I remember the first panic attack that I ever had happen was when I was a little girl. I had a tormenting thought engulf my mind. What if my mom died?â Oh my goodness, I became so scared that my mom was going to die. I would cry and lay on my mom’s lap, hoping that God would never let that happen to me. Of course, now I know that it was just Satan trying to steal my joy as a child, but I never really dealt with my problem of fear until I was much older.

As I grew up, I would have these times in my life that were really stressful. I would feel anxiety attacking my mind and body. As time passed, I slipped further and further away from the presence of God. I began to reach for the things of the world. I started drinking alcohol and partying. This only led to more guilt, shame and anxiety. Whenever I felt anxious, I would reach for a strong drink; something that would calm my nerves and make me feel numb. This went on for 14 years. Finally, I found myself hitting rock bottom, what could I do? Who could I turn to? Even though I had drifted so far away from God for all of these years, I made the decision to make a change in my life. I could not continue to slip further into the pit. I decided to go back to the cross. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior and began to rebuild my life.

In 1996 I came under such an attack of the enemy that fear tried to overtake my life. I was so afraid that I was going to lose my mind and end up in a mental institution. The more I stressed about it, the stronger the attack became. I would have all of these really strange feelings and my mind became consumed with such torment. I would cry out to the Lord, Please help me I am desperate! I am pleading to you God; please take this from me! I went to several different doctors and their diagnosis was that I had a panic disorder. The doctors prescribed Xanax and antidepressants. But wait God, I am trusting in you to take care of me. Why do I have to take this medicine when you are King of Kings and Lord of Lords? You are the Great Physician. I continually warred with the idea of taking all of this medicine when God is the healer. Satan would tell me, God will heal others but not you. You are not worthy of his healing. Satan would also tell me that I had an evil spirit and that is why I was in this mess. Everything Satan could throw at me, he did. I became so tormented with crazy dreams that I could not sleep. I would ask God where are you? I was sinking into a pit and needed help. I didn’t want to leave my house, I would get in the car and this terrible cloud of anxiety would engulf me. I would want to go back to my house as fast as I could get there. Help me God Please!

My wonderful husband Bill, and my mother, father and two sisters prayed diligently for me every day. I also had a very close friend Vonda Bishop who helped me and prayed with me. Finally one day, God placed an anointed woman of God in my life. Sister Mildred Dalton. She was an older, very wise minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She began to take me under her wing and teach me God’s ways. She informed me that I was sowing all kinds of bad seeds over myself with the words that I spoke. Oh I’m going crazy and I am afraid I am having a nervous breakdown. Sister Dalton told me where the precious promises were in God’s Word for my situation. She had walked through the same attack earlier in her Christian life. She would tell me Listen to me, don’t listen to the devil. I began to quote God’s Word over myself every day. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 When I found this scripture, I stood on it with everything in me. Every time I would start to feel panicky, I would quote this scripture over myself. You see, I didn’t have to do anything but stand on God’s Word. God’s Word is medicine to those whose find it. Of course you can’t claim God’s promises if you don’t serve him, but if you are a believer; then it will work for you. I began to search the Bible for God’s promises for me. I wrote all of those down and quoted them daily over myself. I continued to pray and ask God for his strength and help. In the midst of the storm, I used the sword of the spirit, which is God’s Word to defeat the devil. This did not happen overnight, but baby step by baby step I walked out of the attack. Every day I became a little stronger and finally I looked back and I was out of the attack. I renewed my mind with God’s Word, and became victorious. I built my faith by quoting His Word. So then, faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 10:17.

I want to encourage you to make up your mind that you are going to stand, no matter how hard the battle may seem. Put on the whole armour of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Ephesians 6:11. godscureforanxiety.com

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  1. Joshua Says:

    I love the armour of god! Amazing testomony, keep on truckin! 😀

  2. Cynthia Says:

    I am glad to hear of your testimony. I believe that it was the will of God that I read your testimony. I am experiencing similar situations. The Holy Spirit speaks and directs me as to what I need to do to overcome this problem. As you indicated, it is by speaking what the Word of God says. I’m glad you were delivered, and I know I will receive complete deliverance as well.

  3. Ralph Says:

    Encouraging testimony. I am struggling with anxiety and depression now (especially anxiety). I am praying the Lord will show what it is He needs me to learn from this. However, I desire to be delivered. My anxiety is so severe that my lungs feel pressured and breathing becomes constricted. I have had numerous medical tests and they all come back negative. I wonder if this isn’t an attack from the enemy. However, God is sovereign and will deliever me at His appointed time. Please pray for me. I try to have Paul’s attitude. “His grace is sufficient for me”

  4. TJ Says:

    I had the same thing happen to me, reading this was like reading something I could have wrote. I was healed in church , the first night I went back to church after being gone for years. I got so desperate that I went back to the cross… and boy what a relief. Jesus is wonderful….thank you for posting.

  5. monang torang Says:

    It is wonderful

  6. mark Says:

    hi im mark from the philippines, i have a mental illness called by Psychiatrist as schizophrenia, but i do believe the problem is spiritual not mental. i thank God i read the testimony of you i was blessed and enlighten…i know because of this the Lord will use me more for His greatness. God bless take care always…

  7. mark Says:

    i know the Lord will heal us by His powerful word!

  8. John DeJack Says:

    I read this story just now and man how can I relate to it ,its me and everything I am feeling right now in my life I also feel like I am going through this I pray and this inner voice says im not going to be healed because i dont have enough faith,and sometimes I feel like I have done to many bad things in my life to be healed of this.I feel like its something evil trying to ruin my life an destoy me ,I have this panic disorder and depression an feel god is the only way to overcome this and your story just gave me the hope I needed thanks alot!

  9. Tammy Says:

    Great testimony! I am having the same mild issues too. My issues with anxiety have gone on for about 2 years now, and though most of it was during a time in my life when I moved away from God, the most recent issues with it are due to the stomach ailments I seem to be having. Since I feel I have all the symptoms for being hypoglycemic, I became nervous/scared/overwhelmed at how I would need to handle this in my life. Being a busy stay at home mom who doesn’t get out much, only intensifies the problem more since I don’t have things like my family, work or other commitments to distract my attention from this anxiety issue. I too have called out to God the Father asking him for his healing and have have rebuked the spirit of anxiety too. As much as I would love to know where this came from, it is definitely not of God; with that in mind, I too will surround myself with the Word everyday. Things like this can also be bondages, and if prayer is not enough to remove the problem, then “this kind can only come out by fasting.” Fasting is an overlooked source of power from God. It may seem hard to do, but try fasting one meal and spending that time completely with God and you will walk away feeling closer to God than you ever thought imaginable.

    Scripture also says…

    “Do Not Worry” Matthew 6:25

    25″Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? 26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”

    Ah, when life gets you down, it’s always great to have the instuction manual.

  10. Nan Says:

    Thank you for your testimony. I’m a christian and have been struggling with anxiety & panic attacks for a few years now. How do you feel about the antianxiety medicines that are given? I take a low dose of xanax daily. I do want healing.

  11. Joy Says:

    I am reading your emails right now and have been having the same anxieties and feelings of having left God and unworthiness and sadness, but I woke up this morning and I recognise that these are the last days and the enemy will try everything to immobilise and spiritually paralyse the people of God but I pray the in the name of Jesus, Father you said whatever we bound on earth will be bound in heaven, I cut off in Jesus name, every spirit of darkness and depression that will try to immobilise your church. Father I thank you right now that you despatch your angels, IN JESUS NAME, to go before us you people. I plead the blood of Jesus over your church, because your blood has never lost its power. I thank you for Psalm 91, our divine mantle of protection. People, God is despatching angels.The battle is not ours, it’s the Lords. Jesus said, it is finished, on the cross of Calvary. I break, in the name of Jesus every spirit of premature death. Like the children of Israel Lord we paint the blood on our doorposts. Jesus, your glory will fill this earth and your army will arise, I speak to the dry bones and I say LIVE in the name of Jesus, like Ezekiel. I speak to the four winds and I pray that your spirit, breath and life will fill our bones. THANK YOU JESUS.
    Like David we declare, we shall live and not die and we shall declare the glory of the Lord in the land of the living.


  12. Debbie Says:

    Your testimony is awesome Lindalong. How often did you have to quotes those scriptures before you actually started to get that freedom? I want that. I did that yrs ago and God set me so free from my anxiety and depression. I am struggling again with it and it seems like it’s not working so great this time–of course that is probably exactly what the enemy wants me to believe, right?

  13. Daniel Says:

    Thank you so very much for this testimony! I’ve been looking and found myself an inspirational word from a fellow God believer. I’ve been struggling with myself, and at first I thought I had many other things such as OCD and Social Anxiety. But I was lying to myself. I used to have depression two years ago, and it came back because of a relationship with a girl I had recently that triggered depression. I didn’t know what in the world I had, and today I noticed: I had depression. To be honest, I started laughing because I’ve gone through Depression before and I know I can beat it again. Thank you very much, and thank you for the verse which I wrote down and put it up right next in my shelf, where I’ll see it everyday! THANK YOU AGAIN THANK YOU GOD LORD MERCIFUL!

  14. healedgirl Says:

    This indeed is a blessing.I’ve had the same problems for years and did not know. I grew up thinking that,something was wrong with me, why God allow all these things to be happening to me. I got down,miserable, afraid ,scared all the negative emotions and thinking haunted me for years. But you know I know God, as was always going to church and always wanted to give my life to him, but I keep shrinking back, everytime I feel good, I’m out in the world again, and vice versa. Until I could not take it anymore, as I went to psychologist,psychiatrist, counsellors, everyone that I heard could help me here on earth, but it NEVER worked, not until I cried out to God and relise that I was living outside of His will and surrender totally to Him. Only then I truly experience change. Now I won’t tell you that it is easy, but you can trust God to pull you through. Romans 8:28 says’Everything works together for GOOD to them that love God’, Luke 1:37 ‘All is possible with God’. He will pull you through, as He first love us. God Bless you.

  15. Jewell Pe Says:

    Thank you for this site. I needed to hear from others and I am truley gratefull I found you. I wish I would have been here sooner, but today I needed this more that ever before. Made God continue to bless you and everyone who reaches out to Him.

  16. Katie B Says:

    I am 31, a mother of 5. I’ve had anxiety/panic/depression for 11 years. I turned from God for about 10 years because of this, became angry. For the past year, I have clung to God about this. It has literally just about ruined my life and myself. Your testimony is encouraging and gives me hope! Bless you…..

  17. dak Says:

    it is the hardest thing ever. everytime you go on with not having had it for what you feel is quite a long or decent time, it all comes back to hit you in the face and tell you that you still have it. <- not sure if that made perfect sense but.. i mean that is anxiety isnt it. you have a great day, but at the end of the day you suddenly get these thoughts that go 'wow.. i havnt had it for SO long..no panic no anxiety, i was/am normal.. how come!?' e.g. feeling too tired, hearing news about death etcetc then it gets triggered. its almost like.. ‘i havnt had it in so long. this cant be. why not? i think i should have it. il have it’ and so you then have it.. i wish i could sometimes switch my brain off..i have been reading the word of god for quite a while now but..only He knows when i will be 100% better, no symptoms no side thoughts no nothing.. but i am really sick of this and if i werent a christian, i wouldve attempted suicide (no joke.) i guess i sound like im whining as ive only had it for 3 months (cant believe im saying ‘only’ lol, it was actually an anally long time) whereas people here have been saying theyve had it for years…. i just hope the end is freaking damn near. i mean, extreme eczema for 18 years, followed by anxiety..funfun lol. sorry just had to vent! and damn, why is it that some people just pick up the bible and then theyre healed immediately/miraculously. of course any and ALL healings are miraculous but.. with eczema and now this, why does my healing have to draaaag :(. wish i could just get healed in the moment.

  18. Maaike Says:

    Lindalong, thanks for posting your story. I’m struggling with this myself in various periodes of my life, but it seems to keep comming back. Now I sometimes have trouble breathing even. It is encouraging to read that if you hold on to Gods promises he will come through. I know God has so much more in store for us. God promises us LIFE and have it abundantly(John 10:10). That makes me fight to overcome.

  19. Debbie Says:

    Wow Linda! that is awesome!! I have been through the same thing! I am thankful for this day and age of computers! I am most thankful that god is using you Linda to bring the truth to others!!

  20. Angel Says:

    All this brings tears to my eyes.I have been spending countless days researching websites on different ways to treat this anxiety(which only brought more anxiety). I have been searching for a solution when the one and only solution has been waiting for me all along to seek Him and to dig deep into His word for encouragement.Im going to do a word search on peace, protection, health, healing whatever and Im going to fight!!! Im not taking this any longer!! God is my healer and I know that one day I will be able to look back on all of this and know there was a point.God is going to use me and all of u to help others through these same things. There are alot of people going through similar things like this right now. I believe there should be more christian support groups with bible studys that will help people with these attacks from the enemy.I pray that God would provide that option for all of us that want it.

  21. Roddy Says:

    The opposite of Faith is Fear
    (False Evidence appearing real) God is real, Gods word is real! I know this dance well and it’s not a fun one, but the good news is you can switch partners, let God cut in. If you are feeling anxious read Psalms 91 out loud and OWN it. Read it over and over and over, out loud. You will stop the panic in its tracks. NOW Take a deep breath, slow breathing, control it, close your eyes and smile. Relax take a nice refreshing breath. Breath normal and stay calm don’t let this feeling take your mind. If you breath normal and remain calm it’s very hard to panic, you’re in control now read.

    dwell in the shelter of the Most High
    and rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
    I say of the LORD, “YOU are my refuge and my fortress,
    My God, in whom I trust.”

    Surely YOU Lord will save me the fowler’s snare
    And from the deadly pestilence.

    Lord you cover me with your feathers,
    And under YOUR wings I find refuge;
    Lord your faithfulness is my shield and rampart.

    I DO not fear the terror of night,
    Nor the arrow that flies by day,

    nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
    Nor the plague that destroys at midday.
    A thousand may fall at MY side,
    Ten thousand at MY right hand,
    But it will not come near ME.
    I will only observe with MY eyes
    And see the punishment of the wicked.
    I make the Most High MY dwelling—
    Even the LORD, who is my refuge-

    NO harm will befall ME,
    No disaster will come near MY tent.
    For the LORD commands his angels concerning you
    To guard ME in all MY ways;

    they will lift ME up in their hands,
    So that I will not strike MY foot against a stone.
    I will tread upon the lion and the cobra;
    I will trample the great lion and the serpent.
    “Because he loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him;
    I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

    He will call upon me, and I will answer him;
    I will be with him in trouble,
    I will deliver him and honor him.

    With long life will I satisfy him
    And show him my salvation

    DEVIL you are a liar! And I come against you with the Word of GOD. Lord I call your Angels to protect my Brothers and Sisters that are seeking you at this moment to fight this lie that comes against them. I call Your Angels Lord to surround each and every one of us 10,000 Angels to the North and 10,000 to the South, 10,000 to the East and West. I ask you surround these Brothers and Sisters of mine with a hedge of fire to protect them.
    I know this is hard trust me I know. You can beat this false feeling you can beat it, stand up and fight! Take your life back! God Loves us he really does and he doesn’t want any of us to hurt or be scared. I could write a book on this fight, but it would not hold a candle to the Bible, this forum has some really good scriptures to read aloud. You are at war and like my Sicilian mother tells me, “Build your spiritual Man”
    God’s word is going to build your spiritual man, get into the Bible. Don’t get down if your still fighting this false feeling coming against you. It’s hard and the devil wants you to give up, but don’t because we need you and someone out there is going to need you once you pull through this and you are going to pull through.
    Write Psalms 91 down or carry a bible booked marked with it and read it! Pray for me as I pray for you at this moment. I love every one of you and agree with each and every one of you in prayer that this too shall pass;)
    PS. If you go into a Panic, some quick calm fixes,
    ICE : get a handful and rub it on your neck, head, face ( Your mind thinks about the cold)
    Water: Put your head under a facet or just keep splashing the cold water on your face. Your body goes into a calm mode because it thinks it’s getting ready to submerge.
    Water again: keep a bottle on you and when you start to feel a little bumpy take slow sips and breath.
    Calm slow breaths.

  22. Rainier Says:

    …reading your testimony gave me the chills…I’m on the same situation as you are….it almost made me cry…

  23. Ping Says:

    Hi, thanks so much your sharing is very encouraging and useful. Recently I have a struggle really bother me so much I start feeling anxiety and feel nervous sometime, I am so scared I will fall into depression.
    I am a Christian, but sometimes I feel I am so faithless. I know God is faithful he always being with me and he will take care of my problem too. What I can do now is let go my problem totally surrender to God Amen

    Love: P

  24. Kristen Says:

    Right now, even as I have read these wonderful God filled messages, and wanting to write to you how THANKFUL and GRATEFUL I am to read about you and this amazing and divine hope we have in Jesus Christ…the devil wants me to think “these people are so much better than you, Kristen, because they’ve had the GUTS to write something down before you at this point…and, you couldn’t write such a helpful kind of thing back………LIES LIES LIES!!! The devil gets through to us with his lies, trying to prevent us from moving, action, doing things and working- God wants us to move and work- how much can he work his Glory through his children if we are immobilized? The devil works these days in SUBTLE, UNDERHANDED, DECEITFUL ways…through our minds- the more we believe the LIES he tells us and the more we believe them and give up and surrender to the enemy and the lies he speaks (anything and I repeat ANYTHING all you fellow believers out there that happens to ‘slip’ into your mind such as a negative thought, like perhaps ‘I’m not good enough to do this…or I won’t be able to do this…the way I want to do it or how it SHOULD be’ are words from the enemy- he may even be telling you now, if you are perhaps prone to perfectionism or self-critical that ‘oh, well, we have to have SOME kind of negative thoughts sometimes…we just wouldn’t be NORMAL if we didn’t-again, if you don’t mind me saying…LIESLIESLIES!!!!! If you are someone out there suffering from anxiety, whether you had an ‘imperfect’ childhood (I say ‘imperfect’ because some peoples childhoods are worse than others, however we are ALL sinners from birth to death and sin affects us all in degrees- God has taken this suffering to the cross everyone has the choice and power if he asks God to ACCEPT Gods forgiveness- with the help of the Word of Life- constantly read it and all the wonderful verses and assurance from the beautiful people (posters) above) It will take practice, and perseverance- but what did God say- for EVERY situation, EVERY person DESPITE your circumstance in life- God did not write “And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so but we rejoice in our sufferings, because we KNOW that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope,” Romans 5:3-5, to only some peoples situations- to CERTAIN people. He jolly well wrote this to ALL his children whom he cherishes so dearly. So please, take up the sword of the Spirit and believe GOD, KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS, GOD OF ALL PEACE AND LOVE- HE IS OUR REDEEMER ALWAYS- YESTERDAY NOW AND FOREVER, will provide for you and always be protecting you wherever you are, Amen.

  25. Rebecca Says:

    Thank you so much for this post–so encouraging in the “darkness of the night”. I have been dealing with severe anxiety and panic attacks since last Wednesday (6 days). Sometimes it helps me to hear of what others have gone through so I will share of my own sufferings: sleepless nights (2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours if I am lucky!), anxious thoughts, fear of going “crazy”, panic attacks, fear that this will never end, sweating, shaking, chest pains, fear of dying from lack of sleep or heart attack. This is the worst it has been since 2001 and I truly feel like this is a spiritual attack–I took over parts of my life (that really belong to God) when I divorced my abusive ex-husband. I have been trying to put the pieces back in my own life on my own–without God’s help. How silly of me! Now, I am racing back into his arms. I feel emboldened to say that the devil can come at me with all the lies he wants! I know the truth–that I am forgiven and God remembers my sin no more. I have also been crying out to God for faith, which now seems so small. But faith comes by hearing the word of God! So let us persevere and read God’s word until something changes! I know that “neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” These feelings of anxiety are so uncomfortable and overwhelming–but nothing compared to the suffering that occurred on the cross for our sins. I am confident that he began a good work–IN ALL OF US–and will carry it to completion!

  26. indira Says:

    stay strong and continue to meditate the word of god ,he is good and he hears us when we cry out to him ,we are his children .i am going through a mild depression as well ,and the only thing that help me ,is praying and calling out to god . his son died for us .and i would live for him .amen

  27. Naomi Says:

    Hello everyone i am so thankful && blessed for your testimonies! i have been suffering with really bad anxiety for about a year now! and its so badd! my symptoms include reallyy bad pressure on head as well as tightness tingling feelings in my head my heart goes fast i get chills numbness in legs hands etc. i feel so weak/tired out of breath. its horrble! sometimes i just wanna die! but i been keeping up && been strong because of gods love! i thank god for everything he has done for me without him my life will b misserebale! i just pray that god will bring healing to me soon! && i pray that he will heal everyone going thru this! the bible says WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THRU JESUS CHRIST WHO STRENGHTENS USS!! thankyou lord!

  28. indira Says:

    stay strong naomi, you just keep on praying and keep on fighting the enemy ,cause he can not win ,for god hath not given us the spirit of fear ,but of power and love,and of a sound mind .amen

  29. Dil Says:
  30. Brian Says:

    HEY!! I’m going through the exact same stage as you! But it’s hard for me at the moment…
    “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

  31. Samantha Says:

    I’m suffering from anxiety. I sleep about 2.5 hours at night. I wake up in a hot sweat. Fear is ruining my life. It ruined a beautiful relationship. It’s about to ruin my career. I keep praying and shouting and crying out to the Lord in hopes that He will hear me and rescue me. I’ve had anxiety since I was young and the older I get, it gets worse. I pray to God for guidance and I do what my heart says and while I doing it I have so much anxiety. For example, I moved away from home for school and have NOT had peace for 3 years!!! I just want to sleep and not cry and be at ease. Fear prevented me from loving a wonderful man b/c I wasn’t ready. I just wish Jesus would heal me and have mercy on me and bless me again. I’m so sorry Jesus! I pray, started going back to church, talking about my problems, confessing my sins of fear and doubt, repenting, and NOTHING is helping! I feel so OVERWHELMED! I’m so lost. I feel like no one cares b/c they don’t understand. I feel like God stop caring too. I’m so anxious it’s hard to pray at times cause all I do is cry…my throat burns. I can’t calm down at time. I ask Jesus to give me peace so I can listen to Him but isn’t working. I want to be healed by the Lord. I don’t want to take prescription medicine….any advice please???? need_for_greed@yahoo.com

  32. kathleen Says:

    Thank God that I came across this site. This is a great testimony and I can relate to everyone. A year ago I fell into a terrible deppression and axiety that I thought would over take me. I know what it is to cry out loud and beg for God’s mercy and healing. I couldn’t work, go out or even get into a car. Forget about grocery shopping I was struck with fear. Last week for the first time in almost a year I went back into the City {NY}. I used to live there. The entire car ride I just kept saying” greater is He who is in me than in the world”. You know what, I made it! I had been speaking words of victory over my life even when I hadn’t felt like it and I still chose to believe God. I kept reminding myself that I am well able to overcome the giants in the land and that this mountain of depression ,anxiety and fear are going to crumble. I have to make it a point to put on my full armor everyday and remind myself that God has an amazing plan for me. I guess the father of lies likes to hit the hardest when he knows that God has something great for us. I have recently learned to sharpen my sword w/ fasting. I know that God is going to heal me. He is in the business of making miracles. I read a book by a pastor who was healed of a deformed heart and how he says the best way to keep our healing is by telling the enemy ” You are NOT putting that sickness back on me! To declare your healing with God’s word and to not open the door to him by doubting your healing. I just got back from another car trip that took me even longer today but I kept relying on God even when I thought I couldn’t make it. I can do ALL things is Christ who strengthens me is a real statement that I cling to and I especially love Psalm 34:4&6. The fact may be that I am on anti-depressants and lorazapram but the TRUTH is that for God NOTHING is impossible!!! He breaks all chains. AMEN we are MORE than conquerors.

  33. Lance Says:

    My dear brothers and sisters — I write with a broken heart. I feel each of your pain and understand it so because I too am dealing with anxiety and depression myself. It’s been nearly two months, and it’s been so hard. We all know it, feel it, but most importantly have to stick together. 2 Cor 1 tell us that we need each other to comfort one another.
    To encourage you all — The day I got home from the hospital from a panic attack I notices a bird outside my window nesting. Not giving it much thought because I was in such a rough spot I paid no attention to it. One evening a friend came over and ask me, “do you know that’s a dove outside your window?” Still not giving it much thought I told him I thought it was a pigeon.
    About a week later I did some research on the bird and found out it was a Mourning Dove – Easterner’s refer to it as a Turtle Dove…
    When I got out of the hospital two weeks prior I was given several Brennan Manning books (which I strongly recommend reading). The first book I read tells a story about a women on her death bed who was blind and unable to read, however, she quoted a verse that B. Manning had known for years:

    See! The winter is past;
    the rains are over and gone.

    Flowers appear on the earth;
    the season of singing has come,
    … the cooing of the turtle dove
    is heard in our land.

    Song of Solomon 2:11-12

    You all have to read the full story, it’s in the Furious Love of God. But at that point I really felt like I had not been totally abandon, God provided me a dove. Not only does the dove signify peace in the Bible but I realized that for new life to be birth this mother dove has to sit and be patient, wait for the right time to move. Though I am trying to do such, I am not good at waiting. Esp because anxiety and depression is extremely hard to go through. May God grant us more faith and perseverance along with HIS PEACE.

    See you all in heaven 🙂

  34. chasity Says:

    hello everyone,

    I had been battling severe panic and anxiety for a little over 5 months. I too like many others went to the E.R. with chest pains and was told I was hyperventalating. I would go into extreme fear of dying. I.e. heart attack from my chest pain, anuryism from head pains, etc. Researching the internet made things worse. What worked for me was constant prayer. Every night and still to this day I went to sleep listening to Creflo Dollar and Joyce Meyer sermons on fear and thoughts. This kept me focus on the word and I was able to sleep and become familiar with what God wanted me to do. My last solution was reading ” The hidden power of prayer and fasting” This book was wonderful. I tried fasting and my other tactics and after a few days and weeping for release of fear. I was released and it feels so good. Keep praying fasting and stay deep even if you have to pray all day, do it. Joy truly comes in the morning

  35. Pritam Says:

    God bless u all!!!!!!!!!! keep faith in lord Jesus Christ.He is our comforter.I m so happy 2 read ur wonderful testimony.

  36. Ana Maria Says:

    I feel so ashamed as a Christian I shouldn’t be suffering from panic attacks/anxiety, my husband says I don’t have enough faith, that’s why I havent been healed, I am a stumble stone to him, since he is a man of God, and I asked him to pray for me and don’t get healed. I had this for 10 years and take clonazepam for four years. Is like a demon that comes to attack me when I am not expecting it, I often feel I say or did something wrong and that’s why this is happening, and i start to repent of everything i can remember, I love to talk to people about Jesus, but I am a poor excuse for a Christian. How can I say he heals, I cant even invite people to church, God used to use me on that, it was my passion to bring the lost. Ive been told in church not to tell anyone I take medication and just take them.

  37. CIndy Gaston Says:

    I have been suffering from depression, anxiety and panic disorder for quite a while and didn’t know it; I have prayed with my mom to break the chains of demonic oppression on my mind in Jesus’ Name, and I believe I am healed. The depression, anxiety and fear keep trying to come back on me, but I still believe I am healed and that through this I will be able to help other people with similar problems. The Lord gave me Psalm 121 while I was in Bible study the other day: “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand. The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. The Lord shall preserve thy going out and coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.” I pray this helps anyone else in this situation and I also pray in the Name of Jesus, that they will be loosed from the evil spirits of fear and anxiety and depression, and that they will accept the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives. Read the Bible and have personal devotionals as often as you can, pray about everything and think about Jesus all the time. It is Jesus—it is HE that will keep your mind in perfect peace. Praise the Lord!!!

  38. Abigail Yvette Says:

    Thank you for this article. I have always had fears since I can remember as a little girl. I watched my mother have anxiety and panic attacks right in front of me and she would lose control in front me and my siblings throughout our entire life. I’m sure that didn’t help me at all. I have ALWAYS feared the loss of my father and mother at a young age also. I somtimes feel that fears like this are generational and passed down to us, we have to break them by the power of God’s Spirit. I’ve always been a very happy, popular, outgoing girl. And thanks to the Lord I still am….I am not denying those things that are still me 🙂 Though when I first married 12 years ago and suffered a very traumatic miscarriage I had a panic atttack and did not know what it was. I also had another about 6 years ago when I vomitted profusely from the stomach flu. I know these attacks stemmed from the fear of dying. Well, I had two panic attacks in 30 years. That was not considered a disorder yet,….not until I became very ill with a stomach bacteria and that’s what brought all the fear and anxiety OUT!….Four years ago, I ate at a restaurant (which I hate to do,…but it was a business meeting) after eating out that night, I became so sick and hurled over in abdominal pain for about a month, the Dr’s could not figure out what was wrong with me. That alone caused severe anxiety. I also self-diagnosed myself looking things up on the internet…not a good idea. All I could see regarding my symptoms was “stomach cancer”….I freaked out! I truly believed I was dying and going to leave my beautiful husband and babies behind. By the time the doctors figured out that I had a bacterial infection contracted by contaminated food and water, (wonderful!!) I had already had about 100 episodes of anxiety and panic attacks. This is when it became a disorder…I was having them over and over. I blame the doctors everyday for being so ignorant and not being able to help me sooner. Anyway, I too cried out for The Lord’s healing everyday!!! I had 3 little ones….4,3,2, years old back then. I was going crazy ….(so I thought) Remember, if you THINK you are crazy, you really aren’t. Crazy people don’t ever think they are. That helped me alot to hear that one day. Anyway, what I wanted to share was that when our body and mind are pushed to a certain limit too fast, whether its stress, or trauma, etc….the seratonin levels in out brain start to deplete. This means that after a while we are no longer able to cope with fears because our brain is depleted from the seratonin. Seratonin is what helps us cope with fears, anxieties,…etc… The only way to build our seratonin levels is by taking natural supplements which create the seratonin for out brains. Amino acids, 5 HTP…etc…this really helps. And if you are a woman, it is very helpful if you get a hormone panel done to see if your hormones are at their appropriate levels. I do believe that this is also an attack of the evil one….but it is also something that our body does after suffering from much stress and trauma,…we need to build our body and mind with Gods word and also good supplements to help our mind cope with these issues. If anyone is wondering what my take is on anti-anxiety meds or anti depressants, here you go. If you take them, and they work for you, Praise the Lord!, God has given us Dr’s,.. don’t feel ashamed!! But, if you are not feeling well on them,.. discontinue use. I think the anti-anxiety meds are ok to help the onset of an attack. I once was having a panic attack on the highway and almost killed my entire family. I believe that God would want me to take the medicine to help myself, not kill myself. I say be careful with the anti-depressants though. Doctors cannot measure how much seratonin you are lacking and they just clinically diagnose you and let you walk away with 20 mgs of Paxil?…..WHAT!…that scares me. I have known too many peeople that have been suicidal and have committed suicide on these pills. This is not to be taken lighty. Thank you to all for your encouragement. We are all in this together….we have to pray for eachother and bind the enemy. I am a full-time wife and mother to an amazing man of God and 3 gorgeous children. I believe that when I am fully restored I would love to have another baby….but for now, I must trust in Jesus and HIS mighty power for a FULL HEALING!!!! I just wrote an novel!! I wonder if anyone will read this!! LOL!!. Good Night!!!….. Love, Abby

  39. Angelee Says:

    I can definitely, relate to this testimony, I have been
    experiencing attacks of the enemy of my mental health,
    I been diagnose with MD a mood disorder, and been attack
    by fear and negatively thinking and depression, yet will I have faith, to believe the impossible for complete healing over this situation, the enemy always attack me with doubt, saying I not believing enough and
    tormenting me past failure that happen my life, overwhelming with guilt,self-condemnation and humiliation, yet I continue to focus on God Word, to help me, in spite of what my emotions dictate to me, and give less place to the enemy, sometimes the attack I don’t always feel the results of healing, yet this testimony let me know if I stay the course deliverance will come, and that God is faithful to His Word, praise be to God for his wonderful power of healing deliverance! Wherein I wait in expectancy wherein
    God will never fail, in spite of what our emotions reveal the Lord is the same yesterday today, and forevermore.

  40. Theresa Says:

    Man Thank you Jesus and thank you for this testimony..Lately I have been experiencing anxiety and insomnia. It got so bad i couldnt even finish a state program to find a job. I kept having these tormenting thoughts that I will never be able to work again and how was i gonna take care of my kids and all these crazy visions of me being a loser!!!I gave my life back to Christ and am reading scriptures to help me get through this!!!I still get these worries that slander my mind but all I can do is continue serving and giving this to God!!your testimony gives me faith that i’m gonna get through this.

  41. Shantae Says:

    All I can say is thank you Jesus. I have had two extremely severe panic attacks in a week, and felt as if I was going to lose my mind. I have never had these before in my life. It was hard for me to ride in cars without hyperventilating and I would shake constantly. I was seriously praying that God would just take my life as a broken ligament would be more desirable than this. But I took a long hot bath a while ago and jumped online and I believe was divinely directed to this page. I have been crying my eyes out reading all of the testimonies and those who are experiencing the same things I am. I have strayed from God so many times, but he remains faithful. And although it may not feel like it, faith is not about feelings. And I claim my healing. Whether it manifests itself today or 3 months from now, I know God loves me enough to help me through this. He promised to put no more on us than we can bear. This condition is painful mentally and physically, and all I ask is that you pray for me as I pray for you. We will get through this! Love you all!

  42. DAVID Says:

    i am a christian with bipolar and ocd .

    the verse stated that god give us sound mind , what are those people who is un-sound mind , where is the promise of god ?

  43. Kurt Says:

    Philipian 4:6,7. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving; let your request be made to God; and the peace of God which supasses understanding will guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus.

    Isaiah 26:3 you will keep him In perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.

    Intouch ministries of Charles Stanley resently had part 1 and 2 about anxiety on his podcasts. Like august 30,2010. Very helpful to me.

    I’m still fighting while taking Xanax and buproprion twice a day.

  44. Kendall Says:

    I’ve suffered with a CHRONIC anxiety disorder for 6 months straight. It came on in April and it got so incredibly bad that it had completely taken over my life. My mind was a complete mess, it got to a point where I was scared to let any thought come into my head, because it would spiral off into something horrible and scary. Aside from the mental symptoms, I felt sick everyday, like my throat was being strangled, unable to breathe properly, dizzy, sick in the stomach, tense through my whole body, shaky, sweaty, hazy vision, often with pins and needles in my hands and face. I felt like this from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed and often suffered all night panic attacks which were even worse and kept me up all night.

    I felt unable to enjoy anything; most of the time when I was having conversations with people, I could barely concentrate on what they were saying because I felt so awful. It was truly hideous and I lived that way for 6 months.

    I tried a million different things to get over the anxiety: medications (both the anti-anxiety/anti-depressant type and the calming Xanax type), dietary supplements (sometimes anxiety is caused by things like a magnesium deficiency), homeopathic remedies (I just went from bad to worse), relaxation techniques, therapy and multiple visits to the doctor to be tested for various illnesses and heart problems. And not one of those things helped me.

    A few night ago, my cousin and uncle prayed for me to be healed with their hands on my arm and my back. I felt heat radiating from their hands, but nothing happened straight away. I went home and made a decision to pack up all my occult crap (leading up to the anxiety, I had been heavily involved in Wicca, tarot, etc, and only began to back away from it when the anxiety happened because it started to not feel right).

    I put all the stuff into a box, taped it up and threw it out into the backyard. 20 Minutes later, I was in the car with my partner and I suddenly realised that I had no sense of anxiety AT ALL. For the first time in 6 months. I told him this and he was a little freaked. I waited, but the anxiety did not come back. That night I was filled with a happiness that was so intense and so pure, I was literally dancing around my house. I’ve felt happiness before, but nothing close to that – it was an otherworldly sensation. I couldn’t even get to sleep because I was so excited! Razz

    When I woke up, the anxiety still wasn’t there. Nor is it there today. So, I went into the city with my cousin, bought a bible and asked to be saved. For real. After what I have experienced, there is no way I could deny the existence of God. I have not taken on any ‘religion’ as I find non-denominational worship feels right.

    I was probably one of the least likely people to EVER become a Christian. Seriously, I used to cast spells. And when I was doing that, life took a turn for the darker. And for 6 months, I wasn’t doing more than existing.

    Anyway, that’s just my experience. =) So what I want all of you who are suffering with these mental illnesses to hold onto is that God WILL heal you. He is mysterious and he does things in his own time, for reasons that we often can’t understand. Just keep your faith strong with his Word – read it everyday, all day everyday even! 😉 Pray constantly and submit your requests for restored health of the mind, body and heart. He does hear you and you will be healed. Just keep believing. =)

  45. s Says:

    Hi Kendall,
    I find your testimony amazing. Unbelievable too.
    Wish someone prayed like that here.

  46. Kendall Says:

    Hi S,

    Sorry it’s taken me awhile to check this thread again. 😉 Any Christian can pray for you and ask for healing. The thing is, as amazing as my uncle and cousin are, they were only the vessel for God’s work. He healed me through their hands. 🙂 Just ask a couple of Christians whose faith is strong to do the same for you. 😉 Good luck!

  47. samuel K. Says:

    I’ve the same even in the worst situation all mention there i’ve attacked every four years for four times .
    i prayed for deliverance but still now the problem is with me i’ve no sleep no appetite no peace for more than two months .please pray for me

  48. dee Says:

    All I can say is wow! God is so awesome and your stories bring me so much hope. I can not even tell you how I got to this website! Im actually on my phone! I have been challenged with anxiety for 3 months now. I have also grown closer to the Lord and he has taught me how to transform my thoughts through the word of God. Life and stress will always be here, but our main goal is to learn how to govern our feelings that anxiety will not take over our lives, and God will be first and foremost that he may lead us and guide us into all truth. The devil found a weak spot and he is going all out, because he know his time is short! We have the victory. We shall live and not die to declair the works of the lord. Those feelings are just our bodies way of protecting it self. Although overwhelmingly uncomfortable, know that they will go away when you don’t fear them. God always gets to the root of the problem. Although the enemy meant this for evil God turns it around for our good. We are all ready to be healed…immediately. Continue to pray and read and speak his word, anxiety will be a memory! Stay blessed!

  49. kim Says:

    I have always had a spirit of fear in my life, even though I have been a born again christian since I was a child. I had a health issue that the doctors couldnt figure out, and I started to have panic attacks. I didnt know what they were and thought they had to do with my health issue. I have had them on and off for years. Somehow I could get my mind off the obsesive thinking for long enough to break the pattern, but it didnt last. I searched for answers from every place I could think of with no answers. It had to happen that way because Jesus wanted to be the answer. Jesus said if you seek him with all your heart you will find him. It doesnt happen over night because he wants to build a deeper relationship with you. I can tell you the more you fill your mind with Gods word the less room there is for satan to get into your thoughts. Fill your mind as much as you can. Get books like battle field of the mind by joyce meyer, fasting from wrong thinking books and dvds from gregory dickow(its not a fast from food). Get into a good bible study, a great study is breaking free by beth moore. If you cant join a study you can get the book and do it at home. It will show you how to overcome anything with Gods word and help you understand his word and apply it to your life. Jesus is the answer, praise him and thank him even when its hard, and he will walk through this with you and bring you out with a peace that surpasses all comprehension.
    Jesus came to set the captives free, praise God!

  50. samuel k. Says:

    I’m suffering still from anxieties and insomnia and fear of being crazy almost give up my hope .my enemy is continuously fighting my life . my nights are sleepless, my days are peace less ,i can’t plan, i stopped working .But why all this worst things are deserved to me since I’m christian? .Is that penalties for my disobedience? so please all christian pray for me .But still i believe the lord Jesus ,maker of miracles can deliver me.he is almighty God and merciful.

  51. Nina Says:

    I just read Neil Anderson’s “breaking the bondage”.
    It tells about enemy oppression and he has a method of combating it.
    I’m in the same situation but my Christian psycologist is taking me through Neil’s process. Anyone else read it?

  52. c Says:

    omg, i had the same kind of thing happen to me as a child but a different thought – this has affected me up until now and i became/am very bitter about it but God is healing me. pray i will be totally healed.

  53. kim Says:

    I just got the book the bondage breaker, It looks good. I am finishing the book power thoughts by joyce meyers and the study breaking free by beth moore. As I said earlier you need to fill your mind with the word of God. Find verses like Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension shall guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Some othes to look up and write down are: 2 Corinthians 10:5
    Philippians 4:6
    John 14:27
    John 15:7
    2 Timothy 1:7
    Isaiah 26:3-4
    Mark 9:23
    Mark 11:24
    Romans 8:37
    I know it will take a little effort to look these up amd write them down, but it works. When you speek the word out loud you are taking power away from satan. Say positive things like God is working in my life, I am going to get better every day. Stop saying you have anxiety because when you say that you are giving satan something to work with. I know it might not feel like God is working but he is, and you need to start letting the power of the Holy Spirit work in you.
    If you feel you have done something to deserve this or you are being punished, read Psalm 107. God wants all of his children to be healed, even if you messed up. The minute you cry out to him he forgives you and wants to show you his glory, and heal you so you can tell others what he did for you. See also Hebrews 12:5-11

    If you have been walking with God and dont know why this is happening to you, remember all things work for good to those who love him. I know we dont understand his ways, but they are always out of love for us. TRUST HIM! God is so worthy of our trust.
    God has given us power, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. You dont have to stay in bondage. Remind satan you are a child of the most high God. God will never give up on you, dont give up on him.

  54. yette Says:

    ‘good to know am not alone in this battle. burnout, depression, losing friends, family and job..

    I can feel and relate with all of you: symptoms of the panic anxiety, etc…

    I’ve done everything what some of you have recommended..’have claimed verses like what Roddy shared: Psalm91;

    ‘searched the websites on fighting depression, panic anxiety…’have read spiritual bondage books–Neil Anderson’s Bondage Breaker, other books on spiritual bondages and freedom’Joyce Meyer’s series of videos, etc. ‘ read the bible’ memorized passages.. praying, worshipping..

    ‘quite ironic that I used to lead others to freedom from this same sicknesses.

    I know the problem is me, not God. ‘might have fallen away from God’s fold that’s why these attacks…

    been on and off with my bouts of panic and depression …’had experienced victories before, then down again..the vicious cycle continues. I know am responsible–am tackling personal issues; searching for a counselor, now trying to withdraw from meds and finding difficulties–yes, I’ve tried homeopathic treatment–I got the worst, perhaps because I tried to withdraw from meds at the same time with those homeopathic meds..

    the worst thing that could happen to one going through this is not having the means to find treatment and lack of people support…

    In my journey fighting this battle, I saw God’s faithfulness through brethren who gave support in surprising ways…but some did give up on me..

    ‘have gone through so much stresses, fighting guilt remorse, pains, heartaches..i don’t know where this path would lead me..

    I like what kathleen said” I guess the father of lies likes to hit the hardest when he knows that God has something great for us.” I noticed that I have these bouts when am in the midst of doing projects for the ministry–temptations would come, I gave in, then these attacks..

    and as I battle this I hang on to this thought: “that all things work together for our good”

    ..yes, we all need to pray for one another…
    that we may be covered with blood of Jesus..and healing would come our way..

  55. caren Says:

    Lets all just repeat Isaiah 53:5 He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

    Keep on repeating, by Jesus’ stripes I am Healed
    by Jesus’ stripes I am healed by Jesus’ stripes I am healed. Amen

  56. Ryan Says:

    Thank you all so much for your testimony! I have struggled with anxiety (panic) and depression. I went on a mission trip this summer and the Lord Jesus delivered me of all symtoms for the entire week! I am taking a low dose of Lexapro still, but weaning off. God is so good, and I have gotten so much closer to Him through this. I still deal with my mind not feeling clear (confusion) at times, but have also felt the complete peace of the Holy Spirit rest on me. May God bless you all. Remember…His grace is sufficient, and His power is made perfect in your weakness. Just trust Him, and stay in The Living Word.

  57. Kelly Says:

    Thank the Lord for this website. All of these testimonies are so uplifting. I, too, am struggling with panic/anxiety. I can relate with all of your testimonies. I have battled with this off and on since I was a child but I recently have given my heart back to the Lord and I feel like Satan has attacked me worse than he ever has. I know the Lord will heal me and that all my horrible thoughts are nothing but a vicious attack from Satan, but everything he says is nothing but lies! The devil is a lie and the father of lies! I have had pretty much every symptom of anxiety known to man. But I know God is there in the midst of my battle and yours too.

  58. Terry Says:

    I’m so GLAD I read ur testimony.. I’m also going through a lot of anxiety and depression.. My anxiety feels like my body is braking down… I know my Lord is with us all and all of us going through all this is only going to make us stronger! Beacuase God our Heavenly Father doesn’t allow stuff like this to happen to us if he knows we’re not going to overcome this… All these thoughts and fears don’t come from God just remember that always… I know God already started to heal me and its a process we just have to be patient and keep our word of always and forever praising our Lord.. let’s not forget that God healed and turn our backs on him once we’re healed… ALWAYS remember and keep learning his WORD!!! GOD my Heavenly Father I love u and I know u will heal us all!!!

  59. Doug Says:

    I can relate to Ryan and the mind not being clear as I have experienced this too. I have come out of this fog by keeping my eyes on HIM in the past. I am being attacked again, but KNOW that I will be delivered soon by focusing on HIM. Sometimes, I tend to focus on the anxiety or depressive symptom and this compounds the problem. To fight the lies of Satan, remember to use the ruler of James 3:17. For the wisdom that is from above is first of all pure, peace loving, kind, gentle, and full of fruit. If the thought in your mind does not conform to this bible verse, it is simply not from God and is a lie from the devil. Let’s all make sure we pray for one another.

  60. felipe Says:

    What you are facing is trials of god because he wants you to build your fath in him and the only way to do it is to test you but don’t worry its only for a momment.

  61. Herman Says:

    I have been reading this forum and it is truly encouraging. I am going through anxiety, depression and few panic attacks for more than a year. It all started when my BP raised and I started worrying about health. On the other end I was kind of disappointed about the life. Felt very challenging especially working with software development. After twelve years in the industry and got tired of keeping up the technology and even I ask myself when this journey of chasing the technology will be over. Ideally it will never be. What I have learned from this trail is that it we human being are created worship the Lord Jesus and to work on this earth as long as we live. We are never created to sit ideal and watch the grass grow. Despite being in this struggle lots of great thing happened in my life. My daughter was born in this year and I have been promoted as Project Manager last year December. So, not to brag, I did good job and the company that I worked thought that I would be great project manager. Now, self esteem comes into picture. Can I do this, could I do this, do I have the caliber to perform at this new role? It was simply a bilateral decision. I wasn’t sure whether or not I should take this responsibility. After couple of weeks thought about this decision, I finally decide to take new role. After that my level of anxiety/depression reached very high. I wasn’t willing to go to psychologist for 6 months in row. My ego wouldn’t allow me do those and I come from the culture where if you go to psychologist/psychiatrist you will be labeled as different person. Pathetic, after completed master in computers and spend 17 years schooling I didn’t learn the aspect of life. I started learning life only through the bible. Sorry, if you follow other religion, atheist, and agonistics you may get offended by what I have to say here. But that is reality. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through Jesus. Despite that we still love you.

    Back to my suffering, I would feel chest pains, headaches and tingling sensation in various parts of the body. One time I went to ER and I have been told that I had painic attack. Phew… that was very frightening experience. The more I worried the longer the chest pain would last. It is been on and off many times during this year. Any how I went to doctor did lot of tests and everything came out negative. Thank GOD for that. I would recommend you to go to Christian consuling, psychologist/psychiatrist instead of going to doctor who doesn’t believe in Christ and his values. Now I am on paxil for the last six months and lunsta for sleeping. To tell you the truth, sleeping pill didn’t work for three weeks in row. I was frustrated but latter I learned to keep myself calm. Eventually the sleeping pill started taking effect and time to time I wouldn’t get good night sleep. It is troublesome and affects the work, but with God’s help my attitude toward my problem is started changing. Now I am thinking that as long as I get one to two hrs of sleep is good enough for me. And by his grace I am able to sleep six to seven hrs per night and some nights and I wouldn’t get good night sleep. I am not bothered by this anymore.

    1. Now I knew what this suffering means. Some time I feel like that I am experiencing the hell. To provide the hope we can take lots of example from bible. Moses was afraid to talk to Pharaoh, Job was suffered through great depression, David suffered through depression, Prophet Isaiah was afraid of his life and finally our great LORD JESUS himself went to through such pain and agony. Think about the agony that he went though in the garden of Gethsemane. The weight of our sin is so heavy and according to Luke 22:43–44, Jesus’ anguish in Gethsemane was so deep that “his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground Angels have to come and encourage Him. No doubt that our LORD Jesus is the man on the earth that he went through great pain and suffering. Sure he knew what kind of death he would have to go through and despite know this fact he did his ministry about three years.

    Here are some of recommendations. If you have chest pain first consults the doctor and take proper medication. If your test results are –ve don’t chase the chest pain is search engines. Similarly don’t search about stress. Lean to manage in your own ways. If you need to go to psychologist/psychiatrist don’t procrastinate. Don’t contemplate the suicide. Suicide is not the answer to this suffering. Rather focus on LORD JESUS, plug yourself to Sunday services and hang around the people who can encourage you. Like any other suffering we have to go through this suffering. You are not the only one going through the suffering study says that about 18 Million people suffering from anxiety and depression. If you could share your suffering and healing feel free to do so. That would be great help for others. In my trial, I have got more joy compared to last year. I have learned that GOD has given me enough knowledge and courage to succeed in my new role and responsibility. I don’t need to compare myself with others. Yes, I am on medicine, praying to GOD for healing, reading the bible and living my life with this trail. I am praying to GOD that the trial will be over soon. However, this is not in my time certainly it will happen in GOD’s time. Finally I thank my wife and my son and daughter who helped me to sail through this anxiety and depression. I thank my friend and my college classmate who had gone through the same struggle had given me lots of encouragement and he is giving the encouragement whenever I needed. My church pastor gave me lots of encouragement. Some of the sermons that he preached during these years were very helpful. Especially he was preaching sermons by the title untouchables. Wow, he brought the pastor’s wife who had gone through the emotional suffering for more than five years. After her preaching, I had the courage and decided to go to psychiatrist. During this trail I have often pondering about the following versus. Isaiah 41:10-16 and Jeremiah 33:6. This is a Christmas season folks and get excited about our LORD birthday. Merry Christmas folks…

    10 So do not fear, for I am with you;
    do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
    I will strengthen you and help you;
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
    11 “All who rage against you
    will surely be ashamed and disgraced;
    those who oppose you
    will be as nothing and perish.
    12 Though you search for your enemies,
    you will not find them.
    Those who wage war against you
    will be as nothing at all.
    13 For I am the LORD your God
    who takes hold of your right hand
    and says to you, Do not fear;
    I will help you.
    14 Do not be afraid, you worm Jacob,
    little Israel, do not fear,
    for I myself will help you,” declares the LORD,
    your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.
    15 “See, I will make you into a threshing sledge,
    new and sharp, with many teeth.
    You will thresh the mountains and crush them,
    and reduce the hills to chaff.
    16 You will winnow them, the wind will pick them up,
    and a gale will blow them away.
    But you will rejoice in the LORD
    and glory in the Holy One of Israel.

    6 “‘Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.

  62. Kim Says:

    Dear precious Souls,

    Before I speak of my testimony, I want to share with all of you that I feel the need to repent before God and before you all, my dear precious souls, that at times, I let my afflictions and circumstances dictate my faith, and in doing so, I choose to believe the lies of the enemy rather than standing on the Word of God.

    YES YES YES – The only way to healing and deliverance is through Jesus CHrist our Lord, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”. If my afflictions taught me anything, it is just that.

    This is a real battle in the spirit realm, my dear friends, and the only way to win it is to stand on God’s Word.

    I am now plunging into the great Christian battle called – “Hope against all hope”. ANd that is impossible to do unless we read the Word, which is truth, and the truth shall set us free!

    I declare that God will heal us, no matter how hopeless it may seem, or how small our faith may get in the midst of discouragement. I declare and decree God’s healing power over my brothers and sisters who are going through the same affliction as me, in the mighty name of Jesus.

    I have been struggling with anxiety for 21 years. Before I got saved (I got saved at 24 – best day of my life). I was delivered from drugs, cigarettes, and unhealthy lifestyle of partying.

    I always refused to take medication for anxiety and always managed to relatively fight it (but always felt inner torment – never felt peace), until one day at the age of 30, when I thought things couldn’t get worst, an affliction came over me which the doctors call Nocturnal Myoclonus – It’s a sleeping disorder that has the body doing spasms all night long and deprives you of sleep chronically.

    I still refused to take medication, and then I collapsed into a burnout. 2 burnouts to be honest. Couldn’t work, fell into a deep depression. Went down to 89 pounds – So at that point, it was take the medication or die.

    You see, I refused medication because I believed it meant I wasn’t trusting God, but my dear fellow christians, there is a difference between being radical and foolish.

    Jesus was radical in His faith, but not foolish. He says in HIs word, When people are sick go see a physician.” WHo do you think gave doctors the intelligence and wisdom to create medicine for mankind? It’s none other than our Mighty Creator.

    I believe without a doubt in God’s healing power. However, I also stand on the Word that says, Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From God. James 1:17a

    This means that whatever God has provided for us on earth, don’t despise it, use it to help you through the battle. I learnt that taking medication is not a weakness, but one of the helping tools God has provided to help us through certain seasons of our lives.

    It doesn’t mean you’ve stopped believing, it means you are believing more than ever and are willing to fight to get to the other side, it means you are not ready to give up the good fight, that you are still running the race.

    Just keep on standing on God’s Word while taking the medication, and let Jesus be your source, let the Word be your sword and sheild. Whatever meds you are taking, just keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, and He’ll do the rest. Always keep believing for your healing and deliverance. ALWAYS!

    God cautions us to be wise in all things. That includes your health, brothers and sisters.

    I do battle greatly with the lies of the enemy,
    BLess God though, through some intensive research, I have found a natural product called Gaba. It diminishes my spasms to almost none, but I still need to take medication for depression and to help me fall asleep, or I literally stay awake all night long until the sun rises.

    I want to encourage all of you who are battling depression and anxiety, to really seize the importance of diving into the Word of God. It’s what has kept me going all these years. IF God could deliver me from drugs and cigarettes, He could certainly deliver you and me from any other affliction.

    I do believe, as some have written in their testimonies, that God will use everything for our good, and that people need us to not give up, as we are being built up to help and efify others who are going through similar trials. Never ever give up. Always hope, even against all hope, always pray, always believe, because “those who hope in Me (God) will not be disappointed.” Isaiah 49:23

    Peace and blessings,


  63. Terry Says:

    This is for KIM..

    I read ur testimony n I would like to get in touch with u…
    I wrote mine last month and what I’m going throu is similar to what ur going throu.. if u get a chance to read this can u please let me know if its ok that I get in touch with u.. My name is Terry.

  64. Jason Says:

    I am dealing with a lot of what everyone is saying. If anyone wants to contact me, maybe we can help each other. jason1984skater[at]yahoo.com We can pray and read and talk about what is going on…

    Thanks, Jason

  65. Dominic Says:


    Great post and highly precious to the eyes that fall on it. The to natural man or woman, giving thanks to God for anxiety is not an option. We are commanded to do so and are prone to fight it and get it as far as we can away from us. However this is not what the scripture instructs us to do and modern day science has now proven this to be accurate.

    When in the midst of anxiety or any kind of temptation or trial, instead of allowing the enemy to trick our minds into feeling sorry for ourselves and making us think that we can beat it on our own, or that we are going mad etc, we should be thanking God for our anxiety, our worries and hard times.

    Why? Because it’s biblical and goes against what we want…lol, I laugh at that. When we fight something, it’s intensity grows, when we accept something, it’s intensity subsides. Does not your creator know you better than you do? Does he not want you to just trust him and thank him daily?

    The flesh has mastered trickery and in conjuction with the enemy, can be very overwhelming. James says that we are to Count it all joy when we fall into diverse temptations and trials.

    Why on earth would we want to thank God for our woes? Because that’s the spiritual law, trust in God and he will deliver you from your fears. When you add fear to anxiety, it grows and when you throw confusion into the mix, it becomes acute.

    The late Dr. Claire Weekes understood the concept of accepting and being thankful in our trials because they not only dissolve the woes but bring us closer to God and create an awesome trusting relationship with him.

    God is way ahead of our understanding and his commands are true and correct and more than sufficient to give us perfect peace and blessings.

    But worries are not of God? No they are not but patience, joy and love are and it is only through trials in life that we grow and learn to build our supply of these wonderful Godly characteristics. Spurgeon urges us to be thankful in all our difficult times and not to tarry with it for the peace and patience that emerges makes perfect the practitioner.

    Let patience have her perfect work that ye may be perfect and entire wanting nothing. Thank God for your trials and watch and see what happens….hehe, he is an awesome and very smart God, way smarter than us.

    But I need to war against the spirts of Satan and beat it….NO YOU DO NOT MY CHILD. God has won the battle and there it will remain. Submit yourselves to God first, thanking him and ye may then resist the devil for him to flee. We give the enemy way too power in our own minds i’m afraid.



  66. Kim Says:

    Hi Terry,
    Yes you can definitely get in touch with me. I’m not sure how this works, though, I don’t really want the whole world to see my contact info…?


  67. Terry Says:

    Email me at mtbuen30[at]gmail.com
    Thank u so much… this message is only for KIM

    From Terry

  68. Kendra Says:

    Ive been going through the same thing, where your life is so full of fear u begin to doubt your life and it seems to be so unreal. It was 6 months ago when I hit rock bottom with anxiety and depression. I turned to god and.no matter how hard it was just to have faith I stuck through it. I thought the same like god wouldnt help me even when things were getting better but thats apart of the anxiety and fear that your life is doomed with this forever. Im gettin stronger day by day and god can and will heal us all from these lies from the devil. The best cure is not only gods word but to not fear and accept what is happening to ur body and realize that anxiety doesnt kill u and youll b more at peace bc once u relax ur on ur way to recovery and those disturbing umrealistic thoughts will subside. Fill ur day completely up with the word and things to do, u will be so distracted from your fears that they no longer become an issue. Hope all u guys do well

  69. Kendra Says:

    If anyone still struggles with fear and anxiety and needs someone for advice or just to talk to email me. Kendra.hooper07[at]gmail.com

  70. sujata prakash Says:

    Dear Friends, I am going through the same thing but praise God He is always with us. I want to encourage you that Jesus never leaves us even when He seems far away.

    Depression is a real joy stealer but it will pass! It is only for a season. I have learned so many lessons from this and I will list them so that it helps you to realise that we all go through with this for basically the same reason. Yes, this is what I believe. It doesn’t matter WHY it happned, what matters is the reasons are always the same.

    Too much focus on self leading to fear
    Too much emphasis on trying to do it yourself
    Too little reliance on God to take you through life
    Not enough spiritual strength which can be rectified by talking to God and reading His word
    And finally, learning the ability to cast all your cares upon the Lord. Not a little, but ALL.

    Chemical imbalance is created by our thoughts, not vice versa. A good diet and sleep are important, but once we have the Lord’s peace we have health and good sleep naturally! We wont eat or do the wrong stuff.

    Be patient dear friends. Keep praising the Lord and watch the miracle. Just believe. Don’t fear what if what if…but…but…I know because I have to fight this every day, but if you can do it for a while the whole day becomes good. God only asks you to fight a bit, the rest He does.
    May God bless us all

  71. chanelle Says:

    hello everyone,

    i came across this website and just felt that i had to share my story. i’m 19 years old and been suffering from anxiety for like 3 years now. i’ve also suffered from panick attacks and depression as well. From the age of 15 to 17 my life spun out of control. I started to get involved in drugs, drinking, partying and bad relationships. I hung out with the wrong crowd and started to show self destructive behaviors. finally after a few really bad scares i quit drugs and started to go clubbing and i would drink heavily on weekends. i thought i wasnt hurting myself because everyone eles did it and it seemed ok. I was totally wrong of course and at the age of 17 my terrible anxiety surfaced after a relationship i was involved in.

    During that time i had taken a break from church and i was pretty lost in the world. now that i look back, even when i was running in the crowd i never felt like i fitted in. Even thhough my anxiety was on and off i functioned fine and held a job and went to school. I started going to church again about a year ago and shortly after i got involved with a guy and my anxiety and pancick attacks spun out if control. i realized that i belong to Jesus and i dont want to be involved with the things of my past. I struggled and to this day struggle with bad thoughts and obessive thoughts that taunt me all day. I went to a therapist and she diagnosed me with ocd. I’ve been like this for seven months and i hold on to God with all i have. I am seeking him like never before. i slip into these depressive states where i dont want to get out of bed. I am trying everyday to speak the word to my mind. I know when i am over all of this my faith is going to be unshakable. For now i am focusing on getting my life back and i want to return to school and get a job again. my anxiety and panick disorder has been holding me back from the plan that God has for my life. Please keep me in your prayers as i continue to seek God’s will for my life.

  72. Lindsey Says:

    I, too, can relate to your post. I have suffered from anxiety on and off since I was 7 (I’m now 19). While I struggled in my younger years, my mom helped me start learning about God and would encourage me to continue to seek a relationship with him. When I went to college this past fall, I turned my back on God. I’ve hit a bout of anxiety, panic attacks, and depression and I’ve been feeling alone and worthless, consumed by my thoughts. I can hardly get to class or even leave my bed at times. I’ve gone to a therapist, done meditation, supplements, deep breathing, and spent lots of audio tapes but nothing seems to help. Two nights ago I had a breakdown and turned to God. I got down on my knees and prayed. I want to open my heart to God and walk with him. I think I’ve had a lot of anger towards God because of my childhood, and I was honest with him about that (of course, he already knows) I want to put down the weight of the worry I carry with me everyday, because I don’t have to do it alone. That night and the next day I felt the biggest peace I have felt in a long time. Today I am struggling again, but I know if I keep my faith then God will heal me. We aren’t alone.

  73. Jjoy127 Says:

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. God has taught you the healing power of His Word and He is using His Word to free you. Praise His Name!
    Keep praying and keep reading His Word. It really has the power to transform lives!
    God has taught me this lesson too through a dream He gave me. It’s posted here and it’s called “The Pure Light That Changes.” I encourage those who are struggling to read it. I thank God for helping me through that dream and I also thank Him for using that dream to help others.
    May God continue to bless and keep you.

  74. Johanna Says:


  75. Paige Says:

    These feelings of anxiety are so very strong. I believe so much in the Lord. If it were not for my precious Lord I would not be here now. My anxiety makes me shake and the fear is constant. I feel like I am short changing the Lord. Satan is horrible. He has no place in my life, and yet he is ever present and lying. God, please help me! THIS IS OVERTAKING MY LIFE!

  76. sara Says:

    I thank God for hearing my prayers and helping my anxiety be subdued too. I have this anxiety problem where I will worry ALOT if my friends do not reply to my message, mostly worrying that they do not want to reply me or are ignoring me. I prayed, and the replies came through, along with the explanation in which I discovered were nothing to do with them ignoring me, but because they were also having rough days. Thank You God, please help me get over my anxiety problem on this because it is taking up way too much of my energy and emotions, which is very unhealthy.

  77. carine Says:

    HI My name is carine and I am from Lebanon the middle east and I lived all my life in fear from war and people dying.In 2007 was the first time the panic attack start and I was Married for 2 years and lived in USA and it’s off and on untill the last 3 month and I have been with the lord for almost a year and I am in the middle of the storm right now and reading your testimony mean a lot to me because it’s encourage me to hold on to our father and fight all this with his words and it’s working and beleive and trust in the lord that he is going to deliver me from all this 🙂 and I have a pill and I am nt taking it too because God is my Doctor and my healer yes he is.May God bless you.

  78. orlando Gomez Says:

    Eyes Be Healed!
    I had an eye Dr. appointment for the first time in almost 2 years, on Friday. Having been without any form of meds or treatment, I was expecting the worst, but praying for better. Turns out I got the best. While I still have some swelling in the blood ves…sels, it was minimal, and I had no sign of “floaters” or “snow banking”. I was told my eyes look the same, if not better than it had been the last time I was treated. This is amazing considering the few times I went a few months without any kinds of treatment or meds, I ended up with serious digressions in my condition. As it stands now, I do not need to return to any kind of treatment or medication because my condition in now mild and my vision with my glasses is 20/20. I’m filing this experience under MIRACLE and considering my 13 years of prayers answered with something other than “be patient”. It’s been rough, but it looks like it may finally be over. No more eye injections, infusions, mass amounts of pills, huge medical expenses, fighting with insurance agencies…I can definitely get used to this. Praise God!!!See More
    By: Orlando Gomez

  79. julie Says:

    hey lindalong, ur testimony is amazing. i feel it is exactly about me, i need help so much right now. i wish i could talk to u once…

  80. Jen Says:

    It’s been a blessing to find this site and read evryone’s testimony… I can relate to all of you and now I know I’m not alone.

    I believe God has something special for each one of us going through this, a ministry that can help people with what we are going through once we overcome through Him.

    When we get and stay in that secret place in the Lord accrording to Pslams 91, the enemy cannot reach us there because we will be in the experience of Gods perfect love, which casts out fear. Fear will be a thing of the past when we SURRENDER our lives to live in that secret place with God.

    I believe this is a call for us to give up our lives so we can find our lives in Him, short of that my only hope has been meds and alcohol that only served to numb me while I never became all that God wants for me and in fact I got worse and the enemy just stole, killed and destroyed everything in my life, by my own hands!

    When we Surrender COMPLETELY to God, seek 1st His kingdom with all our heart and press, press, press you will find Him, and this time don’t let go! A minister who overcame this instructed me to pray in tounges (if you do) and read the word everyday as much as you can in your idle time, praise and worship God everyday whenever you can (in the car etc.), talk to God in the spirit and outloud and come bodly and CONFIDENTLY to His throne. He likes when we come expecting Him to respond, because FAITH pleases God and if you fully expect Him to respond to you, He does. Practice the presence of God and stay in that secret place. Do all these things with your whole heart, mind and soul and not only does the devil flee but you will experience all of the fruits of the Spirit, Love, Joy, peace etc… and walk right onto your destiny.

    Don’t fear the fear, which makes it worse, remember it’s only False Evidence Appearing Real an illusion the enemy wants us to embrace as reality…
    Use the fear to your advantage, let fear be a reminder to reconnect to God through the pratices above. God bless all of you, I’ve prayed for all of you, please pray for me to.

    Last thought, when I asked another minister why I had to be so different, that if I didn’t stay close to God this attack happens, she said you get the PRIVLEDGE to rely on God alone which is indicative of the call on your life, He needs you to be surrendered to Him at all times because of your purpose and calling call for you to be that close to Him. See it as a blessing. =)

    Thank you all for reading. I’ll see you all in heaven

  81. stephen Says:

    Praise be to God for directing me to this site.Ever since i can remember I have been battling Anxiety and fear all my life. I have self medicated from hospital medication to Chinese herbal drugs I have tried almost everything just to free myself from Anxiety and fear but one thing I have realised as the bible says its not by might nor by power but by the spirit of the lord. I believe its only God who can set me free from this diabolical feeling.So brothers and sisters lets remind ourselves that the devil knows what we are capable of so he tries every means possible to imprison us. But as we all know the Devil is the father of all lies. So lets put on the whole armour of God and conquer this spirit of fear Because the lord our God has not giving us the spirit of fear but rather he has giving us boldness love peace and a sound mind.

  82. Tim Says:

    I have had the same experiences as many posters here.

    Just feel I need to post this verse, may have been posted somewhere already.

    Be still and know that I am God!” Psalm 46:10

    He is God and he will provide for us, we need to trust him in everything and surrender all things to him. No matter what.

    God holds the world between his thumb and forefinger, any worries, any anxiety, everything! Is there between his fingers.

    Let peace of God will be with us. Amen

  83. Natalia Says:

    I hate to be that person, that doesn’t send in a testimony, but instead posts a problem that they need help with, but as it turns out i’m being that person haha, so i apologize. But I desperately need you guys, my fellow christians/anxiety suffers, to give me some advice as to what I should do, if you have the time to spare, I would greatly appreciate it.

    To summarize, I’ve been a christian my entire life, however during high school I drifted pretty far from god. I went to college, partied, looking for a relationship to plunge into when through a friend, god suddenly came back into my life. I realized that I had strayed so far from god and that it was time to turn my life around and continue my relationship with him. I realized how much of my behavior over the past couple of years, and just the past couple of months was wrong. I began to talk to my friend for hours about god. I realized how big of a void there was in my life. I felt alive again, and had a purpose, I spent a lot of time thinking about god, and my life. I had a new strong drive to serve him. My view of everything began to change. I wanted to be the best christian woman I could be, serving god to absolute fullest. I wanted to know my bible like the back of my hand, able to help, and bring the lost to christ. I wanted the kind of faith that I was willing to die for, which today many christians believe is radical, but i believe if we are truly after christ, it goes without saying. I believe that god was revealing to me at that time that one day I would be in ministry. I came home from college for christmas break with a new perspective on life. But i realized that I had been doing a lot of thinking about god, and had yet to actually talk to him. It had been years (i’m ashamed to admit it) years, since I had actually prayed to god. That night I prayed to him, it was such a good feeling to talk to him. I began to tell him how i missed him and how I was was going to change when suddenly a horrible, sick, ugly feeling sliced through my prayer stopping me dead in my tracks, and with it came a reminder of something from my past, that I had forgotten about, but it was not a pretty thing. I was very confused and scared as to what just happened, all feelings of closeness and gods presence was gone. For just a brief moment in the back of my mind I thought ” what if gods not there” but i quickly shoved the thought away, thinking how ridiculous it was. I went back to school continuing on my new path. But that thought slowly became to remerge ” what if there is no god” and it grew into a bigger thought, which grew into a bigger thought which then became a large spiritual battle. Where one moment I was in darkness, where there was no god, there was no hope, there was no point in living, then something would rip me out of the darkness and suddenly there was god in all his glory the spirit was raging inside me, then a moment later i’d be dragged back to the darkness. A darkness that if i were left in, for an extended period of time, I would have certainly killed myself. It was literally war raging in my soul. I didn’t know what to do, i couldn’t focus in class I couldn’t do anything, I was on a spiritual roller coaster ride. I reached out to my aunt who told me to hand the battle over to god, I did so. I told myself ” your having doubts about god, just read your bible and pray everyday, and see what happens.” I tried doing that, but anxiety started to take over, i was so terrified that I was losing my faith. I had so many fears, to numerous to name, but i became so anxious I could not read the bible, b/c i was scared to doubt it. I stopped eating my mind was constantly racing with these terrible thoughts of losing god, and doubting him at the same time. this went on for about a month, i continued to spiral downwards, church became a place of confusion and instead of praising god, I was just trying to keep from doubting him. I would try to pray to god but was so anxious I could not focus on him, there were mornings when I would wake up and feel to horrible to go to class, i would go to the lounge and cry out to god to stop my doubting/ and my sadness and restore my happiness and joy, and total faith in him. But it just got worse, and I became anxious about everything, it became harder to pray, his word did not give me comfort. Nothing was giving me relief. I ended up having to leave school for a few days because the anxiety was so bad, i went to a doctor she told me that I have anxiety and she prescribed medication. But I was reluctant to rely on medication for my healing. Plus I was not convinced that it was my problem anyway, my problem was that I couldn’t stop doubting god, i was convinced that if i could just get a handle on god, all anxiety would disappear. But each day it kept getting worse, until one day i woke up and god was no longer real to me. All connection to god was lost. God is simply a notion. I started to feel detached from not only god but from everything, I started to get these weird feelings, and just not feel like myself. I came home from college a very confused, sad, detached individual. At the time I still wasn’t sure what was wrong with me, I still thought the problem was spiritual, the reason for my detachment to everyone was b/c of my detachment from god. I put god in a box. I put christianity into a box. I put life into a box. Its like life has become a dream. My first week home I spent trying to reverse what was happing to me, trying to make god real again, trying to feel something. I went to church and felt nothing. Its like going to church as a nonbeliever. I looked around at everyone and envied them, wishing i could feel what they feel, missing what they have. When i can no longer feel anything at church I know that something is horribly wrong. Christian music makes me feel worse instead of better. I haven’t felt the presence of god, a connection to god in months. Everyday I wake up and wish that I will wake up again, out of this fog, out of this nightmare. I went to a christian psychologist a few days ago, I explained to him everything thats happened over the last 5 months, he told me the same thing, that I have anxiety and now depression, he prescribed a medication. Looking back on everything now I can see, and I agree with his diagnosis. And now looking back at times in my life I see, I’ve been suffering from anxiety my whole life, i just didn’t realize at the time what it was.

    I have always been against medication, my whole life I’ve said, if you have anxiety, depression pray to god, he will heal you, he is all you need. And that is very true, when i was a younger for about a year I would have anxiety attacks every time I went to bed (at the time I didn’t know it was anxiety), I would get in bed and my heart would start to race, my mind would start to go crazy, I would think I would never make it till the morning. The only thing that would help me was praying to god, I would pray to him, and suddenly I would be calm, his presence would calm me. It wasn’t easy getting a hold of myself, but I was always able to do it, by reminding myself that he is in control and that I am safe and nothing is going to harm me. Just like the first testimony said, it isn’t easy but it is very possible to overcome a panic attack or anxiety by relying and clinging to god and his word in those moments.

    I was always able to fix the problem with god, but what if god IS the problem? I have gone from doubting god, to avoiding god, b/c i’m scared to doubt god, which then leads into feeling anxious about god, which then made me avoid it, b/c it made me feel anxious, and its an ongoing cycle. I surrendered to the fact that I needed to take medication, otherwise I would never get back to god again. This morning I was prepared to do so, but decided against it to give it a little more thought. I came on this website and read over what people had to say. And now I am torn, driving myself crazy over what to do. Most people’s testimony is people who are secure in their faith and are over coming their anxiety with gods help. But i’m not secure in my faith right now, like I said I can not feel his presence or anything.

    i don’t want to go on medication but I feel its my only choice, to get god again, and im willing to do it if its the only way. But im scared i will have bad side effects, I don’t want to screw up my life anymore. I don’t want to fall even farther from god, which i feel at this point means im not coming back. I don’t know what to do. Is it possible for anxiety and depression to get in the way of god this much, or have I seriously lost my faith? I don’t see how medication is bringing glory to god. When people ask me how did you get through this I want to say “b/c god saved me.” I just feel like after months of pain and suffering, what did I learn from this, how did my faith increase, its like taking a medication is a cop out. the other part of me says work through this somehow. The other things is I can’t go back to school like this in september, this has to stop this summer. But then I think i’m being stupid to put a time line on gods healing, but then I think its gone on way to long! Ive allowed satan to have a hold on me for months, it has to stop now! I go back and forth. Please any advice, would be awesome, thank you to whoever actually took the time to read this whole thing haha! email me at alias2244[at]yahoo.com and please pray for me.

  84. Craig Says:

    God has been healing (delivering)me of anxiety and depression. For me, it’s a process, as I seem to be getting a little better every day. What I do, is speak scriptures over my life. For example, “the joy of the Lord is my strength;” “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.” I speak these scriptures around 50 times a day. Your words are poweful; God’s word will not return void. Speak life into your situation. “Life and death are in the power of the tongue, choose life”

    BTW I am still taking medication. I was able to drop one medication, as my anxiety and depression lifted a lot!

  85. Craig S. Says:

    Actually, I dropped two pysch. meds and I am dropping (tapering off) the third one (Effexor.) I am standing on His word, “by His stripes I am healed.” I am still feeling depression but not confessing or giving it power.

  86. Carmen Says:

    God led me to your testimony today. You could have inserted my name into every paragraph. It was chilling how similar our paths have been. I am where you were in 1996. I pray that I will be healed and that others who feel so alone in this will find your testimony and find hope. Thank you

  87. Tabitha Says:

    Dear brothers and sisters, I have been suffering from ocd for years and didn’t even know I had it until recently. I know that the Spirit spoke to me and told me that God will heal me and bring me to a place of no fear. I know that He told me it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Please pray for me that I continually lean more and more on Him and stop listening to Satan. I know Satan is the accuser of the brethren and that everything that he tells me about myself is a lie. I also know that God has PROMISED me deliverance, so I am waiting and holding on for that. Brethren, I want to remind you all of a word from the Lord when He said, “Lean not on your own understanding.” Satan’s ways need not be searched out, picked apart and analyzed in order to defeat them. The Lord will give us word to help us understand what we need to understand if only we trust in Him and listen to Him daily. Peace and grace be with us all from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

  88. Sylvia Says:

    Your testimony is amazing and gives me a lot of hope for my journey with god and anxiety. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  89. Shay Says:

    Wow God definitely led me to this site because I am going through the worst anxiety/panic/depression ever! Mine is centered around health even though all tests have proven that im healthy but the fear is still there. Now I know that its nothing but satan trying to keep me at rock bottom so I cant serve the Lord like I suppose to. But this site has given me hope that I will be healed and anxiety/panic/depression will be a thing of the past !

  90. Paul Says:

    Hi all! I’ve been battling a form of OCD which involves religion. It’s called Scrupulosity. Now, I’m not going to lie and tell you l’ve been a good model Christian. I lived a very sinful life. Porn and fantasies got a good hold on my marriage and sex life. Recently I woke up from sleep feeling sick and tormented inside. I knew this was spiritual. It was a horrible feeling like I was being rejected by the Holy Spirit. For weeks I didn’t know what to do except pray. I stopped all sexual relations and started seeing a Christian counselor.
    I told him everything from my childhood to present. I lost my mother when I was an infant. I was molestered by a neighbor when I was about 6. I was introduced to porn by another neighbor who also tried to seduce me when I basin my early teens. So a lot went on in,a short amount of time. I never told anyone about this until I told my wife when this restlessness came about. My dad worked full time and was raised by my Grandmother and Aunts. I don’t have any ill feelings for these neighbors and I guess I had put it away all these years. I’m now in my 50’s and semi retired. I now attend daily mass and have completely turned from my sinful ways. I looked for answers on the internet and bought many books on the subject of OCD which I have many other symptoms of. My mind still harbors sinful bad thoughts and fantasies which to this date I can’t shake completely. Some of these thoughts even involve spiritual images. That’s sick! I pray and say to the Lord “If this is my cross to bear for my sins then so be it”. I know and understand the Lord died for our sins and we must live by faith but this disease can drain you mentally. I don’t want to be on medications or be on therapy CBT that may be against my religion. Part of this scrupulosity is the feeling.of not being forgiven. So here I am plugging along looking for support and feeling anxious. I’ll continue to fight the fight of my life until He calls me home. Amen.

  91. wendy Says:

    Hi everyone, am suffering form anxeity also sometimes i feel like am going crazy and am going to end up in a mental institute but it is my son that is keeping me and my lovely bf. I thank u all for sharing your testimony it really helps. i dont share what i am going thrugh with my family because i don’t want them to think am crazy. i am just trying really hard to fight the feelings each day. i can’t get to type all i want to say because i don’t want anyone to see what am typing. i wish for us all to get well.

  92. Lexie Says:

    Such a great testimony, Exactly what I’m going through…I’m only 16 and since May 2011, when I began my christian walk…I’ve had constant panic attacks, fear is holding me captive. Dropped out of school in May and I’m starting school on Tuesday and I pray to God to heal me.I know it will pass…I won’t let Satan steal joy as a teenage christian. If you won the battle, I can win too, Amen.

  93. missymfns Says:

    i am suprised to see so many individuals are going through the same exact torment as i am. we too feel alone. it is awful. i go to church regularly now. every sunday with my family. i have been going since the beginning of the summer. i realize that i have had anxiety for over 3 years now. i am tired of suffering. at times i feel good. at times i feel okay. lately, i have been so alone. i dont have any friends, i dont have a significant other to share love and life with. but i feel like i chose this life, even though i am miserable. i dont want to be alone. i choose to be set free of this agony. i dont socialize with anyone..i feel as if i have a mental illness..of course besides my anxiety and perhaps depression. i look for god. i pray and thank him for everything. i feel him near when i am suffering. as if he calms me when i am crying compulsively. i feel his spirit comforting me. and then my mind takes a different toll and tells me things arent real, my faith weakens and i become afraid. its is so hard to live like this. i really become concerned when i contemplate failing in life, giving up and dying somehow. but god has sent me messages. i am trying to stay strong.

  94. Suz Says:

    Wow thanks for your awesome testimony, thanks everyone else for sharing too, helps to know that I am not alone and for your prayers, so touched my heart. I Have been battling anxiety for about 9 months, just wanted to share this in case it helps someone. I have an under active thyroid but sometimes it starts putting out more thyroid hormone which means the meds I’m on become too high… One of the side effects… You guessed it anxiety. i believe this can also happen if you have an over active thyroid. So please get your hormone levels checked if you haven’t already, because it’s something physiological and treatable which when under control does help me in my battle. it doesn’t fix everything and I need to keep quoting scripture in my life, but it does help. May God bless and strengthen each of you in your journey.

  95. Jennifer Says:

    Praise God! I am so glad I found this….I am right in the middle of this storm. Been dealing with anxiety for about 5 mths now. It is hell! But my God is greater….and I know we all will get thru this. I lead the drama minisrty at my church and it’s been so hard to focus on my calling. I won’t give up!! I will fight for my life back. I am praying for all of you, please pray for me!

  96. Jenny Says:

    I am in tears and don’t know what to say, except that I am grateful for this site and all of you to share your stories. I feel like I’ve read mine over and over again on this page. It’s tough for anyone to understand how anxiety can affect one’s life, without actually having been through it. So too, it’s hard to know where to turn or who to talk to. I just keep praying and I know in my heart that I have a couple of people in my life who have done the same for me. I just don’t understand sometimes how I got to this point and wonder how will I ever get my happy, normal, confident life back!

    At the same time, and I’ve learned the most important, how I can learn more and have a stronger relationship with God, because I certainly need it. I need Him. Let’s all pray together, for each other.

    Thank You for sharing and giving me an outlet to do the same.

  97. Beth Says:

    I can really relate to your testimony and I appreciate your honesty! I too have been in a similar place.

    I just wanted to say though that I do not think being on medication to help with depression/anxiety or other disorders is a bad, unChristian thing to do. I truly believe that we should stand on God’s Word and that should be the center of my world. However, I also believe that God has blessed doctors with the ability to help those in need as well.

    I think it is a personal decision based on prayer, meditation and a deep relationship with the Lord.

    God bless you and all those that have suffered or continue to suffer!

  98. Ashley Carlson Says:

    I have had extreme anxiety and panic attacks for over a year and a half now..I’ve gone to a ton of doctors and they all say something different. I stumbled upon a book by a Christian man named Art Mathias called Destroying Satans lies by God’s Truth. It is an amazing book. Art was diagnosed with environmental illness a few years ago where he was allergic to over 100 different things. He realized when talking to someone else that he had held a lot of bitterness and resentment in his heart and thats why he was suffering. He says that God’s will is to forgive but he can not forgive you if you have not forgiven yourself and others for things that have happened in your life. God loves you and wants you to be happy and at peace but he can not go against his own will. I encourage anyone and everyone to purchase and read this book. There is a reason this is happening to all of us, we just need to find the answer and truly forgive and let go of all the bitterness and resentment in our lives. I pray that each of you will find healing, as I’m just now finding it and finding happiness again. Do as God wants you to do in EVERY aspect of your life, He loves you.

  99. Mary Says:

    I am also glad I found this website. I used to be so free and happy. I never questioned myself or my surroundings. Once I had children, though, my perspective changed. I feared for them. I was scared something awful would happen to them. I was scared they would do something wrong, etc. Now, they are teenagers and young adults and its WORSE. Now that they are driving and are out in the world and I don’t have control over them, I am terrified of what MIGHT happen. It is really taking me over and I am also scared of other things….money problems, etc. I lay in bed and think of the craziest scenarios that MIGHT happen. My friends tell me to stop the “what ifs” but here lately, its really gotten so bad. I could cry at the drop of a hat. My heart pounds, and I just want to crawl into a hole. These posts here at least make me feel like I’m not alone and I’m not crazy. I really want to “let go and let God” but its so hard for me. I have to control everything to be happy. Ugh. Please keep writing! It really does help me to read what you all are going through. I pray every day that God will help me and show me someone who can talk to me and help me. Thank you all for your posts. God bless.

  100. F. Smyth Says:

    Have you noticed the pattern?
    The attack is always the same.
    Attack… Back off… Attack… Back off
    Guilt… Comfort… Guilt… Comfort…
    Isolate… Dispair… Isolate… Dispair…
    Distract… Fear… Shame… Distract…

    So knowing this, step back. Turn to the light.
    Fill your entire inner world with that light, let there be no hiding place
    Then look upon the enemy, he is but product of lies, and lies are nothing.
    But do not become as he, and judge in arrogance, not even the heavenly Angels do that. Hand him over to the judgement of the light.
    Declare there and then whom you serve. Whom is your master.
    And then his battle is no longer yours, for you have handed it over
    To the Lord who has already defeated the Enemy.

    Then make this always your answer, always your response to fear
    “Heavenly Father, You are my creator, And it is you & You alone I adore”
    And Do Not Worry. (Padre Pio Servent of the Lord)

  101. Jenny Says:

    I felt relieved reading all the encouraging words of wisdom… I too am suffering from this for almost 2 months now. Believe, there is no one who can help you with this kind of disorder. Not the doctors, not even your family. It is only our creator, God the Father. I believe God is out there just waiting for us to call on Him. The healing may not happen instantly for some of us but I am sure it will happen. Remember His promise, God came to give us life and that we might live life abundantly. This is not His will for us to be sick. He may have allowed our sickness to happen so we will look up to Him and seek Him. We should always thank Him for the good and bad things that are happening to us. It makes us appreciate Him more.

    My prayer: Thank you Lord for this time of my life I have became closer to you. Thank you for your promises of healing, that by your stripes we are healed. Right now Father God, we receive healing. We claim it in the Name of Jesus. You are our King of Kings and Lord of Lords.. Lord we am sorry for taking you for granted at times when the world seems perfect for us. We promise to continue our walk with You. We will always praise your Name on High. In Jesus Name, Amen!!!

  102. Crys Says:

    I too have been suffering this battle. It came out of nowhere when I thought everything was fine. I do believe God will break the chains of my anxiety. It has caused me so pain and suffering within a short month. I felt like nothing was going to break these emotions I was feeling and the horrific thoughts that came to my mind. I used to be a devoted Christian, but throughout my life I have turned away, I have sinned, and did many things I am not proud of. I have been very selfish. I feel in a way although this has caused me much grief, it is a way of drawing me closer to the lord. To renew my faith and renew my mind. I purchased Joyce Meyers “Battlefield of the Mind”, and several other books to help me get through this process. God is faith, peace, love, and comfort. We have to realize that our thoughts and feelings are not of God and we can break through by standing on his Word and renewing our minds from the strongholds that keep us where we are. I have an enormous amount of hope and faith. There are days I doubt and am afraid if I will be normal once again: but then I think I will be better then I once was before. It won’t happen overnight but set your sight on God and never give up hope. Keep fighting the good fight of faith!

  103. Jenny Says:

    I am so happy and excited to tell you that today, I received my healing… after almost 2 months,I can say that I am so blessed today. God has healed me from my anxiety and my shortness of breath. I feel so much better now. Lord, you are so God. Thank you so much for healing me… Indeed, “Everything is possible for him who believes” (Mark 9:23). Nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible with God!!! To God be the glory..

    Father in the name of Jesus, I pray for my dear friends to receive their healing right now. O God, you said in Jeremiah 33:6 that you will bring health and healing. And you will heal your people and will let us enjoy abundant peace and security. As your children, we will claim your promises O Lord right now in Jesus Name..

  104. Gail Says:

    I need to get back to the peace I have found with God. I have let myself go away from my church but not from God.. Today the anxiety and depression has brought me to this search. After reading all the testimonies i can now breath.

  105. Shan Says:

    Thank you for Your testimony. I have been struggling with anxiety since I was 9 years old and I am now 27. I was never a devout Christian but within the past year have been working on making God a bigger part of my life. Now that I am doing it seems like things are being thrown at me. I cry so much and worry about a lot. But your testimony really spoke for people like me that feel like they have no voice. I thank you so much because through your testimony I know I can be healed.

  106. razzle dazzle Says:


    The what if’s of life always had me down.


  107. John Stanko Says:

    I’m going through the same thing right now as a Christian, the same thing exactly. Can you help me oh please. My email is captaincold84[at]yahoo[dot]com. If you can help me, please do.


  108. MICHELLE Says:

    Glory to God, Your testimony is similiar to my testimony. Some people need to know that mental illness is not from god.

  109. Ben Says:

    I too have been suffering from S.A.D my whole life and hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating). And i stopped going to public school after 7th grade and have been doing online school because of my S.A.D and hyperhidrosis. I have no friends,no life and im depressed constantly. Recently i decided to start going to church every sunday, so far i went once,(i quit when i was 8, im 15 now) and i have been reading the bible and praying every night. im to sad and i want to be successful in life, so im turning my life to god for hope and guidance.

  110. Richie Says:

    I feel the exact same way, my anxiety started with IBS but was manageable for years until recently I am having to file bankrupt. The anxiety and depression of fealing like a failure is overwhelming. My whole life I put faith in myself since I always performed everything very well. I am not used to feelings of being weak and wanting to run and hide. I feel like everyone at work is looking at me and waiting for me to finally give up. I really needed to read these posts because my faith needs to really be boosted. Funny thing is, I knew in the back of my mind my whole life that this day would come and I would need to turn back to him but I just stayed busy in life to try and run from it. Why do we run from happiness and peace?? Please pray for me because my mind and spirit are on a daily battle with the enemy for the past year now and I am getting exhausted. I do not want to turn to medication for problems I KNOW the king of kings can fix!

  111. Rose Says:

    Hi there. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks. I am a believer and meditate on Gods word every morning for hours, 1-2-3 hours when it comes on strong. My husband got real sick and I was on pills but crazy things happen and God told me in Thessalonians to stay sober that benzo’s were a no-no. He says in His word He will take care of me.That worrying is lack of faith. Also the bible says we must suffer many things to enter the kingdom. God bless

  112. Rose Says:

    Hi again.I’m so excited to have found all of you. I was feeling all alone in the anxiety but now I feel great.Let us pray for each other like the bible says. The Bible says God sends forth His word to heal us. Dear Lord,please heal us as we draw close to you, amen

  113. mcue Says:

    this is beautiful. Just what I needed. thank you so much for sharing this! I feel extremely encouraged. I’ve fallen into depression time and time again (check out my testimony (“what should I do now?”). but you’ve made a point that I heard a few days ago, speak the Word into your life! I woke up today, feeling empty as usual so I went into scripture and 3 of them have made my day 🙂

    Isaiah 43:1-2 “I have called you by name; you are mine.2 When you go through deep waters,
    I will be with you.
    When you go through rivers of difficulty,
    you will not drown.
    When you walk through the fire of oppression,
    you will not be burned up;
    the flames will not consume you”

    Psalm 16:8-11
    “I know the LORD is always with me.
    I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.9 No wonder my heart is glad, and I rejoice.t
    My body rests in safety.10 For you will not leave my soul among the deadt
    or allow your holy onet to rot in the grave.11 You will show me the way of life,
    granting me the joy of your presence
    and the pleasures of living with you forever”

    and of course Romans 8:38- “nothing shall separate us from his love”

    such power! such beauty! such joy! Depression’s got nothing on the children of God!

  114. Rose Says:

    That’s right.God told me His word is sharper than a double edge sword going deep in our bones.I am learning scriptures and meditating on them and I really feel like a new person.It is a big step from the old way of thinking.The bible tells us how to think.It says think on things WORTHY OF PRAISE. God bless you..

  115. Nicole Says:

    Reading your testimony was very inspiring. I have been through the same exact thing and had all of the same EXACT fears in the same order. God is truly great and worthy of the praise and it is a process to renew your mind and think on the things of God. I have been battling with anxiety for the last couple of years. Sometimes I can feel free from it like its completely gone. Sometimes I feel like it comes back way harder than before. But I believe God will not allow you to come to it, if he couldnt bring you through it. There is hope. Each time I go through this storm in my life I come out stronger than before and those fears will go away once I replace those fears with the word of God. If you have fear of death, Hebrews 2:14-15 will encourage you. All the answers are in Gods word to bring peace of mind and spirit. This is a battle but I know God will deliver. “ Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.” Psalm 34:19. Keep the Word of God first stand on his word. I also had read panic away which kind of helps with the anxious feelings. God is our only Healer and deliverer and I will continue to pray for you all and we will overcome this. We are more than conquerors!!!

  116. leslie Says:

    I believe The Good Lord guided me to find this page. Thank you for the wonderful testimony. I can really relate to it. I’ve been having this since I was a kid too. It kind of went away but for the past few years, I’ve been struggling again. I have been recovering little by little. The Rosary helped me a lot.

    Again thank you for this. May God bless us all!

  117. Elmer Medina Says:

    Praise the Lord. It was the will of God that I found this wonderful testimony. Believe me, I’m going through a violent stage of anxiety too. I lost a chairman novel that I spent months developing in my schools computer and the thought of someone finding it and copyrighting it for themselves is paralyzing me. I worked extremely hard on it with hopes of spreading god’s love, Jesus sacrifice and hope through my work. The thought of losing it to someone else kills me, but I know that with Gods help, that fear and anxiety will go away. Thanks for the testimony and wake up call.

  118. Rose Says:

    Hearing this beautiful testimony brings hope to my heart… Ive been struggling with anxiety/panic disorder for 9yrs now… Its crippling and makes me feel trapped and lost. I’m desperate. I accepted the lord when i was 19 im 24 now…. I want to run to God and give him my all but i feel like i cant like theres a concrete wall stopping me. i know its the devil making me feel this way… and this testimony lightened up my day when i felt lost of hope. God bless each one of you.

  119. Richard Says:

    Hearing this testimony also brings me hope. Very recently I’ve begun to have a very difficult time struggling with anxiety. Almost everyday now I have been having panic attacks. The smallest pain in my head, or pressure, leads me down a path where I think I’m on the verge of having an aneurysm and that I’m about to die. I’ve been struggling with the question of whether to go to a Dr. to receive medication. But I’m beginning to realize that this is weakness. That is not what God wants of me. I truly believe that I can get through this through the help of God. I will continue to fight this, with help from the Word of God.

  120. david Says:

    THE exact stuff that you went through i went through as a child i used to think all my family was going to die somehow and would have panic attacks now 18 years of age i find myself struggling with anxiety. the same thoughts of not being good enough to serve God or that im going to loose my mind or that i have an evil spirit plagues my mind. But God placed me in the right home my dad is a pastor of a church and my dream is to become a gosple singer. reading this testimony has made me realize that i can make it and that GOD is holding me in his arms. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!

  121. Jen Says:

    Thank you. This helped and encouraged me. When God does the same for me I intend on doing the same for others.

  122. Rose Says:

    Well I want to thank my GOD and Jesus for finally experiencing that PEACE that passes all understanding.I believe meditating on God’s word,Believing and Doing what it say’s is the answer.I really had to practice this because our flesh is weak and i repeat certain scriptures dealing with anxiety when panic tries to set in.God’s word is so true.Stay in scripture.God Bless ..

  123. toto Says:

    panic attack is the result of losing god peace.

  124. Tim Says:

    It is encouraging to read of others having victory. I am in the midst of an attack season right now. I’ve had attacks and then seasons of peace before. I am blessed to have a wonderful & understanding wife, and parents whom have had experience with panic. I know so much comes from wanting control & stability, but I know that is impossible. I do know that God promises in His word that His yoke is light & that we will not be given more than we can handle, even though it seems like it sometimes. I have to believe that God loves my family and me, and His way is the best way and I just need to let Him have control. I would appreciate prayers and will be praying for you all.

  125. Matthew Warren Says:

    So, yea really happy i came across thisss!!!! lol. Still going through what everyone else is going through. its been about 2 years now and probly 35% free but idk some days are good and bad but i know for certain i will be free, my lifee will be awsome like it wasss and this will eventually all end. cuz i know this is not how to live, you DONT carry the cross like this in life, (at least not your whole life) so dont listen to anybody!!!!!!who tells you this is for you. He is either a demon or is controlled by one. maybeeee idk lol welll time to sharreeee lol.
    Going through everything you guys are but be maybe a little trickier so hopeful it inspires a little bit. it all started off side effects off a medicine i took call acutane. so i believe the devil used accutane to as a way to get me confused about it all thinking that all that im going through is from accutane.. haaaa funny the problem with that was the side effects wear off and the pill is out of your blood stream in a matter of 4 days. things iv been through are,,,, CRAAAZY THOUGHTS, My life is the Truman show(Jim Carry movie), people hate me talk about me blah blah blah, im worshiping satan secretly and not God, once in my life i played with a wigi board but i dont remember(haha that was all satan putting that thought in my mind), the big one i struggled with was i am the ANTI CHRIST to lead everyone astray and make people worship me because i was better then everyone and i am cocky and good looking and have a perfect personality for it and blah blah.anyways, been throughh it allll o and yeaa forgot,,,,,,,,, A demon appeared in my room just to mess with me even more and woke me up in my sleep, that wasnt very fun. and God used my freied at work to tell me that it was a real demon through a story he shared with me.cuz i needed convincing that i truly wasnt crazy lol. crazy rightttt. lost alll my freiends iv had since i was like 2 and blahh blahh blahh it sucks but God is awsome and we cannot get through or defeat satan without him and his almighty son Jesus 🙂 so keeep prayingggg he will strenthen you. isaha 42:10 i think lol….Fear not, for i am with you, be not dismayed,for i am your lord. i will heal you, i will strengthen you, i will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Amen God Blesssss

  126. Lori Says:

    Thank you all for sharing so openly about your struggles. I too have been battling anxiety/panic disorder/panic attacks. I have been suffering terribly for the last month. I have seen a doctor and have started medication. I didn’t want to take medications, but I feel that it is a must right now to get by. I am thankful to GOD for them. I was stunned to see all of the comments about anxiety being a spiritual battle not a mental disorder. I have felt from the begining like I am being posessed by something evil. It is refreshing to know that I am not the only one experiencing this. I pray for and claim healing for all of us in Jesus name and I am excited to see what GOD has in store for me. Must be something great if the devil is working so hard on me to try and make me lose faith.

  127. rauzet moustache Says:

    very encouraging, the devil is a liar, l have gone through the same kind of depression too, the problem with allowing fear in our life is that, l realized those thoughts take a stronghold on a personality and steals our life, joy and peace. After l gave my life to Christ Jesus entirely, everything was made new and l do not have time to entertain the devil again, God is amazing, people don’t know what they are missing without Christ until they actually try Him. God bless you. 🙂

  128. Mary Says:

    Oml! This sounds just like my attack!!!! God has healed me from a lot of it but I still have some anxiety I know He will deliver me but until he does please pray that He will give me strength to endure this trial.

  129. jennifer Says:

    hi i thought i was the only one suffering with this, i have suffered with this since February of this year and it really does take over your life, racing heart, irregular heartbeat, palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, faintness, tingling hands and arms, chest pain nauseous, not eating…the list is endless and that’s what it did to me… i went to hospital over 30 times in last few months all they say is i have arrhythmia and ectopic heartbeats but it’s nothing to worry about but of course you worry and you do really think you are going to die and with every pain i get i think this is it and some days i feel strong and other days i feel so helpless… it’s a constant battle, but it is interesting and encouraging to read what you guys have said, some of the scriptures really help.. i just want that peace that everyone talks about, ive been a Christian on and off for about 8 years I’m 27 now, but I’m just slowly starting to come back and i feel the attacks worsen at church events etc. so i try to avoid which is terribly hard. Please help and please keep me in your prayers.

  130. dolly Says:

    My family has a history of depression n anxiety. Mine started 2 years ago when my mum was diagnosed with brain cancer. Since then I have v bad anxiety attacks with loads of physical symptoms.
    I have done an endoscopy cos I was vomiting all the time, I went to neurologist as my left body was always numb n tingling. I checked my eyes twice due to hazy vision. All came back negative. I have so much fear of death as I have 2 young beautiful kids.
    Right now as I am typing, I can feel a bruise like pain on my left shoulder blade.
    I am letting to let go of my fears n keep my focus on God. Every time I feel the urge to google for medical symptoms, I will stop myself n start to google n learn more about God and his miracle works, which is how I came to here.
    I am taking med for my anxiety and I thank God for giving men the wisdom to make med.
    Slowly but surely I know I can get past this with God’s help. I know that it is so tough at times n u just feel God has left u. Just pray n pray n keep the faith. We will all get there. God bless.

  131. Sarah Says:

    You guys are all amazing; thank you for sharing your stories. Your courage in the valley to keep believing God’s promise never to leave or forsake us is so beautiful. The enemy often tries to mess with me through anxiety, but I’m not prepared to tolerate him stealing my joy any more. Jesus bought my freedom on that cross, and I’m taking it! I stand on Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you”. Keep Jesus at the centre and everything else fades away into insignificance. I pray that each of us would come to know God’s perfect peace more and more each day and that we would truly allow his perfect love to cast out all fear!

  132. betty Says:

    Thank you all for sharing your stories through your struggles with anxiety. It’s very comforting to know that I’m not the only one that is going through this. My anxiety has started a little under 3 years ago with severe physical and mental problems. I would start to feel faint, dizzy, and my whole arms and feet would become numb. It was a little hard to ignore rhoa

  133. betty Says:

    Sorry a continuation of my last post sorry. Then I got to feeling like I was going crazy and that I was always going to feel this way. I went to the doctor and they told me I had anxiety and panic disorder. I was put on a low dose antidepressant and given anti anxiety meds to get my through my panic state until the antidepressants started to work. I got better and resumed a normal life. A year or so later I started feeling extreme anxiety again. Uped my dose and was back to feeling “normal” life again. Once again anxiety has crept back in on me. I have always been a believer but have not been to church in a while. I came across this testimonial with tears rolling down my face. I’ve never put two and two together until now. The devil has been plaguing me this whole time. I’m glad I have came across this site. It really gives me hope that with the power of Gods name I can once and for all beat this. I vow to never let the devil and his negative thoughts infect me. I am a lamb of God and I will wear his armor around me and I will be free once and for all. Thank you thank you for giving me hope in such a dark place. In Gods name where there is dark there is light. And that’s where I’m headed to the light. Prayers go out to all of you and remember to keep me in your prayers as I start my journey.

  134. Sherese Says:

    Thank God!!! I believe….I believe… In Jesus name amen.

  135. Sherese Says:

    Thank God for all I have read. This is a encouragement to me, letting me know that there is hope. I trust him to do what he said he will do. Please let us pray for one another…..

  136. jackie Says:

    please pray for me

  137. jackie Says:

    anxiety and depression so bad I need the touch of God

  138. Joy Says:

    Dear Jackie
    I am praying for you.
    May the Lord bless you with peace from the top of your head right down to your toes. He loves you. He’s with you. He will never leave you.
    He has good plans for you. He has a future full of hope for you. He will bring it to pass.
    love, Joy

  139. MARIE Says:

    Many testimonies I have read here sound like my life. Mine started about 6 years ago with worry and just progressed to panic attacks, depression, more worry, feeling I was loosing my mind, etc. the list goes on. My body even had negative stymptoms which strengthened fear\’s hold on me. I sought the Lord diligently. He told me \”this will pass.\” That brough so much hope. I could go into detail of what I\’ve suffered but I won\’t bore you, instead I want to give you hope.

    This is for the one who feels hopeless, depressed, anxious, afraid that you\’ll never overcome and that you will loose your mind in the process, there is always HOPE when God is involved. Don\’t try to figure out why you\’re going through this, rather seek Him. Seek Him with your whole heart! He will lift you up out of the pit you\’re in. He did me! It took 6 years but little by little he lifted me out.

    What you are going through is sparked by a spirit of fear. Fear is the opposite of faith and is from satan. Fear finds a weak spot in our lives and little by little overtakes our thought life (making us feel like we are going crazy). When our mind believes a lie that fear is telling us, our bodies react in response (panic, tingling, pains, etc.).

    Fear holds us in bondage. However, fear is not stronger than God’s power. Stand on God’s word speak it out loud. You may not feel it at first, but speak God’s truth anyway. He is with you suffering with you. You will come out of this! There is ALWAYS hope in God. Remember this.

  140. Todd Says:

    Speak life to your body!! Your own words have such an effect on you, either for the good or bad! Mix it with Gods word and faith then watch what God will do for you!!

  141. virginia Says:

    I just want to thank everyone for sharing their testimonies! And I want to thank the Lord for bringing me to this page… I have had anxiety for about a year and ahalf now, at first itcompletely consumed my life. I was terrified of going “crazy”, becoming possessed, etc. (I’ve watched too many scary movies in the past) When this first started happening my mother recommended that i start taking medicine because that would “fix” me. (She suffers from severe anxiety and depression and takes alot ofpills for it). Wanting a quick fix, i did what she said and started taking medication….too my surprise that medicine never fully healed me…I’ve been a christian all my life, but I never fully lived my life through the lord. All this anxiety started happening when I was going through a bad path in life….i finally turned everything over to the lord and began tobuild my faith stronger than ever before…and that’s when I realized this anxiety brought me closer to Lord, and I was thankful for it! Without the anxiety I would have never developed this relationship with God!after realizing this I would go months withoutany attacks, but when I started to slip upand stop praying I would notice the attacks to occur more frequently…tonight was one of those nights for me. I was having a severe attack until I found this website. You all have helped me so much, and I pray that we will all be healedin Gods time. Thank you, and I will keep you all in my prayers.

  142. Ijeoma Says:

    pls, i want you all to pray for me to be heal from Anxiety. I know my God will heal me, for he is a healer.

  143. Benjy Says:

    i am also suffering from this,iv put in God’s hand but still i feel the stress/anxiety,i get neck pains and lightheadedness.i have prayed manys of times for this to go away but it hasnt,im not sure what to do,also im 15 and i have school soon and i feel pressured because i may be ill in school and have to miss on important gcse info,please help

  144. Nick Says:

    I woke up at 4:22am this morning with a cold sweat and stomach churning fear; I felt anxious and sick. Yesterday my boss rang to tell me that a colleague had told the company owner what a poor job I had done earlier in the week. Maybe I had, maybe I hadn’t but I don’t believe it explains the level of my anxiety.
    I am a christian and have been for many years; I believe God’s word; I have had anxiety attacks and problem with fear for as long as I can remember.
    My first ever anxiety attack was in the school playground when I was 7 or 8 years old. I was messing about at registration and was called to the front by the headmaster. I went to the front and promptly collapsed.
    Your testimony is exactly what I have been looking for. I am tired and frustrated with anxiety and worry, and want to address the root cause. The problem has been that I don’t know the root-cause; I don’t know what needs healing or dealing with. As a christian I don’t believe you need to know: God knows. If he wants to tell us or reveal it to us his will, by his Holy Spirit. I believe you are absolutely correct about the application of the Word of God. Please pray for me as I start my course of medication, I don’t expect a miracle to occur today but I do believe that I am a road to recovery. I look forward to reporting back on God’s work in my life.

  145. Nick Says:


    I have a request; could you please send me a copy of the verses that us refer to.
    Also in the post I have just submitted I refer to ‘medication’, by that I mean medication of the Word of God, not actual medication! 🙂
    Could you please amend my post to say that.

    Thank you


  146. joshua Says:


    You YOU MUST RECALL THIS DAY TILL YOU DIE. You are soooo blessed to have arrived on this site. For some reason, I was reading testimonies and drawn to see what you had commented on this forum. It seems God wanted me to enlight you with the TRUTH.

    My brother , you need to know One thing.

    – We are not smart at reasoning, so do not enter that trap of reasoning with Satan. If you want your entire life to be filled with confusion , despair and torment – start a competition with satan in reasoning.

    – Jesus is the Wisest person in the Universe. He showed us how to deal with lies on earth. He never reasoned with Satan. He would have just told satan , I am not hungry – when tempted to change stone to bread. He would have challenged satan and boast of the number of angels and what they were capable to do [ greater than what satan had proposed to Him – that He should sermon His angels who will lift him before he fell off the cliff].
    Jesus would have reminded the devil of how wealthy He was back in heaven , with streets made of gold unlike the kingdoms made of dust and mud streets that satan was offering Him. But Jesus did none of the reasoning. He instead quoted the WORD. You see if Jesus knows how powerful the WORD is against satan, we should also seek to know this WORD. Satan knows that is the only way we can diffuse His LIEs.

    Your mind is either a slave to the Lie [ satan’s words] or a slave to God’s Truth [ That Mighty Word]. God empahsises several times of how powerful His word is: to show us a number of times how powerful the WORD is:heaven and earth shall pass away but the WORD is eternal. Through the WORD – the Universe [ all planets, all water bodies, the animals, Human beings were formed].

    The WORD is a command prompting a spiritual change in the Physical and spiritual realm. When the WORD is used in its refined form { faith with NO slightest doubt] it activates angels to clear the path , slay fallen angels [ demons], it Moves the Holy Spirit to sort the issue at once.
    You think Moses who split the sea to dry land, Or David who killed a lion , bear and a giant with his bare hands is any different from us ? NO !!!!.. these guys used the WORD [ in its purest form – faith with no doubt ] to send a prompt command to God’s spiritual realm and it their command was realised on earth.

    Anxiety, depression and mental Illness sufferers always want to find the root cause of what they are going through. I have NEWS for you – Its not your childhood, its not your past , its not the future – its God v Satan.

    What camp do you believe in ? Whose Words do you believe will make way for the armies of that realm to work in Your life. To fight the devil , do not use reasoning – USE the WORD ! A liar loves people who like using human reasoning in finding their root cause of their state. In here your drawn to more confusion and darkness.

    Use the truth to diffuse Lies . You will know the truth and this TRUTH WILL set you free.

    You may say that I have known the truth day and night, that you know the scriptures since childhood. My friend, that’s not knowing.

    Knowing the TRUTH sets people free ! Your still in bondage because you know MORE Lies than TRUTH.

    The truth is the Light. It is Jesus Himself. You need to personally know Him , seek him night and day. Praising Him and worshiping Him { for what HE is despite of your circumstances] is the quickest way to His Heart.

    The walk of the Jews in the wild shows this in plenty. The walls of Jericho falling down [ through praise and worship], the freedom of the slaves from Egypt [ through the cry and praise , that it reached the ears of God] , David and His countless victories in His battles [ through praise and worship}. It is the quickest way to get God’s attention.

    My advice to you – whenever your mind wanders to those dark places [ amplified lies] ,get on your knees – start prasing Jesus for who He is , how wonderful He created the World, praise Him for the small insects you saw a while ago , for the plant you observed , look for the natural things around you and start praising Him , thank him for how creative He is … once you are in the state of worshiping , start thanking Him and get the engine started – remind Him of the child he healed , remind Him of Lazarus he rose from the dead, remind him of the leprosy men he healed, the blind , the lame , REMIND HIM OF THE MAN WHO HAD A LEGION OF DEMONS IN HIM – And start talking to Him like you would to your father / mother – JESUS , You did that to those people when you were on earth – Now that YOU are sat in Heaven, with all the glory and power bestowed on YOU, I kindly beg your divine help – release your power and destroy every demon in my mind and concious, every spiritual wound – cut it out of my life. Immerse me in your blood , – Let every root that was staged by these demons be broke by your powerful Hand that created this Universe. In Jesus Mighty Name I pray – Amen.

    Say that prayer every time and after you feel those thoughts and feelings of panic attack , worthlessness , hateful , confusion , unease , doubtful . The purpose is to make TRUTH the Foundation of your Thoughts.

    There is no freedom for your mind unless you difuse the LIES. Now that those demonic roots are cut out from your mind and heart and concious , you need to start cutting their sources.

    The Tell -lie- vision { t.v set] is the best tool that Satan has used to subconsciously programme human minds. Satan uses the media to sip lies in every human being’s mind. Remember our minds have no fire walls. They are open to anything that flocks through . That is why we are urged by Jesus to meditate on the word – night and day to diffuse those lies.

    The propaganda godfather – Joseph Goebbels – who master crafted the art of propaganda put it this :
    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    This is how satan operates ! We live in a world full of lies , our minds literally see the lies to be truthful. If you go to your psychologist and tell him how you feel , He will coin what you are thinking as distorted . But do you believe him when he tells you they are distorted thoughts – NO! This is because you have been feeding on lies day and night till they became a reality . You now live this dark life because of the lies you meditated on .

    The good news is – satan and his pawns know this :
    Just like Joseph Goebbel [ the Nazi propaganda master] put it “truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    YOU must endeavour , even if it means to download the WORD from youtube in mp3 form and downloaded on your player listen to it when your out , when your alseep , when your free , when your bored , I mean listen to that Word till your whole being is FILLED up with the Light of God. Visit this site very ocassional , and read the testimonies , Praise Jesus moment by moment – if you could manage to sit through a Movie [ a pack of Lies] for 3 Hours, why cant you get on your knees and spend time with the Truth for an hour ?

    You will reap what you sow. We fed on lies we reaped confusion, depression , anxiety , OCD , and other mental problems

    But glory to God we are feeding on truth – Night and day till the Lies are diffused . We are now reaping fruits of ETERNAL Peace, Love, sound Mind , prosperous lives. Hallelujah !

    Finally, if you spend time on computer , I suggest you download some pictures from the WEB with scriptures and make these as screen savers. Set them to change every minute. Your mind Loves flickering images , it allows the message to go into your subconcious without you knowing.

    I suggest look for Images with Blue and Red back grounds. Be wiser than these snakes. They have used this technique for a long time to programme our minds.

    Think in terms of frequencies! The color blue is higher in frequency than the color red. Red goes from 430 to 480 THz (TerraHertz) while the color blue goes from 610 to 670 THz.
    When your T.V shows a very bright screen of BLUE…, then immediately goes to a screen of red…, what that is doing is “programming” your mind to DROP IN FREQUENCY down to a lower and more subconsious level.
    This happens so that all sub-liminal messages and encoded messages inside the movie/advert/show you are about to watch will easily get through to your sub-conscious mind and you will more readily accept the programming that they’ve placed into the movie!
    This is why the T.v and quick flashes of adverts have changed human behaviour for a long time. They use these extreme change of colour frequencies to tap your subconscious mind.

    Use this technique to get your mind changed – and I can assure you that within six months of constant seeking and sucking In the Truth , you will come out the other side Like I did – More than a conquerer and wondering was I really that messed up.

    Medicine is a lie , counselling is a lie , what you feel is a lie, your thoughts now are lies – and IT is very stupid to fight a lie using Lies.

    Jesus is all you Need !

    Here is a picture for your first screen saver .


    God bless you all

  147. Keya Says:

    So as I read your testimony…I read a bit of my life story….I could have wrote this myself. All I can do is sit here and feel the presence of God!! Just today as I was in the store I could feel panic try to come upon me…But the devil is a liar!! Right after I rededicated my life the enemy came at me full force!! Anxiety panic fear tornment felt like I was loosing my mind!! But the God I serve fought for me and delivered me and I won’t be a victim of tornment anymore!! So I read this and it has encouraged me!! I told the Lord when He delivered me would not shut my mouth I would tell the world!! So I think it’s about time I start talking!! SO Encouraged~~

  148. samuel Kassa Says:

    oh amazing testimonies . i had been suffering from chronic depression it happened in my life four times in different years . whenever it happens i couldn’t work ,study separated from all social activities . it seriously affects all my life . But when the Lord Jesus visits me all such demonic powers defeated . now again it attacked me after two years it has been more than one month . I hope My lord again will deliver me completely forever.
    please brother pray for me to fill hope in my life to strength my faith to restore all my life .
    Our God is much much greater than any situation we face.

  149. ann prince Says:

    I too have been going through fear and depression for more than 3 yrs. I am on a med for it and am a christian also.
    I need help in Springdield Mo. area. If you want to help you can contact me. I have been trying to cast the thoughts down and be free.

  150. s Says:

    Thank you, this is very encouraging. I’ve suffered from some sort of depression for maybe 6 years now, even though I pray and read the word daily. However, now I will probably try to memorize and repeat scriptures specific to the situation / attack at the very moment when I need them, like 2 Timothy 1.7. Practice makes perfect.

  151. Christina Says:

    I have been suffering with anxiety for 10 years , the depression came later ! In any case the anxiety comes and go’s and the really bad attacks always happen when something changes in my life.
    I had a baby 6 weeks ago and everyone says what a wonderful gift from god but it’s been extremely difficult. I have been on medication for so long that now they have had to put me on a very high dose of a few different types.
    I believe that Jesus is in control and allowing this to happen so that I will grow closer and trust more in him. I have been waking in a sweat in the mornings and the anxiety hits me immediately. It’s so intense I can’t concentrate on anything, I just repeat Jesus is in me and is healing me. I am finding it hard to function and have moved home to my dad’s house with baby and hubby. I have alot of support and prayer but I can’t help question god and ask , why me? Anyone have postnatal anxiety or depression?
    I am trying my hardest to hang on to Jesus, but I have so many questions and at present i can’t see a way out

  152. Christine Says:

    We serve a mighty God. Like everyone else I too am suffering from anxiety, I have a fear of being mentally ill. I’m also being attacked that I’m going to die.Your testimony ministered to me greatly about sowing negative seed in to our lives with the lies of Satan.
    2 Timothy 1:7
    God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power,love and
    a sound mind.
    False Evidence Appearing Real
    Fear is a lie.
    To work miracles, to confound enemies, to support us in trials and
    To enable us To do that which is lawful and right in HIS sight.
    Enable us to hear, believe, hope and endure all things, and is the incentive to all obedience.
    Clear understanding, a sound judgement, a rectified will, holy passions, heavenly tempers. The whole soul harmonized in all it’s power and faculties and completely regulated and influenced to think, speak and act according to God will.
    God loves us and Gods word says we are not fighting against flesh and blood,but against evil rulers, against mighty powers in this dark world and against evil spirits in heavenly places. The battle is not ours but his and he is with us every step of the way.
    Isaiah 43:1-3 Don’t be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine.
    When you go through deep waters I will be with you.
    When you go through rivers of difficulty you will not drown.
    When you walk through the fire of oppression you will not be burned up the flames will not consume you. For I am the Lord your God the Holy One of Israel, your Saviour.
    God bless you all and know you are all Gods special possession chosen by him for a purpose.

  153. Christina Says:

    I just want to report back i posted on the 30th of October it is now the 21 of november and I feel 100% better. I’m reading the word last thing at night and first thing in the morning. I feel happy and am managing much better with my baby… Trust that you will get through it and god will do the rest. That’s my new way of thinking, please god it won’t change

  154. Nola Says:

    Hello All,
    i have a testimony regarding a recent panic attack. I am 6 months pregnant and about a week or two ago, I was consumed with thoughts of anxiety of my failing marriage and my child being without her father. My whole left side became numb, my heart was beating rapidly, and I could not breathe. I then started panicking about my unborn daughter, stressing out in my womb, I could hear my heartbeat in my ears. I started feeling lightheaded and all I could really do was sit down I thought I was about to die… and I silently called out to the Lord. I meditated on the 23rd Psalm, while I was praying and meditating the panic attack started to subside. My heartbeat was regulated and I could breathe normally again. GOD is Awesome! He definitely healed me. I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and he can heal you all too. Just believe and have a sincere heart. He will never forsake you. I pray for each and everyone of you to be healed of your anxiety and panic attacks. IT CAN BE DONE. In JESUS’ NAME AMEN.

  155. Tasha Says:

    Dear Readers,
    I have experienced the very thing that you guys are going through. The Lord has been with me on this journey. It has not been easy. I have had many days of battle. This attack is from the enemy. It is spiritual and not mental. It is an attack of the devil. He wants to kill, steal and destroy, but don’t listen to the lies of the devil. The bible says,” Take no thought for your life.” Matthew 6:25. The way you take a thought is by saying it. I have learned that when the enemy tries to attack my mind with anxious thoughts I quote the word and the thoughts go away. I also find that praying in the spirit helps with the anxiety attacks. Romans 8:26 ” The spirit will assist us in prayer when we don’t know how to pray for things as we should.” The Holy Spirit of God will help us pray. Whenever you speak the word, God will hasten to perform it. There is no way the enemy can defeat a born again believer. No way. If God be for you who can be against you. There is no way you can be defeated. You are coming out with the victory because Jesus declared the victory when he died on the cross. He become anxiety, he became fear, so that you and I wouldn’t have to suffer it. ” He bore our infirmities and by his stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53:4. In your spare times you could read the testimony of Joseph Prince and John Olsteen who went through the same attacks but came out with the victory.

  156. Jung Says:

    I am 48 years old and brought anxiety to myself because of my sin. On one hand, I thank God for disciplining but on the other hand it is so hard on me.
    Anxiety has opened my heart to the following:
    1. Sin will catch up.
    2. God is disciplining me because He loves me.
    3. We all die so let us glorify our God with the limited time we have on earth.
    4. I am weak and Holy Spirit is the only Person that is able to fight the satan for us.
    5. Only Jesus can give us rest.
    6. I need to be strong for my family.
    7. I have been a worm all my life.
    8. I need to wait on God’s answer. ( so hard )
    9. Anxiety is real. I always thought it was a minor problem.
    10. Life is nothing without God’s

  157. Stephanie Knefel Says:

    It is truly a miracle of God that I “stumbled” across this site today. I felt at the end of my rope. I have been blaming the dysfunction around me for my depression and hopelessness. I have truly thought I am losing my mind. I now realize I am not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. I did not realize so many of us struggle with the same problem. I have just wanted to run away from everything thinking that will solve my problem, yet feeling trapped because I know I can’t do that. I feel like I have been in a firey furnace for many, many years. Please pray for me as I endeavor to find healing. It seems exhausting just thinking about going through the process. I look forward to reading through more of your comments and finding encouragement through them and God’s word. Blessings for a happy and healthy New Year!

  158. nefroze Says:

    Hello, i’m thankful for this site of yours.

    I’m an eighteen-year old, who was just diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, and it has definitely turn my life upside down.
    Last year I was happily going to college, thinking everything is going to work out fine, thinking that finally I’ll have the chance to live my dreams.
    And then I have to found out that I’m sick.

    At first I try my best to be strong, I undergo the chemotherapies- nine of them, but they doesn’t show any great results and i stopped.
    Right now i’m drinking herbal, and I still try to be strong and to believe in Him, but lately, these past three months, I was so afraid sometimes I’m scared i’m going crazy.
    THe doctors told me that no one’s ever really sure for the cure :(, and it’s breaking me down. I’m scared about my dreams…i’m scared of dying. I’m still eighteen!

    I can’t tell anybody that I thought I’m going a bit mad :(. I’ll get so anxious about meeting my friends, I’ll get anxious of just about the littlest things. At nights, I couldn’t sleep, and my mind will just haunt me with the same thoughts you used to have :
    ‘God won’t heal you, you’re not good enough’, etc, etc.

    I just wish Jesus will give me the peace I need one day. I’ve been asking, and asking for it, and sometimes I even feel disappointed and angry that He isn’t answering my prayers. But i know i can’t be angry- there are a lot of things i should still be grateful for.
    Yes, i still have my family and friends, and i still get to live until today. That’s itself is a sign that i should be thankful.

    One day, I hope i can get through this, and when I do, i hope my story shall be as inspiring as yours :).

  159. Christina Says:

    Nefroze — sorry to here about ur ilness but you must remember that your fears are rational where as anxiety disorder are normally irrational fears that come from no where… Don’t question your mood just remind yourself that it will pass … Remember it says he won’t test you behond what you can injure.

    To some other’s
    I wouldn’t even give the devil the power of saying your under attack … Now in some cases this maybe the case and I’m sure he would love to take credit for the illness but it can be a chemical imbalance. No where in the bible does it say we wont suffer because we’re saved … The difference is it will pass and you can start thanking god now !! When you have a bad day thank god that you will be well again ” it will pass” and of medication is needed , god provided it for a reason ..

  160. Ruthie Baker Says:

    Brothers and Sisters,

    I know how it feels to suffer from anxiety and how immobilizing it can be but know God is always with us.

    The Lord is always there for us and will provide us with all that we need. I find great strength in the words of Corrie Ten Boom. If you do not know of her and her family I strongly urge you to look her up and read her story – The Hiding Place.

    She survived concentration camps and great evil and even in the midst of such unimaginable darkness brought the truth to countless others that “Jesus can turn loss into glory.” Here is a link to a website with some of her sermons: http://www.sermonindex.net/modules/mydownloads/viewcat.php?cid=14.

    Her sermon on “authority over demons” will bring you much peace.

    Yours in Christ- Ruthie

  161. Cam Says:

    Thank you for sharing. This is encouraging because I was beginning to fill that I would not come out of my anxiety, but this really helped renew my hope and faith in God that He will bring me out and that I need to continue to seek Him and be patient.

  162. Gina Says:

    I need a lot of encouragement at this present moment. I have gone through so much in the last 20 years and it just feels like it will never STOP. My endurance is still going, but I feel like I am slowly giving up hope that one day, I will have someone to truly love me unconditionally besides my children, I want to reach my goals but it feels that GOD doesn’t feel that I have reached that plateau yet. I love our lord and savior but when is enough enough. Married at 23 to an mental and emotional abuser, who controlled my every action and reaction. Never loved me, so when I left him without out the dog or kids, he decided to make my life a living hell. Two years after the divorce, still wants to disrespect the mother of his children and sweep my spirit with the floor he walks on. Newly engaged but still chooses to put me down? Scratching my head to try and understand how mean people flourish and prosper. How their lives go along easily and the righteous have to continue to endure all of their nonsense and try to contain their pain and put a SMILE on my face. I soul can’t take another wrong relationship, distrust, pain and negativity in my life. When will I smile, be happy and prosper in this world full of opportunistic and egotistical people. Selfish people continue to prosper and succeed, maybe that is the problem, I care for others too much and chose to be good to them regardless of the negativity they continue to bestow upon me. My soul is in so much pain that I just feel like I am moving and talking, but I have lost my true self along the way. I hope GOD blesses me with my real self one day again, in this life.



  163. Sharita Ellis Says:

    I praise God that I found this site. This is exactly what I needed. I have been in the faith since age 17, I am now 33 years old, married to my wonderful husband going on 8 years and we have a beautiful 4 year old daughter. I recently began to experience some of these panic feelings. I am currently changing the words that come out of my mouth. I am confessing the Word of God over my situation. I so grateful to know that I am not alone in this. I praise God for you being transparent and letting your testimony be known. God bless you and your family.

  164. Desi Reno Says:

    Wow! I am having an attack right now and read your article. I was feeling trapped in my own skin. I always thought my surrender to Jesus was 100% and then I have too much sugar and Satan finds his way into my skin..Panic hits and I find myself walking the halls in my house wondering if this feeling of helplessness will disappear by itself. In a moment of panic I forget my savior? Your article reminded me the way to not welcome Satan into my skin..is too stay disciplined by staying in the word..My panic attack is diluted now..Thank you Jesus!

  165. Julie Says:

    I, Too, suffer from panic and anxiety. I had my first panic attack in 1996 and here I am, almost 17 years later, still struggling. I have been on clonazepam for about 8 years. I take 0.5mg 3x a day, but after 8 years, its just not working as well. I live in continual fear all day that something is wrong with my heart. I haven’t had an EKG done for a few years but all of my blood work is excellent, and I have even lost 45 lbs., so the doctors do not fel the need to test my heart any further at this time. I am 36 years old and this has totally taken over my life. I also beg and cry out to God for help and healing. I always ask that HIS will be done, not mine. As bad as these attacks are, I know that whether I get my healing here or when I leave and go on to Glory, I’ll be a winner either way! I’ll be praying for everyone that has commented here!

  166. Clifton Hector Says:

    After reading this article, I realize the ONLY way I can conquer the depression I’m going through is by Jesus Christ. Being an African American male, it is tough going through this phase, as it seems most of my peers are the opposite of myself. Ever since my junior year of high school in 2008, I started to feel early symptoms of depression and it has gradually increased since then: I have trouble making and keeping friends, I’ve had trouble keeping a conversation with my peers, and my fears prevent me from living life.

    I’ve confided in my parents and sister, and they have given me advice on how to handle it. This would feel great at the moment, but by the next day, I’d be feeling blue again. Currently, I have been seeing a doctor and prescribed medicine for it, but it barely works. Also, because of depression, I have lost out on friendships,finding a mate, and most people, including my extended relatives seem to steer clear from me. All of these events, I have questioned, and in this whole process, I feel lost.

    I believe it is Satan manipulating my mind, feeding me negativity, like my parents have said. I intend to fight this debilitating condition throught the word of Jesus Christ. I will no longer sit idly by and let this consume me. And for those who happens to read this post and is currently going through this, please NEVER GIVE UP. You can fight this. Use the Lord as your sword and shield.

  167. Becky Says:

    I have just googled ‘save me from anxiety Jesus’ and found this site. I can’t tell you all how relieved I am that I’m not alone.
    I’m suffering severe anxiety disorder and can’t cope from one moment to the next. I’m new to Christianity and don’t know much about the bible – although I have been reading a lot of passages lately about how Jesus has healed people and how God’s protection.
    I still feel terribly lost and alone. Is any one able to give me any advice or even talk to me in more depth about how they have/are managing? I would very much appreciate it …. I am desperate! I want Jesus to take over and heal me and continously ask him in prayer. Can he hear me? Has any one felt like this before?

  168. cheeryleesa Says:

    read the testimony,”Take your stance against the evil ones attack”…it will help you and strengthen you…
    God bless and I release the Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into your life. Hallelujah!

  169. Becky Says:

    Thank you so much Cheeryleesa – God bless you
    I have found that the anxiety has subsided since I have found this site! Amazing! Although I still feel fragile, I feel that Jesus is with me doing his work. Christ is Lord x

  170. john jeril Says:

    me too had the same problem and my jesus saved me from all my fears. thanks to my living god

  171. Doug Says:

    Hey guys, I too struggle with anxiety. It sucks I know. The thoughts, the fears, the irrational ways of thinking and strange obsessions really is hard. There are lots of blogs and websites with people who suffer from this affliction. Believers and non-believers.

    There are a few things hat I would like to say based on the comments I have read.

    #1, our affliction is not because of a devil or a spirit. Be free from that idea. It is an imbalance in the brain…that is all. These imbalances are often caused by our wrong thoughts towards God or even the devil. Many people find relief from medications. If it were spiritual you would not get better with Xanax. It is physical. There are physical things we can do to help or hurt our condition. Eat better and get active. I am sure you have found out that rebuking the devil did not help you. Rebuke if you want, but it is a waste of time. Better to focus on Jesus and His ability. He is our deliverer. The church world focuses a lot on the devil. He would have killed you a long time ago if he could.

    The other night, I was really in a low place. I got up to pray and decided I too was going to go to battle against the devil. I heard God tell me as sure as I know my name before I even started praying. He said “it is your brain chemistry”. I know it was the lord as I knew he was right.

    Does spiritual practice help us? Yes, most certainly. I believe it is Jesus’ presence that will deliver us. Pray, read, seek, knock, ask, believe. But give up on your devil theology. Trust me after years of rebuking…it is a waste of time. It seems we talk more to the devil than Jesus.

    #2, God is not punishing you. If He were, why would we pray to Him for relief because apparently it is His will we suffer. This is nonsense. Yes, anxiety and depression make you feel a million miles from the father, but that is the way you feel. That is not a fact. Sickness makes you feel separated from God. If He would perform a healing miracle and you were healed of anxiety you would be on top of the spiritual world. It is just a lie we believe that comes from our own mind.

    #3 If you are not resting on the grace of God and are still involved in the legalistic works of most of Christianity then you are making your condition worse. Jesus promises rest. Few of us know it. Put away your works. The Cross finished the work needed to be accepted by God. There is a good book called good news for anxious Christians. I suggest you get it if your anxiety is rooted in works and trying to get accepted by the Lord. I have found relief for long seasons by entering His rest. I plan on going there again BY HIS GRACE. Not my works. So stop quoting, stop pounding, stop it all. Let’s try to just trust and rest. It is hard because our anxious works based mind wants to fix this anxiety. You can’t and wont. It is by HIS GRACE.
    Hope this finds you better!!

    God bless you guys

  172. Taryn Says:

    I have been struggling with anxiety since I was 18. I went for years with no help but learned my mother and grandmother sufferd from the same thing I was goin through. I have been on numerous medications and seen several doctors that said I was depressed. I went to church for a few years and it was some of the best times I’ve ever had. I taught sunday school and particpated in all the church functions. I really felt like I was part of something. But when my husband and I could not work our problems out I kind of turned away from God. I still prayed sometimes and wen to church on occaision but I wasnt following the path I know God has chosen for me. I know I have a purpose but the enemy is tryin his best to take my happiness and hope from me by tormenting me with pain and worry and fear. All I want to do is be normal again. As normal as I can be. HA HA.. I miss feeling good and being a happy person. I am just 34 years old. I have alot of life ahead of me and all I want to do is share it with my kids and loved ones and God. I need some help. Any advice. Anything really. I need God back in my life and my hope and faith restored. I love the Lord and I know he loves me and lives in ny soul. Anybody that has any advice for me can email me at Flambotez at aol dot com

  173. cheeryleesa Says:

    Taryn: read these two testimonies: “Take your stance against the evil one’s attack” and “Stick fast to His Word.” both on this site. God bless you and deliver you. I agree in prayer with you to find the peace of the Lord,in the Name of Jesus we ask. Amen.

  174. jean Says:

    God, this is inspiring. I want to say this prayer too. As you know what, I am also suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia just like you… have to memorize the scripture and say that everytime he lies to me. GOD IS MY GOD AND HE WON’T forsake me.

  175. r Says:

    To all on this web Thankyou for your love in sharing. I currently feel a miserable failure may the Lord have mercy on my severe depression
    May his love surround you

  176. mathieu Says:

    Wow this is very similar to what I experience. Ive had this battle going on sense 2006. I havent been the perfect christian, but no one is. Satan used to lie to me and say, well its a spirit inside you,and its because you sin from time to time. Let me tell you , these lies will drive you nuts and make the anxiety worse. . One lady proffesied to me, not to be afraid to take control of the spirit of fear. And that I have youth ministry and that I would lay my hands on the sick and see them recover. I know this is why satan is battling me. But he can stick it! Lol im goin to heaven and hes going to hell! Just remember when he reminds you of your past, remind him of his future!!!!

  177. Michael Says:

    In some cases these fears are true and experienced by children. In my case a terminally ill parent that died after battling leukemia for 11 years. I am thankful to the Lord that I – and my wonderful sister – got to grow up with a mom – she was given – at the most two years – when diagnosed. I am also glad for my dad – which did not have to raise us as a single parent.

  178. oliver Says:

    You know, praise God, you are not alone, God fights our battles for us and as a man of war destroys the power of darkness. Praise God for His life and Light, the Light of His Son that has shone and is shinning in all the world, Jesus Christ. Praise God, Jesus Christ is the Healer, He is just the same today, just the same today, he can heal you of your infirmity and restore you in your sickness. Praise God our redeemer and strength our light and our hope.

  179. Aaron Says:

    Lamentations 3:22-32
    The steadfast love of the lord never ceases
    His mercies never come to an end
    His mercies are new every morning
    Great is your faithfulness
    The lord is my portion says my soul
    Therefore i will hope in him
    The lord is good to those who wait for him
    To the soul who seeks him
    It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the lord
    It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth
    Let him sit alone in silence when it is laid on him
    Let him put his mouth in the dust
    Let him give his cheek to the one who strikes
    Let him be filled with insults
    For the lord will not cast off forever
    Though he cause grief, he will have compassion
    According to the abundance of his steadfast love

    I memorized this and it gave me hope
    May God be with you all
    God Bless you

  180. jan Says:

    wow – really struggling with fear and got up and found this site, very encouraging! i believe God is telling me to turn and face my fear, walk thru it.

  181. Patwit Says:

    As a fellow sufferer, I want to recommend some books by Cherie Hill. She explains the reasons for our trials and the great, wonderful (believe it or not!) purposes God has for us through them. Her books are on Amazon for only a dollar or two and they’re all a great help.
    Next to praising and thanking God throughout the day..even FOR the anxiety/depression, I’ve found her books to be a huge comfort.

  182. Grace Melendez Says:


    I have read all the Testimonies, and it has touched my heart. Since I was about 7 years old I struggle with worries. However about 2 months ago I got such an anxiety attack that I went to the ER, thinking it was a heart attack. I was down for three days. The attacks continue almost on a daily basis. I am a born again beleiver, and I read the word each day. I also call out healing scriptures.

    The devil is a liar, he attacks mostly at night when the thoughts are racing. It is hard for my husband to understand what I am facing. Most people try to tell me what to do, some have said that I am lacking Faith. Honestly this came out of left field. I mean really.

    I do know that God has set up a date and time when he will deliver me. I beleive that we are all facing this for the good. For what the devil has meant for bad, God will turn it around for good. Don’t give up. Read, and keep reading. Thank him in the mist of it all.

    Unfortunately I had to start taking Meds, nothing huge, but to help me. I am now pray to be able to stop them.

    This attack which to me is a direct attack from Satan is to distract us, from greater things to come, from the Plans God has for us.

    I wish this would just go away as quickly as it came, but I know there is something I need to learn from it. As I am waiting I continue to seek my Lord my God, and I know that the break through is near by.

    May God Bless you all, and keep the good fight of Faith, for the battle belongs to God. He will get us through this.

    I had those moments when I felt alone and thought God forgot about me. Then we does something awesome he reminds me of all the things he has gotten me through.

    God will deliver us, on his time. Stay the course and know that you are a Child of the most high.

  183. Nan Says:

    Your testimony is wonderful. I had nearly the same experience, except that God delivered me in a different way. I actually had a thyroid disease and it was causing the fear and panic feelings to be so bad along with many hurtful experiences. In the beginning, as a child I had a thyroid that was too fast, and it caused panic attacks. Then the panic itself caused me to have inferiority issues, and feelings of fear of it happening again around people who might notice and make fun of me. So in all of that, it set me up for emotional issues. The Lord healed the emotions and the doctor put me on thyroid meds when the thyroid finally burned itself out almost completely and dipped very low. Finally a diagnosis! Over the years the emototional healing has been gradual with an understanding of God’s love for me replacing all the fear I once had. It did not come all at once, but slowly. I have not had to hold on to one scripture for instant relief… but many scriptures for gradual relief. And as I walk in Him I become more and more free. I have not had any victory in claiming “healing” of my body however. No matter how much I claim it, it just does not happen. That is frustrating, but I am happy that my emotional healing has been so dramatic.

  184. Helen Says:

    Thank you thank you for all you who have posted their testimonies here. I have suffered from general anxiety and panic from a small child and I’m now 35. I had been on Zoloft for 5 years and after my dad died in April from his mental illness, I decided I wouldn’t take the medication anymore. Well, the panic and anxiety has been hitting me hard every night. And it is mainly at night. My fears seem to manifest when my mind and body are at its quietest. I have an irrational fear of dying, feeling lost, depressed and just consuming sad thoughts. My mum is a born again Christian and helps me with scripture and prayer all the time, but its only now I am learning to lean on The Lord for healing. I read the word night and day, thanking Him for all the good things in my life and learning not to speak the negative thoughts. Some days I feel utter peace and other days, utter torment. I know The Lord wants me to press in to Him and I am doing my best. I just want to be truly free from this burden.

    Reading these testimonies, particularly from people who have truly grasped their anxiety and kicked it to the kerb has given me great strength. Strength in numbers right! I have prayed for you all and thank you again for your words. Helen

  185. Dylan Says:


    Just wanted to share my problem and beg you to pray for me. For the last 4 years I have been weighed down by many health issues, worst of them all being constant presence of phlegm & mucous at the back of the throat. To get rid of this problem i have visited numerous doctors and spent a fortune but nothing seems to help. Due to this phlegm my tongue feels terrible and I do not communicate with anyone. I have developed this block in my head that my breath is bad(no one till date has ever told me that), when im around and if someone just coughs or rubs his nose i feel like its because of me. i know this may be funny for many but for me its living hell. I get so stressed out and turn cold when im within a crowd, even in church I refrain from standing close to anybody thinking about this. I do not want to go to a psychiatrist because I have a strong belief within me that JESUS would heal me but the question is when??? So I all I ask of you all is to keep me in your prayers that I may come out of this mess I find myself in. Thank you…Dylan.

  186. Ref Says:

    Great testimony
    I had the same symptoms and I thought that The Lord forsaken me

    I will stand again, and will trust him and will fill my mind and spirit with his word


  187. rachel Says:

    I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks at times i feel like i cant breathe and going to have a heart attack ive had numerous tests and everything’s always okay i turned my back on the lord years ago ive suffered with this for 4 years ive wanted to give up but i know its satan telling me to i will fight this with gods help. God bless u all x

  188. jeenn Says:

    Posted here last year and I am now homebound. The last and worst panic attack of mine was April 2013 and after that, I am having the fear now of going outside. Is this a curse? I wish GOD will not leave us.. Seem a hard battle..

    Daily, have this panic attack still… Please send me an email je_bb at yahoo dot com if you have some tips to me, aside from prayer.

  189. Stephanie Says:

    This post hit home for me. I have suffered from Anxiety since 4 yrs old, never taken meds for it. Needless to say I did my own self medicating for years. You name it, drugs, alcohol, sex and partying. I’m 32 now, experienced my first panic attack 13 months ago after my husband became very ill. I was so consumed with worry for 2 months after his hospital stay and fear I ended up in the ER convinced I was going to have a heart attack, my legs and hands were shaking and numb, a very scary experience! My husband has been healed, thank the Lord. I am doing much better too. I now feel very little anxiety and have not had another panic attack since. My road to mental peace began with not accepting meds prescribed to “fix” me and accepting God into my life again ( I was raised in a Christian church until my parents divorced when I was a teen). After my attack, I talked to a couple friends that also have dealt with panic disorder and panic attacks. They had good tips for me, for example, I began with removing “toxins” from my life, drugs, alcohol and other stressors. I also, began to read the bible again, trust in the Lord and talk to my husband about my feelings, he didn’t always understand why this was happening but he was supportive and a good listener. I continue to pray everyday and read the bible. Believing and trust that God is the healer of all healers. Please be patient with God’s perfect plan for you. God will end your suffering. I pray that you all find peace and healing from your panic and anxiety. It’s a process, do not give up on God, he NEVER gives up on you! Put your FULL trust in God! Take care and be well.

  190. Herman Says:

    Posted about my anxiety and sleep issue in this forum 4 years ago. I have changed from Paxil 20 mg and Lunesta 3mg to Clonazepam 5mg. I feel much more relieved coming out of Paxil and lunsta. These two pills put me in moodswing, depression and at least in my case I came to know that it was very hard to withdraw from Paxil. These days I take .25 mg Clonopil before I go to work and .5mg before bed. Most of the day I skip the morning dose and I take it for night. Essentially, I’m depending on this medicine to get good night sleep. To me lack of sleep causes anxiety thus anxiety leads into lack of sleep. Lack of sleep makes the day very miserable and sometimes if it is accumulated too much then it leads into mild depression. I didn’t completely recover from anxiety. The main cause for anxiety is work and I could say it for sure about 90%. You may call that as performance anxiety, fear of losing job, not able to take negative from work. I’m still learning to trust GOD. And I thank GOD for giving me strength and helped me to stay in the job over 4 years and support my family. If not HIS grace, I would be lost and gone. After doing various experiments with medicines, natural medicines, Omega 3, Magnesium, vitamin D supplement and general vitamins I have learned that these medicines will never bring the cure. They may help you to cope up with life and they will never give you the quality life. Only LORD could heal from anxiety or depression completely. HE is the author of mind, soul and body. Other than that in personal life, friends and family I’m such cool guy. Compared to 4 years, now life is better. I have been praying constantly. Please, you guys also pray for me. I’m expecting Lord to heal completely the people who posted in this forum and me. I know how hard it is when the suffering endures for years. If you want to get any advice or you want to share you could write hermanjoseph[at]yahoo.com
    Psalm 103
    1.Praise the Lord, my soul;
    all my inmost being, praise his holy name.

    2.Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits—

    3.who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases,

    4.who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion,

    5.who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.


  191. Stephanie Says:


    Thank you for praying for me and all who post here. You are not alone in your struggle. I pray for you and all who posted here today. I wanted to share a few bible verses that have helped me.

    He forgives all my sins and heals ALL my Diseases. Psalm 103:3

    Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters. Colossians 3:23

    God says, I am the Lord who heals you. Exodus 15:26

    I will give you back your health again and heal your wounds. Jeremiah 30:17

    I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me. Philippians 4:13

    And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. Matthew 21:22

  192. Herman Says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for your encouraging words. We will continue to pray for the healing of the people in this forum. I think we must remember that, these suffering is not because of sins. Like in John chapter 9 the disciples asked Jesus, the guy born blind is because of his sin or his parents’? Jesus’s answer is straight forward and He said, it is neither his sins nor his parents, but to bring Glory to God this man born blind. Our suffering and the healing bring Glory to GOD.


  193. Stephen Says:

    Hi guys,

    My name is Stephen. I grew up in a Christian Family my whole life. My father is actually a Minister. So, I guess you can say I have known about God all my life. When I was 4 years old I received God as my Savior…….Now, here’s the story: In my mid teens I lost my full connection with God. I did not have a strong relationship with Him. I lived a “lukewarm life.” I also had an addiction of sinful matter up until three months ago. It was about three months ago I confessed to God, my family and my pastor of my addiction and I was forgiven! God forgave me! I feel it!!! Praise God! The addiction i did have I have lived with it for about 20 years….The day after I confessed my sin to God and told Him I was completely going to follow Him was the day it all started. I started having panic attacks, which then led to on-going anxiety, which then led to depression. I am on medication for both depression and sleeping disorder. None of this has ever happened to me before that night three months ago. I do thank God for the medication and the tools He has given me along the way. In fact, God has shown me so much during this trial of faith…..Yet, I do depend on God for healing. It does get very hard and overwhelming. Thoughts that I would never think are thought. I pray out to God continuously for Him to heal me completely. Please pray for me and my family. I have not been working for the last three weeks and my family and I need the finances to pay the bills….This is actually the first time in 12 years of marriage that we have gone through any hardship. It is really taking its toll. I do, however, believe that God said He would never leave me, nor forsake me. And He also said that He would not allow me to go through too much that I cannot handle…..Please remember my wife in your prayers. She is the only one working now and its alot of pressure both physically and mentally. “God, I believe that your the Great Physician! I ask for complete healing today! I stand upon Your Promises!!” Thanks guys for everything. God Bless!

  194. Herman Says:

    Hi Stephen,
    I could relate to your situation. The first thing it attack is sleep and make you completely tired. Then it impacts your job. We all believe in our LORD JESUS. Until HE delivers from this struggle, we have no choice but go to work and support the family. So don’t stay at home. Even if you get panic attack or anxiety do some job and continue make earnings. Not going to work is not solution. The work will keep you busy and minimize the anxious thoughts and worries. You might be asking how could I do when I’m anxious. You will certainly see the GOD’s hand working in darkest moment of the life. I have struggled through this problem for the last 4 years and this problem is not completely over. I can say for sure, with GOD’s grace you will come out of this great struggle. Continue to go to Church and hang around with Church people. Please go and do some work. This is the only solution I could recommend at this moment. Not going to job is not the solution. If you trust GOD, he will help you to find the job and will help you to keep the job.

    If you need further assistance, feel free to write mail at hermanjoseph at yahoo dot com

  195. Stephanie Says:

    Hello Stephen,

    I am praying for you and your family. I agree with Herman, returning to work can be very beneficial. I too having been dealing with my anxiety while working. It has been a very positive tool in helping to stay focused on my well being. In fact if I happen to be off for 3-4 days at a time, I feel more anxious at home. Please don not stay home, it is not healthy to isolate yourself. I found much comfort in being in a somewhat social environment. Some days are difficult but when I call on the Lord to guide me and give me strength he does. God is a good God, he NEVER leaves us. God bless you and your family.

  196. April Says:

    I love that I found this site with all of these testimonies! I went through a horrible season of anxiety and depression and Jesus healed me after about a year of being paralyzed with fear!

    It is my greatest passion to see others be set free from the lies and bondage of Satan.

    Visit me at healedwholenew dot com

  197. Ida Says:

    This website has giving me so much hope and happiness. I want to do the things you all did to overcome the anxiety. I declare in the name of Jesus victory and happiness over all of the people that go through this horrible time. I ask that you all pray for me. Thank you!

  198. Tammy Says:

    I am a 25 year old mother of 2. I have suffered from anxiety my entire life! My hands drip with sweat like one would never believe. At times I feel my anxiety is under control and at times I feel I have lost all control of my mind, body and soul. I have anxiety every single day, but lately it has been bad and I think awful thoughts that I am too ashamed to even speak of. I pray and pray and pray and right now I am asking for anyone who reads this to pray for me also. Thank you.

  199. Jacinta Says:

    Thank you so much to who wrote this post and thank you to all that have share. I am Mexican and left my country to marry an American man, we had a very bad marriage, but the Lord blessed me with 2 wonderful sons, He gave a lot of joy in them when they were little and when they were home.

    In 1982 I began to have horrible fear for no reason, my doctor sent me to a bad psychiatric clinic it did not work, in 1983 I went to Mexico and a doctor there prescribe Amithryptiline which worked for me for more than 20 years, but quit working in 2008. Ever since I have had very bad anxiety and depression and nothing has helped.

    Thank you Roddy for your testimony, many years ago I memorized almost all Psalm 91, but never personalized it, but I will do it now and make it my own, and thank you to all of you for your insights. In The Lord’s Love. He bless all of you ABUNDANTLY

  200. Jacinta Says:

    Thank you for creating this site, I have been battle my emotions since 1982, a medicine helped me for several years, but quit working, I have been having anxiety and depression for over 5 years. Thank you to all of you giving your wonderful testimonies, I don’t have time to read all of them in one day but I keep coming back. To all of you wonderful sisters and brothers in The Lord The Lord bless you and keep you, The Lord Make His Face shine on you.

  201. Nyanny Says:

    Hi, i am 16, what you have described is exactly what im going through right now, please pray for me, i am scared. Please respond to me.

  202. Jacinta Says:

    Hi Nyanny, hope spelled your name right, but the Lord knows who you are. I am so sorry you are going through this battle, now. You are so young. I will pray for you, try to do it every day, but sometimes I feel so bad I can not pray. There is a testimony in this site that the person who wrote it advises to read Psalm 91 personalizing it, over and over, I am going to try this. Find a good friend that knows the Bible to encourage you. Be careful because sometimes good Christians with good intentions say something that makes us feel worse. I have been told that I can not get well because I don’t trust God. My doctor who is a Christian told me that what I have is a sickness. It is in my family, but no matter what nothing is impossible for God and he can heal us. You may need to go to your doctor too. I found a promise in Jeremiah 33:6 Would you like to read it and try to claim it for you?
    God Bless You and Heal you
    God bless you an keep you; God mak His Face shine upon you

  203. Jacinta Says:

    Nyanny, My heart goes to you, I will pray for you as often as I can. May The LORD put His Healing Hand upon you.
    The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make His Face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

  204. denin Says:

    If anyone has any panic attacks,depression…

    You can sense before it is coming that “yes he is coming” right????
    Medicine : is accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior then when you think the attack is coming say VICTORY IN JESUS BLOOD” Say many times believing don’t stop, stop when you feel you are out of it.
    do this practice at times when you feel its coming….remember ; Say many times believing, don’t stop saying “VICTORY IN JESUS BLOOD” Say many times believing don’t stop, , by thinking oh its not working…
    and gradually you will see that panic attack is not coming.

    and read bible ,GOD WILL NOT LEAVE YOU,HE IS NOT MAN TO MAKE LIES ….BELIEVE and don’t think that oh i believe in Jesus but doN’T think that he will save me “JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME,YESTERDAY,TODAY AND FOREVER”

    I HAD panic attacks,depression Jesus healed me ,,i used the above mentioned medicine
    REMEMBER :when you think the attack is coming say VICTORY IN JESUS BLOOD” Say many times…and pray at other times also…read bible…

  205. denin Says:

    If anyone has any panic attacks,depression…

    You can sense before it is coming that “yes he is coming” right????
    Medicine : is accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior then when you think the attack is coming say VICTORY IN JESUS BLOOD” Say many times believing don’t stop, stop when you feel you are out of it.
    do this practice at times when you feel its coming….remember ; Say many times believing, don’t stop saying “VICTORY IN JESUS BLOOD” Say many times believing don’t stop, , by thinking oh its not working…
    and gradually you will see that panic attack is not coming.

    and read bible ,GOD WILL NOT LEAVE YOU,HE IS NOT MAN TO MAKE LIES ….BELIEVE and don’t think that oh i believe in Jesus but doN’T think that he will save me “JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME,YESTERDAY,TODAY AND FOREVER”

    I HAD panic attacks,depression Jesus healed me ,,i used the above mentioned medicine .At first time you use it Satan will make you think it will not work….IT WILL WORK…
    you must understand that these feelings are given by Satan ..”The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy” john 10:10. this will work…Revelation 12:11 says, And they overcame him(Satan) by the blood of the Lamb”
    REMEMBER :when you think the attack is coming say VICTORY IN JESUS BLOOD” Say many times…it worked no! Jesus worked

  206. Jacinta Says:

    Dear Denin Thank you for your. Since my anxiety is consistently I will try to say VICTORY IN JESUS BLOOD almost all the time besides personalize Psalm 91 as somebody in his/her testimony advices, and other verses that I have on the cabinets of my kitchen.
    I am happy that you are healed. I don’t think Medicine is bad. God has given wisdom to me to make it.

  207. Jacinta Says:

    I am sorry I am posting again, I am a Christian, I got saved in 1982 when I was going to horrible fear. I went to talk to my pastor and got saved and felt a great joy and thought my problem was over, but the joy lasted only 1 day and a half. I went to Christian counselors and they told me that they believe I was allergic to some foods. I was tested for 39 foods and I was found allergic to all. I went on a rotation diet for 5 years, but I felt it was not helping, at that time I did not know I was allergic to gluten and very sensitive to all sugars and sweeteners and all foods with a lot of sugar like fruits, corn, potatoes and so for, now I am a diabetic and the potassium tends to get high, so I am on a very strict diet of only meats and green vegetables. Now I don’t have the money to go to a naturopath. Please pray for me. I have taken several antidepressants but, none has worked. I am again in Amithryptiline and it helps me to sleep. There were nights that I did not sleep at all. I am trying to do what some of you advise in your testimonies.
    God bless all of you abundantly.

  208. Jacinta Says:

    Are you getting tired of me posting? Sorry, but I live alone with anxiety and depression, no friends or family around. I am doing what many of you suggest, read the promises of God’s Word. Today has been a very bad day. In one of the testimonies somebody said that he/she found wonderful Gaba, but I have been trying to find that testimony, but I can not find it. Somebody knows where it is. I even ordered Gaba but I have not dared to take it because I am scared, I have taken some supplements that suppose to help but made me feel worse.

    Blessings to whoever read this and to all who are suffering this horrible sickness o what ever it is.

  209. Emory Says:

    Jacinta, sorry you had a bad day. Continue to share anything on your heart here. Stay strong in the word.

    Kim mentioned Gaba here by the way:

  210. Joy Says:

    Hi Jacinta

    Sorry to hear you had a very bad day :0( Hope you are feeling a bit better now. This seems like one of the most awful things to suffer from.

    Do be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up. (I know I used to, and still have a habit of that!). Know that the Lord has great compassion and kindness in His heart towards you. Search out the promises in God’s Word that speak to you… and don’t just read them but pray in faith that they are true.

    The prayer of thanks is the prayer of faith. “Thank you Father that… this promise is true.. and also this one…” Praying in thanks can help our faith grow.

    I know that helped me. I went through awful anxiety. I have been healed almost 5 years. I did some small things to help myself, but it was the Lord who worked out circumstances in my favour in a way that would have been impossible in human terms.

    Previously over 10 years ago I went through severe depression triggered by some life experiences. I know how awful this is.
    My testimony is here…

    A verse I find comforting is Romans 9v33:
    “No one who trusts in the Lord will be put to shame”

    When something is important, the person often repeats it several times… The Lord has said this essential promise at least 4 times (that I’ve found) through His Word! The other 3 times are: Romans 10v11, Isaiah 8v14, and Isaiah 28v16.

    So you can be sure He definitely will not let down anyone who trusts in Him.

    Even if things don’t seem to make sense: He reminds “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding”. (Proverbs 3).
    It’s a relief to know we don’t have to make sense of everything but He understands and is completely trustworthy.

    People can let you down, but “Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God” (Psalm 146)

    God bless you Jacinta, praying now for your healing,


  211. Jacinta Says:

    Dear Emory, thank you very much for encouraging me to post. God bless you.
    Dear Joy thank you for your prayers and for your encouraging words. I read some promises at night, but I will do it during the day and as you say prayerful and personalizing them. I thank The Lord every day for all His blessings and some days several times for my salvation. Satan is working very hard trying to convince me that I am not saved, he is a liar and the father of lies. Thanks God that Jesus paid for my sins and died for me to save me and arose and is alive.
    The Lord bless you and keep you.
    With my love

  212. Donna Warren Says:

    I was amazed I found this website. I am going through the same thing. I have been working with a ministry to help with all the anxiety. This ministry has helped a lot of people totally recover from anxiety, panic attacks, depression and all that goes with it. The ministry charges a fee to do 1 hour counseling. It has helped tremendously. I am going to overcome every bit of it in Jesus name. The devil is a liar. They can help you see where you are being deceived and how to fight the enemy and win. I am so angry at the enemy when I seen how many people are tormented by him. No one gets it till you have been there. Anxiety is awful. I can relate it to the Psalms when David prays don’t leave my soul in hell….and guess what God will make a way. He will do it. Don’t give up. Don’t quit Jesus is there. We are never alone. He is fighting with us to overcome every fear. The ministry is Be in Health and the people who counsel you are the part of the ministry called Spiritual Lifeline. It will help you get free from this terrible torment of anxiety. God bless you all and I am praying for you all.

    You are the apple of His eye. You are His precious love. He knows your name, before you were ever born He knew and loved you. Your mother carried you in her womb for 9 months , God carried you in His Spirit for thousands of years until the perfect time for you to be born. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. No one else is like you. You are deeply loved and cherished above all creation. You are the object of His affection. He longs to hold you in His arms and with His perfect love drive every fear a way until it is just you and Him lost in His love. He wants to nurture your soul and heal you. You have never been abandoned for His eye is on you continually watching and protecting you from all harm. Draw night to Him and He will draw nigh to you. He is your Father and he wants to father you all the remaining days of your life.

  213. Jacinta Says:

    Dear Donna, thank you greatly for your encouraging words and the name of the ministry. Already looked in the internet for it. I don’t know if I can afford the fee, but I will call them anyway and may be The Lord will provide, if it is His will that I go this way.
    Thank you for your prayers for all of us that have share our testimony. I will pray for you too, may be not every day, but as often as the Lord brings your name to my mind.
    The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine on you.

  214. Lindy Says:

    Hello, I am so glad I came across your article. I’ve been struggling with this for over 10 years and I haven’t really found answers yet for this and how to be set free from it. I thank you for your testimony and will keep coming back to this article as I deal with this. Thank you very much for sharing!

  215. nya Says:

    God healed me from back pain due to my jaw being misaligned. I was also having unexplained sickness that was not showing up in my blood work after countless visits to the doctor and he healed me. I love God and will be forever grateful for his love and mercy on me. God is real and he loves us all.

  216. Kuan Says:

    I am blessed to have stumbled upon this website. I was viewing a film on http://www.anxietynomore.co.uk/anxiety_film.html – it really depicts the torment I go thru. Then I googled “God heal anxiety attacks”. I am truly encouraged by your post. God is the healer!

  217. Jacinta Says:

    I am sorry I am posting again but today has been a terrible, horrible day, I have thought that is true that God predestines some to be saved and some to be lost and that maybe I am in lost group. I read the Bible everyday I read promises, but still have the anxiety and depression. My Bible study treacher told me one day that anxiety and depression is rebellion against God, my doctor says it is a sickness as any other sicknesses and sadly is in my family. Please forgive me bothering you, but I live alone and do not have family or friends around to talk to.

  218. Norma Says:

    My 25 year old son has battled with OCD, Anxiety, depression and he had cancer 2 years ago. But with the grace of God he beat cancer and is cancer free. He is now battling with severe Anxiety, OCD. He is struggling with tormenting thoughts and images. He has always had faith in God and always will, but he questions why doesn’t god help me with this horrible illness. But then he knows God will heal him from the horrible enemy. All I want is for my son to be able to function and live a happy long life he so deserves. I pray everyday for God to heal my son completely. I feel for anyone that is going through what my son is. God bless you all!

  219. Emory Says:

    Jacinta, thanks for letting us know how you are doing. I do not think that anxiety and depression are willful acts but sickness. And you certainly don’t seem to be rebelling against God but on the contrary, you are seeking Him.

  220. Joy Says:

    Dear Jacinta, so sorry you are having a bad time. It is not at all true that anxiety and depression are rebellion against God. God loves you. He loves the broken, downtrodden, the people who are alone, left out, weak.

    He knows we are weak. He love us greatly “Because of His great love…” (Ephesians 2), “According to his pleasure and purpose…” (Ephesians 1), He is “pleased to give us the kingdom” (Luke)… His strength is made perfect in weakness (2 Corinthians 12v9). He is not looking for our strength.

    Dear girl, my heart goes out to you and I am truly sorry for your suffering. How much much more the Lord cares for you. He has eternal life for you and will not let you be snatched out of His hands (John 10v28), He has good plans for you, for your welfare and not for harm for a future filled with hope(Jeremiah 29v11).

    Even when you can’t pray anymore, His Spirit is interceding for you, groaning with prayers for you more than words could ever express (Romans 8v26). Jesus Himself is interceding for you at His Father’s side. God the Father is working all things together for your good (Romans 8v28).

    You are exceedingly precious to Him. He is with you, mighty to save. He takes great delight in you, He rejoices over you with singing (Zechariah 3v17..).

    When you are in the storm, all you see is darkness all around and pain. But even when you can’t see Him, even when you can’t feel Him, He is there with you (Psalm 23). He will never leave you nor forsake you. Never. He is faithful and will always be.
    (I just write the verses so you can find them again)

    May God bless you with light and peace in your heart dear sister in Christ.

  221. Dennis Says:

    Praise God.

    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind – 2 Timothy 1:7


  222. Jacinta Says:

    It’s me again sorry, but I am feeling very bad, very alone, I live by myself no family or friends around. My children do not live close enough to see them and they all are very busy, with jobs, my grand kids with school, extracurriculum activities sports, etc. I feel totally abandoned by God I believe He is not pleased with me for something I did yesterday, I already asked Him forgiveness. Love all of you who have answer to my posts

  223. Emory Says:


    If he will die for you, he will forgive you. Sounds like you’ve confessed and been open to him about it.

    John 1:0 comes to mind.

    “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

    Once he forgives, it’s gone. As far as east from west.

    Psalm 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us.

    Maybe it’s a question of just receiving it.

  224. Ann Says:

    Praise God!! God is good ALL the time! He NEVER promised us the road would be easy, I think of 2 Peter 4:12-13 Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy. We are overcomers, because Christ has already overcome the world for us.

    There is so very much I could say, I walked away from the Lord at 18 years old after being saved for 3 yrs, the enemy got into my mind and I started to doubt God, that was the real beginning of deep fall. My story is so long but I can say God is faithful, I been fighting to get back my relationship with him for almost 15 years now, Ive had serious demonic attacks, doubt, unbelief. Anger against God, evil thoughts against God NOT by desire but because I opened up the door for satan and he barged in. Through it all God has been there!! Ive not really felt him or believed it most of the time but by his grace He has been there. I can now look back and see in him in many situations.

    We have to keep pressing, praying, believing in his love, grace and truth. He is NOT WILLING that ANY should PERISH but that we should all come to repentance!! Its taken me all these years to even get to where I am today, which literally still feels like the outskirts but dont give into the lies of the enemy! Hes the one who comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Christ came to give life & to give it more abundantly. Keep trusting, reading praying and also fasting where and when you can. Jesus is so precious & he wants us to seek him with all our hearts, then shall we find him. Gods word CAN NOT return unto him void, it HAS TO ACCOMPLISH.. EVERYTHING, he has SENT IT TO DO!!

    Father, thank you for your love, thank you for loving us first and setting the example of true love. Please continue to draw us to yourself, let us decrease so Christ can increase in us. Help us to lay down our all at your feet, trust, love and honour you with all that we are, all that we say and do, put a deep desire in our hearts to want to glorify you with our whole being. As we belong to you, we are you people and we have been bought with a price. Please continue to help us walk by faith & your word. Help us to remember to keep our eyes on you, otherwise your word will be of no effect to us if we dont. Help every heart that needs and is searching for you, please continue to keep us in the hollow of your hands and teach us again how to fight, show us how to put on the whole armor of God and stand!! your word can never fail, Because Jesus is the word! Thank you Lord, may many be comforted, reminded & deeply convicted of how much you love and care for us. Amen

  225. Joy Says:

    Dear Jacinta,

    I’m so sorry you are feeling so bad :0( It sounds difficult that you are on your own so much – that is a hard and lonely place to be.
    Hope you are feeling much much better soon and somehow that warm people can come around you.
    Like Emory has said, God is faithful to forgive. He is also close to the lonely and broken-hearted.

    I also have found it hard to connect with the truth of forgiveness. I’m not sure if this will help you, but it has helped me recently, so I’ll write it down in case it does help:

    When you feel really bad… guilty… rotten… abandoned by God.. accept this as a hurt, broken part of yourself. This guilty feeling.. and because of it, feeling abandoned by God, are common to many many people. When this hurt part comes to the surface think of it as an opportunity.

    The opportunity is that it is right in that place of rotten-ness that we can receive from God. Sit with this pain and come to God and thank Him that it was for just these rotten feelings and wrong deeds that He came for us in Christ, to rescue us.

    What you did the other day.. He already knows about it… The prayer of ‘thanks’ is the prayer of receiving. Imagine Him putting the forgiveness in a gift box with a big bow on it. He is handing it out to you to take – reach out and take it from Him. He wants to give it freely, but we hold back disbelieving He is offering a gift. But He is!

    “God demonstrates His great love for us that even while we were still sinners Christ died for us” (Romans 5).

    Praying that you reach out to take the gift of God’s love and forgiveness which He is reaching out to hand you even now.

    Wishing you every blessing,
    Love, Joy

  226. Michele Says:

    Dear Lindalong,
    I want to thank you for sharing your story – it could not have been easy.

    I am compiling an E-Book with stories like yours in the hope that the lost will turn to God when they read stories like this and, for those who may already be children of God, to know that He does care, that He has not forgotten them, that healing will come!!

    I was wondering if you would allow me to share your story in the EBook? You may remain anonymous if you like – I won’t mind either way.

    I will of course send you a free copy when it is finalised.

    Please note – no pressure intended at all. If you do not feel comfortable with this idea, no problem. I will fully understand if you respond with a NO! 🙂

    God bless you.

    Kind regards

  227. Me Too Says:

    I too struggle with depression and anxiety. I don’t take medication due to the stigma and side effects but also because I’ve read that Christians shouldn’t take them. I’m very confused and tired of suffering. I purchased a device called the Fisher Wallace Cranial Stimulator. Any words of advice on this treatment for depression and anxiety. I’m wondering if this pain/pressure in my chest when I use it is conviction or fear? How can I tell?

  228. Chester Says:

    Lord God Please heal me with my anxiety and give me strength and wisdom everyday as I face this battle

  229. Linda Says:

    I am coming off Pristiq (an antidepressant) and would appreciate your prayers, as the withdrawal symptoms are horrendous! I am believing that God will deliver me from this drug with as few symptoms possible X

  230. carole Says:

    1yr ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and at the same time my daughter was fighting for 3yrs to get custody of her children where she lived in Finland; the husband had an affair with a co worker and left my daughter and the children to fend for themselves. She was made redundant from her job as a computer engineer and could not find another one and lived on their social system – the equiv of 1200 per month which is quite a lot but her modest apt with the 2 children was already 900 per month, and the husband earned 300.000 pa.

    The Finnish denied her to bring the children back home here to NZ where she would easily live with the children and our family support; she was forced to leave financially. The ex married the young girl and now they have a baby of their own plus my daughter’s 2 children… my daughter nearly had a mental breakdown and we had to talk to her through Skype every day for 2yrs…

    Meanwhile I underwent chemotherapy, had an 11 hr operation and have since developed another small tumor in the pelvic floor… well here is the good part… yes the wonderful part… I was so despairing before the op and very low in spirit from the chemo and was so depressed esp waking in the morning… the dr was scared I might commit suicide but I have not the courage to do that… and she put me on fluoxetine a sort of prozac… anyway that wasn’t much good and I had to go off all meds prior to the op…

    On may 14. Well… about 1 week before the op I was reading my bible daily and I thought I should choose one verse that seems to relate to what I think I should need and it was Deuteronomy 31:6 and every time I felt so bad which was every other second of the day I would say it and believe it… right before I lay on the table for the operation I said it and when I awoke in the intensive care unit… 98 percent of all anxiety left me and even when I had to have another scan and the new tumor is there I thought… no, no more medical intervention for me it will do my mind in…. and no more chemo… and I have never been so happy, even though my grandchildren are still in Finland and now the ex wants to have sole custody of the children… taking away a super mother’s children, when he is a binge drinker and takes lots of pills. But we are still fighting to get justice… and my God sees me through it all and I am very stable and trust him totally… maybe if you could find a special verse for you… I don’t know just God works in mysterious ways, he did not heal my body he has healed my mind profoundly… here is the verse:

    Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or terrified your God goes before you, he will not fail or abandon you.

    That was what I chose. Find one for you. God knows all about every single one of us. Let him work and sometimes he allows pain but he says we will not be given more than we can endure. He filters the pain. I know it does not feel like that at times… I still have the tumor but I am just fine… God be with you all.

  231. cynthia wilcox Says:

    I am so happy to realize for some years now that I am not the only person suffering from this’nasty’ problem. I am 50 years old this year and had my first attack when I was about 12 years old. Then, no one seemed to know what it was. My mother took me to a doctor and he had no clue. After all these years, I still suffer. Sometimes I am well and sometimes I am not. I suffer from anxiety, depression and OCD (intrusive thoughts). It is horrible. I have been hospitalized twice for this problem. At times, I feel as if I want to give up on life. However, I find solace in the thought that God cares for me. I also find that having the support of family and friends is key. I will be praying for my ‘fellow sufferers’ on this site. Please pray for me too.

  232. Elise Says:

    THANK YOU, Lindalong for publishing this. You are not the first testimony I read about Christians doing the same. So NOW I too will stop begging and praying for healing. But BELIEVE I am already healed, through the BLOOD of Jesus. BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE our God and what His Word says. THAT is what I need to do. BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE our God and what His Word says. “It is DONE”, Jesus said. I must BELIEVE that It is DONE, that Satan and all his evil doings have been OVERCOME. BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE our God and what His Word says. That is what He asks of me.

  233. Artjoey Says:

    I’m struggling with anxiety and already given up. I’ve blamed God 4 not helping me in those situations were i felt helpless. I’m depressed right now.

  234. Lindalong Says:

    artjoey, I would like to encourage you by sharing a thought with you. From the very beginning in the Bible, satan has always accused God’s Word. It is satan’s plan to get believers to question God’s Word and His will. In the Garden of Eden when Eve was being tested by the serpent, Eve stated that God had told her not to eat from the tree of good and evil for they would surely die. Satan immediately accused God’s Word and said you won’t surely die. When we stand on God’s Promises, Satan is standing there attacking our mind with lies to keep us from believing God’s Word. 2 Timothy 1:7 states “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” God promised us a sound mind, and He wants us to have the things He promised for us. I am going to begin praying for you for healing. Don’t give up! God cares so much for you and He wants you well. God bless you!

  235. Lynn Says:

    I have struggled with depression majority of my life due to past childhood abuse. I came to Christ a little over 2 years now. I have read of other past survivors of abuse who said God freed them from their past and they live in complete peace with no depression. At what point will I be free. It’s discouraging and frustrating. I have seen a Christian therapist for 2 years now and have made no progress and I’m also taking medication. I’m no further ahead than what I was when I started. I have prayed and pleaded with God to free me, but nothing. What am I doing wrong? Will God ever free me from my past?

  236. Joy Says:

    Dear Lynn, I would like to encourage you the Lord loves you so much.

    I have struggled most of my life so far with social anxiety due to childhood abuse. In spite of that the Lord has shown kindness, and goodness and love to me. He has healed me of depression and (general) anxiety, but not yet social anxiety.

    I think He works in different ways in different people so I can’t say what are His plans for you, except to be absolutely sure they are for your good and not for harm, to bring you hope and healing. I believe He wants to set you free and heal you.

    I can identify with the pleading. Can I suggest rather than pleading that you would find in His Word where He has already promised what you need. Write out those promises that speak to you & carry them about and read them often during the day. Perhaps you already do this. But I found the Word of God central in my own healing from depression. Jesus talks about how He washes us clean by the Word. I truly find this happening to me.
    Can I suggest also to “seek after Him and not the works of His hand”.

    I am praying for you. May the Lord richly bless you with a deep awareness of His love and absolute acceptance of you.
    Love, Joy

  237. A man Says:

    Nothing is impossible with God.
    Have you all watched lightning ,roaring waves of the sea.The bible declares these all god does. See if he can do this great amazing things he can definitely cure your simple problem. If God can make others be at peace then surely he can do with you also.

    When depression and anxiety comes just say thank you jesus and say the blessings you have example hand, legs, money etc. eg thank you Jesus for that, this etc.

    FAST AND PRAY. Pray by fasting atleast one day in a week or as you can because it REALLY MAKES difference.
    Jesus loves you.

  238. Jillay Says:

    Thank you all for your posts. Are we able to create a support group? I am in battle at the moment but feel inspired to do what I did years ago to get free which was declare God’s Word.
    Thank you I have been encouraged.

  239. Jillay Says:

    Ps. Carole, your testimony touched me so much. I will be praying for you. I love the verse from Deuteronomy. I am going to claim that too.
    Will be praying for you, your health and family situation.
    God bless you. What an inspiration you are.

  240. sherrie Says:

    I am going through the same thing now having headaches
    That worry me …Plz remember me in your prayerz

  241. Anthony Says:

    Have you truly forgiven these people and asked the lord to deliver them from evil
    Have to got to the point where you can weep for them yet
    If not this is what you need to do
    At least part of what you need to do.

  242. yathano jemu Says:

    by copying someone that anxiety happened in my life my mind. thought that if i become mad if i become crazy that affect my life since 2 month and then i started following god started reading god’s words praying and asking god to takeaway this anixiety from my life n i can feel my self that i can control that anxiety in my life n that tried to come in my life but i can control n also i feel scared afraid but finally i found god who is hearing my voice who know what is happening in my life today I can control that anxiety through god and also i got support from my beautiful wife who care me n who told to follow god i thank her alots i can”t repay but still i ask god to give us a wonderful n beautiful future and also thank god who give me a strength and power to fight against anxiety.

  243. Peggy Says:

    Thank you for your prayers and your helpful ideas for calming anxiety and for posting the Psalm verses. God bless you, Roddy.

  244. Mickey Parish Says:

    My disciplinarian mother made me go to church every Sunday, but neither she nor my dad didn’t. I don’t recall being baptized, but I know I was. This was a Sunday practice until I was about 10 and then, I was on my own. Apparently, like many folks, I thought the Bible was a fable storybook. The next time I went again was to hear and say hello to a Baptist minister, who was a friend of mine that I played high school football with.

    My first wife died at the age of 62 by way of a heart attack. Someone found her on the floor. Later, I married again to a female that divorced me in about 1989. Later, he was diagnosed with breast cancer and they couldn’t save her. After that, I was in a deep, dark depression for something like 6 years. What I didn’t know was that God gave me the resources to stay at home in my recliner and not work. Each day, I would sit in a daze looking at the TV (not Christian stations) and not hearing or seeing anything. suddenly, I found myself on my knees sobbing as I had never cried before and just like that, I was saved!!

    That brought me out of my depressed state, but I wanted a job. As it turned out, my brother went to San Antonio, Texas and bought a new Saturn and while doing the paperwork, the sale rep asked if he had a brother named Mickey because they had sold cars together at another store and his boss was looking for another salesman, so I called the general manager the next day, got in my car and went for an interview. He hired me in early January of 1995 on the spot and I had an apartment and was moved 2 days later with the help of my ex-partner and good friend. Friend that he was, he returned on a bus.

    Fast forward to 1996. I occasionally visited with a young lady in the waiting room while she was waiting for her older model to be serviced and she told me one day that she wanted to trade her mom’s car for a new , red Saturn coupe because had not owned a new car even though she was 39 years old. She asked me to call her if we got a red one would I call her. It wasn’t long before we got a special edition “blacktop” coupe, one of only 2500 made. When I called, she was at work in Florida and said that she would come in when she got in around 5:00. She came and looked and wanted to think about it overnight. I warned her that would probably go fast, so don’t take too long. Sure enough, she came in the next day and it was sold. Even though she was disappointed, I told her that we had another one in our other store across town. I had it transferred the next day and she came prepared to buy, but it had a leather interior and the other one had cloth.

    Anyhow, she bought it and after doing the paperwork, we visited until after 9 PM and the manager was getting angry. In the course of the conversation, I asked when she ate last and there was this huge pause and her palms up, she said were you going to ask me out for dinner? I then thought possible that she was a gold digger, but that wasn’t right, because she suggested a small Mexican restaurant where we had nachos and Margaritas. We closed it down at 12:00 and went to a sports bar and closed it down at 2 AM. We had left her car at the Mexican place, so we back, hugged each other and went our separate ways. She called me the next day and invited me to dinner, so I picked up a bottle of wine, but she called me first and asked if I would also bring a roll of toilet tissue. We still laugh about that. I found myself with my head in her lap listening to CD’s.

    She doesn’t mind that there’s a 23 age gap and with 80 just around the corner, she is truly the love of my life and tells me I’m handsome every few days!

  245. Latonya Says:

    Amen!! May God bless everyone!I BELIEVE in Gods Faith!God is our healer!!

  246. Thomas Watkins Says:

    Thank you pray for me please!!

  247. andrea Says:

    I’d just like to share with you how I got rid of my rippling anxiety. I had terrible panic attacks, nervousness and social anxiety that I thought would never go. I even considered leaving my job of 14 years because I couldn’t face people. One night I prayed with my whole heart and I put my trust in Jesus. A lady from my church also prayed for me. Shortly after I was googling anxiety cures (I had done this many times before and tried lots of different things to try to cure this debilitating illness through no success). Anyway One evening I read a comment on a forum by a Christian lady stating that she took a pro-biotic called Three-lac and had cured her anxiety. I wasn’t convinced entirely as after reading some reviews on Three-lac it looked like it was commonly used for candida not anxiety. I then googled probiotics and Anxiety and was amazed at the link between gut health and mental health. I had nothing to lose and ordered it. About a week later I was overcome by a relief of calmness and sense of wellbeing and have been the same ever since. I’m not sure whether the probiotics cured me or prayer alone did. Either way I am absolutely sure that either Jesus cured me and the probiotics had nothing to do with it or he guided me to the pro-biotics!! Either way good luck to you all and don’t give up in fighting this illness. Put your trust in Jesus and pray!!

  248. michelle Says:

    Abigail Yvette…thank you for sharing. You asked on your testimony…you wonder if anyone wld read what you wrote! Well I just did and you spoke to me, thanxs! The hormonal panel etc…my next step. God bless you dear sister x

  249. Toni Says:

    I am so happy for you. God has boughten you through. I’m dealing with anxiety and crazy thoughts myself, it is tough. Testimonies like yours, about how much he has done for you help me so much. I heard that when God blesses you he rarely has you in mind.. Thank you for being so blessed.

  250. mary Says:

    Everyone!!! Read the Bible one hour everyday and you will be healed of anything!!! It may take several months but you will be healed. Also, read the Bible one hour everyday to maintain perfect health!!

  251. dorothy uche Says:

    The only way to conquer anxiety disorder is by reading and understanding the word of God – this is what my spirit keeps telling me and I know whoever that believes in God’s word will never perish. Without God’s word we are nothing, I repeat without God’s word we are nothing. God said we should remind and challenge him by his words and HIS word is Yea and Amen. GOD said that instead of his words will not come to pass let heaven and earth pass. ALMIGHTY GOD CAN NEVER LIE AND WHOEVER THAT BELIEVES HIM WITH NEVER EVER BE DISAPPOINTED…this anxiety thing has made me realise that God is the only healer and physician we all have on this earth …Reading the Bible and desisting from all kinds of sin is the only way. I thank God for this anxiety because it had made me to know God and runaway from the vanities of the world. LET US ALL EMBRACE GOD AND HIS WORDS FOREVER AND EVER.

  252. yani Says:

    You need to calm down. Trust him. Leave it all . i know its hard. It has been happening to me and its soo annoying and stressfull. But you need to stop trying to control it bc yhe more you do, the worst it will get. Trust God. Life is not easy, life is hard. You have to be brave a trust God to help you cope with the problems. Don’t listen to the thoughts and try to ignore. God bless you.

  253. yani Says:

    Your past will always be there. It will not change and you will never forget. You have to remember that those experiences happened for a reason. Maybe so that you can become a stronger person and help others that may need you and might not know what to do. You have to ask him for forgiveness and know that after he forgives you what happened in the past has been thrown in the lake of forgetfulness. You have to forgive yourself and pick yourself up. Ask him to help and and dont try to control it. You cannot control it. Let God carry your burden and take yhe crosss. God bless you .

  254. Jean-Pierre Says:

    I am going to share something very personal. Something I have kept hidden even from my own family. Do I want to? No!! Why do it then? The truth is sometimes it’s about being obedient to the little voice inside of you. That little voice I like to call the Holy Spirit. God gave me a glimpse of heaven! Who am I to keep this God of miracles to myself? I have to swallow my pride today. Sometimes it’s about pleasing God and not people. Feel free to hit the unfriend button.

    I’m writing this for someone who: lost a loved one; lost their way in life; is struggling with alcohol, drugs or a sex addiction; lost their faith; lost their belief in a God; in miracles; is battling depression; doesn’t see a way out of their situation; feels that life just keeps on pushing them down; lost their self worth. Stick around because today God can open a door for you which no man can shut. Today can be your day to make a change. A day that you might have prayed, cried, longed for maybe you have all these emotions and feelings in you that you have been hiding from everyone thats been eating you up alive. Maybe you don’t have anyone to speak to or fear of what people might think is keeping you from opening up. God has not forgotten about you! He hears your prayers, but you need to allow him to help you. You need to let go! Letting go of what is holding you down is key to your freedom, but how?

    On 10 December 2013 my world came crumbling down. My father a Pastor, a man of God for decades, lost his battle with cancer. This God that he served I did not have in my life. I remember holding his hand on his death bed while it was still warm but I was to late. I regretted with my entire being not saying goodbye to him or not repenting from my sins which he so dearly wanted, even cried for. I knew it would have been artificial and that I would have done it for the wrong reasons, but it left me deeply wounded. I was a changed man. I tried to surrender to this Jesus but with no success, the enemy of my soul knew my weaknesses all too well and he was not about to let his royal servant go. The problem was I never truly surrendered all. I held on to this world and its empty promises. You cannot serve two masters, for you are robbing yourself of your salvation. My entire personality slowly started to change. My mother got married very soon after my father’s passing and in my cripple state my conscious mind tried to save me by accepting the situation but the truth is deep down my heart grew heavier. “I am a man, I am a tough guy,” I desperately told myself. Who was I kidding I needed someone to talk to, I needed help! Soon after, my relationship with my girlfriend started to suffer from my hidden emotions. The girl I thought I was going to spend all my days with was fading away. My work sent me 1453km away from home for nearly a year which didn’t help my situation. The day of my departure to my new job location the new cutest puppy I left her died and soon after our relationship. I got two big fines on my way and she complained of demonic activity in the house, was I doomed? I was on a downhill spiral and things weren’t looking any better! My car broke down…I thought to myself can it get any worse?! I was in for a surprise! The enemy of my soul knew how to help me destroy myself even further with the help of certain drugs- alcohol, woman and steroids. I destroyed myself, I slowly grew depressed.

    By this time my small business bringing in much needed extra money was nonexistent. Any money was used to feed by addictions and water my depression. I missed my dad, my ex girlfriend, my family! My brother was in Vietnam in a different country and my mother with her new husband 1000km away. I was struggling to sleep I even started to get severe demonic dreams. I was crushed! Just as things couldn’t get worse I got sent 1452km back home on a smaller contract that would mean a smaller pay check! There goes my double cab bakkie for a smaller bakkie! Things just didn’t want to turn around. The enemy of my soul didn’t miss an opportunity to make me feel worthless, to make me feel as if I got what I deserved. No amount of alcohol could take away the pain, no artificial high in this world could provide me with happiness. I went to the gym more times a week than most people go in a year. I pushed myself beyond my limit. I was starving my body from most “unhealthy” food , which only made things worse with the amount of steroids I took. Nothing filled the whole in my heart. I ended up in hospital three times with severe anxiety attacks which medicine and injections couldn’t cure. I was prescribed with medicine that nearly killed me. Could it possibly get any worse? I ended up in hospital for a month! And after even more drama in hospital something happened that changed me completely.

    As I was lying in bed in hospital one night God refreshed my memory. One night in my drunkenness I fell to my knees and I prayed to the God of my father, to Jesus. I told the Lord that I needed His help! I told the Lord “ I give up! Let Your will be done and not mine, You are the potter and I am your clay, Lord I want to go to heaven! Help me!” And after that very straight forward prayer, here I was in a Hospital and guess what it might not have been the way I thought it would turn out but God answered my prayer. I got on my knees next to my hospital bed I surrendered all to Christ, everything! I came out with all my sins I was tired of running and ready to face my demons. As I opened my bible the first verse I read was: “YOU ARE MY SON ; TODAY I HAVE BECOME YOUR FATHER.” In my darkest hour God gave me His word!! It brought me to tears.

    God was not done with me yet. One night before my downhill spiral in my emotional state with eyes filled with tears I decided to pray. I asked the Lord that if my dad was there with Him…please give him a hug and tell him that I love him! Shortly after I woke… up and it didn’t feel like a dream!!! The colors around me were so bright… and the grass so green and everything looked so…. real! Where was I?I heard a voice say:” I have someone here for you”…and that is when I heard a laugh that I would recognize anywhere , anytime , in a million years, it was my dad standing in front of me!!!!He had a bright white robe on and he reached out to shake my hand!!!I couldn’t believe it…as I touched his hand I could feel it, he has this big soft hands that you would recognize blind folded…I grabbed him and gave Him a tight hug!!I told my dad that I loved him and I burst out in tears!!! And directly after that I woke with my eyes wide open in my bed I was shocked!!The only thing I could do was to go down on my knees and say thanks unto the Lord!! I wanted Jesus to give him a hug and he surely answered my prayer!!! I give my praise to You Lord!

    I faced my family eye to eye and I opened up about everything, and I mean everything. Through facing my problems, my daemons, and with a heart filled with forgiveness I received forgiveness. I received peace, a peace I cannot even describe. In giving my all to Jesus He gave me all I needed and more!!!But I needed to let go of this world and what I thought I needed, boy was I wrong!!!God wants what is best for us!!!He wants to release you from the prison you are in currently but you need to let Him do that for you!!The key to your release is in your hands!!!

    The bigger your oppression is, the bigger your calling is, and the bigger your calling is, the bigger your reward will be!”Whoever wants to be My disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.”

    I am proud to say that today I am a BTECH Safety Management and a Theology student with an amazing job that gave me an increase!!!All my debt is paid off, my new car is on the way and my family relationship has never been better. I got a new place to live with brand new furniture and I can afford to run an extra business on the side. I can’t remember when last I was this happy and even catch myself smiling for no reason! I am freed from all forms of addiction and I have an amazing church with people who have the same goals in life. I got baptized on the 10th of December 2015 which is also the day my father passed and the same day he started to work in the church. I am a new creation, mind, body and spirit.

    You see for God it was never about anyone else…it was always about me. And so it can be for you to! If you find yourself in a similar situation and you need God in your life I would recommend you go to your nearest Christian pastor today. Let it all go, all that is holding you back give it to Jesus! Cast your burdens unto him for He cares for you! Our time on this earth is limited why not take a chance on Jesus today? Here is a prayer for those who need it now:

    Our Father in heaven,
    hallowed be your name,
    your kingdom come,
    your will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us today our daily bread
    And forgive us our debts,
    as we also have forgiven our debtors.
    And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from the evil one
    free me now from the spirit of a heavy heart and illness
    fill me with your holy spirit and love
    take all my burdens upon You Lord for it is too heavy for me
    I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior
    Thank you Jesus for my healing

    “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

  255. Herman Says:

    I did my first post on December 22 2010. It is been 6 years passed by and is constant battle with depression. My depression is translate to one word alone which is insomnia and yes I still have anxiety and its doesn’t bother me much. I’ve switched my Job 5 months ago. That’s the company I worked 13 years and since the expectation was high and with suffering I find hard to meet the expectation I changed my job.

    These days I find hard to concentrate at work. Mainly because due to lack of sleep and if I take clonazepam little bit more than usual, I find hard to focus at work simply because of drowsiness thus almost three days a week goes like this. 3 to 4 times a week the medicine works very slowly and by the time I try to fall asleep it becomes 1:30 to 2:00 am. I do moderate exercise 3 to 4 times a week and for some reason I feel like GOD is silence in my situation and feel like I’m very far from HIS presence despite studying bible 3 to 4 times a week and attend the church and involved in other activities regularly. I stopped taking sleeping pill almost a year simply because it brings another sets of issue that is harder to deal with. Besides, I find very hard to concentrate in job if I were to take sleeping pill. The days and months are passing like smoke in the midst of depression.

    Well, some of the folks in this group says that we need to surrender ourselves to LORD. Honestly now I don’t know as to what it means to surrender ourselves to GOD. It feels like enemy has stripped down everything. The peace of mind and the inner joy become far cry, I found myself struggle to make major decisions in life. It appears as though life is numb. Thankfully my wife goes to work and I’m thankful to GOD. Today, my 5 year old daughter came and sat on my lap and it was around 7:30 am and she looked at my face and told that you look sleepy… Inside I was broken and outward I laughed… Yeah, I couldn’t help much to my kids to get ready for the school. Mostly my wife does all the work. I help them in the evening lot.

    Shed some light folks. I’m tired of going to doctors. I have changed to 4 different medicines and every time I go to sleep doctor I had to take the sleep journal for two weeks which tires me lot. I’ve tried counseling and didn’t help much. Any thoughts and suggestion will be appreciated…


  256. Gabby Says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments and of course the post. I have had Agorapgobia which is basically extreme fear associated with panic attacks for 16 years. I am 31 so over half of my life. I am Christian but really have lost faith. I’ve cried out to God many times even say In the parking lot at church when I was too scared to go in but the healing has not come. I have gone to counseling, Christian counseling, psychiatrists, psychologists and now even a hypnotist. I will not kill myself because honestly I don’t have the guts and I have a 4 year old daughter but I will say that I am so very close. I have given up. Given up on myself, ever hoping to have a normal life and even given up on God healing me.
    I want faith I pray for my disbelief and I love Christ. Fear really is the greatest destroyer of life

  257. Joy Says:

    Dear Gabby,
    I too have suffered with extreme fear and completely agree, it’s a destroyer. You have my deepest respect and greatest warmth of heart. You are a person of tremendous courage. Sometimes when we can’t make sense of it, we don’t know the next step, we can’t endure the present… All we can do is breathe the prayer: “Lord, I don’t understand, but I know this – that I trust you. I trust you in this circumstance. Even though it’s awful, I trust you. I know somehow you will bring me through. I trust you.” He will. No one who trusts in Him will ever ever be put to shame.

    Much love & prayers.

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