I Saw Jesus

January 27th, 2012

Testimony from Mrs. Geetha Deva Kumar

I was born in a nominal Christian home and went to church only at Christmas or Easter. My dad is an atheist and my mom a Christian who thought the world of my dad. When I was 19, 1 had a dream that my mother passed away and I was absolutely terrified. Within a month my mother had a rare virulent type of blood cancer and died within 21 days. Soon after that my sister and I got married.

Since my husband was a believer I used to read the Bible with him. When we prayed together I was not sure whether Jesus was the only Way. Whenever I came to the part where it says, “Jesus rose again”, I would be reminded of what my dad told us, that “His disciples stole the body and made up a story that He rose from the dead”.

In 1995 when our daughter Anita was 8 years old I had a similar dream that she passed away. ” The body was laid in a coffin and people were going around it and kissing it. I too kissed her and her skin felt like leather’ I woke up terrified and went to her bedside to pray. She was burning with fever. When she vomited blood we rushed her to hospital. She started hemorrhaging internally. On the 20th day, the doctors gave up hope. She was in and out of consciousness and was seeing demons and even Satan. She would tell us they were in the room, but we thought she was delirious.

My husband and I decided to fast and pray all night. We put the IV tube through the Bible on the verse which says “We are healed by His wounds,” knelt on either side of the bed and started to pray. I told Jesus, If what is written in the Bible is true, that You are alive and You do miracles, then come and heal my daughter. At about 2 am my daughter began stirring and speaking in another language. After a few minutes she abruptly got up and said “Mummy I am healed” Then she said “I saw Jesus” She explained, ” I was taken up through a dark tunnel higher and higher which opened into a bright hole that led to a golden gate of pearls. The gate was open and I ran through it, I walked through streets of gold which were so beautiful and reached the shores of a sea. I was wondering how I would cross this sea and when I put my foot it was only glass like crystal. I crossed over to find a huge throne made of gold and Jesus was standing near it. I ran to Him, He carried me and I felt so happy there I did not want to come home. So. I hugged Jesus really tight but He kissed me and put me down and told me to go.”

That’s when she woke up. She explained how Jesus was the most beautiful person she had ever seen, His robe was bright light and His hair and eyes were brilliant.

The doctors were surprised to see the sick child playing. They did not believe what I told them and insisted on a blood test which was normal. Hallelujah! When we came home she saw a picture of Christ at the entrance and said “What a terrible painting that is, Jesus is so beautiful” She read the Bible voraciously for hours together and memorized Scripture. She explained deep truths simply and displayed such love I knew it was from God.

I started reading the Scriptures believing that Jesus was alive and that everything about Him was true. When I came to the Book of Revelation I found it was exactly how my daughter had described Heaven. The first dream came to pass but the second did not. For the second dream I called on the Name of Jesus and pleaded the Blood of Jesus for my daughter’s healing. He saved my daughter from the enemy. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10)

With this experience, I am constrained to share His love to everyone I come across – my students, colleagues and neighbors. All glory and honor to our only true God and His Son Jesus Christ, through His Holy Spirit. Amen.

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  1. Miriam Says:

    Wow praise to the only true Jesus how amazing must it be to see the the saviour. I can’t wait to see my friend my brother,my saviour face to face. Listening to jeremy camps there will be a day coincidence? I dont think so 🙂

  2. Arnel Jen Says:

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!…. Truly, your testimony is powerful. Revelation 12:11 says we overcome our enemy by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony. May God continue to use you in His Vineyard. God bless you and your family always…=)

  3. 1100oye Says:

    wow! the lord is truly awesome. will never stop praising him

  4. Jared Says:

    Wow, touching testimony. I can’t wait to meet you and your blessed family. Oh how Jesus loves the children..

  5. Loftus Tottenham Says:


  6. Loftus Tottenham Says:

    Can you dream of future events? Great talent indeed but scary. I presume that you are a child of God adhering to the eternal foundation of Christianity “Father forgive them for they no not what they do”

  7. Godsgift27 Says:

    Beautiful story. I’m so glad that God heard and answered your prayers, and that your daughter was able to see Jesus and know what He did and can do for her. I’m going through a time where I truly need healing, and I know if He can do it for your daughter, He can do it for me. God bless you and your family. Stay strong in this body of Christ.

  8. martina Says:

    wow how amazing im praying to god any chance i get so that i can get a feeling or a vision or anything i wanna see jesus just like your daughter described him so beautiful 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. BJ Says:

    This is a powerful testimony of healing. Nothing is impossible for God, nor for those who will believe.

    Martina, it is important to just believe Jesus is there for you. The just shall walk by faith….(not by sight).

  10. nathaniel Says:

    In this story that we read did it say that a man and his sister got married? or was it a typo?

  11. Emory Says:

    nathaniel, yes it says:

    “Soon after that my sister and I got married.”

    But I take it to mean they married respective spouses.

  12. KURIAN Says:

    I am from India. I saw Jesus in a dream but I could not identify him. I asked him who you are and he answered I am Jesus Christ and disappeared in the dream I am facing this tall ethnic Arab looking, middle east man. He is tall 6 feet about. He is not dark skinned but neither he is a white man. He has close cropped black beard on the side of the face .but I knew he was a stranger.[he never looked like the usual Christ photos]. He was going on looking at me intently. He has a very loving and kind gaze. From his face I know that he knows all about me. So I am more confused .how this stranger knows all about me ?!

    Now I look at his cloths. It is a white robe, semi transparent, but it shines with a self illuminated golden hue. The robe extends from his neck to the ground. I cannot see his feet or hands. I get more confused; but as his looks are very loving and kind; I get courage to ask him his identity . I ask him (through my thoughts) who are you “he answers “I am Jesus Christ,” and immediately the vision is over.

    I am very happy that he came to visit me ,but I don’t know why, as I am hale and hearty cheerful and healthy as I always was. Any way I will ask him next time when finally I go to his place; why he came to me. Meanwhile, pray and thanks for your unexpected visit.

  13. joshua Says:

    kurian, He always visits for a reason. he will come back again this time ask Him are you the Son of God. Ask Him did you die on earth and rose to heaven in Flesh ? Did you over come Satan and are you Lord and King over all kings and lords of the Earth ? Are you the son Of God, the God of Abraham , Isaac, and Jacob. Once that Spirit fails to answer these questions , rebuke it and it shall depart. Remember that satan is the master of deceit , he can mascaraed as an angel of pure presence and fool you but those questions will not be answered because He is full of pride and he does not want anything to do with with the above questions.

  14. knoxx2 Says:

    Amazing grace! I too saw the vision of Jesus Christ on 17 July 2011. He is the most beautiful person. So loving and so powerful. And yes, He is alive!

  15. knoxx2 Says:

    @ Joshua,in my case, I asked the questions you raise (i.e. testing every spirit by the Word), and yes He replied… and said much more. He appeared again this last Good Friday morning (2012)… this time with a dark red sash over His glowing white gown. I believe this testimony, as I too have seen many miracles, divine healing, revelations and visions from that time till now.

  16. Mariadass Says:

    Great testimony.Praise the Lord.
    Anita u r soooo…… lucky.Keep glorifying our lord jesus christ of Nazareth.

    Even i saw jesus. He is alive forever..

  17. Geetha Devakumar Says:

    Thank you for sharing my testimony. I am so thankful to Jesus for this great experience my family had during the time of pain, He turned our test into a testimony indeed. God bless

  18. pietergabriel Says:

    How wonderful to read the testimonies and see the comments of people!!If you are on this website, it is either for strengthening your faith and enjoying the wonders of the Almighty God or… you may be curious and have an empty place, in your heart and soul, which you want to fill!You must also know, you won’t end up on this website by accident ! Thanks God for Emory and who-ever is working with Him!God gave him wisdom and urge to “create” this site!Surely they were guided by the Holy Spirit, and still walk with Him! I’m sure they seek for the truth in Jesus only!If you “struggle”with the testimonies,don’t worry- God know every heart and every intention -He will guide the righteous! Although comments are not always “positive” or just, we must all learn from every comment!Before I write my comment – please bear with me as I respond on some of the comments!I’m so excited about our Almighty God and what He can do!May God guide me through His Holy Spirit ,so that my words will be in the truth only! I truly believe in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, who were born as a Human(but…without ANY sin).The Jesus of Nazareth – who were nailed to the cross,His blood was shed for all our sins!He who delivers us from all evil!Jesus,You overcome the death,rose from the death after 3 days, and till today ,sit on the right hand of God our Heavenly Father,from where you will return to earth one day, for the final judgement!Your Love is perfect for Your children!The prize you paid, was the perfect Godly prize,which no one else could ,and will ever be able to pay!With this testimony I’m sure you can see that the real Jesus is my Father!With that “doubt” out of mind,let me start!

    Nathaniël!I want to believe that your intentions are good ,and that you asked those questions, because you want the truth!I know there are gay marriages but,…Geetha talks about her Husband and her 8year old daughter.I’m sure Emory is right, the sisters get married with different spouses.Maybe you are questioning it, because the testimony is beyond our human understanding.If any of the abovementioned is the case, I’m sure you just want to make sure that what happened is creditable and the truth!That is not a problem – as God teach us to be aware of the false profets and the false angel of the light, therefore we must indeed make sure about any testimony, and test it by the Word of God!!!If you read this, don’t think I’m trying to be clever or boast myself!NO…if in doubt,please go and read my testimony(the testimony of pietergabriel)

    Loftus Tottenham – I believe and hope that you are bold for God, and I’m sure you too are serious about your faith in Jesus!There are those who don’t believe in miracles today, either because of the doctrine they follow or simply because they just did not happen to “see” any miracle! Again,I’m not going to judge or talk about any doctrine,whether it’s right or wrong,that is not the idea of this website, but…after what happened to me, I will never doubt that miracles are happening today, and it is also happening all over the world – yet again the Holy Scripture of God is our guide!Satan can do “wonderful”things but he is deceitful and the false angel of the light!Satan will never give credit to our Almighty God in Heaven.He will try to deceive and mislead us, and he is defintely not stupid – yes, he is “mighty”,but we are children of God ALMIGHTY! God clearly said , any Kingdom who fights against himself will not stand.Although we know that the kingdom of Satan had been defeated by our Lord Jesus, Satan will DEFINITELY not fight against himself! Jesus Himself,said that to the Pharisees, when they challenged Him, about casting out demons.They said ,that Jesus used the power of “Beelsebab” to cast out demons…it is not His power!Jesus replied that a Kingdom won’t rise against himself!Now…if people truly believe in Jesus and they pray for His healing of the sick and a person get healed – so ,who must get the honour? The Word also says – if someone is ill, let him call the elders, they will anoint him with oil,lay their hands on him in prayer, and if they believe, the person will be healed! So, if people realy put their trust in God the Trinity for the healing ,and give Him all the honour and glory,then…which Kingdom is praised and honoured?Surely not Satan and the works of darkness!In this spescific testimony,they gave the glory to Jesus Christ- that is according to what I see and hear in their testimony!The fact that the child saw heaven, and the throne of Jesus, does not mean she is explaining unknown events of the future!What she saw, just underlined what is already in the written Word of God – to me it is realy just a confirmation of the truth!I believe it is not out of line!God didn’t change – He was , is and will be the same God who created heaven and earth,who send His only begotten Son ,Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice on the cross!He is the God who confirmed many things and unveiled many truths to His children since the creation!I truly believe in Jesus Christ as I described earlier!If what I testified about Jesus, is not the truth -then somebody must realy help me!I am 100% sure- I believe in the real Jesus Christ,the Son of God who became flesh and dwelled the earth! He is the Savior,the Holy God of Israel,the God of Abraham and Jacob,the Alpha and the Omega!

    I also want to say something on BJ’s comment. I love to see how my brothers ,just like me,share their feelings and all…because, we want to give all the glory and honour to God! He refers to the part in the Word, that says:”the just will walk in faith not by sight”.It made me think!I read a lot of the comments and ideas that people have on that scripture, and I picked up “something”! People sometimes believe we won’t, or even may not “see” anything of heaven ,IF YOU SEE THINGS ,THEN YOU ARE NOT “JUST”, and because of this way of thinking,the bad part happen… all”credit” for miracles, visions and/or dreams, goes to Satan!I say it again -we must make sure we are not deceived by Satan! Many people saw Jesus when He walked the earth.They saw Him, but still did not believe in Him.Others saw Him and believed!Whether you see Him physically or not…FAITH in Him, is still needed – yes “faith” is 100% the answer! If you don’t believe in Jesus, even seeing Him won’t help!!!If you don’t know the light, you won’t be able recognise Him! Jesus said, that He is the way, the truth and the light! Nobody will go to The Father ,if not through Him!I’m so happy for Geetha and her family!

    Gheeta, I’m sure you will never ever doubt about what happened – it is a miracle!So many people say they believe in miracles, but … if it happen,the first thing that goes to their minds is…maybe it is Satan!The answer stay – seek the truth in the Word of God! Some people think the time for miracles are over, because of the “times”we are in, and they prove it Biblically.Others believe we are in the end-times and God said their will be miracles,dreams ,visions… and they prove it Biblically!Jesus Himself said that people know how to judge the weather but,…they fail to see the time is ripe for the harvest(He was refering to the end-times!”) Who is right about miracles or no miracles, and who must we believe? On 5 July 2011, while I was admitted in hospital for acute pain control, something happened to me!I’m not going to rewrite my testimony but just in short – I was sitting in an upright position on my bed, eyes closed and busy praying to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!I said to Jesus ,that He knew how I was suffering from an acute headache I cried and I prayed, that He must please take the pain away. Could I ask that … YES! Jesus say…if we believe,He will give whatever we ask from Him – That is 100% in line with the Word of God.To whom did I pray?!To Jesus Christ!Now the “shocking” part!To me it wasn’t shocking at all – it was everything but that – it was more than amazing!Praise Jesus our Savior and Lord!!! Suddenly I saw an eye,which became a face with the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen!I immediately new it was Jesus,nobody need to tell you that!!! I felt the passion of His love,I felt joy and peace ,and was absorbed by the most wonderful feeling/s ever!The emotions I described was as solid and touchable as a rock! Yes, isn’t it true, that Jesus Christ is the Rock!? He looked at me, closed his eyes for a second and when he opened them,a tear was running from one of His eyes! His passion was so beautifull!His tender love was undescribable!Then the next wonderful moment!Jesus spoke to me and said:”You were faithful, I’m going to heal you!” It is clear who get the honour and glory – Jesus Christ the Lord, our Lord who died on the cross for our sins, He who was resurrected after 3 days!Immediately after He said that,His face was gone, but… it felt if somebody took me by the shoulders ,and gently moved me from left to right for about 3 times.Then I was “bumped” at the sole of my feet, like if with a granite block or brick for about 5 – 7 times and then it stopped.The next moment there was a heavy plug at my feet and at the blink of an eye,my headache was gone, and after almost 19 months,still is!!! The rest I humbly ask you to read in my testimony! In all of this, I give all the glory and honour for my healing to God the Trinity – God the Almighty Father ,Jesus Christ His Son and the Holy Spirit !!! Who-ever may question this…do so,but… please read my whole testimony! It is indeed far above our normal human understanding but…God is the Almighty – nothing is impossible! Those who doub- just small questions to answer! Do you realy think Satan will heal me , and then let God get the glory? Didn’t Jesus say, Satan won’t fight against himself. Then at the worst … do you think…if I pray to God Almighty and acknowledge Him as my Lord and Savior , He will let Satan heal me and deceive me so that I can live in a “dreamworld”? Be sure of one thing, God Almighty never ever looses control!Whatever Satan manage, God allows Him to do, because of reasons only God knows!!! Here, the book of “Job” is a clear example! God restricts Satan in our lives, he can only do what God allows him – If we deny that, it means that God is not 100% in control!!! This we know for sure – God is always 100% in control! Don’t try to figure this out, our brains are far too small as to have the faintest clue why!! We must accept God’s Wisdom and Authority!The God of Israel never slumber or sleep!NOTHING can take His children away from Him! No depth ,no power of darkness…Nothing! Do you believe that? I do, because the Word of God says that! I love my Father in Heaven,He is Everything to me!God will never fail His promises! Do you still struggle with disbelieve!? God Almighty, in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, I pray for every child of you, those who know you, and those who must still give their hearts to You!Touch them in a way they have never been touched! Lord, give them love , give them peace and hope -for you are LOVE,PEACE and HOPE, and you are all that is GOOD for your children! You are the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords! Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is the Lord! Praise the Lord for ever and ever! Amen!

  19. Jacqui Says:

    What a blessing to have seen Jesus. Thank you for your special story. I too would love to see Him. I had a vision of Jesus, once in my mind’s eye. It was very real – I would love to see him in person though, with my natural eyes. How awesome that will be.

  20. vijayalakshmi Says:

    Dear Mrs.Geetha,

    I am from India (CHENNAI)and I am also facing severe troubles and I would like your Daughter and family to pray for my family and children who need help so much.

    Please if you can give me your contact no or address so I can seek your help as it is Christmas. Please reply and help me as I ask help for my children.
    My email. svijayalakshmi68 at gmail dot com

  21. Angela Mumin Says:

    I saw Jesus also! I’m so happy to hear that I’m not the only one. The experience was life changing! It was a time where I doubted his existence and the existence of God. Not doubted, simply did not believe. For a week I shared my views with others. I even laughed when I read the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible thinking it sounded foolish. At the end of that week I was returning from a trip. I was on a plane looking out the windows at the clouds saying wheres Jesus. Mocking him to my sister who traveled with me. When I landed I went to her house and that’s where it happened. I was in her living room , in the phone staring at her big screen tv, that was off. In it I could see the reflection of her living room window. A bright light was shiny through and there appeared Jesus Christ in the tv screen. He was Beautiful. What stood out to me was his hair and his eyes and his smile. He was smiling at me, the most loving smile. He then showed me images , one being Satan. It was horrific and even chilling speaking if it now. Then he came back. This went in for atleast a minute. I heard my friend who I was in conversation with on the phone saying, hello , hello. After the image left; I said , I just saw Jesus! Mind u, it was the same person earlier in the week I was raving too about his non-existence . That night I almost died. I was involved in a horrific accident and before I passed out I remember calling Jesus to save me, apologizing for my disbelief. I woke up in the hospital, I lost 75% of my blood and should’ve been dead. From that day on there isn’t anyway I can deny the fact that Jesus is real. I saw him with my own eyes, me, why me? I’m do thankful that I did and even sometimes feel guilty, like my faith want strong enough and it took me seeing him to believe. I rarely share this story because when I did I had slot of people who doubted it. But it’s true, it is why I’m so happy to find others have experienced it. I’m far from perfect and have fell in to sin many times since. This life is hard but I couldn’t imagine surviving the challenges I faced with out my belief in God. He’s real , his son is real. Keep your faith!! It’s hard but it’s worth it. I found this site by searching for others believers . It’s a constant battle against the work but it’s worth it. I love u all and God loves us all and as long as u know that you’ll never be alone. Knowing let me know I’m not alone.

  22. Kookhwa Lee Says:

    I was atheist and I got saved on August 2nd 2009 and I also saw Jesus in person in the church on July 17 2010 (new church opening service in Whittier, California) he gave me the vision to see him entire church service. Since then, I seen him 3 more times in different places.

    Lord gave me many great miracles like healings, nonstop blessings. He also gave me open visions to see him and hear him when he wants my attention.

    I tell you that the Jesus is the living God and he is alive and he speaks to you, he directs your day-to-day life and he delivers miracles to us every day.

  23. Vladimir Says:

    Wow! What a testimony! How can I get in touch with Mrs. Geetha Deva Kumar?

  24. Vladimir Says:

    I want to interview anybody over the phone on my podcast who had an encounter with Jesus. If you are interested, please email me at Vladimir at godsvoicetoday dot com. The world needs to hear your testimonies.

  25. Dawnthesecondcoming Says:

    I saw Jesus when I was eight years old. My two sisters and baby brother saw him at the same time. I am writing my book to tell everyone what our father God, our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost want everyone to know.One last chance to seek the truth of his ( for he is one ) pure love for us. Don’t let the evil keep you from Our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ who loves us so much and wants us to have eternal life with him.

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