I’m so blessed that I have come across this site, and reading these articles, has given me hope. I currently suffer from panic attacks as well and like so many of you I agree. Panic attacks are very paralyzing when I have them I can’t bring myself to believe that its just an illusion.

The feeling of fear and the sensation of having an oncoming heart attack rushes me to the hospital. I have been there for the same complaint of having a heart attack by which the doctors keep assuring me nothing is wrong. It seems I can’t get myself to believe them. Lately I have been drinking a lot fearing of the next attack and it helps to take my mind off of the sensations in my body. However, I’m uncomfortable knowing I’m turning into an alcoholic.

I pray that the lord will continue to give me the opportunities to still take a breath everyday and by doing so each day I can live according to his will, So many people die and suffer and I need to learn to appreciate that God is the one who wakes me up everyday and that no matter the time of day to stay prayerful and know that God is in control.

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  1. CristoVive Says:

    Wow I totally know what you go through, I had and still do have panic attacks except less than before. Mine are a product of all the drug use I had before Christ found me. My boyfriend also had them very strong and he would end up at the hospital as well thinking he was going to die yet the doctors will tell him everything is ok. There is only one way I am able to get thought it: reading the BIBLE, GOD’S WORD. To be honest with you, prayer hardly works for me because im so preoccupied being panicked and worried about nothing that I can’t even keep a straight thought. But when I read the Bible, I don’t say anything, I just hear Fod speaking to me, telling me that He is with me. Psalm 91 is one of my faves when I go though that, I have memorized it. Leave everything in God’s hands but do your part as well, drinking is not healthy and God will liberate you if you ask Him to. God bless you and may He strengthen you by the Holy Spirit.

  2. Joy Says:


    I too suffered from panic attacks and overwhelming anxiety for a period of about two years. All thanks to the Lord for leading me out of them and healing me :0)That was almost three years ago now and I am thankful that I am well and don’t suffer them anymore!!!
    I never knew such torment was possible. That’s the only way to describe it. It is not an illusion at all, but a very real experience. Dear brother, I pray that you are led to peace and healing.
    Hold fast to the Word of God. This is absolutely essential. Psalm 91 was also my ’emergency’ Psalm.. helped me through so many moments. Also Psalm 23. I wrote down scriptures I needed and kept them handy in my pocket to go over. I memorised short verses as much as I could. It was often hard to concentrate and remember.

    You can read more of my experience here (scroll down to entry for Joy on Feb 27th 2012):


    May the Lord bless you and lead you to freedom.



  3. Pamela Says:

    Dear Dedestrick

    The Lord is your healer, have faith that he will heal you. Meditate on the Word of God and he will help you. I pray that the good Lord heals you. Let Christ lead your way and you will find no purpose for the drinking. I know that it might seem like there is no help in the moment but know this, God has your back and He alone can heal you. God is amazing and He will do amazing things in your life. Have Faith. Keep Strong.

    Sincerely, Pamela

  4. pietergabriel Says:

    How I love this site!God the Almighty is using this very site as an instrument to fulfill his promises!NOTHING happens without God’s will or Him allowing it! The reason that anyone find this site is because of His will!God is so wonderfull – He is amazing,His deeds far above what the human’s brain can imagine or think of!

    Please take note – God is in control, He hears every prayer, but …on His time, which is always ON time, He will heal and He will bring outcome …even if we should die! Death is nothing!Jesus took all the power out of death!Whether we believe it or not! You can also read my testimony( rather, the testimony God gave to me) “the testimony of pietergabriel” and see what our Father in Heaven can do in a moment,if it is His will! At this very moment “death” for a child of God, means a step over into everlasting life!Wow…just like Paul, I can say, I truly long to be with God in heaven but… all of us, who are children of God, have the light of Jesus to shine ,as long as God wants us to do that, we must shine! Therefore, we must shine until we go to our Lord, and then …we will realy see, what shine for the Lord realy means!All that we’ll want to do, none stop, is to praise God our Father,His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit as ONE! Believe the Word, when Jesus says, we are His bride! Everlasting JOY to be with our Lord Jesus!He is sooo beautifull and perfect – no human words or description can even “touch” His Majesty!

    I can and will pray for each person astray but …first just this! God hear your call for help! He hears that in His Almighty power , as if you are the only voice that’s calling! I never had panic attacks, but I realy know what pain is!Pain caused me to have spontanic convulsions at a time!I live with pain constantly and still pray to God to take it away!God took away my headaches which was the worst of all pain, but I still have constant back and neck pain!Even if it is very bad, I still praise God,all by His grace, knowing that He knows the best!!!I believe God can heal me ,and you, and any person who needs healing, in a moment but…remember, His time is His time, and His timing is perfect – He who was,is and will always be!

    This is not about me or you, but… it is about the Lord of Lords, The King of Kings who gave His Son , so that we may be saved!You mentioned that you are praying to God.Therefore I know you have faith in Him!God says,He will turn no one away who comes to Him!Do not allow Satan to make you believe anything else! If you have a panic attack…fear for death, remind Satan about the perfect Godly prize Jesus has paid for you!Remind Satan, that you are a child of God,(he actually knows that),but he just wants you to loose faith.Tell Satan, that you don’t have to fear death, because “death” for you ,will actually mean, the start of everlasting life with Jesus in Heaven! Satan wants us to live in “fear”. He uses “death”, as an instrument and manage to restrain people who can’t see through his bad plans!He uses our lack of knowledge of the Word and the Truth to decieve us! But… the truth is…Jesus took away 100% of the stronghold of death, even more…Jesus overcome death and every stronghold Satan and all of darkness could create!

    Satan is “the father of lies” and still manage to decieve the world in many ways!Don’t allow Satan to decieve you into panic attacks and anxiety or depression! The only way is through Jesus!He is the Almighty Healer, trust Him,keep faith and read the Word of God!The truth will set you free!

    Heavenly Father, in the Almighty Name of Jesus Christ, I pray for Dedestrick and every person ,who are having panic attacks, living with anxiety and depression! By your power, you know exactly how they feel, you hear their every prayer. Please God, through your divine and perfect love, will you heal them.Father God, may you be glorified through every testimony and by every mighty deed that you do! You are the True Saviour and Redeemer Jesus, and by your wounds and ultimate sacrifice,we all can share in your everlasting love,peace,joy and life forever!Thank you Father ,that we no longer have to live in fear of anything ,as long as we put our faith in you!We thank you God,in the Name of Jesus Christ and by the working of the Holy Spirit within us – you are Holy Holy for ever!Amen!

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