and praying!I asked for his confirmation and again I had the same answer!The dreams were so real!!i usually used to cry when I woke up!And you will feel it within you when it’s God answering you!i continuously had dreams of us back together!!

    I asked God to kindly stop giving me visions and he did because they were ruining me emotionally!As time went by I stopped thinking about it too much and I wanted to try again with some guy to forget about him!But then suddenly the dreams comes back and pulls me back!!well I did believe and trust that God answered me !He wouldn’t show me something that was going to harm me at the end!I told someone about it but he told me it’s just the mind but I didn’t tell him I was fasting .Thats the reason why I wanted to walk away,but I then explained everything to him and he told me I should be patient and believe.

    God would not put anyone of us through something we can’t handle!For me I feel like God is testing my faith now that I’m close to him!!He is learning me to be patient because personally I know I don’t have patience!many people will tell you that NO Or you CANT but it takes only ONE yes from him!!!Faith can move mountains!!

    God knows our hearts desires!!pray and he will answer!He will answer you in his own way and own time!!PATIENCE&FAITH!!never underestimate the power of faith !!

    GOD is a good GOD!our GOD is not a confused GOD!!Confusion does not come from him!!God loves us equally!!You go through difficult trails and ask God why all bad things are happening to you!God has his reasons in order for us to be strong!!!please learn not to question God!!!

    God will never forsake us!!I am not going to give up!!i will still pray till the day it happens!!We both need to grow spiritually !he will realize one day that he was wrong!i pray for him !for us! Please don’t compare Gods will with the devils works!!you playing with the Holy Spirit!!!!

    I love you all and God loves you more!!!
    Stay blessed

  88. Emory Says:

    Hi lebo, I have never heard of God communicating his will via nightmare. It would seem to clash with the gentle comforting nature of the Holy Spirit. I would be interested in hearing the thoughts of some of the other contributors here. Stay strong in His grace!

  89. lebo Says:

    Hi Emory!!

    He needs to grow spiritually. People say he is lying about the nightmare story but I honestly believed him …

    I’m just praying for him for Gods light to shine upon him!
    The devil gained control over his mind and his just this rude person towards me.

  90. cheeryleesa Says:

    my dear, the best for you, I feel is to let go and let God. What you say is correct, the Lord before He left His disciples said the He would send them the “comforter”.(John 14:16) the Chief purpose of the Holy Spirit would be to comfort and edify. Our God is the author of peace and not confusion as you said. Anything that terrorizes you is not of the LORD!
    The devil is getting you both through what your flesh craves and loves the most. So tell the Lord you are letting go and submitting to Him. If this man is what the Lord intends to bring to you then NOTHING will prevent Him from doing so. . Continue to pray for this man and be aware he is prey to the Devil. As a friend forgive him in the spirit of Christ and then go about your life. Cover yourself and your household daily in the blood of Christ and proclaim the Word of God into your life.
    This is what I feel you should do as it is causing you too much stress.
    I went through seven years of trying to release myself from an unwanted attachment and I did it at the tender age of twenty through the hand of God. I was not even saved at that time , Praise the Lord!
    after typing all this,I also feel that maybe you could show your friend this post and my comments and both of you together could start praying for your relationship and guidance in the same. that is if you feel he would accept the suggestion. You could ask the guidance of elders in a reliable church.
    God bless you.

  91. jasmine Says:


    I really feel my life is so miserable as I can’t move on. I can’t forget this guy called Christopher. I was in a relationship with him almost 3 years. God keeps reminding me that he is not the one for me through a preacher. As 4 preacher has told me repeatedly that he is coming for me and for god and he is not walking in gods way.

    I truly understand his plans, I keep crying why can’t god touch him and help him also to know about god. I will try to break this relationship but somehow I can’t let this go.

    Our relationship is deep and realy can’t do it by myself. I really need his strength to overcome this. I been saying him to pray too about our relationship, but he doesn’t really know who is our god eventhough he is a christian guy.

    I’m really having pain. I just want to let him go. I’m saying I know god’s plan but my heart could not accept it

  92. Angel Says:


    I have been with my ex for a long time before I became a believer. We were both Catholics then. When we were still in college, he was a hard case as a boyfriend, and would take me for granted. I stayed with him cos I loved him but time came that I was done with it. I went to New Zealand to work, I broke up with him. He was devastated even to the point of depression and wanted to work things out again with me. He wanted to prove that he could love me better but I moved on. I didn’t date but I came to know the Lord.

    After 2 years, he went for a holiday here in New Zealand and we got back together. He changed dramatically, gave 100% in our relationship, and eventually gave up working for his dad in their family business even though he earned more there than he could ever earn abroad. All throughout, I shared my new found faith with him. He is religious as well, has the zeal for God, but wouldnt believe that some practices of Catholics are not right with God. He would still pray the rosary and wear it around his neck. I had so much insecurities and hesitations with the relationship because his family was kind of blaming me of taking their son away from them although it wasnt said directly to me. Also, we were engaging in sin so my doubts were even more heightened. As a result of all this, I was constantly trying to back off on the relationship and hurt him badly along the way even though all he did was love me and gave me everything he could ever give. He accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour.

    He went to Australia to work as our plan was we will be together in Australia after a year or so once I get my citizenship in NZ. He was going to a Christian church for awhile. However, while in Australia, he got tired of pursuing me and just thought that we are not meant to be because our relationship was crappy. He stopped going to church and because he was being surrounded by Catholics, he got back to his old faith. I tried to save the relationship with my own strength because I realise he was the one I want to marry but he doesnt want anything to do with me anymore. He hangs out with my friends in Australia and my friends has been really taking care of him so well.

    My heart was broken. I was asking all these questions to God even shouting at Him asking why did He allow me to treat my ex so badly. I asked forgiveness though, because I know it was my fault not God’s. I am having a hard time processing things in my mind to a point of depression. Initially, I kept praying to God that He will restore our relationship. That God would reveal Himself to Him and convict him to worship God in spirit and in truth. God’s comfort has overruled me, I enjoyed being in His presence but I have some moments of anxiety wherein I would just think of him. My ex keeps telling me that God has something better for me but I kept talking to God that its ok if He wouldnt give me His best, as long as it was still my Ex. He’s practically the only guy I’ve been with and we both grew in the relationship. I was suspecting that he must like one of my friends and I was going paranoid over the thought of them. Lately, I have been more accepting that my ex and I wouldnt get back together as long as he would grow into the knowledge of God and be free from the bondage of religion, but Im praying really hard that he wouldnt pursue my friend or my friend can say no to any relationship he will be offering. I couldnt imagine it happening. Ive been struggling to find answers whether God would allow such thing but my mentors from church kept saying that man has free will, the Holy spirit just guides and convicts, it is up to my friend or ex whether they would pursue anything if there’s really something going on between them.
    I kept telling to myself that im fine with me and my ex not getting back together, although i still desire for God to restore our relationship, but Im praying real hard that he wouldnt pursue my friend.

  93. Christopher Maldonado Says:

    I just recently separated from my fiancée, I hurt a lot right now, I pick apart wondering if it was my fault. Ever since the beginning of the relationship there has been issues, I don’t remember how the arguments would start but they were always caused by her. I was wrong twice in the relationship but because I held back from so much anger towards her that when I felt comfortable to let go i did and that was what made me wrong. During the first half of the relationship no matter how big or small the argument was in the end she would tell me that she needs time to let me know whether or not she wants to be with me, going through something like that more then once is very hard. After awhile I considering breaking up with her and rehearsing it in my mind because I was unhappy. I put a lot of pressure on myself thinking i could not be myself and do certain things because it would make her think that we were not compatible, i always had this fear of losing her that would not go away. When the arguments would happen her mom and dad would find out some personal details about what happened and I would not like that, because our relationship should have some privacy. Should would not volunteer any information about our arguments until her parents ask her what happened. After awhile of hearing about these fights her parents would take away the blessing they gave us to us getting married. They said they don’t want there daughter in a relationship that is so much fighting. She has diabetes and has been hospitalized near death twice in the past two years. I have always been by her side and treated her the best way I knew how. I have not been praying to God as much as I should, I was so focused on the relationship. I went to a conference 3 weeks ago, the pastor of the church spoke over me prophetically, in the message god said that he will break off some relationships and friendships, all of a sudden this happens with my relationship. Does it look like God took her away?

    Me and her left a big church to become a part of a smaller church. I always told god that I want to gain more wisdom and to bring me to a church where I can learn, I started to go to this church with my fiancée who I broke up with. The pastor just got ordained with his wife, they are my ex’s second parents and the whole group is beautiful. It’s a home church for now, at the moment or maybe never I can’t go to the church, the teaching I was getting now has stopped. I thought that being in this church was god’s will. Because the church will be growing and is in the center of God’s will.
    So I have no fiancé and no church where I can learn great wisdom that I find I have not been taught anywhere else in other churches. I ended up breaking up with my fiancé because I could not take it anymore, was going to take the ring from her, everything happened so quickly, she resisted, but I got the ring anyway. She gets on the phone with her dad to come get her and tells him that I attacked her, I was only going for the ring, because I was so mad, not while she was on the phone with her dad, but when she was holding onto the phone in front of her on her lap, I knocked it from her hand, I never touched her hand, but I was upset. Now her mom, dad, her and her sister think I am an abuser, and her father tells me that he always had a sermon in his heart that said I was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, meaning that I was two different people. He tells me that he does not think I’m a bad person but he thinks I need help. If I was an abuser how in the world could I have treated her so good, going above and beyond for her, being there for her in any which way possible, especially when she was in the hospital, I was there everyday, early morning into the night. Her parents saw this, but yet I’m an abuser. I broke up with her, she deletes me from Facebook, she didn’t want me around her afterwards, I tried to tell her I’m sorry for all that happened, but she didn’t want to hear it. Her parents want me to no call her, not text her, to stay away, I guess she wants the same thing because she deleted me from Facebook, and told me that I would not ever see her again, and that she does not care. But she said all this on the day we broke up, so it might be out of anger and hurt, I don’t know.

    Since her parents told me to stay away from her, by the way I’m 36 she is 33, and her deleting me from Facebook, I’m the one that broke up with her, so if its gods will that we be back together should I send a letter to her to let her know that when I broke up with her, I didn’t really mean it, I was just angry. At the same time her parents have told me to stay away from her, I’m afraid that they may put a restraining order on me, or convince their daughter to put a restraining order on me if I send the letter.

  94. tracy Says:

    My ex, is about to get married after only a few months. We only dated a month. I think about him often and I found out he thinks about me as well. I’ve tried to stop thinking of him, but it hasn’t worked. I even dream about him.When we were together and now I was still the stronger christian. He relied on me too much for his faith. It got to be too confusing for me, so I left. He became a prodigal and now he says he has found the Lord again and how instrumental I was to his faith. I am thankful that he has found the Lord again, after a warning from me. I feel it’s very inappropriate he thinks of me often and is about the get married. I’m the one he says is instrumental to his faith. I feel he is very lost and rushing into things. I don’t want to go back to the confusion and be lost with him. I pray for him, but I’m not sure if I should do more. by the way the captcha word for me is john316 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

  95. RS Says:

    I dated someone from Aug 2013 until Oct 2013. It has been 6 months and I still miss him terribly. He left me by sending me a text, which I found hurtful. His reason was that he wanted to “get closer to God”. I tried to reason with him without success. A month later i wrote him a good bye email, saying that I could not understand how I could be detrimental to his search for God, since Im also a Christian. I also wrote that I wished him happiness and that I wish for him to find the woman that God has for him, whoever she is. I have fasted for about 70 days and the pain is a bit less, but I have lost a lot of weight and I am not happy. I am waiting on the Lord to either bring me someone new or to change his ways and bring him back to me. He was a bit of a lukewarm Christian and I dont think we were compatible then because of some of his ungodly habits. I just want to be healed either way. Last month someone prophesied to me that I will receive the phone call I have been desiring. This is a person that doesnt know me or my situation, since I was visiting this church. I dont desire any phone call, not even business calls, but only his call.

  96. Reesa Says:

    I am a christian. I have been serving God for years and I am involved alot in ministry. Prior to my last relationship I have been single for 5 years. Then My ex came along and he claimed he loved me. Things were gooing ok but i had an uncomfortable feeling like God was telling me no, and this was not to be. Anyways I told him and he reacted badly. After a while being apart he settled down to be a friend to me. Seeing his “LOVE” through the word of God made me realise that he did not really love me. He has a rage an insecurity problem and I know that he needs time and deliverance from these things. I am praying for him but the thing is there is a part of me that still wishhes he can be the one for me. although we are at different points in our relationship with God and we seem to be on different levels so to speak I have seen the time after we have broken up has brought him closer to God in so many ways. He told people that he doesnt love me anymore but I know he never truly did. But do you think he will come to love me one day? I mean is there any reason behind what I still feel? I truly have a desire to see him do well and reach his full potential in Christ… He is a great person but just needs deliverance. I guess I am hoping that it will all come back together one day…

  97. Gladys Says:

    Hi. Im 33 years old and my ex boyfriend is 32 abd we had been together for months. We both met when we were at our lowest. We are both born again christians but he gave his life to God about two years before I did. In our first and second months of our relationship we were hardly ever apart from each other and that leading both of us not to read the bible as we used to, but we did pray together and continued to do the works of God in our different churches. We were very close and shared a lot of interests. It felt like we have known each other for many years. Our relationship was growing so fast and even so,we have never been intimate because we wanted to do things differently from our pevious lives. However, he started to get impatient and complained that were not growing spiritually in our relationship. He was disturbing words to me like, he thinks the devil was using me to bring him down because he was now concentrating on our relationship than God. Im still growing in christianity, and Im very devasted that the man I loved and still do, whom I thought he was going to help me in my journey of seeking God is the one who crashes my efforts and leaves me. I know and understand that Christians are to avoid those relationships that might take them back to the ‘world’, but should’nt they help those that are weak or still growing in christianity? I love my ex so much and my efforts to bring him him back are not working. I have been crying and praying to God to bring him back. He has told me that no matter what I do, I cannot bring him back but only God can. I think he is being insensitive and proud in away. Please advise. Is he really the one for me, or Im just dreaming?

  98. c Says:

    Please pray that E and I can reconcile and try again. Let there be no bitterness toward each other and help us forgive and forget past wrongs. I pray that we stay together as boyfriend and girlfriend and that we both feel and are fulfilled and happy together. I pray that the reconciliation is mutual and that we are able to healthily work through our problems. Help improve our mental health and help put an end to the toxic cycle we had so that we may be happy and stay together. Remove all anxiety and depression from us both. Let us not dwell on the past or feel insecure/ doubt in our relationship with each other. Please Lord, help us get rid of our insecurities and come back into our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend healthier and happier than ever and help us stay that way. Boost both of our self esteems, keep us humble, and help us accept compliments. Help us stop being so hard on ourselves and over thinking and blowing things out of proportion. Help us be loving toward each other and not distant. Help us have great communication with each other and help us enjoy our time together. Let our love for each other be genuine. Let us only remember the happy times together and forget and forgive all the negatives of the past. I believe in your word that says ask and it shall be given. I am asking for this miracle with all that I am. I know that with God all things are possible and I know that You are already working on my request Lord. I know You are greater than any obstacle this world has to offer. I pray for a happy future with him. I also pray for his salvation and that God may guide him to where he needs to be to come to Jesus Christ. I pray for my family’s health and well being and for direction in my career. I pray for happiness. Heal our body, mind, and soul. Lord give me strength. Thank you for everything that you do for me God. Let us do great things in your name. I pray in Jesus name, amen.

  99. Roby Says:

    I’ve been reading the testimonies on this site for quite some time and i’m so amazed on how many strong people exist in this world. I’ve been making the mistake of thinking I’m strong in faith but I can see here how wrong I was. I’m praying for ya guys and I believe our tears are not in vain. I’m sure of it!

    I’m 20 and my now ex-gf is 18. I’m a Christian but lately she confessed she was an atheist all the way but that’s not right coz in the first months she cared about God and we studied God’s word together… and I believe God has a plan with her. She was my first, I was her second, and these were the 10 happiest months of my life. Now we’re friends but…I dunno if I should keep wait for her love to return or move on.

    She searched for reasons to make me hate her. In the break up day she told me she might fall in love with my best friend…last month now I’ve been very sad and cried a lot…all I wanted was a girl to make her happy and bring her to heaven by my side so we can love each other forever, and i don’t understand how can be this God’s plan…her leaving me for my ex-best-friend and me being left behind heartbroken and sorrowed. I pray to God they both reach Heaven as I forgave them… I had insomnia and dreams with her almost every night…God help us all…please pray for me as i’ll pray for u, in Jesus name, AMEN!

  100. emma Says:

    In response to Roby and all the other people on here.

    It is so nice to see people choosing God and letting him build the strength in you all. All of you seem like great catches and I pray that everyone falls in love and has happy marriages with the people that are best suited for them. I should be so blessed to meet a guy that loves God first. You guys inspire me that there are some really cool people out there and I’m expectantly waiting for a cool guy for me!

    God Bless you all. In Jesus’ name, it is done, amen!

  101. Alex Says:

    Hello everyone I just found this website and am in big need of help.
    I am now 19 years old turning 20, my ex is turning 18. We have been together for 3 years. 5 weeks ago she told me that God told her to get out of this relationship. When i asked her out she wasn’t a christian, she was very lost in drugs and alcohol because of abuse and depression from her family(I did not know this until about 3-4 months into the relationship). I don’t know why i did what i did but there was just something about her that was different. After talking to her about my faith she gave her life to God and things were good.

    Then I failed God and her. i had given in to my temptation and her being a newly christian did not fully understand everything and allowed it as well. It happened multiple times and we kept on staying away from the situation of it happening, we stopped being together alone and prayed and repented but when for some reason we where alone because she needed my help.(She needed my help because she was dealing with depression and all her friends left her when she turned christian, her parents also did not approve of her becoming a christian). So we would be alone and again i would fail.

    Then one day members from my church saw me and her together and brought it up to the pastor that i am dating a girl not from our church (dating is something that isn’t really approved of in my church, usually i would never date either but when i saw her i don’t know what went over me to start a relationship with her).

    Then about a couple weeks later my mom met with her and told her that i am not ready for a relationship and that we should break up and focus on God and that if we are meant to be he will bring us together. That put a big rip between us but we didn’t break up. Instead after about a week or two of a break we got back together and things were starting to get more Christ like until we went back to our sinful ways. Now has come a time where it stopped. She recently told me 5 weeks ago that she prayed about us and God gave her a straight up answer and said you guys need to be separated. And so she told me what God told her, also she added in the fact that she cant be with me because of how my church and my mom didnt like her and she could deal with all that negativity and the fact that her parents were so hard on her and still are (her parents drink and smoke and at time get very nasty and rude). She told me she couldn’t have another family especially of her future fiancee being negative towards her.(we talked about marriage a lot especially after our first year, we were really serious i guess that is how the devil came into my mind by saying “You will get married soon anyways so its not considered sinning” and i listened).

    I want to show her that i am more then just some guy who failed to be a proper christian example and who failed to control his flesh desires, but it is to late for that now. I know what i did was wrong, i know i was a horrible example i know i made a horrible decision and now i am extremely sad and depressed that because of my horrible decisions she is now gone. Because beside the sexual things and her family problems she is an amazing girl and the best anyone can ask for. She is healthy, active, smart, artistic, she can cook, she loves to read the bible loves to go to church wants to go do missionary work. She is absolutely amazing and now because of my mistakes and not being a good example i believe i have lost her and it hurts me a lot.

    Once the break up happened i can see that she has become a lot closer to God then I have these last few weeks. We have talked a little and she said she still loves me but this is something God has told her to do and she will not back down and we are not getting back together as boyfriend and girlfriend and that we are most likely not getting married because she feels that God has someone else planned in her life and also because she does not want to deal with the disapproval from my family and church. This makes me very devastated just kills me. What kills me more is that she says she still loves me but that we cant be together. Now i have gotten to an even worse mood, i recently found out that she is going to prom with a friend because he asked her(she has been friends with him before we got together). But i know that he likes her because he once tried something on her and she told me about it. i dont know what to do i am so lost and destroyed and overwhelmed at everything. Mad at my mom for doing what she did, mad at certain people from my church for calling her a none christian just because she does not go to my church, mad at God for bringing someone to my life who i loved and gave everything too and then he took her away but ultimately mad at myself because this is all my fault and none of theirs.

    I guess the reason i am writing all this is because i need major support through prayers. I need to come back to him i need to love him more then i love her and i need him to be my all and everything that i find happiness in him alone because everything in this world will one day hurt or disappoint you as it says in the bible. i want to search him and be his servant and be a better christian then ever before. i also still want to get married to her but i need to put my trust in him because he knows best and he wants what is best for me and my future. Please keep me in your prayers i really need them, pray for me to grab on to him and not let go of his hands of love.

    I have been so sad and depressed these last 5 weeks i dont even know what to do with myself. I realize that i need to let go to move on and to focus on God but it is so hard for me. i dont know i guess i just want there to be a little hope between us, but i know if i start to hope and my emotions get the best of my true judgment and she ends up with someone else i will get hurt even more. I have just never loved someone outside of my family as much as i have loved her. It was my fault for starting a relationship when i was not ready but this is what it is now.

    i am very scared of the future, even more scared about the next couple of months. I come into work with huge heart pains and just over all pain form my upper body because of how sad i am and i really want it to stop because i cant focus. I have prayed to God these 5 weeks and i believe i am getting answers but i am scared i am making a decision based of my emotions and i dont want that. I just want something to happen where i can be 100% convinced without a doubt that its his voice and his decision and not my emotions. Please keep me in your prayers brothers and sisters so that i may stand up from this pain and find ways to love him more because he loved me first. i never imagined this would happen to us i was 100% convinced we would get married but clearly i have a lot of things that i need to fix and i first need to love God and trust him with all my life before i love another human being because situations happen where it will be hard for me and future misses but through God we will be able to continue loving one another and come out stronger every time because he is the way the truth and the life. Thank you for reading. may God bless you all.

  102. pray for me Says:

    Hello All,

    What a great site!!!

    I am in need of Jesus. My boyfriend of 10 months just broke up with me. Reasons: I was impatient, I never listened, I was too emotional and he is not, I was too clingy. These were problems that stemmed up. Although he had told and advice me to stop some of these, I still continued.

    We started our relationship with God but eventually along the way, I started slacking in prayers and fasting we once did together. I had felt a need to repent from our constant making out before I could fast with him. But I didn’t mention it to him.

    He is a good and faithful man and always ready to make amends. I put him first before God Almighty. I betrayed and disobeyed God even when I knew it was wrong, but because of the obsessive nature of love I had for him, I always said, later God!

    God please as I write this forgive me for neglecting your calls….at some point we began arguing for over little things and he wasn’t up for it. to cut the long story short, he asked for a break and then I started to panic and began calling his mum father and crying for help. This didn’t go well with him and evemtually he said that he wasn’t sure if he truly loved me.

    It’s been 3 months and counting since we broke up and I have been crying every second. I have been praying and crying and somehow I feel that God isn’t hearing me or isn’t there. The pain is too much! Recently, today he put up a display writeup that shattered my day…a writeup that said ‘the best love Is to fall in love with an unexpected person at an unexpected time”. I sincerely don’t know what that is all about. It is killing me.

    I have been praying to God for a miracle. Though many have advised that maybe God is telling me something. I have prayed you all and I am still praying. He was my all and all. He was a good man and had a very listening ear. I have failed God. I never believed in his grave. And I believed in man. God should please forgive me. I want him back and I have faith that he will surely come back to me. I have hope. Trusting in God.

    Though I cry every day, God knows my heart and knows that I am only human. I want to change my ways because he says I might find someone that will like me for who I am that he doesn’t have the patient and energy for my kind of person. But I have been telling him that I am working on being a better person. He shouldn’t throw me away. Please my brothers and sisters pray for me. I love him and still want him back. And I pray by writing this, that God will grant me a miracle that would leave the world speechless. I also pray for those who are experiencing similar predicaments that God will heal their contrite heart and grant us our hearts’ desires. Amen!!!

  103. Navin Says:

    Good day,

    It has been very comforting reading your stories and seeing so many people turn to God.

    My girlfriend and I of 8 years broke up in January, when she went away to study, as she had doubts due to arguments we were having. One was about insecurity, and the other was sadly lack of physical relationship, as I thought this was ok as I sure we were getting married soon anyway. As that last thought showed, while I believe and continue to believe in God, I was far from the path he would have chosen for me.

    For the last 6 months I have prayed everyday hoping to reconcile, that she would be willing to work on the differences, but my prayers seem to have gone unanswered recently I went to meet her and she said certain things are supposed to be natural and easy( physical wise) and that she couldn’t make me happy. Also, she said she met someone there that she really liked :(. I was completely broken hearing that, I felt as though God ignored my prayers, and thought he was being unfair in letting her meet someone so fast, and so soon after we broke up after 8 years of being together, and talking about marriage.

    I am at a lost because I still want her and still love her and want to marry her, but she seems to think her happiness lies elsewhere, and it’s heartbreaking. I have heard of people saying God spoke to them, I wish he can speak to me, I am still praying for her safety, and that she finds her way back to me and give us a chance and make an effort, cause I felt as though every time things got hard she was looking to use that as justifications for doubt and me not being the one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  104. vivek Says:

    Hai my name is vivek. I love a girl from other caste. Her name is Monisha. Past 6 yrs we have been in love. But her parents separated her from me using the word caste. It’s been 6 months I didn’t talk to her. Thy hide her from me.

    Why did God make her come into my life? And why he is taking her away from me now? Why? I don’t want anything best or better. I just need my Monisha. V struggled a lot to make parents accept. But only thing they saw is caste caste caste.

    I still believe my Monisha will come to me. I think God wants me to wait for her. Til my last breathe I will wait for her. One day she will come to me in some way or the other. Every min every sec killing me of her thoughts. Watever I see or wherever I go I could feel her. I feel like talking to her. I feel like she’s holding my arms while walking. I feel her everywhere. I know am not crazy. She is come to me. I still believe God will bring her to me.

  105. Amber Says:

    Thank you everyone for your testimonies, l feel much better. Though l have been through worse.

    I was in a relationship with someone, l felt the relationship was weird so l broke up with him, but l loved him and l realised that after but my pride stopped me from going back to him, years passed and we started seeing each other again, l was crazily in love with him and though he loved me, he didnt trust my intentions, so when everything was going right and the next step would have been marriage, he ran away from me and we started fighting,he had some other girl who had tricked him into being the baby daddy when he was not and he just left me, and l tried to move on.

    I could not, l kept trying to move on but l cldnt find the right guy. He got married to someone else, and now he calls me everyday, saying he made a mistake, he misses me, l thought l was mad at him, but l still love him and now,its just one big sad love story that can not come true……..I hope the Lord will show me, what lm supposed to learn from all this pain.

  106. Maria Says:

    My brothers and sisters god tests us by faith. He wants us to be better people but by achieving this you must love god first then u can love everybody else fairly. Pray to god to soften and change your partners heart and to change their minds. Remember that god does not support sinners you must repent yourselves abd read the bible in order to live the way god wants you to. God doesnt support boyfriend and girlfriend. He supports marriage. So repent yourselves give ur life to Christ and brothers if u truly love your partner propose to her and marry her. God will save your relationship. Do not take her for granted god does not support sexual intercourse before marriage. I hope understand this to avoid evil spirit attacking your relationship. Pray together with your partner and go to church read the bible and after getting engaged go to seniors in church to counsel you. It’s important to learn the word of god in order to live in peace. May god have mercy in yous. Glory be to god. Have faith in him he is the one that raised jesus from death. He can save you to amen!

  107. Maria Says:

    My name is Maria, but its not my full name, My husband Justin he went to his home town on 13th October 2015 after 7 years and now he fully changed. He talks very rude and whatever i say he takes in wrongly he talks to his family, relatives, friends hours and if I say something he tells me that he needs freedom and happiness and he is not happy with me and wants to leave as soon as his family calls him, he is a nice person though we had small fights we used to get along in hours or in a day, now they have changed him fully they dont want him to live with me so he says lies to them that he is living with his friends, please pray for me to the Almighty God that my Justin should not change no matter what comes he should not change no other women or girl to be in his life and no other relationship should break us, for his sake i left my whole family brothers and sister and i dont talk to anybody as he was not liking anybody from my family, i came far away from them i have even insulted them for his sake but not from my heart, its ok i know they will forgive me and understand.

    My husband Justin please he should not leave me at any cost, no other relationship or girls should enter his shadow i know his parents will force to marry to other beautiful girls but i want my God to help me and him not to get into any such relationships, all are telling him to go to abroad but please i know he will change completely. I had lived with him more than 10 years but the way he talks we went through so many ups and downs and he I did not conceive second child becoz he was not interested. But now I ask God to help me to conceive at least when any such things happens I want to keep the child in his rememberance and live. Please God all I ask my Justin in 2005 & 2006 he used to kneel and pray to mother mary to unite us not to be separated but now if I say that he says that time he was young and did not know what life is.

    Please God you can change so many disasters please help me all I ask is my Justin should accept me as I am and to love me and stay with us and not betray us. I want to live with my Justin the rest of my life no matter how much he changes God should help him to accept me and no other relation should interfere in our life now or ever.

  108. Dileshka Says:

    Hi sarah I’m going through the same thing that you did. I also treated my boyfriend very badly and I realised just how much I messed up and how much I love him and it’s been 3 months since he left and he said that he didn’t want to leave me but that he cannot forget how I hurt him. I took him for granted. I love him so much and god has been there for me and he tells me to have faith and to have hope in him and r put god first in my life. Each day I pray that he will come back to me. I miss him everyday he was my best friend in the whole world.

  109. gali Says:

    My boyfriend just broke up with me. I’m still hurting but I get comfort in knowing that if he was the one for me we will be still be together, I know one day I will understand why this has happened to me. and I truly believe that god has in store for me a better loving partner.

  110. Alex Says:

    I found this form and posted on it 9 months ago, one of the hardest months of my life that i went through. But I am so happy and blessed about everything that has happened. 10 months ago I broke up with my ex and my world as I knew it collapsed. I am so happy with the outcome and how everything is now. I want to just say that God is amazing and he has a plan for you and me.

    Throughout the first couple months I had the hardest time accepting what happened, but through the whole time all I tried was to get closer to him and even though there were some road blocks and a lot of bumps I can say that I have never been happier. I am so happy that God worked in my life and pulled me from a situation that was ultimately going to pull me away from him. I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done and everything he is going to do. The situation was the hardest thing I ever went through, but he was there beside me every step of the way and he never let go.

    Thank you God for you are great, you see when we are blind, you actions only help us and your love is indescribable. I don’t know your situation in specific but i know God can help, I know if you go towards him for comfort, healing and understanding, he will give it to you all. Take one step towards him and he will take five towards you. God is Great ALL THE TIME. Now say it again.

  111. Rick Says:

    BEN – I know this is 4 years late but i have read your question above. God looks at your heart and God gets to work when He sees your faith. The blunt answer to your question is NO, He will not bring your ex back if you seek Him wholeheartedly. He is looking at your intentions…If you had no money and had no friends and all of a sudden had a lot of money & all of a sudden people became fond of you and wanted to be around you and be your friend, how would that make you feel? God wants you, without conditions, 100%. Here is my advice, remember that God knows everything & He loves you, Lay it down, seek Him with everything you’ve got & HAVE FAITH IN HIM ALONE, not in yourself or in her. If it is His will, you can be rest assured that you will get her back, if it is not His will, He has someone who is going to blow your mind waiting for you. Trust in your creator man, Hes got your back. I know this may be a bit late and id actually love to find out what happened but in any case, When God sees youve really left something at the cross and He sees the Faith He asks for in Him alone, thats usually when He gives the blessing back to you and restores it. Jesus loves you bro, Never take your eyes off Him.

  112. Jazzieee Says:

    Hi everyone! I’m 21 years of age and I met this guy at my job. I had no intentions of talking to him as in dating. Now we have been dating for 9 months. Very close to his family and everything. Love them! I’ve been going through a stage of depression now. I do believe he has made a mistake earlier in the relationship. I was so thirsty to get him back even though he broke it off to Me. I spent days crying and prayed to god to bring him back as a better man. Here he is a better man and I’m the one acting funny..depressed when I see him. Treat him badly knowing he is good to me. He is even willing to go go church and pray with me. Somehow I don’t feel infatuated with him and I even wake up thinking I don’t love him anymore. I had random voices in my head telling me to break up with him when he actually changed his actions to be a good man. I spend days crying and praying that god will heal our relationship. Any advice?

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