About a month ago i suffred sensorial hearing loss which is hearing loss in the high freqencies.its usually noise induced.i also had a high pitched noise in my ear which is tinnitus and it was loud.it disturbed my sleep and made hearing difficult.it robbed me of my enegry i was depressed and thought that i would be like that for the rest of my life.i was scared couldnt eat,think properly and couldnt wait for death as it would be my comforter.i asked God why me? why now? i was just about to start university and it was an exciting time for me untill my hearing loss and tinnitus showed up.i questioned the value of my life.i actually got the hearing loss from a nite out clubbing and exposure to loud music over time,yes it was my fault and i was foolish to think i would never lose my hearing or damage them.

I felt guilty and was ashamed at my self thinking i was invincble.well i got my worst nitemare it was really ugly.i didnt know what to do. my dad was encouraging and told me to be positive minded always.he too had his share of suffering in life like all christians, i trusted his taughts but doubted if God would even give me a second chance. i prayed for forgiveness for all my past sins and immoral taughts of fornication.i taught my prayers would be answerd many years later guess what? God had better plans.

i started going on the internet for miracle tinnitus cures u name it… ginkgo biloba, herbs, medicines which would be hard to find. i even searched for internet articles on how people lived with tinnitus and hearing loss feeling sorry for myself i did that just to comfort myself and i was not alone. my tinnitus got so bad i actually broke down and cried to the lord with the most painful prayer i had ever prayed.i poured my heart to Christ.The good Lord lead me to Matthew 6:24-34.. No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you shall eat or what you shall drink, nor about your body, what you shall put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add one cubit to his span of life? And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin; yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you, O men of little faith? Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek all these things; and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day.

after i read that verse i felt a certain calmness and warmth that assured my life is in the right hands i trusted the lord with all my heart and soul and gave him my troubles. still i was depressed and felt that God will not heal me i continued browsing the net for stories of people who had been healed by God.untill i came across a story of a woman who got healed of facial pains by reading the Word of God and fasting. The lord lead her to fast for 3 days and she won her battle.she was healed even though doctors said there was no cure for her condition but God healed her that comforted me. i thought maybe i should fast i prayed to God and i said i shall fast for 3 days without food but only water i would drink.

My fast was not as easy on the second day i was hungry and weak and thought about how Jesus suffered for my sins.i continued praying for my condition untill my dad noticed that i havent eaten for 2 days.i obyed him when he said he i should eat as the bible tells us honour your parents. maybe thats what God wanted me to do because i was fond of scoffing his wisdom most of the times.which i regretted when i lost my hearing as he always used to warn me about the dangers of losing my hearing. as time went by i started hearing more and my tinnitus was flactuating going and coming. i tuned to TBN to see if God had a message for me,WHICH to my suprise he DID.i dont know the pastor’s name but he started praying for people who needed healing and i prayed with him for God to heal me and deliver me. A MIRACLE HAPPENED i started hearing as time went by i finally got my FULL hearing restored no need for hearing aids. I WAS HEALED HALLEJUAH PRAISE BE TO GOD!! my tinnitus it doesnt bother me anymore its so faint i dont notice it untill i listen out for it. in town,during a conversion i cant hear it i even forget that i had such a ringing that torments people. I WAS BLESSED AND I STILL AM. i pray that people who are suffering with tinnitus and reading this testimony dont get discouraged God still heals and is waiting to heal u. Today im still thankful to God for what he has done. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD GLORY BE TO GOD.AMEN!!!

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  1. Mary L.from Tenn. Says:

    Hi, I saw this on your site and just had to write to you because I too, have suffered with this for several years. I’ve been to several doctors and no one could explain why I’m loosing my hearing and have tinnitus.In Feb. 2009, I went to a world renown clinic in Memphis Tenn. and was told that I had Meniere’s dis. I had to have a 3 day procedure of fusion into the inner ear with xylocaine/dexamethosine while being put to sleep and I was hopeing that it would help me, but it didn’t.
    I went back this past Friday for a check up and was told that my ear pressure in my worse ear was elevated even more and he wanted to do the second procedure of which will be strep/dexamethosone medication with steriods, and he said that it was a good chance that it would relieve the pressure and I might be able to hear more but they can’t give you a guarantee, however many patients have been helped with this procedure. I’m a christian lady and I’ve prayed often for God to heal me and I had a couple of friends who go to church where I do, and her husband had a dream that I’d be healed, so I’ve not given up hope and still pray often, but sometimes with this disease, it really takes a toll on you. I’ve been at a place where I wanted to give up and for the last several days, I felt very hopeless until I read your letter about your personal experience. I just pray that I can also trust more in God’s healing power now and wait for his healing hands to touch me. I just wanted to thank you for having your letter on this site for me to read. Thanks again. M. from Tenn.

  2. jem Says:

    i went thru ur testimony.its really enciuraging one.
    would you like to publish it in a magazine>??
    its a christian magazine named ‘what does the bible say’
    we can also send you a free copy of the magazine if you would send us the address,
    if you would wish that your testimony is published.then mail me at jem_vision@yahoo.com with your testimony and passport sized photgraph


  3. Camryn Says:

    Hi there Sobhuza, I just wanted to reply to your comment as in almost all ways your situation is exactly the same as mine. I have had ringing in my ears for 7 months now, it started one morning and has never left me, it tends to come and go nevertheless it still bugs me. There have been many days that I too have thought that one day death is the only thing that would rid me of this problem, but then just as that thought passes my mind I just keep praying to God to heal me, I too have fasted but only for 1 1\2 days because I became very weak and dizzy but tomorrow if its Gods will I plan to fast for 3 days. I really find that while fasting the volume of the ringing in my ears is greatly reduced. I thank God that the ringing is only mild and sometimes very quiet but nevertheless it is still noticiable, and I refuse to get used to it as I have been told so many times, I rebuke this problem and keep my faith that one day, when God is ready I shall be healed. I really encourage all people out there with the same problem to hold in there, all things and I emphasize ALL things are possible through God, I encourage fellow Christians with any condition to join a prayer group where 2 or more agree together it shall be done as the Bible says, and really keep repeating that verse Matthew 18:19 “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven”

    Sobhuza, if you return to this site please can you give me your email address I would like to contact you if thats ok.


  4. Sobhuza Says:

    Sure camryn my e-mail is sobhuza@hotmail.com..e-mail me as soon as possible would like to hear from u soon. Dont wory camryn u will be fine i still have mild tinnitus but it doesnt bother me now, believe that God will heal you but it also has to in accordance with his will. Fasting is together with prayer is the equilavent of an atomic bomb in prayer power,have faith and most important dont worry God will make a way.Stay blessed

  5. Sobhuza Says:

    Mary L sorry havent repied to your comment. But my response is the same, i hope that fasting and prayer has worked miracles for you.awaiting your reply God Bless.

  6. Dave Says:

    We serve a living and Kind God< i am very happy for you and i Believe that God who has done this for you will also do it for me and my family at large.
    Praise be to Him alone in the highest.. Amen

  7. Joel Santos Says:

    Can you please to pray for me all together? I have tinnitus since November 2008 and it is driving me crazy. I am a believer, I have been asking the Lord to heal me, but I don’t understand why the Lord doesn’t answer my pray yet.

  8. Ray Far Says:

    I’m exactly I’m your shoes Joel and about the same length of time too. But we as believers must stand after having done everything still stand on your faith. This is where the testing comes. As nasty as this tormenting afliction is we haven’t suffered anything close enough to what Job went through and God heard his prayers and showed his restoring hand. I’m counting days when he answers my prayers and with sn atttitude of expectation.

  9. Leah Mghoi Says:

    Hi, I have had meniere disease + tinnitus for the last 9 years. Once had such perfect hearing but now I have lost 90% of it on right side and my hearing fluctuates on the left side. the condition is so depressing and have praying and trusting God for total healing and restoration of my hearing. Our God is faithful and might and He indeed heals. I can testify of this as he blessed my husband and I with a beautiful baby girl after 5years of being childless. am on a 21 day fast for my healing right now and I will come back and tell you of how God has healed me. May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us all who are going through this trying time. Trust in Him always.

  10. Cheryl Pote Says:

    I am 55 years old and have had tinnitis for a little over a year now. I am a believer of the Lord Jesus also and I was very discouraged a few minutes ago about not being healed yet of this tinnitis but where I had a loss of hearing in both ears, my ears have amplified any noises. Yet this tinnitis accompanies this ampllification. I am so touched and encouraged by these messsages of sharing and holding on to the faith of the Lord’s healing of our ears or for anything else for that matter. He confirms his word with demonstration but it is in his timing. Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and forget not all his benefits. Love, Mrs. Cheryl Pote

  11. Medina Santos Says:

    I have suffered with tinnitus for over 16 years, and it wreaked absolute havoc on my life. It started after a sudden hearing loss in my left ear….the tinnitus was high-pitched. I have seen countless specialists on both coasts, to no avail. I have tried homeopathic herbal remedies and drugs that were posted on the American Tinnitus Association’s website, with no relief whatsoever. I am weary of all the doctor visits and the dental visits….I have seen about a dozen dentists, to seek relief from the clenching and grinding that my tinnitus causes. I’m at the peak of exhaustion and desperation with these two problems, and fear that God will not rescue me in time. I, also, have prayed the most fervent, gut-wrenching, painful prayers in my darkest moments, all the while, hiding my pain and suffering from those around me. My husband and children are affected by my suffering, and that saddens me further. I cannot understand God’s silence in the face of my pleas for healing and restoration. Thank you for your posts….they are encouraging, and I was let to them by a faith-filled friend. I am going to try fasting and praying. Blessings to you all….

  12. Gavin Davies Says:

    Thank you for your testimony. I am a Christian, and for years I have played bass in bands. I always wore earplugs, but my hearing has deteriorated and I can no longer be there leading worship, and my life has been badly affected.

    My dear friends in the church are supporting me in prayer, we are praying for my healing, but even if God does not heal me, I pray for the grace to endure, and that I will not squander the life he has given me.

    It really encourages me to hear that God healed you, and to hope that some day I might once more have the privilege of leading worship!

    – Gavin

  13. Bill Says:

    I don’t understand. The bible says ask Jesus and you shall receive. Also yall say you will be healed in “God’s timing” but the Bible says if you pray for health and truly believe, it is God’s will for you to be healed “NOW” and not later. So either I don’t truly believe or I am not praying right. I have tried to make God centered prayers but nothing works. I guess I am focusing too much on myself and not enough on God but I don’t understand why I haven’t been healed as the Bible says you will be healed TODAY. The fact I am not healed is contradicting the Bible and testing my faith.

  14. Jan Says:

    Sometimes He says “Yes” and sometimes He says “No” and sometimes He says “Later.” I think He expects us to do all we can, and we should be asking Him what He wants us to do – what is our part. We should only ask if we fully intend to do what He tells us to do. Maybe He wants us to change a behavior, or repent of a sin. When you are healed, you are forgiven. Repentance should precede any request for healing – it couldn’t hurt. While fasting and praying you should pay careful attention to your thoughts. Write them down. Do you feel to sing a hymn? Look up all the words. Is there a message to you from God? Read the scriptures. Does something touch your heart more particularly?

    And another thing – what you send out returns to you. Have you been doing acts of kindness and service to others? Are you merciful to beggars? Is there anyone in your family or circle of acquaintance who has need? Be generous with them. God will be generous with you.

    You might check also if you are truly keeping the commandments.

    Having said that, He has never healed a perfect person. Everyone He has healed is a sinner. You do not have to be perfect to be healed.

  15. Bill Says:

    Thanks for the response. It’s funny you mention, I just helped a “beggar” yesterday with several dollars which I normally don’t do. I initially told him no but something told me he truly needed the “gas” money for gas and not other motives.
    I will pray and read and listen. Maybe my onset of tinnitus was a sign to do more of those things.
    I honestly can’t call myself a Christian. I know there is a God and I believe Jesus to be God the Son but there is some kind of skepticism in the back of my mind and I can’t in good conscience ignore it because I know God knows. I believe I must read the Bible from start to finish. How can I expect anything as I still haven’t done that?
    I will read it in faith that what God wanted to be in there is their. I know the Catholic Church decided what did and what didn’t go in the Bible in the 4th century. I am not sure on how much they altered it. These are the things I can’t help but to wonder- not to offend anyone. I have been trying to research as best I can where everything came from. And now I am rambling.

  16. Sobhuza Says:

    Hi Bill

    Got your last two messages, it’s just that i did not know what to tell you since your a church choir leader i expected you to at least have more knowledge

    of the Bible than i do so i thought i would wait to see what God would reveal to me what i could to tell you. Since i expected you to know more about God and the Bible

    than i do. I felt like i would rather wait for God to show me what i must say, than speak my mind on this issue alone…blubbing unnecessarlily

    I see u have given a begger more money than u usually do, maybe God is preparing you for a special work or trying to get your attention. Since i got healed

    from my hearing loss i have fixed my eyes more on God. Since then i have studied the Bible more and prayed more often. My ears do give me problems

    from time to time but my tinnitus levels have never returned to the way they were since i got my blessing. I have single sided deafness so its natural for

    me to have problems with my ears once in a while but the tinnitus is no longer a problem.

    It takes faith to please God and make him move, however our faith fails but God’s faith will never fail so hang on there Bill, God cannot fail you. I know its not easy

    just take one day at a time DONT WORRY MUCH ABOUT THE FUTURE.

    Here is a verse to for you from Matthew 6:34

    M’t:6:34: Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

    I Hope im helping, hang on there ALL WILL BE WELL GOD HAS A PLAN.

    Will pray for you


  17. jld Says:

    Hi, It is good to know that God heals hearing. I would suggest that those seeking healing search the term “healing scriptures” online and study them. It is nice that others have taken the time to gather them together. Some websites that have great healing scriptures include Joyce Meyers, Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland.

    I know more than one who has received healing for tinnitus. It is good to keep reading the scriptures and then just stand on them praising God for the victory. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word. As we hear/read the healing word of God it sinks into our spirit.

    Please keep the faith and be encouraged. Our God is a healing God.

  18. Kim Says:

    Hello Medina,

    I will agree with you for your healing, I hope you find your way back to this site and read this. Please do the same for me. I will fast as of Monday and pray for your healing and my healing of this horrible afflication called Tinitus.
    Bless you sister, and I look forward to your healing testimony.

  19. Iamredeemed Says:

    Here is great website specialized on the topic of healing…SAVEDHEALED.COM…it has tons of info on healing….testimonies, scriptures….I am praying for you all who are suffering from this condition. Be blessed in Jesus name!

  20. Leah Mghoi Says:

    Right now am fasting and praying and really digging deep into God’s word and drawing strength and encouragement from Him. Am excited because I believe in his word that says that He is going to heal me; psalms 30:2, psalms 103:1-5. am claiming these promises and being obedient to His commands.
    Do not lose hope, trust in the Lord with whole your heart and lean not on your own understanding. He is faithful and compassionate. On my 5th day of fasting and my hearing is better, praise the Lord!

  21. mike Says:

    I’ve had tinnitus for 4 years, due to working in a noisy environment. MY tinnitus was manageable for 3 years. Then, it recently increased in volume to a severe level. This was due to being exposed to noise for 1 1/2 hours during an outdoor party on New Year’s eve 2010 in the Philippines where I was vacationing with my girlfriend. I have only slept about 3-4 hours a night for nearly 2 months, because the ringing is so loud that it wakes me up, even if I have a fan running in my bedroom. I’m literally at the end of my rope. I can’t function, I’ve had a breakdown at least once a day. I can’t attend church or play with my niece and nephews because my hearing is so sensitive now. Sobhuza, please pray for me. Unfortunately, because I’m so weak from lack of sleep,I can’t fast for 3 days because I need energy. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. I desire healing and deliverance so badly..

  22. Lora Says:

    I too, am at the end of my rope. I have pleaded, begged and cried out to God for healing. I am confused and frustrated.

    I am a believer. I just don’t understand the healing part and what God expects of me. I have quoted scripture and have tried many types of remedies. I never have tried a fast. I wonder if its that simple?? Not sure if I can fast 3 days though. Any suggestions on how to fast?

    I pray for all of those that suffer from this condition. My heart goes out to you as I know exactly what you are going through.
    May God almighty hear our prayers and sovereignly heal us.

    I will and always do give HIM the Glory that He deserves.
    God bless

  23. Akhila Says:

    I think we need just trust in Him and believe that whatever happens, God is still in control. Sometimes we don’t understand why things don’t happen or seem to get answered. But we know that God can definitely hear our prayers and He delights in giving good things to His children. But you see, when Daniel was praying and fasting for 21 days, finally he got an answer, and when the angel came, he said that he was sent when Daniel started praying, but was delayed by the demonic forces. So we continue to pray and keep our hope in God, for we know that God has already seen the end, and even though He is so powerful to hold the whole universe in the palm of His hands, He loved us so much to actually count the hair on our heads. God can and will turn all things for the good of those who love Him, for He is not a man to lie 🙂

  24. Cherbear Says:

    I have recently noticed the tell tale ringing in my ears. I’m pretty sure it’s the Gabapentin I take for my nerve pain. My back story is that I am recovering from a rare neurological condition that partially paralyzed me. This medicine helps me to walk pain free.

    Unfortunately, it is apparently an ototoxic drug. I had no clue about ototoxicity. I’m supposed to start a new job Monday but 2.5 years of stress from my neuro condition and now this is too much to take. I’m weak and at the end of this imaginary rope we all know. A lot of you are lucky that you still have your health. Be thankful for that. Trust me you don’t want Transverse Myelitis.

    I’m trusting God that I should taper off this med. I prayed about it two months ago and then a neurologist told me to taper off. I guess it’s time, huh! Maybe God telling me something.

    You are all in my thoughts. And be careful and aware of ototoxic drugs! Please wish me luck with the taper and nerve pain control. I pray this ringing goes away.

    I’m also fasting for one day tomorrow. Just water and a little bread for me. We all have to hang onto eachother, it’s so easy to fall.

  25. Soo Says:

    I was absolutely encouraged reading your testimony. I am a dental student who thought studying endless days and nights will make me that servant that God wants me to be. However, I was foolish to think that while God was fading away from my heart. I realized my studies and my ambitions came before God as I studied harder, and my goal was misleading. For a 10 days now, I have been suffering the exact same thing you are going through by an incident that occured during my short spring break. I was so discouraged, depressed, and jsut like you, I looked up hearing aids, forums, any website I can find for cures and surgeries. However, as my close friend was praying for me the other day, he started laughing with Joy, saying that God will Heal, and do not worry. At first, I was taken back with people saying, you’ll be fine, don’t worry, because I knew they didn’t’ know what I was going through, and I just thought, they will never understand, how will I enjoy the small things in life, such as going to my boyfriend’s breakdancing gig, enjoying a festival outside with my family, and I was so depressed that I wasnt able to study at all. Studying that seemed So like something that consumed my life, so much that I started missing Sunday services because I thought, I needed to study in that time, became such a small issue for me. And though I want to say, with desparation, I read the Bible, and read Job5:17 “Blessed is the man whom God correctsl so do not despise the discipline of the Almighty.” For he wounds, but he also binds up; he injures, but his hands also heal. and it hit me, that all my worries were the burdens of a human’s view. And also, the fact that i ever doubted that the Lord Almighty, who created the heavens and the earth will not be able to heal my ears…I felt foolish. I was once again on websites due to the pain and ringing that occured while listening to the lectures in class today searching for medicine and solutions, and I reached your website and I have to say, it comfort me more than any answers I found. I want to thank you, and I want to have the power and will to fast and pray that God’s words and wisdom fill me . I pray that your testimony reaches many souls that are lonely and do not know God! thank you!

  26. Jose Luis Garcia Says:

    Dear All,

    I had pulsatil tinnitus in one ear and it was driving me crazy, I visited 5 ENTS, I did head scan, Angiography, everything came negative, and my ringing remained, I was going through a faith crisis, and God showed mercy on me, my Tinnitus is gone, Please wait on the Lord, he will respond and heal you and restore you. I strongly recommend you to put all faith in him, he will guide you to the right doctor, All glory and credit is for the Lord the doctor of doctors my savior and helper

  27. Arlo Says:

    Im a believer , Im a musician , I have this dred ringing & rushing sound

    started june of 2010

    cant think anymore ,sometimes just sit & stare

    Need healing / have prayed , it has gotten better ,

    but sometimes I just weep ,like now

    pray for me & I will pray to JESUS for all of you

    thank you


  28. Dan Says:

    I think it is good to understand that not even an atom escapes the knowledge of god, and therefore he clearly knows of your pain and sees all you do. Find some comfort in this knowing that he is watching over you and knows exactly what you are going through, you are not alone. Seek refuge in him, healing will come to those who wait with faith and I am waiting with you. May God bless us if he so wills.

  29. Russ Says:


    I have prayed for you since I have gone through and am still going through what you are. I have sit and stared too. People thought I was crazy! They don’t understand how HORRIBLE this affliction is. But take heart!! Since I have been praying earnestly and with belief, my tinnitus is fluctuating and seeming to get fainter. I have some dizziness and went to the doc for that. That seems to be ebbing off as well. NEVER STOP PRAYING. Mine got real bad on May 24th 2010…I remember the day vividly…getting up…humming VERY LOUD in my left ear…and nearly unable to hear anything. DEEP depression….deep confusion…not wanting to live! Trust me…I know where you are coming from! KEEP praying. God does hear…even if right now your own ears can’t hear to well. And there is some purpose to it. God only knows…but there is!

    God Bless,


  30. Bill Says:

    Thanks Sobhuza, I think you got me confused with another poster as I am not a choir leader, but if anything good has come from this tinnitus it’s that I have learned more about the Bible.

    Arlo I am a musician as well, and hope you aren’t letting tinnitus affect your music. I thought at first tinnitus would hinder my abilities until realizing most professional musicians have it- including my father.

    I’m still having some bad days but my faith has increased. Happy Easter everyone.

    Also some of you might be interested that they have just found a possible cure to tinnitus and clinical trials will start soon- via “vagus nerve stimulation” Doctors in Texas have claimed to cure rats from tinnitus with this treatment. This looks very promising and could be available within several years.

  31. JOHN CUNDARI Says:

    Please pray for me my quality of life has become so poor I too at times would ask God to take my life yet I know thats not his will for me…I have been a Christian for about 29 years and I know God has great plans for my life…I have deafening Tinnitus and am extremely hard of healing…God time and again has told me He would heal me and make me every wit whole…I believe He will…my cell if you ever want to contact me is 203-515-3412 or feel free to e-mail me…thanks and God bless…

  32. JOHN CUNDARI Says:

    please respond to my comment…thank you

  33. Nesh Says:

    Praise God for the Healing!!! I am an Audiologist by profession and best of all I am a recently reborn Christian! We serve an Awesome and Living God!! After my New Life was given to me, I saw my career in a different LIGHT(God’s Light), I am currently thinking about a PhD study and I asked God for direction. He lead me to a topic that defies all science and human expectations. I was lead to illustrate and document Gods divine intervention in the healing of Sensorineural hearing loss. This is not possible by and known medical or surgical means to date. so if you are healed it can only be from the Most High Physician!!! I am in the concept phase and I need all the prayers and help to ensure that this concept is approved as I know that its my task from God to prove that its his divine intervention that still Heals people today!!! Please will you email me your thoughts and ideas, I would need people who have a proven Sensorineural hearing loss(by the means of a previous diagnostic test) who have been healed and we would need a new test to officially prove it (Even though we know that Jesus has proven to you that he has healed you).

    Thanks in advance for your assistence! Please email me neshdolphin[at]yahoo.com. May God continue to Bless those who seek Him!!!!

  34. Gentry garcia Says:

    Hi everyone, I’ve had ringing in my ears for three months now. I never thought something like this could happen to me and it really hit me hard. Anxiety, depression, hopelessness. Seeked medical solutions but basically nowhere to go. And just like any miserable sinner, I turned to our Creator. I pray to God Almighty to heal me, maybe this is His way to make me turn back to Him. I just always keep in mind that Suffering is a way to purify one’s soul. I really beg The Lord to heal me. I trust in Him. I also pray for everyone who has this tinnitus problem. May The Merciful Lord help us.

  35. robert Says:

    I have it and cant add anything that has already been said here except tinnitis is like the combination of a rattlesnake and black widow spider. I have prayed at least a thousand times for God to do something and so have others for me but no change. But I still believe in miracles and cant think of any spiritual blocks to keep a miracle from happening. I wonder if the stress it puts on me will eventually kill me. Our bodies can be torture chambers if something physical or mental goes wrong with them.Jesus suffering on the cross is a perfect example. Pray for a cure and for everyone else in the world who has it.

  36. marilyn Says:

    I have had tinnitus now for 5 months. I was withdrawing from benzodiazapines. Now I am suffering from this horrible buzzing. I pray it goes away. I am seeing my 3rd DR soon. I cant function like this. I am a breast cancer survivor for 10 years . I thought that was bad. Why am I being tested? I try to live by Gods word. Am I being punished for something Ive done ? Please pray for me . Tell me what to do.

  37. Luisa Says:

    Hi everyone, I have had Tinnitus for the past three years with hearing loss. Whe I first got it I was very depressed didn’t want to eat lost 15 lbs and has thoughts of suicide. I would actually envy people in grave yards. I wish I could just die. Doctor gave me a cocktail of antidepressants, sleeping pills and tranquilizers just to cope. I have prayed to God on the floor in a fetal position to take this away, or at least give me some peace by lowering the level. I have had every minister pray for me too. I know God does heal but will he heal me? There are some days where it is torture. I thought God would not give you more than you can bare.

  38. Gentry Says:

    I pray for all of us…Jesus we put our complete trust in You.

  39. Miriam Says:

    Reading your stories not only made me see that I’m not the only one suffering but it made me see a greater purpose for my life I cannot relate to tinnitus but I have had several major depressions in my life. Honestly I was sinning and was a Luke warm Christian let me just tell you if any of you have sinned while knowing the love of Christ turn around now in my experience I learned the hard way. I was just saved from by faith my last depression and mental anguish in Jesus christ name. I learned to grasp to God even though we suffer people we must fight by prayer, and reading the bible and to those that can, fasting. My heart was touched I, honestly back in July I couldn’t even eat I would throw up my food I pressed unto God but in the end he blessed me not because i deserved it but because he is faithful and merciful he even baptized me in praying in tongues I didn’t deserve his gifts but he is so faithful and ever since I keep close to him it is before the testing we should always be prepared but during the hardships ask for him to hold on to you and humble yourselves. Brothers and sisters hang on to God he is the only way and doctors can fail but I ask in Jesus name that hopefully soon he will heal you all or let doctors come up with a real solution 🙂 I will continue to pray for all and wait for the miracles of the hand of God! Keep me posted brothers and sisters…to those who can I propose a fasting my email is mpant001[at]yahoo[dot]com we will pray and fast in our homes for the same cause remember where there is one or more praying God will hear. Luisa hang in there I have a feeling God will answer your prayers soon!

  40. Sobhuza Says:

    Hi guys im sorry to hear about your troubles. But i have something to share with EVERYONE and i mean its FOR EVERYONE.

    People, sometimes we are not healed BECAUSE we are not doing DELIVERANCE. almost half of the disesases on earth are caused by demons. Its a matter of casting out demons and using God’s weapons of spirtual warfare. Go to this website: demonbuster.com to get the full details on what must be done to get healing and delivernace.

    Jesus most of the time did not just heal people, he had to cast out demons then people got healed after those demons were cast out. Deaf spirits had to be cast out in jesus’s name before the deaf could hear. Man is a spirit, soul and body. Most illnesses are spirtual, so before tinnitus can be resolved, the spiritual needs to be taken of. The body will take care of the rest, even fasting can help heal tinnitus because it helps the spirit tune into God’s power.

    Ephesians 6:12: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    I know some of you will say ” But christians cant have demons”. Well…thats a lie, in fact christians are very demonized. The truth is that christians cant be possessed by demons because we belong to jesus, demons can not have total ownership of our bodies. But they can influence our will and emotions and drive us to do or say somethings. The woman who was bound by satan for 18yrs was a believer she believed in the messiah, but a demon of infirmity made her sick still. That shows that christians can have demons as well, cancer, diabetes, herpes and all other diseases are demons!! Cast them out in jesus’s name and people will be healed!!

    Its time for the body of christ to mature and stop begging for what is rightfully theirs!!. Its time to stop saying “i hope God heals me”. its time to say “by jesus strips im healed, tinnus get out of my body in jesus name Now!” It is God’s will to heal u, that is why jesus died on the cross.

    DO NOT use Paul’s excuse about the thorn in the flesh. That was NOT a disease or an infirmity on his body, it was a spirit, a messenger of satan that was assigned to buffet him and make his journey of preaching the gospel a living hell NOT a disease!! That is satan’s lie!!! God wants his people well and not sick!!!

    Deliverance sometimes takes time, as the enemy will try and attack you with recurring sytopms to make u lose faith. But dont worry keep the fight on and you will win. You must be 100% committed to jesus to get deliverance. Thus you need repetance from your sins and other things that God shows you.

    It can take a year, months or days to be free depending on many factors which im sure you will learn as the holy spirit makes them known to you.

    Jesus said in Matthew 10:7-8 And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

    Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

    Go for Deliverance and get tinnitus kicked out in jesus’s name. Healing is sometimes a battle, dont worry, jesus is the deliverer.


  41. Nidine Smith Says:

    hi im experiencing exactly what you had. My ear just started ringing suddenly one night and its been nearly 3 months now and im deprest and can’t sleep properly. My silence has been robbed from me. I am christian and i try to believe that it will heal BUT WHEN WILL IT GO AWAY!I’m fed up with it and annoyed. I don’t want to have it. I only hear it when it is very quiet.

  42. John Says:

    Pray for healing of tinnutus. I just want to DIE, it destroyed my life. Why didnt anyone warn me about this and the dangers of loud music

  43. benji Says:

    About your post on deliverance..you are totally right..the ringing started for me the day you posted that. i am a worship leader at my church ..it is obviously an attack people! This kind does not go out without fasting and prayer…keep in mind..eternity has no sickness. no pain. pray his kingdom come and his will be done and hasten the return of christ!!!

  44. Mary Says:

    Thank you for all your words of encouragements. I’m confessing healing 3 or more times a day. I’m going to fast too. Im trying to gain my strentgh. But I think fasting is very important. Hold on to your faith and Gods Word. If anyone is interested in fasting together with me let me know, maybe we can fast together for healing. God bless you all.

  45. Mary Says:

    I also recommend everyone to get the book God’s Creative Power for healing by Charles Capps. It has helped me tremendously. Confess the word of God, listen to it and it will be engrafted into your heart. God bless you all.

  46. Zoe_Selah Says:

    So blessed by this testimony. Praise be to God!

  47. John Arnott Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I like your article. I would like to give my theories on tinnitus and hearing loss:

    My theory is as follows:

    Aspartame and wireless radiation work in synergy to disrupt carbohydrate metabolism and open the blood brain barrier. Aspartame causes excess glutamate and aspartate production. The excess glutamate causes the sensation of tinnitus and and aspartame is linked to hearing loss/tinnitus(as well as a host of other conditions. Furthermore the excess glutamate causes excess neuronal firing which linked to the tinnitus.Also to note that this can creep up on people unnoticed over a period of time. Unfortunately a lack of knowledge of the causes can exacerbate things. I believe this causes non noise related hearing loss/tinnitus.

    I would reckon that fasting would be an excellent way to heal this condition as well as avoidance of wireless devices and all foods that contain artificial sweeteners. Once elimination of usage of wireless devices(particularly mobile phones) and aspartame, then the fast and the body’s own innate healing will do the rest.

    Anyway I hope that this can help alleviate suffering and distress. I really understand your plight and I send my compassion and best wishes.

  48. Bernard Says:

    Hi, i have tinnitus for about 2.5 months and i am still struggling with it. My parents and my family comfort me a lot and i pray a lot to God to heal me. This website is so comforting. I will trying the fasting theory. Like some people you must truly believe and confess alll your sins to God. Thanks for this website and please pray for me .

  49. Isabelle Says:

    Hello, my name is Isabelle and I’m only 15 years old. I’ve had tinnitus for a few months now and I have a feeling it just got worse. I’m more aware of it now, as if it got louder, and I heavily dislike it! I just want it to stop! I’ve been a Christian from when I was little because of my mum, but I do realize I’m losing faith and becoming more materialistic, I know it’s bad, but I’m just really confused what to believe anymore. As I’m growing older, and also very interested in science it shows us things that makes sense, backed up with proof.. I really want to know Jesus and all it’s just hard what to believe these days. But I don’t want to lose hope, Jesus is my hope, my only hope.. And your story gave me hope too, god bless you. Love, Isabelle.

  50. Bill Says:

    God bless all of you. I ask if you will agree with me in prayer for our healing from a merciful God.

  51. Emory Says:

    I’ll agree with you, Bill!

  52. Sonia Wilson Says:

    Many thanks for this post. l was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 so was having treatment. The last treatment land me in hospital and immediately my ears popped lost my hearing. l am a christian and believe in God l have never been hospitalised for more than a day. l realised that it was the devil because God wants us to have a healthy and happy life. l finished work had an appointment for a scan little did l know that l would be in hospital for 10 days.One evening l cried out to God and asked Him to come and touch not only me but everyone in hospitals throughout the world. lt was that kind of cry l have never done before,l was getting wek every day and more illnesses where attaching themselves to me. About midnight l was half asleep my temperature extremely high, l felt a cold but soothing touch, it happened so quickly but l realised it was God, immediately my temperature which had been 39-40 for 9 days normalised. l felt like something had been taken off my shoulders! As l improved my hearing didnt come back. The doctors were happy to discharge me but mentioned that my hearing would come back in time. l left not hearing a thing, l kept praying for my ears to be unplugged, the ringing was so loud l could hear like machinery and drums in my ears. This can drive you mad. After two days l visited the Haematologist and was told that there was no more cancer. God touched me that night and the cancer left! Halleluah. l can hear now but still hear ringing and vibrating in my ears but its mild l pray everyday that God will take it away as He did the cancer. These are the ways of the devil he will try anything to frustrate us but we need to keep the faith. The bible says it is impossible to please God without faith. Faith is being sure of what we hope for. Lets keep our eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our lives. ln my prayers l will remember you all as l understand what it is to live this unpleasant illness. We are more then conquerers and we will all be healed.

  53. Blessing Says:

    I have tinnitus in my right ear. Thanks for this post. Now I believe that it will go away. God is great.

  54. Liana Says:

    My prayers are with you all. I have had tinnitus for at least five years so fully understand your pain, frustration, bewilderment. One of the hardest things I have had trouble with is how am I supposed to “Be still and know that He is God”. I can’t remember what silence is; but I know there is so much more to being still. It’s total reliance on His ability to manage and control every detail, every hurt, every joy, every need of my life. Life that I have been gifted with. It’s His life not mine. As I sit here typing this, the ringing persists. Were I not to have it, I wouldn’t be writing this as I wouldn’t have searched for ‘another’ answer and been directed here.
    That’s all so obvious; but it’s so special because I have been given the opportunity to pray for you all and shed a tear for the broken-hearted in full compassion and understanding of what you are going through. I pray also for all who are reading these messages but don’t comment. God is so good and so
    perfect. So beautiful and so lovely. The tinnitus is just one part of my journey regarding my health. Some days (should I say, a lot of days) are just a blur, pure exhaustion; but through it all the Lord has blessed me with the gift of poetry and I pass it on to anyone in need. I know it is not the answer to the trials you are going through; but I pray that somewhere, somehow, someone may find comfort through my writing. Jesus is the answer.
    May the Lord bless you all and may His healing virtue flow through you.
    May your hearing and stillness be fully restored in His name, in His time.
    Thank you Sobhuza.

  55. Todd Says:

    I just spent a half hour typing a long email that for some reason was lost…The Lord knows my heart.

    I need to head home, so I will make this short.

    I will be back to tell you my testimony real soon because I believe this tinnitus will be gone soon.

    The Lord is my healer & has healed me in the past of two major conditions.

  56. Cynthia Says:

    Hi, I have been diagnosed with tinnitus, constant ringing. I would like to get some spiritual support, thank you Cynthia Williams. email: time9484 at hotmail dot com or wwjdtime56 at yahoo dot com

  57. Cobber Says:

    MY Christian Son aged 51 years old has been mentoring a young guy with Tinnitus he is a non Christian and my son had to stay with him this week. Yesterday my son said, that after living in the same house as this young guy who has a lot of problems,that he now has got tinnitus too.

    So, I am searching the net to see if tinnitus can be a spiritual attack or demonic. I know several Christians who have tinnitus all males. Maybe it is thru some sin or opening of a kind.?????

  58. Tim Says:

    Hi Bro and Sis in Christ,
    I would like to share my story.I suffer tinnitus for more than 10yrs.The first 6 yrs, the ringing tone are not so bad (I still can hear the external sounds which suppress the ring tone) I was not bothered by it until I fainted while working in office 2008.I went to visit my ENT doc who explain to me – the medical new word call – tinnuitus.The doc ask me whether I need any depression pills and was told that I lost 40% of hearing due to tinnitus.(ENT share that I will lost the rest of my hearing when I reach 60 plus).In 2009, I went to save my sister life – donate 40% of my liver.(12 hrs operation) During my recovery,I realize my left tinnitus ear went deaf.I went to see the same ENT doc where he confirmed I was profound deaf! I was struggling the sudden deafness and change of lifestyle. I was not able to worship in my church bec of the sound for last 4yrs. It was vey depressive and frustation.I cry many times alone. My mood swing so bad, I wonder… where is GOD? I thank my wife who bear the sudden change of my behaviour.I can’t go nosiy place esp where – fan frequency! I wore hearing aid but I throw it one side bec it does not resolve my ringing tones in my ear – mind.I pray and listen the Words of GOD (right ear) when I sleep. Read the bible to heal me.Many times, I went crazy! A lot peoples ask me – does the liver transplant affect your ear – lost 60 % and went deaf. (The ENT doc told me in 2008, my left ear will go deaf when I reach 60 plus.)If I don\’t save my sis life, I will still have 60 % of my hearing and my tinnitus is still manageable which suppress by external sound.
    Today, I ‘m struggling so much….that I lost my faith in his WORDS OF HEALING.Go to many healing ministry….where is GOD! I plead to GOD, I don’t mind to be deaf but not tinnitus! 🙁

  59. Peter Says:

    Bless you Sobhuza
    Bless you
    What a wonderful encouraging testimony Sobhuza you wrote in May 2009. I join all the others, in saying thank you so much for sharing how God has healed you from the hearing loss and Tinnitus. I would encourage you to keep sharing with others Gods goodness.

    You share some precious things in all you write Sobhuza. For example, you say how you knew you had caused this ear damage when exposing yourself to loud dance music. This was despite your father warning you of the dangers.

    How lovely, how amazing, how wonderful, that God loves each one of us so much that he understands how we all do things that can be injurious to us.
    Many other things like smoking, drinking too much alcohol or lack of exercising can cause us medical illness and sickness later in life but God is no respecter of persons or disqualifies us simply because we messed up.
    ‘m so glad Jesus did not come for the righteous but to sinners like you and me. The ones that are aware we messed things up and will continue from time to time and still mess things up.

    I’m glad you included that information because when something like this happens, satan so often will whisper and suggest, “you caused that damage to your ear and God cant help you when you have caused it, you know”.

    However just like when Jesus was tempted after his fasting in the desert, (Luke 4)
    V9 And he (satan) brought him to Jerusalem, and set him on a pinnacle of the temple, and said to him, If you be the Son of God, cast yourself down from hence:
    For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you:
    And in their hands they shall bear you up, lest at any time you dash your foot against a stone.
    And Jesus answering said to him, It is written, You shall not tempt the Lord your God.

    But then Sobhuza you go on to quote so many of God’s promises in his precious word. Promises that we can take hold of as we look to Him for our healing.
    Just like Jesus, it is for us too, to speak out with our mouth, “It is written”
    Psalm 103 Bless the Lord and all that is within me Bless His Name.
    Bless the LORD, O my soul,
    And all that is within me, bless His holy name.
    Bless the LORD, O my soul,
    And forget none of His benefits;
    Who pardons all your iniquities,
    Who heals all your diseases;
    Who redeems your life from the pit,
    Who crowns you with lovingkindness and compassion;
    Who satisfies your years with good things,
    So that your youth is renewed like the eagle.
    Also as you quoted Phillipians 4 “Do NOT be anxious about anything but by prayer and supplications make your requests known to God
    And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
    This is what you did with the fasting.

    I’ve had various ailments over the years, which I thank God for his healing.
    My Knee:- A good quite recent example was my left knee which became gradually more and more painful.
    In the end I felt I must go to the doctor. He sent me for an X ray and a week or so later, he gave me the result that it was arthritis. He could not predict how quickly it would get progressively worse to the point of a knee replacement?
    I was pretty devastated by this news and quite depressed really. Then my faith in God and His word began to rise and I began to focus on what God has said in his word (HIS, IT IS WRITTEN!). What Jesus accomplished at the cross at Calvary.

    We must do this and I feel as the times get more difficult in many parts of the world which they are already doing, including here in Britain. The time could soon come (as it seems to have in Greece who are running out of money for medical services) we may no longer be able to visit a doctor to find a solution. What’s more, it is good to remember IT REALLY DOES PLEASE GOD when we trust His word and promises.

    Some may have heard Alvin Slaughter singing and he used to sing a lovely song which the words are:-
    I thank God for the mountains,
    And I thank Him for the valleys,
    I thank Him for the storms
    He brought me through;
    For if I’d never had a problem
    I wouldn’t know that He could solve them,
    I’d never know what faith in God could do.

    God says in His word, ‘Without faith it is impossible to please God’.
    So often we can end up hovering between faith and unbelief.

    I like so many other Christians have had the privilege of reading and hearing such good teaching over the years from the likes of ‘Kenneth Hagan’, Oral Robers, and one thing I thought was such a good bit of teaching was from Morris Cerello who some out there might know. He said such a helpful thing some years ago. Since I recorded it on video from one of the Christian TV stations aired into Britain and around the world like TBN which you mention Sobhuza God used to speak to you,
    I was able to transcribe it, word for word. This is what Morris Cerello said:-
    The only thing that pleases God, …..,the only thing that really moves him……….Let me tell you something, If God was moved my your physical need ..… you’d be healed…… but that don’t move Him..…Now don’t get mad…… Don’t get upset and don’t blame God for what I’m saying. If God was moved by ‘need’ how many of you know, He’d never let anybody die with cancer. How many of you know, if God was moved by need, He wouldn’t let all those children die of starvation. He’s not moved by need. Somehow because I’m human, I wish he was but he’s not HE IS GOD! He’s moved by one thing FAITH.
    Without Faith, it’s impossible to please Him”

    I found and continue to find that very illuminating. Its not to do with our feelings or our emotions etc etc. It is about FAITH in His word.

    Which is why it is so helpful for us all to let HIS WORD sink into hearts. Keep on reading those scriptures pertaining to your healing. Some will say, ‘Oh if only I had more faith’.
    A/ Faith is a Gift form God and
    B/ Faith commeth from hearing and hearing the word of God. Rom 10.17

    So it not a good idea to keep sharing your problem be sickness or anything else, with those who will not encourage biblical believing.

    Another quote is something Creflo Dollar said back in 1996
    Don’t line your words up with the problem again I recorded on Video what he said and was able to then write it down.

    “Don’t Act, Don’t Agree with, Don’t Line your words up with the PROBLEM.
    Rather – Act Like, Talk like, Walk Like & Conduct yourself Like the SOLUTION you are trying to get hold of”

    So with my knee, I began to thank the Lord for his promises on healing and that by Jesus stripes, I am healed’ I did not go round telling everyone how painful it was. No I kept my mouth shut!
    I began to walk a little bit more than usual, perhaps ten minutes or so, It was painful but I just kept thanking God.
    Gradually the pain began to go gradually over the months and this very day (21st March 13) I’ve just returned from a 2 hours walk. Knee fine now! Praise the Lord!

    Stomach Pain:- I had a stomach issue which went on for well over six months. Again I trusted God but after six months, I ended up going to the doctor. Even as I went, I almost felt the Lord saying, ‘you must trust me on this’
    Anyway I visited the doctor and It was suspected an ulcer and I was given some tablets to reduce the acid in the stomach in order for it to heal. Others reading this will know what this is about.
    However on the way home, again I felt the Lord speaking to me, not audibly but the sense was, ‘It is up to you Peter, but you need to trust me on this’.
    Like I said before, I’ve come to realise that IT REALLY DOES PLEAS GOD when we trust HIM.
    I did not take the pills, the stomach began to get better and better so today, it’s back to normal.

    Now totally relevant to your wonderful testimony Sobhuza, of God’s healing from hearing loss and Tinnitus. I too through my own fault some years ago, bought a ‘cat scarier’ which sent out a high pitched sound. As I was not sure it was working, I put it to my year and Tinnitus was triggered in my right ear. Anyone who has like you Sobhuza experienced this, as you described it, it is a devastating experience to find this disturbing sound incessantly there.
    I was prayed for and it did seem to diminish to a point that was not of great concern to me. However whenever I was exposed to some noises, it seemed to trigger it a bit more for a short period. Even dropping, say a spanner on the ground was enough to scare me. So I was always most careful to avoid these kind of sounds.

    Then just recently I had a bomb-fire in our garden and something burning made quite a sharp bang and resulted in the ear sound increasing again.

    Its at such times, as you have described it so well Sobhuza, This set-back seriously challenged me once again. Like you did with the disco music, you go over self recriminations, ‘suppose I had not been close to the fire’ etc or in your case, ‘If only I had not gone to that disco.’

    We can however easily forget some other not so exciting promises in Gods Word. Take for example ‘Many are the afflictions of the righteous BUT the Lord delivers him from them all.

    So we should not think it will be a bed of roses this side of Heaven.
    Again though we do have exhortations such as, ‘In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.’
    It does not say in some things, no it says in EVERYTHING!

    Sooner or later a new challenge to our faith will pop up. Each time we do have an answer to prayer, it builds our faith for the next challenge. Joyce Meyer has spoken about looking back at how God has worked in your life, to encourage one with things now.

    Lest I ramble on too much more Sobhuza and others who might have read this, I once again thank you so much for sharing your powerful testimony of God DOES heal us today in 2013.
    But for all of us, we must feel secure in the knowledge that IT IS GODS WILL that we are healed and in good health no matter what age we are in this life. Not just our soul but our physical body. Then we can come boldly before God and ask and thank Him in confidence that whatever is our present problem, it will sooner or later be manifest in our lives.
    3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.

    Norfolk England

  60. Lynda Says:


    Study the Word of God day and night (Joshua 1:8). It pays to have a knowledge of the Word, when you know the Word you will know what to do, otherwise you’ll be frustrated (Hosea 4:6 – My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge). A lot of you don’t know or will never understand that the suffering you have is unnecessary because God has already HEALED you from whatever you are suffering from (1 Peter 2:24). You are already healed. You don’t have to see the results to believe you are healed. Believe FIRST that you are healed and the results will show up. That’s faith – it believes first before it sees (or hears). If you find it difficult to believe this – keep building your faith strong by studying the Word day and night for the bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Hearing (the ability to hear) comes by the word of God. The more of God’s word you hear – the more your hear (with your ears). Hearing the Word doesn’t only mean someone has to speak it out for you to perceive it with your ears. You must study and meditate on it. The truth is you are HEALED, believe this and thank God. Then keep confessing that you can hear, reject deafness, reject and rebuke tinnitus. Keep talking the Word until you hear. It may take longer and it may look as though nothing is happening but in the spirit realm a lot is happening.

  61. Trudy Says:

    I will love to share my testimony with all tinnitus sufferers. I had tinnitus in my left ear for three years. I am a born-again christian and wondered why the tinnitus was still getting louder, unable to sleep peacefully, burying my head in the pillow and asking God to heal me. I had tried all recommended herbs and vitamins. I commanded the tinnitus to leave in the name of Jesus but it did not go immediately. I did not give up as i believed that God is in control. The ear and throat surgeon said I will have to live with it the rest of my life. Of course I believed God’s word concerning healing and continued to trust God although I felt the discomfort and restlessness of not having a peaceful sleep. It affected my life and work as it was so hard to concentrate. I never gave up. One day I realized I was completely healed. No trace of noise in my left ear. I am now able to sleep peacefully and eat the foods that aggravated the condition. eg peanuts. PRAISE THE LORD. JESUS HEALED ME. For With GOD nothing shall be impossible. Do Not Give up. I pray that God Almighty will heal you too. JESUS IS LORD. Allow him to be the Lord of your life.

  62. scott Says:

    God does heal. He has healed me of so many afflictions I cannot count. In one chronic illness it took over 2 years before God’s miracle manifested iitself. I pray for all on this message Board. One thing that helps is to thank Him in advance for whatever it is that you are seeking healing for. Thank Him everyday in advance of the healing. Then truly one day He will heal you like He did me.

  63. Pam Says:

    I have tinnitus I have had it now for over 27 years, I noticed it while pregnant with my son, strange I was sitting on my bed reading the Bible at the time and it was like what is that noise and today it is getting so much worse. I pray all the time for God to take the noise out of my ears/head wherever it is coming from, I know God heals and one day I believe I will be healed I just got to keep believing, it was good to see your testimony though to know someone out there has been healed from this awful problem, keep me in your prayers. Thanks

  64. Ana Says:

    And to think I have had to deal with hearing loss my whole life, and with tinnitus for 13 years now. Now I am pretty much used to it, although sometimes there are days when it does make me lose my balance and makes it difficult to focus on something. I have been praying to God for few years now to heal me, and even many times fasted with only eating and drinking water after the night falls. Yet no healing. My hearing loss has kept me to the point where I don’t live life, but I pretty much only exit. It makes me scared of groups of people (church, school, conference room, cafeteria), it makes me scared if someone is going to ask me something and I am not going to hear, or are people going to laugh at me, or even sometimes after repeating question many times am I going to hear it? So, pretty much when I am around people I live in fear. And recently I was crazy enough to leave my job thinking after praying this time God will heal me, and that will open the door of wide opportunities for me, so I won’t have to work at the lowest department anymore, and I will be able to have my office. However, after praying for six months, now reality has hit me, there is no healing, and most of the jobs require phone use or being around people constantly. It makes me scared, and thinking that I have made biggest mistake of my life. So, why do you think you have been healed, and what is it that I am doing wrong. I am not even watching any movies that I think might insult God in some way, I am doing my best to follow God commandments, and even trying to read bible daily. Although, I am thinking it is all in vain. When I pray it is like I am praying to the wall, my prayer is not reaching God, and at this point I don’t know where or to whom to turn. But how do I trust God in the future if he left me down when I needed him the most?

    Although, after reading some of the comments I will try thanking God ahead of time for my healing, and read the bible longer, and study it more, hopefully it opens my eyes and shows me what is it that I doing wrong, that stand in between God and me so he doesn’t hear me. Because having life and living life as hard of hearing equals life of fear, shame and defeat. Because I am not even able to have normal conversation with people, and it has also been keeping me from learning how to pronounce English words correctly, and I have been leaving here in the USA for longer than 10 years. Pretty much people think I am not smart enough or lazy to learn how to pronounce words correctly, while the thing is I am not even able to hear words correctly and clearly in order to learn them. It is not the way to live, because such life is not a life, it is more of a punishment.

    If you have any suggestions as what to do, and how to pray, please let me know. Any advice is well appreciated.

    Thank you.

  65. Joy Says:

    Dear Ana,

    My heart goes out to you with this problem. I don’t have tinnitus but I have another problem that has kept me from relating to people, whether in groups or individually.. A lot of fear in relation to people, and talking to them… It has caused me many tears.

    When I read your post, two things came to mind:
    The first is, have you investigated getting a hearing-aid? or other form of supports? there are people who work in this area and might be able to help you.

    The other thing I have to say is I don’t know the answer to your problem, but I know this: That God deeply and personally cares about you. You have no idea how precious you are to Him… He definitely and certainly has good plans for you and your life. And He will bring them to pass (see Jeremiah 29;11, Psalm 138, Romans 8, Psalm 23). No matter how difficult it is to understand your circumstances, know that He is always always faithful. Remember Proverbs 3, where it says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding”. Your understanding is important, but trusting and relying on Him is even more important. Think of a child trusting his or her parents about things he can’t understand.
    You can trust the Lord, He knows what you are experiencing. He can and will and is helping you out. It says in Romans 8 that… the Holy Spirit is interceding for you.. the Lord Jesus is interceding for you… and the Father is working on your behalf.

    Can I kindly suggest that rather than putting your heart’s energy into seeking healing, that you might change your focus and put your heart’s energy into seeking HIM.
    By that I don’t mean to say ignore opportunities for getting help.. but that you would check that your first priority is seeking Him.
    Pray the Bible.. make its words your prayer.. thanking always that this promise and that promise are true.

    Please check any advice anyone gives (including my suggestions!) with what the Lord says in His word..

    I am praying for you now.



  66. Ana Says:

    Thank you so much Joy. I appreciate it. And yes, I am going to try to seek His kingdom more instead of healing, although wanting healing is always there. But, I have felt few times God telling me to seek his kingdom first and all this things will be given to me yet, I can be like a spoiled child, and want it my way, and seek healing only. The interesting thing is, that sometimes I pray for something and get the answer immediately, or pray for someone and the prayer is answered right away. Or pray for healing, but things change so the healing is not needed. I definitely will take your advice and try to seek Him first, although, I have to admit it will take time, patience and practice for me. But thank you for your advice and your prayers, too. All the best to you.


  67. Randy Smith Says:

    Back in January 2011, I went deaf in my left ear with no cause or cure. When doctors tried to restore my hearing, they nearly blinded my left eye. In the name of Yahweh Yeshua, please help.

  68. Mary Says:

    My tinnitus started after a few days on an antidepressant. I thankfully only hear the low buzz when the air-conditioning is on at work and sometimes home and in my car. Seeing specialist in 2 weeks. Prayers for all.

  69. Michael Davis Says:

    About 7 years ago, I developed tinnitus, an intolerance to cold, hearing loss and slight vision loss. I went from a very healthy ex athletic person to a weak person. I have prayed, tried herbal fixes, sought tinnitus medicine…all of the things you guys tried and nothing has worked. God has answered other prayers of mine since then but not my health related ones. I can only assume He is saying “No” for now and maybe till I die. I hope that’s not the case, but if this draws me closer to Him than I was before, then I must accept it. The hard part is being grateful when you feel bad. That may be why I still suffer.

  70. Jazzy Says:

    it is evident that God can heal, in my research with Tinnitus, all success stories have been from people who have called upon God and received healing. Gods word is powerful and fasting is like an atomic bomb Mathew 17:21 the word of God says that there are some things that will go out through a combination of prayer and fasting. Mathew 18:21 say where two or more are gathered in my name there God is in the mist and there is power in agreement, I truly believe in the power of God. We can start a prayer and fasting group together which will be powerful the bible says that Roman 4:20 how powerful this is when believers come together. Even if your faith is low right now, and you are tired and weary. Trust God join together with believers and unit our faith through prayer and fasting and watch the Hand of God move. all who want to do this please email me at jazzyme2 at yahoo dot com. God’s power is greater and stronger and when you have believers a support group to encourage, pray, fast, stand together, God will heal , he said He will hear the crys of his people and grant them recovery. Don’t give up. Don’t GOD IS ABLE.

  71. Rosalie McKay Says:

    My fellow sufferers of Tinnitus, I have read most of the messages and your situations break my heart. Medina Santos, I could hardly hold back the tears when reading about the way you feel. I have suffered with Tinnitus for about 12 years. I have had up to four sounds at one time in my head. Sometimes I only have one and it is able to be covered by the radio and a fan. My doctor gave me “Ativan, 1mg and that helps me cope with it. I have been suffering the past week with heightened ringing because I stuffed Kleenex in my ears at church because the music was too loud and it actually only hurt me more.

    I, like many of you, can’t believe that this prayer has gone un-answered for so many years. I cried out to the Lord afraid because I felt He didn’t love or care about me and that I was the only one He was not healing. But now I have read these many stories and I see that is not so.

    It is hard to believe our loving papa would not immediately free us from such a torturous thing, but I look back and see how many times before He has healed and saved me from disaster. I can only believe His reason must be a very important one and we have to stay strong and wait on the Lord. Right now there is a storm going on and the rain and thunder is like music to my ears. It seems that just when we think we can’t bear another moment He allows a break of some kind. I believe His coming is soon, but from now on when I pray for “myself”, I will pray for “everyone” as well. Perhaps if we all do that, we will all be healed, perhaps it is something like that He is waiting for. Loving you, loving Him, in hopefulness for us all, Rosalie.

  72. naven Says:

    hi. I’m also suffering from tinnitus and insomnia, i am taking 2mg of melatonin for my insomnia. it’s new to me it’s going on for almost 2 months already. I think I got it from medicine which the dentist gave me. I am a Christian working here in Qatar. my family is not with me so it’s been very difficult. when I had this I cried so hard to God to take it away. there’s so much worries coming in my mind these past days like if I go home to my family, what’s going to happen because there’s not much work there? what would I become of me if this sickness will not go away. if I stay here and work, the long hours of working and , taking care of myself and longing for my wife and children would add to my suffering. I can’t decide. it’s very hard to decide.i thought that maybe i got this tinnitus is because i have sinned to God, so i prayed and cried so hard for forgiveness and to take it away. Please include me in your prayers as i will.

  73. Ransomovitch Says:

    Lord, I just don’t know right now how to proceed except read Your Word and seek You. The ringing is taking its toll (no pun intended). I can’t escape it, and until You take it away, I have to learn to inhabit it. Please give me the strength to be strong for my wife, for my family, the family business and friends. Keep me from crawling away and hiding. Thank you anybody for your prayers.

  74. C. Verdad Says:

    My husband has had a ringing in his ear for over 15 years. Hearing loss has occurred and he is almost deaf in the same ear. Been to the specialist, they could not help. More family history: His sister was diagnosed with minierse disease, similar symptoms. His grandma was deaf in an ear. And his half brother has ear problems in his ear. This tells me it’s generational. So this is where we begin and I recommend it for any Christian, with or without sickness!

    1. Forgiveness. Ask Holy Spirit or Jesus or Father God (they are One) who you need to forgive. As He begins to show you, forgive each person and for the offense that wounded you. Speak it out loud. Keep going back to God until there is no one left.

    Example: I forgive My Dad for not having kind words to say to me. I forgive you dad and I release you from all harm done to me. Then, next offense. Keep going.

    2. Repent for your sins. Name them, agree with God.
    Example: I repent for not returning the money that was not mine at the store. I agree with you God. I was wrong. I’m sorry (and mean it). Speak out everything Holy Spirit shows you until nothing is left.

    3. Repent for partnering with demonic spirits and break any agreement you’ve made with them. (if you feel this applies to you).
    Example: I repent for partnering wih the spirit of bitterness. I was wrong
    God, I agree with you. In the name of Jesus and with the blood of Jesus, I choose to break agreement/contract with the spirit of bitterness.

    4. Break off generational curses. My husbands ear condition is in his family line. Ask God if you have a generational curse. Wait and listen. If you get something, go with it and break if off. Example: in the name of Jesus I repent for my family and through past generations who knowingly or unknowingly participated in witchcraft or the occult. I repent for the sins in my family line. And I ask you jesus, to set me and my family free from this curse and all future generations, because of your blood. (See if Jesus shows you anything else or something in more detail you should deal with).

    I hope something I mentioned might be helpful to anyone who reads it. UnForgiveness is HUGE. Bitterness is HUGE. Gives the enemy an open door. Repent and forgive.

    Also, some mentioned depression. I’ve been through that, about a decades worth. Have stories,but trying to keep this short. Medication can help but It’s a spirit. Medication won’t make it go away. Deal with unforgiveness and bitterness…go down to the root! Get to the root, Holy Spirit will take you there if you will get quiet with him.

    Recommendations in addition to your Bible, if you’re interested:
    Bought with blood, by Derek Prince.
    Bethelsozo.com (inner healing and deliverance ministry) network is worldwide. they can walk you through the steps I mentioned above with more detail – forgiveness.


  75. Dinesh Kumar Says:

    Praise the Lord!
    Myself Dinesh from India. A couple of months ago I went to a beach and played in water. I enjoyed and came back.
    After a month, I started to feel tinnitus and blocked ears. I tried home remedies but didn’t work! I was praying to Lord please heal me.
    Later I went to ENT they checked and said my ears filled with wax that is the reason I am getting that unnecessary sound in my ears.
    She suggested me to use ear drops namely ClearWax 10ml 2 drops morning aft night. I prayed to God this medicine should work. Tuesday I started and yesterday Saturday the wax came out by itself and I can hear perfectly. Glory to God!

  76. Renee Says:

    Joel, God wants you healed! In fact because of Jesus healing already belongs to you. (1 Peter 2:24; Isaiah 53:5) Even though God’s promises belong to us that doesn’t mean the enemy won’t try to come steal them from you. You need to take your healing! Just like the women with the issue of blood. Stop waiting on God. He already did everything for us through Jesus. How do you take it? With your mouth, declaring that you are healed out loud. By Jesus Stripes I am healed! And then stand on it and believe it’s done right then and there. The manifestation may not come immediately but do not waver and continue to say I am healed by His stripes. You have to believe you receive your healing WHEN YOU PRAY (Mark 11:23-25) ..not when you don’t hear the ringing anymore. That is not faith. And then build your faith by getting into the Word and speaking it out loud. Fluid yourself with the Word of God. I have experienced the ringing in my ears as well but I know I am victorious in Christ! And also stop eating wheat and dairy! Those can cause yeast build up which can irritate the inner ear causing it to ring.

  77. henry mponye Says:

    Henry is my name ugandan aged 32 years. Having a problem of hearing loss since my child hood. Maama told me measles demaged my ear at an infant stage and since had lost daddy when was still mother’s womb my uncles and aunt never wanted to know. Mam was young at an age of 19 years, she had to suffer with me and elder brother aged 34 now, no looked or cared for us remember during 1980s uganda had wars. In 1995 pus started comingout in my ear went to mulago national hospital only told me i will be okay as time goes on. It was 2014 i said am tied if these situation went to a clinic of ENT which was for expensive but had nothing to do because want to be well in hearing since during my school time students were laughing at me even upto now my workermates do.
    the doctor told me have a hole on ear drum both ears. I used to hear noise in my ear but didnt know why. It’s a long story affected my studies up to now. Please kind request. Kaji2x at yahoo dot com & mobile +256771803176. May God reward you.

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