March 28th, 2012

Hi I am Daniel Sam Alexander. I am doing my final year B.Tech Bioinformatics at Karunya University. I am a very mediocre student and i had arrears till my 6th semester. And, because of my arrears, I could not attend any of the placements which was held in campus and off campus. By Gods precious and amazing grace, I was able to clear all my arrears in the 7th semester and God miraculously placed me in a core company (Consortium Clinical Research .pvt. ltd, Coimbatore) and got an offer letter and I was asked to join the company in the month of June 2012. Now I strongly testify that, I am one in a million Gods choice. I give all the glory and honor to my Lord Jesus Christ.

3 Responses to “Job”

  1. Michael Says:

    I’m so happy for you. I have also been praying and believing God for a job. I know the God who did it for you will also do it for me, and everyone in the same shoes a me!

  2. cheeryleesa Says:

    The God of the Impossible is our Jehovah! I am the minority, but with Him, I am the Majority!
    Please pray for my husband too who is in need of good employment
    Praise the Lord!!

  3. Maria Czarina Says:

    Dear JesusChrist,

    Please help my loving bf to have a job. I believe in You,by the power of the Holy Spirit.Please continue to guide us Lord and whatever your will may come true to us.Thank you so much Lord for the blessings that you’ve given me,I’m also one of those whom God loved.Thanks and all praises is yours!!

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