Mum Saw Heaven and Hell

April 25th, 2010


I can still remember when my mother became spiritually ‘born again’ in 1987. She woke up one morning to tell us about a troubling dream she had that night.

At that point in her life, she was greatly dismayed with the behavior of her evangelical church members and had made up her mind to stop attending that church. There was no spiritual fulfillment in her life and she wondered whether there could still be more to Christianity in spite of all the hardships of life she was experiencing.

She wept that night and finally fell off to sleep. And behold, a godly voice spoke to her in a dream that night telling her to start attending a church called “Deeper Life”. When she woke up in the morning, she was greatly troubled by this dream, so she went out that day to find out whether such a church existed. But surprising enough, she discovered through inquiries that a new church just came into the town called “Deeper Life Bible Ministry”. And that was how she joined the church and became a committed member.

She was so happy because it was there she heard the message of salvation and gave her life to Christ, and later got filled with the Holy Ghost baptism too! (They do preach powerful messages in that church which centers on holiness and righteousness).

In 1998, exactly three months before my mother died, she fainted suddenly one particular afternoon shortly after she’d fried some ‘akara’ balls. Her neighbors immediately rushed her to the hospital for treatment, and between this short period of her fainting and later waking up in the hospital, she had a mighty vision of Hell and Heaven.

As she collapsed to the ground, she described her spirit left her body almost immediately and rapidly … like a balloon which was deflated. Suddenly all her senses became sharper, her vision superb and her body felt light and free like the ‘birds of the air’.

She saw herself going down and down into absolute darkness at tremendous speed. Within a short time, it was all over, because she found herself on the floor of a hard surface. She stood up and stared into the distance. Just ahead, she saw flames of fire shooting up into gloomy darkness … and millions of people screaming and shouting in great agony.

Immediately it dawned on her that she was in Hell. Lo, no one can be in such a place without feeling and perceiving the great evil odor, loneliness, gloom, darkness and grave fear that permeated the surroundings! Any step you take in Hell, you are reminded of how much that place is cut-off from the presence of God. It’s a place of doom and eternal separation from God.

My mother shared: “No lost soul can stay in Hell for 24 hours without eventually blaspheming God’s name, because the suffering in that place is totally unbearable and unbelievable. In fact, the suffering there is so terrible, so unthinkable and so painfully sickening … it’s impossible to describe adequately with mere spoken words or words on paper written in ink!”

Being in the agonizing torments of hell – knowing you’ll be separated from God for eternity – that torment is excruciatingly agonizing just by itself. But to be thrown in hell with demons who hate God, and the only pleasure they find is to torment sinners who are sent there … that is DOUBLY WORSE!
Whenever mother reached this point in her narration, she’d be lost for words to describe Hell, and then she would start crying uncontrollably.
At this juncture, as often as she had repeated telling her testimony to people, she’d just stop and shake her head in heart-felt agony … and plead for the people to give their life to Christ to avoid going to Hell at all cost.

According to mother, it is only when one had seen hellfire that any sensible person would realize that the judgment of God is already in progress. All souls that were lost from the days of Adam and Eve to the current time are already in Hell, and that even the people currently alive are mere inches away from hell … if they die without giving their lives to Jesus Christ, because once that happens, then all hope is lost.

But the shocking thing is that the people of the world are living ignorantly without knowledge of Hell and as though nothing will ever hurt them. Even many people who consider themselves Christians don’t care either!

My mother would often say, “If every Christian was literally shown hellfire, maybe that would motivate them to live more righteously and aggressively obedient for Jesus without so much compromise and shame and remorse. Maybe they’d appreciate MORE what the blood of Jesus has delivered them from and they wouldn’t take the grace of God for granted, as was the case of compromising ‘Christians’ who died and are now suffering in hell”.

As Mother continued marching through Hell, the sight of lost souls almost broke her heart, and the greatest thought on her mind was how she’d get out of Hell.
At the back of her mind, she wondered almost loudly: “Why am I in hell?” A still voice immediately assured her that God was only showing her the place. And she knew that it was so because she didn’t feel the heat of hellfire, and rather – the Holy Ghost actually made her feel comfortable.

The lost souls were begging and pleading for water and a chance to get out of Hell. She keenly observed that the people in Hell could hardly look straight at her because her body shone with a bright light. At one juncture, my mother noted that her own body was looking almost transparent like a spirit; it was only then that it dawned on her that she was dead.

One skeleton-of-a-man walked up to her and stretched out his hand, begging her to take him out of Hell. But she kicked the hand out of her way, more out of fear than anything else, and then turned and moved toward a place where she didn’t see any fire. Instantly she knew that this place would lead her out of Hell.

She walked for a long time and eventually came to a narrow, obscured road that went upward through rugged terrain.
Then suddenly she was transported to Heaven into the presence of untold beauty and glory. Two mighty angels met her by the gate and welcomed her saying, “We have been waiting for you to come. You are welcome!”

Obviously, they seemed to have discussed something about her before she came because they were smiling and no longer looking at the book that was opened before them. For a brief moment, she wanted to sing and dance and praise God for all the marvelous things like flowers, precious stones, glorious walls and majestic gate of Heaven she was beholding. The horrors of Hell were completely forgotten and she longed in anticipation as to what lay ahead of her in Heaven.

For the sake of emphasis again, there are no words that can describe the glories of Heaven, neither can it be adequately penned down with ink on paper. Everything in Heaven was dazzling with crystal clear light like that of a very precious stone. As soon as she entered Heaven’s pearly gate and stepped onto the street of Jerusalem, she no longer wished to leave that place again. She felt like an overcomer, or like someone that has just conquered a great battle, or else how can you explain the fact that a mere mortal is taken to a place that exceeded anything in glory and told “WELCOME HOME”! Therefore she began to walk tall with happiness and gladness on the street of purest gold.

As they were going, she began to hear songs and music of worship and adoration emanating from a big building. When she looked into the building she saw women of all ages, all looking alike, shining and dazzling in glory, wearing on them a beautiful garment (which strangely reminded her of the garment her own choir uses in ‘Deeper Life’ church).

The angel looked at her; and actually it was a good thing that she was brought here, because this place and the women she saw made an everlasting impression on her soul. That is were she longed to be for ever! Lo, in Heaven everyone was happy, smiling and busy!

She was taken to a place where she now felt the urgency of the second coming of Jesus. There was great preparations going on for the coming of Jesus back to Earth, and to her surprise, she saw some mighty angels with trumpets getting ready and set to blow. They stood alert and ready as though they were waiting for God to command them to blow those trumpets in the next one hour time (That was how the angels in Heaven respond to God; they are always ready for action and to do the bidding of the Father, every second that passes).
She was told: “The Savior of the world, Jesus Christ, is ready and set to come to the world for His own; Heaven is set and ready too; the saints are ready, so tell my Church that the Lord is coming soon now. All that remains is for the Father to give the command…”
There were so many things that she saw in Heaven but these very few things were written down to encourage your faith. Then she was told to return back to the earth and was escorted out of Heaven. But within a twinkle of an eye, she didn’t remember what happened next, and woke up in the hospital bed in Gboko, Benue State, in the country of Nigeria.

My mother was able to preach and testify to what she had seen and heard until the day she died, which was three months after this vision.
On the night she was dying in the hospital, I overheard her saying “I want to go home; I want to go home!” and I wondered what “home” she was talking about. Now that she is dead – she died in 1998 – I now understand she was longing to go home to her Savior!

112 Responses to “Mum Saw Heaven and Hell”

  1. sarah hayes Says:

    Iam so touched by this story im sitting at work and i feel so overwhelmed in my spirit im full of joy and pain. joy because i realize i still have a chance to make it with Jesus and Pain because people are dying and going to hell at this VERY MOMENT im ashamed as a christian and i am so disturbed by this.

  2. Glenn Says:

    Hi Sarah Hayes!

    I am somewhat in the same shoes like you. I am under great pains… my heart also weep, not only for those who are nonchalant, but for my many siblings too.

    But the Holy Spirit told me to tell you that it wasn’t by mistake you happen to read this testimony. HIS hand is upon you; tell your brother what God is doing in your life. Submit to God now for He is ready to use you in His end-time work mightily!

  3. dale Says:

    thank you Glenn for taking the time to share this wonderful and inspirational story. I very much injoyed it.

  4. PATRICIA Says:

    i am realy touched by this testimony,im a born again christian and i feel lyk i wanna do more after reading this testimony,i was terrified about hell but immediately hearing about heaven my soul was overwhelmed with joy,i feel like i can go now,i cant wait.

  5. Ona Awan Says:

    I’m really touched by your testimony until I cried. I’m born again christian and I’m so happy knowing tht God has came into my life and found me. Please pray for me and my entire family….so they will be more life to be saved and not to be thrown into hell. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Latika Gangil Says:

    Thank you thank you so much for sharing this with us, since the last 6-7 days i have a strong urge to meet Jesus my father and see heaven with him by my side, also do his will in my life, yes friends heaven and hell are for real and we need to start repenting now ltself before its to late for us to regret, Praise the Lord, AMEN!

    I know Jesus has promised me he would take me to heaven 🙂 just waiting for him….

  7. Latika Gangil Says:

    Oh btw…i do wish to come back to earth even for a short while to proclaim the message about Jesus to the world…may his will be done, amen!

  8. Glenn Says:

    Hi Ona Awan!

    Testimonies like this one are like a double-edge sword… just as people go to hell and you are afraid of it, also God is love and his mercies are infinite… to be candid with you, I did not find anything so spectacular about my mum, save that she’d love God.

    Do all you can to make heaven, but never forget that just as some people would go to hell, some would go to heaven and the mercies shown them there are not all necessarily earned by anything we have done on earth.

    I will pray for your family… Ona I see you are not doing badly at all in life and you are working. May God grant your heart desire to be a shining light in this would.


  9. Glenn Says:

    Hi Latika Gangil!

    Jesus told me to tell you that “Blessed are they who did not see yet they believed”.

    Latika you are destined for greatness but many things had been weighing you down, and one of it is your ability to love others… you must learn to love, tolerate and forgive others, especially those that grieve you the most. As you do this, God’s light would shine brighter and brighter in your life; and you’d see more clearly and know exactly what is HIS ‘PERFECT WILL’ for your life.

    Remain blessed in Jesus name!

  10. Latika Gangil Says:

    Praise the Lord!!!!

    I am so very happy to have read your comment, yes i have faith in Jesus and i want to strengthen my faith and obey the will of God, i was not like this 4 months back but Jesus changed me a lot, im a new one and each day is a blessed day for me, please pray that i will be baptized with the holy spirit, I have an urge to do his will in my life, thank you for your reply, thank you Jesus.

  11. Latika Gangil Says:

    Btw…i was told the same that God has great plans for me and im waiting for his perfect will in my life, i am also learning to forgive others and i feel peace in my heart as i pray for others who bother me and for God to forgive them, its a good feeling as i feel i hold no bad feelings for anyone, i want Jesus to give me more strength so that i can forgive others with all my heart 🙂

  12. Glenn Says:

    Hi Latika Gangil,

    Thanks for your reply. Well I do have a secret of success when it comes to getting people filled with the Holy Spirit.

    Now I myself have been a victim of ‘seeking for the Holy Ghost for a long time’ for several months before I did the right thing and got filled.

    1. You must have accepted Jesus as Lord and personal Savior or believe in Him.
    2. You must realize that you are not to receive the Spirit’s baptism by your works or by elaborate preparations. It is simply given by faith in Christ.
    3. The Holy Spirit is only given in the name of JESUS.
    4. It is preferable to have someone who is born again and spirit-filled to lay hands on you.
    5. The Spirit infilling comes with a powerful sensation (not always the case anyway) and speaking in tongues as evidence. But the continuous speaking in tongues afterward is a gift which you should stir-up.

    This is how I received the Holy Spirit baptism… someone (a spirit-filled brother) laid hands on me as I invited the Holy Ghost in Jesus name; I continued calling the name JESUS repeatedly till the power of God came upon me and I fell to the floor speaking in tongues. Afterward, anyone I prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I’d commanded to call the name of JESUS repeatedly. Only once did I met with failure and because the brother (my mentor who brought me to Christ) refused to obey me and was unbelieving. When he was ready for it after a year, he got filled too by this method!

    Calling the name of JESUS repeatedly after you invite the Holy Spirit is not a format, but is good because it is faith in action… your tongue is moving; you think less and so have no room for doubt, and you are sure afterward that you did not receive a demonic spirit, because no devil can come near you while you call JESUS.

    Get a spirit-filled person to lay hands and pray for you while you do this, and you will be filled in JESUS. Receive the Holy Ghost in JESUS name, Amen!

  13. Latika Gangil Says:

    wow wonderful, thank you so much, i know few sisters one of them got blood baptized yesterday and Jesus appeared to her three times during the whole day, Praise the Lord im praying to Jesus to bless me when the time comes, im waiting for his signal so i can get the same done on me, praise the Lord, thank you so much may God bless you 🙂

  14. Thembani Says:

    I have known the Lord for about 15 yrs but have committed fornication and other sins in between. Four months ago, I have made a conscious decision to live an anti-sin life. I am touched by this testimony. It is indeed an eye opener, however, It is my prayer to experience hell, not that I dont believe it exists, I do with my whole heart, but I really do want to see, smell and feel it. Am I crazy?

  15. Akhila Says:

    Hi Glenn,
    Wow, this is an amazing testimony. I was shaken up by the description of hell and was touched by hope by the description of heaven. I recently read Mary K Baxters book called Divine Revelation of Hell and it describes hell pretty much the same way. I’ve been a Christian for a long time but I never really had a good relationship with Jesus so eventually walked away when the life problems piled up on me. But about 6 months ago God pulled me back to Him. I really want to get my life in line with God’s word and live my life for Him. I’ve been asking Jesus to baptize me with the Holy Spirit because I really need the help of the Holy Spirit to clean my heart and transform me. And I really want to learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit and to hear His voice. Please pray for me. God bless you.

  16. GLENN Says:

    Hello Thembani!

    You are not crazy at all. The Bible says that if we should confess our sins and God would be faithful and just to forgive us. But as the Bible also says, it is better not merely to confess our sins but to forsake them altogether. It is because of sin that people go to hell… so if you keep sinning, and you die without confessing and repenting from them, then all is lost.

    Jesus showed me a mighty revelation of what a sinning Christian does to Him. Anytime we sin, as children of God, literally we open the wounds of Christ afresh and He starts bleeding once more there in heaven. It hurts Jesus in a physical way, and that is why our conscience also pricks us so hard. Jesus ministered to my heart that is better that a sinning Christian die prematurely to ease His own burden of being crucified afresh almost daily.


  17. Akhila Says:

    If we all keep that picture in front of us constantly without wavering to left or right…

  18. Glenn Says:


    Well I speak by faith even though I have never met you before. What came across my mind immediately I read your email is that you are an intelligent person. And perhaps the profession you choose in life would equally demand much concentration (for example like piloting a plane).

    You did not come to Christ easily but due to many personal struggles but God know your heart. You desire to know him and would be a natural leader in future.

    I can only promise to pray for you, as prayers can work wonders. Do not give up on your ambitions; be close to God; you will always come across people with unlike minds (like ladies for instance) and they would unconsciously try to dissuade you from serving God… do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.

    I am busy right now; I will still communicate with you later. keep in touch!

  19. Akhila Says:

    Hi Glenn,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to pray for me and to write to me. It means a lot. Everything that God told you is true, and I’m very encouraged by what God revealed to you. I’ll hold on to that advice. Thank you once again Glenn. May God bless you.

  20. GLENN Says:


    Just in case anyone wants to contact me, reach me at DENOEJE16[at]YAHOO.COM or use that email address to locate me at facebook.


  21. Akhila Says:

    Thanks Glenn.

  22. Kunjumon Says:

    It is an amazing testimony,which everybody will realize the reality of heaven & hell. By reading this I wish I could go and see this majestic places. I pray God to let this testimony lead many to salvation through Jesus Christ.

    Kunjumon, Abu Dhabi

  23. Richard Ratsoana Says:

    Hi Glenn, I’m writing this from south africa. I read your message and it is so inspiring. I want to be saved too, I believe in God and I believe that Jesus died for me. I want to give my life to Jesus with all my heart, and to make a difference in other peoples lives. I need my soul to be saved. I’m gonna do more to prepare for Jesus return. Pray for me please

    Thanks again
    Richard George Ratsoana

  24. Joan Says:

    Hi Glenn
    I write this amidst confusion and happiness…i dont know why i just open this story and read it but God had a reason why for the past 2 days i have been reading testimonies about hell and heaven..i have known God all my life but want to have a personal relationship with him..i have a chance to make my ways and paths right before him..this story has made me realize what a wonderous love Jesus has for us his children..God bless u so much as we pray and wait for his second coming.

  25. abayomi soga Says:

    Yes! I know heaven and hell is real. have had series of testimonies from different accounts. Surrender all to God so that your heaven can be guaranteed.

  26. Glenn Says:

    Thanks Kunjumon!

    Do not worry about seeing heaven. Our lifespan here on earth is like a millisecond compared to eternity were we belong. All eyes shall see Him very soon; so rather prepare yourself as best as possible for eternity!

  27. Violet Says:

    Hi Glenn!
    I thank the Lord for making me come across this testimony and thank you so much for putting it up. I’m a born again christain and i want to live for Him everyday. However, I pray for His mercies and grace everytime to do that. Most expecially, i pray for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in my life, I would want to always feel His presence all the time guiding me every step of the way on this heavenly race. I pray for the grace to live a righteous and pure life and to be ready whenever Jesus comes. I need you to please pray for me.

    Thank you Glenn for your prayers.

    (A quick question: I know this may sound funny but As a christain lady, is it right to wear jeans trouser? thanks)

  28. GLENN Says:

    It is not wrong to wear anything called ‘clothing’ like jean, wool or cotton.

    But the problem, as a christian, is that you should dress modestly at all times. Many jean trousers are not decent enough for ladies to wear, especially those that are tight and do expose the body.

    Take care to dress modestly and decently; for dresses can become a stumbling block to others. And we that are suppose to direct people to the kingdom should not be a barrier ourselves!


  29. Sonja Says:

    This testimony of these women is a eye opening for non-believers and believers. That makes me think that i must make sure that my life is ready and my name is in the book of life. Thank you God that U take a person and take her to Heaven and Hell that she came back to talked to your people that our Father is on HIS way. This testimony touch me and i cried in my heart and pray for me and my family. I am baptized in the blood of jesus, but my two children and my husband are yelling, anger, swearing and sometimes swearing God’s name and I tell them to not do hurtful things because that is not God’s way, but they do not listen and they laughed at me . PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM AND FOR ME .

  30. maka Says:

    i have decided to follow jesus,i know i cant manage on my own,so i ask for his directions from him.i dont wana go to hell and i know its not easy to overcome going to so i ask for his will to be done on me.

  31. GLENN Says:

    Hello Sonja, it is a fact that many people will not make it to heaven for the refusal to accept Christ. Can you believe that my late mum, who saw heaven and hell, had eleven children and none gave any heed to her testimony except me? Will ten of my siblings go to hell? God forbide but it is still a possibility. Anyone that refuses to accept Christ including my siblings cannot be my brethren… thats how bad a seperation that would happen in ETERNITY. Therefore if you love your family, pray for them as i do.

  32. saimoni Says:

    hi glenn

    i was really touched by what you said about carrying our crosses daily and that by sinning we keep on opening up wounds again for Jesus Christ. I didn’t see it that way and am going to try very hard to keep on living a sinless life! please do pray for me!

  33. GLENN Says:

    Hello Saimoni,

    May the Lord Jesus give you the grace to carry on. May He be your strong helper in the time of needs; and may He help you through all the turbulent times; and may He cause you to grow fertile and fruitful, Amen!

  34. saimoni Says:

    Amen Glenn!

  35. oyinlola uche. Says:

    ohun kohun ti o demi lona iye, Metalokan bami mu kuro…..

    LORD SWEET JESUS, let me,my household, relatives, inlaws, saints, loved ones and thoses i dont love, friends reign with you.

    Thank you JESUS for given me another opportunity to read another testimony about your coming. Am happy for hearing this.

    Thank You because I will, we will reing with YOu.
    Jesus Is LORD. Come LORD, to meet us prepare. PLease Give us all the saint the Grace to reign with YOU. AMEN.

    Ohunkohun ti o dewa lona Iye, Metalokan bawa mu kuro….

  36. meaza belayneh Says:

    I am so thankful for the saints that are vibrant and committed to worship, glorify, to shout loud about the Love of God, Jesus. oh! what a wonderful God we have? What a loving father we have? I need all the saints to pray for our youth. please pray for all our children, please pray for our Government officials, please pray for our country men and women. Reading this life-changing testimony makes me anxious for those who are in the dark still. As Jesus told his disciples to go out to the world and preach the Good news, we need to do the same. In our work, any gathering places. May God bless you all. keep on the fire of the Holy Ghost. Jesus is Lord of Lords. Thank you Jesus.

  37. David saili Says:

    Hi Glenn
    Am so touched with the testimonies it has really given me a guarantee that jesus is coming,pliz commit me in all your prayers am going through a lot of challenges the devil has been on my neck ever since i entered 2011 but he will not succeed I stand on jeremiah 29 vs11 and Isaiah 54 vs17 greater is he that is you than he in the world praise
    Thank you jesus.

  38. GLENN Says:

    Hello David Saili, Meaza Belayneh and Uche Oyin!

    I am overhwlemed by the volume of responses I am receiving from my mum’s testimony on this website. My mum would be smiling there in heaven if Jesus shows her how much people are responding to her plea which I was able to document as best as I could.

    First and foremost, I thank the people hosting this website because they are doing a tremendous job that only God can reward them for that.

    The gospel must be preached to all nations a warning before the end truly comes. Let us hasten the coming of the Lord Jesus by fulfilling this command and yileding ourselves to Him.

    I am about to start my personal ministry (Dennis Glenn Ministry International) and the website soon… maybe in a months time or more. So be on the watchout for many more pleasant surprises and messages from the throne of mercy. I will soon post the website here; there we can interact more, share our testimonies, get to know one another, and be a blessing to one another.

    This was my anti-spam word below(does it make sense?):

  39. Sphume Says:

    We praise a God of great works, He is just so amazing and there are no words in this world that could ever ever truely describe his Greatness!! Oh what a mighty GOD we serve.

    Please lets pray for all those who have not yet given they lives to God, its of so much importance as we are all a part of the body of Christ.

  40. GLENN Says:

    So lets pray:





  41. Anthony Says:

    I was Touched and was crying so bad when i read about what is happening in hell because i knew i would have been in hell if i was dead before understanding how much Jesus love me. I claimed to be a good christian and yet i am great sinner, I slept with sin, drank with sin and dine with sin. I give God the glory because i was giving a second chance and i have been running a way from everything that may keep me hurting him. Now i need the Holy Spirit of God to help me through all my daily life activities as i cried in my heart when i heard that someone is dead and the question that comes to my mind was did he/she give her life to Christ?

  42. Milka Says:

    Hey Glenn, have read the testimony of Your mum and it has mightily touched my soul.. Am not born again and I would love to be a God’s child… I know that Jesus died for my sins and also that Heaven and hell exists… Every time i try to pray something weird happens to me and i suddenly feel tired.. I really need Jesus and the Holy Spirit in my life.. Please PRAY FOR ME. Thx

  43. GLENN Says:

    Hello Mike,

    You’d be damned forever if you do not give your life to Christ and become born again! The pains and weaknesses we suffer here on earth is light-years away from the sufferings in HELLFIRE for eternity.

    The tiredness you feel is as a result of a stony heart that need purification from God. Mike I wish you should take your salvation seriously and as the uttermost concern right-away! How can you confidently say “I am not born again”? You have not yet started the race to eternal life.

    Ask the Lord Jesus through prayers, to come into your heart and clean it. And then you must have to resist the devil through by the word of God. The Bible says that you should ‘resist the devil and he shall flee from you’. If GOD said it, then it is possible!

    I do not promise you anything special! The way to heaven is so NARROW and TOUGH so that only few people find it. I think at this stage, the fear of going to hell should motivate you harder to be saved, including shaking of the demon of procrastination. Mind you the harvest ripe already and GOD would not change his WORD if it means destroying the world whole for refusing to accept His SON

    Do not consider the multitude around you that are going to hell… remember NOAH! God saved only Him (if need be) and destroyed the whole world then! Even if you are the only Christian on earth trying to make it to heaven, be content with yourself!

    You do not need to be afraid of heaven or God, but I plead with you to fear HELLFIRE… if you find yourself there, then all hope is lost forever! For the Devil is a very ungrateful devil!

    Believe in Jesus with all your heart and He shall set you free in due season!

  44. GLENN Says:

    Hello World!

    For those of you patronizing my post here at testimony-share and are making inquiries about accepting Christ. You better make that decision your uttermost priority.

    After my mother saw hell and heaven… yes, she was taken to hell first… and she spoke about it in the most passionate terms even weeping while narrating about her experience in HELL! Nothing on earth can prepare you adequately for the shock of witnessing HELL.

    I do not care very much whether my other siblings take ‘going to heaven’ seriously because they don’t for now; but I take going to heaven my uttermost priority. I want to save myself first before I can save others! I prefer ALIENATION to ACCEPTANCE if need be in order to make heaven!

    I am ripe and due now for marriage (almost 40 years of age now), but I had to let go of my fiancee because she would not listen to my advice and kept bugging me to sleep with her. And she is a leader in a church! One-day I might succumb to her terms so I decided to flee away from her. In due season, God will give me a wife.

    Make heaven your priority! Life on earth is too short to play with it!

  45. Brandon Says:

    What can Atheists say about this? Nothing.

  46. treasured dorcas Says:

    helo Glenn,
    like all other series. This is another powerful one. God bless you for sharing this testimony with the world. I’ve always wished to have an experience too in order to have a wonderful testimony myself to change the world. Also i want to be hearing God, tho i have the infill of the Holyspirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, cos i know its more than just that. Please keep praying for me about this. Once again, God bless you.

  47. aditya Says:

    oh lord jesus i want to be with you in heaven please lend me towards the right path and affirm my faith please heal me

  48. Edohasim Peace Says:

    I need God to show up in my life as never before. i need more Strength of the Holy spirit to go through the challenged and to stay obedient to Jesus Christ. This i pray in Christ Name.

  49. GLENN Says:





  50. Emory Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Glenn and especially for contributing your testimony here. The new site looks great. I like the design.

  51. GLENN Says:

    U are right Emory, do not turn it off… (I hope only u understand what I mean) immediately I posted that post the Holy Spirit reminded me how shallow my judgment was… and I couldn’t take back the comment!

  52. Emory Says:

    Thanks, Glenn. Appreciate you very much.

  53. cherry Says:

    this testimony made me more vigilant against sin..only those who does the will of god and serve him faithfully can enter the heaven..well i am a christian since birth but accepted him when i was 9.,now im already 27 and waitng for the rapture eagerly..

  54. GLENN Says:

    Hello Cherry,

    It is good to hear that this testimony touched and you have resolved to be more vigilant against sin.

    But a better way to go about it is to be more dependent on the Lord and His grace and mercy. Communicate with Him constantly because ‘the love and fear of God leads one to turn away from evil’.


  55. Adrian Says:

    Hi glenn Ive just read your Story. hell is indead true and im scared. but I think i have blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. Can God still forgive me? i hope jesus Can still Offer salvation to me till the end times

  56. GLENN Says:

    Hello Adrian,

    I do not know precisely what sin you’ve committed that is making you to think you have blasphemed against the Holy Spirit! Which decision would you prefer… to burn in hell for ever and ever by not doing anything about your salvation in this life; or to try to make amends with God right-away so that you may receive forgiveness and eternal life!

    But one thing I see clearly about you though is that your state of mind is not right with God yet! God the Father forgives all manner of sins… Jesus Christ do forgive all forms of sin. To put your mind to rest, let me tell you emphatically that you have not blasphemed against the Holy Spirit yet; because if you’ve blasphemed the Holy Spirit, you’d be dead long ago by now! The Holy Spirit is the power house of God… He kills instantly when blasphemed against… but that is only determined by HIM alone. Check the Bible, all the people that committed a sin, determined by the Holy Ghost Himself as blasphemy, died instantly starting from the rebellion against Moses in the wilderness; like Kind Herod who was eaten by worm; and Ananias and Sapphira who lied to Peter… there was not a tomorrow for them!

    Hurray! According to me, your being alive shows that you still have great hope!.. the Holy Spirit has not yet pinpointed you out for outright demolition or condemnation. So you can still be forgiven and you can still make it to Heaven if you wish: Call on Jesus Christ and ask Him to forgive you. He’d set you free and make sure you begin to serve him henceforth.

    Please you cannot serve two masters! God demands that you come to Him and serve and Him alone!

  57. Fortunate Says:

    Hi Glen

    I have been reading this testimonies and i must say, my life have never been the same. I am a born again Christian and i love the Lord Jesus with all my heart. I have a problem whereby people usually takes advantage of my kindness to them and it hurts. That is hard for me, especially when i have to forgive and forget. Please pray for me and my family so that we remain in the Lord and protected from the devil’s tricks.

    Thank you so much for all this sharing and may the Lord Jesus Bless you always..

  58. GLENN Says:

    Dear Fortunate,

    I will pray for you today at home, that is, in my personal prayers at home 2nite.

    You are just like me in many ways. People take advantage of my kindness and simplicity and it hurt me greatly at first… till till it reached a stage that I was even tired to see these people coming around me.

    But God taught me one big lesson recently… we do sing a song in my church which says ‘ABRAHAM BLESSINGS ARE MINE’. The Lord asked me recently, how many people were living in the household of Abraham… and I replied “I saw 300 people in the Bible”. The Lord then told me it is because Abraham had a big heart. Truly, if you must have Abraham’s blessings in your life to the fullest, then be like him in every way. Be very accommodating, forgiving and overlook people’s short-comings and carry them along.

    Now, my personal bedroom is full to the brim with people (relations) who pass the night with me. I am inconvenient in almost all imaginable way now, but I am a very happy person. I want to know how Abraham was able to pull it through with 300 people depending on him, yet never complaining. I want to be like Abraham who was able to accommodate people and carry them along to heaven. It is a privilege you know for other people’s soul to be under your care. Thats what make you a father like ‘FATHER ABRAHAM’.

  59. edward mensah Says:

    wow. i have not slept a wink since 2 am here in my room in Tema, Ghana. i am soooo bless by this great message and testimony. i love God so much and feel His love for me too. yet my sins pulls me so far away from my Father in Heaven. i believe in heaven and Hell. i choose to spend eternity in Heaven where I belong with the Lord. i am so blessed that Jesus speaks to my heart every day. i know Where my destiny is.( Heaven) i pray for strength and the guidance of the Holy spirit in my life right now in the name of Jesus. remember me in prayers. Amen!

  60. GLENN Says:

    Dear Mensah,

    You are so close to the kingdom of God already… I can see that. You believe in Jesus already and that has enough saving grace already.

    The Bible said that “except a man be born again he cannot SEE the kingdom…” Already you can SEE the kingdom and all its operations in your life but to ENTER it is a different ball of game.

    The same Bible said that “except a man is born of the water and the Spirit he cannot ENTER the kingdom…” To enter Heaven, you not only have to be born again (believe in Jesus), you must allow the HOLY SPIRIT to bear fruits in your life… remember that any tree that those not bear good fruit will be cut down because by their fruits you shall know them.

    Keep the fire burning in GHANA!

  61. GLENN Says:

    Unfortunately entering Heaven has much to do with your records found in heaven… that is why, not matter how born again you are, do not be negligent in your dealings with God.

    Confess your sins daily, as often as you commit them and remember to go a step ahead to try to forsake these sins altogether… the struggles to forsake them here on planet earth is worth more than a thousand repentance in the regions of Death and Hell!

  62. Kuye koyejo Says:

    I want to make heaven at ALL costs..but this desire/urge is in me to always sin and to do bad things like lie stealing fornication masterbation in fact all sin is in me…Lord help me i know u are just waiting for us to repent thats why you have not given the command yet..i need your help LORD FATHER

  63. GLENN Says:

    Dear Koyejo,

    Before coming to Christ, or while serving Christ, one might find himself engaged in what I called ‘bad vices’ like smoking, drinking and fornicating. More recently, one of the terrible sin also plaguing the youths is cultism… which involves stealing, lying and committing violent acts.

    You may repent and turn to God, but if you were involved in ‘bad vices’ it is difficult to break away from and could become your besetting sin. The physical disadvantage in living a life contrary to God’s word and going against conscience, repeatedly, is grave because of the side-effects of sin. It is near impossible to tame the body (the lusts of the flesh) but if you are led by the Spirit of God (that is, yielding yourself to the word of God), you’ll not live according to the dictations of the flesh.

    It is an ugly thing to live life for flesh and the pleasures you can derive from it alone. To be carnally minded is DEATH but to be spiritually minded is LIFE.

    Dear Koyejo, if you want to enjoy a healthy life and freedom from sin… take time very soon to pray and fast. During your fasting period, which should be from a maybe week to one month, avoid watching obscene scene; no much tv, video or games; eat little or reduce your eating rate to maybe one meal a day; then pray often with all manners of prayers during this period… and your spirit will come alive, and then you’ll be able to subdue the flesh more easily, and God will bless the works of your hand mightily.

    I fasted throughout the month of November last year, and after I ended I began to see tremendous result as I have never before seen in my life be it physically, financially, mentally or spiritually.

  64. GLENN Says:

    Please pray for me and the salvation of all my siblings (Gab, Joe, Vicky, Victor, Napoleon, Me, Mary, Gloria, Rachel, Richard, and Junior). Only two of them have responded so far to my mum’s testimony at my site at

    Please for all of us that we should not perish! I am the only active Christian (and Mary is a bit).

  65. romnick retiza Says:

    I thank God for this message I hope and pray that all reader might be inspired and be saved by the Grace of God through faith to our LOrd jesus Christ. I received God as my personal savior last April 23, 2007 the question to each and every one, did you received Jesus as your savior in your soul? if you did not received jesus you might be in hell that is the true heartily testimony of mine.

  66. GLENN Says:

    Yes Bro Retiza,

    You must accept Jesus as personal Lord and savior. This has nothing to do with religion, culture or race… the Bible says, “as many as received him, he gave them power to become sons of God”. This you can see in my website at were a man who was taken to heaven saw a Muslim there… when he asked Jesus what this man was doing there, Jesus answer him that the Muslim man called on him while he was dying so he saved him.

  67. Mibus Says:

    Hi Glenn,

    I am so touched by your mums testimony and your overwhelming and determined desire to please God at all costs. I am a born again but a badly wounded blacksidden born again who has a stubborn heart. I know what to do, i know about heaven and hell, i love Jesus ( i know this is silly because if you really love God you will obey what he does) but i do deep down and somewhere within i have a deep desire to do God work but the worries of this world, my earthly desires like a job, marriage have consumed me so much that nowdays i deliberatly disobey God coz i feel he has delayed to answer my desires and i feel so bad and i live in utmost FEAR about my life about many things, please advise me, God bless you

  68. Lilian Says:

    Hi Mibus,
    I thank God for your honesty. I feel in my heart that you need to talk to someone in spiritual authority or if you can talk to your Pastor, confess your sins and the Lord will forgive you and give you a new lease of life. The reason for this is that you will shame the devil by denouncing/revealing the sin, and also you will be declaring Christ to come into your life publicly.
    The current state you are in is very pleasant to the Devil because if you die in this state, my brother, you will head to hell.
    Do it fast because the devil knows you know the truth and he will do everything to separate you eternally from the love of God.

  69. Priscilla Venda Says:

    I took this time out to read these and I’m touched,I’m from Gboko Benue State,and so this testimony feels so personal to me,I strongly believe God definitely wanted me to see this for a reason,I’m Born Again,I love the Lord,and trying really hard to please my master Jesus Christ each day.I try to know Him from His word,but a lot of times I fear (resulting from stories of hell and what took many other people to that place),that I may not have known all I need to know that I won’t be a defaulter in one thing,making all my efforts to make it to heaven,in vain.Please join me in prayers that My Lord through His Holy Spirit will reveal to me that besetting thing that I need to let go off.Also my fiancee,that God should touch Him to be more conscious of the closeness of rapture.I join you Glenn to pray that your siblings be touched,soon enough cos the time is very close.Thank You very much & God bless you Glenn.

  70. Chyrose Rjb Says:

    Dear Glenn,
    I believe all the sights that were seen in this testimony. I am a Christian and have a daily battle with temptations of the flesh. Be it becoming angry or bad sexual thoughts! (I was molested as a child) I go to church and sing every week. when I was younger a word was said over me that I was a chosen hand maiden of God and that in either hand, I held many sheathes. I am going to be 53 this year. Both my parents are gone to Heaven. I have one beautiful 12 yr. old “miracle” son. My husband is struggling with his belief in Jesus being Lord. and the bible being God’s true Word. I feel I can be a mighty force for God as a singing minister! 5 years ago a man prophesied I have “healing” in my hands. How do I start my ministry while I have an unbelieving spouse. My son loves the Lord and when he was a baby, I dedicated him back to God. God bless you and please reply… I will be praying and waiting.

  71. joelibert anthony mesicula Says:

    lord you know that we want to be with you lord jesus christ our savior, you what lord i want my soul be with you lord jesus christ also my family,friends relatives but it was your decision lord but that is my wishes lord i love very much i want you to on our hearts,touch and act like you even were just a human we temp some bad doings but lord your always in our hearts lord cause we have faith and we believe in you with all in our hearts you are the savior in my heart and lord jesus christ plss… remember me and us when the time is come cause we don’t like that were not in you i know heaven and hell even i don’t see but i and we want were on heaven stay on you jesus worship you praise you lord you are the lord,savior,and most of all i love you

  72. grace Says:

    i thank God for this testimony,i am a child of God but i have so much fear in my heart anytime i hear or read about heaven and hell<i dont know why ,i have rededicated my life to God but i am still scared,pls help

  73. GLENN Says:

    Hi Mibus,
    I think Lillian has answered your question!

  74. GLENN Says:

    Hi Pricilla Venda,

    It felt so special to read a testimony online about a person whom God took to heaven… and this happened in right in your city ‘Gboko’ in Benue State! Yes, we once lived in Gboko for many years till a mysterious fire razed down our family house which was situated near those orange trees, near St. Joseph Catholic Church, by New Road, Gboko. You can inquire about us from our neighbour called “Mr. Kongbeda” who will tell you more about us and show you the building we once lived in there.

    You said, “I try to know Him from His word, but a lot of times I fear (resulting from stories of hell and what took many other people to that place), that I may not have known all I need to know that I won’t be a defaulter in one thing, making all my efforts to make it to heaven, in vain.”

    You made me laugh. I speak your language very well… “Aondo ter wase soo weh kpishi, Venda!”

    God does not take delight in seeing anyone go to hell. So do not panic or fear about the unknown provided Jesus is your lord and savior. Walk with God by the knowledge of what you know; always show a grateful disposition to God… give Him thanks always and be joyful. God rewards the good intentions of the heart and your sincerity too!

    The Lord is telling me that your fiancee will be someone very dependable. Someone that has manners that you can lean on… time will tell you this better.

    Venda you are already on the right track… keep it up till the very end, Amen!

    Finally, Venda, thank you for praying for me and my siblings… my eldest brother had just kicked off the habit of smoking marijuana after about 30 years and that is a significant miracle!

  75. GLENN Says:

    Hi Grace,

    You said: “,i am a child of God but i have so much fear in my heart anytime i hear or read about heaven and hell”

    That is a good phenomenon. The fear of the Lord is what makes people to turn away from evil doing. It shows that God is at work in your life… for the work of pruning you to produce good fruit for God is a gradual process.

    The Lord will help you Grace!

  76. Adewale Says:

    Thank you so much! Thank you so much!

  77. GLENN Says:

    Hi Chyrose Rjb,

    Sorry I did not see your inquiry but discover it today.

    You said: “I believe all the sights that were seen in this testimony. I am a Christian and have a daily battle with temptations of the flesh. Be it becoming angry or bad sexual thoughts! (I was molested as a child) I go to church and sing every week. when I was younger a word was said over me that I was a chosen hand maiden of God and that in either hand, I held many sheathes. I am going to be 53 this year. Both my parents are gone to Heaven. I have one beautiful 12 yr. old “miracle” son. My husband is struggling with his belief in Jesus being Lord. and the bible being God’s true Word. I feel I can be a mighty force for God as a singing minister! 5 years ago a man prophesied I have “healing” in my hands. How do I start my ministry while I have an unbelieving spouse. My son loves the Lord and when he was a baby, I dedicated him back to God. God bless you and please reply… I will be praying and waiting.”

    You can go ahead with serving God or doing ministry even if your spouse is unbelieving. Do not look back and never be tired of serving the Lord in any capacity you find yourself. Even though you are a singer, the Lord wants to use you more in prayers and healing… I could feel it… God will answer your prayers promptly when you pray for others, and that is a rare gift!

    As for temptations that you are facing, you are doing fine…everybody faces temptations including me. Do not allow it to overwhelm you though.


  78. GLENN Says:

    Hello Adewale,

    The Lord spoke to my heart while I read your ‘thank you’ note that: “You are a christian but your job is not giving you room to serve God well. You may have to let go of it in future for something else!”

    Thanks you! Thank you!!

  79. Blake Field Says:

    Heaven is my Home because I am a Born Again Christian because of Jesus Christ, My Savior!! He loves me and He died for my sins. I want to love Him a lot more and more everyday! I want Him to change me and use me to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to this world before I die! My soul belongs to Jesus Christ!! I’m willing to die for Jesus Christ!! I give all the glory to Jesus Christ!!! Hallelujah!! Thank you for this testimony!!!

  80. GLENN Says:

    Hi Blake Field,

    Fear not, for Jesus has overcome the world for your sake!

    I see you have two sisters… one strong and one weak… is but a summarized description about them as I see it.

    Thanks and God bless you!

  81. Daniel Serebour Says:

    When i read this Testimony i was so sad in my presence please we have to repent now because the Lord almighty is ready to come i have now repent Lord please forgive my sin lord let your Holy Spirit come and take control over me Lord Bless me with your Holy water in your Mighty name pray Amen!!!

  82. Romeo torres Says:

    To get closer to God, He said my father in heaven is perfect , why don’t you try to be perfect, pratice to remove your PRIDE. ANGER. LUST. ENVY. GLUTTONY. AVARICE. and SLOT, then your closer to me.
    Don’t let your mind dictate your heart…let your heart dictate your mind…your heart is the temple of the Holy Spirit…if you have faith but don’t believe is dead…so as believe but don’t have faith is nothing…you must have both faith and trust. Remember I will always with you and within you until you come and see the promise land…if you have everything in this world , but you don’t have me, you have nothing…but if you have nothing in these world but you have Me…you have everything.
    If you think that…what profits, if a man gains all the treasure in this world but lose his soul.

  83. Gabriel Says:

    God bless! God bless!!

  84. mandy boahene Says:

    thnx 4 dis da truth has also dawned on me and i hav repented i juz pray to God to help me overcome sin and help me to forgive easily.i want to go to heaven atal cost and so i ask da holy spirit to feel.father i want to do ur will and work pleas help me

  85. GLENN Says:

    Hello Mandy Boahene,

    The Lord God will help us all who believe in Jesus, Amen!

  86. Latika Gangil Says:

    Praise the Lord brother, its me again Latika Gangil after two years of our last conversation.

    I received the HolySpirit baptism on 1st december 2012 by Gods will, at night, when i was all alone in my room and a blessed sister in Christ filled with the HolySpirit prayed over the phone, i coulnt stop crying,i cried my heart out, it was the work of Jesus, he set His repentance on me which made me cry like never before, the next day went all peaceful, now im HolySpirit filled child of God, everything is going perfect, awsome, im bearing much fruit of the HolySpirit and miracles on daily basis, Jesus has filled me with His Love and Compassion for others and this perfect Peace in my heart is forever with me, im all changed by the Grace of God, thankyou so much for your prayers and guidance, it worked and im living every moment of my life fully bathed with the HolySpirit, thankyou Jesus All the Glory to you Jesus

  87. Latika Gangil Says:

    WOW is it exactly after two years im talking to you, same month probably the same date as well, Jesus is amazing, he allowed me to comment on this post today.

  88. GLENN Says:

    Hello Latika Gangil,

    Yes I rechecked our conversion here and saw that your first comment here was dated 0ctober 26, 2010… that also meant that you cannot have received the Holy Ghost in December 1, 2012, which is yet to come (but maybe I think you wanted to say December 1, 2011, which would make it one year after counseled you here on how to receive the Holy Ghost baptism)!

    I thank God because you are now testifying that you’ve been filled with the Holy Ghost… thank God it happened exactly as how I counseled you to go about it…. that a spirit-filled believer should pray for you!

    So what next do you want us to discuss about Latika? Do you still have any other challenge you want to share with me here?

    I am feeling that you are feeling that you want to preach the gospel. Feel free to preach the gospel or become a preacher if you wish, for I have already told you that you were ‘destined for greatness’ and as far as you shed away those things (which I told you about was weighing you down) then your light will continue to shine brighter and brighter till the day of our Lord!

  89. GLENN Says:

    Hi Latika,

    If you also wish to talk with me, then add me on facebook… I go by this three names EJEH DENNIS GLENN

  90. GLENN Says:

    Thanks for the clarifying yourself to me on Facebook, Latika. You got filled with the Holy Ghost on the December 1, 2010, which was exactly a month after we spoke here and about two years ago!

    God bless you… I saw that you are already a gospel minister because you are so loaded with the word of God on Facebook…Keep it up!

  91. Noel Says:

    I am truly happy to hear this testimony.
    I want to take good care of my holy soul that my Father,JESUS blessed me with !
    I really want to go to Heaven & be with my only Father who died for my sins !…I truly love Him…
    I will do whatever it takes for me to go to Heaven & live with my Heavenly Father..AMEN !

  92. GLENN Says:

    God bless you Noel!

  93. Rainah Says:

    Hi Glenn

    I don’t know what is wrong about me but I have been reading almost anything i find on the net, anything with dreams and visions, hell and heaven and good and bad in God’s way.I read this testimony, and I am always asking myself if God is happy with me. I’m born again and love God. Do u think I can ask God for his assurance that I’m on the right track or not.Otherwise thanks for the blog!

  94. GLENN Says:

    Dear Rainah,

    You read a lot! Educated people, who are born again like you, often want to know where they are missing out on God.

    Looking at the bigness of God, it is easy to think that He finds fault with our every moves.

    Don’t worry what God thinks about you, but you worry what you do with His word. We, as children of God, are to realize that we can only please God by our FAITH. When you hear the word of God, do you really believe it? If you do, that is FAITH… but is nearly not enough! Your faith must be proven, or provided by your works in ACTION. If you’ve ACTIONS go against your FAITH or doesn’t tally with it, then you do not really have that faith.

    Let me give you a very simple formula on how to know how to please God Rainah!.. In 2008, during December period, I began to fast and prayer for weeks not because I wanted to, but because I was broke! And I convinced myself that there must be something that I was doing that wasn’t pleasing God, or else why was I penniless during Christmas eve, of all season?

    I read/conducted a search in the word of God for my fault in being so broke, and I saw in MALACHI that said: “Will a man rob God? But yes, you rob me in your tithes and offerings” By refusing to be faithful in paying our tithes and offerings, we are robbing God. WOW! I have been born again for 18 years up till then, 2008, but I have never seen it this way because I have not been (as in 100%) faithful in paying my tithes!

    But in blessing us, God said “Bring all your TITHES into my house and see if I will not open the windows of heaven to bless you”. Here, He did not even mention offerings. While pondering over why He did not mention offerings here, the Holy Spirit told me that “God was rather doing us a favor…even though we rob him in our tithes and offerings, even if we bring only all our tithes (one-tenth of all our earnings), which is His minimum standard, then He will open heaven’s window to bless us.. but if we are kind to bring more than one-tenth, which is our offerings, then the better for us, and the blessed we become because a tither will be so blessed that he’d always give more than his tithes… That was how kind God is!”

    You see Rainah, I was a Christian for 18 years but I wasn’t faithful in paying my tithes… so was I living right with God? No, His own very word has declared that because I was robbing Him in my tithes and offerings that I was cursed! “Therefore you are cursed!” It is not even the devil that is causing it…we are cursed for living a faithless life-style!

    It was on Christmas day, 2008…till date… that I resolved never to neglect paying tithes. As I paid my tithe that day Christmas, amazing things began to happen to me that made me cried… I was having a police case, a debt to pay, and have suffered so much because of that (I slept in cell and was beaten up by prisoners) … but a debt I wasn’t able to pay for months, was duly paid in the first weeks of January, to the shame of the devil, so easily that I laughed. And that was the starting point of steady progress in my financial, mental and spiritual life. I have never become completely broke again since then.

    It is easy to know whether you are pleasing God or not… you do not need to hear it from my mouth. If the word of God says, “do not commit adultery” and you are doing it, then you are simply not pleasing God. Find a way to overcome this…anytime you overcome sin/devil/the world in other to obey the word of God, you have a secret formula…COS IT IS ONLY OVERCOMERS THAT MAKE IT TO HEAVEN. God has no problem with you, but you will be judge by His word! So study the word of God thoroughly and see the things of grace you can find in there to help yourself.


  95. Rainah Says:

    Hi Glenn
    Thank you very much, Im surprised you gave yourself time to attend to my concerns, thank you once again. GOD BLESS YOU

  96. edwin Says:

    I was a victim of Demonic Opression, I’m Hearing voices of unknown place, I have mental illness and has a Disorder, everyday I experience unusual feelings, my senses are very very sensitive, always heard murmur of Devils and demons and also Temptation of satan. Satan have deceived my parents, brothers, sisters, my friends. . devil was on control by them because my father was doing ritual and animal sacrifices to the spirits of heaven.. They are Opressing me by mental, Physical, and spiritual.. I was very very in pain!!, it is hard to endured pthe pain. They were injected me,they hurt me, they won’t believe my statement that I’m not crazy but my movement was unusua,l Im not the same like before.. I was now a foolish I experience hallucianation World. I Lost control, I can’t hardly to be normal it does’nt work that way., i need my mind to be refrest and need some rest..this is very pain…I was in fear and always have depression, The eyes of my parents was Fierce they look very evil and very scared to look at.. they read my thoughts and tempted me by Thoughts.. My Daily Prayer was the Only way to be scaped from Opression.. very insulted word, it could broke my heart if they attack me that way it is powerful..devil has free to control people and rape,kill,torture them,… until God revealed himself to me.. and Passed the Test of Pain..And free me from sufferings, I can talk to God anytime but it is better to be silent because I will be brokenly sad to a reality and a truth, but God always brought Good news to me.. God was in pain too, if im hurt, God was hurt too.. oh God how could we endured this pain.. God was with me all the time.. he was never leave me in all pain that i’ve endured… until God give me Strenght, Talent.. and Fight Satan.. God and satan are in very Great Fight.. if you Only knew this, you could be praying everyday that you will not be tempted… This is a Law of God.. this is a secret, no mortal man can ever know this situation.. satan trying the whole earth to deceived and proved to God that no one follow him… but God is the God of all Eternities he will trap Satan to a Laws that he was made.. The Law of God of Good and Evil… God will be Devil and he will also Angel so that it will have a Law to torture satan and his Angels.. This is a Final Prophecy .. Heaven will have a new Law when the day of end coming.. The Great battle will begin.. the Horsemen of Apocalypse is brought Good and Evil to us all… The God will have a new names which means (Jehovah, Holy Spirit, Jesus, God of Devil, Good of Angel, a Human God, God of beauty) The Personalities of Jehovah or Jehovah 7

    Read my complete experience.

  97. Adeyanju Idowu Folorunso Says:

    Thank You Glenn!

    …and the Spirit and the Bride says COME!!!
    The horrors of hell fire is much more than forgiving an offender 70×7 time in a single day. The pleasures of sin can never profitable in eternity. Satan is a MASTER BUSINESSMAN, He uses the temporal{things that are usually against GOD’S WILL};to make us feel vitalized at the expense of the eternal CONSCEQUENCES!!!

  98. Melissa Says:

    Thank you for sharing this testimony. I’m only 13 but it helped me alot to understand and i still have a chance to make everything right with GOD. Please help pray for my family and I so that more people won’t be thrown into hell. It’s extremely terrifying in hell and i’m really sorry for those in hell. Now that i’ve read that testimony… i refer back to myself and I’m scared that i might go to hell because i keep forgeting to pray to God, i haven’t been to church for about 4 months now and whenever i remember to pray i always get distracted. I’m really worried. Please help pray for me.

  99. GLENN Says:

    Hello Melissa!

    How I wish I can tell you kind words, but the truth is that you’ve to accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior quickly… ‘cos there is no time left!


    It is not how much you pray or do good things or bad things that determine whether you go to heaven or hell, but whether you truly accept and believe in God’s word that HE SENT JESUS TO SAVE YOU AND GIVE YOU ETERNAL LIFE! To be sure you do, then you must pray the prayer for salvation or ACCEPTANCE by inviting JESUS into your heart and life to come and be the Lord of your life, AND TO SAVE YOU FROM YOUR SINS. ASK HIM JESUS TO COME INTO YOUR LIFE; ASK HIM TO WRITE YOUR NAME IN THE BOOK OF LIFE… THEN FINALLY ASK HIM TO DIRECT YOUR STEPS THROUGHOUT WHILE YOU ARE ALIVE ON EARTH.

    Take care…Jesus is coming soon! Amen!

  100. Mikka Ndeutapo Says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus for the Church You are going to present to Papa. it is growing due to the testimonies of your Saints.

  101. promise Says:

    After recently reading and watchin Sis linda of sierra leone’s testimony of heaven and hell, I started searching for other testimonies and realised that Jesus has been sending messages since. To all color and races alike. The time has even more been spent..meaning.. He is at the door!! Thank God I’ve not died before now. For giving me grace to resurrender afresh my life again, and dis time for Good.

    Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you. In all humility, I come back to you. I’m sorry for making you hurt all over again. I confess my sins both secret and open, intentional and unintentional. Forgive me all of my sins and bring me to life Everlasting. Amen.

  102. vkey Says:

    Hmmm interesting may God help us all! An account of someone dat died and came back to life said wearing of earrings, trousers fixing of hair will take one to hell.

  103. Emory Says:

    vkey, he didn’t say that. You may want to read his comment again.

  104. GLENN Says:

    Hello Promise and Vkey! The testimony of Linda has been raging hot in West Africa and making many tongues to wag. It is now fashionable for people to ask men of God “What do you think about Sis. Linda’s testimony?” I know I am being dragged to make a comment too about her, but I will not.

    However, you should know that there are many true and, recently, false testimonies circulating on the internet. You can listen to a very reputable preacher in Nigeria, Senior Pastor Paul Enenche, addressed that issue on you-tube (Google search for it). That is Pastor Paul Eneche’s opinion anyway but I think it is still worth a food-for-thought ( for I myself have began to identify false testimonies in order to point it out to some of my fan-followers, who sought for my opinion personally).

    But this I must say openly to everyone to hear as a warning: Please do not neither substitute the WORD of God (the BIBLE) for testimonies, nor equate them as being equal. If you do, it is because you have developed itching ears and no longer read, study and meditate on scriptures. The Word alone is enough to take you to heaven even without ever reading about anyone’s testimony. Jesus said about the scriptures that you read.. you think in them you have LIFE but it is they that point to Me (Jesus)!

    Please Vkey, God has the final say to the life of whomsoever that would end up in hell; it is not a laughing matter that people go to hell…even the best of preachers can go to hell for carelessness; no one is immune! HE THAT THINKS HE STANDS LET HIM WATCH!

    Sin is SIN and all has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Therefore going to HELL has LESS to do with wearing earrings and trousers (the outward works of righteousness) but MORE to do with rejecting and not submitting wholly to the Lord JESUS (the inward work of GRACE and MERCY). Any testimony that lay too great an emphasis on the outward works of righteousness as the basis why men are going to Hell is trying to distract you from FAITH in Christ Jesus (and His enabling GRACE). This is the latest tactics of Satan for men to put more faith in ‘works’ than ‘grace’!

    When you live in SIN, you can never get out of the bondage of sin without the grace of God through JESUS. Practising self-righteousness before God as the basis for salvation is like a filthy rag to Him! You have to accept JESUS first (to be born again) and allow the liberating grace of God from sin and bondage to begin its work in your life. GRACE is a miracle so that no man should boast. This is a liberating spiritual process that starts immediately after the new birth and must be sustained by studying the word of God and prayers, and staying in faith.

    Do you know that believers were first called CHRISTIAN in Antioch by unbelievers? And do you think that it was from a scriptural motive that unbelievers named us CHRISTIANS? I posted this out on my DENNISGLENNMINISTRY.ORG group on facebook:
    “LESSON 22: Christianity is an error created by UNBELIEVERS who imagine that some people are trying to be LIKE CHRIST! A BELIEVER should know rather that CHRIST lives in Him and that the life he or she lives is unto the glory of God.”

    You know I am a power believing Christian. (Sorry, my post above is not condemning the name Christian but the motives behind it). And I believe that Christ is a living entity that dwells in us and duplicates His life in us.


  105. pietergabriel Says:

    My Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ! When I see the different comments on “Glenn’s” testimony,I just wanted to add mine! I see people who accept the testimony, people who are questioning it and people who “attack” some of the “comments” or even judge those who testified or commented. There is but one Truth, and that is all in the Word of our Almighty Lord and Father Jesus Christ. It is so important that we discover and read and not be misled by Satan and his works of darkness. Therefore I believe and hope that all who commented are doing so, in trying to help and guide, and that they really do have a passion as to serve God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth!

    As I myself had an experience,which was far and above my human understanding,I really do believe, that God is doing miracles everyday and it still happens, as to encourage those who don’t believe or struggle with their faith.Whether you are part of the miracle or just read about it – miracles do touch the hearts of people!Yet again, we must not be deceived! The Word of God has all that is needed for us to know – as it says -” His Word is enough ” but, does that cancel all the things in which we experience or see the Grace of God, the Mercy of God, the Hand of protection of God, the Healing of God? Surely not – It is a fact that God’s Name is glorified by that, and that He is praised and honored because of what He did and is still doing for His children! In the testimonies of God’s children , the world can also see that God is the Living God!The test of all however – is it inline with the Word of God?

    In Glenn’s testimony hell is described as a place of horror ,and isn’t that exactly what the Word of God tells us about hell? Heaven is described as a Wonderful place which words can’t describe and that is what the Word of God tells us. I don’t think we as humans must go into details and question whether there is a narrow road which take you out of hell etc. as described in Glenn’s letter about her mother’s testimony. The details we should “worry” about are the simple facts! Hell is a real place where all who rejected Jesus Christ as their Savior will go to and will burn for eternity! Just as there are no words to describe Heaven and its beauty, there are no adequate words for us to describe hell!

    Read the Word of God and the descriptions it gives to us about Heaven and hell and compare it to each other. Try to think of that reality as The Word of God describes it to us!How can you ever be not serious as to change your life and be a child of God Almighty? Glenn’s mother has that vision and by that, she must have touched so many non-believers – all by the Grace of God!!!

    I testified about an experience in which I’ve been healed. I’ve only written about one part of what happened but… while I was praying to Jesus Christ our Savior,Jesus who walked the earth as a man, but yet was the Son of God ,and who was nailed on the cross,who was raised from the dead ,and now is sitting on the right hand of His Father,God Almighty, I’ve been touched by Jesus Himself! I saw His face and He spoke to me.He then healed me in such a way, that I can have no doubt at all that it was a miracle.Why me,why whoever… I’m nothing and can’t and will not boast about anything! God’s ways are not our ways and He is Sovereign in His Power!? All the glory be unto Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! It was in a moment that He healed me, and today ,2 years and 2 months and 9 days later, I’m still healed of headaches. It was not during an operation or by any doctor’s interference,but during a normal procedure of pain treatment ,which normally gives outcome for, at the most ,3 days. I can truly say, after MANY years of struggling with headaches, God healed me in a moment!

    To all people who are in doubt and or struggling with faith in Jesus and His Word, to all who are laughing and making a joke about God’s Word and Christian-believers, Heaven and hell are realities, you don’t want to go to hell!!! The God of Heaven ,God the Trinity(The Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit) is more of a reality as the air you breath! Stop sinning, start your walk in life with God! He is the Truth, the Light and the Way! Give your hearts to HIM! Although God Jesus maybe coming soon or over a thousand years , we also don’t know if we will see the sun rising tomorrow!You don’t know if today is your last day!We don’t know when Jesus will come and /or, if we will die before that!The fact is, Jesus may come anytime and death may come anytime – both means the same – time to make your choice will be over at that very moment!

    Father God, in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, I pray for all who are in doubt and all who are lost! Will you open their eyes as to see, their ears as to hear that YOU are the only way to salvation and if they don’t go through You (Jesus Christ the Son of God) there will be no other way as to enter into the Kingdom of God Almighty! May You forgive us our sins and trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us!May Your Love and Peace and Joy fill our hearts, may the Holy Spirit guide us, and may Your blood cover us, so that we may be saved for ever! We thank you for your grace and mercy Father God, all in the Name of Jesus Christ our Savior!Amen

  106. GLENN Says:

    Hello Pietergabriel!

    Thanks so much for you contribution to this forum. God bless you!

    However, I do not want what I am emphasizing about here today to be lost. Let me repeat one or two highlights as related to what you said.

    I agreed with me that the Word of God, the Bible, is enough to take anyone to heaven. But you furthermore said that testimonies can be given to bless us: “but, does that cancel all the things in which we experience or see the Grace of God, the Mercy of God, the Hand of protection of God, the Healing of God? Surely not – It is a fact that God’s Name is glorified by that, and that He is praised and honoured because of what He did and is still doing for His children!”

    On God blessing us with testimonies I agreed with you. But I do not want the people of God also to be ignorant that their are false messages circulating also. Even a God given testimony may be written unwisely, containing something that go contrary to the Word of God. Therefore, all messages should be interpreted in the light of God notwithstanding the source.

    I believe that you were inferring something from my testimony when you wrote: ” I don’t think we as humans must go into details and question whether there is a narrow road which take you out of hell”. Please, doctrinal issues should not be created out of my testimony that says “there is a narrow road out of hell”. In my own personal opinion, I do not even think that such a road to take you out of hell exist… before people will start rejoicing. Hell is a land-locked country designed to keep people in captivity, if possible, forever. You can only get out of hell only if God designed it to be so; more than 99.99% of all people who were taken to hell never get out of it again!

    The narrow, obscure road my mum took while navigating her way out of hell should not been seen as anything physical but as something done by ‘the leading of the Holy Ghost’.

    I have one of the most inquisitive minds you could imagine. I read science courses, and I believe I am a scientist. So after hearing mum shared her testimony over and over again, I decided to engage her in a psychological test. I was not interested in her narrations per se but more interesting in her ‘sense of bearing and sensation’ in hell. These was briefs of my dialogue with her and the exact words as far as memory can remember.

    Me: “Did hell hurt you by any means?”
    MUM: “No! Hell did not hurt me at all. In fact, I was very comfortable. I did not feel the heat of the fire.”
    Me: “You said hell was very dark without light. How could you see in hell?”
    MUM: “I could see perfectly in hell. My body was shining with a light.”
    Me: “Really? If your body was shining with a light, how did the people in hell see? Were they able to see you?”
    MUM: “They couldn’t look at me directly. As in, without shielding there eyes with their hands. The bright light affected them.”
    Me: “Did you speak or have any encounter with them?”
    MUM: “Yes! One of the people in hell was pleading and begging me to help him. He came and touched me.”
    Me: “Touch you?”
    MUM: “Yes! He stretched out his hand to touch me but I kicked him out of my way!”
    Me: “Why did you do that?”
    MUM: “I have no business with the people hell; they look too horrible… that man was like a skeleton.”
    ME: “Mum, how did you manage to get out of hell?”
    MUM: “I can’t tell!But I passed through that place to heaven.”
    ME: “But you said, you walked through hell… where were you going?”
    MUM: “Yes I walked through hell confidently; I just knew where I was going till I got out of hell”

  107. pietergabriel Says:

    Hi Glenn! Thank you for sharing this and I’m sure you are truly a child of God! What I tried to explain is exactly what you said. If it sounded as if I try to “break down” your testimony in any way , or creating a doctrinal issue , I’m sorry.

    My main aim was to make sure, just as you have done in this writing, that people do not misinterpret or misunderstand , that what comes out in testimonies like yours and (I have the same situation with my experience/testimony )can’t be seen as direct reality, but that God use that as ways of talking to us!

    It is so important that we make sure we speak the truth and yet we fail! I prayed and I am still praying to God, that He will guide us, His children, as to be able to distinguish between the truth and the lie! Again – God’s Word is the TRUTH, and all must be tested by His Word! Therefore , we must be there for each other and pray for each other as we all(the children of God Almighty) are part of one body in Jesus Christ!

    I believe your Mum’s experience, touched many and will touch many more!I believe she really experienced it and by the will of God Almighty and by His power, her testimony(by the Grace of God) is meant to be for all, especially those who are in doubt or those who are lost and on the road to hell!On the Winning side, All of us who are saved may look forward to be in Heaven one day – the most beautiful place which human words can’t ever explain!

    Thank you my Sister in Jesus, it’s wonderful as how God touches His children. As a Psychiatrist said to me, after hearing and experiencing in some way ,how God touched me. I visited her after 2 months after I was in hospital, and then she said: “Remember, I look at it from a clinical medical view, but still to me it is bizarre!” For 2 years+ I send her messages on the day I was touched by our Lord Jesus Christ, 5 July 2011 ,and share with her – I’m still healed from headaches – God really touched me! She replied in one sms :”I’ll never take up the word “faith” lightly again!”

    How awesome is our Father in Heaven! May God bless you Glenn and may your mother’s testimony be a mighty tool in the Hands of God!May we serve Jesus Christ and carry His light everyday – it’s the biggest privilege we can ever have! Being the children of God ,means we are saved and will live in His Kingdom, in Heaven, till eternity! We praise you Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

    Brothers and Sisters in Jesus, be blessed and motivated by the Testimony as written by Glenn. God’s time is not our time, He knows when you have to read this! If you are God Almighty’s child, follow Him with even more passion! If you are yet to be saved, don’t wait – give your heart to Jesus Christ our Lord!Amen!

  108. GLENN Says:


  109. rosangela Says:

    I have done many things in my life I wanted to get close to Jesus because I have been struggling with anxiety and I just want to be close to him but recently I have fallen back to bad habits I want to change I don’t want to go back but walk the narrow path towards him please pray for me

  110. Terri Says:

    I went to Hell & Heaven
    I’m nobody famous or rich. I’m just an ordinary working Christian person. I dreamed this about 15 years ago and I have only shared it with a limited amount of people. However, Ive been feeling guilty for years for not doing what I was told to do. So, I decided to end my guilt and to tell my story to everyone that I can reach.

    That moment of time in my life was very difficult for me, because I was dealing with the loss of my mother. I was not in my right state of mine, and I experience something new to spark up my marriage. Then, after experiencing several events, I started to question myself because I felt guilty sharing my husband with another woman. Their were many times that I wanted to stop this behavior but I was convinced that sharing love is not a sin. I continue having doubts, so I then decided to ask God for an answer.

    One night, as I was praying in bed to Jesus Christ, I asked Jesus to reveal to me the truth about being bisexual. Then, I went to sleep. I recall falling down into a dark long tunnel and being grabbed by something as I continued falling. I could not see anything, I was in total darkness and it was a long trip down.

    Finally, I fell onto the ground and my body felt cold. I didn’t have shoes so I felt the cold dirt like texture between my toes. I could smelled burning hair and flesh. Somehow, I knew I was in Hell. As I was standing I started to pray and asked God to take me away from here.

    As I prayed I heard a deep horrific voice saying to me, “Terri this is not a dream, your really here so nobody is going to hear you or save you. Your mine!” Then, he would laugh and tease me by touching me and whispering in my ear, over and over again. I then fell to my knees and accepted my punishment. I prayed to Jesus, “I’m sorry for my sins, I accept my punishment and I will always love you Lord. The Devil continued laughing and saying, “this is not a dream, your mine!”.

    I still continued to pray, “Please Jesus, come into my heart, my soul, my mind, my body, and my blood.” Then, I saw a dim pin like light bright up Hell in seconds. I then saw the beast next to me. The beast was enormously huge animal like creature with horns, I was just a tiny person next to it. The dirt was red in color and unrecognizable animal like creatures were all around me crawling on the dirt.

    At a distance I saw many pits with bursting fire out from it. And I thought to myself why is it cold here? I then saw Jesus standing in the light. I raised my arms as a child to be carried, as I flew to Jesus. I thanked Jesus for taking me out of there and giving me a chance.

    Then, I asked Jesus, why was I there for so long. Jesus told me “I wanted you to experience being in Hell”. As Jesus and I went up the tunnel, I saw creatures embedded in the dirt and its arms trying to touch me but they couldn’t. Then I remember seeing a beautiful gold color city that look like Jerusalem.

    As I entered the city I saw my deceased mother at a distance. I wanted to go to her but Jesus stopped me and told me I could not talk to her right now, I have to show you something. The next thing I remember I was standing in front of two huge doors. The doors opened by it self. The room was white, there was no furniture in sight, the white walls were so high that I couldn’t see the ceiling.

    Jesus, told me “this is your home” but you have to go back and save your son and husband. Also, you must share this experience to as many people as you can. I said okay. Then, Jesus and I walked outside. Again, I saw many people of all ages and my mother at a distance. I raised my hand and waved goodbye to my mother. Then, I immediately woke up gasping for air.

    Till this day, I don’t know if it was just a dream or if I died for a short time. I finally, did as I was told by God. I hope the unbelievers will read my story and accept Jesus Christ as their savior. There is one God and the way to heaven is with Jesus Christ our only true God.
    God bless you all.
    Sent from my iPhone

  111. GLENN Says:

    Hello Terri!

    Of course, you may not be able to tell with it is a dream or a vision.

    However, something like that happened to me. I had a similar dream like yours, but I preferred to refer it to as a ‘vision’ and not a dream because it was:
    #1: Not an ordinary dream; it was vivid and clear
    #2: And also, it was a revelation from God

    It is also possible that you were taken in the spirit realm to view these things (your subconscious mind) and when you woke up, you could only recollect vaguely with your conscious mind.

    Therefore, it think your dream should be classified as a VISION… just as I always prefer to classify mine. You can find MY DREAM OF THE RAPTURE at

  112. Bernard Coleman Says:

    Hi Glen I am Bernard Coleman from Ghana and I always love to read this heaven and hell testimonies and I always long to receive one myself. I long that the Spirit of the living God will reveal heaven and hell to me.
    Please pray for me.

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