How God Saved My Life

July 28th, 2007

All my life up until Jr. high I constantly questioned whether I truly in believed in God, or if I just said I did because I went to a Christian school.  Sure, I would pray, occasionally read the Bible- but in the back of my mind I always felt this small bit of doubt that made me wonder if my faith was truly genuine. Then when I was 13 and in 7th grade the following year, I made the wrong kind of friend, who had some issues back then, and would emotionally abuse and take advantage of me and 2 other of her closest ‘friends’. Nobody else ever knew though how she was acting towards us and thought she was really sweet, so me and the other 2 never really said anything because we didn’t want 2 just abandon her and make everyone turn on her.

Eventually all the stress made me extremely emotionally distraught, and it got to a point where I did indeed want to kill myself. I would pray so hard every night that God would do some kind of miracle of Biblical proportions in my life just to end my pain. After days of me praying everyday that I wouldn’t have to suffer like this, I came to a slow realization that God was always with me. He was with me and loved me when I doubted that I even truly believed Him, He was with me even as I held a bitterness towards Him for not ending a suffering I had brought upon myself, and that He was with me right there, at that very moment.  The more I realised that fact, the less it bugged me when that certain friend would try taking out there problems by making me feel bad, and you know what? Eventually she stopped doing it as often, and the more my life began to come together all because I stopped and understood that God loved me, and was greater than any pain I felt. After all of this, I never doubted ever again that God was real, because He IS real, and He never stops loving and wanting what’s best for us, even when we don’t realize it. Nothing I could write could ever describe how truly great He is, so I pray that everyone could understand God’s love for themselves and praise Him everyday of their lives because of it!

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  1. Ruth Says:

    I think its wounderful how Gods worked in your life and, keep the faith and dont let go of Jesus. cus he will never let anyone down . God is a good God every day of our lives . Igave my heart to God when i woz 6 and baptized at 10 and, he’s never let me go. yes i get dry patches in my life but God though his great love and mercy he deals with that .

    Its not and easy life but its the best as when Jesus comes agian there will be no more pain , sin, dying or crying.

    stay blessed

  2. allison Says:

    I enjoyed this i am a huge Christian and sent this to someone who dosen’t believe. Hope it Helps her!!

  3. allison Says:

    i believe strongly in God and hope this helps the girl i sent it to who doesn’t.

  4. Father-In-Us Says:

    Give all your problems to the Lord. He wants you to trust him with everything. If you trust in Him, He will always come through for you. There is nobody stronger that God, there is no emotion that can’t be conqured by God. Rejoice! for God is truly with you. At all times. I know this from experience. I was so lost in life. I thought nobody cared about me. I thought I was worthless. But then God showed up in my life, and I remembered who I was again. He showed me that I have everything I need, and everyone that I love. He saved me from evil and darkness. He opened my eyes to the truth of love and trust. He is all around us, a light that shines bright in our lives. We just have to open up to God!!

    God Bless

  5. winny Says:
  6. Louis Says:

    I’m at a very critical stage of my life, mentally I’m having some issues, but as of right now I actually do find some form of inner peace in believing in God and his strength. I’ve never had much belief in God prior in my life, always been somewhat sceptical of the whole thing, but I think I can honestly say for the first time that I believe, and so I beg of you to please walk with me through this dark passage, for I am doubtful.

  7. Garry Says:

    I am going thru roughest part of my life. Until last year I was controlling my life to the maximum. I did what I like to and how I like to, but now it’s so miserable and I sometimes feel pity for me. I lost whatever I use to have and now struggling to get it back. But I can clearly see that I wont to able to make it as I keep on getting shock waves time to time to destroy what on earth I try to do to improve the situation. This sometime leaves me in negative thoughts about life. I feel like life looks only beautiful when you are lucky else hell is here. It’s not that I only believe in luck, I am a hard working person I am doing extra efforts to get my life on track and even I get rewarded for it, but THE WALL OF LUCK stands in front of me. I am so unlucky that after being a good human my life is so screwed up that even after working towards the positive I am going towards negative.

    But apart from all the tough situations I am standing like a stone with a strong belief in my heart that one day I will succeed and will be able to take care of my family like others do easily. And who is behind this… My trust in my God. I know he is watching me and he is taking my test. He is sometime little hard on some people and test them to the limit.

    I am broken physically, financially, relations…. so on but I am not broken at my Heart. Its still with that God.

    Some Day I will also say this loud ” God Saved My Life”


  8. alejandra montoya Says:

    i am 16 years old and trust me believe in god because i was going thru a lot of problems and addicted to drugs and one day i was getting high and as i was getting high i hear a scary voice that said i am the one who lingers behind you but then i heard god say and i am the one who stands beside you in an angry voice and ever since then i have kum to realize that god is real and very powerful so believe me when i say god is real

  9. Correen Says:

    Just wanted to share an article about My husband and his crew being rescued out of the Gulf of mexico. They all agree that it was God who had his hand on them and brought them to there rescue! 22 hours on a capsized boat and my husband didn’t have a life jacket, but they all had faith!!

  10. mick Says:

    Well i have believed in god my whole life but sometimes physical pain gets me down and i don’t know what to believe anymore, even i think of killing myself cause i get so angry at my situations. But somewhere in the back of my head deep inside of me.. there is still a hope for me. Even i get those stupid thoughts wich i know are a sin even to think about.. of ending. what is sooo beautiful is life which is a free gift from god..

  11. Seth Says:

    My names Seth i’m 16 and im from Pennsylvania and i’m a junior in highschool and i’m cyber schooled. I got to say I feel inside very lonely sometimes and i feel like a loser, imperfect, strange, different from the rest, but outside I look like a tool someone who would beat somebody up for no reason but in all reality I just wanna help people and save lifes, Anyway Our Savior and lord Jesus Christ saved my life and helps me understand life and apreciate it more and I thank him for everything. So don’t stop loving God because his love is infinite life is’nt easy but god can heal your wounds and guide you in the right direction… Jesus Christ and God for life<3

  12. daryn Says:

    Though I’ve had my rough times, in life nothing is rougher to me than to realize how much god truly loves us, and how much he wants his children… Just know that what ever problem you have, run to him fall on the floor and just tell him how much you need him.. He is the light in which darkness will never stand a chance. I love you god and you will never be forgotten.

  13. Ianda Says:

    I got saved at the tender age of 13 and even though I still commit sin I know I have been saved by God’s grace. Ever since I got saved God has allowed me to realize that what I really want to do with my life is become a missionary to the country of Japan. Even though I am still just 14 I have realized that even though I am saved I am still a sinner that god has layed his grace upon and if it wasn’t for God I dont know where I would be at this moment I thank him every day but sadly my brother has not even thought about getting saved but if it is by God’s will I know he will make the right choice.

  14. Caroline Says:

    Im 32 and I drank,smoked ciggs and got high. I look back and think of all the wrong i have done. I wished i saved myself for marriage. I committed so much sin. One day a friend invited me to church and I gave my life over to God but still was doing wrong. I finally got baptized. I really want to love God with all my heart. I dont want to goto hell. I deserve to cause im a sinner. But God knows i want to change but he gave me free will so all the choices i made we my fault. God gets blamed for alot of things and its not his fault for what we decide to do. God is just and will judge us for the wrong choices. Alot of ppl are living a life that thwy think is right cause there going to churxh and reading like me and i need to be doing Gods will not mine. God saved me from taking my own life. We need to go out in the world and spread Gods word for him not us. Everything needs to be for him. So I pray that i accomplish these things.

  15. kyla Says:

    i went through alot these past couple of years. like you i i knew god was there but there was still doubt in my heart. i was never sure if i believed in him becaus i was raised that way or just becase i needed something greater to believe in. either way i was lost. i was so so lost. and like you said when you were down you wanted to end it; so did i. i would pray and pray and pary and wish and hope that he would show me the way. that i could do better and be better. and he did. it happened slowly. he showed me things that i neve thought i would be able to see.

    he showed me that my gray world was actually full of color and life. he showed me love. that he has always been with me. now until the end of time. he tested me. he let me bend but he did not let me break. my faith in god has been restored and i want to thank him and praise him everyday for showing me that. pain might be inevitable but suffering is optional. i just want everyone to let god into their lives. he is real. he is love. he is pain. he is everything. and he is with you. he always has been and he will never let you go.

    i know one day everyone will be able to say he saved me because i never thought i would. but i did. and i still do every single day. so please. if your going through something and you think you wont make it. dont give up. this is yur test. youll only come out stronger with god by your side. he will never let you down. he is always with me. so i know no matter who you are or what youve done that he is always with you. god bless you all!!!!!!!!!!

  16. kerry Says:

    this site was built with my heart

  17. Tiarni Says:

    This is a touching story, I really wish I could believe, but it is just so hard to believe in something I can’t physically see or feel, and I just live by the fact that it is rude to pretend

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