I Need Healing from Herpes

October 22nd, 2011

I slept with someone who was a liar and he didn’t tell me that he had herpes. I am so much heart broken after knowing that I have got genital herpes. I just committed one sin and I am gone for ever. I want god to forgive me and take this disease away as it is both emotional and physical stress for me now.

I have repented honestly in my heart and decided to serve the God. I want god to forgive me. I am going for blood test on monday 24/10/11. I really wish god shows MIRACLE and result is negative.

I need instant healing from God as I have repented. Also if stories in bible are true he should heal miracuously.

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  1. Hopeful Believer Says:

    Hi there,

    You are not alone. I am going through a similar experience and can identify with you on many levels. If you haven’t already, find the strength to forgive the person who gave this to you and forgive yourself. This will be very liberating.

    God will help you find a way. I will pray for you. My testimony was posted just before yours. Please pray for me too. One way or another God will help us. Please keep me posted on your results 🙂

  2. xx Says:

    I am christian and I am praying continuously to jesus to forgive me and heal me.

    Guess I can’t live my life like this sick and depressed,so he has to raise me up and heal me .

    I am going for blood test on monday thinking god has healed me .When we have god we have hope.I am hoping he has healed miracuously.


  3. mimis Says:

    I want to say that God is merciful and will do miracles in people’s lives but remember pray in the name of Jesus Christ he is the only one that can heal you for his stripes we are healed. Matthew 18:19 “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on Earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” Also: 1 Peter 2:24 “Who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness by whose stripes you were healed.” Repeat scripture out loud and pray pray pray, fasting is good too in the name of Jesus Christ!

  4. Michael Says:

    I agree with the previous poster. Forgive him and also forgive yourself. Also, you should know that sin is always sin not minding how often you commit it. Confess your sins and Ask God to heal you in Jesus name. When your sins are forgiven, you become a child of God, and healing becomes your right. Start confessing your healing.

  5. Prphet Elijah Says:

    call me on 260979851159,i will pray for you,im Zambian by the way,called in the ministry of Healing… why are you american christians big compromnisers? FOOLISHNESS

  6. Sabrina Says:

    I will say this…faith without works is dead. So, be faithful, and get the facts. Herpes is a virus just like the common cold. Neither one are curable, but neither one of them have to be forever. God knew before you were created that this would happen. He created our bodies in such a way that we are equipped with the ability to fight off any disease or virus. The first step for you to fight anything is to get healthy. Do your own research, but I say start living better. Treat your body as God’s temple. Eat better, take vitamins, and watch God work through you. 🙂 Have faith, I know people who have tested positive and then never test positive again. You are healed already, you just have to receive it.

    Be encouraged (both of you). Healing and miracles are what he does!

    Blessings! XOXO

  7. xx Says:

    Hi Sabrina,

    Actually I have been through lot of anxiety it has shut down some of my systems in body.

    There is a fight between spirit and mind. Mind says its not curable and spirit says it is curable.

    I am fighting everyday ,living life is hard when u have in your mind that you have herpes.

    My results come on monday and i am expecting good news.

    Thanks for your blessing.


  8. Jaison Says:

    Dont worry this is just a test of your faith. God, who made you and the virus knows how to take care of it. Just have your antiviral medications and you will be fine. And do forgive and pray for the other person and I assure you will be healed faster and that is the truth.

    God Bless

  9. xx Says:

    HI all,
    Herpes is incurable disease.Virus stays in brain as dormant.
    I pray from heart that god takes this away from my body.

  10. xx Says:

    I have been healed by power of God. My blood test result shows that I no longer have herpes. Doctor was surprised and I suggested another blood test. I am sure that it would be negative as well as I can feel the healing.

    I repented honestly and prayed in spirit until I got my healing.

    Praise the lord.


  11. iamredeemed Says:

    Praise God Jehovah Rapha be magnified! Thank God for giving you a second chance…and this should be one more reason to follow his word and only save sex for marriage….the Bible can nevr go wrong it just amazes me….I am so happy for you, you are a walking miracle!!!

  12. juanm Says:

    Glory to GOD.. That’s awesome how amazing. Second person today that has been cured or healed.

  13. xx Says:

    My second blood test results are negative as well. All those people who are suffering you need to understand you need to be born again with evidence of speaking in tongues.
    Matthew 3:11
    Mark 16:15-20
    Luke 11:9-13
    Luke 24:49
    John 7:37-39
    Galatians 3:14.

    Once you get filled with holy spirit of Jesus ,healing becomes your right and he has to heal you.

    Healing scriptures:
    Psalm 103:2-3
    Isiah 53:3-5
    Matthew 8:2-13
    Matthew 8:13-17
    James 5:14-15.

    Look for Revival fellowship or revival centres International and join the church and you would see miracle happening in your life.

    God doesnt want people to be sick with STD’s .He chastises those he loves and correcth them and those who repent in his name would receive the good news i.e healing.

    God bless you all.

  14. Princy Says:

    wow….great one this is! First I wrongly saw the date and never noticed it to be an old post. Without knowing I sincerely prayed, just now and when I scrolled down the result is just n front of me…! I can understand ur tension for past 20 days. I guess u r strong in Jesus now and his miracles…think of the moment where u could have read like “positive” – BUT AS CHILDREN OF GOD, he will never let us ashamed in front of others, even if we are wrong.

    I have a friend, age 30. Her father died due to cancer. After her father’s death in 3 months she found to have cancer in breast. She is a non – believer of Christ. She is poor lady and couldnt afford to get proper treatment. Her husband knowing this asked her to get out and she took her 4 yrs old son too with her and went to mother’s house from where she took treatment for her cancer.

    Knowing this my father, took her to a doctor who is a friend. The doctor recommended all related test for cancer and she went and gave all samples for the test.
    When myself and my mother knew about this, we prayer and went on fasting for 3 days. I tod her (though) she is a non-believer to go on fast along with us and pray, while waiting for the result from the lab.
    I dont know how seriously she took and if she prayed or not etc., But I prayed at home along with fasting while she was going to collect the result. Here while I was in prayer I got a sudden Sprit entering me and making me remove something from my friend’s body and throw. (this happened while I was praying in home and she was in the hospital lab waiting for result collection)

    But what happend was, in the lab her result was missing. They lost the sample she gave to the lab for testing and they asked her to give again… she gave again and went home and we all waited for the result. The result then was, the one in her breast was some normal boil like, it can be removed. And it has got no traces of cancer…wow! I really felt proud about my God… the cancer was their and was removed during my prayer. The sample given with cancer was lost and new sample was taken…! She was operated, a minor operation. No cancer … nothing….! But she did not accept that Jesus healed her, only me and my mother believe it. Still she is in her own idol worship…! Jesus save her and her family!

    Jesus is a healer- amen

  15. xx Says:

    Hi Princy,
    Thanks for replying. I believe Jesus is the god who heals.

    Although my blood test is negative but I left over red skin there which doesnt heal.

    Can you please pray for me that red skin there heals or may be fast for me it may be too much to ask from you.

    I want jesus to heal me completely so that I can glorify his name.


  16. Trusting Him Says:

    I’m a young woman who has recently been delivered from a long term, troubled relationship and I just tested positive for HPV and herpes. I believe just like I was delivered from that relationship I will be delivered and healed from these infections. God’s word and these healing testimonies are encouraging and uplifting. Everyone please pray with me as I am healed and I will pray for those who are going through trials. Remember, God only wants the very best for his children and through these trials don’t question him, TRUST HIM and be thankful for his Love and mercy.

  17. Tessy Says:

    hello, my name is tessy.this is my story, i and my partner have been dating for two years before i relocated to america, and when i moved we started having conflicts. he started to abuse me verbally. well i foolishly made the mistake of dating someone else without breaking it off with him, and i honestly told him.he did everything to get me out of that relationship. and i did. shortly after i thought maybe we wold both change and move on, but he continued abusing me.and i started dating another person. yes i know i was wrong. well this may i went to england to see him and we had sex, =the first time i came, and few times after that, he told me he was feeling funny. and we went to the hospital and got tested. it was chlamydia and we both got treated. but then after i went to church and i listen to a sermon that change my life for good. and i told my boyfriend that i wanted to serve God, i dont want to have sex with him or any other man. i gave my life to God and i never had sex with him, and we stayed in the same house for two months, he got mad sometimes, and he will hit me, slap me, or even do worse things to me. when my holiday was over, on my way to catch my flight he apologized for all he did and proposed to me.but i turned it down. telling him we need more time. well after i got back to the state, we both decided to go and retest to make sure everything was fine. and we both did, his result came out negative, and my result was positive for herpes hsv 1. and i was shocked, because i never had anything to do with another man apart from him. well i did not tell him my result was positive. because i still don’t want to accept it. well it was two days ago i go my result. and me and him broke up just yesterday, because i figured he doesn’t love me anymore and he constantly abuse me. so i decided to move on.so today i started to google can God heal me. and i saw this site. i believe in God work.but i wonder why is it now that i decided to follow Jesus that this disease came along. i know and trust that God will heal me.please i want you guyz to help pray for me. i will go into fasting and prayers and ask him to forgive me for all my wrong deeds.thank you all for reading.

  18. iamredeemed Says:

    There is no situation too hard for God Tessy, as you can see he healed others of the same thing and worse…so if you truly seek Him and repent I believe he will heal you one day..it might not be right when you want it but he will come through for you. Be Blessed.

  19. tessynwa Says:

    thank you guys so much. in short i believe everything happens for a reason, this situation has made me realize that the doctors can say whatever they want to say, but if God says you are healed… indeed you are healed. i will continue praying for me and for the rest of you guys going through similar situations. God bless you all

  20. xx Says:

    Hi tessy,
    Sorry to hear that you got infected of oral herpes.
    Its sad, I know exactly how you feel.

    I don’t think my disease has gone completely although my blood test is negative because doctor said it takes 3 months for it to come in blood.

    You have to follow healing pathway which I have mentioned in my previous post .Join a church revival fellowship or revival centres international.

    Read chapter Job in bible. Job suffered from boils and after couple of months it says in bible he was healed.

    You have to stay faithful to god .Once you are faithful he would heal you definitely.

    Which country you are in.


  21. Tessy Says:

    thanks so much.i am in USA right now.and dealing with the break up with my ex and this disease is not easy for me.i need GOD to heal me from every negative things i’m going through right now.

  22. xx Says:

    start fasting, I have tried it and it works. Give yourself completely to jesus. Pray in holy spirit.
    God bless.

    Love xx

  23. Tessy Says:

    thanks so much, i will start doing that. i trust in God and in what he can do.

  24. xx Says:

    Hi are you taking any antibiotics for herpes.
    You must take valtrex 1g- 2 times a day.
    Love xx

  25. Les Says:

    Hello all,

    I just looked at this post because I too have contracted Herpes from what the docs say. I received my results this morning and was devastated. I went to search in google if anyone had a testimony of being healed of Herpes and I can say that I am deeply encouraged by the posts you guys have posted. It gives me hope that God will somehow someway heal me. Please keep me in prayer Saints. I am going to fight this thing as you all have and report the outcome.

  26. xx Says:

    if u have contracted recently u must go on valtrex 1g- 2 times for 10 days. After u finished with that u r healed in the name of jesus.
    god bless xx.

  27. Les Says:

    Well I haven’t had a an outbreak yet. They said it showed up in my blood test. But I will go back to see what meds do I need to be on. Thanks for the advice.

  28. H Says:

    We thank God for all these testimonies. I backslid and I feel uncomfortable in my body. I have gone to the doctors and I was told to go and do STD test, which I did. The results was negative but I have not gone for herpes, hepatit c and other tests. I can see the signs of herpes, I have genuinely repented and give my life back Christ again. I am waiting for my test that will come this Monday. I need all of you, your prayers so God will heal me from any disease I may have. I am encouraged by testimonies. I was watching looking at the net find out God have healed someone from herpes and I came across your testimonies. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever more. I believe God will heal all of us. God bless you all.

  29. H Says:

    Praise the Lord. I just want to informed you guys that I don’t have any STD. God is so faithfully. I want you guys hold on to your faith in Christ. Your miracles is in His Word. Trust and believe in His word, confess your healing every day. Don’t confess negative thing in your life. Jesus Christ is waiting for you to tap into His healing power. Find a Holy Ghost Church to go, you can also go to one of the Benny Hinn crusade or google helplinetv.com for prayers.

  30. H Says:

    Hi Brothers and Sisters please let us start praying for those who are suffering from this virus that God will instantly heal them. Also pray for those who have give their live back Jesus Chirst because of this disease for God to heal them. I am praying for them and I want you to agree with me in prayers for their miracles and healings. I want you guys to share your testimonies with us, so that we will know God have answered our prayers. We need to pray so that the doctors will get a cure for this disease. God bless you all who are praying for them. Thanks

  31. iamredeemed Says:

    Thank You H…I am in agreement with you..I need those prayers. God Bless You all!

  32. BrandSash Says:

    I am so grateful to have found this and to see that other Christians are going through the same thing as me.
    I recently found out I have an STD and it is painful.
    And I’m so scared to even let my family know.
    If y’all would pray for me and just encourage me. I would appreciate it.
    Thank you and I know all of this had to have happen for a reason.
    And I know God wouldn’t put more on me that I couldnt bear.

  33. H Says:

    Hi BrandSash, are you praying about your situation? If yes then Read this Word from Psalm 105:1-5: O give thanks unto the LORD: call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people. Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk ye of all his wondrous works. Glory ye in holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the LORD. Seek the LORD, and his strength: seek his face evermore. Remember his marvellous works that he hath done; his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth. If you have prayed for your situation, begin to call the name of Jesus Christ and thank Him for your healing because He has done it. Remember His wonders which He has done. I want you take this WORD REMEMBER that He has done it for you. Continually thank God for your healings, continually seek the LORD and His strength. Read Matthew 3:11-13 when John started acknowledge Jesus Christ according to what Psalm 105:2 says. Verse 11 in Matthew chapter 3, the Bible says then Jesus Christ came to John. I will praying for you and the others. Five months from now go back to the doctors to do the test and you will come back with good results. Remember to thank God for your healing, and pray for those people who are also believing for God their healing. Remember you are healed in the Name of Jesus Christ.

  34. H Says:

    Hey iamredeemed, thank you so much. Are you a prayer warriors? You sound very good in my spirit. I can see God really love you, keep on doing what you are doing for God and His saint. What country are you?

  35. iamredeemed Says:

    H I am a born again christian. My prayer life is not where it should be but I want to become a christian with mountain moving faith..Yes God loves all of us and I pray he answers our prayers.I am in the States, where are you?

  36. H Says:

    iamredemed thanks you so much for the reply. I am in the United Kingdom.

  37. xx Says:

    To all those who are called to the love of christ, go and do his will preach the gospel.

  38. Lynn Says:

    I have been fighting the herpes disease mentally and physically for 4 years now.. I need prayers for healing.. I get so depressed thinking I will have to live the rest of my life with this horrible disease I have because of my sinful acts.. I feel so alone I’ve never told anyone.. God is who I ve turned to.. I do believe he can heal us … I can’t live like this..

  39. H Says:

    Hey Lynn, I am praying for you. Jesus Christ will heal you because He is willing. He did that on the cross. If you lives in the state, there are alot healing crusade going on in the state at the moment, find out which one is near you and go. The Bible says many are the affliction of righteous but God deliver them out of them all including your disease. Don’t give up praying for your healing. Since December 2011 when I saw your poster I started praying and fast for you, I have not stop praying for you and others on this website. Miracle is your in Jesus Name……. Stay blessed…… Don’t keep up on God healing power, is yours in Jesus Name, Amen.

  40. xx Says:

    hi lynn,
    if u do ur test next week it would be negative. I am putting u forward in our church for healing.
    read isiah 53.5.

    God bless.


  41. Meggie Says:

    I just found out that I have genital herpes too. I started praying for healing as soon as I found out. I am praying for you all too.
    Thank you.

  42. xxb Says:

    Hello everyone,
    I too recently was diagnosed. I got my results back from a biopsy. I just feel so torn Im not a bad person Im not Promiscuous at all. On top of having HSV-2 I have sickle cell anemia. Im very blessed with my sickle cell I dont get sick often but now because of this new diagnosis Im afraid of getting more sick and when I have a crisis of having outbreaks. I havent seen or felt any bumps. I prayed and fast when I was told by the doctor that did my lab. I rebuked it in Jesus name, i woke up in the middle of my sleep and prayed it off in Jesus name. Im american and i live in md. I have a wonderful spiritual mother named Ms. Funmi she has helped me through a lot and has given me scriptures and keeps telling me to believe. I had peace with my results I didnt cry when the doctors told me and I didnt get mad. I forgave the man that gave them to me. He never even told me. He never let me make the decision. I have not spoken to him since. But throughout this I have gotten closer to God and Im very thankful for that. I hope you all would pray for me. I have faith that God will heal me and I hope that he does. I have fasted, prayed with petition, repented and humbled myself. Im so happy for those of you that have a negative result the second time I would LOVE to see the doctors faces on that lol. I know doctors are just men and they dont have the last say so God does. With my sickle cell I was suppose to be dead more than three times within my childhood and Im almost 30 and still here!

  43. Faith Says:

    Hello All,

    I was blessed to have found this site, and have been truly inspired by all of the testimonies. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I have herpes. I believe I got it a few months ago when I had horrible symptoms. I was tested by two different doctors and was told I didn’t have herpes, and that it was Shingles. I felt that I was spared by God, since my boyfriend was tested at the same time and found out that he had Herpes, but said he never had any symptoms of it. We have recently split up, and I had a difficult time in trying to understand why something that I thought was from God (the relationship) really wasn’t meant to be. And then the symptoms, started to come back. I went back to the doctor and was told that I had herpes, not shingles. I was devastated. I could barely get out of bed I was so depressed. All I knew was to keep praying, and keep studying the Bible. I repented for my sins. I also forgave my ex, whom I had been angry with. And then, I forgave myself. God showed me how he healed others through Jesus Christ. He has also confirmed it through the testimonies I have read. I am praying to him for complete healing. I am praying for a second chance. I will use this experience as my testimony and to glorify God. I trust him completely. I have rededicated myself to him, and feel in my spirit that he will heal me. My body keeps going against my spirit from the pain that I feel, but I know that our God is a healing God, and I too shall be healed. He said “That if two of you shall agree as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in Heaven”. So, I am praying that you will be in agreement with me for my healing, and I will be in prayer with you for yours as well. Thank you and God Bless!

  44. krys Says:

    Okay so recently i have been having symptoms of herpes. i’m pretty sure i have contracted it from my boyfriend. Truth is , im devastated ! I’ve never cheated on my boyfriend and I’m torn into pieces because of this ! I’ve been praying non stop since monday. . i get my results on friday & i am very nervous. i can’t eat or sleep , i stay up crying because I’m distraught. i can’t bare the thought of having a disease. Please pray for me to be healed , as i will pray for you.
    xoxo -krys

  45. Lady Says:

    I am so grateful that I found this site. I am a born again christian who was just told on yesterday that I have Herpes 2. My dr explained that its a touching diease and I necessary could have not gotten it from sex. See the interesting thing is I just recently decided to have a intimate relationship with my boyfriend. However, after my shock of disbelieve. I did what I do best. I asked my dr. if he would give me 30days before I get back with him regarding taking the prescription. I need to seek the Father, my Lord Jesus Christ I explained to him he is Miracle worker and I do not recieve this diagnois. In addition, I reminded him that once before he told me that it was something neglect and when I went back it was gone. Well, he said that oh that just scientific. I chuckle and said ok but please give me 30days. See what he didnot know the last time he told something negative I went in prayer and intercesson for a miracle, and God did. So I say to you all, this morning I begin a wonderful prayer, fasting and worship with my Jesus. I’m fasting for the next three days completing but liquids and then however the holy spirit leads me. So I asked to those that read this please agree with me for a Miracles. Blessings and thank you for the encouraging testimonies. My Faith is strong.

  46. xxb Says:

    I havent had any new testing done yet. I have been prayed over by two pastors and have been drinking water that has been blessed for cleansing. Im not worried just anxious for my healing. I been praying and seeking God. I hope that we get our miracles and have a great testimony.

  47. Justin Says:

    I haven’t had a test but I’ve been getting little bumps on my lips and on the bottom of my scrotum. I’m convinced I don’t need a test, all I need is Jesus. Who knows where I contracted it from, either from sexual promiscuity or drugs or who knows (only God could possibly know)… I’ve been so dirty, I never thought I was capable of such sin. I prayed in the shower that God would heal me, and I promised that would be enough proof to give up all my bad tendencies and sins, to walk in Jesus’ name from there on out. I woke up the next day with no bumps on my lips or genitals… They vanished overnight. I didn’t hold my end of the bargain though – later that week a friend came over with some weed and I decided to put “that voice inside my head” to test once more… I took a hit. Not even an hour went by and I got a bump on my upper lip, and red spots on the tip of my tongue. It’s hard to tell if it’s acne, HSV or whatever, but I am praying that God gives me a second chance to do this right. I really don’t want to believe that voice inside my head was temporary psychosis, I do believe it was God. I will never stray from the truth again. Please pray for me.

  48. Cc Says:

    Hi all,
    My hsv2 diagnosis has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. I’ve been a christian since I was a little girl but when I got to college I went through a serious depression and turned to drugs and alcohol. I asked God to help me but never felt his presence. Then I turned to random men to give me the love I felt God had neglected. The night I contracted the disease the Holy Spirit gave me multiple warnings and I ignored them. Today, I can say I’ve dedicated my life to God. Unfortunately, the symptoms remain. I read my bible and claim my healing in the name of Jesus everyday. The symptoms rarely ever go dormant. I pray that God will heal me, not just for me but also for the 2 other men I spread it to. When I told them the diagnosis, I also told them that I’m believing for a miracle. I want them to know the glory of God. please pray for me and them.


  49. ahager1088 Says:

    i am so glad i stumbled across this tonight, i have been in a real funk and need to seek Jesus with all i got i can’t believe how quickly you can go from being on fire for the Lord to putting things before Him. Pray for me please. Anyways i also was told by the doc that i had herpes, shook my life up real bad. God really opened my eyes and changed my life, and because of His love and grace all of my tests have been negative, in faithfullness He afflicts us to get our attention, im so thankful that He did afflict me and did get my attention! Praise our Father!

  50. Bianca Says:

    Its amazing how I thought I was alone in this battle, I havent been tested but I see symptoms of herpes. I was devastated when it really hit me. Only been with 2 men who I loved. The first one gave it to me years ago but I didnt know what was going on with my body, got very nervous because sex with the 2nd guy was really painful. Long story short, I know Jesus and I just strayed letting my flesh guide me. I began fasting, praying and reading my Bible scriptures. I know that The Lord will heal me because I have faith. He said “ask and it shall be given”. My phone hold hundreds of porno movies, I will be deleting them. I decided that there will be no more sex for me until marriage. Please pray for me as well as the others who are fighting this battle.

  51. Isreal Says:

    I thank god i found this site. I found out last week that I have herpes o. Will pray 4 us all its god and i know he is able!!!!!

  52. Jason Says:

    Hey i very encouraged by you all, I don know why but time and time again I stray and try find all the answers in human things. All I have had to do is turn to God for my healing. The secret is not suppressed, its free and you just have to accept it. I will begin fasting and seeking God and asking for healing.

    Could you please please please pray for me. it would be so appreciated

  53. faithful Says:

    Hello all: I am soo happy I found this site! My story is I was diagnosed almost 10 months ago. I contracted 1 & 2 from a person I’ve trusted and known over 15-17 yrs..devastating!I accused him of giving me the virus, and he supposedly went to the dr.to get checked, and he kinda stuttered when he told me his test results were negative!! Liar! he was the only one I was with for a year. Well I no longer talk to him, and I tell you it’s been a very long 10 months! I been praying and going to church,tithing, going up for prayer at church,I been doing it all..I rededicated my life to Chirist. I’m not new to the Lord, I been knowing about the greatfullness of christ all my life. I messed up from fornicating, but now with this affliction, i come to know and love him more! I thank him for my affliction, this has drew me so near to Jesus..I love him.I feel he allowed this to come upon on me because of sin and disobedience. I been praying for my healing for a very long time, my life has changed, and alot of the things I use to do, I don’t do them any more. the bible says “where ther are 2 or 3 gathered in my name, there am I (jesus)in the midst”. I’m asking for prayer from everyone on this site who believes in healing and God, and the son of god.I too have laid hands on my computer screen, on every person, and prayed on this site, and I am believing and I am in agreement for everyones healing in jesus mighty name!! Amen!! I have never had a break out with this virus to this date, i guess God spared me of that :)but sometime this month,or the begining of June, I am going to test, and I pray and I hope you all will be in agreement with me for a good report back. I am soo happy for everyone who was healed of this terrible virus!this site gives people hope and changes lives too. God has truly giving you a second chance, please don’t blow it, count it a blessing. ok I’ve said enough, I will keep you all posted after I test again. peace to you all my brothers and sister’s in Christ!

  54. GRACE VOTE Says:

    I was confirmed hiv positive on 16th_5_2012, I believe GOD can heal me of it. my mum died of it n her elder sister died of it. I want God to make me a living testimony to is glory. Pls friends d enemy wants to make my life useless. pls assisteme with prayers am age 21 still a student lookin for admission in the higer institution. +2348169674678

  55. Alex Says:

    Hi there
    I just found out the I herpes and I don’t know how I got it but Im really asking GOD for forgiveness when I found out I started and I’m a guy so I started crying allot so pls LORD help me with my I’m really scared and I don’t know how to tell my parents. Pls LORD help me I’ll do any thing pls in JESUS name I pray AMEN

  56. faithful Says:

    Hi grace. just stay strong and be encouraged in the word of god.believe that all things are pssible for those that believe. you can, and will be healed if you believe, the bible says to have faith at least the size of a mustard seed..and thats small. jesus loves you grace, and some times if you are living in sin, he allows things to come upon us, to change us, and bring us closer to him, and to do his will.Mark 11:23 says”for verily I say unto you,that whosoever shall say unto this mountain,be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. start believing for your healing right now grace, read your bible day and night, and hopefully be born again, if you are not. god will heal you!i will be praying for you.

  57. xxb Says:

    Thank you faithful for the words of encouragement

  58. born again Says:

    I am praying for healing from HSV2. I had a lot of pain a few weeks ago. I went to Dr she said I have HSV1 and 2 but the 2 does not show in my blood yet. I have forgiven the guy and myself. I have a guy who loves me and I pray so bad not to pass this to him I pray the blood over me and I ask God to forgive my sins. I left my faith after divorce and hurt from my ex husband and I know now that God was trying to get my attention…Lord I hear you and I am sorry and I ask for healing. Please pray for me. Thank You!

  59. faithful Says:

    hello born again i’m in the same boat you are in. I too contracted 1&2 10 months ago from someone i’ve known over 17years,but I believe that god will heal me when he’s ready. I have never experienced any out breaks thank god.The guy I was with denies giving it to me but he knows he did, I’ve been with no one else for over a year, except him. Born again, you said you askd god to forgive you, and he has.Thats why jesus went to the cross for us so we can come boldly to the throne and ask him of anything, and if it is in his will, he will do it for you.I’m not trying to tell you what to do, but you might want to be careful not to pass this on to the new guy you are with, you have asked god to forgive you of your sin, and it may not be wise to be having sex if you are not married(fornication)god is paying attention to that, and does the new guy know you have HSV?… you have to repent and turn from the things you use to do that are not rightuous in the eyes of god. god does not put bad things on us, but he allows things to come upon us when we are doing wrong, so we can turn to him. I know it’s hard, because its hard for me, and I been refraining from sex over a year now, I don’t want to pass this on to no one else. Born again, I sujest you read your bible daily, go to church, find a good pastor to pray over you.The bible says “where two or 3 are gathered together in my name(jesus)there am I in the midst”. I have already prayed for your healing. so lets agree on it together.Your sister in christ 🙂

  60. faith Says:

    Hi all,
    I am praying for everyone on here, as I am also going through a scare. Awaiting results to see if I in fact have herpes. I am scared and sick to my stomach since my symptoms seem to point to herpes. I have been praying and seeking forgiveness although I probably don’t deserve it. Have made several promises to God which I have broken and am now beating myself up for it. Please, I need a miracle, don’t want this to negatively affect my life forever. I just want to reverse time and start all over..
    Please, keep me in your prayers.

  61. DOUBLEH Says:

    I’m 17, I was diagnosed with hsv1 genitally in January, it is now almost 6 months after. And I have not once turned to God for help. Ive only had my initial outbreak. I refused to believe I had it for ages, I was in denial. On Monday I came home from work, extremely unwell and run down. I burst into tears because I realised I had been hurting for so long with only a few hugs and ‘it will be okay’ to help me feel better about myself.. I haven’t really been able to tell anyone in detail. On Monday something made me remember about God and his healing, and his capability to stop my pain and heal my heart and body from this disease. And even though the Doctors told me I would have to live with it. I can turn round and tell them ‘NO! NO I DONT’ and do you know why? Because God is a fair and just God who can and will heal. On Wednesday I felt what I thought was an outbreak, I burst into tears again, proclaiming my sins to God, I was filled with the holy spirit and could barely keep my balance, I was swaying from side to side and backwards and forwards.. I was crying and laughing hysterically. I felt like God was saying to me ‘you don’t need to cry anymore, you don’t need to feel hurt, you don’t need to live with this’ .. I eventually ended up on the floor praying and worshipping God. I was still for a while then I got up and sat on my bed, thanking God. I cried some more that night, and again the next morning. Except all the symptoms I had been feeling from my outbreak where completely gone. I had no bumps, no itchiness. Nothing. Just myself, I have asked everyone around for prayer too. I feel so much better, I feel like the first stage of my healing is complete. My strength is slowly coming back, and my smile is here to stay! In the name of God this will go and never come back. God doesn’t want us to be unhealthy nor unhappy or living with illness. If you ask for healing, you will most definitely receive it! Undoubtly. God is merciful and loves us too much to leave us sore and broken. It’s in his will! 

  62. DOUBLEH Says:

    I am here reading about a lot of you crying out for healing, but sit back and think.. Do I actually believe I will get healed? Do I believe and have faith in God. Gods time is different to ours, but he will heal us. He has performed miracles amongst my church, one man.. On his hospital bed dying Of an incurable disease and 24 hours later he was back to perfect health after my whole church prayed. Genital herpes is nothing but an incovinience, you are not dying nor are you so poorly you can’t stand. You should pray to God that he heals your pain in you, so you begin to feel happy and understand.. Pray to God that he will start to mend your body and begin to do the impossible. Confide in a pasor and ask for healing. If you 100% have faith in God. He will heal you, he will show you that you are his child and he loves you. If you are having sex out of marriage, and praying for healing for hsv.. It doesn’t really count, also I’m reading people saying ‘ask God to change your blood’ .. God doesn’t need to change your blood, God needs to remove the incurable! Please do not pray to God for things you do not need. Just give all your problems to God, pray and say thank you for all you still have. In time, your spirit will be healed, the pain your in from getting hsv will be healed, your relationship with God will become at one and eventually your hsv will be healed. You just need trust, patience and a lot of faith! I am only young, but my faith in God is strong. Unless God asks you to fast, and dedicate yourself. That may not be what he wants! Trust in God. No one human can take this away, but I want to be a walking testimony and I want others to know of my pain and my struggle and how God delivered me, I want everyone on this site to also be a walking testimony! God can do wonders through us, only if we let him. God bless you all! We are all deserving for healing. :) 

  63. lovepeace Says:


    I have been following this post for a while and finally decided to register with the site. My life has been a crazy ride. I have been diagnosed with herpes type 2. I got a second test and it shows positive. I am still placing my confidence in God. God has always been there for me. He got me thru my depression, suicidal thoughts, and I know that this is just another lesson I need to learn. I will be praying for everyone here. I will be praying to God for my healing and I will wait for my healing. The road has not been easy but I definitely know that the same God who saved me from my horrible past will continue to help me in my life.

    Thank you.

  64. Kia Says:

    Hi,my name is Kia I have herpes had I found out when I had my second child.The thing is I know God is a healer. I believe that he is going to heal me all have have to is rely on him totally.i have not be to the doc ever since I found out I had the virus because im scared I might I Aids. Im sick of living my life worried and depressed so I am going to put all my faith into God. I just recently stopped having sex, I realize the only relationship I need is with God and his people. I thank God in advane for his healing. So God bless all of you out there who is trusting in God because he never fails

  65. nickyt Says:

    As i write this tears is in my eyes! My boyfriend has been my biggest support system even though i had given herpes to him. I pray and cry that this disease is removed from our bodies! I always remember the song, “you are healed, your faith has made you whole”. This is a song that always keeps me going. I believe that God has healed and that he can he me. The songwriter says tears is a language that God understands. Please pray for me and my boyfriend that this disease will not only be removed but all doubts will be taken and replace with faith. The bible says if ur faith be a small has a mustered seed you can move mountains. I want to prove god for myself and i have made God a promise and i intend on keeping that!!! Pleaseeeeeeeee pray for me that i will be made whole!! My boyfriend is in the army and i worried that he will be thrown out because of this! i pray every day wishing that he wont have it(even though he alone show the symptoms)but that i will have it n not him!!!! i believe in pray so am asking you guys to remember me in your prayers. Thank you

  66. nickyt Says:

    Just to add i have done a test which was negative but boyfriend was diagnosed has having herpes. so i plan to go to the clinic this week and get tested. Plan to let u guys know the results, i believe God is the same God and he has not change.
    And i believe my life is going to be a testimony to everyone!
    Please again pray for me

  67. Mercy me Says:

    I cryed out to God a couple wks a go during worship in church and asked God who would want me with this horrible disease…He said He would. A wk after I have hpv-2 I then break out with a systemic virus on my arms, stomic &. Face I cry out in a way that I can’t say asking God why me. I beg many days for Him to please just take me home were I don’t have to suffer in pain any more. Please pray with me that God will have mercy on me for messing up so badly in my life. I had a messed up child hood and didn’t know God, I had low self esteem, and though the way to get love was to sleep w men even though it didn’t make me feel good..I didn’t know & beleive that God is a healing God and all things are possible. I know & beleive He is alive and still deceives people everyday from there diseases, shame and hurt of the past..I luv Him so much & I repent of my past….thanks for a web site where we can share our regrets, former shame and believe together for complete restoration. In Jesus name.

  68. faithful Says:

    Hey everybody.. god didnt give us a spirit of fear or depression. like I said previously, god allows things to come on us, in order to change our sinful ways, and to bring us closer to him. so now with this terrible virus that has come upon us all,which has no cure, we now seek him badly, which is exactly what he wants:)but I tell you he will heal us all if we stay clear of sin, and fornication. go to church, bible study, and read the bible daily, and you will see a change in your life. the bible says “seek ye first the kingdom of god and other things will be added unto you”. put god first in your life, and all of your prayers will be answered. god knew we all was going to go through this mess, before it even happened, and i’m quite sure some of us had warnings to stop sining before hand, I know I did!..but anyway, just keep the faith and be of good cheer everyone..And remember “by jesus stripes we are all healed in jesus name amen! I will be praying for all.

  69. Mercy me Says:

    Thank you and ur so right. I look back and part of me was Hurting so bad and I also have looked back at the curse on our family of sexual immorality, I have called out in desperation for my family to be broken of this bondage, pain & ongoing scar that has held us in bondage, but I know that it probably would not have had God not made it. I do look to God daily w prayer and know He knows my heart desires, to rid my body of this horrible disease and know that He will..in his perfect timing. I also want to add an apology for my message written above I wrote He (God deceives our diseases I want to say He delivers, I know u may have known but I want to clarify…we serve a wonderful healing God

  70. ace Says:

    Hey this site has offered my alot of hope an encouragement. You testimonies have made me realize my need for God. BUT i do have questions no questions of doubt because ultimately I want to know the truth.

    I have been reading the bible and it has become clear that Jesus did alot of healings, and he healed people when they had faith. I want to believe this is true soo soo much. I put my trust in this.

    I just dont understand though one thing. Their is many people at church that have gone on to die from cancer. OR there is this beautiful boy at our church that had a pool accident and went on to become brain damaged and went on to pass away a couple years ago. His mum and dad were wonderful parents, so loving, undoubting. This little boys life although you wouldn’t wish it on anyone was an amazing testimony to others and we all new one day he would be made perfect again in heaven. I have no doubt Jesus can heal, but why in this circumstance was he not healed. His parents didn’t lack faith they were absolutely God loving people.

    I struggle with this balance? like i said i dont want an answer because it feels good. I want someone who has honestly seeked God out on this matter and feels they have an answer.

    thank you all!

  71. Emory Says:

    Hi ace, there is a scripture that brought the importance of faith home to me. It’s Mark 6:5.

    And He could do no miracle there except that He laid His hands on a few sick people and healed them. And He wondered at their unbelief.

    The fact that the word “could” is used tells me how important faith is when we approach Him.

  72. Kia Says:

    Hi everybody I had a check up today n the doctor said I dont have herpes the bumps were boils. When I tell u guys that God is faithful he is. God has the power I mean supernatural power. He can do anything if you openly have faith n obey his word my life is full of peace. So my friends pray n obey his direction n he will do things u would not believe. As for me I don’t belive in nothing until I became saved. Jesus Christ is the only thing I believe in. God bless n just pray, speak ur healing, believe n obey, u c ur results

  73. faithful Says:

    hey kia, thats wonderful news!!what an awes0me god we serve!I’m very happy for you kia! he keeps his word, when we keep seeking, and believing in him.well, stay grounded in his word, and don’t turn back. god has giving you a second chance 🙂 take care!

  74. Nickyt Says:

    After a few months of finding out that i might have herpes because doctors had told my boyfriend that he has it just by a visual examination we both decided to accept this disease has part of our lives. We have never done a blood test( except for me which i think was a false negative)since the diagnosis,we both said the symptoms fit and we love each other and should move on with our lives. Well am here to tell u guys that i worry no more about this disease. I get up everyday thanking God that i have not contracted AIDS and give it to my partner.
    I believe God is a forgiving and and is a healer. And if it is his will he will heal me and my partner. But either way am happy with or without this disease. Am still Gonna worship God the right way and still gonna hold fast to his words and believe that he loves me either way!!
    I thank You God for this disease and i thank you that it not something worst!! I LOVE U LORD with my entire being and no matter what the devil puts in my way i will always serve you.
    Always remember the story of Job, the devil had cast diseases on him and yet still he never gave up on God. Believe in God and believe for a miracle.

  75. Anson Says:

    Praise the Name of God Almighty. I contacted herpes genitalis from a prostitute in 1991 and tried so many drugs. I even used to burn the lesions with the lighted head of cigarette. It repeated almost evey two months, what ever I did. In 2009 September, I was saved by Christ. Gave up drinks and smoke. I kept my self research on homeopathic remedies. Now, there is no appearance of lesions because the moment I get the burning pain along the sciatic nerve, I begin to take homeopathic remedies, and it averts the attack. I am praying for two things, one, complete cure from Herpes….two..to fill me with the power of the Holy SPirit with a gift of healing diseases like herpes and like. Please pray for me. My wife also got it from me, but, she is unaware of it. Please pray for her cure as well. God Bless you all.

  76. Amerlee Says:

    Hello everyone i contracted herpes a year ago..from this guy i was seeing but the bad thing is he was lying abt everything is name age and wat ever else i said him. when i want to go see the doctors and they told me I contracted that ..i was almost abt to kill myself.but i think god for my friends and family i have in my life they prayed for me .i want to church..but i need god to heal me and jus forgive me.i prayed so many times .i asked God to jus take this away from me ..some please

  77. Amerlee Says:

    Pray for me and i will do the same

  78. Amerlee Says:

    Well i want to church today ..and it felt real good going today.I was reading the bible Friday nite .i was reading something in Luke but anyway i want to church and the Pastor was reading the same thing i was reading the other nite it was luke 17:14—17..then i got prayed for ..the pastor told me i was already healed.The only thing i can say was thank u lord..Thank u God for having mercy on me lord..

  79. Jack Says:

    I feel completely hopeless. I have not been living for Christ and as a result I am stuck with this horrible disease. Please pray and fast for me too.

  80. erika Says:

    Im so happy I found this website..I believe GOD can heal me.I just found out I have herpes,& im really sad.I have 3 children & I feel scared that I could spread to one of them.Please help me PRAY that when I go for second results they come negative…THANK YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS

  81. isaac Says:

    HI, I REALLY NEED YOU GUYS TO PRAY FOR ME, i am completely devastated and i’ve even thought of suicide… i love the lord, i love his word and i would love to keep on serving him, i have many symptoms of herpes and i am waiting another two weeks to get tested, please pray for me, i know there’s no medical “cure” for this, but i also know God is allmighty, i have repented of my sins and cried a lot, i had dreams of being a family man, and marrying a beautiful christian, i need deliverance, i was fatihful to the lord for many years, and commited sin a couple of months ago.

  82. Emory Says:

    Praying for you isaac.

  83. Jared Says:

    I stumbled upon this website late browsing the internet believing I contracted herpes recently. I too, am devastated by this. Like Isaac, from the above post, I love God, and this realization is heavy, especially thoughts of the future, and Building a family as I am unmarried. I know that God is a God of redemption, and that good will come out of it, but please pray for me to be strong and to have some rest as I go through the next few weeks.
    I am already praying for many of the encouraging and heartfelt posts I have already read here.

  84. Amerlee Says:

    Hello everyone …God is so much bigger then this sickness in your body he can do all things in his name. Was down and out thinking about wat happened to me every day trying to hope and wish i get healed but u have to look at the bigger picture and remove things out of ur life so god can heal u..god is able to do any thing nothing is to hard for god .you can have what u say .just say that everyday and i know u will be heal. It worked for me. God bless u..

  85. Angela Says:

    Just want to thank God for leading me to this website, to read all of your testimonies. All will be in my prayers as I ask all to keep me in theirs. I’ve had herpes since 1999, wow thats a long time when I think of it, I’ve surrender my life to Christ a year and a half ago, and its not until recently that I’ve been able to really admit and seek God’s help in the matter. All of course because God is revealing to me what needs healing, I’ve asked for healing prior to today, However it’s always been in secret and the Lord says NO MORE, to be healed is for My glory so your story must be shared before the healing comes.This is my personal word from God to me in regards to Herpes. This of course immediately put fear in me because I’ve never heard testimonies about Herpes before, only hear negative talk in regards to Herpes.So I tell God I don’t completely understand why do you want me to do this? How can anyone relate to me when no one shares in my “shame”, He says you testify and others will follow!Why I have to be the first to publicly share this I still don’t like the Idea, BUT I trust the Lord has His reason’s and it WILL be to glorify Him!So thank you all for boldly sharing and encouraging me to step out on the Lords word! Amen and God bless!

  86. Geri Says:

    I had a blood test for herpes, which was negative, after having experienced herpes for many years. But, a few days later, I had a small herpes outbreak.
    i am now working with Louise Hay’s affirmations, which do address the need to change our perceptions of our bodies, at an emotional level, so that we view ourselves without shame. I also am atempting to heal with light visualization, and prayer, which often works. but, one must also ask for forgiveness from both sins, and of any persons who we have hurt in our past and present lives(Dr. Chi-Chinese Doctor’s book, Body, mind, Soul(order?). However, sometimes Karmic issues cause diseases, so this is the reason that asking for forgiveness is important.

  87. Aaron Says:

    Hello all. I came across this site and I am pleased with the honesty and testimonies here. I have been battling with oral herpes for 13 years now. I also have bumps on the back of my arms, my back, and on my legs. The tips of my nails are yellow and my stool no longer sinks in toilet. I have not been prophesied to about being healed of anything but God has said through different people in the last ten years that he will send me to the nations. I am no longer afraid of any disease but there is a woman who is interested in me but I will not date her because of the consequences of all of my sexual sins. It is harder for me to,cope with that than to deal with all of the health issues. I do believe in miracles. I have seen the glory of God at work. All I ask is for some one to help me pray. I do believe that a day will come that I will be like Job and have my health return onto me. John 10:10. Thank you all and God bless you.

  88. DaughterofChrist Says:

    Dear brother Aaron,

    As sister xx said…you have every right to get healed being Born of God.

    If there is any confession to make before the Lord please do so and the minute you confess, you will realize your healed and when you know that minute that your healed please do not forget to thank God because it is all HIS doing, thank JESUS the GOD and continue in HIS path for HE is the PATH of LIFE.

    May the Lord heal millions of people through you and your prayers, in Jesus name we pray AMEN

  89. Mike Says:

    Hello everyone i contract herpes and hiv and i’m just so lost im torn i just want another chance and opportunity to live holy and righteous.

  90. Dinyella Says:

    Hello, I am a young lady and i contracted that horribe diseaase heroes at a young age. I was addicted to sex and very careless. I didn’t value my life and didn’t hold my body as a temple, but I am here to say that GOD WORKS MIRACLES. I was devasted and very, very emotionally hurt a couple minths back when the doctors told me, but I have grown so much closer to God. God is an amazing and merciful God! He will heal you from anyhting. There is absolutely nothing on this green Earth is too hard to God. Every virus, disease, bacteria or infection has a cure. I stand strong in my faith and God has delivered me from this virus! I want to serve God wholy and bring others to the Gospel, and I will not be able to do that with an infectious disease. My body is a temple for God to dwell in and He can not dwell in something that is not clean. Herpes is so nasty and I made up my mind I will not live like this!!! Mike, Tessy and all other members of this forum/thread, i pray that God heals you and anyone else with any horrible disease. Put your entire faith in God and I promise He will come through!! God bless saints!!!!

  91. Ali Says:

    I said I would give a testimony, so here it is. My ex boyfriend called me and informed me tested positive for HSV 2 shortly after his visit. My mouth dropped and I didn’t know what to do, so I immediately started to pray. I laid hands on myself and rebuked the virus from my body. I saw my doctor a week later and he tested me for HSV 2. However, that was not enough time for antibodies to show up in the lab work according to my research. When he gave me my results they were negative and I praised the Lord but I felt that I needed to be retested in a few months just to confirm the results. He insisted that the test was not necessary. Well this past week, more than six months from my initial test, I paid to be retested and the Lord was with me. My results are still negative. Thank You Jesus!!! In this sixmonth time i realized that God has a will and plan for everyone. I know it may be hard now but use your experience to inform others and always know that you are not less of a person because you have Herpes, but you are a stronger person. God never gives us more than we can bear. With his strength you will make it through. You are beautiful inside and out!,,

  92. Man in black Says:

    use zinc gluconate for that herpes in the mean while… go and find about http://george-eby-research.com/html/herpes.html

    other way is to use a zapper. zapper only works while virus is active experiencing an outbreak if you electrocute it, it wont go back to the nerve ganglia.
    repent and the lord will heal you. but don’t sin again, less something worse return to you.

  93. member00 Says:

    Please Pray. I am asking for my sins to be forgiven, I have faith in the Lord, and am asking for people to pray for me. I recently was diagnosed with herpes buy a blood test. Jesus can heal and I believe he’s healing me. I go in next month for another test. I pray for a negative test.

  94. Dinyella- Alexis Says:

    rewrite of a post the devil tried to destroy:
    God will heal you. I have a zapper. Its from DETA-MED and it works fabulously! it costs $600 and its worth every penny. And God set it up so nice that He sent me a legit $600 check in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!! God is such an amazing and fulfilling God! Lord knows I didnt have an extra $600, but He paid it for me <3 God is such an awesome God.
    I am joining the U.S. Air Force and leaving for Basic Training in February. I can send the DETA-MED device to someone's P.O. box who needs it after i get my final negative herpes blood test. Please no home addresses. God is such an awesome and merciful God, He will satisfy all of your needs if you put your trust in Him and pray with an honest heart. God bless saints, and if anyone wants my DETA-Med herpes device in a few months, email me at alexissmith507 at yahoo dot com

  95. Dinyella-Alexis Says:

    Hi guys! God is awesome! I was recently able to get in contact with someone who would like the DETA-MED device, I’ll call the gentleman Mr. M. God is such a faithful God and “He will give you the desires of your heart if you delight yourself in Him.” Psalms 37:4 God bless you all, and remember to stay faithful and act upon your faith because “faith without works is dead” James 2:17

  96. *Believer* Says:

    I was just recently diagnosed with HSV, I am a firm beiever in Jesus Christ. I feel really ashamed, and having a hard time forgiving myself for this. I know over time I hopfully will. I am asking to be healed, I know Jesus is capable of this. And I am also asking for prayers, please. Thank you Jesus for your love and I pray for anyone that is going through this.

  97. Believer Says:

    I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ, and was recently diagnosed with HSV. I am feeling really ashamed and having a hard time forgiving myself. I am praying for healing and forgiveness. I just fell in love with the wrong guy. I pray that I will find a mate that will not hold this against me. I am also asking for prayers, please. I also pray for anyone that is going throught this. By the strips on your back we are healed! Thank you Jesus for your love!

  98. Sam Says:

    I’m Sam. Me & my bf of almost 4 years have been praying. I’ve been repenting the sin of having sex with him. Although I love him with all my heart, we aren’t married & committed adultery. I just got tested today for herpes bc my bf has cold sores & may have given me this std. I’m in pain, I’m so scared to go to school bc I can barely walk. Please help me pray & pray for me that a miracle is delivered to my sinful soul. I know I sinned & repent it. I’m sorry for it, help The Lord see it. Please pray for me :'( I want to b normal & not in this excoriating pain!!!!

  99. castore Says:

    God who created everything and nothing is greater than God so he can heal any kind of diesease just give yourself to him.

  100. bchan Says:

    i am going in tomorrow to be tested…i recieved oral sex yrs ago from a girflriend of mine who had a cold sore…my life has changed a ton since and i live for the lord. recently, ive had signs of herpes…please pray for complete healing and wisdom to know what it is, thank u!

  101. Dinyella-Alexis Says:

    Hi guys. I have had herpes for a while in the past (but not anymore bc im healed by the blood of Jesus) and i had unprotected sex with a male for over a year. He is not Christian . He got tested for STD’s after we broke up and he did not have the slightest, trace amounts in his system. Does any one know how this is physically probable? His immune system was very weak and i just hate being confused. If anyone finds any sites or articles that talk about this please put the link on here or name and author of article on here. Thank u. Everyone keep ur head up and learn not to be sexually immoral anymore. God is a healing God! Be blessed saints and please pray for my continued healing and my car.

  102. bchan Says:

    please pray for me! blood tests tomorrow! standing on psalm 103:3

  103. Daughterofchrist Says:

    Hey I just stumbled upon this website. A year ago me and my ex boyfriend broke up. Stupidly and against god’s word I had sex with another man who was always tempting me. Two weeks later I tested positive for herpes. Those weeks were the closest to God i’d ever been. After a lot of prayers and faith I have forgiven the guy and six weeks later I tested negative. The doctor asked me to come back six months to be tested again. When the time came I became scared and avoided the test. Since then I felt like the devil was at my back and hounding me. I relapsed and dated another guy for a couple months and he ended up treating me bad. A few months later I met my wonderful bf. I kept feeling a burden I could not bear anymore. Finally I told me best friend and she told me to tell my bf I needed to be tested. We did have sex once but said we wanted to wait afterwards. I am getting tested this week and have prayed for months for strength from God to find a way to do this. I pray this burden goes away. I only asks for prayers for my bf. I believe God can keep him safe. I know I deserve any punishmeny God gives me for running but I do selfishly beg for his mercy. I have been so scared to tell anyone and glad God has given me strength to. I ask for all of you prayer warriors to pray for me and my bf. Thank you so much and for your time.

  104. JC Says:

    I made a huge mistake a couple weeks ago and slept with someone i shouldnt have. I have been going through a scare of symptoms recently that I have genital herpes. I still have to wait weeks until I can get a blood test. I have been praying that I am not infected and that God will heal me and that I have not been infected.

  105. Gabriel Says:

    God bless you all. I recently contracted HSV-2 near the end of June. I’m not sure if I can correctly pinpoint it to one thing specifically. Either used razors or fornication. Either way I have made my mistakes and I could not be more repentant. I have asked the Lord for forgiveness and have been serving Him fervently since. I have always been a Christian but for a time I was living a double life. Now my life is back on track. My outbreaks rarely go dormant. I usually have 2 weeks of outbreak and one week with no outbreak, but it constantly hurts. The great thing is that my faith has not and will not dwindle. I am a child of the Most High God and healing belongs to me. I encourage those who are struggling to cling to the promise of healing no matter what and stand firm on the Word of God and not let doubt ruin your blessing that is already on its way. Live a holy and pleasing life before the Lord and keep the faith. God honors your faith and holiness. I declare healing over all of our bodies and restoration to our lives and minds. And as a result of this healing we will be walking testimonies of the Glory of God and His miracle working power. In JESUS mighty name, amen! Thank you for believing and for the reciprocate prayers.

  106. egwu chike Says:

    My dear our lord is jesus christ still heals all maner of sickness and dieases he never say there will be no healing, never a sickness he can not heal and never problem he can’t solve. Your connection is to believe whether he heals u or not he is my healer. All you need is to worship him whether the sickness is there ormM not thank Him, because what He saids he will do that is what he will do.

  107. John Says:

    Hello everyone.. I just found out that I got this std.. I feel dirty, guilty and very sad… I wanted to find a nice girl and have babies… Now, I just don’t know.. I have asked God for a partner and he points at me church, church, instead I went to bars and Internet and got this… Now I’m so sorry and I want to ask God to cure me and to make me his son and to show me how to worship… I live in NYC and if anyone knows of any church I could join, please let me know.. Im soooo sad… 🙁

  108. PeachyQue Says:

    I Just want too take the time to thank each and every person that commented on this forum. I stumbled upon this site in the right time. Today was a day the enemy was really trying to make me feel I am unworthy. I contracted this disease in June 2012. I feel God had to break me down in order to wake me up! I am believing in God for my healing and I know he can and will heal me. I ask that you all uplift me in prayer. Thank you.

  109. Prettygirlpray Says:

    May 2012 I opened the door for the enemy! And he gave me an Std thats not cureable. But I havent claim it I never got tested for this disease.the doctor just looked at my private area and told me it looks like hepres. I quickly direct my attention to God. I cry myself to sleep every night because im not sure if I have it or not but I am a child of God and I felt like God just needed to pull me closer I want to be a good God fearing wife and mother someday but with this diesae noone will want me I made a vow to God to be celibate until he sends me my husband! I have fast and prayed and im going to fast again but I have breakouts when I stress so maybe I do have it but im not claiming it. I hope God heals all of us and even my friend that has it all we need is the Faith as the size of a mustard seed pray for me plz I dont want this disease im a good d
    girl with a lot of goals and I cant wait to share my testimony with Gods children about how he healed me

  110. PerfectlylovedbyHim Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I came across this website tonight and felt a desire to encourage you. I tested positive for hsv2 in April. I was so depressed, basically suicidal. I got it from a guy I have known for over 12 years, and felt so deceived. In my heartache I reached out to some of my close friends. Most people simply said they were sorry or angry at the guy for me. ONE person told me to give it to God. I told her that I didn’t know how and asked if she would help me. Despite the fact that I grew up in a Christian home, I had not been living a blessed life for several years after I moved from my parents’ home. In any case, we started small. Music, podcasts, eventually I made my way to a bible study, where I met my angel and mentor. She helped me build my confidence in myself and trust that He was right by my side. I kept praying and working toward my relationship with Him. I prayed for others, realized that despite the virus, I still had a lot to be grateful for. On July 2nd, I received a call from my doctor saying that my labs came back negative for type 1 and type 2. She didn’t have faith that it was gone, but I did. I had no outbreaks since April. Then in November, I went to have labs done again (after 6 months). The type 1 and type 2 both came back negative again!!! My doctor was baffled. She did say that the combined test came back slight positive (1.6; anything above 1 is read as positive), but she said that normally, if someone does carry the virus, it is strongly above 1, like 5 or 6. She said that she would call me back, but for now, she wasn’t sure what to tell me. I had one lesion during my outbreak in April and NOTHING since then. I believe that our God healed me so that I may share my testimony and inspire others to come to him. I am starting to plan to open my own non-profit to work with women before they go through what I did. From brokenness comes greatness. Keep your eyes to the sky. I love you and will pray for you all. Remember, we don’t have to be perfect because He already is.

  111. Linda Says:

    Hi am from India. It’s so encouraging and increasing my faith to read all the comments posted here. I have been suspected for HPV and genital warts. I have given my test for HSV. I have sinned against God. I realized it and repented. I ask God for forgiveness.. I am married for 3 months and God has blessed me with a loving husband. He has never left me alone since we diagnosed this problem. He encourages me a lot and and asks me to trust in God alone. I recently had an abortion too . Am going through a very very difficult time of my life. I know and understand it is just cos of my sins . I truly repent ad ask God for forgiveness. Me ad my husband decided not to tell our family as it would break our relationship. Tomorrow I am going to get my results . I pray and trust God heals my diseases. Also I wish to see negative results in my test tomorrow. I want the doctors to know that I worship a living God. I was down in my spirit and was thinking this is the end of my life. Sitting alone at home various thoughts haunt me. But after reading all these testimonies am so comfortable and my faith in God has increased. I trust that our Almighty will heal me and do a miracle in my life. Please uphold me In your prayers.

  112. RC Says:

    I was recently diagnosed with this virus. I cant believe this is happening. I went 7.5 yrs without sex, and the one time I slipped I contracted this disease. I am praying and fasting. I hope God forgives me and heal me of this disease. The person that gave it to me, is not accepting the fact that he is sick and may be giving it to other people. I am young, unmarried and I don’t have children. I am scared I wont find a husband or have healthy babies. I have surrendered my life to God, and I hope I will receive a healing. Please pray for me.

  113. Anthia Says:

    I was diagnosed with HSV 2 November 30 2012. I had given birth to my daughter stillborn on November 22 2012. I was heartbroken and crushed. I always talked to God and Jesus Christ I thanked them everyday for my blessings and then everything was gone . I was so angry and hurt and wondered why this was happening to ne. I tried to be a good person. The pain I felt was immeasurable. I cried i screamed I felt utterly destroyed. I believe that Jesus Christ is my Loss and Savior I have asked for forgiveness for all my sins known and unknown. I believe that he can cure my herpes. Please pray for me that he will rake this disease from me so that I to can be a testimony. Also please pray for my nephew as well. In Jesus Christ name I claim that we all will be healed from our diseases and afflictions. PLEASE ALL OF YOU BEING PRAYING WARRIORS PRAY WITH ME AS WELL! AMEN and AMEN.

  114. Prettygirlpray Says:

    Ive been praying and trying to keep my faith but sometimes I feel like God not hearing my prayers I really want to tell ppl what he can do for others I still have breakouts but I also speak out and say that im healed! Pray for me im losing it

  115. RC Says:

    hey prettygirlpray,
    I have been praying a lot. And started listening to audio bible online. It really helps. I used to feel like God is not listening to me before I got this disease. But that’s what the devil wants you to think. Just read verses of encouragement and repeat them over and over when you hear that doubt in the back of your head. Here’s a website I found on faith..it’s a really good read. http://hopefaithprayer.com/faith/

    God doesn’t want us to have stds in our bodies. We must confess our sins, repent of them, and confess our bodies to be God’s temple. Devil has no right to be in Gods temple. Demand that it leaves. I know its hard to hold on to faith especially when you have a breakout, But you have to have it to be healed. Don’t hope for a miracle, go and get it. Fast and pray. Read your bible and find what’s Gods will. If you pray, and ask according to His will with faith..then it is done.

    I was just diagnosed, and I’ve been praying. I feel like it’s gone, but the devil gives me doubts too. I am gonna continue til I go get tested again.

    Mat 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you

    James 1:6 But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7 That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. 8 Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.

    Luke 11:9 “So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 10 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

    James 4:7 Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 8 Come near to God and he will come near to you.

  116. Faith Says:


    Has anybody had a high positive hsv1 result then come back negative?

  117. Prettygirlpray Says:

    Hello RC. Thanks so much I’ve been feeling better these past few days I feel God working. However I wasnt treated for this disease the doctor first told, me it was an yeast infection. BV. than herpes. But we used a condom. I dont understand why doctors tell us to use condoms if they dont prevent stds! Anywho I feel God working I just pray and hope that this is, in, his will and we’ll be healed! I also start saying out loud that I am healed!!! I really want to go get tested but im not sure when to! I was diagnosed July 2012

  118. chelle Says:

    I just found out I have type 2 herpes asking everybody to pray for me. I don’t want to suffer anymore. I know god will see me thru. I just want to break down and cry its so hard 4 me to believe this.

  119. Just Says:

    It’s good to know I’m not completely alone. I fell in love with a girl in university and we became close friends. Shortly after I slipped into temptation and fooled around with her sexually. We never actually had sex, and I remain a virgin. However, afterward she told me she got HSV-2 from a guy years earlier and yet she failed to tell me. Shortly after I noticed symptoms and sure enough I now have HSV-2 as well. I was brought up in a Christian home and always told myself I would remain a virgin until I was married. I slipped away from the Lord in university and have now self inflicted this horrible disease upon myself. I’m now completely alone and I know that there is no girl who could ever accept me with this. I’m still a virgin and yet got an std, seems sort of ironic. As silly as it sounds, I keep wishing there were a Christian dating site for people with herpes. I’m 27 years old and am feeling like I’ll never meet a girl who will accept me, I won’t be able to get married. It’s just the most horrible feeling in the world to know I inflicted this upon myself. Talking to the Lord is the only way I’ve made it through this far. I would give anything to be normal again, to be able to meet a nice christian girl and start a family someday…sigh…

  120. redeem Says:


    I’m coming to you to request a prayer.
    I have been seeing strange symptoms in my body those past weeks. I have decided to do a general test or an hiv test.
    May you pray for me so that all my results come out NEGATIVE.


  121. chelle Says:

    I’m praying that it goes away. I’m praying for everybdy this is just a test a test god will see us thru. The devil is out to kill and destroy have faith and pray. Trouble don’t always last forever. Keep believing and put your trust in god everything will be alright.

  122. Felicia Says:

    Hello everyone, please pray for my soul and my bidy. I am so young (i just turned 20) and i am in college to go to medical school. For years I have been a Christian but ever since this disease and the pain I go through in my daily life, i have lost so much of my faith. I feel like he is going to wait 50 years to heal me and I really need my healing now to live a healthy, Godly, clean life. I dont feel any motivation to build my faith because I dont feel like he’s there. I have prayed, fasted, put my entire faith in him and it still isnt good enough. just what am I supposed to do? what does he want from. I need to feel his love and kindness not still feel wrath and anger after confessing, asking for forgiveness and repenting. just what am i supposed to do?

  123. chelle Says:

    im praying for everyone, that god deliver us from this. i feel like this is a wake up call for me. i been praying and also reading online that some herbs can help for hsv2. but only god can heal us.——— Herbs such as galangal, lapacho, astragalus, una de gato (also known as Cat’s Claw), myrrh, ligustrum and pansy are antiviral. Thyme, licorice, and cayenne are all herbs that specifically fight the herpes virus.

    Reishi, which is a mushroom, boosts the immune system and is also antiviral. Lysine is an amino acid which is known to control and aid in the prevention of Herpes. Thuja cream and propolis can be put directly onto the skin to soothe the irritation caused by the blisters, as well as combat herpes itself.
    To reverse herpes, as well as defend against its return, a healthy immune system is vital. Echinacea, vitamin c, and zinc are some of the nutrients that help build healthy immunity. i pray everyone have a bless night

  124. Prettygirlpray Says:

    Speak healing over your body and say each day im healed the new year is appoarching so lets leave this in 2012 and pray that God hea us all from this diseae because even if the doctors cant find a cure we know that Jesus is the cure! Have a blessed year everyone and remember you’re already healed!! In Jesus name

  125. Amy Says:

    You all are so encouraging thank u so much. i was a born again believer for a few yrs and let the holy spirit guide my path and recently i had backslidden cuz i let temptation get the best of me and i started drinking again and had a one night stand w a man i barely new. 2 days later i started to have various std symptoms, i went to doc and been given antibiotics for a uti and bacterial infections such as bv, clamydia, trich, and gonnahrea but the symptoms have not really let up. so i worry i have herpes in spite of me not having any sores that i kno of. its been 3 long wks and have repented and just feel im so undeserving of his love and forgiveness i dnt kno how to have faith to blieve he will heal me, im going back to dr tomorow for a more thorough exam and testing please pray for me and my family i have husband and 3 kids. im such a horrible person how this happen. thank you so much saints for ur faith and prayers. im so scared!

  126. Prettygirlpray Says:

    Amy, God hears you and feels your pain I used to think that he wasn’t listening either but tha bible says cast all your care upon him for he cares for you! When u doubt thats the devil and u must rebuke him in the name of Jesus start reading your bible and speak victory into your situation. Jesus wants to heal us. I watch the 700 club its very helpful! I pray that God increases your faith! And you should start fasting as well before you go to the doctor! I pray that God increases your faith. Trust him we are his children he dont want us to suffer. God bless you. Healung is on the way

  127. Amy Says:

    thank you so much Prettygirlpray you are such an inspiration to be able to go through the same thing and still reach out and give me words of encouragement i desperately need. you are a blessing i am believing God for a miracle i go back this friday for final results and am expecting to hear negative and the Lord of miracles will heal me. i keep you posted and i will be praying for all of you and everyone else too. God be with us.

  128. Prettygirlpray Says:

    Thats great Amy. Lets us know your result keeping praying praise him in advance! You are healed in the name of Jesus. I love you all even if I dont know yall! Keeping praying and fasting dont give up. God cares Jesus is the cure for herpes and any other diseases believe we are testimonies for others

  129. Mary Says:

    Hai Amy,

    Do not worry. As Prettygirlpray said trust that you have been healed. I am praying for you. You know our god is a merciful god. Even if u go away from him, he will search you through and through. He will not sit in heaven looking the tears coming down from his child. He will run to you and you are going to feel his feather comfort. just hold his hand tightly. If you feel very down, hear this song you will be in my heart.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYzDo6p76BQ. what an amazing and wonderful god we are serving…. WOW.. Let’s make a joyful noise to god for you AMY. Remember Jesus loves you… 🙂

  130. Sharon Maicon Says:

    I was diagnosed HIV positive November last year….it was so had but now ve found my strength and faith in Jesus…Have prayed and still continue praying..I no by his stripes am heal, just want everybody here to pray for me to…I will be going for a retest soon with my fiance, I want good to make my life a living testimony unto his name, because nothing is too much for my creator to do.

  131. Amy Says:

    thank you for such compassion, i am holding on to his promises, will b getting back with you soon to declare victory, praise God

  132. Amy Says:

    I stil don’t know about results have to wait til thursday now. i will be praying for you Sharon. yes God knows your situation and hears your cries, he is a God of miracles, wanna lift u up n encourage u as so many have for me. keep believing n your healing Sharon.

  133. Sharon Maicon Says:

    Thanks Amy for your encourage, I pray the lord will give each and everyone of us a testimony…

  134. GrowingInFaith Says:

    Hello everyone, I have been living with herpes for a little over a year now and I’ve went thru a wide range of emotions. I’ve even felt suicidal as if the rest of my life no longer had any true meaning. I’ve been to scared/embarrassed to tell my family or friends, only my mother knows because she was at the doctors with me when I was diagnosed. but the more and more I’ve thought about it i knew there had to be more of a reason for why I contracted this disease rather than just a consequence of my sinful past. Well there is, I have been brought closer to god and my strength and faith in him grows stronger every day! And although I still have the disease currently I want to be a living testimony of God’s miracles! I will be free of this affliction on gods time! He knows what is best for me!
    One thing I am struggling with at this time is whether to take my medication or not. When the doc first told me my positive results I didn’t immediately look to god for strength or answers, instead I just cried took my papers and filled my script and have been taking it ever since. But what I’m struggling with now as my faith grows is whether it’s right to ask to be cured while still taking the pills as If I don’t believe I will be. It’s not that I don’t think it’s possible for God to cure me I know he can do ANYTHING I just don’t wanna be screwing it up by turning around and taking my meds, but if I go without like I’ve tried I get embarrassing breakouts..
    I have prayed for many people on this site and am asking humbly if u could
    Take this time to pray for me as well!

    Thank you & God Bless you all!

    And something on a random tip, I listens to the radio station KLOVE (98.3) constantly anymore. It’s very encouraging and positive and was so happy when I heard it for the first time. I hope you enjoy it and it brings u closer to god as well! 🙂

  135. Terrell Johnson Says:

    Hey guys in everything that was said we are in a need of a physical healing but also a spirtual one. I always have s passion for the lord from an early age. i have made some horrible decisions being a womanizer and being reckless that i pray God will heal me on and protect others from it…i went two get tested three for HIV all negative..tested for herpes negative but symptoms i am having for two months are bugging me that its something else but thats the devil wants us to doubt Gods power ive repented and havent had sex..just pray please that these symptoms go away and that it has nothing to do with Hiv and that nobody is affected by this. I want a family one day and a healthy kid..When two or more are gathered in my name..so lets agree in pray with one another pray .Plesse pray that my test is conclusive negative..I believe an agree with you all also

  136. Amy Says:

    hey just wanted to say i am still praying for u all, i know God is with us even when we fall, and he picks us back up and makes us even stronger and better off than we were before, thx for all the prayers and support i blieve God healed me and so r u in Jesus name. i went to doc and my test was negative praise the Lord. i gonna go back n a mth tho retest just in case the doc suggestd just to ease my mind of any doubt but i dont doubt my God and what he can do. i give him all the glory and honor and thx again for such encouragement. keep me posted bout u all healings. i wanna hear the great testimonies. God bless

  137. Amy Says:

    pray about it and ask God what u should do bout meds growinginfaith. wish i could help u more on that question. Terrell, u didnt say what ur symptoms r but hiv dont cause any except maybe flu like symptoms a couple weeks after infected it attacks the immune system it dont cause genital problems. at least not at first. it might after having it for a long time. to ease ur mind bout that if u want google it. it helped me alot. when i first started feeling weird down there. my prayers go out to u. just remember Jesus luvs u!

  138. Prettygirlpray Says:

    Amy I’m happy your results were negative praise God! Ima go get tested soon hope mine’s negative as well stay prayed up every one God cares continue to pray for my healing God bless

  139. bougaran Says:

    I HAVE GENITAL HERPES SINCE 2005 AND I AM VERY SAD; I PRAY EVERY DAY GOD CURE ME BUT I AM ALONE AND VERY DOWN; I felt in love a few months ago and I’m very afraid to transmit the desease.I’m very depressed and I wish you could pray for me because it’s my main problem in my life.I developed a polyarthrite after I knew I had herpes. thank you for you help

  140. Meaghan Says:

    I have suffered for many years after being assaulted by a man whom my father suggested I start going out with. He thought him to be a “good” catch. This man was an actual “dignitary” working for the Canadian Govn’t, a professional with 2 degrees, respected fully by my dad. I had just got out of a nasty divorce and abusive marriage. Lonely and depressed as my ex-husband’s many lawyers went after everything I had including our two children; I followed my father’s advice. What a mistake! To make a long story short he assaulted me and when I asked why he did it he replied, “cause I’m the devil” and laughed. I believe he is a devil worshipper but concealed that from me while we were going out. I often wonder if this was a set up by my ex. Anyway, my best friend who was a nurse had me see a homeopathic doctor who took excellent care of me. He did not tell me what I had as the doctors had me on valium for extreme muscle spasming. Doctors thought I had MS. The homeopathic Dr. had me healed up within a week, never actually had an outbreak for 20 years. After remarrying however, I did have an OB. I was devastated, told my new partner immediately and since I am somewhat old anyway, we stopped having sex, not that we had it much anyway. There are more impn’t things, believe it or not, than sex people in a relationship. My ex-husband is now working for the local public health dept. and enjoys spreading the word about my diagnosis. I just ignore it all as he’s been doing so much stuff to harass us (both my present husband and I). My present husband doesn’t have any symptoms and we’ve been married for 23 yrs. but that doesn’t rule out a possibility – look at my situation 20 yrs. without symptoms. But I was under the care of a Homeopathic Dr. who has since retired. I remained symptom free for many years. I have found a product that helps to keep the outbreaks away. It is a homeopathic remedy called “Dr. Reckeweg R68”. Strange name but that’s what it is. Take 25 drops in a tbsp. of water maybe 5 times over a period of 3 hrs. and you’ll notice the Outbreak receding. Also keep a diet of fresh green leafy vegetables, colourful vegetables, with only olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. Protein being just fish. Stay away from sugar – use only stevia. Also use something called “Silver Solutions” which is like colloidal silver but better. It is something new – nanotechnology and it doesn’t turn you blue. ABSOLUTELY NO COFFEE, NUTS, OR CHOCOLATE. DO NOT SMOKE OR DRINK! STAY IN GOD’S WORD DAILY. I also tithe to Ernest Angely Ministries and have been through his healing line. Also sing praises of Joy, it causes a good chemical reaction to take place in the blood.

  141. Prettygirlpray Says:

    Bougaran. Do you read your Bible? Know that God feels your pain. Think positive speak healing in your life. Get right with God obey and he’ll bring you through. Pray until something happens. Hebrews 11 talks about faith have faith in the things u asked God for God never fails there is nothing too hard for him. Ask God for his promises juuover your life. GOD ANSWERS ALL PRAYERS NEVER DOUBT. As I minister to you I minister to myself
    listen to Gospel keep God first. God is the head not the tail

  142. Amy Says:

    yes, speak healing into ur life n Jesus name, faith is not believing God can but believing that he will, i am praying for you bougaran, if u trust n him the Lord is with you.

  143. Someone needing prayer Says:

    Hey I’m depressed and scared! I made a mistake by sleeping with someone for the first time. I feel guilty and hope Jesus can heal and forgive me. I have weird things happening to my body and still have to go for a bloodtest. Pray that Jesus will heal me and give me a wife that I always dreamt of. Amen

  144. RC Says:

    I have been reading healing scriptures constantly to build faith and manifest healing. The book of prov. state:
    My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes; Keep them in the midst of your heart. For they are life to those who find them, And health to all their flesh. (Prov 4:20-22 NKJV)

    here are a few links that i find to be very helpful

    1. Things that may prevent you from receiving a healing. Watch and say the prayers


    2. God’s medicine Bottle


    3. Links to healing scriptures. Read them out aloud and put your name or “I” or “me” where possible. I try to read them 9 times a day…. 3 in the morning, afternoon and at night. Get them into your heart for they are health to your flesh….and when you’re not reading it think about the verses.



    This one is an audio that i listen to when i am driving.


    4. Also send in prayer requests


  145. bougaran Says:

    i’m so glad to know you support me and you are praying for this virus goes away from me.It’s too much pain for me and I feel so fragil. I need to be more confident even if I know the power of god and your support is more important than you can imagine! Thank you for you
    compassion. I will not give up to pray too for you and for your faith.I need god to make this miracle.

  146. Desperate Dan Says:

    Will Jesus really heal us? I Hope so because I am praying everyday for healing.

  147. antwillpray Says:

    Hey desprate dan don’t hope…have faith put 100% faith in jesus to heal you he will heal you read psalm 27:14
    It reads

    Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

  148. pietergabriel Says:

    Healing!!! God said , we must first seek His Kingdom and He will give us all other things that we need! That includes healing! To every person who wrote in this section or just read these testimonies – God is faithfull!Repeatedly people said that, but the most important – it stands in the Word of God!We must TRUST God the Almighty Father!He can’t and will not fail His promises!

    Miracles do happen, and God is awesome!Whatever you may believe,remember this – Your first step ,is to hear God knocking,and then “open” the door!Jesus says, if you open, He will come in and enjoy a meal with you!That in some way, describes the joy of letting Him into your life!As from their, you will start a journey of faith with Jesus Christ the Lord! How,and in what time things will happen, is not for us to decide- God is sovereign in His power and majesty! But…trust the Lord – in “giving” yourselves to Jesus,believe that His way is the only way!

    Nobody else can say “yes”in your place, and open the door for you! We know, as brothers and sisters, we pray for each other ,and when some have pain we feel for them and…, when they are happy ,we share in their joy…! But… you must first open the door of your heart, to Jesus. God has many ways of knocking! He allows diseases, good or bad relationships, hardships, nature,wealth and poverty etc.!God can use or allow as He wants to…because He is the Almighty, He knows exactly what the outcome of any event will be! Then ,we must remember His promise – for His children, everything will work out for the better!Even STD’s, herpes,HIV or whatever disease!Nothing can withstand the power of God! He can heal when and where and what He wants to heal!

    Now, this is the heart of my comment.For some, His healing will work in a moment, and the outcome…all to His glory.For some it may take days/weeks/months/ years … but again …all to His Glory.And then, God may never heal a disease during a person’s lifetime… as Paul asked God 3 times, to take away “something” that was like a thorn in Paul’s flesh…and God said to him – :”My grace is enough for you!”

    This is not to discourage ANY person at all! In fact, God wants to teach us a very important lesson of faith! Trust God 100%, even if you are literally in the dessert! We must remember why we live on earth -we must be living testimonies/offers for the Living God of Israel! We must give all the glory and honour to Him! Through our lives and testimonies,in whatever situation we may be, by the grace of God, we can live His light in this dark world! It is always so inspirational, to see( for example) a person who is in a wheelchair,living life to the full!Having joy and shining the light of Jesus! Laughing and crying but…never loose faith in the Lord!We ask God to heal the sick,He gave us authority over disease etc., but, if healing doesn’t come, even through prayer and to fast and ,and…! Don’t ever think, God cannot do that, or that it is too big for God! Never ever think that!We must know, God is 100% in control! Sometimes, or rather, many times we ask what we want…but it doesn’t happen that way! Remember, we can’t force God!God’s plan is far above what we know – we don’t understand why God allows certain things! Don’t question God! Believe and trust God Almighty! If things doesn’t happen as we want them to happen …remember God knows the best! Everything WILL work out for the better!

    Prescious God, Jesus Christ, we pray for healing of all the sick! The biggest illness ever, is to ,not have Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour! Please God, reveals yourselve to them, in ways you know the best! Father, we pray that their lives may be turned around from the world of sin, to the the only true Way ,Jesus Christ! God, please hear the prayers of those with physical illness/disease, those who realy trust you with all of their hearts, and may they be healed in the Name of Jesus, and by the working of the Holy Spirit who lives within your children!Lord you know every heart, you know who reads these testimonies in faith and about those who read but are seeking for reasons not to believe and do not live with your love! You are Holy and your power can and will touch those you want to be touched! We love you heavenly Father, We thank you for your Son Jesus, thank you for saving us from all of our sins! We glorify your Holy Name, thank You Jesus Christ! Amen

  149. Sadn gurl Says:

    I’m overwhelmed and hurt my ex gave me this mess and then I turn around and met a man who lied and was married. I gave him the same thing not knowing I feel lifeless but greater is him who lives in us. I trust you Jesus to fix my issues help us god.

  150. Emma Says:

    Within my first 4 months of being sexually active as a 19 female. I went out one day to celebrate ended up getting intoxicated and a 30 year old man had sex with me without my consent. I did not find out that we had sex till 1month later. Anyways, there is not a second of the day I wish i could take back the night. Because I don’t even remember anything occurring or knowing we were having sex. I have never enjoyed sex once. And even though I have passed all STD tests I ended up after that night with a fever chills and strep. 7days later I had a cold sore on my lip. And everyday for the past year I have worried about both types of herpes that were transmitted during this rape. I hope God can forgive my overindulgence in alcohol which created this disaster and know that I had no intention to have sex with him and did not know this was happening. I also feel ashamed because this was my body. I also hope he can forgive me in my wrong doings. And allow me to test negative. I have learned from this event that be careful going out, don’t trust everyone including your friends, or people and many other valuable lessons. For instance do not by any means allow someone to take advantage of you for their benefits or pleasure. And know that these are our bodies and no one has the right to keep secrets from you from what occurred that night and that the fact that someone who is much older and knowingly should not take advantage of young naive girls. I have come to terms that if there was no alcohol involved I would not be dealing with this after math. I hope God can forgive me and allow me to test negative so I can go back to my normal self with more positivity and continue helping people and becoming a therapist.

  151. Amy Says:

    I was visually diagnosed by a doctor 3 weeks ago and I was on Valtrax for 10 days. I have always been a good Christian but last year I met a guy and felt being away from God since. I knew I was doing wrong but I always mafe excuses and hoped God will forgive me.. Now there about 10 months I’ve been sinning, I am suffering from pain.. In past 10 months I knew I was in a wrong relationship so I wanted to stop but I could not because I loved him a lot.. but now I start to realise that I should return to Christ and move on from that man who gave me the virus.. I still hope I didn’t contract it. I haven’t checked my test result yet.. but I do feel some symptoms so I am in my tears and afraid to call my doctor to ask for my result.
    I need peace in Him. I want to go back to my old days I served God and did not commit to any sin.. I still hope God will allow me to come back to him and forgive me.. And I want to tell him that if I go back, I will be good. I won’t make the same mistake again.
    Every mistake I made, God always allowed me to return. I hope he will do this time as well with his healing and forgiveness.. Thanks for reading my story and thanks for your prayers to all of us who are suffering from this fear…

  152. Amy Says:

    hey all to has been posting, dont give up. God will forgive u and heal u, He wants u to b a testimony of His power and saving grace. just keep believing and put ur total trust n God and His word, Jesus said whatever thing u ask n my name u shall recieve. I am praying for u all, that is what we do as brothers and sisters n Christ, lift eachother up n prayer. let us kno of ur healings and encourage others goin through same thing.

  153. Amee Says:

    Hi Amy. we have the same name so I changed it from my previous post to avoid some confusions. Thanks for your message.. I spent a couple of nights with a man who has GH and now I feel all sorts of symptoms down there. At the same time I developed a bartholin cyst and ruptured last week that made me go through extra pain.. The doctor for sure thinks I have GH but I don’t want to accept it.. I pray God for healing and miracle.. I hope my result comes back negative just like yours.. I am still in pain physically and mentally but I still hope it will be something else and God will hear my prayer.. I pray for all of people in this forum as well. Thanks for your support!

  154. geana Says:

    Well, I cought Genital Herpes at age 18 and had it like a pattern, I was diagnosed by Docs, I had to take vanvair, every month till I gave it to God, he healed me at age 19… Im 34 now and still healed… God can and will heal, all you need is faith of a mustard seed, you don’t have to be holy or religious. just trust in God your father Abba… love ya’ll.

  155. geana Says:

    God does not want us sick, he has a plan for each and everyone of us, he took our sins, and diseases, and burdens ect,,up on the cross 2,ooo years ago. He knew us befor we were formed in our mothers womb. We all have a calling on earth and in heaven. If you sinned and committed adultry caught the worse thing you could imagine,that man can not heal, Guess what your healed by the stripes of God believe and ask and it shall be given to you… Your human and you made a mistake, God knew you would make that mistake, but he loves you so much he wants to forgive he wants you healed, he needs you whole to do his work. You are not junk, Your Gods child you were planned by him, he formed you and created the body you live in, i promise he will heal the body he gave you. Your body is the temple of God, The lord would never want to see his child suffer. Remember your sin is not any worse then the next persons sin, trust me if God could heal me, from GH that my ex hubby gave me, 15 years ago, I promise he will heal you all. God has healed so many cases of HIV, God has healed cancer, because he is God he is the healer and our only real hope. Put your life into his hands, give up the worldy junk, and give God your all like he did for us, after all he wants to give you eternal life in his Kingdom,Did you know that God loves each and every one of us so much that christ himself would go to the gates of hell to save you..Healing you is a simple thing for God. so get out there recieve your healing even if your test comes up POS your still healed cause the Devil is a liar, So fear nothing because fear is not of God.. Go live your life and through Christ peace, and healing will be with you all…. to my sisters and brothers in christ..

  156. FaithfulWife Says:

    I am a Christian woman. I waited until I was married to have sex. My husband was unfaithful to me. He lied about it. We have been separated for several years now, as he finally confessed his adultery and abandoned me. I’ve remained faithful (and now celibate). I recently switched doctors and as part of a new patient physical she did STD work. It came back as positive for HPV, HSV1 & HSV2. I was devastated. I demanded a retest, I prayed, fasted, was anointed with oil. The retest came back positive. I feel like God has abandoned me. I have not fornicated or committed adultery, I do not understand why I am being punished for my husbands sins. Now not only do I have this horrible disease, but even should we divorce I would have to spend forever alone (and childless) as no one in their right mind would want to be with me. I have never had an outbreak, but just have almost constant tingling sensations. I am heartbroken and feel like God hates me, I want to die.

  157. Emma Says:

    Within my first 4 months of being sexually active as a 19 female. I went out one day to celebrate ended up getting intoxicated and a 30 year old man had sex with me without my consent. I did not find out that we had sex till 1month later. Anyways, there is not a second of the day I wish i could take back the night. Because I don’t even remember anything occurring or knowing we were having sex. I have never enjoyed sex once. And even though I have passed all STD tests I ended up after that night with a fever chills and strep. 7days later I had a cold sore on my lip. And everyday for the past year I have worried about both types of herpes that were transmitted during this rape. I hope God can forgive my overindulgence in alcohol which created this disaster and know that I had no intention to have sex with him and did not know this was happening. I also feel ashamed because this was my body. I also hope he can forgive me in my wrong doings. And allow me to test negative. I have learned from this event that be careful going out, don’t trust everyone including your friends, or people and many other valuable lessons. For instance do not by any means allow someone to take advantage of you for their benefits or pleasure. And know that these are our bodies and no one has the right to keep secrets from you from what occurred that night and that the fact that someone who is much older and knowingly should not take advantage of young naive girls. I have come to terms that if there was no alcohol involved I would not be dealing with this after math. I hope God can forgive me and allow me to test negative so I can go back to my normal self with more positivity and continue helping people and becoming a therapist.

  158. Amee Says:

    I will pray for everyone on this site including myself for God’s healing. Jesus, lamb of God, his blood is within our bodies, which will wash away all our sickness as well as our sins.
    God’s blessing and miracles happen. We just need to beleive and wait. I know it is hard (at least for me) but I am praying for wisdom and faith.. I still see and feel the symptoms in my body and going through pain but I still believe God can heal me. There are too many miracles by God that cannot be proven scientifically. I don’t want to follow the worldly laws.. I want to follow God and his blessing ..

  159. Amy Says:

    went in today for 2nd test results of hsv2, hiv, hep b and c, and they were all negative praise God, i think by evrythng ive read o nline i hav somethng called vulvodynia though, its annoying but better than havin an std.thx for all ur support an prayers. Jesus loves u and and wants to heal and restore.

  160. Amee Says:

    Amy, did you do both swab culture and blood test for hsv2?
    I am happy to hear that your results were negative. I pray for mine be negative as well. I turned away from sin and I trust God.

  161. Amy Says:

    Amee, i did not have swab done b/c i never got any sores or lesions to do so. i jus had minor vulva burn and irritation and what seemed like a uti w/o the pain of one though, was a constant feeling that i had to urinate, that did not respond to anticiotics. i never experienced anything like that b4, i hear that 10 wks after poss. exposure a blood test is 99% accurate. Amee i was to so convinced that i had somethng and that i was stuck with it, at times i thought of suicide it was too unthinkable. but i remembered what God said n his word and it gave me hope b/c His word never fails. trust n God and lean not on ur own understanding. i will b praying for u Amee dont let this control u, u give God control and watch him work miracles n ur life. u r healed n Jesus name.

  162. Amee Says:

    Thanks for your prayer Amy..
    I started having my symptoms 10 days after exposure. similar to you, I had burning and irritation, no blisters or bumps. At the same time I had a bartholin abscess. I really pray that my pain was from the abscess, not from the herpes outbreak.. I am still worried because the man was tested positive for hsv.
    I pray for fogiveness of my sins and God’s healing. I am in Canada so the lab doesn’t do a proper type specific blood test so I don’t know how I will be tested. I have an appointment with a doctor next week. Please pray with me that I don’t have to worry too much as God is with me.. I am still scared.. I trust God.. Thank you.

  163. James Says:

    Listen. YOU WILL ALL BE OK. I got this disease and it hit me bad. Now I have hardly any symptoms, I am happily married and have two great kids. Over time your symptoms will be less and less. God will heal you. Don’t worry.

  164. prettygirlpray Says:

    to faithfulwife! Get the negative thoughts out your head and focus on God! God loves you and wants the best for you never doubt or give up on him. Faith is about believeing in the impossible. God is the cure for this diease! Start reading your Bible and trust in the Lord. (Proverbs 3:5) speak healing over your body in the name of Jesus! When your thinking negative relay on 2Cor.10:5. The devil wants you to give up! Forgive your husband and move on. God will handle him. And if God doesnt heal any of us know that he is still GOOD and there is a reason behind everything. But first lets believe that he will heal us! Expect healing and expect a MIRACLE!!!!! Claim it and Recieve it! We are healed in the name of Jesus! God wants us to turn it over to him he wants to help us no matter what. if your not married i hope you all are celibate because we cant keep sinning if we want healing. think positive and speak positive! Healing is on the way! I claim it..do you?

    God Bless

  165. prettygirlpray Says:

    also search on youtube or google the testimony of Dewayne Woods the gospel singer interview. He lived with HIV for 7years until God healed him. Watch his testimony I promise it’ll helped you. also if you all watch the 700 Club its a chrisitan base network call there line for prayer its helpful and legit. Trust God!

  166. She prays Says:

    I’m a 27 yr old woman. January 2013 was the month I found out that I contracted HSV-2. My ex boyfriend gave it to me. A couple months prior it seemed as though he wanted to tell me that he had it but he got scared. He thought I would leave him. Instead, he let me know that he had a bacterial infection (Chlamydia). Then he ended up telling me that a girl that he had been involved with a few years ago, had accused him of giving her the virus. I brushed it off because at that time I thought that we were just having open conversation. Now, what makes me sad is that my ex boyfriend and I hadn’t even had sex for me to contract the virus. When I explained that to the doctor they said that I had contracted the virus from skin to skin (genital) contact. I was SO broken. I was and still am celibate but when I found out I was confused. I compromised my faith with the enemy. I was tempted. My ex boyfriend lied and withheld that important information from me… He never gave me the choice to decide if I would stay with him or not. He still denies it til this day. I cried every night and sometimes throughout the day. i still do at times. I felt like no one would ever want me. But I know that is not true. Any man or woman of God will be able to see pass the virus and know that I (you) are healed. GH does not define me. No matter how hard this is remain positive! But I am now fasting for 40 days and keeping in prayer!! I have not had an outbreak since January. So, I know that the Lord is working. God is going to work in my life as well as all of you! I do pray to become a wonderful woman of God for The Lord as well as my future husband and to be a great mother for my kids in the future as well. The Lord has created all things. It’s hard but God can heal all who believe in him! All things are possible through Christ Jesus. I am healed in the name of Jesus Christ!!! And so are you!! Claim it! God is so so good!

  167. Amy Says:

    Amen, the bible says in Jeremiah 29:11 “For i know the thoughts that i think toward u, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give u future and a hope.” this is Gods word, believe it trust it claim it.

  168. Please pray for me Says:

    Hello, please pray for me. I have dealt with this terrible vi8rus for long enough. I have been doing nothing but believing in Gos and His Word, casting out demons, trying to live a righteous life and this damned virus is still allowed to attcked me and my health. Why?? I am relying on Gods and doing what He tells me but He is still choosing to punish me, when He is supposed to love me. I can\’t live like this. I just want to live a clean, Godly, financial stable, and healthy life in every way. Why is God not letting me do this. He has watched me get hurt and has watxhed my dreams shatter. I have done exactly what His word says and the results just dont happen sometimes. I am tired of being hurt and unmotivated. Please pray for me. I just want to feel God\’s love not his continual wrath for something he claims he has already forgiven me for

  169. Sadn gurl Says:

    Hello everyone don’t let this virus take what god has for you away . God is a healer and god will heal when god is ready to heal . Accepting is the first step and praying without ceasing is the second . Learn yourself and let god do a work in you . He is able. I’ve been suffering a year now and I gave it to God . Thank god for your life , thank god it wasn’t worst , thank god you not facing death , thank god for grace and mercy . Pray for your mate , but pray for peace in all areas ! I’m content I’m waiting on The Lord , . God is good Amen . Pass the test be your self and love Jesus . Don’t let this ruin your life. It’s nothing to hard for God . God we are joining together for STRENGHT and healing from the crown of our heads to the souls of our feet in Jesus Name Amen … GLORY TO GOD 😉

  170. She prays Says:

    Yes! Amen!

  171. Faith Says:

    Jesus Christ is alive! I know He is my healer. Nothing is impossible for He holds our world in his hands!!

  172. S1987 Says:

    I was diagnosed with herpes on Feb. 11,2013. I have not had any symptoms. My partners were negative, but I’m positive. I’m believing in God that this is a false positive. I feel humiliated and ashamed. Do you all think I should get retested? I’m having suicidal thoughts but the devil is a lie I shall live and not die. I am a Christian and I know God for myself.

  173. Amy Says:

    yes, u should b/c the doc may not of done type specific testing and if u hav hsv type 1 the kind that causes coldsores which about 80% of americans have including me, your test will b pos. if u do, and so u need to make sure he did type specific testing. if not ask for it. u b ok.

  174. Sadn gurl Says:

    I would of never thought in a million years this would of happen to me but when it did I was pissssed i was sad I wanted to die I thought it was over . But God I cried for 2 years straight and I’m tear less fearless . Y , Jesus . I saw this guy today with tumors big ones bigger than his face on his face and his head . But he was smiling like nothing was even wrong with him. GLORY . We are good take your meds till god heal you . Be kind and love and love hard . Read your bible learn about God go to church and pray every day and every night . God will make sure you have a mate . Don’t worrie about that . Cause you can get yourself in more trouble. Lol . I love Jesus . Jesus is my rock I’m so beautiful and I feel so great and it would of never happen without prayer. Jesus is my provider my healer my friend my Hommie my husband my babydaddy my everything I don’t want for nothing . The closer we get to god the closer god get to us . Yes it’s hard but we all are a working progress ….For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:21 NIV) ! Surrender you and all your problems to God it was the best thing I ever done . Greater is coming I promise you not diein and you still have a way to go . Live laugh and love . Count it all joy . Greater is you which is in him . You are bless by the best ! I’m supper happy and I know I’m be heal , but if I don’t I’m still bless . God is Good . Don’t let the devil fool you . I can type all night lol . Pray in the midnight hour . Halluajah ! If this didn’t happen to we would I know God like I do now ! Probley not . Rt . We are blessed to be blessed to be a blessing . Hold on a change is on the way 🙂

  175. Sadn gurl Says:

    Summer is on the way let this issue go give it to god , lets get ready this is reaping season . And giving season is on the way . Have fun enjoy your life . You only have one . 🙂

  176. hopeful Says:

    i was told by the doctor i have herpes. I went to another doctor and she told me it could be between herpes or genital warts. I tested out negative for genital herpes(for both the blood test and the cultural test). I still don’t know what i have and i’m so scared. I believe in God and I know he can cure me from this. It’s hard not to think about it when i’m by myself, i even started having suicidal thoughts. But i know God is great and i completely repent to what i did. But i’m still really scared. Please pray for me as I will pray for all of you as well.

  177. Alexandria Caston Says:

    Please someone help me!
    I’ve been a Christian woman my whole life.
    My fiancé of 3 years broke up with me on Dec 29th, 2012. He is a Christian man and always promised me that he would never be unfaithful to me. I dated him while he was just about to get his divorce of after 25 years.

    He has Herpes 1 (cold sore). I didn’t know the facts and he had oral sex with me while he he had a breakout. A couple of weeks later, I had a pain in my back and went thru a series of steroid shots. I experienced hair loss. I then had a blood test done and it came back positive for herpes 2. I asked him to get one and he did, and it came back positive for herpes 1. He knew that he was clear because I had #2. I want another test done on me.
    He was always judging me and other people. I felt that I could never measure up to him. The last I saw him was Dec 29th. He text me to wish me a happy new year. Lets rewind to last Oct. we had a disagreement , and found out he had a Facebook acct. and was actively getting in touch his friends, but did not tell me about it. In fact he avoided it with me. He was in touch with his 8th grade classmate which he was very interested in .
    We had a meeting at a coffee shoppe oddly enough ( that we first had our first date in). He said he was over our relationship.
    I can’t get over him, let alone the hurt that he’s brought on. What do I do?
    Please someone help me!! I’m so depressed!

    Im not used to taking anxiety pills to get me thru, but i do.
    Please pray for me!!!!!

  178. Sadn gurl Says:

    @ms caston … You are in the hands of The Lord nobody knows y we have to deal with this but god will deal with the enemies . Focus on what god has in store for you take you meds to god heal you ! Surrender , forgive and live a bless life . Cause no matter how much , how long you stress about it . It will do you no good ! God will send you your mate you will live a life with out fear of who you will marry or date ! Keep praying god is a healer and that trying to find a cure . This is the time to receive grow and learn about The Lord more . Be greatful he didn’t give you aids . I’ve suffered from this for 2 years cried the whole time till I was like forget this I wil not let this ruin my life . I surrender to god and when I say surrender I mean I put all my worries and cares and gave it to Jesus . Throw them anxiety pill in the trash and take up some Jesus .

  179. Sadn gurl Says:

    I will bless you with a future filled with hope—a future of success, not of suffering. You will turn back to me and ask for help, and I will answer your prayers. (Jeremiah 29:11, 12 CEV)

  180. Alexandria Says:

    Thank you Sadn Gurl,
    I’m turning this over to The Lord. I have to keep in the word so that the enemy does not sneak in. Again thank you. This is something that is not easily shared with someone, but this site has been very comforting to me, and easy for me to express how I feel. Did you say that you’re completely healed of Herpes 2? Should I get another test done? This has been such a shock to me since I’m very health conscious. You mentioned to keep taking my meds. The Dr prescribed Valcyclovir. I only take it when I have an outbreak. I don’t in between since I’m not sexually active, and I won’t until I’m married. I’m believing that the Lord will heal me.
    If anyone else has information for me please respond back to me. Thank you
    And I’ll wait for your reply. God Bless

  181. Amy Says:

    hey Alexandria Caston, maybe i didnt correctly understand ur post but somebody with only hsv 1 cannot give u hsv 2, u do need to retest, but u may hav got it from a previous relationship, also loss of hair is not due to herpes 1 or 2, that im aware of. could b something else prob nothin serious tho. hang n there, remember Christ is our hope and our strength.

  182. Sadn gurl Says:

    No I’m not healed yet ! In my eyes . But I know god will heal me if its his will . I pray for a healing . So I’m believing I’m get what I ask for . And yes take you meds as needed ! Don’t let this over take you . Remember and always pray for STRENGHT ! Sometimes I thank god I went through this because I would not be as close or know The Lord like I do now ! I had hpv and god healed me from that . So i know he a healer . Just hold on a change is on the way.

  183. Sadn gurl Says:

    I’m so blessing that I can’t pay attention to this mess. Glad I’m not dying . I’m glad I can still live my life .

  184. Felicia Says:

    Hello everyone. I am going to fast to heal myself and the nations of this terrible virus. Satan is running viciously through this world and its time to tear this down now! The only way we can do this is through the Word of God! The Bible teaches us when we fast, pray and call on God’s name, God will answer our prayers and heal us. Please fast and pray with me. “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” Matthew 18:19 With this fast, my purpose is to be healed of something that isnt conventionally and medically healed; to get a wide scale – publically market , afforable hepres cure distributed to all of the nations so that we may see God’s work and His love and inspire thousands- millions of people to follow Christ; and to renew my mind, and heal my finances. I want the nations to be CURED of this!! I want Believers, non- believers,and back sliders to have access to this cure. I have a vision and I know for a fact it will happen but I need help. I need agreement. I need another person or more to agree with me on Earth so God can this for us . Please, I am so hurt that so many people have to live hellish and terrible agony due to this virus from Satan. We are all humans and have all made mistakes, and are all worthy of God’s love and healing. Anyone, please fast with me. I don’t care who you are, what you look like, or where you live, if you believe in my vision and want to help in getting this blessing to people, please email me at alexissmith507 at yahoo dot com. It is time we start fighting for our survival and happiness. Be blessed saints <3 In Jesus name Amen.

  185. cheeryleesa Says:

    Hallo Felicia,
    Praise the Lord for your conviction in His Spirit.
    I am a housewife and have a very busy household. Live in a situation where I am not allowed to go for fellowship. Its a long story:-) mentioned in “my testimony and the beginning of a love story”
    I have been desiring to fast for two or three days ..the fasting part is not difficult but to find the time and freedom to pray as needed is difficult in my environment (I have two tinies…my sons three and five:-)
    I agree in prayer with you and request you to pray that the Holy Spirit move to make my fast possible. Last year He made it possible for me at the time of Easter.
    Praising God again for your faith. Amen

  186. Felicia Says:

    Hello cheeryleesa,
    I have just prayed that God gives you time and freedom to fast wholly and effectively. I pray that God gives you the energy and the will power to get through. I pray that God allows you to understand the time that He has given you to pray. I pray that He gives you clarity on how you are meant to fast. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    Thank you sooo much for agreeing with me, I really think that our cure will flourish. I am praying that this cure is made public and accessible in this year, 2013. I don’t care if it December 31, 2013, I just need this cure to happen. You have a busy household, and I know how hectic that can be, but i found you can do little prayers throughout the day to God. You can pray and worship when you wake up, when u eat, when you’re running an errand, when you’re in the grocery store, etc. and at night when the house is quite, you can conduct praise, worship and reverence like you have wanted to. I found that little saying like “Thank you God,” “God is good” will help you throughout your day. During the time you take to read your Bible, look up scriptures on praying, healing and fasting and you can praise then.

    I really believe in you, and I believe in the promises God has for us, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7 I believe this verse. Hold onto it. It will be your strength. Fast from whatever the Holy spirit tells you to. Mine is meats, and sweets. So I can only eat fruits and vegetables. Do what is right for you.
    Be encouraged <3

  187. anatassia Says:

    i know how dreadful things might seem. i am having problems too. i met this man and he lied to me. he never let me know he is sick. and i went and lay with him. only to hear he is sick. i just start to pray, read my bible… and continue go to my church. never been hurt so yet in my whole life… and i remember a man up above. a man that always put me through. well i am a christian. i have faith. i am filled with the holy ghost and i trust in god and believe his word. one of which is when he said he is our refuge and fortress and strength.

  188. Felicia Says:

    How is everyone’s fast for the International Herpes Cure of 2013 coming along? Knock and the door will be opened, ask and ye shall receive. How can we ever expect to open the door to the cure without putting forth the energy to knock? Knocking is as simple as praying and fasting. Have faith in your cure, but also put forth action. Faith without WORKS is DEAD!!James 2:20 tells us this. Would you like to live that abundant life Jesus died for us to have, or would u like to let this virus suck the life and hope from you and die? I say live brethren. If you are willing to put forth the work along with your faith God will honor it and cure you. Choose life. It’s time to start fighting for our survival saints.
    Be blessed, I love you.

  189. David J. Ayala Says:

    Hi, my name is david. God bless u all my brothers and sisters. About a month and a half ago I went to go do my physical with my dr. and she told me I have herpes. She asked me to come back to do another test to find out weather it be type one or two. this monday I find out the results. I’m 24 years old right now and I’m coming into reality of it. I always believed in God and I still do to this day. in 2011 I started doing mixed martial arts MMA. and I got very close to God while training believe it or not. my daily routine would be consisting of me going to church and before or after church going to the dojo and train. and I loved it, I felt great peace in my heart and soul. everything was going really good and for some odd reason I just started to lose interest in fighting. started using marijuana and alcohol alot more I got arrested for possession and got bailed out by my mom on Mother’s Day of last year. I met a bad lady who ended up taking all my money. started going to strip clubs a lot more and that’s where I got it. I’m sure was there because the last time I went I got oral from stripper there. and that was in November. When the doctor told me that I had herpes I turned to God. I quit smoking pot and drinking. started reading the Bible more. I’m still waiting for my miracle to happen. I’m still waiting for Jesus to come to me and heal me like he healed the man with leprosy. The Times I’ve been reading the Bible i learned one thing. that is that I’m not afraid anymore. God will help me God will heal me like he has to all of you. I ask for prayer from all of you I ask that you pray for me and my girlfriend who are just troubled by this terrible time. thank you all, and GOD bless each and every single one of you

  190. Healed Heart Says:

    I feel so blessed to have found this website. I now feel hope for the first time in days. I lost the Lord a long time ago and am now paying the consequences of a life without God. I don’t have my test results back yet but the doctor said it is looking a lot like GH. I have accepted that I have no one to blame but myself, not the person that gave it to me and especially not God. God gave me free will and I chose to use it in a way that was against his will.

    I am so blessed now to be closer to God and to be able to read such special testimonies from people all around the world about God’s grace. I am praying that when I receive my results they are negative and that he has spared me. I don’t deserve his forgiveness or grace but how great a God is he that I have it anyway.

    If the results do come back positive then I know that he will in time cure me and that it will be a test of my newfound devotion to him. I think the thing that I have realised out of all of this is that a life without God is not a life at all and that this and that my battle with anxiety and depression and now my current battle cannot be fought alone and I should have given them to God sooner.

  191. Healed Heart Says:

    Well, it came back positive for HSV-1. I didn’t even cry when I found out the news because I had in my mind that if it came back negative God had spared me but if it came back positive God will heal me. Please pray for me everyone, as I will pray for all of you. God is great and I am blessed to be nearer to him again.

  192. Amy Says:

    hi Healed Heart, i sorry to hear of ur diagnosis, i hav oral hsv1 (cold sores) since i was very young, how did u get tested. was it blood or swab? cuz most adults hav oral hsv1 and if u blood test pos for it, the test cant tell u wher u hav it jus that u hav it. u may hav oral hsv1 and something else genitally, perhaps just boils or whatever case may be. thought might b worth checkin into. let me kno if u dont mind.

  193. Healed Heart Says:

    Hi Amy,

    It was a swab test, so it was accurate, unfortunately. I know that it is common and in a way I’m lucky because genital HSV 1 means that it’s not in it’s ‘usual’ place so i may not have another outbreak and shedding is reduced but I feel that the stigma that surrounds it is almost the worst part of having it! When someone has a cold sore on their mouth no one thinks much of it but when it is a cold sore ‘down there’ it is an entirely different thing.

    I pray that everyone is cured of this ailment.

  194. Amy Says:

    oh, sorry, but u r absolutely right n that u prob wont experience another episode and viral shedding at a minimum, thx for letting me know Healed Heart. i pray for the best for u and all others on ths forum.

  195. Felicia Says:

    Is everyone still fasting for the Permanent International Herpes Cure?

  196. Prettygirlpray Says:

    Hey guys tomorrow is the day I’m going to get tested pray for me please

  197. Healed Heart Says:

    Hi Prettygirlpray,

    I have prayed for you tonight that your test will come back negative. May God be with you tomorrow xo

  198. Amy Says:

    im prayin too Prettygirlpray. God will touch u.

  199. Prettygirlpray Says:

    Thanks so much for the prayer I’m expecting good results I pray that my HIV test and herpes test come back negative in the name of Jesus I don’t want any diseases they gave me the culture test for herpes but I feel good about my test I believe they all will be negative by his stripes we are healed I’ll continue to pray for y’all God bless. I am HEALED

  200. Prettygirlpray Says:

    Let me tell you about the God we serve! My test results came back NEGATIVE! God does answer prayers I’m grateful and blessed I thank God for everything. My father bestfriend and saviour I thank God for the blood by his strips I am Healed!
    Although the doctor said it could have been a false negative because it wasn’t enough fluid around the bump but hey it came back negative and that’s what I’m sticking with I do have a testimony!
    Which is why I’m sticking to my vow that I made with God to stay celibate until he sends me my husband
    I love y’all and continue to pray for each other God bless. Xoxoxo

  201. Rece Says:

    Hi Everyone…

    I’m a firm believer in Our LORD and Saviour Christ…I have seen the miracles and healing he has done and for me to…Yesterday I went to church it has been four months since the last time…I know I haven’t been doin what GOD wants me to…I have been dating this African guy for almost 3 months now and I thought he was the one…before we started having sex I had showed him my paper that I was free of diseases and I ask him was he clean and he said yes…but we still use condoms then one day he said he didn’t want to use it…About a month later I noticed that he had a bump on his penis and we still had sex after we finish he said the bump open up and I ask what it was and he kept sayin it was a boil and he been getting it his whole life all over his body plus he said the doctor also told him it was boils in his country…after a while I started feelin irrated so I went to hospital and told my doc what happen and she said its prolly herpes…I didn’t want to hear that…A week later I call for my results and they said everything came back negative…I was so relieved…then 2 days later my doc call and say you have herpes…Now im shock cause one doc said I didn’t have it then she sayin I have it…..I didn’t take no meds…..I look up ways to cure herpes naturally and I have found a lot of useful materials….If you take zinc tablets and vitamin c tablets it will prevent outbreaks……Cleanse your blood…herpes virus goes into your blood…regularly cleansing the blood is recommended, especially when you begin to feel weak or sick…You can also do a lemonade cleanse also known as the master cleanse, lemon detox diet or maple syrup diet…just google how to cleanse your blood or how to do a lemonade cleanse…I have been doing a lot of research on this stuff…Theres a guy name kevin trudeau and he has a book out called Nature Cures they don’t want you to know about….he even recommends 35% HP therapy-food grade hydrogen peroxide just by putting a couple of drops in bottle of water a day helps cure viral infection…I haven’t use it still doin research on that…In mean way GOD is the key to all your answers by praying and fasting…Now I told this guy my results and he got upset sayin he never had a std before and he didn’t even know what herpes was I had to explain it to him…He said he always use condom with women and he only been up here for 3 years but he did say a woman gave him oral sex before me and him started dating…So I think that’s how he got it…I mean he believes in GOD and has a church home but we are both sinning…GOD really has gotten my attention because of my backsliding…and now is the time to get it right…I ask GOD for forgiveness and to restore my health free me from this disease….I haven’t took no meds cause I believe that’s just confirming that you have that disease but I have been takin supplements and 7 day cleansing program…now im just gonna fast and continue to pray and Im askin everyone else to pray for me to be delivered in name of JESUS…About my bf we both have to pray and ask GOD for forgivness…I can’t live my life knowing im sinning then go to church like nothing happen…If he don’t want to change that’s just one less problem I have to worry about………AMEN

  202. Nickyt Says:

    So its been almost 2 years since i found out that i have herpes n i had given it to my bf. i have fallen out of contact with god blaming him n myself. i haven’t been in church for awhile now. i had to turn my life upside down just to accommodate my disease. my passion was to be in the army and now i cant. i keep playing that night ova in my head asking how can i be so stupid. i want to be close to god again i want him in my life. plz pray for me cause i feel hopeless. still haven’t done a test n i dont think a gonna.

  203. Courtney Says:

    My name is Courtney. On Saturday, I admitted aloud for the first time that I have herpes. I’ve known for 5 years but never told anyone. Only now, that I am beginning to explore a serious relationship with a man whom I like very much, have I mustered up enough courage to speak about this reality.

    On Friday, I will get tested for herpes again. I am praying for a miracle. So is the gentleman I am dating. Also, 2 of my prayer warriors and my mother are praying for this. Where two or more are gathered, right?

    Because of this experience I am free from shame. Now, I petition the Lord in the name of Jesus Christ to do for my physical, earthly body what he has already done for my soul — cleanse me so I can become one with this man and live a life that includes the fullness of worship that comes from intimacy.

    Praise you Father that by the power of Christ’s blood I am already cleansed of my sin. Thank you for redeeming me for failed dreams, and thank you for delivering me into your courts of grace and promise.

  204. leslie Says:

    i hsv-1 from kissing which its embarassing the people that know is my mom and sisters thats it i feel ashamed i can’t even look i the mirror i dont got out much or hang with friends anymore i feel left out. i pray to jesus christ every day to for my physical body for my soul and to cleanse me inside my boy and out. i believe in miracle i praised the father and the lord to heal me complete and for i can have a normal life like i use to. my dad use ask me all the time when am i going to give him grandkids now i can’t until hsv-1 is cured and heal i’m praying to jesus christ to heal me and cleanse as well

  205. leslie Says:

    i’am praying to god for a miracle when i go to the doctors on 10-1-2013 that my test result will come out negative.

  206. jezzikuh Says:

    Im greatly encouraged by all your testimonies so I ask that you pray for me too. I just found out two weeks ago that I contracted hsv1. I’ve cried everyday since and am currently experiencing my first outbreak. I refuse to cope with this and accept that this will be the rest of my life…I pray that God will answer my prayers and that I can see his wondrous grace work in me. I ask that you pray I will not be discouraged or lose faith, but that I will rip this fiery dart from my flesh that the enemy has pierced me with and that I may glorify gods name through all this. I still don’t know how I got this… That’s the hardest part… I pray for everyone who has this and beg that you be open about your healings because people like me need to hear that there’s hope. I love you all & appreciate your faith for it has inspired me. <3

  207. Kilee Says:

    Hi… I’m looking for some encouraging words. I found our that I have herpes last year. When the doctor told me I think I went completely numb. I feel so stupid, dirty, nasty, and not worthy. I’ve only told 2 people. A very close friend and my current boyfriend. Why is she complaining? She has a boyfriend you say. Because I don’t know if I can live with myself if I give this man this disease. I love him I do. And after telling him he says that he still wants to be with me. Indeed I know I’ve found a good man but is it right to be with him? I just want a normal life, a family. Please give me some encouraging words… Anything

  208. Fluffy Says:

    I found out some months that I had Herpes & warts! I am so hurt and I was dealing with it until last night I broke up again in tears. I had gave up on life & wanted tu end my life! I am completely hurt! I feel that I don’t have anything but then I think about the doctor report! I join a prayer line and I was reading the bible everyday! I have been with two men one that is married and I dnt know where I got it from but I forgive whoever I got it from. I know I don’t deserve this. I know this is a test and through it all I know God has all powers & I pray for complete healing. Today I have been in bed crying all day and when I got up I am eating knowin I’m not hungry! I been takin my meds even tho every time I take it I say it’s for no reason. ask that you all pray along with me that I am healed in Jesus name. Please pray with me!!!

  209. cindy Says:

    I had an experience of God healing me from a STD that I contracted when my husband cheated on me. I discovered I had genital warts and was confused as to where I got them from (not finding out until later that my husband had an affair). I cried out to God for healing, telling him that I was suffering because of someone else’s sin. God had mercy on me and healed me!!

    But even if you contracted a disease through bad choices, I can tell you that if you truly repent of your sin God can still heal you. I believe that for many of you, repentance is the key. Forgive those who have sinned against you. And shut down the door in your life that would allow the enemy to bring sickness in.

    Look to the Bible as your guidebook for living, don’t rely on your own tainted version of righteousness. Stop living and sleeping with your boyfriend or girlfriend but honor the covenant of marriage as the Bible says. Stop sleeping around, taking drugs, binge drinking, having same-sex relations and living as the world does. You can’t live in the devil’s playground and expect God’s blessing on you. It doesn’t work that way. You are giving the enemy a foothold whether you like it or not.

    I know this is hard to hear, but repentance is essential if you want healing. A true repentance when you change the way you live to line up with God’s will for your life rather than throw up an “I’m sorry” prayer and then continue living the way you always have. Repent and keep believing and your healing will come. Bless you all.

  210. Emory Says:

    Hi Kilee, even though I know you feel really bad now, but you might start to look at yourself the way God sees you. Despite how unworthy we feel, the scriptures state without a doubt that a person who’s accepted Christ is in right standing with God. Here’s one of my faves: 2 Corinthians 5:21. He doesn’t even see the bad stuff that we all have done.

  211. cindy Says:

    “If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left.” Hebrews 10:26.

    The blood of Jesus (and the healing power that it brings) only comes when sins are repented of–and once they are, God send them to the sea of forgetfulness. We are then in right standing with Him. But until we repent, there is no sacrifice that will cover them because you have not handed them over to God, you have held onto the sin. Bless you all.

  212. Iwan Tandoko Says:

    Hi, I am from Indonesia

    I did unprotected sex 2 weeks ago and I am filled by fear of getting herpes

    Today, i took a nap and have a dream, I got vision of james 5,then i found james 5:14-16

    (14) Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

    (15) And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

    (16) Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

    Please pray for me, I will repent to the thing I did in the past


  213. Emory Says:

    Hi Iwan, I just read this scripture this morning. Praying for you. If you have access to a church with elders or a pastor who you can meet and agree with in prayer, I highly recommend it. Please post back here and let us know how you are doing.

  214. Iwan Tandoko Says:

    Yesterday,my cell group leader anointed with oil

    I just did according to the scripture and i want received by faith

    Please keep praying for me


  215. Emory Says:

    Will do, Iwan.

  216. Iwan Tandoko Says:

    I want to encourage all of you, if you feel fear about herpes or any diseases, take your moment to pray i know it’s hard,but if possible listening christian song that tell you about healing, because song’s lyric can strengthen your faith, sometime through song,God can talk to you, also ask a desire to can hear God’s voice and vision from God to relieve you burden. If God can talk and give vision like story in Bible,God can talk tou through voice and dream,too. That’s why you must ask for it.

    This link http://www.cwgministries.org/Healing-by-Gods-Voice tell you a story of Shaloma A.Grey, through disease that almost killed her and her baby, now she can hear God’s voice,the story will bless you.

    I also fell fear right now, but through the story i got strengthen, if you get a herpes test that’s negative like i did, keep praying and possibly ask your pastor or cell group leader to annoint you with oil to heal you,take a faith step like James 5:14-16 say so.

    Hope it will bless you.

  217. Felicia Says:

    Hello children of God. Please, please, please pray for my complete healing. Please pray God forgives me of all my sins I did with knowledge. Please pray that God helps me in the times the devil tempts me. Please saints. I need to live a clean and righteous life and can’t do this with fever blisters ruining my reputation and credibility along with my self esteem. I have done wrong, and others have done me wrong, and just like I forgave them and show love, please ask God to unturned show me love and forgiveness. I am going to be a doctor in the future and need my life to be in order to make it. If I wanna heal the sick, I have to be healed myself. Please pray for my soul, emotions, mind and physical body, as I do the same for. In Jesus name, Amen.

  218. Niya Says:

    Hi, I’m I’m the same situation as some of you guys it was my first time ever doing something like that anyways I lay in my bed almost every night and cry and every day and night and even sometimes in the day I ask god to heal me and forgive me cause I don’t want to live like this for the rest of my life If the lord see me through this i promise not to have sex again please everyone pray for me keep me in your prayers please I truly believe in my god and I hope that he heals me from this.

  219. dan Says:

    Hallo everyone,
    This is truly God’s working. I am glad I landed myself on this website. I am greatly encouraged by the various testimonies here. I recently had an encounter with a lady that led to unprotected sex. I felt so scared after that coz of HIV risks. I have been feeling funny since then and my body feels like I am already infected despite having gone for the test 3 times-all of which are negative.
    I am so low but I am glad I rededicated my whole life back to Christ and now trusting in Him to Heal me entirely. I am making a humble request that you pray for me and my health/healing. I have hence decided to walk in God’s ways and let Him use me as He desires.
    I am always in prayer to ensure that the devil is at bay and never in my life again.
    Please go through this link to overcome the deadly sexual sin. http://www.cbn.com/spirituallife/cbnteachingsheets/keys-Overcoming_Sexual_Sins.aspx
    God Bless and Pray with me please

  220. MiraclesStillHappen Says:

    I have been in many of your situations, and I understand the emotional, physical, and spiritual pain of living with herpes. I was diagnosed with HSV2 about four years. I don’t know who I received the virus from, but I have my suspicions. I use to say that January 2009 was the biggest regret of my life. Why? Because every time I had/have an outbreak I was/am reminded of my past sins, and then all the sexual guilt and feelings of worthlessness that comes with it. The sexual guilt just made me want to die or least run away to some nunnery in a faraway land. I convinced myself that I got what I deserved for all the sexual sins that I had committed. The punishment was warranted. This was the way that God chose to punish me for my promiscuity, fornication, cheating, lying, and etc. I knew better. I grew up in the church, and I always thought I would wait to have sex until I got married. However, I had my heart broken by one guy who failed to see my worth, and I just started having sex with every Tom, Dick & Harry to self-medicate/heal my broken heart. It was an endless cycle until January 2009.

    On January 24th, I woke up with the worst pain in my life. I had flu-like symptoms, I had stomach cramps, I had painful urination, and I had these blisters near my genitals. I immediately made a doctor’s appointment, and the doctor confirmed that I had herpes. She gave me medicine and educated me. I was so devastated. All I could think of who would want me know…who would want to marry someone with these horrible incurable disease. I felt like all my dreams of having a family die with those three little words, “You have herpes.”

    I went through all the emotions of anger, sadness, lost, hurt, rejection, disappointment, and guilt. I just started going through the motions of life…school, work, home, and church. I started living in denial of the disease, and I started dating again. However, those relationships ended in bad heartbreak, because I never learned the lesson I needed to learn. It wasn’t until November 2011 that I had a breakthrough in my mind, heart, and spirit. Before then, I had a very hard time completely forgiving and being honest with myself. I never told another person that I had HSV2. I was convinced as long as I was not having symptoms in my body that there was “no harm” being done. That was a lie. It was definitely the wrong thing to do. It was malicious.

    In 2012, I started going back to church, and I started really paying attention this time. I started believing that God would heal me as long as I believed He would do so. However, I kept battling with my fears and doubts. As long as I had HSV2, I stayed away from fornication. I could be right with God as long as I was not in a relationship. Did I really want to be healed if I was going to just fall back into sin? As a result, I began to convince myself what I really wanted to be was single. I never wanted to get married. I never wanted to love or be loved. I never wanted to have kids. I just wanted to praise God and advertise His glory. If having HSV2 allowed me to go to heaven, then I was convinced that was God’s will for my life. How many of you know that the devil is lie?

    In December 2012, all my dreams of getting married and having a family resurfaced. I would try to shot them down, and I would remind myself and my body that I had HSV2. No man would want me with HSV2, and I could not live with myself if I ever spread the disease to my partner. I started praying for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven for my life. I told God that I didn’t want just any man, but I wanted His best for my life. A couple of months later, God presented me just such a man. Again, my fears returned. Would I fall into sin again? Would he want me if he knew about HSV2? I started praying, and I stopped living in fear. However, I did fall into sin, and I failed to tell him about HSV2 before we had sex. I felt horrible, I felt malicious, and I began to punish myself all over again. I was a joke. Here I was going to church almost every Sunday, attending Bible Study, telling my friends to wait to have sex before marriage, and I had committed the worst of sins.

    Before I thought contracting HSV2 was my worst regret, but I soon find that was topped by finally meeting God’s best and sleeping with him before telling him about my previous diagnosis. I felt like the worst failure; I realized that when you love someone, you don’t do that to them. You don’t hurt them. The right thing to do was to tell him and let him make the decision. I took that option from him, and now I pray that God has mercy and favor over his body. I pray that he never has to experience the emotional, physical, and spiritual pain of HSV2. What has been the biggest miracle in this whole process is that he has found the strength to forgive me, which has helped me to forgive myself. I now am in the daily process of asking God to heal me, to remove HSV2 from my body permanently in Jesus’ name, and that he blesses us with a happy marriage filled with joy, laughter, and a son and a daughter. However, in order for that to happen, I know I need to do my part. I need to keep my body holy, refrain from sexual immortality, forgive myself, keep praying, keep having faith, keep trusting God, refuse to have doubts/fears, and keep expecting the impossible.

    I believe that God has healed me. I don’t care what my body says, what the doctors say, what the circumstances say…I am trusting that God will have the final say. I am standing in faith that I will never have another symptom of HSV2, I will never pass it to my partner/spouse and children, and I will never live in fear of this disease again. I no longer choose to believe that I am worthless or unlovable. I choose to see myself as God sees me — perfect, whole, and complete. I am at peace with life. I am fruitful, and I am healed. The joy of The Lord is my strength.

    Please keep me in your prayers. Please pray that God heals me of this disease permanently in Jesus name, and I will continue to pray for you all in Jesus name. I hope someone is blessed by this testimony. I just want you to know that HSV2 is not a reason to stop living. You can have peace. Choose Jesus. Keep fighting. Keep in good health. God will show up! He will heal your body! I believe he will in Jesus name. Your breakthrough can happen at any moment. Expect the impossible! God still lives! He still heals! I receive healing today in Jesus name! I also intercede for you today, and I pray that God heals you permanently in Jesus name.

  221. cheeryleesa Says:

    Dear MiraclesStillhappen,
    I am touched by your testimony.
    The Lord says He is a compassionate God and He is not a punishing God.
    He is Jehovah RAPHA, our Healer in the name of Jesus!
    I condone your faith and agree in prayer for your healing in the name of Jesus!
    Please be convicted of Salvation in Christ and pray for the gift of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Once He is in you then all your wrong influences and desires will fall away and you will yourself abhor all wrong ways of life.
    This is the verse I am getting for you …you must proclaim it daily and when falling into temptation…
    2 Corninthians 10:2 3 “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. 4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, 5 casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, 6 and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.”

    Lord Jesus, let miraclesStillHappen realise that every building up thought in your mind against the will of God, that leads her further away from God is a stronghold of satans. We TEAR EVERY STRONGHOLD DOWN in her existence in Jesus name! Holy Spirit, Demolish each wrong construction in her existence and like a mighty wind replace it with your presence. We ask in Jesus name and we cover ourselves in the blood of Saviour Jesus. Amen.
    May your healing be to the glory of Jehovah God in the name of Jesus!
    “Faith is the substance of things unseen” Hebrews !!:1

  222. Iwan Tandoko Says:

    There is good new for all of you guys, HSV 2 is clinnically can be cured

    Read this,it was published on foxnews 2 months ago


    We need to pray for Dr Lawrence Corey,but one thing that all you guy should remember the One that cure all of us is still Jesus Christ

    Jesus uses this person to cure us.


  223. Iwan Tandoko Says:

    Also pray for Professor Ian Frazer


    Jesus will heal us through these person

  224. peach Says:

    I have been reading alot of ppl stories on here about getting oral hsv1 as if its just so horrible, its the cold sore virus in other words, 80 percent of americans have it. I have it and I’ve never thought of it as a major illness not even close. chill out already.

  225. Karen Says:


    I’ve been reading some of the posts and I too have this virus and rather than focusing so much in being healed, I want God to work through me. He chastises the ones He loves so consider yourself lucky that he sent enough pain your way to get you back on track. This may be hard but it is just a slap on the wrist compared to eternal damnation. Our strength can only be measured through trials so you really have to pray and get closer to God to help you get through. Be grateful that it is a virus that does not harm you and do not let Satan lie to you, even with this virus, God is in control. He gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers. Just think bout where our life was heading before the diagnosis and how bad things could’ve been if you were never diagnosed. I’m glad God stepped in because who knows how much worse it could’ve been for me.

  226. becky Says:

    Please pray for me. I have just been diagnosed with herpes one and two. I am retesting tomorrow. I need you faith and your prayers please try to talk to Jesus. I am a good person in Jesus name. Please help me get through this terrible disease and please tell Jesus to forgive me for this sin and I will never sleep with any one again unless I am married.

  227. Shaunna Says:

    Hi My name Is Shaunna and I was Diagnosed with Herpes From A Boyfriend That I Was Dating For 6 Months. Our First Time Having Sex, He Gave Me Chlamydia and I Got Treated For That About To Weeks Later. I Found Out That I Was Pregnant With My First Child By The Man That Gave Me My First Two STD’s. I Was So Hurt Because All He Did Was Lie To Me All I Could Do Is Cry. I Have My Medication But Scared To Use it Cause I Have Faith In God That It’s Not True. I Ask Jesus To Forgive Me and Heal Me Every Chance I Get. I Even Made A Promise That I Would Not Have Sex Again Until I’m Married and Would Even Find Me A Church Home. But Would Like To Ask if Everyone Else Would Keep Me In Their Prayers.

  228. Emory Says:

    I definitely will pray for you and I’m sure others here will too. You mentioned finding a church home – please make that a priority and connect with fellow believers. They can help you and you them as well.

  229. Jen Says:

    I am 29. I am not American and I am so scared and completely devastated. I have a serious relationship and love my boyfriend. I have an outbreak in my genitals. I went to the doctor yesterday and she told me that it looks like herpes and I do think so too. I told him and he is very supportive I don’t know if I got it from him or from my previous relationships but I don’t really care. I don’t want him to get infected if he is clean. I have so much pain at the moment. I have always believed in God and the virgin. I am catholic prob you guys here are other religions but I really need your prayers. It is not easy when you are all alone in a country that it is not yours and with this. I feel lonely. I don’t want anyone to go throughout this. I have prayed because it is the only thing real I have. I am not bad. I tried to be very careful with my body and the body of others but I have failed. Please I do need some help.

  230. Jen Says:

    I did some blood tests and still waiting for the results.

  231. Valarie Says:

    Hello 🙂 Im Valarie and im only 17 years old. I think i have herpes but i havent gotten any sign of it and i did do some research. So , on Last Monday i got on my Gmail and got a message from this women name Natile and in her message it said ‘whos this? And why did u send pictures of urself to his gmail?’ And i was trying to figure out what and who was she talking about? Turns out i knew who she was talking about. David who was her husband! And yes i knew he was older than me with 2 kids but i didnt know he was married! He never told me 🙁 i only saw him once. We just kiss and other stuff but we didnt have sex or anything. And im so stupid for believing him and letting him come to my house. So, the wife was asking tons of questions ask me when did i meet him and i lied to her saying 7 years ago and thats when she told me “so ur the one that gave him herpes and gave it to me?’ I was sooo shocked and my heart felt straight down my tummy 🙁 ever since that day and now im feeling sad and to scare to tell my mom 🙁 i need help. I need someone to talk. I pray to God even tho i dont go to church much. But i pray to God that he will heal me bcuz i need him soo much. I need him to change me. Please pray for me guys. I cant do this on my own. God bless.

  232. Emory Says:

    I’m praying for you Valarie. Do go to a local church that follows the scriptures and get some advice. Keep seeking God in this and let us know how things are going.

  233. JayM Says:

    I have contracted this horrible infection approximately like 3 years ago from a former boyfriend. I honestly feel no words in this world can precisely explain how I feel and what I’ve felt then. I felt as if I was being punished for sonethings I can done in my past but that could not be the case. I am a true believer in God and I know he is a healer of all things. I know and I believe in my heart I can be healed from this infection. I want to begin a fast, I want spiritually connect with God to have this fully removed from my body forever. I need opinions on what fast I should do to overcome this. I truly believe I will be relieved from this. I will start a fast and than schedule to be tested. Thank you so much for the testimonies I feel I will get through this

  234. believer Says:

    Hello. I have genital herpes. I got it from someone i was n a relationship with for two years. me and this boy was together almost all my days in high school but anywho he didn’t tell me he had it until one day when I was having outbreaks and I kept asking y he didn’t want to tell me sohe came out and told me I know why you’re having problems. I kept asking and he wouldn’t tell me but finally. He did and I broke it off with him. I was sick for a long time to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore but anywho I’m married now and praying everyday thay GOD WILL HEAL MY BODY. I KNOW ITS POSSIBLE BECAUSE with GOD all things are possible. When you get to feeling down and out and alone call on the name of JESUS.

    WHEN I met my husband I told him about the virus when we was dating and he accepted me for me. Even though I’m going through abnormal paps, outbreaks and possibly cervical cancer I’m still gone believe cuz with faith the size of a mustard seed God him the sick who was bound by disease. I hope this post can encourage you guys to forgive and have faith. Without faith the works of the Lord is dead. BE BLESS AND TRUST HIM

  235. Brighteyes Says:

    Hi I am a christian and backslid in 2011 and met a man who I thought I could trust and then after finding out when it was too late that he cheated on me with several different women, I found out that he gave me herpes. I felt so ashamed, depressed and isolated and only told one person who has given me some support. I think I got herpes so that I would give myself totally to jesus and to live right. I REFUSE to love with this horrible infection and I know that God will heal me soon. I have met such a wonderful man who is on christ and really likes me and treats me with respect and cares for me. But I dont want tell hom yet as I’m scared of him not understanding this disease and emotionally detaching himself from me. I would really appreciate if everyone would keep me in their prayers. I’m believing that God will heal me and forgive me from sinning against his word. I`M HEALED IN THE NAME OF JESUS

  236. FaithInJESUS Says:

    I’ve been reading all of these posts and it has given me a lot of hope. I have recently been diagnosed with herpes last week. I thought I had contracted it from this guy I recently have been dating for a few months,because right after we had sex a couple of times I noticed a sore. He has been tested but has no traces of it and now I feel bad because I blamed him at first. Now Im thinking I may have gotten it a while ago because I would always notice a little bump by my behind but it would disappear right away and the doctor would say I dont have herpes because they didnt see anything.When I first found I had it I was very devastated especially since its no cure for it but after doing a lot of praying and looking online at testimonies of people being healed I have a lot more faith that I will be too. I’m going to speak it into existence that I will be healed by Jesus and the next time I go to the doctor in a few mnths my tests are going to be negative!! I want to be testimony to some one else. I really feel like jesus is trying to give me a wake up call and I feel like he was trying to save me from having sex for a while. Because it took me a while to even be able to have sex at first, it was really painful and now I have a disease from sinning. So can you all please keep me in your prayers, I will pray for you all as well. Also, I am a christian but I have back slid. Do you all think I should get baptized again so that I can feel closer to god and give my life back to him. I’m also going to start fasting

  237. FaithInJESUS Says:

    I will keep u in my prayers Brighteyes and everyone else that has this disease as well. I pray that we all would be healed.Jesus loves us.

  238. Emory Says:

    Hi FaithinJESUS, I am not sure that you would want to get re-baptized if you were baptized after receiving Christ. Some things that come to mind… pray and seek God, get involved in a strong word-centered church, talk to someone in authority there.

  239. krs Says:

    I see symptoms of a deadly virus and would like for jesus to heal me. I have done a lot of wrong things and I decided to give my life to the lord. I need pray I have alot to live for and I would like to work for the Lord.

  240. God's Child Says:

    Hello everyone,
    This website just confirmed in my spirit what I already know what God is going to do for me. I recently was diagnosed with herpes 1 and 2 about a year ago at the age of 22. My world came crashing down on me because I couldn’t understand how a I God I serve would allow something so tragic to happen to me. I became depressed because I felt like I’m young, I want to have children, and who would seriously consider wanting to be with me after knowing I have herpes. However, once I got myself together I had to except the responsibility of my own actions and admit God didn’t do this to me. I did this to myself through blatting disobedience and thinking I was going to do what I wanted to do and still serve God. But it doesn’t work that way. I have a calling on my life where I can’t do, say, or live like the everyday man for I am a servant of God. Since then I’ve decided become completely abstinent until marriage because I am worth the wait. I’ve join ministries in the church to keep my mind and life focused and decided to not carry the burden of the disease for I am healed in Jesus’ name. Although tragic to me, this situation had turned my life around for the better. I just ask that although I know I am healed please pray for my healing and my for my strength in the lord to stay on this path. I may not be healed in my time but I will be healed in Gods time.

  241. Dee Says:

    Hi my name is Dee and two months ago i had sex with the third girl in my life. Now i have herpes. i couldnt believe it because this wasnt a random girl, shes the closest girl ive had to a girlfriend or loving but it has been a never ending nightmare since. Ive always believed in GOD and have asked him for forgiveness which is ironic now i need him but ive always needed him and have only used around half his message to guide my life. i felt like killing myself with prospect of having a wife and family quite difficult and feel like im not really in the room when people are to talking. i dont know what to do and pretty much cry and pray everyday and look at my family with so much love and feeling that i have dissapointed even though they dont know. i understand and believe that God heals if it his will and im so scared that it may not be but i do have hope and faith. As i will pray for everyone if you have time please pray for me if you can. ive never felt so alone

  242. BelieveInMiracles Says:

    Hi all. I have been having major problems with my male sexual anatomy. I am in constant pain and have urinary tract issues, my testicles have deflated, and I feel pressure pain in my abdomen. Any sexual activity brings upon headaches, tiredness, blurred vision, sensitivity, and mental confusion and memory problems. The doctors do not know what is wrong with me, as I have been diagnosed with non-bacterial prostatitis… however I know that whatever the disease that it was brought upon by my own sinfulness and abuse of my sexuality… this all started when I was about 13 or 14 years old and I just turned 31. It may be Chlamydia or a residual, however I have always tested negative for this. I want Jesus to forgive me and heal me… both spiritually and physically. I need to convince my girlfriend to not have sex. I really love her and desire to marry her. I have been praying since the year 2009 and have begun to feel physical tingling and comfort always during prayer and usually at random when I least expect it. Prior to 2009, I never felt this power from the Holy Spirit. I have had Charismatic groups pray over me and I have felt heat in my prostate region. The woman who prayed over this is always in church and she told me prior to the heat episode in my prostate that , “God will heal you”. I am so afraid of losing my girlfriend and her family, of whom I have begun to bring to Jesus and to bring them closer to one another. I love her deeply. I feel alone as this healing is taking a long time and my testicles are still deflated feeling and this pain continues all over my sexual areas of my body and mind. Please pray for me, as I need help from you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, in order that I continue to bring harmony to their family-a family very much in need of this Christian reconciliation. Praise you, Jesus. Thank you for your holy help.

  243. JOnathan Says:

    Dang, this makes me so sad reading all of these. I Cant believe something like this would happen to me. I want to give up, but I felt God say “You can walk away from me, again, and that won’t make anything better, only worse. Or you can grow in strength through this and make it work for you good.” I told him I would rather just not have this, and be healed. Which probably didnt thrill him too much. You see, the only thing Ive ever really wanted in life, The only thing Ive ever spent hours of praying and writing to and for and about was my future Love. I know I probably dont even deserve a woman that I wanted in the past, Ive been marked and scarred. The devil hit me where it hurt most. I pray and nothing happens, I dont want to wait to heaven to be better. I want to be healthy with my sweetheart. But now, thats not gonna happen. Ill try and resist drinking and giving up all together, Ill try some deliverance prayers and claiming healing. I dont really know whats going to happen.

  244. adrianna Says:

    I am in the same position… I ave to go back to the doctors on thursday. I made a mistake and i Beg God to forgive me and to heal me, I’m so scared. I don’t know what is gonna happen. If i have genital herpes I will feel so depressed. I already feel depressed and feel like theres no light at the end of the tunnel. Please pray for me if you can. Im hoping for a miracle. I will change my life around if my test results come back negative for studs. I feel like if i have an std I’m gonna become so depressed i might kill myself. Its funny how i never realized how beautiful life could be and how much i wanted to live, i don’t wanna leave my family but the guilt and shame if gonna kill me anyways

  245. TeAo Says:

    I am so very Grieved.. I tested Positive for HSV 1&2..
    I am grieved because i backslid.. Today after my boyfriend decided he could not handle my results I decided to fall on my knees and seek my fathers forgiveness and also petition him to remove this curse from me.. I go back in to see my DR on Monday where I shall ask for new tests to be done.. I am praying for a negative result.. I am believing that I am healed right now.. I am also as of now taking measures to make sure that my results come back negative (by this i mean i am repenting, fasting, praising and am asking for healing )

    I am so very encouraged after reading all the posts on here.. you have all lifted my faith to a level that i can not even begin to explain.. You are all amazing prayer warriors.. Thank you..

    and to those that have HPV positive results.. I want to tell you that there is healing in the LORD.. I have experinced it first hand.. I tested positive for HPV some two years ago.. I went into prayer and fasting praying every three hours and when i went in for my test results they came back negative.. Put your trust in the LORD and do not lean on your own understanding..

    1Pe 2:24 (NIV) He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.

  246. Jase Says:

    I backslid…so far from God. I got involved with someone I knew was no good for me. I became so addicted to him. I wanted to stop messing around with this person. A few months ago, I kept getting these bumps. I was afraid to go to the doctor. When I did, the doctor saw the outbreak and said it looks like herpes. They took a blood test. I should be finding out the results this week. I’m so hurt. I’m mad at myself and I feel so alone in this. I’m doing everything I can to remain calm. I know God is good. I know he loves me. I’m not in a good place.

  247. BBk Says:

    I have been diagnosed with hsv 1 & 2 for over 7 yrs now & I went through a very tough time trying to accept that fact. Since then, I guess I kinda repressed it as I haven’t had many outbreaks to really make me ill. I would think about it every so often, but knew there wasn’t anything I could do but live with it. Well, most recently, I was given the gift of a granddaughter & I all of a sudden went into this panic mode & am just wanting to be rid of this nasty, dirty disease that’s living inside of me. I know through my own negligence I obtained this & was not aware until the guy I had been dating came out w blisters on his genitals . He tested positive which in turn have my own positive results that were diagnostically verified. Whether or not it was he or I that contracted this first is unknown, but the fact remains is that we have it! I’m still not married & I cringe at the thought of being in a relationship because of this. I’ve been driving myself crazy lately looking for vaccine possibilities & the so called cures which I believe are all scams preying on people’s desperation. I have always had a close relationship w God our Heavenly Father & I know He can do more than what we can ever hope for or imagine & I choose to believe for His mighty healing. I know I have made mistakes in my past & I am the only one that can change that. I profess healing over myself and anyone I may have hurt through this horrible, emotional debilitating disease. I proclaim complete healing & I rebuke the devil in all his ways. I pray that God comes against the wickedness & snares of the devil who daily ruin the lives of so many of us. I pray for all who are afflicted with these terrible diseases & know with confidence that we will be healed if we believe in His ability to do so! Please join me in prayer as we who believe & change our ways to be completely healed of this devastating disease. Thanks for prayers & concern….????

  248. Tara Says:


    I too have been diagnosed w this virus. I got into a very unhealthy relationship with a man a knew I didn’t love. He was not the right person for me and led/leads a very shady life style.

    Since my positive testing… I have prayed to god daily. I have shouted the words ” IN JESSUS’S NAME, I COMMAND THIS VIRUS TO LEAVE MY BODY!!”. I truly believe god is in the process of healing me! I know everything in life takes time- so I am being patient with this process. I will continue to pray daily as I have found a great sense of comfort being connected with God again.

    I have told myself I am not going to get into another relationship until God has guided me in the way he wishes me to go. I am giving myself a year (for me! And only me!) to work on myself, my career and my relationship with god. I do not plan to rush into anything anytime before that. In a years time… I believe from the top of my head to the soles of my feet I will be tested negative for this disease.

    I believe in Gods Miracles! Please pray for me- as I will pray for those on this forum as well!

    Amen! <3

  249. Strayed and paid Says:

    So many testimonies here… both encouraging (I’m not alone) and discouraging (why does there have to be this incurable herpes virus?) I am a backslidden Christian, and during my gradual withdrawal away from God… my conscience stopped talking to me. I was promiscous, and got infected 5 years ago. I never, ever thought I’d do something so against what I was convicted of… I was a committed born again believer for 17 years.

    The worst part of the herpes is that I haven’t been ‘officially’ diagnosed. I just know I have it. I tested positive for HSV-1 only, and I started getting cold sores about 10 years ago. The test never says “where” the virus is… oral or genital. So all the doctors are saying “it’s just your cold sores” but I KNOW that’s not the case. 3 days after my ‘tryst,’ I had a discharge, tingling, burning sensation, like nothing I’d ever experienced. All other STD tests were negative, no yeast infection, no bacterial infection, no bladder infection. So what was left? It’s herpes, type 1, on my genitals. And after reading so many testimonies here, about others who have almost constant tingling… it confirms it. Never had an outbreak… but the tingling, crawling symptoms are present about 90% of the time, for the past 5 years.

    I had warning signs too, along the way… and I feel like I was tricked. My own selfishness, my own sinfulness, my own pride… it just sickens me now to think of what a mistake I made. But it also got me to look deeper at the root problem, which is ‘love addiction.’ I have no desire for sex ever again, and never really did. I just liked being held, loved, desired and romanced. So now I can address this love addiction, and forgive my Dad for neglecting and abusing me. I truly do forgive him, it helps me understand and empathize with others who’ve had the same childhood.

    Deep down, I’ve always thought of myself as a wounded healer. I am drawn to all Jesus’ healings, and love to lay hands on people and pray. I even feel spiraling energy in the palms of my hands. I just want so much for these symptoms to go away, because it’s a constant reminder of my mistake. It’s so hard to forget my past sin when the symptoms are always reminding me. I want to lay hands on myself and be healed by Jesus!

    I just want anyone who reads these testimonies here to know you are not alone, and it if makes you feel better, almost every human being carries some form of the herpes virus. There are about 8 strains. One is chicken pox, which we all had (or had the vaccine for). Most people have HSV-1 (cold sores typically) but many never show visible symptoms of it. So even people who think they have no herpes virus may in fact do. I even read that 80% of people with genital herpes don’t know they have it, which is probably why it spreads so easily. You also don’t need to have sex, it’s just a skin to skin contact infection.

    Just as one day, antibiotics came to the rescue for bacterial infections, I hope and pray that one day a cure is found for viral infections. I have faith that there is a way, as God is in control and nothing is beyond his ability to heal. Whether or not He does heal us is up to Him, and we all believe He CAN. I am just so glad that whatever cross we must bear, whatever illness we must carry, He is with us, and won’t leave, abandon or forsake us. I left Him, I was fickle, but He is faithful. It’s enough for me right now just to know that He is with me. I want to be cured, and I want EVERYONE to be cured, healed, happy and healthy. But more than that, I want Jesus. I love you all, even though I’ve never met any of you. Thank you for sharing your stories that have lifted me up more than you know. 🙂

  250. Mm Says:

    Please pray for me. I definitely need healing for similar situations mentioned. Much appreciated. I pray for healing and deliverance to all mentioned and those going through similar situations. Amen

  251. israel carrazco Says:

    Read my testimony. And if you know somebody, with these infections, hiv, sida, aids, tell theme to do, what I did, to take the infection out, my name is Israel. I was hiv positive, living a life in drugs and alcohol, One day I wake up in the hospital, with my head and arm broke, with no family no friends no money, in Portland Oregon, I ask ”GOD ‘for help, I went to a Christian program, in THE UNION RESCUE MISSION, in los angeles california, in 2009 and 2010,for 2 years, and I surrender my self to the lord, I ask for hope, to redeem Israel, o ”GOD ‘from all my troubles. One day, I wake up, with no pants and no shirt, I know that ”GOD” hear my cries, can you please read the old testament bible, in hosea,chapter,11,it’s not me, but it’s part of my life story, I went to do a hiv test, and the test was hiv negative, from # 0 to # 10,was # 9,one more # to be hiv active, the more sex, with different persons, without a condom, the herms are going up, and people get hiv active, I was taking pain pills, Tylenol, or, acetaminophen, or, others, 2 tablets, 3 times every day, because my head and arm was broke, leaving some blood, by the nose, I take out, it was the infection, after 2 months, I went to do a hiv test, and I was hiv negative, with no germs in my blood, from # 0 to # 10 was # 0 germs in my blood, the miracle, that ”GOD” did in the pain pills, that I was taking, I give my testimony, to some students and doctors, and now they healing people, if you want to know, look in Portland Oregon hiv testimony, in google, Now if you’re infected with hiv,take 2 pills 3 times every day, after 2 months and 2 weeks, go and take hiv test, and you will be hiv, not active, but with some germs ,in your blood, keep taking, the pills for other 2 months more, to kill all the infection, If you’re infected with, sida, aids, take 2 pills 3 times every day, and 3 months go and take test, and you will be not, active, but with some germs in your blood, keep taking the pills. For other 2 months and 2 weeks more, to kill all the germs, but remember it’s a miracle. That”GOD”did it’s done, if you get infected, one more time, the word of ”GOD”say, the pay is 3rd different infections, in you’re blood, rd in algebra means,round,3 for hiv,6 sida,9aids,I know people, that had cure from hiv, the first time, but they went and get hiv active, and now they have,3 different infections, in there blood, it’s a miracle that ”GOD” did in the pain pills, one more opportunity to live, with out the world judged you, opportunity to get you’re friends and family back, please pass the information to others, go and run or walk everyday, tried to sweat, you’re piss will be, like yellow colour. In the pain pills treatment, it’s the infection. Look for a church or temple. And when you get healed, go and tell the nation, what,”GOD”did for you, like JESUS, say if you denies me, in front of your brothers. I will denies you in front of my father, went I return, because it’s a miracle not for sale, ”GOD”bless you. And can you please pray for me, if anybody ask you, for money, in the internet or by phone, or mail, using my name ignore theme,buy you’re own pills anywhere you live, me myself ,I was buying my pills at the dollar store,or,99cents store, or, yard sales, I hope you, understand, my writing, thank you, very much,”GOD”LOVE’S YOU SO MUCH ,NO MATTER YOU’RE BACKGROUND.

  252. kc Says:

    Please pray for me, I found out that I am pregnant and went for STI screening and the result came out that herpes was postive and hiv antibodies reactive, the doctor asked to do a confirmatory test but i told him i was going to come back the next day I did not go back yet, I am praying day and night that this results comes out negative both HIV and herpes. This is my first pregnancy and I am asking the lord to forgive me and help me give birth to a healthy baby and the healthy of my self and the father of my child. I am asking God to do a very big miracle in my life to cleanse away this virus from my blood and the father of my child’s blood. please pray for me. I believe that when I go for the next test everything will be fine.

  253. God' beloved Says:

    The doctors say its no cure, but don’t give in to what they say. Neither let go of God. Check out the website, destroy diseases.com. Oregano oil destroys the herpes virus. God bless.

  254. stanley Says:

    Hello all, I recently found this prayer online and I did not write it but a wonderful prayer indeed it is. I am too struggling with HSV2 and have been recently and for the last year. Please pray for me in Jesus name that I am healed, you have to believe it and proclaim it to the one true god. Repeat this prayer every day and night and put your total trust in our father. I will be praying for all of you, lets be healed finally.


    Father God, I come to you in the mighty name of Jesus,
    For I believe in the authority you have freely given me as a man of god
    I command the darkness to come off me, I command every spirit of infirmity and every spirit of disease to be gone and I resist them in the name of Jesus. I come against the things of this world that have tried to attack me. So I speak to that disease that infirmity, that pain and I command It to go in the mighty name of Jesus of Nazareth. Now father god I command that, I believe that, and I ask if the Holy Spirit right now would touch me in a very special way. I thank you Holy Spirit for coming down from heaven to touch me. I thank you for saturating me from the top of my head to to the bottom of my feet, let the blood of Jesus cleanse me and make me white as snow, let my blood resist the very thing that has come against me. I command everything to die that has come against me by the root. Every disease, every pain, every infirmity. Now father god I just thank you, I thank you for a release in my body holy spirit, I thank you for touching me, coming upon me and setting me free from the things of this world. I thanks you by your Stripes I am set free and healed and delivered from the spirit from infirmity and disease. I claim it, I proclaim it right now, and I agree with you that I will be healed and for a good report. I believe that the disease in my body is gone in the mighty name of Jesus of Nazareth, I proclaim it done. And father god I just give you all the praise and glory from heaven to reach me, and do a mighty work on my behalf, in Jesus name I pray

  255. Natalis Says:

    I just found out 2 days ago that I have Type 1 and Type 2 Herpes. The weird thing about this whole thing, before finding out, I had been called upon by God. I have been serving God for 5 weeks now, and this came about. I know that this is a result of a past sin. I pray that as I continue to submit myself and continue on the righteous path, that God will take this away from me as he did Job. Please pray for me. I will be testing again on Friday for a negative result. I declare it. I am also in the process of starting to fast. Please all pray for me for this virus/disease to release from my body. In the name of the Lord, Amin

  256. DaNika Says:

    I found out on the 19th of this month that I caught an STD called Trichomoniasis I received antibiotics gel and pills to take then I got blood work done that following Monday and they told me this past Monday 29th all results were negative but I tested positive for Herpes Type 2. All I could do was cry, I didn’t ask God why me as some people do. I repented and asked him to heal my body and forgive me for destroying his temple. I haven’t told anyone but close friends and my younger brother and of course the person I received it from. The person keeps saying they didn’t know smh. I forgive them in my heart God knows I do. I plead the blood of Jesus over my body every morning and every night since I have found out. I ask that you keep me in your prayers and I am also going to get a second opinion. I haven’t spoken to my mother about this either that is the hard part 🙁

  257. mary Says:

    Here’s how you can get healed.

    Fast for three day and pray to God(Jesus) to heal you.

  258. Ebony2015 Says:

    All of these awesome testimonies have greatly encouraged me. I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes that I contracted Dec of last year from my daughter’s father. I have never felt so heavy and heartbroken in my life. Never had I expected this to happen to me.

    Then I actually thought and looked back at my sex life. I had been leading such a messy sex life since I had lost my virginity at 15. I was always looking for love and trying to fill this void that I had my entire life. My father was never there so it was always my mother and I. I was molested by 3 different men and it just led to a life of turmoil.

    When I was first diagnosed I refused to believe the report and stopped taking my medication. I couldn’t believe that this was not curable. ME?? Lord but why. Something had to stop me because the road I was going down would have led me to HIV or even death. I didn’t care or respect myself enough to even take care of my body. Thought I was invincible.

    Here I am 3 months later experiencing my second outbreak. If I didn’t look I would have never known that an outbreak was occurring…its so small. I researched high and low for a cure or if there was a cure on the way. Nothing…So now I am here reading all of our testimonies being encouraged. I plan on taking a suppressant supplement everyday although my outbreaks aren’t frequent enough to need it. I will eat right, exercise, take vitamins and continue to be abstinent until marriage. I know that once I show God that I genuinely do care and love myself just as He does that I will be HEALED completely. No if ands or buts. If he did it for you guys I know that he will do it for me.

    The Lord will always have the last say over my life and I will lead a normal married life, I will have all of my children naturally without meds and my married sex life will not be affected by this. God can do it and I know he will. Please keep me in all of your prayers and I will do the same.

  259. Nicki Says:

    I too have contacted herpes nearly 4 years ago from a boyfriend. I thought about killing myself when I found out. I was so depressed I gained 15 pounds. The doctors told me there isn’t any cure so I believed them. But last year I gave my life to God and start praying even more to heal me. I´m not healed yet and have monthly breakouts, though I was 3 months free now. Please pray for me. Thank you. You are all in my prayers. May you all be healed in Jesus name. Amen

  260. Ron Says:

    hey, I was recently diagnosed with hsv-2 some months ago. I never showed any symptoms until a few days ago. What makes things worse is that I am currently engaged. I had this before I got into a relationship with and I didn’t even know I had it.

    This is the woman God has given me, and I feel like I will ruin our lives if nothing is done. I am a firm believer in Christ, and I know that he heals all but doubt comes into my mind everyday that I have to deal with this.

    I pray everyday in hopes of deliverance. I am going for another test next month, and all I pray for is a negative test. The bible says if two people agree on earth it is the same in Heaven. I need prayer from you guys, please pray for me and my fiance, We need to start our lives off on the right track. God bless

  261. Trey Says:


    I’ll agree with you. 1 Peter 2:24 by his stripes ye were healed. Please agree with me for my healing for an std.

  262. Ron Says:


    I definitely agree with you. there is nothing that is impossible for God. I will be getting baptized this month, and I declare that I am healed. The devil wants me weak and depressed so I give up, but the devil is a lie. I speak this into existence now. Thank you

  263. kimmy Says:

    Hi everyone. I was just diagnosed with herpes. I don’t know where I got it from or who. I’m confused. I’m broken. Can’t tell my mother or father.???? I feel like God punished me for me to get closer to him and I’m willing to give my life to him. I feel dirty not pure like I used to. I wasn’t having penetrated sex just oral. Please I need prayers.

  264. Ron Says:


    I am really sorry to hear that. I feel the same way. I have been on the fence with god, and I feel as though this was the only way to get my full attention and to commit myself to him. Everything happens for a reason, and God will not put anything on you that you can’t bare. Trust in him for healing and strength and he will get you through. You have to speak it with you mouth that you are healed. Everyday, though out the day, have that attitude because the devil wants to keep you lopsided and depressed. I am getting baptized this month and I can already feel him healing my body as we speak. Symptoms has already gone away. I am just waiting for my confirmation. Please believe and be strong, don’t give the devil anymore power over you.

  265. Faithful servant Says:

    Thank you for the reminder of prayer, I’ll keep this brief God IS a healer and I just want to virtually touch and agree on healing in Jesus’name. I trust God and am going to go and sin no more. I am healed and I am excited for my body to show proof of that. I thank God for healing right now in Jesus’ name amen.

  266. ChristIsInMe Says:

    I just want to thank God. I have to thank Him for keeping me on this roller coaster. The enemy is trying everything is his power to bring me down. By making me feel the way that many of you say you feel. Just filthy on the inside out. On June 15 I received a call that my lab results for HIV came back faulty or false positive or better yet just not 100% negative. Now I went back and did blood testing that same day because I just could not wait. I cried. I did not know what to do or say I just cried right there in the hospital. They tested me again. The rapid test came back negative but the other test appeared false positive again. I would wait 5 days for the other results(Western Blot) to return to determine what was “real.” (The only thing REAL is God’s Word. I am standing on it.)

    Those five days I cried, I prayed, I read the word, I went to church.Five days later I received a call that ALL WAS WELL.

    Now here I am two months later with signs and symptoms. I was told to return to the hospital within 3 months just to be sure that the results remained negative.

    Since then the enemy has been working on me. I repented and when I say repent that is what I mean. A complete transformation. I gave my life to Christ. I love it. It has been a wonderful journey. But I am experiencing some things. But now as a child of God I am standing firm on The Word. The aches in my body do exist but God’s word exists too, even when the aches are not there. They are more trust worthy than what any symptom could tell me. There are days when I struggle with my faith because of this. I plan on doing a fast in order to strengthen my faith and in the mean time I speak to others that I am close to about how good our God is. He loves me and that is why I am holding on so strong to His Word’s. I know what I have done in my past and I honestly just feel like the old me is just shedding off and that is what I am experiencing. The devil is a liar. God wants me, you and you well.

    Keep holding on, praying, living life, loving yourself and others, crack open that bible and REPENT. Let’s give our life to Christ, he did it for Us. I see that he has healed so many people and I expect nothing short of a complete healing from any sickness that the devil is trying to put on me.

    This was just a quick testimony and as I typed it I started feeling better already. Here’s a quick prayer.

    Heavenly Father, Alpha Omega, Almighty God, Healer,
    I come into agreement Father, with these young men and women who are your children Lord. We know Lord what we have done in our past but we know that because of You, the faithful God that we serve it will not determine our future. This is not Your will Father, so we all have come to agreement that it is your will to heal. We open our hearts and put all of our faith in you father the way that it should be with everything. Thank you for sending us to testimony share in order to build our faith and to assist one another in this way father. We thank you for the healing that you have already provided for us in Jesus’ name. Thank you for the blood , thank you for the healing, thank you for the second chance Father. In Jesus’s name, Amen Amen Amen.
    Lets declare it done in the name of Jesus, because there is power in that name.

    Speak life into your situation. Good bible scriptures for health. let God direct you and if there is a negative post on God not healing just bypass it.

  267. George Says:

    I’m really scared that I might of contracted it. It’s awful to even comprehend, I’ve only had one partner ever. I’m praying to God that I don’t have it. He hasn’t let me down before, and I know he can heal me. Help me pray guys, I really need it

  268. Britney Says:

    I was just told today I’m positive for herpes. I’m praying for a miracle. I’m so hurt by this. The man I was seeing I’m not sure if he gave it to me but he has lied about everything from his name to his age. I feel so hopeless. I am turning my life over to God and walking in his foot steps. I know he has the power to heal me as he done for others. Please keep me in your prayers. I feel so ashamed. I’m deeply depressed although I know I have to be healed by Jesus Christ because he is our savior. I’m not perfect by no means so I understand why I might have contacted this diease. I believe he wants me to seek him out and repent for all my sins. On my journey I just want as much support as possible. Thank you in advance.

  269. Leaveit2Jesus Says:

    Hi guys, it is through hearing the word of God that gives you faith, believe that Jesus had finished the work, and removed your ailments on the cross. To say that you cannot receive healing is like saying Jesus died for nothing!

    Listen to this Gospel, and receive healing friends!

    No luck needed, Jesus is all you need 🙂


  270. diann Says:

    I was just diagnosed hsv2 about two weeks ago. I am sure I was exposed to it on an 11th and diagnosed positive when I went to the doctor on the 20th of the same month. I know it was my first exposure because he was a random guy (huge mistake) and I have never felt pain at the bottom of my spine like this before. I am also believing God for healing in my body!

    I also believe in the name of Jesus. He healed the woman with the issue of blood, he healed the blind and the mutr. He healed countless other sickness and diseases, and I believe with faith that he still heals today! Thats all it takes is healing.

    This is a lesson and not a life long punishment. Man may say this is incurable, but my God can heal the incurable, he can crush it. Keep praying, keep having faith. Know that mercy and grace is not for the perfect, its not for those who does not make mistakes, but its for all of us who has fallen short of his glory.

    Praise God! For our healing. Its easy to be discouraged I just found out I got herpes, pain in my back and down my leg, but I am believing that God still work wonders. If I don’t praise him, I just might cry. If I dont praise him, I might just fall into depression for having sex one time with a guy.

    Educate yourself on this, learn to eat well, alkaline the body. Let Got do what he does in the spiritual, while we do what we need to do in the physical to take better care of our bodies. Let’s hold each other up.

  271. diann Says:

    Praise be to God! Hallelilujah have mercy God. Thankyou Jesus. So happy for you. I pray he does it for me. Its in his will to heal. Thank you God! Glory be to God. Give him a shout for your healing. Who among you can cast the first stone, now go and sin no more!

  272. diann Says:

    Yes xx, I believe in what you are saying. I believe that we all need to head towards God’s love into repentance and get baptized. But the samaritan woman at the well was healed, they did not follow Jesus teaching. The canaanite woman said Jesus just give me your crumbs, give me what u have left over, he told her you of great faith your request has been granted. Yes get baptized, but its FAITH that brings healing. Rahab a prostitute, slept around, name is written in the book of life due to her faithful act. My understanding holy spirit gives gifts as he sees fit, and that maybe healing power for one and speaking in tongues for another.

  273. Mary Says:

    xx, I have herpes too its been two years I suffered from it how do I get healed txt me please at 808-728-1179

  274. gio Says:

    Hey xx did the red go away?

  275. GodWillHealMe Says:

    In 2015 I slept with my ex retired NBA lover from college (20+ years ago). I began sleeping with him in 90’s while in college. He was coming back on his off season to finish his degree. He was married to WIFE 1. Little did I know his current wife 2015; started sleeping with him when I dumped him! I found out last week that she was in a adulterous affair with my ex-lover brother a retired NBA player. When I finally met her she asked to borrow $60.00 from me because her husband would not give her money. I looked at him and said you were wrong!! I felt bad she looked bad. She doesn’t have a job and lives in the house with her husband and cheated with his brother?

    The brother’s wife divorced him and the family does not speak. Ex lover continues to let wife live in the house and he cheats? This is dysfunctional–he stated they were separated!!! I could tell she has never has a dental appointment and met her I noticed I have been praying and asking GOD for answers. I asked GOD to forgive me because I failed myself and my character.

    Before engaging in sexual activity I asked him from January -May if he had any STD and he stated no! He refused to wear a condom saying we were together 20 years ago and I did not give you anything. Two days after intercourse I felt a burning pain in my vaginal area along with bleeding and a rash appeared 3 weeks later. I remember ending the affair in college because he became careless during sex and the condom broke multiple times. I asked him to get up and he responded I can pay for a child? I went to the doctor thinking it was a yeast infection.

    He abruptly ended our business association and lied to all of our mutual friends making them think I was stalking him. He hired an attorney and lied to the attorney about our business association…to steal the business from me. He withdrew all the money from the bank. I was so distraught after putting up all the money that I could not function.

    I was in denial! I was angry. September 1 I decided to get a full panel STD test. When the results came back I was astonished to have HERPES HSV 2 igg 5. I did not understand what I was reading for 2 weeks the STD clinic called and stated I needed to see a doctor. I call him on September 15 and told him you gave me HERPES and he stated I don’t have anything you had it before me. I knew this was a lie . I have never had an STD. HE kept denying he gave me the STD until I told him you are lying and you knew you have had this virus for years. Why would you pursue me for months to give me a STD and dump me? He tries to ruin my character and business relationships.

    After months of praying and asking GOD to give me strength the same people he tried to turn against me have embraced me. They have shown support stating he is a liar (they do not know he gave me a STD) I am so embarrassed and humiliated. I finally went to my OBGY and she did a pap and did not see anything on my cervical walls. I am thanking GOD!

    I asked him Why would he end the business relationship as I had completed all the work and he never PAID me. He lied about him and his wife being separated and not having sex for 4 years. A mutual friend said he has been sleeping at work for 2 months on the couch. I contacted his wife Nov 14 and told her he gave me herpes.

    I finally had to release all of my anger and ask GOD to remove my hate against him. He has not responded to my text nor emails and he has harmed me and my life. God allowed me to keep the business since I used my personal start up money the attorneys never contacted me back –after sending derogatory letters to me. This situation has humbled me and I have committed to GOD. It would be nice to have an apology but I know I will never get it!! I asked him how will the story end with us this time?

    I think he never forgave me for leaving him the first time. His revenge was to give me a STD and try to ruin my life. I am not giving him the satisfaction! His BFF follows me on all social media. The ex Facebook and Twitter stalks me. He goes to the business Facebook page trying to know my schedule. I have been living a emotional nightmare . He would try to bully me and tell me not to speak until he tells me I could speak. I am sorry for the long POST !! I needed to release this frustration and move on with my life.

  276. ja86. Says:

    As I read this testimony a peaceful spirit came over me. Because I’m a singer who want to pursue my dream in music. I started singing father you are so merciful, you are so wonderful, you are great. Then I feel this cool sensation inside my stomach. I also self diagnosed myself last year but haven’t been for a test only hiv test I did. I dream the number 51 the other night and when I went to see what it means I was shock. It’s a message god had sent to me that my healing is in progress and I must not fear. The angels are at work through Christ. All I know God have done so much for me over the years and the love I have for him can’t explain. Thank you god for healing your children.

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