When i was 17 i got raped, due to that i had to have a rape kit done. My dr. Called me and told me that i needed to come back into the office to receive my test results..i knew there was something wrong, going into there thinking it was something treatable, or maybe herpes at the worst, totally not expecting what i was about to hear.

The dr. Sat me and my mother down, asked me if i wanted my mom in the room, me replyin” yeah, y not”..the dr. Looked at the report, sadly saying,

“You’re HIV positive.”

That moment, my whole world crumbled, i really cant even explain it, at that moment all i could think about was death. I mean i was still a kid, not really knowing much about the disease, except that it can kill u, and its not curable. I kept telling the dr. Theres a mistake, thats not right, so on..he told us that we could recheck my blood but until then to go home and clean, get rid of all the razors i might have used, make sure no one else uses my toothbrush, and to even wash our clothes separately.

Anyways i had a lil boy at the time, he was 2-3yrs old..the whole week i had to wait for my blood work to come back, all i did was laid on the couch, crying, i wouldnt even let me son near me, scared id give him something (i didnt know much about the disease) i read all about it tho. Just in case i was positive, i’d know what to expect and so on..my family members came to visit me (my uncle particularly); he is my pastor also. But they came to visit, letting me know that they all would still love me, and not treat me any different…(that was hard)??

But in the mean time, there’s one thing i did, that changed my life…i PRAYED TO GOD WITH MY WHOLE HEART, weeping, promising him i’d turn my life around, and so on… well after that week passed, i gotta phone call one morning round 9am…it was my family dr. He called to let me know my test came back…NEGATIVE. i said no AIDS? He said no AIDS, HIV, herpees, etc. OMG… i screamed with joy… knowing my god had changed my test result… i wanted to share this testimony to let people know no matter what the drs say, god always has the final say so always believe, have faith and pray, pray, PRAY. God is a healer, miracle working god, an on time god. Never doubt one bit. He holds all the answers to life!

40 Responses to “God Changed my Test Results and Healed me from AIDS”

  1. Brian Says:

    Thank you for sharing your testimony of God’s healing! Our loving God is so good!

  2. tabatharenee Says:

    No problem..i really wanted to post this to show people how much prayer works..and for the people that r hiv positive. To never give up hope. And pray, god can change everything, after all he is our maker 🙂 i pray that god blesses and answers each and every ones prayers, in jesus name 🙂

  3. smiles Says:

    Wow, that is powerful! Praise God for that blessing. I thought I was HIV positive at one point, but God gave me the strength once I was saved to go and get tested. It was a false alarm, but the moral or lesson I learned is to not listen to satan’s lies. I’m praying now about meeting a husband and will not give up until God hears and gives me an answer. Thanks for your encouraging words and amazing praise report on God’s goodness 🙂

  4. Al Says:

    That is such a beautiful and moving testimony! To God be the glory for ever and ever Amen! God bless you!

  5. RHONA Says:

    I was very touched by your testimony. I pray the Lord be with you and your baby and guide you. The Lord is our only hope, man will fail us but God will never. We need to talk to the Lord, just as a Father in a home would love for his children to come to him for anything, likewise our Heavenly father would like of us to go to him and seek him.

  6. Cheyenne Says:

    God is amazing in so many ways and works so many miracles I know you’ve probably gone on and done many wonderful things yourself and always knowing God is at your side through it all I hope you have many more graceful years in the arms of the Lord

  7. Cheyenne Says:

    I’m so happy for you

  8. songwe Says:

    God is great.

  9. juliet Says:

    thank you for your testimony, it is encouraging to know that our God is able and He hears our prayers. our Redeemer liveth

  10. Jaime V. Says:

    Great testimony of Gods’ hand moving on/in us. Just as I had a similar ‘life and death’ situation. Let me get right to my testimony of my (Gods’) healing of me: As a young twenty-year-old male, I use to like going out to parties and night-clubs with my ‘then’ girlfriend. Sometimes with mutual friends of ours. On one particular night right after leaving the establishment there were a couple of people arguing over(who-knows-what). We ignored their violent situation.
    After we had gotten into my vehicle I/we heart gunfire…I thought,”I has to be those two that were arguing…it was! Everyone scattered for their cars. All I could hear we screams of despair and screeching of tires from the fleeing party-goers.
    I remember driving away from the location like a dream(not too sure where all the commotion was coming from. To make this a little shorter…I drove in between the two persons that were arguing. They were not only exchanging words but…bullets! This was like a bad dream becoming a reality! As my girlfriend and I drove off we despair I caught on of those flying objects in my head (38′). Well this ended my long journey to becoming a teacher. God did not want that lifestyle for me.
    I have now been rehabilitated and returned to school. I can never forget and will never forget that day. The 12-inch scar on my head will be a mental and physical reminder of where God has lifted me out from… eternal Sin/Death. It has been nineteen years now and serving the Lord with all my heart and might. Thanking him for the second chance! Glory be to Him! : )

  11. Cate Says:

    God is good, awesome and faithful… So happy for you. Im standing in Faith that i too have been healed of hiv… Iv jus done a retest and in FAITH i know its negative… Glory be to Jesus

  12. Alto Says:

    I am very touched and impressed by you tesimony.Oh God is great and wonderfull.If you can e-mail me I would like to share with you since I am in the same predicament that you were.

  13. Mimis Says:

    Glory be to our awsome God! Healer of the sick, the one who gives rest to the weary, because when man says no there is nothing else we can do he steps in and demonstrates us his love, power, and everything else he wants to show us. He is our God, our friend, our healer, our counselor, our psychologist, our everything there is nothing he cannot do! I will praise him everywhere I go in my home, in my car, in my life! He replaced fear with his unending love!

  14. Zoe_Selah Says:

    I am so glad for what the Lord has done for you. He truly is a merciful God. Have you been baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ yet?

  15. JULIE Says:

    praise to GOD for he is so wonderful and faithful
    i also have faith for healing-infact i believe i have been healed from hiv-i recieved my healing though i have not gone back for a test.God keep blessing yo all

  16. Moe Says:

    I myself am HIV positive. I found out I was back in January of 2011. I have not been on treatment for this condition but 7 months ago I suffered a major panic attack and since then have been dealing with anxiety. I think my anxiety has been brought on by the constant thought of my HIV diagnosis. I am believing in a healing in the name of Jesus for all my infirmities. I know that Jesus carried all my infirmities on the cross and I refuse to accept sickness and disease. I know that our God works miracles and his will for us is health! The devil can’t lie to me! I refuse to accept it. God Bless you all!

  17. Kay Says:

    God is so good! I know if he can heal you, he can heal me. I truly believe that at my doctor’s appointment I will leave stress free, and healthy. No longer will I worry at the thought of pregnancy. Brothers and sisters, please pray for me?

  18. Lenah Says:

    Thank u for that testimony, it has really given me hope that i too wil be healed from aids. I am praying and soon going for my tests. Am Lenah.

  19. cynthia mabuza Says:

    Our God created us so it is not difficult for him to fix any conditions that trouble us,as long as we let him take over and owns our lives fully he will make a way for us

  20. taylor Says:

    Its been a great testimony since I know how it feels to be in that situation.God’s Love Conquers ALL sickenesses and diseases .I’m happy for you!

  21. taylor Says:


  22. taylor Says:


  23. charity Says:

    today i have also received my healing for and my son form HIV, i know God has done and i will go for the test to ashame the devil……my brothers and sister who are believing GOd for healings, fear not for He i faithful to fulfill all His promises……even for healing…IS THERE ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR OUR LORD? Believe and receive you healings In JESUS NAME!

  24. John Says:

    I just found out that I have herpees.. I’m extremely sad and I think I’m dirty, nasty and I have even thought about just dying… I know God is powerful but I’m afraid that he would like and would help me 🙁

  25. AsianJesusLover Says:

    Praise God Hallelujah you are Gods chosen Child

  26. Janet Says:

    To GOD be the Glory forever and ever,his words are medicine to the body and life to the soul.I know GOD has healed me of Hiv through the precious blood of his one and only begotten son JESUS CHRIST who is my LORD and SAVIOR. May this testimony reinforce your strenght in Faith in the name of the LORD JESUS.Because when you pray there are one hundred millions angels supporting your prayers in Heaven.Your voice echo in holy places.
    GOD is Life and Life indeed.

  27. Sharon Maicon Says:

    I read your testimony and it really touches my heart, and it has also given hope that with Jesus I will be free from HIV, have been tested positive twice within the past 2 months, but somehow within me I fail to believe the result because Jesus said all he has he as given me which means through him I have devein health and am also trusting his word that said by his stripes am healed….

  28. redeem Says:




  29. Donna Says:

    i was tested positive a week ago, i had suspected it because i had all the signs. My world came crumbling down, i cried, the symptoms increased. But i did the test again and i am waiting for the results. Thank God for encouraging articles like this one, i know my results are going to change. Praise God

  30. Sharon Maicon Says:

    This is for you Donna, right now I know how you are feeling and what you are going through, but just keep the faith and always remember you are not in this alone.

  31. Asungba Says:

    Praise the Lord. My faith has increased after reading your testimony. I have a severe digestive problem for the last 8 years but God is still taking care of me. He is healing me day by day. For when i am weak He made me strong. Our God is an awesome God, our healer. Everything is possible to Him. Haleluyah. God bless you all.

  32. Rhoda Says:

    My God!!! i’m just short of words with which to express appreciation for what god has done for me. Today i am convinced that nothing is impossible with God. I have been living with the HI virus since the year 2000 and have been praying to God for my healing ever since. In 2009 God blessed me with a handsome son. The peadiatrician tested him for HIV when he was 6 weeks, and he was found HIV negative and I thanked God for it. However, he kept showing signs that he was infected (such as a retarded growth, frequent episodes of diarrhoea, mouth sores and thrush) this got me very worried. However, I continued praying to God for my healing, my husands healing and this time his healing as well. But the symptomds would not subside. When ever I took him to hospital they would ask about his HIV status and I would tell them that he is not infecetd. Then late Last year (2012) I discoverd that my boy is HIV infected. I got very devasted as I could not understand how he got infected since I had not breast fed him. I was frustrated thinking of how I would handle the issue of disclosing to the child. I kept on praying and fasting this time around I developed hypertension because of stress. My parents kept telling me to take the boy to the hospital for complete examination as the symptoms were aparent by the way I have not disclosed my HIV status to them. On the 25th of May 2013 I took him to the peadiatrician who did the initial test and he did another test and yesterday at 5;45 pm he called to tell me that the results are back and they are negative. My goodness!!!! It was like he was announcing freedom. Oh my God! I am convinced beyond any trace of doubt that his mercy endureth forever. Tomorrow I want to undergo another test myself. my massage to all of you out there who are devasted by any kind of diseases I say let us give God the chance to prove himself.

  33. Favour Says:

    Hi all, i am touched by these testimonies. And I am sure that before this week runs out i will also post my testimony. I was tested HIV+ on July 31 2012. I have been praying and crying to God because i got myself into it despite all the warnings from the Holy Spirit. After reading your testimonies, I will find time and redo the test, and this time i will prove the devil wrong and give God the chance to prove that He has already healed me. I just feel it now.
    God bless you all.

  34. Unknown Says:

    Praise the lord I am suspected that I am hiv positive, and am going to have my test soon, but my mind is telling me that when I go for test it will be negative because I have given my heart to God. He reigns in eternity. HE MADE IMPOSSIBLE TO BE POSSIBLE this made me.

    Feeling the symptom all over my body this made me to go to EBUBE MUONSO in uke anambra state yesterday and i hope GOD OF EBUBE MUONSO will let me die and my test will commence soon and but I made convenant with GOD that if he heal I will give a heavy thankgiving to GOD and he has already healed me. This site has given me more hope that my own will be a state of past. Please brethren, support me in praying thanks. halleluyah

  35. Dailove Kebreau Says:

    Hello everyone my name is Dailove Kebreau Im a black girl from Haiti.. I lost my virginity at 19 to a man that I’d thought I loved and he had cheated on me or if I may say he cheated on his baby mama with me. I had no idea if he was still with his baby mama. When he would speak of his baby mama he would describe her like a monster. He had told me that she been moved on and was dating someone but all was a lie. I was contacted on Facebook by his baby mama and started stalking me and texting all my facebook friends and calling me names. Wow my life was hell. At one point I wanted to die. I would cry 24/7.

    I would walk from school and just drop down and burst to tears. I wanted to just die and get over with. I was so lost and confused. After he took my virginity I would not see him for 2-3 months. Imagine if he just took your virginot, so that means u are super horny… Despite all these times I haven’t seen him, I’ve never cheated on him. When all that was too much for me to handle, I had decided to break up with him. But I couldn’t do it on my own because I was too in love. So I got down to my knees and prayed for God to help me. Out of no where. I did not love him anymore then I didn’t like him anymore. So I let him go. He chased me but I didn’t take him back because I had no interest in him.

    I was still sad about losing my virginity to him at 19. So I started going out of control and sleeping around. I’ve accepted money for sex and I just didn’t care about my body. I met an Arabic guy. We were dating on and off, or if I may say just a fling even though we had a 10 second Arabic wedding ceremony. I was probably his sex slave. One day we were having sex in his car, he purposely put a hole on the condom, I heard the latex condom made a noise . Then I said to him I heard u poke a hole on the condom, remove it and put another. Then he completely remove the condom he put his penis inside me bare with no protection. I was so upset, I cried so much that day.

    I asked him why would u put ur penis in me no with no protection, aren’t you afraid of disease then he replied its God’s will. Then I burst into tears because I can clearly see that he doesn’t care about his health. I cursed him out all that night. A month later I started feeling some symptoms. I was really scared, then I regain my strength in my Savior God. He had called me to preach for him and many ways I felt like I’ve let him down but he still have mercy on me and loves me regardless. I love Jesus and he loves me too. After quite some Months of feeling symptoms I prayed and asked God to forgive me and wash my sins and sickness away. And from there I felt clean. I went and Got tested and HiV – negative I was. I was so excited. My God is good. I learned from my past and changed my life. God restored me and turn me to a brand new Woman.

    Let us pray together. Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread forgive our sins as we also have forgiven our sinners, lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one.

    Remember that God is the number 1 Doctor, Dont give up hope.
    Don’t give up on God because he will never give up on you.
    God can over come every and any obstacle. God is good.

    Call me and I will pray for you and you can be healed In the name of Jesus
    Dailove_Kebreau at yahoo dot ca
    Dailovekebreau at gmail dot com
    Dailove.kebreau at facebook dot com

  36. rejoice Says:

    Wow glory to our almighty God the creator of our live. Your testimony really boost my faith. Thank you so much for sharing this testimony. I believe n trust in God for his healing hand soon.

  37. david ayebale Says:

    Pray for me. I tested HIV positive

  38. Dailove Says:

    In my case it was a false alarm, I was very scared when I notice that I was feeling symptoms.. I took a test and it was Negative. . God have healed throughout the world he’s miracles works everyday. Ask him for healing, trust and believe in him ” he will and can heal you…. Your Faith in him will heal you…

  39. Mercy Says:

    Our God is an awesome God, He reigns. He will do this for mi too.

  40. welcome Says:




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