Ex Hindu Salvation Testimony

February 15th, 2010

When I was young, I remember having so much love and faith in God. I remember being scared at night, and I would whisper a Hindu god’s name over and over again (as I was raised knowing only Hindu gods) until I’d fall asleep- knowing that my God would protect me. You see, to me, there was only 1 God… 1 God with many different names and faces/images. Whether it was Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed or Jesus, these to me were the same god.

While young, I remember seeing people on television wearing a cross. They were ‘white’ people- so I thought that only they wore a cross and worshipped Jesus. I remember wishing that I too were white so that I too could worship and follow Jesus and also wear a cross.

Nonetheless, I still loved my God, or should I say OUR God… the same God that everyone served. He just had different names. To me, there were many different ways to get to God and to worship Him. Religion didn’t really matter (as long as you loved God and did good things, you were on track.) But there was just something about Jesus…

Hindus don’t really know that you can have a personal, real relationship with God. They don’t know that you can talk to God and have Him talk back to you, but I, as a Hindu, wanted God to speak to me ATLEAST ONCE.

I was about 5/6 years old, and looked up into the sky and asked God to speak to me (I thought that I would hear God’s voice audibly, and of course, didn’t). I remember being disappointed but telling God that I still loved Him anyway. Little did I know that He would slowly open my eyes and ears and draw me to Himself in His own way- looking back at this today, I have learnt not to expect God to do things in a particular way, but to be patient even if it takes years, as His ways are so much more different to mine.

I had been attending Indian schools until the second term of standard 3 (grade 5). I’ll never forget when my mum told me that I would be going to a ‘white’ school. I was overjoyed. (I guess it was because when I was young, I wondered what it would be like to be ‘white’ and be a Christian, and now I was going to be surrounded by ‘Christians’).

In standard 4 I befriended a girl who soon became my best friend and she was an awesome Christian with a great love for Jesus. A coincidence? I don’t think so. Anyway, we went on a tour to the Drakensburg. Now, even though I was only 11 years old, I had a bad vocabulary. I couldn’t say a sentence without swearing. I remember swearing and each time I swore, my best friend would cringe at the words- so I tried my best to stop…unsuccessfully.

That same night, my friend told me that I could become a Christian if I believed that Jesus was the Son of God and that He died and rose again 3 days later and was with God in heaven. I told her that I knew that. She asked me if I wanted to be born again. Not really knowing what that meant, I said YES anyway.

I think I was born again…even though the decision was made with my mind in excitement, more than with my heart. I had no idea what it meant to be born again. I even asked her if I would have the same father, mother, brother and sister, thinking that I would LITERALLY be born again! 

Miraculously, I could not swear at such an ease anymore. Every time I’d swear, I would have an uneasy feeling and I’d be troubled by it. This, I only later found out, was the conviction of the Spirit.
ï‚… This raised a question.

My answer is that ONLY Jesus is holy. Hindu ‘gods’ are obviously not holy if those ‘gods’ don’t even convict you when you’ve sworn after praying to them!

Well, I would go to Sunday school at Rhema South with my friend- my mum thought that I was going though a phase and also thought that it was a good thing that I was learning about other religions. She had no idea that I had actually converted. But even I didn’t know what was really happening.

I still didn’t truly believe that ONLY Jesus was the way to God. I didn’t believe that Hinduism was wrong, because when I prayed to Hindu ‘gods’, I did feel a sense of comfort- a ‘holy’ presence- it MUST have been God also…I thought. Because I had felt the ‘godly’ comfort, I believed that God could also be found in the Hindu religion- I mean, in my mind I was praying to God (the only creator); who else could the presence have been from?

I have found that unless you feel the Holy Spirit’s presence, you WILL NOT know that the presence you had felt before, was actually more evil than Godly.

So, while being two-sided/ double minded, (but still loving and having a soft spot for Jesus more than the other gods), I began high school at Hyde Park High. During my first three years I slowly began to give up hope in Jesus… not only Jesus but in God in general. In grade 11, I remember being really depressed and once again looking at the sky and asking God if He was there and if He had forgotten about me.

A few days later, one morning I arrived at school around 06:45. One of the teachers had arrived early, so a friend and I decided to go into her classroom and just hang out.

She began to tell me her testimonies about how God had done things for her, and how Jesus was so real in her life. As she spoke, her words lifted my heart… Just hearing her talk about the realness of Jesus- the same Jesus that I wanted as a child- touched my heart. In a second, I missed Jesus and I was filled with so much love for Him. He was once again becoming real to me, and it felt good to know that my love and feelings for Him were still very much real.

I’m amazed at how my heart changed, by just hearing her testimonies.
(Rev 12:11)

Well, I made an appointment to meet with her the next morning. She explained what was meant by being born again and read scriptures from the bible. The time came when she asked me if I wanted Jesus in my life and I knew that I did. As she prayed and as I accepted Jesus, I felt my whole body start to burn up and I knew that I had made the right decision.

For the first time I had felt the presence of the One, True God, and with that presence, came a supernatural joy. My eyes and ears were suddenly opened. Things seemed different to me. I’d walk outside and be filled with so much love for people, appreciation for the trees and birds chirping, the sun shining… I was truly made alive that day.

As a kid, I felt that God wanted me to do something- that he had a plan for me. I told my brother who (to this day) thinks I’m crazy.
I now knew why I felt that God had a plan for my life. You see, I could have been a normal Hindu like everyone else in my family who believe in Hinduism just because they were born into the religion- never really questioning it. BUT, God had a different plan…so did satan… but God won the battle.

I have learnt that a person who truly loves God, WILL find Him. Even if they are in a wrong religion, God will go out of His way for those who truly seek Him. He did for me, and the bible says that He has no favourites, so He’ll do it for anyone who wants Him. (Romans 2:11)

I, of course told my parents about it, but they think that I’m going through a phase and that I won’t feel this way forever- Yeah right… Once you experience the Holy Spirit, there’s no escaping Him; you’ll always have a yearning to have a relationship with Him, the Father and the Son.

UPDATE (22/01/2010)

Well, it’s been about 9 and a half years that I’ve been saved and can only speak of how good God has been to me. I’ve been baptized in water as well as by the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. God walked with me… no, He carried me through fears and failures that were so great, that I did not know that I could ever get past them.

You see, I am the only person in my cast (that I know of, in a close-knit ‘higher-cast’ Gujarati community) that has rejected Hinduism and converted to Christianity. There are plenty of conversions within the Hindu ‘lower-cast’, but not in the ‘higher-cast’. What I did, was totally unheard of and had brought a lot of panic and hurt in my family. There were times when I remember saying to God in tremendous fear, that although I loved Him and that even though I always wanted to be obedient toward His plan for my life, that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go through with it when the day was to come when He was to tell me that it was time to get married. This was due to my fear toward my relatives (aunts and uncles) finding out.

Through His grace and mercy, I’ve stood for Him in the midst of heartbreak and pain that I never knew I’d ever feel… but looking back, it’s as if it’s the least that I could do for Him… to stand for Him the way He has always stood for me. In the midst of the heartache and loneliness, His love and peace was always there. He was always with me, and He really cared. He was always there to comfort me especially in my dreams.

I remember going through a time of hurt and sadness, when I had one of my first dreams of God. In my dream, I was in a church worshipping Him, when all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit came from behind me and picked me up and threw me in the air and caught me repeatedly, just as a Father would do to his child. The joy that I had felt in my heart was so strong when He did that, that it felt as if my heart was about to explode from the joy. I had to ask Him to stop because I couldn’t contain the joy. I then woke up immediately with His presence still lingering in my room, with my spirit lifted up again and having supernatural joy within my circumstances.

After getting saved in August 2000 I was unable to go to church until August 2003. Within these 3 yrs, I had spent much of my time with God alone, reading His word, and He ministered and taught me a lot. He gave me supernatural wisdom, knowledge and understanding of His word. I remember being alone in my room on a Sunday, and thinking how blessed people were to be able to go to church… I remember asking God to please make a way for me to go to church as well, I had such a yearning and strong desire to go to church and to be amongst Christians.

It was during this time that my parents had begun noticing that I was not just going through a phase. Every time my mum or dad would come to my room, I’d be reading my bible. This was of great concern to my mother. I was told that I was just wasting my life away by not “experiencing life” like others my age. When my mum realized that I was heavy into this “Christianity thing”, she had become a complete wreck. She would cry all day and all night. Her boss at work would send her back home because she had been in a bad state. She wouldn’t even eat and was constantly depressed.

One night, my mother was crying uncontrollably in her bed, when my dad came into my room with a look of desperation on his face, and asked me to please do something to make her stop crying. He begged me and I could not stand it anymore. I went up to her and hugged her and told her to stop crying and that I would make an effort to start learning the Hindu religion. She settled down, my dad thanked me, and I went back to my room and broke down into tears. I had felt so empty. It felt as if I had just rejected Jesus just for my mother to stop crying. I had compromised… Heartbroken, I immediately asked God to forgive me and He was faithful to forgive.

I loved to express my love to God with worship music. There was just something about worship that gripped me. I of course couldn’t play the music out loud on a hi-fi (as this would cause trouble for me in the sense that the spirits controlling my mother would get irritated and it made things really unpleasant), so I would instead wait until all my family would fall asleep at night, and then take my earphones, plug it into the computer and “whisper-sing” my worship to God.

This may sound silly but I can honestly say, that I have never felt such a closeness to Him as I used to those nights! I remember feeling the sensation of oil dripping down my face, but when I put my hand on my forehead to feel what it was, there was nothing there. This used to frighten me because at the time I had no idea what was happening, I’d never heard of anything like that before. You see, when I got saved, there were a lot of demonic things that I would experience as I had become a target to the devils in my Hindu home.

My first experience was one night when I was sleeping (a few days after being saved), all of a sudden I felt something pushing me down on my bed. I could not move or speak and was overwhelmed with an evil presence. Being newly converted, my first response was to try and scream for my parents to help me… no such luck. I then tried to ask a Hindu god to help me… no such luck either. Then somehow, something within me cried out, “In Jesus Name, get out!” IT LEFT! That was my first experience where I had single handedly witnessed the power that there was in Jesus’ Name! I’ve been woken up with my bed shaking rapidly, I’ve woken up and seen a being in my room… and have had things try to kill me while I sleep, but Jesus has always been there to protect me. He’s also revealed things/ rituals that have been carried out against me many times.

One day, I was lying on my bed in the afternoon with my head on my pillow just chilling with God, when I felt Him tell me to take a closer look at the pillow. I took off the pillow case, and noticed some stitching along the side of my pillow. I ripped off the stitching and placed my hand inside the actual pillow, only to find a tiny red hand-made object with a pin attached to it. It looked like a tiny 1.5cm x 1.5cm pillow. My mother had gone to a Hindu priest who had given this to her for my ‘protection’, and he had instructed her to place it in my pillow! I of course confronted her about it. She was shocked that I managed to find it! I told her that God told me to have a look at my pillow… she thought that I was absolutely CRAZY for thinking that God was talking to me!

In 2003, I really felt that God was saying to me that it was time to go to church. Oh boy, was that a battle. When I finally plucked up the courage to tell my mother that I was going to go to church at least once a weekend, she kicked against it heavily. It was as if her whole world had caved in once again. She was crying the entire day and well through the night as well. This was a difficult thing to go through as just hearing her cry at night while everyone tries to sleep, just broke my heart. I mean, I understood the importance (my family’s salvation could lie in whether I’m obedient to God), but she was completely in the dark and in utter fear. Eventually I told her that I would be going to church twice a weekend… which really angered her…or the spirits within her, but I had no choice but to keep walking if I wanted God’s fullness in my life.

One night, I got home late after church. I went into my room and felt God telling me to take a closer look at my bedroom tiles. I ran my fingers across the tiles and noticed water marks (the water had been mixed with salt so it had created a bit of a residue after it had dried up). My dear family had tried to ‘bless’ my room by sprinkling “holy” water everywhere! I confronted them… they all lied about it. I still wonder what had been going through their minds after I had found out all there deeds that were done in secret over me!

Eventually, the day came when God showed me the man that He wanted me to marry. I tried to kick against it but God is God, and He always wins in the end . This was the day that I had been dreading since I had gotten saved, as this would mean a Christian wedding and I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to explain everything to my Hindu relatives… and stories were bound to have already spread about my conversion and in their eyes, my rebelliousness.

Well on Dec 6, 2008, I got married. The wedding was completely paid for by God. Let me explain.

A few months before the wedding, I had been told by my family that they would support me and my mum said that she would help pay for it (I had no money of my own, and neither did George at the time… He did not have a job). (My mum said this to try and show me her love and support in hopes that I would soften up and not go through with it). George was also not really on speaking terms with his family so there was no support on his side either.

It was about a month before my wedding and nobody in my family had even mentioned my wedding… I didn’t even know what I was going to wear… so I went to my mum (in fear), and in a matter-of-fact manner, said to her, “Mum, you do realized that I’m getting married in a month hey?” Her reply was, “So?” I responded, “Nothing, I’m just letting you know”, and I went back to my room. I didn’t expect it but my heart just felt like it had broken into 2… over the years I’ve been hurt by family because of standing for Jesus but this had felt like someone had stuck a knife straight through my heart and had began twisting it. Eventually she came to me and told me that I was making a mistake and that she does not approve (which was obvious, but anyway), and that I needed to carefully consider getting married. I told her that I had considered it and had made my decision.

The next day, she came to me and told me how she was hurting and that she felt like a zombie, just going through the motions… that she loved her kids so much and would do anything for them… that she had tried her best to accept it but really cannot. Then she told me that she will have nothing to do with my wedding and my decision. I understood the position that she was in… I understood why. I could relate to the fear… the fear of her fellow community members- i.e. the disgrace that she would have to feel in front of them as they stared at her as she walked by, just because of me… the disgrace of not having raised me well…

I’ve been told that she blames herself for not being there for me as much as she wanted to because she needed to work to help support our family. She regrets the fact that even though I myself was still young, I had to grow up quickly to raise my younger brother and sister. All my memories of my mother have only been of love, goodness and kindness toward me… yet she feels responsible for me going astray because she was never able to spend any time with me.

I’ve tried to explain, that my converting had nothing to do with her. It was God. She wondered why I was trying to hurt them… I’ve tried to explain that it was God who found me… that I would never go through all of this just to hurt them… they believe I’ve been completely brainwashed… my mother lives a life of regret because of me… but how could I ever go back to being a Hindu just so she wont hurt anymore? I’d be living a lie…

I had my wedding two weeks later, and you know what? My heavenly Father made sure that I had the best dress that suited me. He paid for my dress, He paid for the wedding venue, He paid for the food, and He even paid for my honeymoon! Best yet, my family came to my wedding… 20 minutes before arriving at the wedding venue I phoned my dad and asked him to walk me down the isle… HE DID!

It’s been a year since I’ve gotten married. During our first year of marriage neither I nor George had had a stable financial income as we were both unemployed. During this time we confessed God’s word over our finances and lives in general, week after week, and month after month. There was not one day that we ever went to bed hungry. God always provided for us.

Because of the power of God’s word, George now has a job with a stable financial income. He’s given us everything that we’ve trusted Him to provide for us. Now even my family has accepted George completely. My relatives also get along with him very well. I can only thank God for walking me through His plan for my life. I could never have done what I did if it were not for Him. Now, it’s time to win souls for Him. People are dying and going to hell. That’s the reality. The Word has to go out. It’s our duty to get the Word out, but His duty to do the convincing that Jesus is the only way.

38 Responses to “Ex Hindu Salvation Testimony”

  1. Nivea Says:

    Am sorry i dont know your name well its upto ones wish that they select any religion of their choice but it is definately wrong to speak foul of their previous religion, when a effort was not made by you to understand the religion you were born in how do you know that there was no conviction when you say by yourself there is only one god then why did you convert yes convert yourself to christanity, i dont have any qualms or hatred towards that religion didnt you make ablunder by differentiating between god saying he is a christian god that was a hindu god, dont you feel ashamed when you say when you were a hindu god didnt speak to you and when you converted to Christanity god did is god so biased or is he senseless, if you had tried to learn about hinduism you would definately have got all your answers but instead you were reborn, trust me god just laughs at your follies its something like calling your mother by a foul word and your neighbours mother MOM again i am not against christanity but your hatred towards Hinduism dont worry people like you shall always be there, just a request to you tommorow if you want to convert to Islam saying that Islam god spoke to you will make no change a person has to believe in himself and respect all the religions that makes a perfect preson and not a stupid like you just sounded

  2. sujata prakash Says:

    Dear Trish
    What a beautiful testimony!

    I too am an ex-hindu who converted to Christianity 4 yrs ago. I have 2 grown up kids and I keep on praying for them daily. My husband refuses to accept Christ but I keep the faith that one day he will have to confess that there is only one God, and His name is Jesus.

    One of the most remarkable things in your testimony that you have said is, that God will find those who truly love Him. YES. It’s true. Even when I was a hindu/buddhist/new ager, I loved God and always believed there is only one, not many.

    Nivea, you have said some harsh and unlovely things, but it’s ok. You say it out of ignorance. You see, the only way you can see the truth is when you have the power of the Holy Spirit inside you, who shows you the truth and drops the scales from your eyes. Trish is absolutely right when she says that once you have experienced the Holy Spirit, you just cannot do without Him. All the joy and peace you knew before will seem fake and weak, compared to what He can give. And the wisdom! May God bless everyone.

  3. Trish777 Says:

    Sujata, thank you so much for your reply. It meant alot to me. I just want you to know that I will be praying for your husband and children to come to the knowledge of the truth. Our loved ones WILL come into the kingdom of God!

    Nivea, thank you for ur reply too. Ur entitled to ur own opinion as am I. You will be in my prayers as well.

    Love and blessings to you both!

  4. sujata prakash Says:

    Thank you, Trish! Your prayers for my family will be heard by God. Even though I trust God to look after them, I do fear sometimes. We know Jesus is coming back soon, very soon, and so many are still lost.
    You are doing a great job for the kingdom by reaching out to hindus. Do you have a website?
    God bless, Sujata

  5. Trish777 Says:

    Hi Sujata,

    I can relate to that fear. Remember, when fear tries to kick in, we can overcome it by the word of God.
    Speak out His word over the fear by saying OUT LOAD that “God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind” and just keep on trusting Him. He won’t let you down if you believe. There is alot of power in the words we speak. Speak out loud that you and your household shall serve the Lord. Declare it into the atmosphere, and it SHALL be so. God’s word is powerfull! The bible says that its even sharper than a two-edged sword! He is faithful and just to save the lost! His love surpassed ALL understanding! Its His great love that compels Him to be mighty to save!

    Unfortunately, I dont have a website at the moment, but will definately look into it. God Bless you!

  6. elizabeth Says:

    thank you trish for your story..it made me cry! holy
    spirit tears! choosing Jesus when nobody else around
    you believes is probably one of the hardest challenges
    a christain can endure. we are made for fellowship and
    connection..and you love your family. choosing Jesus
    cost you a lot..but I believe your WHOLE HOUSEHOLD will
    be saved. just like the bible says.. I know you are
    believing for this too! I also have been alone in my
    love of Jesus. I have been falsely accused and rejected
    because of how I think and how I try to love like Jesus
    does. UNCONDITIONALLY! I am surrounded by people who
    don’t understand loving when there is NO REASON to love..nothing lovely or attractive or compelling or
    admirable. But the holy spirit CAUSES US to love
    certain UNLOVABLE people..in public…and it does make
    an impression. but not always favorably. but God
    knows his sheep. the people who will belong to God
    will be affected by Jesus’ kind of love. and it can
    and has drawn many people to a knowledge of the true
    God and his Son Jesus! I pray that you and George will
    continue to walk in the love of God..your hindu family
    needs to hear and see that kind of love…which is literally OUT OF THIS WORLD! Thank you God for your
    plan of salvation..thank you Jesus for carrying it out
    and being VICTORIOUS…thank you Holy Spirit for leading
    us in love…thank you God for saving Trish and your
    household. IN JESUS NAME….

  7. Mohan Says:

    Dear Nivea,
    There is only one true God His name is Lord Jesus; there is no other name given for salvation of mankind.
    Jesus was revealed not only through the Jewish or Christian prophets but also through Indian rishis. The rishis recorded their intuitions in the Vedas.
    According to Thandiya Maha Bramana in Sama Veda, for the forgiveness of all sins blood is necessary. That blood is realised by the Paramatma offering himself as sacrifice. Prajapathi (God) himself must become the `Yagna’ or sacrifice. Offering himself as Yagna, Prajapathi atoned for the sins of man. This has been fulfilled and accomplished in Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross on Calvary.
    Rigveda draws many parallels between Jesus and the sacrificial lamb of the Indian yagna.
    According to the Rigveda, the `yagna pasu’ (animal) should be a pure and spotless lamb. Thorns must be tightly tied around its head and the lamb must be tied to a pillar. The cloth covering the lamb must be shared by the people and not a bone of the lamb must be broken. To the fainting lamb, Soma should be given. At the end of the sacrifice, there should be prana prathista to the lamb. The meat of this sanctified sacrificial lamb should be eaten.
    All these stipulations are fulfilled in Jesus. Jesus is a pure spotless lamb. He is scourged. He is crowned with a coronet of thorns. The soldiers divided his garments though they had to cast lots for his seamless robe.
    Bible say that not a bone of Jesus was broken though the legs of the two thieves beside him were broken. Christ has conquered death and has become victorious. Jesus has instituted the sacrament of his body and blood for people to receive everlasting life with Him in heaven.
    In his Resurrection is derived, the hope for humanity, which is celebrated on the Easter Sunday. There is no other god died for lowly humans; only Jesus Christ
    The Bible is the only true word of God, please check it out.
    The Bible is very clear that all other religion’s so called gods are demons.
    “the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons” – 1Corinthians 10:20

    Pagans or heathens mean non Jewish/non Christians.

    When Lord Jesus walked on the earth always demons acknowledged Him as God, which is the same way Lord Jesus is acknowledged in the Hindu Vedas for any devout Hindu to find Him.

    The Bible is also clear that idol worshipers will not enter the heaven.

    “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders” – 1 Corinthians 6:9

    “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” – Revelation 21:8

    Heaven and hell are very real places; only people washed by the blood of Jesus will go to heaven, others no matter how good, generous and have high moral standards will not make it to heaven.
    Please come in to the kingdom of God, it is really simple, with a sincere heart pray this following prayer aloud, find a Bible based church and get baptized, don’t delay, He is coming soon.

    “My Heavenly Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Lord Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

  8. Yeshwanth Says:

    I’m so glad to read the above testimony, it was really very encouraging. As I was going through I was visualizing the situation of the person, one thing I deeply noticed was God is always with him. Once he had choosen us, he will never forget. All praise be unto our Lord!

  9. vajja Says:

    Hi All,

    Worshipping Idols and believing false ideas is deceiving ourselves. Bible is answer to all those who dont accept christianity. If God’s Grace is upon you u will know the Lord-King of Kings. We r not criticizing other religions but we are telling the truth. Jesus is the LORD. I will live for HIS Glory. I was hindhu. By God’s grace i now believe in THE LORD and he is fulfilling me in all ways. PRAISE THE LORD.

  10. Ann Says:

    @ Nivea, where has the writer spoken foul or expressed “hatred” toward Hinduism. As Christians, we respect all religions but what is wrong with reporting honest experiences and feelings about religion?

  11. AsianJesusLover Says:

    Wow Praise the Lord sister, beautiful story it is in Jesus name, loved it, even i was born as a hindu but now a converted Christian, perhaps im the only christian in my generation at the moment but i know it will change..i also met a christian girl in my college days who truly loved Jesus with all her heart and my love for him grew even more, i rarely felt any objection from my family on worshipping Jesus praise the Lord for that, im really blessed, i love Jesus :):):)
    Please read my testimony 🙂

  12. Glory Says:

    Amazing story, Praise be to God our Savior. It is really very encouraging to read this.

    We are Gujaratis too, but born and brought up in a Christian family. My Husband and I are passionate about our fellow Indians coming to Christ.
    We would love to post your testimony on jeevanmarg.com
    which is a website for Indian who have accepted Jesus Christ. Let us know if you would like too. Thank you for sharing.

  13. savio Says:

    hi first of all things christianity is not a religion it is a faith,a relationship…..religion is derived from religa which means binding whereas jesus said that the truth shall set u free,even if we dont do such things that jesus teaches us we r nt going to hell nor is he angry with us but we will lose the benefits of salvation.god will also judge us.religion teaches us to be holy by works but christianity will teach us to love the god and accept that jesus died by taking oous sins in him.we cannot be holy by “our ” works but by the “grace” of Jesus.God punished him for what we did.god punished him for what the whole world did.he didnt punish him to give eternal life to just the christians but to the whole world.be it jews,hindus,islam etc.if you have bible read John 3:16.

    undastand brother/sister that he is THE only way nOt “a” way. taste and see what the Lord can do for you.why r u afraid just try.

  14. searchi Says:

    Love it! Awesome testimony. As for the saints in the land they are the Holy Ones in whom is all my delight!

  15. Sasha Says:


    That was an amazing testimony, I was in search of something that would give me an answer and your testimony has shown me what God can really do in one’s life. I am currently going through the same situation with my family, as I seem to be the only christian and connection to God through my family. I have been prosecuted for attending church, but I never let it get me down.

    My parents wish for me to wed an Indian boy, however how can one marry a man that does not know christ, what sort of relationship would that be. I trust in God that the right person is out there for me, and I will be led by the Holy Spirt. Its now time to set out of the comfort zone and spread the goodness and love of Jesus Christ. Do not be fearful when you have the all-mighty God.

    The power of declaring your love for Jesus has truly inspired me. Thank you 🙂

  16. Tadesse Says:

    That is wonderful!
    to God be the glory and I am deeply happy for you
    thank you Jesus

  17. S. J. Wary Says:

    Hi Trish!
    I have been impressed deeply by your wonderful testimony of coming to Chirst. I am also a Christian convert from Hindu background, and I could see the problems you faced while following Chirst against family oppositions! By the way, could I know your family name and the place where you were born. This will help me to share your testimony with my friends more vividly. I am presently involved in local evangelism.

  18. Karl Says:

    Hi Trisha,
    Thanks for sharing your testimony. There is a vast difference between TRUTH and myth. The truth is that Jesus is God and there is no other God.

    Keep living your life filled with the power and presence of God.

    Bless you!

  19. rajan Says:

    being in india, i know that the heathen religion has surruptiously destroyed the country.some of the biggest scamsters are also the most religious.pouring tons of gold literally into the temples like thrirupati and sabari malai. when i was young i use to get scared seeing the hindu gods with their chakra , swords and chains with beheaded heads. and then i also saw jesus not with mighty weapons. but with deep wounds in his palms.most of all he answers all our prayers. he does not promise anyone happiness. but a relationship that is more stronger than anything a person might have on earth.i loved your testimoney and pray that god keeps you faithfull till the end.

  20. aditya Says:

    i want love of jesus christ in my life and when i die i want to be with jesus

  21. Venance A.J.crasta Says:

    Good Testimony. Don’t worry. Jesus will definitely bless you in plenty.

  22. Sunal Says:

    O God ! Giver of life, Remover of all pain and sorrows, Bestower of happiness, the Creator of the Universe, Thou art most luminous, adorable and destroyer of sins. We meditate upon thee. May thou inspire, enlighten and guide our intellect in the right direction.”

  23. nivethitha Says:

    dear Trish,
    am so very happy on reading your testimony. .
    i have also born in a hindu family. . me and my mom accepted Jesus as our saviour. . but we are not baptized still. . we are waiting for my dad to accept our eternal father. . . my dad is so arrogant in accepting Jesus. . we are not even having the chance to go to sunday services. . . i believe that our Lord will surely make my dad to repent soon. . . pls do pray for us and for my marriage. . . i am not even having freedom to sing His songs. . .

  24. Pamela Says:

    Hi All,

    Amazing testimonial…I am so impressed and encouraged by your faith through our Lord Jesus Christ..I pray everyday to Jesus my name to be written in the book of life…I want to be with him no matter what it takes…I will fight the world just to be with Jesus…I pray that one day my x Hindu boyfriend will open his eyes and ears to see and hear the truth about Jesus..He is the way and the truth, no one comes to Father except through Him…AMEN…God Bless you all…

  25. vzo Says:

    hi, Praise the Lord for the wonderful testimony..indeed i am so blessed to know that our God is the true living God who is very much active in bringing the unbelievers to Him…may the Lord continually use u as His vessel to witness for Him..

  26. gk Says:

    pl pray for pavan salvation

  27. shwetha Says:

    hello all, i also am quite impressed with the testimony given here. i am a new convert, born in a forward cast sivite community in karnatka, i got to know jesus through my husband, who also is an ex-hindu. understand one thing that there is only one god and he sent Jesus as a sacrifice, to die for all humamanity’s sins. There is everlasting life for all holy people even after they die physically . but no men can claim to be holy. at one point or other they have sinned morally or physically. this is were jesus was punished for our sins, so that if anyone beleives in him, they will have eternal life.

  28. A. S. Mathew Says:

    It was a very touching testimony. It is very true that many people from India of Hindu background are finding JESUS CHRIST as their Lord and Saviour. If you write your testimony in the southasianconnection.com, it will reach thousands of people around the world. That website is filled with great testimonies like yours, from young people of former Hindu-Muslim-Sikh- etc background. JESUS came to the world, died for the whole humanity. Many non-Christians have a false notion that JESUS is only for the Christians. May GOD bless you and use you greatly to reach out many people for JESUS CHRIST.

  29. Maribeth Says:

    Hi Trish,

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
    I’m so blessed to read your testimony how you happened to know our Savior and redeemer.
    Bishop TD Jakes said” once you come to know Jesus Christ you will never deny Him for He is so precious not to share your experienced to the world of how Great He is and his love for humanity.

    I’m a born again Christian, and whenever I read about someone’s conversion my spirit just lifted up.
    Just like Paul on his way to Damascus, He heard the voice of the Lord and from then on, he was bold and brave enough to spread the word of God. Even death couldn’t stop him from sharing the word.

    People who have been converted to Christianity, they are the living testimony/witnesses of God.
    In Hebrews 12: 1-3 says: 1THEREFORE THEN, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses [who have borne testimony to the Truth], let us strip off and throw aside every encumbrance (unnecessary weight) and that sin which so readily (deftly and cleverly) clings to and entangles us, and let us run with patient endurance and steady and active persistence the appointed course of the race that is set before us, 2Looking away [from all that will distract] to Jesus, Who is the Leader and the Source of our faith [giving the first incentive for our belief] and is also it’s Finisher [bringing it to maturity and perfection]. He, for the joy [of obtaining the prize] that was set before Him, endured the cross, despising and ignoring the shame, and is now seated at the right hand of the throne of God.(A) 3Just think of Him who endured from sinners such grievous opposition and bitter hostility against Himself [reckon up and consider it all in comparison with your trials], so that you may not grow weary or exhausted, losing heart and relaxing and fainting in your minds.-Amplified Bible

    Let’s us continue to pray for the lost souls that they may find the living truth.
    And those who made a comments may the Blessings of God be upon you all.
    In Christ with Love,

  30. Muraleedharan Says:

    Dear Christians :

    I am a Hindu . I have One question to the christians.
    Bible tells Adam and then Eve were created and they were the only humans created by God. Then where from the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve got their spouses ? The only possibility is that brothers and sisters married.

    Why God created such a immoral society ?

  31. Kitttu Baabu Says:

    Trish so far as I know, I too am the only member of the Hindu caste into which I was born to have been born again and only following Jesus. This caste too is supposedly the highest (!). Of course, God is not the author of pride. So the source of this caste is not God. I have not yet read your full testimony, but I look forward to it. Will comment more later. God bless you and use you as a blessing!

    Kitttu Baabu

  32. Adam Says:

    Hi Trish, God bless you baby girl. 🙂 You’ve had quite a journey so far and it is just beginning! I thank the Lord for drawing you as He did. That is one thing that many “Christians” lack and that is the drawing of the Holy Spirit to repent and believe upon Christ. That word repent has been changed in modern times to simply mean “earnestly turning from your old ways” however, the more accurate interpretation of the word is “a heart rending sorrow over one’s sins”. That can only be accomplished by a moving of the Holy Spirit on one’s heart when the Father draws them to believe upon Christ.

    As I read the comments I saw a couple of people it seems to be crying out to know Christ. It is my earnest prayer that the Father hears yours’ who seek after Him and answer your prayer in His time. And I have no doubt that He will!

    Muraleedharan, your’s is a question most scholars cannot answer. And I’m not scholar but I have heard it spoken on. There is evidence that the world existed prior to the Book of Genesis. But that it was destroyed in the battle between God and the fallen angels and Lucifer. The word “hung” in Genesis is more closely translated “rehung” or reset.

    There were other humans but Adam was a heavenly being prior to being incarnated to earth. You can find this in the Book of Adam and Eve. Not all non-canonical books of the Bible are false. Many were kept out for fear it may hurt the power of the papacy. Others it was a matter of space as there was not room to put all the books written of our Lord and Savior into one binding that we know as the Bible.

    So there was “humans” on the earth at that time that came about through a evolutionary process by a former planting that is not described in our Holy book, but, they were not sparked of the Father and the Son. Remember it says “In the beginning (the beginning as we know it) was the Word. And the Word was with God and the Word was God.” Jesus stated “I Am the Word”. Indicating He was the One whom was seated with God in the beginning.

    I would encourage you to read the Book of Enoch. It might help you in your understanding.

    God bless you all! I love you every one.


  33. Nora Says:

    Hi Trish,
    Your testimony is beautiful!!! It brings joy to my heart to see how God saves people in many places in the world.
    I am looking forward to meeting all of you when we get to Heaven. What a wonderful day that will be!!

    I am so grateful that God loves us.

    I live in the USA.

  34. Ami Says:

    As someone who has experienced the Holy spirit, I wouldn’t like to speak at Nivea, but rather to and with her.

    I’d like to invite you to experience the power of The Holy Spirit through Jesus for yourself.

    Invitation is open to all.

    Seek God with all your heart and he will find you 🙂

  35. M RAJESH Says:

    I read the testimony and the comments by Nivea.
    Actually, christianity is not a religion. It is a way of life.

  36. S.Vijayalakshmi Says:

    Hi Trish,

    I am from india chennai and I beleive in jesuschrist.

    I would like you to pray for my children as we are in need of deliverance and healing.

    svijayalakshmi68 at gmail dot com Please reply

  37. Stephanie Andrea Says:

    Hi trish

    I was inspired by your testimony.

    I’m glad I found it because I was looking for testimonies or find hope in converting.

    My boyfriend,is a staunch hindu,and right now he asked me to convert,and coming from a christian family I did nt agree,he feels that its the girls duty to follow a guy,but I don’t believe in dat.

    I feel that he needs God because,with god he would feel whole again,he doesn’t have parents because they both died, and he stays with his granny,who is a staunch hindu.

    He used to go to college together and he left because of financial issues and now he has to work,he works long hours and he works all the time and he is having a hard time.

    I just am praying for God to save him,but I am scared,because everyone his friends and family are telling him that I don’t love him because I don’t want to convert,and they saying it won’t work. He said I’m the only christian girl that doesn’t want to convert,and I can’t I love jesus.

    I don’t know what to do,I pray and I’m trusting in God and I know only God can do the impossible,nothing is impossible for God,and he can do anything!

  38. Jayesh Gawde Says:

    Hi trish
    God bless you a lot you just don’t know how your testimony helps to clear our understanding and faith in Lord Jesus.

    I am Hindu boy aged 29 and I have lost my both parents and I was all broken after my mother’s death. I used to try to end my life but as I have younger brother’s responsibility I was just delaying my suicide thinking what I will answer to my mother once I die.

    Meanwhile I joined a new job where I met lot of Christians and I don’t know how to explain to you but I got strange feeling as if they belong to me.
    And from work only I came into contact with one Catholic girl I don’t know what use to happen even ever I was disturb or sad she use to suddenly call me and I was just forgetting my worries and she use to tell me believe and have faith in God and eventual I fell in love with her and on 1st date only she told me clearly that she won’t get converted after marring me and I said I don’t want you to get converted just because you are marrying me.

    So I use to do all my Hindu worship the way we Hindus do.

    After a while she told me that she is sick with a thyroid problem and medicines are not working and she said she will get OK once she attains the divine retreat at Kerala India. So 1st I was just trying to avoid it as you must be knowing how it is me being Hindu will be odd among Christians but later I thought that if I really love her why I am backing off now. So I went with her.

    On entering that divine retreat I felt something good I can’t explain but I thought it nothing much just a feeling. I had to do all things that a Christian people do so as I didn’t wanted to disrespect their religion so I attained their mass. While attending all people closed their eyes so did I and I said to god

    “see lord I have came here so that my girlfriend thinks you will make her well so Plz cure her illness and forgive me if I am doing anything which is wrong in your sense as I didn’t know your rituals.”

    After 2 seconds I felt that some said to me that son release your mother who us in your heart and let me enter there.

    I just opened my eyes and was about to cry I don’t know why.

    And when I went for counseling that time I told the same story to the counselor who use to preach there so she smiled and said God is with you as it is written in Bible that open your heart to me and keep me above all our love and I will bless you.

    And when she asked me how do I know Jesus I kept quite told her some lie that I once felt near church while playing and something else. But that question kept rolling in my head and one day I got the answer when I was in primary I used to do cross sing to each and every single cross on the way and I used love it and once one aunty had give me a cross to wear and I wanted it always and people used to call me Christian but I used to feel good that time. I don’t even knew what the difference is between religions but I used learn in Hindu oriented school I was told by teacher to remove it otherwise she wouldn’t take me class.

    And from there on I just forgot everything about Jesus.

    But now I must say after attending the retreat I have changed a lot I stopped drinking now I don’t even like to taste a beer the feeling is dead. Now I don’t fight with anyone.
    And it is always easy to fight you don’t require courage to hit anyone but to forgive anyone even when you know that the person has hurt you it takes lot courage to forgive.

    I am just waiting my time to get converted once I marry my girlfriend. Now days our family are talking with each other regarding how the marriage will take place
    But the problem is I don’t have my own house wherein I can live separate and be with my lord openly after converting.
    The Lord is working for me. I have faith in Him.

    And thanks trish for your testimony. It gives me strength to follow the Lord’s way.

    May the Lord God always bless you and keep you happy.

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