How Jesus Helps Students

March 19th, 2009


Jesus shows and tells you the Questions that are going to come :

Declaring the End from the beginning
Isaiah 46 : 10

My sheep hear my voice
John 10 : 27

And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to left
Isaiah 30 : 21

I was appearing for physics CBSE Board exam It was morning 7 am, I had to go by 9 am, since exam was starting from 9.30 am. It was Morning 7 am, I had to go by 9 am. Since the exam was starting from 9 :30 am I was revising, suddenly, I found that one a hole chapter is left, I had missed reading it, it was first chapter containing long & hard derivation of columbs law etc. I was troubled disheartened, how can I read in 2 hours, this chapter and other chapters I had to revise, I started calling the Name of JESUS,
call upon me in the day of trouble.

I will deliver you and you shalt glorify me
Psalms 50 : 15

Jesus help me, Please loving Jesus help
I was turning pages which questions to read, because in this limited time I can not complete reading all the questions & answers, suddenly, I saw white light on one of the question and I heard sweet voice of Jesus, my son write:
Thanks Jesus going to come in board exam
I wrote and studied & read that question and answers then again I started turning pages, again I saw white light on .one of the question, loving Jesus told to write Thanes Jesus going to come in board exam and in another questions & answer, Jesus showed we and told me .
I was thrilled, encouraged and comforted, I went to exam hall praying loving Jesus I am weak, please sit beside we and teach me to write my exam hold my hand, and write for me.

A soon as the question paper was distributed prayer fully I opened, I found same three question had come which Jesus had shown and told that they will come I was thrilled how Jesus is wonderful how he helps.

Dear beloved students, same Jesus loves you very much, He will give you the same experience to you, when you call and cry to Jesus. He will help you, because he is not partial.
Acts 10.34 Romans 2:11

Jesus will show & tell the Questions that are going to come when you are in desperate situation, time is very less and you have to cover lot of chapters, He will show tell you and help you!!! Be of Good cheer

Jesus will perform miracle, ever when your exam has not gone well.

With men it is impossible, but not with God for with God all things are possible
Mark 10 : 27

The king’s heart is in the hand of the lord as the rivers of water he turneth it whither severe he will
Proverbs 21 : 1

I gave my chemistry CBSE exam, It was very hard for me, since I had not prepared whole year, few days before exam I tried to read but organic chemistry equations , balancing Ch3 cooh ,Al 30H it was externally hard and difficult to understand in such short time I came home with a sad heart, I prayed; I poured out my complaint before him. I showed before him my trouble.
Psalms 142 : 2

I cried loving Jesus why you did not help me, my exam has gone very bad , I will fail, why you did not show and tell the questions that are going to come, as you showed and told me in physics,  I had made a habit of praying and reading BIBLE every morning and every night, hence in the night I was reading BIBLE with a heavy heart oh what with will happen, my exam have gone very bad. Suddenly BIBLE got opened in proverbs 21 :1

The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD as the rivers of water.
He turns whithersoever he will.
Jesus began to explain my son what’s is written the king’s heart that means the valuer (the examiner) heart is in my hand as the rivers of water I will turn whithersoever I will
Even if you have written wrong and done mistake t still can grant you favour in the eyes of valuer (the examiner) He will give you more marks. I was much comforted . Then I read mark 10.27 with men it is impossible, but not with God for with GOD all things are possible
Jesus told me, I healed the blind , deaf and dumb, I love to perform the miracles for my children, my love & power is unchanging.

Hebrews 13 :8 I was much comforted and thrilled, when result come loving, mighty Jesus granted me the highest in chemistry 84/100 praise the LORD
Thank you Jesus how true is his WORD.
Proverbs 21 : 1 Mark 10:27

Dear students don’t get heartened and sad when your exam goes badly Jesus has power to do miracle and to give you much more marks and make you pass in flying colors. Remember he loves you very much, He says my son daughter . Taste and see how good I am.
psalms 34: 8

Open your heart and cry to him Jesus. Come in to my heart , make me your child, wash me with your precious blood, forgive me, help me He will come, He will help, perform miracles for you.

Jesus will guide you to study.

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which than shalt go :
I will guide you with mine eye
psalms 32 : 8

Jesus is wonderful in counsel and excellent in working
Isaiah 28:24

In Hindi CBSE exam, my class teacher had told to study most important life history of fames poet & writers, like Ramdevi Singh Dinkar, Mahadevi verma, M Gupta etc, But After prayers when I stated studying loving Jesus guided me to study, new poet & writer life history, remember it is hard to remember all poet & writers life history, when he/she was born what all are the books and prizes he has written and received ,Any way I read accordingly, as per Jesus guidance, when I went to give exam, same poet & writers, life history came in the exams.

I was thrilled, Thank you Jesus, my other class mates were very sad after exam as they had studied according to our class teacher instruction, they were disappointed I thanked the LORD for his wonderful counsel .

Jesus will help year guide you, Just before studying ask him to sit beside you and teach you all the lessons, He loves you very much he will help you he will guide you .

Jesus will give you memory power.

The memory of the just (Jesus children) is blessed
Proverbs 10 : 7

I was doing MBA, one particular subject I did not like it was Management Intonation system (MIS) I did not study well whole year, but on the day of exam, I had to study, I woke up in the morning with a heavy heart, exam was from 4 pm. I had only 8 / 9 hours to prepare, As usual I prayed and read the BIBIE before studying, suddenly BIBLE opened to proverbs 10 :7

The memory of the Just (Jesus Children) is blessed Proverbs 10 : 7
Jesus enlightened me, son do not fear, do not be dismayed, what ever you study shall be retained in your mind,. You will not forget because I have promised my children, memory.
I was encouraged thrilled, I started studying with the hope, Jesus will help to retain, what ever I am studying for first time, I did not have time for revision, There were complex terns and formulas, but Jesus word greatly encouraged and strengthened me.

Then I went to give my exam, thank GOD what ever i had studied had come, But I began to forget some complex terms and formulas, I started calling Jesus, help me you promised  The memory of your children is blessed proverbs 10 : 7 help me to remember, help me not to forget and Jesus helped to remember all I was a bout to forget and 3 hours exam ended, Thanks to Jesus, by Jesus help, I had not forgotten any single point, term, formula, even though I had read only once.
All glory to Jesus.

Dear students loving Jesus will help you to remember, you might be worried oh I study so much, But in exam hall I get confused and forget.  Loving caring Jesus will help you to remember, he will bless your memory power, because he is PROMISE KEEPING GOD  In Jesus are HIDDEN ALL THE TREASURES OF WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE
Colossians 2 : 3

Jesus will give you wisdom, knowledge and memory power.

Jesus loves you. He cares for you He longs to help you . He loves to perform miracles for you .

Loving Jesus granted me same experience in my BE (Electronics) and MBA (Marketing & Finance) I was weak , foolish but he helped me pass my Exams in first division 66 % Thanks to Jesus.

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  1. HeIsSufficient Says:

    Needed to see that tonight – It is amazing how God works! Glory to the almighty.
    I haven’t been on this site in a long time, and I don’t think it is a coincidence that I came to it today.
    God bless!

  2. Jansef Says:

    I don’t know what to do! My father passed away right before my exams and he was bed ridden for 3 months. Hence I never could study and my last days before exam, my heart was burdened.
    My exams went horrible! And all my dreams went to ashes!! But I read this and it did give me strength to believe that God can do miracles still..
    I wish you would pray for me!

  3. Henry Says:

    Dear Jansef, if you think you are going through this emotional state, you are not alone. I am going through similar emotional problem, although my case is not the same as yours.
    Jansef, I am praying for you now that God will give you the peace, and cast out the anxiety from your heart. God is the only One who can really Heal your Emotion.
    Trust in Him. Persist in seeking Him.

  4. san Says:

    ive got my exams tomorrow.
    i had all the best situations and best reference books in the world to prepare well. but i was too.. lazy and wasted my time.
    Hes already spoken to me from mathew chapter 20 when i was tensed’, where He says that He gives to the labours as He wishes.. wh
    this article has helped me. thnx to jesus..
    two of my exams were just okay. 4 more left.
    as said in one of the above testimonies i belive that jesus will direct the heart of examiners.
    i want to love him more.. pls pray to change my lazy attitude too…
    love, san.

  5. mounica Says:

    My dear fiends in christ i am really very happy to share my testimony and i thank GOD for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.
    SO during my inter board exams i had a great difficulty with my maths-es both the 1st and 2nd years.And in todays competetive world its not just enough to earn a pass mark but it has got to do something with merit.But the maths it’s difficult for me to solve trigonometry and chapters relating to it that i didn’t finish doing that chapter completely not even once.And to speak the truth every subject has some chapter hard in it like in organic chemistry the equations physics derivations so inorder to write all my exams well inspite of all dificulties that really becomes a challenge for which i am not ready and in that cases thinking of merit is just like dreams.Because everything has to be managed equally.SO in this case i asked the LORD’S help .
    I was completely dependent on him for my success in every aspect.So by God’s grace i have written all my exams well and after coming home in the afternoon firstly i used to say my prayers thanking the Lord and asking for his help for the next task .So i have written all my exams well but i didn’t had the satisfaction because my intention was not just writing exams and earning a pass mark but a merit so after writing all exams well especially that maths i kept on praying till the day of results so very regular and even fasted for his grace.
    And the good LORD answered my prayers.PRAISE THE LORD I HAVE SECURED NOT JUST A MERE PASS MARK OR AVERAGE BUT I SCORED 93% IN MY 1ST YEAR .As said in Psalms 20:4 “GRANT THEE ACCORDING TO THINE OWN HEART, AND FULFIL ALL THY COUNSEL.” SO the Lord kept His Word and proved that there is none like Him and nothing is greater than His Grace.Thank you Lord.
    And in my second year i developed some negligence towards studies that i used to not revise my day to day lessons and used to postpone all my work.And we got one month preparation holidays i was very confident of getting a good percentage like before .Because though i didn’t study at home i always used to utilize my study hours at college but whats the thing is to get a good % thats not enough so i should study at home also which i never cared much.But suprisingly i was update .The good lord helped me to finish all my work in college study hours itself and so ultimately i was very confident that as days passed it became over confidence and there was a topic in physics OPTICS involving a lot of crush like lenses widths figures and what not which was the only topic i had to prepare with.SO this time i expected 96% but whats the thing is i didnt utilise those preparation holidays and couldnt complete that topic (OPTICS).
    So the day of exam has approached 1st the languages i have done great and then maths1 i had 2 holidays before exams and i don’t know what happened to me for the 2 whole days i sat with only 1 chapter probability i finished working on all chapters but i dont know why i keptr hanging with that simple topic .This made me realise on the day of exams that i was not giving GOD much importance but going on my way if i had prayed God might have definitely shown how to prepare .But I haven’t.
    And on the day of maths exam i just died with tension ‘When shall i prepare with all other chapters i have only kept doing probability all these days what can i do in few hours?’ So i started praying seriously “LORD Now YOU Are The Only Way Please Do Help Me Please.” So i kept on praying in my heart so and then i wrote my exam average so i wasd disappointed .
    And physics as i hav told i left one chapter and i got 2 four mark answers from that which i have to answer and no choice .And now another log even the 1 mark answers were difficult adding to my bad luck so i just controlled my tears i was about to cry but if my dad sees me in that way he’ll also get upset so i put up a good face dying inside.
    After going home i prayed a lot and asked lord to help me what i expected was in some 90’s and what i hav written was really bad quite out of my expectations
    but no other way i just kept my faith in the ALMIGHTY and i always used to calculate my expected marks and found that its difficult to get 90% but still God helped me to stand in HIM strongly that i used to ask “GOD please give me 90% i don’t know how will that happen but i should get 90% .Getting in 90s is very important because this will add up for my engineering common entrance test.I kept on asking lord believing that nothing is impossible to HIM.
    So my dear friends please do keep all your trust and hope in the GOD ALLMIGHTY .The lord is very gracious and nothing can withstand HIS LOVE.HE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE WAITING EAGERLY MORE THAN YOU DO FOR HIM TO HELP YOU BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU.I am saying this as i have witnessed this . So dear friends don’t get disheartened don’t lose hope JUST BELIEVE IN HIM CAST YOUR BURDENS ON HIM AND HE WILL DO THE REST.
    And friends one more request iam going to write my B.Tech 1st year Exams from june 8th onwards so please do remember me in your prayers.
    MAY THE GOOD LORD GUIDE HELP AND BLESS U and all who are dependent on HIM.

  6. Charlotte Says:

    oh my gosh! I have literally done nooo revision and my exams in like 3
    days! I really want God to perform a miracle for
    me but I know I dont deserve it because I havent tried 🙁

  7. NELZAH Says:


  8. MANELLY Says:


  9. agey george Says:

    you know what i’m the most luckiest of you all ……………..i come first or second in all my class from 6 to 8 ……….and you know how ……….i dare say i am very lazy and study only at the last minute ………….but always i have that so very lovely hand of jesus on my head who makes me study and get into my head the really important answers and most f the time my syllabus is never completed before the day of the exam ………….you may to have this problem

    *before sleeping tell yourself the time a get up in the morning to complete tne left over syllabus .

    *suppose you plan to get up at 3 am then prepare the schedule according to 3 to 4 pm learn the 1st chapter ,then from 4 to 4:30 am learn the diagrams and so on.

    *after deciding the time and preparing the schedule keep all the necessary books and copies near you..



    glory be to the father and to the son and to the holy spirit, now and at the end of this world -amen

    yes this is the same simple prayer you all know
    but it works wonders

  10. agey george Says:


  11. Gkd Says:

    Glory to the Wonderful Lord Jesus… Even i have bundlesss of experiences were lord has really helped me. I believe in him coz hes d true lord. Jesus has helped me to cmeout of worst situations in my lyf. Thanks to my best frnd who helped me to knw who Jesus Christ is. Glory to the lord.

  12. Love u jesus Says:

    I love jesus

  13. Dinesh Says:

    Am doing my engineering pls pray for me anyone since tomo am having mold tough lab exams..pls anyone pray for me god will surely grant me grand success

  14. andrew Says:

    Great is the name of jesus…the lord helped me passed my examinations last year with distinctions and this year i know that god is going to do it again..blessings to all students,,great is the name of Jesus, great is our helper and greatly to be praised//….Lord help us all, show us your sons and daughters what to learn, Father guide us and prepare us to not only pass but to do exceptional in our exams so that we may represent your light and salvation so that others will see you working in us. in jesus holy and glorious name AMEN.

  15. Priye Says:

    Good Day Everybody!
    I recently wrote a mathematics exam which was part of a series of examinations before the completion of my secondary school education. Being an ‘above-average’ student, I had a lot of confidence in me that I would surely pass the exam. Because of this confidence, I didn’t study for my exam. When I got into the exam hall my mind went completely blank and I could barely answer half of the questions. I really need some prayer because without a good result, I won’t be able to get admitted into a university! I’m so scared because my entire family would be devasted if i failed my exams. I won’t know the results until August. Please help me pray to God to give me the grace to pass all my exams. Please also pray that the examiner will show me divine favor. I am truly scared. Please also pray that I get admitted into university this year.
    Thanks alot to anybody who prays for me. God Bless!

  16. Naomi Says:

    Thank you people for sharing this wonderful experience between you and Jesus. Its comforting to know He still does wonders in current times. I pray and hope that I will experience what all of you have experienced. I hope (actually desperately) I pass my degree with flying colours. Amen!

  17. Becky Says:

    As I read the testimonies above, I become more heartened and comforted. However, I’m still very discouraged and sad. I just received my provisional results and found out that I failed all four modules for my first year towards my degree. I supposed it’s my own fault and I have myself to blame. Even though I called out to Him during my preparation I am still worried and worry is a sin as we are to trust Him. Throughout my academic life, I’ve always been able to study last minute- 2 weeks before my exams with little studying involved prior to those 2 weeks and get excellent or at least moderately good results. I’ve known all along that my behaiviour is very daangerous and bad as it reflects a cocky nature and that I do not treasure that God has given me moderately good brains. However, that habit of studying at the 11th hour had become a habit and I found that really hard to make myself study if there were no exams coming soon. In my first year I’d also been involved in a project which took up a substantial amount of my time, esp. towards my exams. I can’t totally put the blame on that as I did have time between rehearsals to study but I didn’t and since everybody else didn’t have a problem, I thought neither would I, I’d just study later. The thing is, my other friends went home and studied while I only did very briefly each time. And now I’ve failed and dissapointed myself but more importantly my mother. We are not poor but my parents did spend alot of money to send me overseas to further my studies. And for each of the papers she asked for the timetable so that she could pray as I took them. When I told her I failed, she must have been so upset but she hid it so well behind a comforting face as she didn’t want to reprimand me when I was upset but I know she hurt really badly inside. I am crying as I write this, not for mt failure in the exams but because I have hurt my mother and she had a slight problem with depression in the pass. I am given a month before I resit my exams but I don’t know how I can study all four modules when I studied so hard the week before non-stop and I thought I understood the concepts very well for 2 modules esp the chemistry paper. I definately thought I had given enough information to pass for those 2 papers if not the other 2. I don’t know what else i could have added. maybe I didn’t give the examiners what they wanted in the answers. I was so dissapointed in myself when I got my results. I kept telling myself that I’m not stupid as during the year i could understand right away and explain things to my friends that they couldn’t understand. But i was cocky and lazy and they had one whole year to prepare and I now have only one month and I think all my friends have passed their papers. Oh, the statement pride comes before a fall is so true now I feel like slapping myself. I feel so stupid. I can start studying again for the resit but i don’t know how much more I can improve on my answers for those 2 papers. Could you please pray for me for my time-keeping and self-motivation to study? And also for my walk with Him and my failure to serve Him in this country. I trained to be a cell leader back home but when I came here all that went down the drain and I lapsed, so badly. I had enough warnings of christians backsliding when they went overseas but slowly my nightly bible reading, devotions and prayers decreased. I’ve beed such a fool. Could you pray for me regarding that as well?

    Thank you all very much and God bless.

  18. Becky Says:

    Priye: I identify with you. I’ll pray that you will not only pass, but that you will get good results so that you’ll be admitted into a good university.

    God bless Priye.

  19. Gabrielle Says:

    Hey Becky,

    Don’t be discouraged. God knows your heart and everything that is going on in your life and I know that he wants nothing but the very best for you.

    Is’nt it great to know that even though we fail Him – he never fails us or fails to love us beyond what we deserve.
    Even though your papers may have not have gone well – pick yourself up, look heavenwards and know God is for you. You cannot change the past but you can work hard from now on and have faith that all things are working for your good and that good results are coming yor way.

    May God bless you always xx

  20. Ronnie Says:

    I am currently writting my third year exams at University. I have already written the first exam which did not look good. I have never failed an exam and don’t want to start now. I am praying for God to be faithful to me.
    Thank you for your prayers

  21. Rose Says:

    I am going through a very difficult phase in my life, where I am studying something, that I thought I had interest in, and hate it completely altogether. I am in my 2nd year of this course now. It is almost stupid if I start over again with a course that I really like now. But with the Lord’s help I would like to take this as a challenge and complete this course. Tomorrow I have this small assessment, which is really simple if considered, but I am finding it difficult to understand the concepts, and after reading this I am strengthened and believe that nothing is impossible for the Lord. In the past I have asked and begged for many favors from the Lord, and always He has helped me. And I only have 1 day to understand and implement those difficult concepts in the assessment. I request anybody reading this to pray for my studies especially now and always in the future, since its a hard course especially since i have not much interest in it, its very hard to grasp all the fundamentals. I am determined not to give up Hope in the Lord, as he will strengthen me and guide me during my assessment and that my lecturer may be satisfied with my performance.

    Thanks in advance 🙂


  22. Meenakshi Says:

    i am going to write my public exams for 11th class.But I can’t study well because of the problems in my home.I believe Jesus Will ofcourse help me.please pray for me.All grace to JESUS.

  23. nieves beman Says:

    I would like to receive any mails of encouragement from you. I have many Board exams to take and I call unto the Lord everyday for these.

  24. Soulsister Says:

    I’m at law school and this is my final year. For all my 5years at Law school I’ve never failed any examination and God has been very wonderful to me. Yesterday I wrote my final exam and it was in a module called Accounting for Lawyers. I’ve never been really good with figures and just anything to do with numbers but amazingly I was perfoming well in the accounting tests that we take as part of our continous assessment. I prepared myself for the exam and I thought I was ready. I had mastered all the equations and formulas and I thought nothing would ever go wrong. When it was time to answer the questions I confidently answered the first question but I totally blanked out in the last 2 questions. I start sweating, my heart started beating fast and I went blank. I prayed to God to help me out but I just didn’t get anything right. I know my God has a plan for me and he can’t take me through all my years in law school without a fail and then come to leave me in what I call a no man’s land. My God is faithful and just and his promises are true. People please pray for me. I need a miracle. I need your prayers to pass this exam. After 2weeks when the results are out I need to come back to this forum to testify about the faithfulness of the Lord. Please pray for me.

  25. Rashmi Says:

    My 4th semester exams are starting on 12th and there are a dozen chapters i have not even touched before now. It is my fault because i have been procrastinating lately.
    I have been a good student so far so i don’t want to get low or pass marks in this semester. In fact i need to get distinction.
    I am getting tension headaches due to this.
    Help me JESUS. You are my only hope.
    I cannot share my problems with anyone else because I don’t think anyone cares that much for me. But i know that JESUS does and i know he will help me.

  26. Soulsister Says:

    Hie Rashmi! Just try reading those chapters and try to remain calm. You can create time for ur studies even when you think there is no time. Jesus does care and he will never leave you nor forsake you. There is a reason why he has taken you that far and he cannot take you that far to dump you there. He’s gonna lead you exactly where you want to be. About those headaches just pray about it. I also tend to fall sick when I’m writing exams. It is just the devil trying to mess up with you but tell him you belong to Jesus and he will flee! All the best with your exams! I really do care because I can relate!

  27. Soulsister Says:

    This is day one of waiting for my results. I woke up at 4am and I prayed to God about how I want him to work a miracle out for me. I know that he will hear and answer my prayers! I intend on even fasting about my results and after all has been said and done I want to give the glory to him for helping me out. I will wait patiently and pray until something happens.

  28. Soulsister Says:

    Its day 2 of waiting. I woke up at 6am and prayed to God to hear me. I poured out my heart to him and told him my wishes and I made a promise to him that I intend on keeping. God answers prayers and I will wait patiently for him to answer me.

  29. Jasmin Says:

    I have had a rough couple of weeks. I just graduated and now to start my profession I am required to take 6 exams. During one of my exam I had a power outage and had to re-take the exam. Next, I have spent two months studying for my national exam but after spending 8 hours at the exam site I felt like I did not pass. The results are home but I am currently in another Country studying for my exam. I am truly scared that how I felt during the 8 hour exam will come true. Lastly, I failed one of my exams by 3 points which I thought when I had left the exam site I did extremely well. I am still in shock. So I asked the Director to re-check my exam to see if there were any mistakes.
    Now, I feel worthless and I cannot focus on my upcoming exam. I have been studying but it seems like nothing has sunk into my brain. I have even looked at another book. Sadly, I have been losing faith. I know deep inside my heart, that I need to believe again but I don’t know where to begin. I need Jesus help to guide me through this, that everything will be okay, that I will feel confident when I take my next exam. I want to believe again. Please keep me in your thoughts. I am blessed to have found this site and after reading people stories I am starting to believe that we are never truly alone.
    I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Because, my random search brought me to this specific site. Thank you

  30. Soulsister Says:

    My results are finally out and I’m happy to say that I passed. I wouldn’t have done it without the Lord’s grace. Unfortunately the results that I badly want to see, the ones for Accounting for Lawyers are not yet out. I’ve been praying to the Lord a lot to help me with a miracle and dat if I pass I won’t take the glory but I’ll kneel down in prayer and give him all the glory. When I got the results that I have I knelt down in my room and thanked the Lord and gave him the glory that he deserves. I know he’s gonna help me out as I’m still waiting for the last results to come out. I have faith in his word and I believe in his promises. He says in his word I know the plans that I have for you. There are plans for you to prosper and for you to have a future and a hope. You are in my prayers Jasmin. Also pray to the Lord and tell him exactly what you want. Talk to him like he’s ur friend. He’ll understand. Don’t loose ur faith. He is really there and if u have faith in him he will never dissappoint you.

  31. Soulsister Says:

    The last results are coming out tomorrow. All I need is the Lord’s grace, mercy and miracle! Like I promised I won’t take the glory at all. Psalm 115v1 “Not to us, not to us but unto thee be all the glory because of your love and faithfulness”

  32. GD Says:

    I allready finished my school but i staid in one class (math) i went to the first recuperation I answered all except 3 I only haved to get 4 wrongs or i will fail again but i haved asked God that for help but sometimes I feel that I only talk to him when I need something tommorrow they will give tell me if I pass I know God can help me he helps people who need him but if you asked him I BELIEVE THAT I CAN PASS THIS CLASS THANKYOU GOD FOR ALL GOOD AND INFINITE THINGS YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME AND OTHERS

  33. Rukky jay Says:

    I read every one’s comment and i believe d next time i will be posting on this site,it will be a sharing of testimony. I am a 300l student and i want to have at least a second class degree. To get this, i need to have atleast 85% this session. I just pray God help as He has helped so any. My trust is in u O LORD…

  34. Rukky jay Says:

    May GOD show me mercy

  35. Rukky jay Says:

    show me mercy O LORD

  36. lovely Says:

    waiting for my result….the exam was not so great…bt really want to pass this exam as it is vry impt for me to clear…..pls jesus help me

  37. prakash Says:

    I am waiting for exam result. I want to pass this exam..Please God Help me.. Amen

  38. Soulsister Says:

    The Lord did really show me his mercy! I passed everything! I got good grades. And now I’m finally done with university. I am happy to say that I’m waiting for my graduation and to take my oath as an attorney. I’m really excited and all my praise and thanx goes to the Almighty God who sees everything and who is ever merciful to his children! From this day forth I know that I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me! And may his name forever be grorified! Not to us Not to us but unto thee be all the glory!!!!!!

  39. ruthie Says:

    This particular testimony has been such a comfort and strength to me. I have just returned from sitting an exam that I need to pass. It was harder than I thought it would be and the Lord knows how exahusted I feel but at the same time I feel at such peace because I know that whatever happens, God is still on the throne. I am believing and trusting YAWEH for a miracle. That my papers will be favourable in the sight of the examiners and I will pass the papers with flying colours and be able to advance straight to my third year of university. To God be the Glory. Please continue to keep me in your prayers and I do you and I know I will be back with a testimony of God’s goodness.

  40. ruthie Says:

    My God is faithful! I passed my exams! All glory and Honor be to his sovereign name!

  41. Kemi Says:

    Helo friends! i have a heavy task ahead of me and its sad that am not sure if Jesus will perform a miracle for me on this one. Here is my story, i had two supplementary exams to write and pass so as to be able to graduate in september, it is my final chance to pass or i will have to re do the modules…

    i wrote my first exam today and it clearly didn’t go good, was only able to answer 3questions out of 4, and the lecturer responsible really is a strict marker and has never been lenient, i have to get a 50% final mark to pass, which when i do the maths, i don’t see happening with this lecturer(he always gives 40s and 50s) and since each question is out of 50 making 200marks, my paper is already out of 150 since i wasn’t able to do the final question, with simple maths, i need to get 70s in all the 3 or at least two of the questions and maybe a 60 in the other to cover up the 50marks for the other question, and this lecturer never gives 70s…

    So that’s how difficult my situation is, am worried sick yet have to study for the other exam which is just a day away…i prayed and called upon God during my preparations and writing but i don’t know why this complex situation have to happen…

    i really wish God grants me a miracle to pass this exam and even the one ahead. Please help me pray to jesus for his miracles..the results will be out on friday.

  42. Jasmin Says:

    It good to say that I passed one of my board exams. I felt much more relaxed and confident. Before the exam, I took a moment and asked God to guide me through this day. In fact, during my break, after the first part of my exam, I called my boyfriend and asked him to talk about anything other than the exam that I was taking that day. I felt at ease because I knew deep inside God was beside me as I was taking the exam.

    I am now down to two more board exams. I am starting to feel the pressure. I was unable to study for 5 days due to a passing in my family. Now, I can’t get myself motivated to sit down and study. My mind is else where, thinking that I should be with my family. But, deep inside I know they understand. My first clinic exam is next week and my board exam is in September. I just hope that nothing goes wrong with my patient or during the exam next week. I can’t loose any points because every point matters. I just ask you to please pray for me that I gain the confidence that I had when I took my last exam and to believe that God will be right beside me as I take these last two exams.

  43. Jasmin Says:

    Today was the day I took my clinical exam. After leaving the exam I cried to the Lord asking him to take away my worries and help me put my faith in you. To take away my negative self esteem and believe that my passing score is in your hands.

    I have failed this exam before and I tried to keep myself as confident as possible the second time around. During the exam my instruments were not working and my patient ended up being difficult. I tried to be at ease but I was also running out of time. I still felt like I did not succeed with the requirements after sending my patient to the examiners.

    I truly believe everything happens for a reason. There was a reason why I did not succeed the first time around. I tried my very best the second time and I hope the examiners can see that I did even though I ran out of time. Please keep me in your prayers. I just ask you to please show me how to have faith when things are rough. I know I didn’t get this far in school and graduated to stop here with out a license. I know this is what I am meant to do as a profession and I hope that my prayers are answered. I believe in God and I hope he can be by my side and answer my prayers.

  44. joshua Says:

    You have shown alot of passion to God. He has seen how diligently you beg Him. I ask you One favour. Our God we serve created the bodies your working on , He created the markers who will weigh your results, He even created the wonderful world you want a piece of. Satan has no authority in obstructing this from you. Once the door is open by God, no one can shut it . If He is able to protect a small group of people [ Jews ] who are hunted by the dark world day and night , There is no way He can not pass the same blessings to you. What you need to do is have faith and Just say these three wonderful words Thank you Jesus !
    ps: You have passed your clinical exams. Do not bother wasting time to worry. Its useless to worry about something that has been fulfilled.
    God is almighty !!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. joshua Says:

    Here is my testimony guys
    I have not attended class for 8 months. I had my circumstances which i will share in the healing forum topic. It was to do with social phobia , anxiety and depression. But I was healed today in the morning by the mighty Blood of Jesus. It took almost 12 years of my life. To see the details read the testimony later on when the moderator approves it .
    basically I have two testimonies to give you. I have 6 papers of ACCA to do this year. F1 – F6. I havent read anything about F4 – F6, but did some reading of F1 – F3. But here is what I want to tell you , by the mighty name of Jesus , I have already passed these papers. The God i serve is not some lame God who just does wonders according to the person’s deeds. He actually works through the faithful ones. He does outrageous stuff to ashame the devil’s camp. How can people who walk around shouting and making trumpet noise cause a fortress wall to fall down. How can the faith of one man open up a Sea ? How can the faith of a young boy take down a Giant with a mere stone ? Well it all relies on who they trust. And i am here to tell you my friends , forget what you see and start focusing on what is unseen. To reinforce this belief is to train your ears in listening to the concrete WORD. The only WORDS that will live eternally. I know it is hard for some of us to believe but this is because your fore fathers and past generation has been fed with lies and lies to the extent that our mind has just evolved into believing more lies than truth. This is why we see more negative out comes . Out of lies comes destruction. But the truth sets one free. So my brethren , let us know this truth , practice it day and night and make sure to tight it around your neck so that it may show you the goodness and blessings that Almighty God has in store for you. The light of God be spread to all of you , amen

  46. joshua Says:

    the second testimony
    Its anout a man who came from a nigeria village and got into Cambridge university to do pHD in Economics. He was our fellowship leader. But this man’s testimony uplifted many people.
    Well here it goes. This guy grew from a village where there was little education but all His life he entrusted God in his exams. He worked through all his levels of education till the ultimate test came, an offer was given to him to do a doctorate in economics in Cambridge University. You see once you fall in love and trust God through life, you know no other person to guide you through life. So with his new well groomed class mate, new cultural atompshere , almost everything seemed so hard to fit in. He never let what the eye saw to phase Him. He walked in scripture all day and all night. So here goes the paper, he had written his book and submitted it . Then the day before exams. He had no hint where to start. The numerous of journals to read through , refeences to quote from , tremednous work to go through. What he did that night is sleep and asked God to help Him the next day to read through the areas needed to pass His exams. He prayed before sleeping as usual , then in his night sleep God took him through a visualisation of books to read, specific chapters, special references and behold by the time he woke up , he felt like he was reading the entire night. He took those parts and read from 5 am to 7 am . Went for his exam and when the results came out after a couple of months. He topped the entire class and still holds the record of the highest percentage score in economics in Cambridge. If you meet this man , you can never know he is the one. He is the most humble man in the world. He works for the big 4 financial company as a consultant and a manager . He was given the biggest house in that particular city in Uk, it looks like a mansion but it does not move his heart. He drives the most modest car you can ever think of lol. It only shows that children of God don’t go after things of the world. They are moved with the WORD of God.

  47. joshua Says:

    I never wanted to leave without giving you this last testimony. Its about a man called Joseph. His education life is the funniest I have come across in all my life. This gentle man never read his books like his class mates. He just attended class and absorbed stuff as the teacher taught. He was a strong believer , spent time with God mostly and did less of class work. He always aced his exams . To the furstrated teachers, they thought he was too smart for their class, so he was always promoted before the end of semester/ term.

    At the age of 16 , Joseph had finished High school and got the best grades in his region. It was a very young age as in most students finished at around 20 +. He had the choice of doing Medicine or Engineering. He choose engineering. While others took 6 years to get through university and get a licence to practice engineering, Joseph took 3 years and got a job straight away with Shell.

    At the age of 20 he got married and had children. He started off down ranks in Shell petroleum as an engineer. Getting the transferable skills needed for his field.
    At age 27 , Joseph was made the manager of the Shell Engineering department in that city in UK. You have to recall the things he had to fight against , since he was of african origin , there is always a bais to promote someone in such prestige positions. But God opened doors where man tried to shut them.

    At the age of 30 , He was too good that the senior managemnt in Netherlands called upon Him to pass on his knowledge to the enegineers in netherlands. Since it was the Headquaerters of Shell , he got asked to move with his family over and anything he wanted , he would have. He got on well with colleagues and now the last i heard of Him , he is in usa doing the same wonderful things .

    He came from a humble background in africa but now holds citizenships of three countries. USA, UK, and netherlands. With proeprty in each of these countries.

    This reminds me of a scripture guys , You are the head not the tail. You are the prince and princess of this earth [ and nothing the devil can do about it] . The one in you is far more greater than the one of this world.

    So rise up and take what belongs to you.
    ps: I remember when i sat in joseph’s car one time, its a really cool car but messy inside, lol he has no time to clean up [ always after prayers, organising fellowships , or setting the projector in the church] , anyway i was in his car and I just asked him , how did you do it… he just laughed and looked straight at me .. you really want to know the truth … i said yes ofcourse i do….
    He opened his cd player slot, and showed me .. thats the reason [ it was a collection of the entire word of God in cd format ] …and then showed me his mobile phone , pdf formated always open with the word of God…. and then finally showed me His pocket Bible.
    He said, joshua , in this world… everyone is fighting for the control of your mind. The television, the internet , your family , your friends , your spouse , everyone and everything including yourself [ your busy fighting for the control of your mind] . But the question you need to ask yourself, whoever gets the control of your mind , what projects do they have for it. Are they projects for destruction or prosperity. Choose God’s WORD daily , it is the only assured way to have a chance of the true prosperity in all areas of your life. It will control your mind to greater heights the other subjects would fail to give you.
    To this day i remember his words.
    May God bless you all

  48. Jasmin Says:

    Thank you for the kind words and most importantly thank you for sharing these testimonies.
    Each day I have tried to look at this world a different way; with our achievements, heartaches and pain, I have realized we are not truly alone. I have always prayed but for the past month, I have been reading the bible. The last time I read the bible I paused for a minute and said wow, God is with us when times are rough or when we feel like we did not do well on an assignment or exam. We can be heard when we are upset, happy, angry and thankful. All of my life I felt like there was something missing. My parents always said school comes first but also trust in God when you feel like you are unable to finish a task. I have always focused on my education and now that I have graduated, I have had more time to spend with my family, friends, and God. I am so thankful that God has helped me to graduate with my degree. I need to understand that if he was by my side when I was struggling in the program to graduate, then he will be by my side when I get my results for my clinical exam and when I take my last exam in September.
    God bless you all.

  49. Gloria Says:

    I was actually in tears when I stumbled upon this website. I’m currently studying for my board exams to get into medical school and so far things haven’t been going my way. I have been praying day and night and trusting that God will do a miracle for me. I have been taking practice exams but my scores are not good at all. The only thing that is keeping me going is faith that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I want to get in the 90% and trust me that seems so impossible with the way things are going but I know the God we serve is an amazing God and he loves us. Sometimes, especially after i take a practice exam the level of my faith decreases because I feel like after months of studying i still can’t do well enough since i keep getting in 50%. In order to be even considered for medical school i need to get in that 90% percentile since its so competitive. Please pray for me my exam is next week and I need all the prayers I can get. I’ll appreciate any words of encouragement or bible verses to get me through this next week along with a month of waiting for results . Thank you and God bless

  50. joshua Says:

    Hallelujah Jasmine !
    Our see loyal friend Jesus Christ, is an extremely jealous Groom. He will go extra miles to make sure His bride [ the church] don’t get terrorised by satan.
    Now that you have graduated, many will get the appetite to know how you did it. Please always give credit to God who took you through those hard times. Don’t get tempted to give yourself credit , because the devil sits and awaits that moment to get more ground that Jesus has won for you. Remember the devil has no respect for any man but for Christ alone.
    God bless you my dear.

  51. joshua Says:

    Fear not my beloved. The one in you is the author of wisdom , knowledge and understanding. When he makes an order , the devil also obeys . I prayed for you and I requested God to open up your mind and heart so that you can receive His Spirit that guides us . His Spirit is not the same as of Satan. His Spirit is full of celerity , its quickens the human mind to do things that they would take 20 years to achieve. So my friend , all I can say is – YOU ARE GOING TO PASS THAT EXAM this week. Trust God instead of the twisted lies your enemy and your mind play on you. Every time you have a doubt, shut those books get on your knees and thank God for being right there with you. Ask Him to give you His calm Spirit and guide you through the chapters you need to read. Remember, whatever you have read is bound to come – As long as you have set your trust in God.
    Enjoy the wonderful ride of Christ . Welcome to the family .
    God bless you

  52. Ange Says:

    Big Thank you Joshua for sharing this wonderful testimony of Joseph!
    I am struggling in my studies, for the past 6 years I’am living in failure or just get by, I got stuck in 2 cd year of bachelor in business and economics and I keep on failing most because of weak spirit (lack to trust God) and undiscipline, I’am so foolish. But thank God for the past few months, The Holy-Spirit is teaching me the importance of spending time in the Word and meditate upon it. Also I came to realize that failure started manifesting in my life, in 2006, when I left the church, Christ and his Word wasn’t the center in my life anymore. But in his compassion and loving kindness, He has brought me back in his heart and now his Spirit is teaching me to trust him and his Word. Yet I’am still struggling with undiscipline … Also Thank u for mentioning that Joseph is african, because since I was a child I was worried and despare that I could not achieve anything significant in my life because I am an african. I believed the lie that african people were cursed forever and we could do nothing about that. But thank be to Abba who brought me to Hillsong church in 2009 and there teach me the wonderful work of Jesus at the Cross of Calvary, how He took upon him all our sins and curses and redeemed us from them all. Now I believe, no matter my origin, He created me african, and He loves me as an african and has redeemed me with his precious blood !Thank u Lord, You are so wonderful and glorious, full of love and compassion, I cling on to you even in my foolishness, you will delivered me -:) -:)-:) Please pray for me, I doing my exams, I have 2 weeks left and as fail too many times, this is my last chance to study at university, please pray for me for his mercy and grace. I really thank him for bringing me to this website, I am so encouraged!!! All the glory be to him and bless you all, his loving children.


  53. joshua Says:

    your more than welcome Ange.

    I have heard of such theories. The curse of Ham’s family presumably to be the most used to justify Africans situation.I only know several groups of people who are cursed not based on their skin pigment but generational links with a SIN. God curses a race for their continuous Sin.
    For starters you have to know a race is not characterised by physical attributes. Not based on skin colour, eye colour, hair style, shape of nose , Height , skills , fingers , ears . etc.

    A race is characterised by a group’s customs, beliefs native language , its more of a concious than physical appearance.

    Infact you can come up with twenty people, form your own language, set your own standards of living , set a unique identity and give yourselves a name . This group is a race if they keep their status of living for centuries. It does not matter if they are white or black. {obviously this is hard to do}.

    The Jews are a race. Traced back from Abraham. New customs, new rules, new beliefs . Remember they are not a race because of their skin colour or where they come from. Infact you will find Black Jews in Ethiopia who have their roots traced to Abraham. Whatever blessing the forefather of this race was promised, each member in this race gets a portion .

    For instance in Africa there are over 1000 races. That’s to say there over 1000 groups of people who have sets of beliefs and customs that differ from each other .
    In Europe, lets take UK, there over 100 races . They could call themselves British but that does not mean they are .British people is a union of different races. It just means there are people who have different cultures and customs . Its hard to see the difference if you were to base your search of a race by looking at their physical appearance, you would suffer identifying the different races [ because they are all white]. Similar as to africa, we are all black but we are of different races. The beautiful thing about a RACE – you could be placed in a region with other races to form a union but you will never lose your accent , customs , entirely . That is why you will hear different accents in Liverpool , Wales, Newcastle, etc.

    All these races lived solitary in their specific lands but because of migration they found themselves mixed in groups with other races. And when there was this mix, people found that they had more in common so they tried to look for other ways to differentiate each other by talking of physical differences [ skin colour [ black v white ] ; height, nose , head , hips , etc

    Lets now get back to the topic of Curse. If God is to curse/punish , He will execute this down right – through generations of a race based on their continuous Sin.

    For instance – in Sodom and Gomorrah – they got killed for the continuous homosexuality sin.

    Babylon – the empire got destroyed and people scattered because of their idolatry [ worshipping satanic idols].

    Egyptians lost their power over the world because of the same sin – worshipping none other than God.

    Fallen Rome – Lost their power because of the same sin , worshipping idols.

    USA is also getting its share of punishment because of the higher powers who have made it fashionable for its citizens and the world at large to worship idols. before you call me paranoid , we only have to look at the amount of Movie stars , Music Singers who are staged to the viewers as gods. They have a fancy name called celebrity , but in true sense they are idols. I love the bluntant names used in the shows American Idol . That is the true sense about this. When you ask your friends who is your favourite movie/musical star; I would like you to phrase it as ” Who is your favourite idol”

    Anyway, in all those cursed/punished races there is a pattern here. It seems God curses and destroys people who worship idols. I am not surprised because its the first commandment. Our God is a jealous One, He does not want to share His glory with some sort of second rated stuff modelled by hand from mud, wood and stone. He also does not want to share glory with Satan .

    In africa, there are tribes that were into worshipping idols and the devil himself. The descendants must have carried a generational curse from God.


    When Jesus Christ came on earth, He took the form of a Human being so that He would free Man from the origin of sin [ that is sin of our First parents – Adam and Eve] and Also break the sins that came from the preceding parents.

    If Jesus Christ broke the yoke held by our first parents [ REMEMBER all human beings trace their roots back to Adam and Eve }, it means that we are no slaves to any curses including of your great- grandparents, grandparents and parents. You have to be in THE WORD {Jesus Christ} to defeat this CURSE .

    Getting Born Again literally Meant you were born into A new Race. A race that had new customs, beliefs, fore father, purpose, standards. REMEMBER for a race to out live others it has to do with the prominence of the First born . If this first born is blessed by God [ lets say to have wisdom, wealth etc ] , it means all the sons and daughters that are born into this race will qualify for the same things that this first born is given . In this case since Jesus Christ is the first born – Colossians 1:15, all who are Christ born again have the blessings of this wonderful Fore Runner. We have Wisdom, Power, Love , Vast wealth , Healing power , We have authority to tell Angels what to Do, we have authority to tell OFF demons. As long as we don’t mix with other races, we could be as effective as our fore runner. Infact our fore runner Jesus christ said , if we had just a little faith ..sizeable as a mustard seed , and no doubt at all we would do far more greater things than He did on earth.
    Now my friend, You were once a particular race but once you left your former customs, beliefs, standards of living – you became a race called Christian. You will be fooled day and night by the Satan that you still belong to your former race. But don’t fall for his lie.

    Because THE ONLY POWER satan has over you is the power of persuasion.

    ‘The serpent…asked the woman, Did God really say you must not eat…Of course we may…You won’t die…God knows that your eyes will be opened…and you will be like God…The woman was convinced. She saw that the tree was beautiful and its fruit looked delicious, and she wanted the wisdom it would give her. So she took some…Then she gave some to her husband…At that moment their eyes were opened, and they suddenly felt shame…When the cool evening breezes were blowing, the man and his wife heard the Lord God walking about in the garden. So they hid from the Lord God among the trees. Then the Lord God called to the man, Where are you? He replied, I heard you walking in the garden, so I hid. I was afraid because I was naked” (v. 3:1-10 NLT).

    Never forget that story!

    And keep this in mind also: Satan is a talker, and you’ll never out-talk him. The power of persuasion is an incredible thing. The fashion industry can persuade you to take a wardrobe you paid a small fortune for last year, and replace it with what they’re selling now. Clothes you felt good about then, you don’t even want to be seen in now. The trouble is, in a few years’ time the clothes you wore last year will be back in fashion; you’ll be poor, and the fashion moguls will be rich. Temptation is all about persuasion. But if Christ has already persuaded you, satan can’t make you do anything.

    “Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.”
    Joshua 1:7-8

    I would love to paraphrase the above – since you are a New Race not bound by the Law but by the grace of Jesus Christ. What this means – your works don’t count – but the perfect Jesus [ who you are founded upon] makes your life a bliss.

    Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the Words my Son Jesus gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. Keep this Book of the Word always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

    I will keep you in prayers but cut out your doubt by knowing satan always plays a game on your mind deceiving you of your past race . You are no longer that anymore. You are NEW in Christ.
    And you have the Mind of Christ.

    Go ace those papers .

  54. Jasmin Says:

    Last night I received my score for my clinical exam. I was very nervous to check my score. As I signed online and scrolled to the bottom of the page, I started to scream with happiness. I am happy to say that I passed with a 93%. My cousins and I started to jump up and down with excitement. I am truly thankful for receiving good news. I feel motivated to continue to study for my last exam. God works in different ways. I am truly blessed to have good spirits on my side.

    Please don’t give up. If you believe and have faith you will be able to accomplish any obstacle that comes your way. Thank you to those who kept me in your prayers. I hope to hear good news from you all when you receive your results.

    God bless you all.

  55. Gloria Says:


    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and for your prayers. next time I talk about this exam I will be testifying about how great our God is…I am standing on my faith in Him because I know He promised never to leave us(Deut 31.6 and Hebrews 13.5). I’ve been getting negative thoughts here and there but I keep shutting them down by saying Jesus never lies when he promises things. He promises that when we ask we’ll receive.(Matthew 7.7) and He also promised that whatever we ask of the Father in His name we shall receive. (John 14.13) .Repeating that makes me feel better and keep going because I know God will give me the wisdom i need to ace this exam so I can testify and bring more people to him. All he does is for the love of us the glory of His name and I promise not to take any credit for what the Lord has done for me. God bless.=)

  56. joshua Says:

    Praise Our Mighty Lord and Saviour.

    Reasoning clouds our Minds.

    I am still suffering with this habit . Since my childhood, I was one of those kids who would follow a trail of ants. I would crawl behind the meandering trail just to understand where it stopped. By the time I got on the ant mount, I would enlarge the small entrance hole to have a clear view of their area. I would lay down for several hours watching these spectacular ants doing their work. I would even forget that I had to pee . my pants all wet without knowing. My mum tells me that out of all the kids , i was the only one who would return home with wet pants. lol.

    Since 4 years , I was had curiosity , trying to understand things, and the would ask some weird questions .
    Unfortunately , I grew up with such a reasoning mind to adulthood. When a problem arose, I analysed it with my to the smallest detail, looking for ways out { Why it happened, how big it is , what solutions can I find for it}. This has always been my way of life. Later did I know where it would lead me.

    My dear friend the time I realised, it was too late. I was hit by depression, panic attacks and unease of the mind. It came from no where ! I went on a search path to find answers . I looked through all possible ways of WHY I felt this way. A decade PLUS of search but no commendable answers. I found myself in total darkness. Everything that i fell on was the norm. And the norm caused more problems than solutions.

    In my quest I found that drugs made someone a slave and more sick in the long term. Therapy was temporary. Diet was not the answer to thought patterns. I had finally met my match. My reasoning way of life was caught off guard. I was disabled. I was a human being with a broken mind . Its like living in dead body. Everything seems useless.

    I told myself , enough is enough. I came to a place where I had to find a permanent solution. And out of everything I researched, I saw that the only solution is Jesus. However this solution meant that I would never reason any more But in everything place my trust in the Lord.

    Do you know how mad that felt when I realised it. As a scientist by profession , trained for years to use my logical / reasoning mind, it felt like telling me to ride a bicycle while blind folded.

    Well I decided to spend day and night unlearning my reasoning lifestyle. The only lifestyle I knew from childhood. I started looking at small things . How on earth could they find such energy to walk that fast and reach the top of a ceiling with little effort [ talking of this little spider I saw early in the morning lol]. I started using my strength of reasoning by appreciating these small details and acknowledging the mighty hand of God in these things. Like for example did you know that pigeons will learn to eat the same food you introduced when they were young. I introduced these baby pigeons to small crumbled spaghetti, and ever since that day they refuse rice, bread crumbles, but love their spaghetti. Sorry for taking you in pigeon world lol.

    Once you reason there is no space in believing the WORD. You will never understand the power behind it because when you have never seen the wonderful RESULTS it can produce. And because you have never seen these results, you again automatically head into the reasoning pattern [ why ..oh…o why ]. Its a cycle that creates more doubt and leads to more darkness.

    The true power of Faith with no doubt comes from cutting reasoning patterns. We are very immature beings [ our eyes and ears can only fathom the physical world]. We can only understand up to that realm. So if we keep reasoning, we limit our blessings to what we can see and hear. With faith we open our senses to the spiritual world. Everything is a possibility.

    Faith v worry.
    Worry is a sense of faith that acknowledges the words fed to your mind by the world and Satan. Meditating on such words gives the expected outcomes from Satan. Every man has received blessings from Satan because of this faith based system.

    HOWEVER [ hold onto your eyes], Faith from the Word of God does the opposite! Once you believe His Word , and know for certain THIS IS IT ! ..My dearest ..{ JUST AS YOU HAVE BEEN GETTING BLESSINGS FROM SATAN FROM YOUR DEDICATED WORRYING SESSIONS – a form of Meditating His Word aka LIES} , You will find yourself getting blessings from your Creator , Your Dad and your best friend.

    If your enemy [ Satan ] can bless you by meditating on His word [ the Lies] , How much so will your Father , Your Creator and best friend – bless you ?

    The first blessing you have is His SON. He gave His son away for you – That is the first blessing You Have from Him . DON’T even waste time thinking or doubting .. It is done. He set His son for you.

    If your Father let His son die for you , How much so will He do for you , when you ask .

    Therefore my friend , approach Him with confidence. Reach out and thank Him . Praise Him for His Love and graceful heart.

    I don’t know about you , but for me – I am sooooo tired of meditating on lies. I submit to you – truth v Lies [any day] – Truth sets YOU free ! There is this beauty when you know that truth that cuts through those lies.
    Hold on to that truth and you will fly away from satan’s blessings .

    If it means sleeping with the word paying in the background, let it be so. If it means walking out of our house with earphones in your ears listening to the WORD, let it be so. Because the world is already messed up and if your to be the salt of the world, you wont be so by relying on this world’s filth [lies].

    Get that Word inside you and start enjoying God’s blessings over your life .

    God bless you Grace.

  57. joshua Says:

    hallelujaaaaaaaaaaah – Hallelujah !

    Jasmin – Our God RULES !

    I have always wondered how it will be when we die and meet Him. Can you imagine the tears of Joy when you finally see Him face to face and start having a conversation where he will tell you of other blessings you would have got if only you did the same thing you did for that exam. If only you did not doubt you were 0.0000001% getting what you were asking for. It would be a funny conversation. He will laugh with you at how silly we would worry ourselves to sickness. How simple it was to talk to our problem in His name and it would be silenced. This conversation will be the best in your entire life that day.

    The gatherings we will have with Him sat around camp fires. By the way Jesus is the best story teller and the best producer. He will sit us around this fire camp and give us detailed story of his life time on earth. Most of which is not written in the bible. And we will hear stories from the great 12 comparing their life time with those of David, Daniel , Joseph , Abraham , Job , Moses. I can tell you this is not a meeting you would want to miss out on. The stories will be BIG, the weakness and failures we had will be a laughing matter. Jacob will be teased for conning his way to a blessing, Samson for falling for Delilah’s lie , …. the amusement we will get in heaven is unbelievable.

    Keep on trusting on the Lord so that day you will be among the ones who laugh upon the silly little doubts we faced on earth.

    God bless you

  58. Gloria Says:


    PRAISE GODDD!!!!! I am so happy for you. Give Glory to the one who made this possible. When people ask you how you did it make sure you give credit where credit is due because nothing will please Him more. I thanked him for you too because I know the anxiety of how exams can be. I have my test saturday and I keep telling all the doubts in my head to shutup because MY GOD IS GREATER THAN THIS EXAM. Likewise for you final test you will Ace it too for the greater glory of HIS NAME. PRAISEE GODDDDDDD =)

  59. bipin mathew Says:

    i am bipin mathew from kerala. i am a final year medical student…i am writing this with such pain….i already finished my final year exams, waiting for the results to come….dear friends i already lost one and a half years now …i was really interested in this field…every time i fail lots of money has been wasted for that….i am taking fasting for this matter even my parents too…i need a pass this time …i trust in the word of god…i only need a pass this time to testify my lord because i came to know Jesus very earlier …but my continuous failures made my confidence …down…i am just a human being …i know my pain….this time i did my exams sincerely and …did some justice…i want god to do d same to me because …every time i fail i can praise my lord jesus the living god…so brothers and sisters please pray for me results will come on this coming 7th of sept 2012 if anyone can call me and pray for me it will be a good blessing for me my number is 09526795580

  60. Jasmin Says:

    Thank you Gloria and Joshua for all of your support.

    I hope you did well on your exam. I am sure now that you have completed it you feel like a whole weight has been lifted off your shoulders. May you continue to thank God and have faith in him. I will keep you in my prayers as well. I know you ACED that exam =0)

    God Bless you all

  61. Emory Says:

    Hi bipin, Please be encouraged and know that all things are possible with God. I have started praying for you this morning.

  62. Jasmin Says:

    Believe that you are in good hands. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  63. Gloria Says:


    I prayed for you I know I prayed late but God doesn’t live in time. I pray that you passed your exams =) You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength

  64. Jasmin Says:

    Last night I had trouble sleeping and this morning I am starting to feel less confident. I don’t know what’s going on since I have been feeling self-assured these past few weeks while studying for this exam. Originally, I was scheduled to take it on Sept 7 however, since the passing of my Uncle I lost a couple days of studying so I am now scheduled to take it on Sept 18. My main fear is failing. The first time I took it I started to have anxiety and low self-esteem which made me fail by 2 %. I am taking it at the same sight as I took it the first time but, I am unsure if it is a good idea to take it there since I didn’t pass the first time. I do not do well in timed exams and this exam will take 8 hours of my day. I need to pass this exam in order to work under my field. If I fail the second time I will have to wait one year. When I start to feel less confident I pause and I ask God to please remove any negativity from my mind and keep me focused. All I ask of you is to please help me to believe that I still have my confidence and I will walk into my exam on Tuesday and do well. Please pray that no evil will interfere with me the next few days as I review all the material that I need to accomplish before the exam.

    Thank you for all of your support these past few months. I am truly thankful to have found a site where we all support each other’s goal and where we all praise God for everything he has done for us. I wish you all a blessed day. God Bless you all!

  65. kennie Says:

    pls help me pray for a miracle concerning my exam i just received my exam ,it says CF,ppppllllsss help me pray for a miracle.

  66. joshua Says:

    Its been a while since I came here. I guess everything has to do with timing.
    Jasmin, Gloria, Bippin, Kennie and al my dear brethren ; the Lord God is with you !
    I have been on my knees and praying of lately [ early morning hours and just before I sleep – asking My God this question why is it that after all the good things you have done for me , I still have this doubtful mind. Why am I like this?
    Then one moment after several days and nights , nagging my God , I was told to visualise all the things I have seen on earth. The birds I hear in the morning making beautiful sounds, the wind swirls on plants and trees. The petals on flowers and the large trees. The fact that I sleep and wake up daily for decades [ not in my own making and find that that am grown an inch taller, having a beard , changes in my body }.
    In that moment I began to visualise the sunshine – how it lights on 7 billion people on earth and illuminates energy for every living thing on earth. The wide spread sky above us. The stars and Moon that have been there for centuries and never lost the luminous light. And then , I finally visualised the best design – the Human being – the fact that our hands can even move or touch – Our eyes see and make sense of our surroundings. Our ears able to decode any wave of sound that crosses through our ear canals.
    After all this visualisation my Lord God asked me [its a still voice], i can understand why we are told to fast or spend time praying , I think you can only commune when all the destructions are silenced, when your egoistic mind is shut down and the only thing you know is you and God. So He asked me this – Are you the maker of them ? I was speechless – I immediately said No. Is there any human being who could create any of them .. the answer was No … Can Satan create them – the answer was No. Now Who else can apart from Me .
    He opened my mind and let me know how blind I was. I have lived in this world for decades but I can not see the SOURCE of creation. My eyes were trained to worship and idolise the forged things made by human hand. I missed the bigger picture. The more i set my eyes on the circumstances, the more i ran to the forged solution. You see in this world, we have enemies . These people cordinate with satan to make sure we never see the Light.
    My God reminded me of this :
    “Behold, I have created the blacksmith Who blows the coals in the fire, Who brings forth an instrument for his work ; And I have created the spoiler to destroy. No weapon forged against you shall prosper.” Isaiah 54:16 – 17
    My brethren , the blacksmith is Satan. He sets up a design and uses his family – the spoilers – [ rulers of this world] to orchestrate the snares and use weapons to destroy You and I. The blacksmith knows that for His client to execute a clean cut, they have to use the right weapon. He therefore forges a specific weapon for a specific kill.
    I can now reveal to you – centruies ago there was no education. Man lived by proapagating what God had given him. The seeds that were desinged by God were planted in the soil and watered by the rain created by God and fruit would immerge to award man for his toil.
    But now, the family of satan have decided to destroy human beings by reversing the law. They created a system where man relied on artificial way of living. Forged designs by human hands inspired by the black smith] have changed how you and I live today. We have left our mother nauture and forced to live in blocks in a packed city to chase the so called currency to fuel a senseless style of living.
    Today I can tell you whatever you eat is first designed by man in a lab [ genetic modified seeds], and is then propgated to suite the time frame the designer has set for it to grow. I can even now reveal to you that the these people have forged weather modification tools called {HAARP} that can cause rain and seize rain in others . What the black smith [ satan] and spoilers [ his family] have done is for one purpose . And what is the purpose of Satan , well He comes first to Lie, steal and Destroy . You may think I have gone whack with this information but my dear friends, am not. Why are numbers of people dying of cancer these days shot up high . When cancer was in the western world and not in africa, people called it the disease of the west but do you know Now that africans are now starting to die of cancer more than some towns in the west.
    This is because the forged weapons [ genetic modified seeds] financed by monsato have been propagated in africa for the past fifty years.
    This family is also behind the education system. Who on earth would suggest that its bad to live on nature, propagate natural seeds and live a happy life free from a monetary state. Who would suggest that the best way of life is to substitute that God given natural life for a new system where pens, papers, software, careers would get you something called money and you would live by this paper till you die. Can you imagine how bad we have been fooled to become part of this system. We are now slaves to it. But my brethren fear not , He who is in us is greater than the one who is of this world.
    No weapon forged against you will prosper .What this statement says literally means truth. If you are in the family of God you should be wise and take this into account. If your Father is the creator of this black smith [ the devil], the spoiler [ those who set up these organisations] , how could he let their forged weapons [the challenges, obstacles they have set in your lives – in this case the exams and tests ] affect you ?
    If your stupid to believe that these forged designs can over come you , you have unbelief! You do not know the Power of your Father, Your creator very well. You have sepnt time beliving in their system and fallen a victim of their afflictions.
    I suggest that you Start asking the Source of the REAL creation to give you an understanding of who He really IS ! And show you His ability. Until you know the Truth , Only then will you lose the lies fed to your concious and know the true Supreme Power
    You must understand Our Father has managed to hold the sun and moon in their place for centuries and never let them to fall on earth . He has managed to design over 7 billion people. He still designs more and more. He is a Father of perfect designs. If He designed all this , why would we doubt what he says?
    Unbelief is a very powerful force. You will lose the focus of your Creator once you rely on unbelief.
    When Jesus was on earth , there were only Two times He was amazed. You would think , how can the Son of God be astonished about anything. He has seen everything under the sun and above it . But I was also taken aback when that he was shocked about two instances in his stay on earth.
    The First instance is of the Great faith of the Centurion
    When Jesus had entered Capernaum, a centurion came to him, asking for help.
    “Lord,” he said, “my servant lies at home paralyzed, suffering terribly.”
    Jesus said to him, “Shall I come and heal him?”
    The centurion replied, “Lord, I do not deserve to have you come under my roof. But just say the word, and my servant will be healed.
    When Jesus heard this, he was AMAZED
    and said to those following him, “Truly I tell you, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith. Matthew 8:5-10

    The second time that the co- creator of this universe was astonished was at His home town. The people knew him well. They saw him grow up right in their eyes .They were used of him. But after he got annoited by the Holy Spirit and went to heal the sick back to his hometown, these guys were full of unbelief that he was amazed at how unfaithful they were .
    He could NOT do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a FEW sick people and heal them. He was amazed at their lack of faith. Mark 6:5- 6

    This reminds me of how we as His family and friends have grown hearing his name . We are too familiar of his name, we pray and talk to Him , we feel like we know Him. But when he says by my stripes your healed we look the other way, when He says , For You are not given the spirit of fear … you were given a Spirit of Power , a spirit that is of Love and a this Spirit is of Sound Mind. We look for alternative soultion. We look at the designed afflictions and ignore the Light.
    If he was astonished by those people in His home town, how would he react at our unfaithfulness , we who are His family. We have Him as our Dad . If our sinful natured fathers know how to reward us when we ask for bread, they dont give us stone , How much so will Our Righteous Father, who gave His son to take that death and rejection that you would have gone through , how much will Our righteous Father give you what you ask for ? Be assured if this thing you ask for is to glorify His name and break the snares/challenges that are forged against you – He will practically do more than His best to ashame that evil camp .
    He eagerly awaits you to believe in What He tells you to do. That is , do not worry , trust in Him , He commands all !
    Stop looking at the forged designs . Stop paying attention at the spoilers who execute these forged weapons . Start looking at the source of ALL perfect creation.
    .Whenever you experience fear, remind yourself – that Spirit is not of Your Father. It can not stay there . Its there to check in and check out. It has no room in your conciouss because the Spirit filling your mind and heart is a Powerful One, very Wise spirit and has Love.
    The exams set by these people are NO match to the One who Fathers you – the Creator of This Universe.
    What HE says has to BECOME !

    God bless you all my friends

    Our Lord RULES !

  67. AT Says:

    Hi Guys, name is AT. I took my Board exam on August of 18th and i will hopefully get my score back on 26th of September. I am so scared of the result. I honestly studied for this exam for such a long time but i found the exam being very difficult. But i prayed In My Lord’s name before i took my exam. Praying that he will guide me. now only days before i receive my exam score, i am so frightened more than ever. I am in so much distress. I always read the bible, specifically book of Psalm before i go to bed and i pray in his name that he will Grant me passing score. Please I ask that you guys pray for me. I know nothing is impossible for Heavenly father. I pray for miracle and that he bless me with my wish. In the name of Jesus Christ I truly believe, hope and take refuge. Amen. Please keep me in your prayes. let September 26 (Wednesday) be a happy blessed day for me. 🙁 thank you. I am so depressed.

  68. Jasmin Says:

    Kennie and AT you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Continue to pray and thank God for your blessings. You will hear good things if you believe in it.

  69. Gloria Says:

    I prayed for you I know this is late but God doesnt live in time so I’m sure He heard my prayers as well.

    I prayed for you as well I hope you were happy with scores.

    I receive my scores from my tests in a few days and I tend to get nervous at times as well but I keep saying JESUS I TRUST IN YOU.. please keep me in your prayers I will let you guys know the outcome by the end of the week. Please Please keep me in your prayers.

  70. Gloria Says:

    I hope you you passed your exams from the 18th as well. Nothing is impossible with God. Im still Praying for you too. Please keep me in your prayers my test scores come back this week. I don’t want to take them again because they are the most stressful things ive ever encountered.
    Thanks =)

  71. Gabriel Says:

    Wheeeewww….i really need prayers too.honestly!

  72. Gloria Says:

    so i did horrible on my exam but I know God has a plan for me. I’m gonna take it again next year I just pray that God gives me the strength to endure this stress of studying all over again. Please pray for me that my faith doesnt go down

  73. ritu Says:

    Praise the Lord God Almighty.True in my own life Jesus has helped me many many times in my examinations,interviews and in every part of my life.He has always led us and guided us and He always will.Not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord of Hosts!.Amen

  74. Zoe Says:

    Your post is truly amazing, it has just reminded me how good God is. I have my final exams starting in two weeks and I ask you to pray that God guides me to study all the things I need to study for the exam and that I do exceptionally well. my goal is – and trust me this would be a miracle, ( but why put a limit on God?) 98.
    All glory to God and what a testimony this will be, especially for my unsaved family and friends who will know my God helped me. Thank you for your prayers and this blog 🙂

  75. hellen atieno Says:

    i am a student and i am doing all i can so that i pass my exams but even though how much i tried i just find myself down and i really do not know why please help?

  76. Joy Says:

    Hi Hellen,

    Do I understand you are saying that you feel down?
    I don’t know if this will help… We can feel down if a goal / hope that we have seems impossible or unachievable.

    Do you have any hopes or goals that seem unreachable?



  77. Antoine Says:

    I just had my big literature exam 2day and because I trusted in Jesus Christ the Son of God I’m still counting my blessings!!! He brought me through one of the absolute hardest exams!!! I trust He will give me abundently great marks!!!

  78. Megha Thomas Says:

    I dont know how to begin. Jesus I really want to write my testimony.
    My name is Megha. My life till now has been a compilation of miracles. Even if I tried doing something in my own way, my God would tire me out before any disaster. I would then go through the usual pattern of crying bitterly in hopelessness, then submitting with hope and then deliberately forgetting my worries (to a point of irresponsibility) and just being happy doing nothing but focusing on the Word of God, which promises the opposite of what the world thinks I deserve.

    I am a very lazy girl. When I was small I used to cry and pray, “God, I am lazy. Everyone is studying but I am not, and that too deliberately. Please dont punish me but save me from this laziness. make me start studying hard and get great marks.” Obviously I used to start praying like this at the brink of hopelessness. But everytime my prayer would change halfway. The second half would be inspired like this, “Dear God, my genie, I am lazy because I am bad. But You are good and there is no laziness in you. I dont like studying. I want to listen to music. Please study for me at Your own time and write this exam for me. I WILL NOT BUT YOU WILL! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE NOW! Please bless everyone who has studied but do a miracle for me because I asked! I am thrilled now because its not just an exam, its a witness of Your Glory. Thank Youuu God”

    Examinations are the most cherished periods of my are all my problems which end up as great gifts for me instead!

    I passed “BA in economics honours” with such miraculous marks that baffled all my classmates because they NEVER saw me studying but ONLY PRAYING! I used to be in the habit of writing prayers like David 🙂

    After bachelors, through “prayer in hopelessness” again,
    God gave me the hope to hope for the most reputed college in India, NIFT, to do Masters in Fashion. With an economics hons at hand and no knowledge of fashion I still went for NIFT exams “just for God”. The whole world knew I was trying for NIFT and if I failed one can only imagine! But for His sake I went forward, gave a terrible exam (i thought). It was an objective type question paper and I was literally doing inky pinky ponky to land on an answer. hahaha. Oh God You are great! I not only passed the exam and but also got through the best centre NIFT, GANDHINAGAR. I am red in the face with joy as i remember all this.

    At Nift as usual I just chilled, prayed all the time (in writing like David). I was lazy still. Never studied, (or i should say I always started studying after inspiration by God, which was always last minute in a very obvious sense) but continued surprising everyone in the Name of God. My professor used to sometimes joke in class telling my friends to study hard to crack his paper, if not, call for “Megha’s God”. But Megha’s God is no joke!
    One day I found myself in a spot. I was the only one in class who had not finalised a company to do my Final Graduation Project with. Everyone else had been working for months to get it done but as always I kept dodging it. I remember this day because I hid in the library and I cried out my desperation to God, scolding Him why He allowed me back to my stupid weakness:laziness!! I was soo angry at Him and kept scribbling my hurt in paper. Someone i knew was passing by so I grabbed this big magazine that was lying in front of me and dug my face into it. After he went I continued crying onto that magazine asking God where I should apply at that last minute and demanding His Help. Then in a sudden stubbornness I told God that I will not accept anything short of the “world’s best company” to do the most spectacular project with! I looked at the magazine cover, the one on which I was crying. It read “PROMOSTYL” and everyone knows its the best fashion forecasting Agency in the world. And then I posed the most challenging request to my dear God. All that while in the library He was simply showing me what to ask for, and waiting patiently for me to only ask!
    I applied keeping only God in mind. Many obstacles rose addressing my effiency, proficiency, visa qualifications etc etc. But God proved greater than my problems and I went, finally, to Manhattan, New York City, to do a project in Fashion Forecasting (again a new subject) at Promostyl. :)I was the only one to do a project outside India. And when I came back God went a step further. An article about me came in the newspaper. It said many things about my achievements but only I know the truth and God is smiling over my secrets 🙂 Like this, I not only became famous among the same people who earlier scorned at my atrocious behaviors, but many of them believed when I said “ONLY A WORD AND YOU AND I SHALL BE HEALED”

    And then came the pressures of marriage. Everyone wanted me to get married as I am the eldest child. I remember praying to God in college that I wanted to get married to a “rich good looking Jesus-husband” (somehow at that age I thought Jesus was poor and I dint like the hair haha, but now I know he is the only treasure I possess in everything for my complete joy)I told God that I want to get married only around the age 25 and not before that, and that the guy should be a Jesus with a Ferrari. I was embarrassed to ask this at first but God kept urging me to ask freely without limiting or faking my desires. I read in the Bible that what the world thinks wrong God thinks right and what the world thinks right God thinks wrong. So what I couldnt tell my own parents I OPENLY TOLD GOD. My heart wanted a ferrari Jesus. I tried telling my mother once when she worried to me if I would ever get a husband as i was 24 and without a successful marriage proposal. She called me arrogant and asked God for forgiveness for my foolishness. But later after a year when she was too desperate and hopeless both of us knelt down together and cried to God in faith. Mother requested for a ferrari Jesus this time, just as I Like and she acknowledged that in God it is possible. I was about to enter 25. I also started worrying if I would ever get a husband of my high dreams. Our days of faith together were so thrilling. My mother went a step ahead and declared to everyone in faith the her daughter will get married to a KING! Some people teased her asking her to step out of her fairytale world and become responsible and real. My mom kept saying, “God will give my daughter what no one has seen or heard of till now”. Faith did its wonderful works. One day my grandfather overheard a conversation of a friend who was comforting someone on the phone saying he will find a suitable girl for his son. My grandfather cannily extracted all the information about the family from his friend and over dinner told him about me. Then this friend organised an official meeting between both the families. I reminded God once again in prayer about my requests.

    I got married at the age of 25, 6 months after courtship. My husband James is a tall handsome boyish looking guy (often Jesus shows me he looks like Him from the side :)) James completely believes in God and he understands all my testimonies. He owns a Maserati (a car whose engine is fitted and supervised by ferrari) God is funny and sweet. James gave a testimony to me that getting a maserati was His miracle. His father is a low profile man, no show business although abundantly blessed by God in wealth. But James started dreaming to own a sports car suddenly (mid last year, before he met me) and he prayed for it and despite all the problems he faced he still got one-in a rare color he liked and a rare number plate. He has his own miracle stories to share. He is God’s gift to me which God was preparing through all my problems and prayers. PRAISE THE LORD!

    I am now 26. God has now plucked us out of our hometown and put us in delhi with a new hope “TO BECOME IAS OFFICERS”. We shall see god’s miracle again. So many new subjects this time but the same Old Power that raised Jesus from the dead! My husband and I are students again 🙂 Despite everything we are going through now (also, i am 2 months pregnant. Got to know after enrolling for IAS coaching) this is the Word of God that shall save us: Jeremiah 32:27 I am the Lord, God of the whole human race. Nothing is too difficult for me. Jeremiah 33:3 Call to me and I will answer you. I will tell you wonderful and marvellous things that you know nothing about.
    whoever waits till the end will be saved.
    Thank Jesus for this testimony.

  79. Mary Says:

    Hi dear Megha,

    I dont know what to say after reading your testimony. I am searching a job now. Interviews are coming but it doesnt suit for me. I have a big aims for my mother and father. Right now I dont have work. Every day I am crying to god to show me something. Could you please keep me in your prayers. May the almighty god bless you abundantly dear.

    Love in Jesus,

  80. Megha Thomas Says:

    Dear Mary,
    I am not at all worried about you because you are not crying in vain BUT YOU ARE CRYING TO GOD ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS! He has heard you. You said,” Every day I am crying to god to show me something.” This shows that the Spirit of Jesus is with you. If you find it difficult to have faith just pray for it. I used to tell Jesus, “I know only to cry but you want me to have faith. How can I produce something that is heavenly inside me? So brother Jesus give it to me. Give me faith as a gift!”

    Please dont worry. One day when I was crying God inspired me like this. He said: You can travel in economy class or business class to reach the same destination. Which one do you choose? My dear Mary you will land up in the perfect job anyway as the way you’ve chosen is leading there. Travel in business class with more happiness and less worry. Keep yourself happy remembering the Word of God. God who sees everything will see that you are staying happy for His sake. He will see that you are sacrificing your grief and worry in His Name. Offer a happy face in faith after prayer. It is indirectly praising God’s Power over your problem.


    Dear Jesus, you “became” what Martha wanted. She wanted her brother Lazarus to live. You yourself gave her faith and became the “life and resurrection”. Likewise become the “perfect job” for Mary so that her joy may be complete. Make Mary your witness in everything Jesus. Thank You Jesus for turning her obstacle into an opportunity in You.
    Isaiah 66:10


    p.s encourage yourself in God

  81. Mary Says:

    Thank you so much dear Megha. I must accept that whenever I feel down, weary our merciful father is comforting me by any means. I understood that my 2 months job searching is not a big thing to become down because my god is working for me right now. Surely I will be blessed with the most suitable job and as David said I am going to thank him in front of the big crowd. Glory to god in the highest. Lamb of god who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us..

    in expecting a miracle,

  82. tijo Says:

    my high school 12th board exams are near. only one n half months are left.i m very weak in math. i know my lord will surely help me.. every body pray for me…

  83. Phillie Says:

    Greetings all!

    Thank u very much for the touching testimonies. U guys have no idea how powerful they are in touching other people’s lives. Im writing my board exams the second time around on wednesday the 23rd of jan and thursday the 24th of jan. I have faith and believe that I will get nothing less than 80% in the paper, but after reading these testimonies I’m inspired to ask God to make in the top 5 students in the country.:)

    Like I said, I’m writing this exam the second time around. I’ll tell u what happened the first time.

    In order to get into writing the board exam one has to pass their honours in accounting year doing 4 exams and pass them all in one sitting. Yes, if u get more than one supplementary exam u have to try again next year. So in 2011 I spent the year studying honours, I spent 14-16 hours studying each day (lectures included). I’d pray to God and meditate on his word everyday before bed and wake up and pray everyday. Now working that hard is unhealthy as u hardly sleep. I lost weight drastically and got sick easily. Through it all I’d pray to God and he’d give me strength.

    I passed my honours year! I was so happy that I neglected the fact that I had my board exam in 2 months. When I finally got down to study I was panicking. I neglected my bible, I hardly prayed, I was scared that I’d fail. On the days I wrote the exam I remember standing outside the exam room shakin.g Fearful and prayerless. As could have been eexpected, I got 44% for that exam and I now have to sit for it again this year.

    This year, I’ve worked hard. I studied and prayed and read the word during all of this. I meditate daily on Isiah 41:10 “Do not be afraid-I am with you! I am your God- Let nothing terrify you. I will make u strong and help you. I will protect and save you.”

    My exam is in 2 days and I’m at peace. I know God will bless with me with excellent grades. Last year was a lesson to me. I learnt the hard way that without God I am nothing and my life falls apart.

    After not being successful the first time, I turned my back on God. I stopped praying, going to church and reading my bible. It was the saddest year of my life, I spent 9 months of that year miserable. Crying everyday. Then I went to church again at the end of the year with a close friend. My happiness was restored. I cried at the Lord’s feet and asked him to forgive me and help me. And he did. Here I am now, fearless, ready to conquer this exam. We are more than conquerors brothers and sisters..

    I’ll be praying for all those who need it. Let’s pray for each other folks and watch God perform miracles in our lives.
    Ps: I’ll be back on this site on the 29 of March 2013 to tell you of my results, my testimony to the works of Lord and saviour.

    With Love

  84. Jasmin Says:

    I truly believe we are all given obstacles in our life. At first we ask God “why me?” I went through the same thing when I didn’t pass my board exam. I was miserable, stopped praying, going to church or reading the bible. But, one day I realized that I can give up and continue to stay miserable and blame others or own up to my mistake and change my path.
    I changed my future and I am happy to say I can now work. Although, finding a job has been a little difficult, I continue to pray because I know that God is taking his time to make sure I get the right job that will benefit my life.
    I am so happy to hear that your happiness has been restored for you. I hope you did well on your exam. I look forward to the day you receive your scores.

    God Bless you all! & remember you are not alone so don’t give up your goals 🙂

  85. mini Says:

    Hi Megha Thomas,

    I am very inspired by your story. Suprisingly even I am studying in Delhi for the IAS…..kindly keep me in your prayers, as I get depressed often thinking about the future. I will also pray for you.
    God Bless & take care

  86. olga Says:


    am very inspired by your story. please pray with me, last night i wrote a very bad exam. it will take a miracle from God for me to pass it. i need God to help me.

  87. j.jasmine Says:

    I am studying in college. I have CGPA 7.4 only.I am going to write my 4th sem.I know with god all things are possible.Pray for me.

  88. L.Jothilakshmi Says:

    please please please please please please PRAY for me because my board (12th) exams results are very soon nearing pls pray for me so that i may get very good results…..thank you.please

  89. Shanuja Says:

    Dear jesus,
    im dng 2 mbbs…i hve gt still 3 more mnths fa univ xam….i failed in all intrnal xams…i dont knw anythng fa xam…i hav lots to stdy…i dont knw hw am i gonnna cumplte de portions…pls help me to yo xam nd get good marks gve me gd memory power…evry1 pls pray fa me…oly jesus cn make me gt distinction n all subjects…oly he cn control de xaminer nd help me to get more marks…i truly believe n yo alone…HELP ME JESUS.AMEN

  90. Patience Says:

    Hello, i am writing this article to ask you all to pray for me. I took a very important exam yesterday which will determine whether i’ll get my degree or not.I am very scared since i was able to answer only half of the exam. I was planning to pay for my grades but your testimonies have helped me. I would like you to intercede for me and my friend. I have made a vow to God that if He will help me i will be forever chaste till my wedding day and that i will give a sum of 1000dhs to the church. There is nothing that is impossible to the lord so please help me pray to him. Amen

  91. Deborah Says:

    Thank you, thank you so much for all these wonderful testimonies.It made me realise afresh how wonderful the love of Jesus.I am going to sit for a university entrance exam in two days.I have been very lazy in preparing. I know I do not deserve to pass because i have not prepared.Pls everyone pray for me as i really need a miracle.I strongly believe that Jesus will forgive my laziness and grant me amazing success as we pray together.We will all experience great success in Jesus.I will surely come back to give my testimony. Shalom

  92. osagie Says:

    I want to thank the Lord for granting me success in my exam, i came to this page in search of how the lord helps students on how to pass exams, and i went in with the faith, as i cried to Loving Jesus to help me with success in my exam, and glory be to God i wrote down my expectation on the photocopy of my photocard, to God be the glory, he gave me victory in the exam, i was expecting 348/400 and the bible says according to mark 11:24, ” when we ask the lord for anything we should believe weve gotten it, so i believed , and when the result was out i got 348/400 as i asked the lord, glory be to God for he has turned my sorrow to Joy.

  93. Anita Says:

    Hello Everyone. God bless you all for sharing your testimonies of the power of Jesus executed through your academic life. Please please pray for me as well. In a month I will be writing the Law school admissions test and I need to score a 176 on this test the first time I write it, in Jesus Name. I just found this website after needing some encouragement. I have sacrificed a lot for this law school dream and have been praying to God and reminding God of His Word- that If I ask for this request in His name, He would do it for me. Please join me in prayer that I will select the correct answers and have a score of 176 when I write this law school entry test next month. I will be back in July to share the good news. Thank you!

  94. Monica Says:

    I feel that now after I’ve read some of these posts that I’m not the only one going through anxiety. I’m only in 11th grade but I get stressed so much that I cry all the time but God has done so many miracles with me and yet I have anxiety all the tine. I know God loves me and wants the best for me. He put me in this world for a purpose he’s not going to let me fall. God has done so many miracles in my life, he loves us so much that he never lets us down. Lord, I pray that you give everyone that might be reading this and I pray even for myself that you give us the strength even though we get lazy, demotivated, sad. I have an AP Bio test and I took a practice test and didnt do so well. Please pray for me and for my family, my test is on Monday (5/13). Please pray for me, God loves you all.

  95. sister in christ Says:

    jesus loves you all, i hav an imp exam in this week maths sub was very hard 2 me but i believe in jesus who helped me by guiding examiners heart the maker of all i hav passed by exam with 80%marks taste and see that the lord is good..pray 4 me

  96. sisterinchrist Says:

    blessed is the man who trusts in the lord whose confidence is in him (jere-17.7) jesus thank you for a miracle in my life. thanks to lord 4 his indescribable gifts i love you jesus more than anybody and anything in this world!

  97. josiah Says:

    tomorrow is the date of my exam until sunday JUne 1 and 2 of 2013 and that is the Certified Bookkeeper, Registered Cost Accountant and Certified Accounting Technician board exam.
    right now as I read the testimonies of the people I was really comforted and calmed. I put everything to God my Hope, my Faith and my Trust… i know in my self that there are some topics that i dont know I connot understand and still blur in me.. but I believe that God will help me for tomorrow and on sunday… what I do is just I listen to all Christian songs. Im praying with all my heart that God will help me, deep inside my heart I have worries about the exam. I offer everything to God coz He alone can help me in all my worries and problems.I believe that I will pass all the exams and I will have all the Titles. God will give the desire of my heart.
    God will make a way… I love you Lord..

    pls also include me in your prayers. thankyou very much

  98. valery Says:

    i’m starting my exams in 2 days, i have 7 subjects and to be honest i feel that im not fully prepared as i would have liked to be but i’m believing in God also i’m hoping that God will forgive me for being so lazy.
    please pray for me that i will pass with flying colours i’m really asking God for a lot here because i know that with my own stength i will not be able to do this i am cosidered an ‘average student’ or even below avrage but i’m believing in God to do a supernatural miracle that i will testify of his glory and people around me will know that is certainly ‘not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord.’ i want to show the unbelievers in my school that God is Real!! and that if we trust in Him he will do the impossible for us!
    please keep me in your prayers
    i know that is August wen the results are out i will come back here and testify of the Lord’s goodness.

  99. valery Says:

    had my first paper today.. did not go exceptionally well but im praying for a miracle!
    please keep me in your prayers thank you.

  100. dee Says:

    This week, i had three exams. Two on thurday and one today. I am doing A levels. From last week i was feeling very worried about my exams and very very stressed. I couldnt sleep or eat which is very strange for me. I didnt eat properly all week, on tuesday i had a sandwich and even that i had to force down, this was how sick and nervous i felt. I couldnt take it anymore. On tuesday i was walking back to the library to get more work done, feeling so distraught and i just kept thinking about my exams and really feeling like i was not going to do well in them, then i looked up just before i was about to go into the library doors and saw a church. I knew i needed to go in and get some guidance on my anxiety and nerves from the lord, so i went in. I sat and spoke with this wonderful minister and i told her how i was feeling. We sat and prayed together and spoke. As soon as i left i felt the lord speaking to me, i could feel it. He took my anxiety away and my nerves and he got me through my exams. I feel like i did well in my exams but im just not sure, i hope that i have done enough. But i am just not sure if they will be enough to get into the university of my choice. But i am going to leave it to the lord. He has seen me work so hard for this for months and he has felt my pain throughout. I know he has because i feel his presence around me. Even right now im typing.
    I know that i am not the only going through this exam stress, its hard but the lord has helped me through my first set of intense exams and i know he will get me through my last
    Please could your prayers be with me to lead the hands of the examiners to reward me extra marks.

    Thank you for reading my testimony and i really hope it helps you. Exams are stress and if your feeling so down that you want to give up call on god, that is the only way. Also go to a church and speak to someone, a priest or a minister. Sit in the church and talk with god. Interact with him. You can even do this at home. Anywhere!
    I praise the lord! I worship him!
    He is the only way. Thank you for reading my long post

    Thank you lord

  101. valery Says:

    hello dee,
    i’m also doing my exams to get into college, I know its very stressful, but believe that God is going to take care of it. remember with man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible!!! (mark 10:27) what a wonderful reassurance from God!
    i’ll keep you in my prayers, the bible says in proverbs 21:1 ‘the king’s heart in in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water he turns it wherever He will’ God created the examiner and He will use them to favour you in Jesus name! Believe in your heart that God has done it. I believe that you will come back to testify of the Lord’s goodness!
    God bless you

  102. Miracle Says:

    Hi all,

    I’m soooo overwhelmed. I’m writing my board exam on the 19th and 20th of June. I am not halfway done with my work and i’m struggling to focus. The devil is constantly attacking me, lying to me and trying to steal my success. I’m praying very hard to God for the power of the holy spirit to dwell in me so that i can focus. Please pray with me for a calm spirit so that i can be able to study and also for Jesus to direct me to the areas that will come in the exam. I have failed God so many times by not trusting him completely, i don’t want to repeat the same mistakes. I know for sure that God has put the desires i have in my heart and only HE can make my dreams a reality. I pray everyday that i focus on that and not forget his promises regardless of the circumstances. I’m not well prepared, i started studying late but i still have a week to go and i pray that i keep hope alive. Matthew 18:19-20 the Lord says “Furthermore, I tell all of yous with certainty that if two of you agree on earth about anything you request, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven, 20. because where two or three have come together in my name, I am there among them.” Please join me in prayer to pass my exams next week? Thank you all and God Bless.

  103. dee Says:

    Dear Valery,

    Thank you very much, and yes i certainly have faith in him and always will and i believe that i will come back to testify! And i pray that you will too. I wish you best in your exams and you will get into the college you desire in jesus name . Also thank you for the proverbs they are very reassuring indeed and just what we need right now to get us through our exams

    Also Miracle i have you in my prayers also. Do not panic at all. I was in the same position as you last week. But only the lord can get you through. Before you study pray and after you study pray also, you still have a week. You can get a lot done in a week if you focus with the lord in your heart. The key thing right now is to trust God with all your heart, don’t partly trust him. Trust him, as he is the only one that can get you through. I can feel you are going to do great! Stay strong, it will all be over before you know it

    God bless and have a great week

  104. Miracle Says:

    Thank you Dee and all your testimonies reassures me that Christ lives. I’ll lean on him not in my own understanding. Thank you,may God bless you all.

  105. valery Says:

    had my French exam today and I was very well prepared for it. But unfortunately I read the question wrong and answered all in the future tense rather than the past tense!! needless to say, I am freaking out!! I am crying as i’m typing… I really need a high grade in this subject and I don’t know how that’s going to happen now
    To make matters worst my parents know that i’m good in this subject and they believe that I will get the A in it, but I can’t bring myself to tell them how the exam really went…
    please keep me in your prayers

  106. angelo Says:

    Today i have my physics exam. And i have got four more exams to go. I played the fool during my study time, but now i know God is here to help me. My Jesus is almighty and my saviour, i know He will surely guide me. I am thinking to get about 1A and 2C. But i now will not ask Him that i want this result. But I know that Jesus will always give me the best and the maximum, and that can happen only if i cry to him and trust in him… Thank you Jesus for showing this testimony.

  107. aj Says:

    God has helped me through out my gcse exams. I asked st joseph’s (of cupertino), st judas and st anthony as well as all the angels and saint and mary mother of god to intercede for me. Even with less preparation, the questions were the ones that i knew answers to. So i had a big miracle. I got 2 more exams to go tomorrow and i’m hoping for that miracle. Thank you Jesus for being with me.

  108. Sarah Says:

    Please brother’s in Christ Pray for me I am in a desperate situation.I am coming from my college to collect my results of English writing exam. As I am writing this article now I am crying could not even eat today.I have failed this English exam for the 4th time, really need it cause I need to study Access in Heath Care studies for me to be considered to practice Nursing. Told my husband when I was still at college that I have failed of which he’s not happy about it at all.Most of my college mates have passed and I am in great pain cause all along before the results was thinking that I did well in exams.I have no one to talk you Please pray for me I am resitting for my exam on the 27th of June 2013 and I seriously need to to pass this exam. Have already passed the reading exam, the discussion exam and my power point presentation.The exam is only for 45 minutes. I know that God will make a way for me if you help me with your prayers. Heart broken as I speak.

  109. J. Renita Says:

    “praise my HOLY JESUS”
    i really thank God for a person like you
    I’m to be a III yr student last month i appeared my 6th sem its my last xam. i wrote it very badly as i hvnt learn well. And i haven’t prayed well (formality prayer).

    some how i wrote my exam, and i haven’t found Gods hand in my exam. when i came home i refered answers from my text book &i found one 16 mark qn i answered wrongly. i was much worried & as it is wrong surely i ll fail in that exam. i was disappointed & cried to Lord. i have mobile in my hand on that time. inorder to change my mind i went in google search and typed as ‘i wrote my xam too badly’ its amazng i found a word JESUS HELPS STUDENTS its so encouragng and i began to read that whole testimony. it really comforts me and gives me hope that my GOD ll surely helps me passing im my xams i really praise my LOVABLE HOLY DADDY WITH MY WHOLE HEARTED thankyou JESUS.

    i found myself as most girls in privilege in the world on that day.
    now i’m full of faith in my JESUS
    pray for me and my family. praise the lord brother

  110. J. Renita Says:


    may The LORD thy comforter shall comfort you.
    surely The GOD of justice will give u more marks than u xpect .

    note that JESUS is loving u more. HAVE FAITH IN HIM

  111. Jess Says:

    I am failing a paper at the moment and i need over a pass in my exam to pass the paper. It is tomorrow and i am beyond anxious. I always get anxious in tests and exams and i am praying that god will help me to pass so that i can graduate university at the beginning of next year.If anyone could pray for me, that would be so appreciated. I love seeing all the miracles god is performing here

  112. Tristen Says:

    i just read those reviews and i’m staring to feel confident especially after reading the second review my results has not come yet but i know and trust that he lord will work miracles for me for he is an awsomme god

  113. Chido Mapfumo Says:

    I am supposed to expect my results for my second year of university in morning I know I didn’t do as much as I was expected to do someone plz help me to pray for good news its not too late for God to intervene he did for me last year I believe and Trust in God

  114. Joy Says:

    I received a fail letter on monday written to me from the board of canadian nursing association. I was very sad and disappointed. This is my first attempt and applicant ony have 3 opportunities to sit for this exam. Most of my friends passed. Now I am starting to studying again as I am sitting for the exam again in October. Please I want you to join me in prayer that Jesus Christ will sit beside me to teach and show me how to answer Canadian Registered Nurse Board Exam. Friends please don’t forget me in your prayer that success will be mine after the exam and when the result comes out in 2nd week of November 2013 and I will receive a letter of PASS in Jesus Name. Amen

  115. Todd Says:

    Does anyone here know Amber who posted in the I Saw an Angel title.

  116. cheeryleesa Says:

    Joy, hi there. Keep praising the Lord. Dont weep…He knows what He is doing. Study as hard as you can but let us both agree in prayer that you have PASSED already , Hallelujah.
    He is exceedingly abundantly able to do what we pray and if we delight ourselves in Him, He will give us our hearts desire according to His Will. Cover your mind , and your books, and your studies with the blood of Christ. Invite the Holy spirit into your work life and education and claim the promise “He who asks for wisdom will get it ” in Jesus Name Amen. I feel convicted that you will get in….Praise be to Jehovah Father God in the name of Jesus!

  117. BlessedbyGod Says:

    I did my exams a few months ago and did a couple of my papers very badly. I knew i failed that paper but i prayed to the Lord for his assistance, for his miracle. Although i knew i would loose a lot of marks i still believed that God would help me out. I then got my results and i have got top grades for everything! i did get very low marks in the papers i knew i failed but God has helped me by making me do so well in the other papers to make up for it. he truly helped me at a point where i thought i had no way out of my failure. now with my good grades i can carry on with my future plans. I thank Him deeply for blessing me. I am telling you all, the Lord is always watching you, he knows what is best for you and will give you so many things, even when you least expect it. But trust him fully and always believe in him! He makes the impossible, possible! I thank Jesus again for everything he has blessed me with and i place my belief in him that he will continue to bless me. I pray he blesses all of you who need help, that he guides you in your exams so that you will get what you deserve.”Ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you”

  118. Dee Says:

    Good Morning All,

    A couple of months ago I came onto this site to gain guidance and to read everyone\’s posts about how the Lord has helped them through their exams and how people are coping with their exams. I also wrote a post about the stress I was going through and the extent to which I relied on the Lord to get me through, as he was the only one that could get me through. This gave me a lot of strength and courage throughout my final exams, so I feel that I was lead to this page by the Lord.

    I am back to testify! About the wonderful blessing God has placed on me. With the Lords guidance and hand, I passed my exams and did much better than I thought I would, especially in one exam where I thought that I totally messed up the paper. In this particular paper I ran out of time and did not finish the two big mark questions yet I got top marks in it and it just shows anything is possible with the Lord when you put your faith and trust in him. Also, I did not get into the University of my choice, however, the lord had something much better in place for me. I actually got into a better university then the I had planned to go too, so clearly the university I am going to know is part of my destiny. Praise the Lord!!

    The Lord never does things in the way that you expect, with him anything is possible. I feel like I need to testify and tell everybody as the Lord has blessed me greatly

    God Bless all, and have faith and trust in God throughout your studies and throughout life and the blessings will come

    Thank you for reading


  119. Emeka Says:

    People listen closely, the God we serve is truly a living one. A few months ago I did my exams and did my usual prayer and asked the to guide me. The exams were practicals (so very easy to fail) and had gone very badly, so in my mind I had failed them. However I would still get a chance to make up for them with an end of year practical which would be worth a greater percentage of the overall grade. To my delight and surprise I got my results and see that not only did I not fail a single one, I also did very well on my final practical and ended with 84% which I was so thankful for. I began praising the name of Jesus that is worthy to be praised.
    However my story isn’t over, because I still had my written exams which I thought would be fine as I had studied hard and asked the Lord to guide me through, and to my delight I found the papers went well! However when the result came out, to my shock and dismay I had FAILED, yes that’s right, after all I had been through I tripped up and didn’t pass the written papers and so had to go and repeat. I was horribly fearful because I knew that if I couldn’t pass the repeat I would be withdrawn from my course. And the worst thing is I thought the 1st one went well, so I didn’t even know what I did wrong. It was when I went back to my institution to go and repeat, The Lord provided a professor who had volunteered to give up his time to help all who didn’t pass see where they went wrong and guide them into passing. It was only after that I started realizing all my mistakes and Glory to God I went and studied hard again and once again asked the Lord to guide me and I passed!! And not only that, but now I know how to eliminate simple exam errors and I understand exam technique which will help me in the rest of my education!
    The moral of the story is even when things go badly, you must thank the Lord and smile, as you know that he has an even greater destiny for you, and in the end he will always be glorified! Remember to keep your faith. (Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.)
    Believe it before you see it and glorify your Lord. Sometimes it can be very hard, trust me I know. But remember, everything shall be okay in the end, and if things don’t seem okay? Then it’s not the end!

    Stay Blessed x

  120. joiz Says:

    Gud pm
    I’ve been through in my LET examination i prayed a lot, I went to church several days, kept on praying, I’ll always talk to him asking for guidance for me to pass the exam. On that day of our examination i still kept on praying that it would be easier for me to answer those questions as i took i thought i was blocked out i didn’t know the correct from not. I continued to answer though i did not knew if i chose the right one. so, every time i answered i kept on praying that “lord i left them up to you pls. help me to pass even i didn’t know how to answer those questions”. after the exam i was disappointed i felt that i may not pass the exam theirs no hope at all because as i meet my friends whom took the same examination they were at east they told me that the exam was so nice i felt pity on myself saying that they were lucky they surely knew they passed but me though i studied but did not make it. Until now i kept on thinking that i failed to passed doesn’t have a, i kept on asking why my lord i think i couldn’t pass.. i cried i went to church still kept on praying. I shared it to you because i was hopeless but i kept on praying, what will i do? do you think i could pass the exam? Thanks that i found this site. It is such an motivation and inspiration. Jesus, I doubted sorry for everything ..still hoping for your miracle my lord jesus christ.

  121. Christine Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I just finished an exam yesterday. I really studied hard for it and woke up 3.30am to study, since my exam was starting at 8 am. I always have problem sleeping at night, so I didn’t get enough sleep, only 4 hours of sleep I got. I took 2 coffee’s, to keep me awake. This is the first time that my exam starts early in the morning, usually it starts later. Anyway I was really nervous, I always am nervous and think negatively like what if I go blank or forget stuff. So the exam started, I was trying to make all my answers perfect, like for example if it was a 15 marks question which I know how to do, I will do it well, to score high marks on that particular part. There where some things that I forgot, and that will definitely effect my marks. Besides that, I was also feeling a bit tired in the beginning during the exam , then later on I was feeling ok. On top of that, I spent time on the longer essays compared to Section C( which is stated that u can write in point form and about 1-3 paragraphs). So I did Section C at the last minute, so I put in point form and certain things I couldn’t write, due to shortage of time. I knew that there is no chance that I’m going pass this paper, unless a miracle strikes.

    I basically don’t know whether that is even possible, cause I really have no hope at all. I knew I messed it up and that I deserved it cause I didn’t manage my time properly and forget certain things. I really feel right now, that I won’t make it and if you guys just pray for me, that would be really uplifting for me.

  122. Jerl Says:

    Hi, I’m really glad I stumbled across this page and read so many testimonials of God’s everlasting grace and love for us. I’m in the midst of taking my A levels which is really important for entering University. I really pray that I’ll ace my subjects and get into the course of my choice, if you guys would pray together for me it would be truly appreciated. I’ve screwed up my Math paper yesterday and it really feels so demoralising because I studied really hard for it, but I’m trying to keep trusting in the Lord. Work hard everybody and may God bless you all, I’ll be getting my results next year in March and I’ll come back and give a testimony soon.

  123. Joy Says:

    Joy Says: in response to my post dated
    July 20th, 2013 at 9:08 pm
    Thank You Cheeryleesa, for your respond and your powerful word of faith and praise. I am happy to inform you all that I passed my Canadian Registered Nurse Exam. I received the “passed” in the mail this morning. I am grateful to God for fulfilling His promises in my life. It was not easy. But I thank you Lord Jesus for seeing me through. He guided me in the exam hall until I finished the 200 questions in 4hrs without erasing a single answer once. Thank you Lord, Eternal Rock of Ages and thank you all for your prayers

  124. cheeryleesa Says:

    Praising, singing dancing…..Jehovah JIREH…Joy and I praise your Holy Name in JESUS!
    Hallelujah…may His hand continue in your life and work…may every patient experience Your healing touch through Joys hands Jehovah RAPHA..our healer.
    amen amen..

    Joy..give mighty testimony to His glory.

  125. Joy Says:

    Amen in Jesus Name

  126. Susie Says:

    Hello everyone

    This is a wonderful site and full of so much encouragement.

    I would like to ask you all for prayers please for my remaining exam and for excellent results for all the exams that i would have undertaken this week.
    I have had three professional exams to take this week and have already taken two, which i felt went okish but i made mistakes in both papers that i now cant stop thinking about. I know i should not be worrying as i have prayed and put it in Gods hands and it is not by my own strength but by the power and grace of God that i will pass these exams. I have been studying hard and praying throughout this exam time (it has been challenging at times because me and my husband are expecting our first child – such a blessing from the Lord) I have been trying not to worry and trusting in the lord and I felt i was doing well but i now feel thrown off by these last exam i just took and i have one more exam tomorrow.

    Please pray that i stay focused for this last exam and that the lord presides over the examiners and grants me unparalleled favor whilst my exams are being marked

    The results come out in February and i am believing in the Lord that i will pass all my exams in Jesus name. i just need some encouragement please.

    I would love to share my testimony of passes in all my exams when my results are out and let people know that nothing is beyond God.

    May God bless you all

  127. sisterinchrist Says:

    Praise the lord, I would like to ask you prayers 4 me that tomorrow is my results announcing day. My math exam has gone very bad I am not at all sure about my marks but I still believe in god and please dear friends pray 4 me; I am very tense. Hold me in your prayers and also please post some encouraging words, I am mentally very weak plss in jesus name.

  128. Arwa Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    my exams have neared and I am almost completing my final year of university. please pray for me, I have extreme trouble staying focused and a lot of negative thoughts about the future. I am full of guilt and shame for being lazy and for not working hard as i used to.

    i need prayers a lot of them and Gods grace to get me through to the end !!

  129. God's Child Says:

    Today, is my first time stopping by this page. Wow, I have been moved by the testimony. I have a calculus final today at 3pm. I have been studying but some of the concepts I still do not understand. After, I type this message I am going to say a prayer and cry out to God as I’ve been doing for days. God has brought me through so many trails an tribulations. I know God has not brought me this far in the engineering program to give up on me now. I don’t care how many people write you off and tell you what you cannot do . You are a child of God and he will take care of your. Continue to follow God and he will keep you steps ahead. I need a 91 on my calculus final to pass . At first I felt like I cannot do it but now I know can do it. I pray all of you do well on your finals 2013 and beyond. Continue to believe in yourself and remember you are God’s child and he will provide.

  130. Joy Says:

    This reminds me of when I was a kid trying to do my homework.
    I used to be scared of getting in trouble with the teacher when I couldn’t figure it out. My parents would never help me with it… What I ended up doing each evening was praying over my homework, especially maths! and asking the Lord to help me work it out. And He did!

    I was always able to figure out the math homework, & other homework, even when I started off not having the faintest idea. I started getting better at better at it… from failing to getting top grades. Even when I was in highschool figured out a math problem the teacher couldn’t figure out. (She thought it was a typing error in the book because she couldn’t figure it out!). She didn’t believe me that I had figured it out then… said one of my parents must have helped. I really know this was God answering prayer.

    God knows way more about any subject than the most able teacher or expert. If you ask Him He will help & give you new ideas of things that you might never have thought of. I find it amazing that He cared about my homework & heard my prayers!

    P.s. Another thing I forgot to mention in my post above was my DREADFUL handwriting… I could never write on the line, all my figures were mushed up and crooked.. the ugliest handwriting ever even though I tried my best.

    I cried and prayed over it when I was a kid and the Lord answered my prayer… without me doing anything different or practising or struggling… I was just able naturally to write properly.

    People comment & compliment me on my handwriting now and I always remember that it was the Lord answering my prayer :0)

  131. Tricia Says:

    Hi guys, please pray for me as well. I have so much to cover, it gets overwhelming. I’ll be having my finals soon. Please pray that God will help me prepare throughout the next week or so and that his peace and assurance will fill my heart. Thank you so much in advance. 🙂

  132. Terez Says:

    This is my second time writing the Nursing exam and I am desperate. Please pray for me. God given me a lot of miracles in the past. During my last test I was confident and I prayed hard but I still failed. I realized it’s not yet my time because somebody needed me to take care of her. Now I know this is my time and God will grant me my wishes. I believe in your power Lord Almighty. Please help me and my friends too who are second timer. I am a little scared but I should not be and trust God with all my heart. My dear friends please pray for us. God bless us all..

  133. HameaiBansan Says:

    Jesus…… there’s something about your name…. Master, Saviour, Jesus!

  134. Amy Says:

    I am a 21 years old college student who is in her last year of her studies. I have been struggling with my education since the very first semester, almost getting suspended from the university. After my first year, I turned to God to help me; to clear my head and remove any obstacle that was preventing me from achieving my goals. For my second year, everything got better. I improved my grades and was on the right path.

    I am now a senior in college but the same problem as first year occurred and this time, I would have to stay an extra semester in order to finish the lacking credit. If I stay the extra semester, I don’t graduate with my friends, my parents won’t see me graduate and I don’t know what to do with the rest of the year.

    I know God doesn’t give you challenges you can’t face, I truly believe miracles do happen. I have been praying for God to help me sort out my education but I would appreciate the support. Thank you.

  135. Claire NPI Says:

    i have read most of your comment here and im feelng much better my higher board exam coming up in next 3 weeks and im feeling really depressed and weak for that. since i have been an old comers for two year i dont want to keep sticking on class 12. i was always an average and sometimes at the top at studies and i dnt want to give up but im scared to but sometimes we have to fall down millions of time so we can learn frm every mistake we make so we can be the best i learn that in the hardway but GOD is to good that He never gave up on me i know that if u keep your faith to GOD and keep on believing Him and try ur best GOD will surely help us… GOD keeps every promise he make. HE is like a shield for all who seek for his protection. Proverbs 30:5.

  136. shanuja Says:

    dear jesus, i have written my exam badly..i wasted lot of time..i have just 12 hrs left before the exam pls – help me to study all lessons and make me pass in all the subjects i’m gonna write..after reading all above i believe and hope that surely jesus’ll make me pass..however badly i have written the exam..evry1 pray for me..PRAISE THE LORD

  137. Susie Says:

    Hey guys

    God is so good, he never fails… i passed all three of my exams. all the glory goes to the Lord almighty.

    So i want to say to all those taking exams, keep your head up do not worry about anything and trust in the Lord.. because it is not be our own strength or might.. its only by his grace..just have faith

    Philippians 4.6

  138. JOIZ Says:

    He never failed me! soo true God is sooo good he never left me, I’m so blessed I passed the licensure examination. Have faith on Him praise the Lord!… Thank u so much.

  139. beautiful Says:

    Hi. I just had my clinical exams and the only chapter that I didn’t go through in preparation, came out. I was so heart broken and disappointed because I really worked hard through out the semester. I just need a miracle from the almighty, I know it was bad but I still have hope because it’s never too late until God says so. Please pray for me, this is my final year of study and I would really like to get distinctions for the first time since high school. I serve a living God, one who answers prayers. In His promises, I believe. Amen. I will wait in His word

  140. Jerl Says:

    Hey all, I posted here somewhere in November last year, and I just wanted to let you guys know that God is good, God is faithful. He has pulled me through the toughest journey of completing my A levels, and has helped me to aced 2 H2 subjects as well as my General Paper. Even though I got a C for math, there’ll be a high chance I’ll be able to get in the university course of my choice. I’m really so thankful and amazed by my wonderful God, because there were far too many times I felt like giving up, and I remember chancing upon this page last year. So just to let you guys know, it’s never too late, just keep trying and keep the faith. Don’t give up, because God has never given up on you. Cheers, wishing you guys all the best to your studies and further education.

  141. Nikhil Says:

    Oh Lord!!please sit near me & help me in doing my exams well.i need you jesus!!!make me very comfort.please help me my saviour,lord,god,heavenly father………

  142. Student Says:

    Help me,God.
    I need to get above 90% in tomorrow’s Math board exam.
    Help me study.


  143. Joiz Says:

    Lord please help tomorrow for my EXAM I need YOU…
    ..I know Lord that nothing is impossible to you..

  144. Beautiful Says:

    Hi all, posted here a few weeks ago. Just want to tell everyone to believe in the darkness what He told you in the light, HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU! BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE and everything WILL work out for the good. JUST HAVE FAITH!Thank you Father, Amen.

  145. R Says:

    I am an 21 year old boy , still in class 12th .. My exams are goin on , and tmrow is my Ecnomics Exam .. And am so so much worried , bcuz i havnt studies anything yet or have no confidence i will pass .. My younger bother is 19 now and he is doin his BBA 2nd year ;( .. What could be more shameful than this .. But i am only holdind on Jesus my saviour tht within this 5n half hours i get done wid all Economics .. I know My God will do miracle 4 me .. I love uh Jesus .. Am sorry 4 wht i did , i promise to be your Good Child from now .. God Bless all students .. Prise the Lord

  146. J G abraham Says:

    I thank the Lord for showing me testimony share. I have been blessed in abundance many many times. My husband and I have our final postgraduate exams. Husband’s exam starting tomorrow and mine starting next Saturday. We both have been working hard for this. For three years. And this is the final step in our careers. But no matter how much time I spend on studies always so much is pending. And it’s difficult for me to remember what I read previously. So today I was completely discouraged and feeling low when my Lord showed me this site and I got to read of the wonderful miracles our good Lord did in each and everyone’s lives. I trust in Him completely completely. Yes Lord I know You will lead us both through this phase with flying colors. I love You Lord. I praise You with all I have. Please do pray for my husband s and mine success in these MD exams with good marks. Please thank pray for us both. Thank you.

  147. priya Says:

    i just failed my n i droped i just dunno wht to do should i change my course i jst dunno pl help me lord jesus

  148. jane Says:

    i want to thank the lord for making me storm on this site
    when i was depressed, it really gave me joy to know that God helps students,i know that the next time i comment here it would be about “My testimony”

  149. Sharon Says:

    All praise and glory to God Almighty,

    Dear brethren in Christ,
    I’m having my career-deciding engineering entrance exam tomorrow (19 April 2014- a date I’ll always remember), called JEEmains.

    I’ve been in a coaching institution for two loooong years and have been staying in a hostel for the first time away from my parents.(We had migrated abroad and i returned to india for the coaching).

    I came with great hopes but i trusted more in my abilities than god’s unconditional mercy. But things didn’t go my way. I thought it was all my fault and i had to study harder so much so that i began losing sleep and got extremely tensed and worked up like never before.The only comfort being that my friends int the hostel were going through the same thing.

    I have not been in these two years very faithful to my lord as i used to be before when i was with my parents abroad.I Couldn’t get involved in church activities like i did in my old church. I used to read the Word everyday and jot down what inspired me during the first few months but when i failed to make results in the rigorous tests conducted i lost faith and began agonizing and blaming myself.

    I thought i was not as smart as i thought i was; for i had been the class topper right from fourth grade till class ten when i passed with an A+ in all subjects. During these trying times it was my my dad who would read me scripture verses to repeat and meditate (during the ten minutes phone time), which i did and got peace and strength but only temporarily for soon there would be another test and i would perform below my expectations and more importantly below the expectations of my sir.

    Yet i get through all those times singing songs in praise of jesus while crying and lying on the bed.
    These songs i had learnt when i had attended retreats or when i was in the church choir. Also the immense faith my dad has in jesus and in my abilities propelled my to face and overcome many nerve-wracking situations and imitate the faith in Jesus i saw in my dad.

    But at the end of it all though i have been renewed and strengthened in faith through many incidences (I’m planning to make a compilation of my journey these past two years) i still have not reached that sharpness in intellect and I’m nervous for tomorrows exam.

    In the midst of all this and according to His plan another important thing happened in my life which changed a lot of things :my only elder sister passed away on 11 feb 2014. He helped me face this situation and i believe his hand will lead me on…

    It has been just a few days since i realized the enormity of the power of our lord.Then my Jesus led me to read articles on how it is only the favor, love and mercy of God Almighty that raises me up to more than i can be.I read that for Him to be merciful to us it is not needed that we must be absolutely perfect and acceptable but that we must have absolute trust in his divine mercy and beg his graces.

    Yet i wondered in my reasoning self how he could give me success in my exams… That was when i just yesterday typed in google “testimonies on how Jesus helps student s” and i came to this wonderful site. When I read the testimonies on this site i was most able to relate to Joshua regarding the reasoning based dangerous life that I have been leading. Now I’m renewed with hope that the same Jesus who even revealed the questions and helped all the students who came to him earnestly, will help me too.I humbly ask all of you to pray for me.

    I Thank you Jesus in advance and promise to proclaim the victory you will give me. Help me to have complete trust in you in all things for you are the mighty King.

  150. Emory Says:

    Sharon, it is amazing how much a dad with strong faith can inspire us toward Christ. I pray for you to pass your exam tomorrow and hope you will share your compilation with everyone here. God Bless.

  151. NIKHIL Says:

    dear jesus,i’m feeling very hard in my subjects,please say me the answers and help me in doing my exams well.please help me in getting good the name of lord jesus Amen.

  152. Ravleen Says:

    Dear God,
    I’ve an exam on 5 May 2014. I’m not fully prepared. Please guide me to go through the questions I have to face in the exam that day. Please sit beside me and help me mark right answers plus manage time. Please help me get 75% above and pass the exam and make my parents happy. It is difficult for me but only with you it is possible. Please Help me pass. Thank you dear Jesus for hearing my prayer. In your name I pray Lord Jesus. Amen!

  153. Reenu Says:

    God Bless Me 🙂 Iloveyou!

  154. Gill Says:

    once i had a final exam day b4 that my grandfather expired and i had to console my mom n cudnt prepare for the exam . i jus read 7 chapters n thr wer 21, u wont believe wen i went to gve the xam i got 7 out 9 same questions that i read out f 21 chapters . that day my belief in God tripled . im a firm believer of god . now agin i ve a test , im not fully prepared but i pray b4 u lord pls help me pass . ILOVE YOU GOD PLS PLS PLS PLS HELP ME PAS MY EXAM. I KNOW UR WITH ME 🙂 THANKU FOR ALL THE BLESSINGS 😀 EVRYONE pls HAVE FAITH, ITS GOING TO BE OK. GOD LOVES US MORE THAN ANYTHING :))))

  155. Rav Says:


  156. Sharon Says:

    Hi everybody
    I’m back to testify.
    Ever since my exam on April 19, I’ve been bombarded with thoughts of doubt and I have, in many a gloomy moment, even questioned the power of my lord to help me pass my exam.

    But now with faith renewed I can firmly proclaim that Jesus Christ is lord over all forever.

    I just came to know the results of Jee Mains 2014 and I am glad to share the good news that I am qualified for Jee Advanced scheduled for may 25 and the first thing I have done is to testify it here.

    Thank you everybody for your prayers. Just remember that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

  157. :) Says:

    Hey pls pray for me I’ve exam on 5 may I’m not prepared pls PRAY!

  158. suzanne Says:

    Praise the Lord n hi everyone ! 🙂
    I’m here with a happy heart just to see many teenagers out there still loves and cares for Jesus. Well, until 2 months back i had tried to find a god who helps us n loves us with reasoning and logic. But when I went through some tough parts of my life (cracking an entrance exam for which I’ve bee studying for 3 yrs, 2 yrs at school n a third year at the coaching centre) I could find a god who loves us so deeply that he doesnt care whether we ve been faithful to our can never be perfect, he’s got many shortcomings, distractions, laziness etc. But God sees all over them n seeks nothing else but a faithful n loving heart for Jesus. I couldn’t stop praising him for what I found out. n now I am confident that he’ll never give upon my studies and exams though I gave up for many times!:) I want to make a prayer request here for my results n for my last entrance exam on june 1st. I’ll come back to testify here…lets pray for all students out there to stay connected to Jesus 🙂

  159. Charlie A Says:

    Today I took my Java final exam, this class has been very frustrating for me all semester and is one of the hardest classes at my college. Although I was having doubts about whether or not i passed it, i firmly believe and declare that i have in fact passed this exam. God has helped me before in this type of situation so why is this any different? The Lord is on my side and has made me stumble upon this site to show me that he is with me, and i need to have trust and believe that he can do all things. The Lord already knows the grade that I have received on this exam and has seen how hard I have worked to pass this class. I do not want to have to retake this class so i am claiming it in the name of Jesus that i have passed this exam. I find out on sunday what my score is, and will be back to share what i know will be awesome news! i am so thankful for this website because it has showed me that the Lord is always faithful towards his children. I am a child of God and I realize that through him ALL things are possible! thank you Jesus! i say all of this with tears in my eyes because i am so touched by his everlasting love. The Lord is truly beautiful and works in marvelous and mysterious ways, and i am so thankful that i serve him! WHAT AN AWESOME GOD WE SERVE!

  160. Charlie A Says:

    Also please pray for me about the results of this Java exam and also for my other exams that they go well when i take them!

  161. Sharon Says:

    Hi everybody
    It really is a testimony in itself that this page has such a long comment list. All praise to the mighty works of Jesus.
    As I have previously shared I am now preparing for the final entrance exam. But I find myself getting easily distracted and tired. I humbly request all of you to pray for me.
    I believe the lord has sustained me this far and he will have mercy on me and give me the grace to do his will and succeed in my exam on 25 may 2014.
    I wait for the day I can proclaim your praises Jesus and testify to all of you.

  162. Sharon Says:

    Thank you Charlie, your words really brightened me.
    All the best for your future, we are all praying for you.

  163. marypel Says:

    Hi everyone, I’m so happy I came accross this forum….. My spirit has been lifted with the testimonies. I finished my mb;bs finals last week and tomorrow is the day my result will be released. I AM SCARED because some part of the exam didn’t go too well. There are 3 major courses in all. Please help me in your prayers. The Lord has brought me this far, and I believe he will not leave me now. I tried as much as possible to give it my best shot, even though I was weak and tired at some point.

    Please join me in your prayers. I will come back to this forum to give all glory to God tomorrow. Dear Lord help me! Dear Lord have mercy on me! I really do not have the strength to resist any of this exam! Please Lord hear my cry, touch the heart of my examiners as they meet to decide on the results. Thank you Lord because I shall testify tomorrow. Please join me in prayers, I don’t want to dissapoint my family and Loved ones. I know God will work it out for me. He’ll give me Joy and I testify tomorrow. PRAY WITH ME PLEASE! Thank you

  164. Carol Says:

    I am currently taking a college math class and I studied and studied and studied. I prayed for God to help me pass, I did but only by 2 points. I thank God that I passed but now I am stressed if I do bad on future exams (4) more I will flunk class. For a couple of days I felt like God forsaken me since I didn’t get a higher grade and I studied so hard. We are into new material and I am so lost. I read some posts and they were very encouraging. I pray that if God wants me to pass this class to be in His will or if He will allow me to pass this class that He will show me favor and either help me on my exams and homeworks/quizzes to pass or that He will give me a miracle and have my teacher pass me. If anybody would like to pray for me I would appreciate it. Where 2 or more are gathered in my name….

  165. Nolubabalo Says:

    My story is a little different I was praying very hard for my exam results but they were not positive as I have failed now the most stressing part is the fact that I won’t be graduating with the next group that I started with. Tomorrow I will go and review my paper so now I’m praying for a miracle that. There could be some mistake due to God’s miracles. I studied very hard and I did well with the other assessments. Please pray for me.

  166. Arohi Says:

    I’m waiting for my JEE Main 2014 results which were going to be declared today, but have not been declared yet. So, probably tomorrow. I’m delighted to read all these testimonies. They have boosted my confidence. I have realised my mistake that I didn’t put God forward while preparing for my Board exams as well as for it’s results. I have figured my mistake and I’m very sorry for it. But now I promise to keep Jesus forward in the preparation of every exam and reult. I pray for my results which might be declared tomorrow. I believe that I’ll see miracles in it despite of my poor Board and JEE Main performance. Jesus can do wonders and exceptions for me. I beleive for an AIR rank so high which will grant me a good NIT in the first round itself. I believe in JESUS and His words. AI believe! AMEN!!!

  167. Arohi Says:

    Guys, the Lord says… Submit me your worries because I worry for you. He promised us that He’ll make us the head and not the tail. I always pray for my exams and various other competitions I take part in. And believe me, I get exceptional results in every such exams. Glory to God. I also call and pray along with the prayer warriors of ministries like ‘Jesus Comes’ and ‘Jesus Calls’. It’s really helpful and worth it. You all too can call ‘Jesus Calls’ on 0422261580 (Coimbatore), 01125192620 (New Delhi Prayer Tower), etc. and ‘Jesus Comes’ on 04622351352/9843026733 (for urgent prayer requests).
    I’m expecting Jesus’s abundant blessings, anointment and favor in my JEE Main results too.
    Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and till the end!!!

  168. Arohi Says:

    Thankxx Joshua! After reading ur post I got my mistake!!!!!!!!! All my becoming average started 2 years ago when I left reading the WORDS regularly and when the reported asked me about my success, I said ‘of-course I thank myself, because I studied for my exams’ in front of all. YES!!! I caught my mistake. This is where I acted a fool and let the devil go ahead. The devil is an idiot. He put this in my mind during the time of my interview. I gave all credits to me and less to Jesus. I’m so SORRY Father Jesus. Please forgive me!

  169. jade Says:

    I am a first year engineering student and I failed two modules in my first semester. I was extremely ill during my exams and did not perform at my best. I am really worried about how I am going to cope. I am so depressed and I feel as though I’m a failure and huge disappointment. I just wished for a better outcomes but life happened. I really need to pass all my modules from here on out and I’m scared because I’m afraid. I just pray that God will help me and that I will be able to progress to my second year and that I pass all of my modules from here on out. I just want to be successful and to pass everything. In high school I used to be the top of my class and I really hope that I will be able to be that person again. Please pray for me. Thank you Father God for the assurance of helping me and for providing me with all the knowledge I need to make a huge success and to pass everything. also thank you for all the blessings and for the assurance that everything will work out for me and that I will obtain good grades and be able to cope. Amen

  170. Melo Says:

    Hi guys,

    I pray and trust that our most high God will be there with us throughout our individual challenges.
    I am about to start revising a law exam, this is going to be my fourth attempt at this exam. I know that i am able to pass this exam with Christ who strengthens me. I May lose motivation and courage at times but i pray that God will restore my strength. Please pray for me too.
    God Bless you all.

    Please read job chapter 36 verse 2-12. It gives me strength and i hope it will speak to you too.

  171. Veronica Says:

    Hey guys…I just happened to stumble upon this website and I am quite encouraged by all of the testimonies. I also am an incoming freshman student in college. I have been struggling with school for the past 4 years and am very confused with my life. I know the bible says that God will make us the head not the tail but it always seems as if I am the tail and not the head. I have always been taught to pray and read my bible before exams but lately I have been doing extremely bad on all of my exams even when I pray. I used to be a top ranking student and now not so much. I am feeling so down, confused, depressed etc… I cry out to God for grace and wisdom because I know that the Lord does answer when his people call upon him. I request all that you all please keep me in your thoughts and prayers because I want to hold onto Christ even when times are tough and my faith is being tested. I have to admit that this is a tough trial and I really want God to see and bring me through.

  172. ann ruth Says:

    Hi my dear friends,

    Please pray for me. I am writing my medical entrance exam next year(2015).
    Now I am 23 years old.
    I am an average student.
    I want to get a mbbs in trivandrum medical college(which is for brillant students only).
    I want to fulfill my parents wish.
    If you know any person (who started study mbbs @the age of 23/24 please share there testimony with me it will be a great blessing for me) all the testimonies in this page are so so so blessing for me.

  173. annie etwaru Says:

    I didnt know sites like these existed but I am glad I am here and it wasnt a mistake that I ended up here ….During the past year I studied really hard for a very imprtant exams that helps you to get into a good university… it was difficult because I didnt had a good teacher and we strtred the syllabus very late…but I know that God was in control and he still is….he found me very good lessons teacher and he helped me get my assignment in rite in time for submission….he gave me strength when I wanted to give up…he was there every step. however when I got back the results I didnt appreciate my scores…it wasnt good…I started to doubt my abilities and myself and I strted to question God.

    A week after I got the results my principal suggested that I get a review to see exactly what I did wrong and if my grades could be improved but however I felt it was too late to do anything but I told her to go ahead with it…i couldnt care more. I would have to do it over …but that same Sunday I heard a powerful message…one meant for me and in that same wek I heatd God telling me to have faith…its not over until I say that it is …and uk what…it isnt by any mistake that I sent it up.

    I’m expecting excellent grades because I am a child of God and I worked to show myself approved…ik he has a great plan for me and he did it before and he’s gonna do it again.Ima gonna collect it this week….and with strong faith in my Jesus cause his favour is upon all of his Children…this is like a leap of faith but here it goes…nothing like trusting Jesus….its also for the non-believers…cause they gonna have to start believing!!

  174. Mini Koshy Says:

    my son is in 10th standard and he appearing for SA1 exam. little lazy in his studies but hard working and he is average student. this time I have faith in GOD he is going to get A2 marks in all subject.

    all glory to GOD

  175. mis Says:

    i wrote an exam about a week ago & i found it very hard. i have been worried since then. i studied really hard for it but i’m believing God for a miracle as the results come out next week. Remember me in your prayers. God help me strengthen my faith too. Thanks in advance. God bless.

  176. Ajay kumar Says:

    Thank you sir. Ur jesus is great . But i m in same problem can u pray 4 me so that i can b helped by jesus.

  177. Kelly Says:

    Hello everyone I need The Lord to help me for my learners test and I need to pass it so please pray for me.

  178. Deborah Says:

    Hi everyone. A long time ago I posted a prayer request concerning my exam here but I haven’t been back to testify. So I have come to give all the glory to my loving Jesus. That exam was done by the holyspirit and not me. I passed excellently. Trust in God always and do not lean on your own understanding. He will never forsake us.

  179. sreelekshmi Says:

    god help me god tommorrow i have university lab exam help me to pass my exam god

  180. Gods redeemed son Says:

    my grades are bad but i will never give up on the lord
    maths D
    english D
    science C
    RE B
    it D

  181. Sophie Says:

    I know that God is able and even though things are looking dark, I will believe him to bring light to my situation. Please pray for me. I know God has big plans for me and that I need to discipline myself enough in order for him to use me to accomplish these amazing things. I will fast and I will be in constant prayer with this busy weekend before me. I know God will touch the hearts of my teachers and allow me to succeed. I know he sees the intentions of my heart. I accept your plan for me oh God. I know I can not make it without you. Be my guide, be my brain as I study and do the impossible. If God is for us, who can be against us? strive to do better and never give up. I know it is no coincidence that God allowed me to get motivated right now and read all the testimonies that I have stumbled upon. Lord I see what you are showing me and I believe. God is good.

    Please keep me in your prayers for my Organic Chemistry and Physics exams. I need them to pass my classes and I pray that God will help me to more than pass. Please keep me Sophie B in Houston, Tx in your prayers this weekend and all through next week. I need a miracle. I can not and will NOT give up. In Jesus name. Amen.
    Thank you all.

  182. Sophie Says:

    God please take out all doubt and fear that continues to hit me right now. Jesus take the wheel and have your way. I am crying out oh God. Be my guide Jesus.

    I will make it a habit to visit this site more often so that I can pray for others and see God be God. Lord you are good and your mercy endures forever. Let us all exercise our faith and believe. In a world where flesh rules let us be the light and show the works of the spirit.

    Let us not believe in luck but rather in grace. let us be unashamed. I will continue to pray and read scripture when doubt hits.
    God is good

  183. Mirna Says:

    God please be beside me at all times during the exam tomorrow. Remove of my fears, doubts and give me the confidence and strength to write an excellent paper. Please stay beside me as I take my final opportunity on the comprehensive exam to achieve with success. Please please dont leave me alone and without guidance.I need you to aways be by my side.
    I ask you in the name of the Lord.

  184. Andrew Says:

    I am a university student and I have been told to repeat the year in a single unit.I have prayed a lot and asked God to help me not to repeat. I have talked to the director of the unit and the dean of the school but nothing has happened. THOUGHTS came to my mind as per university rules and I wrote an appeal letter to the vice chancellor for consideration so as my papers can be remarked. Am still waiting for the response while praying for positive changes. Do you think GOD WILL HEAR MY PRAYERS AND SAVE ME FROM THIS FATE???

  185. sneha Says:

    amen ..praise LORD…thankuu soooo much i have exam tomorrow i was really…let down as i haven’t prepared properly……thankuu JESUS for showing this testimony and encouraging me …LOVE YOU PAAA……<3

  186. Joel Alex Says:

    Yes….nice testimony.!!!

    Plz plz …pray for my SSC board exams which is on 5th march 2015.
    I’m sure Jesus will work miracles.

  187. matthew jude Says:

    Glory to god. Thank you for sharing your testimony, it was really usefulfor me. I’m going to take my board exams on march 19, plz pray for me. I believe that God will make me also as a testimony. Very very encouraging testimony. God bless you child of God.

  188. Bishal Says:

    My jee mains 2015 did not go very well and as such I am very much depressed.Please God jesus help me secure a sit in Nit Silchar by Improving my rankings and results which are yet to be out. I Know nothing is impossible for u. I assure you I will leave no stone unturned to justify my selection in Nit Silchar. Please Jesus help me , shower me with ur blessings, love u God !!!

  189. Ness Says:

    I am now preparing for my BITS exam ..
    Please pray for me
    Jesus I have trust in you that you will work for me wonders. .
    I ask you in the name of the Lord

    “It is said that the pain you have now cannot be compared to the joy that is coming on your way.”

  190. Ann Says:

    Dear Jesus,

    Who always help agey, help me too this time.
    I want your blessing to fet up at 4:00am everyday and complete my preparation for exams.

    Jesus, may your hands wake me up at the right time and help me get the right things through my head.

    I am taking this my due to my faith in you.

    Glory be the Father, Son and Holy Spirit now and at the end of this world. Amen.

    Anyone who reads this may god bless you and take away your stress. Believe in yourself. You will all do well in your exams:)

  191. kiran Says:

    I am going through a very rough time, and I have the most important exams of my life on may 16. I have started studying from yesterday. Its a lot of syllabus, they can ask questions from anywhere. I am unable to focus on studies due to personal problems. But I am trying my level best. Is it possible to achieve the kind of result I am desiring in just 15 days? All other have preparing from 3 months. Do I still stand a chance?

  192. Emory Says:

    kiran, I am sure it is possible and you still have a chance. All things are possible with God. I would encourage you stay strong in faith and let your faith grow throughout this difficult time. I pray that you pass the exam and have peace in your personal life by the power of God.

  193. Charlie A Says:

    This is my second time taking this class, right now I have a 69% and I need a 73% to pass. I have a final coming up in a week that I need to pass with at least an 80% to pass the class. I can not retake this class again as it will hold me back a lot, because it is a prerequisite class for a lot of my future courses. I am believing by faith that I will pass, I am imaging myself happy and excited when i get my results and they are just what I need or are better then I expected. I need to keep my confidence up, I truly believe that I will pass this class. I will be back with an update when I find out the results. Praying for everyone else going through tough exams during this time, everything will be ok in the end.

  194. Christina Says:

    Pray for me please. I shall pass my retakes and do well regardless of how I feel my exams went. I am encouraged, God is the author. I need to pass and will be praying with all of you.

    God bless, wonderful site

  195. Christina Says:

    Charlie A

    I will keep praying for you. We are in the same kind of situation, I need to pass my retake and cannot sit it again and I also have another paper of that nature. I pray that God calms our nerves and this time will help us grow in faith. A miracle shall be done for us both.

    I tend to leave things last minute because I feel I can’t revise any other way, but I know God is shaking that lazy spirit off me. I rebuke the spirit of procrastination in my life and I will be more than prepared for my last exam in June.

    Pray with me and for me please.
    Jesus is Lord,


  196. Dhara Says:

    Hey all
    I’m doing my advanced level right now,my exams are starting from next week..and just out of nowhere I wanted to read some testimonies about Jesus helping students and came across this site
    It’s so helpful….and I’ll report back when I get my results and testify.
    Jesus Christ is great and he is The god above all…I am a born Hindu who believes in Jesus but the love he shows me is as if I’m one of his own
    Every1 who’s out there
    Give ur heart to jesus irrespective of anything
    He will love u….and bless u abundantly…..good luck????????

  197. Dhara Says:

    Good luck Charlie,kiran and Christina
    I’ll pray for you all
    God has surely seen you all and will comfort and bless you all….good luck…????
    Everything will be fine..

  198. Grace A Says:

    Charlie,Christina and Kiran
    Our God is amazing God,He is the Same yesterday,today and tomorrow He never change.He said ,”I will not leave you or forsake you, I am with you”. Ask will given to you, seek you will find and knock the door will be opened to you. God bless you all and give you power, wisdom and strength. I have a son who is also in second year giving exams as a parent we smile when our children do well and we feel pain when our children go through distres. He can do anything for His children to bring victory in their life. God bless you all and He is going to deliver you, I pray for all of you who is going through exams.

  199. Charlie A Says:

    Ok so I just completed my exam kind of nervous for the results but, confident that I did my best, and God will see me through. I find out in about 2 days. Thanks for all of the prayers. I will be sure to update you guys on what my final score is.

  200. Charlie A Says:

    So I just got my final back, I got a 72.45% in this class after the final grade was entered, but the grade I need to pass is a 73%. I emailed my professor asking for that .55 boost. I just need a miracle right now. Please pray for me big time!

  201. Christina Says:

    Praying for you Charlie. Our God will do it

  202. Caleb Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. This has really blessed me.

  203. Meneka Says:

    Hi. I’m Meneka and I’m a Buddhist. My boyfriend tought me a lot about Jesus and I even went for prayer meetings and I know now that Jesus exists, I know He is watching us. And he helped me in my tort law paper, I am a law student and i was in a bad situation, I did study but since I have certain financial issues I teach dancing to a school and I am currently busy with their concert, because of my financial issues. Meanwhile I have my 2nd year exams going on. My tort paper was written by Jesus. All of a sudden everything started flowing to my mind and it was not me, I realized. It was Jesus who did it I know that. Praise the lord! Thank you Jesus! I have 2 more papers to go which I am in trouble cause I just shot home after teaching the kids to dance. And I know Jesus will help me. I trust him! Jesus loves you all.. He knows u all. Praise the Lord! God bless… 🙂

  204. Christina Says:

    Charlie A, I am still praying for you. Hope all is well. And Thank you Grace A. Meneka, that is so touching. Jesus will continue to see you through and bring you closer to having a relationship with him. I’m praying for your upcoming exams. I’m praying for all of you. I have an exam on 1st June which I have to pass at least, please pray for me. God’s got us. Trust in him 🙂 I shall be posting my testimonies along with the rest of you 🙂

  205. Chelsie Says:

    Hi, I need a miracle. This is my second time retaking my A level exams and I can’t fail. Not again! I don’t know what I will do.

    I’ve tried my best in spite of procrastinating and being lazy and doing everything at the last minute. I really need Jesus to help me change.

    I’ve had my doubts and taken steps back away from Jesus but I need him now more than ever and I sincerely want to be right with God.

    I need his mercy and grace for my math exam tomorrow. I need to testify that I have passed my exams with good grades. I have faith and confidence in Jesus that I will come back and testify the wonderful miracle he has done for me. Amen

  206. prabhjot Says:


  207. prabhjot Says:

    it feels great to read these testimonies in the name of jesus

  208. sam Says:

    Reading how Jesus has helped people even in this current time has really motivated me to believe he will help me in my 2nd semester exam which starts today… but I really need ur prayers as my first semester exam results were not ok I failed 2 out 8 courses I registered for. I am afraid of spilling over because one of the courses I failed last semester might be a prerequisite to some courses next section. Please pray for me as regards my today’s exam as I will be writing part 2 of the course (engineering drawing ll) that I failed last semester today… pls pray for me.

  209. Justina Says:

    I failed my 2nd year last year and I was given this uni year to resit the exam I failed but I lacked the motivation until I feel it was too late. When I sat the exam a few days ago, I felt like I might have done not so well, and now the panic is setting in. I’m praying everyday for a pass mark because I do want to go back to uni and graduate, but the fear is stopping me from believing the possibility to be true.

    Lord please help me pass and others like me as well.
    I ask for your favour and that of the examiners.

  210. godsgirl Says:

    Thank u…I really needed to hear this cus for a second I doubted god..I’m sorry ???? god and love u more than anything in this world and I trust in u!

  211. eve Says:

    please pray for me to pass all my exams i was making so many mistakes i really need to pass all the 10 courses please pray for me.

  212. zama Says:

    please pray for me to pass this semester, I’m really strangling.

    God bless you

  213. Reni Says:

    I have my mbbs 1st yr exams on June 15 nd I haven’t prepared anythn yet due to procastination .al forces around me say I’m surely gng to fail. But I can do al things Thro Christ wo strengthens me plz pray for me brothers nd sisters …

  214. Teekor Says:

    To say the least, it has been truly encouraging and uplifting to read such testimonies of God’s grace’ love and mercy in the lives of His children, from the first testimony to the last testimony; because truly “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forevermore” Hebrews 13:8. Please, I would like my fellow brethren and believers in Christ to pray for me and my upcoming exams. I confess that I listened to the lies of the enemies and as a result, I procrastinated and didn’t revise as well as I should have. I beg of you to pray with me and intercede that God will perform a miracle in my exams and that my results shall be a testimony of His doing and His doing alone. I am truly downcast but I know that the same God who intervened in the lifes of those on this website is the same God who will intervene in my life because He is not partial.

  215. Christina Says:

    Justina, I am kind of, well was kind of in the same situation as you. I also had to take this year out. But God is actually in control. I know it gets hard, but you have to dive into Gods words and promises. God is a God of miracles. I’m fasting for 3 days until 3pm, Monday to Wednesday, join if you please and let’s pray and give all our needs over to God. Regardless, I am praying for you. You are not alone x

  216. Adanne Says:

    Hi guys, hope all is well with you all, and if all isn’t well at the moment, I know that in due time God will make it all right. First of all, the fact that a site like this even exists is a miracle. Found this site in the midst of my tears and failures last two weeks when I was searching for hope and strength to write my remaining papers. Thank you all for sharing your testimonies and for making this such a positive place, God bless you.

    Please I would like to beg you all to briefly intercede for me when you have the time. I am a Masters student from Nigeria in one of the top schools in Europe. I have had the most struggle with education in my life in this school and I have gotten scores on my essays and tests lower than I ever thought possible, yet I have never worked so hard at anything before. I have studied on two hours of sleep per day and prayed for God’s mercy because deep down I know that is the only rescue for me. The exams were made to be extremely difficult and the format was changed.

    After the exams people came out crying and wailing and calling their parents to tell them they had failed their Masters degree. That is how bad it was. I am just keeping the faith. I know God helped me during those exams. Even in my desolation during my study weeks I could feel him there, steering me on, helping me to study, telling me what to study, wiping tears from my cheeks. I know God is faithful but sometimes, like now, my faith is shaken. Every thing is scary. I need to get a 70 percent and above on each course to do well.

    Please help me pray to God for a 70 and above on each course, I need to graduate well, I can’t afford to fail any course. My father used up all his savings to send me here, relatives and others think he is crazy, but I know it is because he loves me and he believes in me. I cannot let him down. I lost my grandfather just a week before coming here, him to cleared his pension bank account and added to paying for my tuition. My family believe me to be bright with potential and they have literally sacrificed it all to send me here. I don’t know what to do apart from pray. I have gotten so much set backs in life. I am tired but I am praying because I know that with God nothing is impossible.

    Something in my spirit told me to put this prayer request here, and that if a few of you can intercede for me my prayers will come true. The Bible says the prayers of the righteous are very powerful, I know you guys don’t know me personally but please put me in your prayers, please. I am tired of not doing well and yet putting in so much effort. I have given my all to this degree and studied thoroughly for my exams to make up for my shortcomings. It is only God that can make a 70 percent plus on each course possible. Only God.

    Sometimes I find myself drifting away into this painful desolate darkness of depression and hopelessness because that is how all these failures make me feel. I am here in a strange land with no support system and every no after no for even basic part time student jobs just break my heart and make me feel like I am invisible and worthless. But I know that I am God’s child and I can never be invisible and worthless. I got yet another rejection for a part time student job this morning and I am just like “God, another one, yet again. When will it end?”. I just need help. Financial problems here and there, worrying about food and rent and so forth. Please pray for me, guys. Thank you.

    I have applied for a major full-time job after my Master’s degree. It is my dream job and God was the one who even showed me the vacancy. There are up to 10,000 applicants for this position and I was long-longlisted for the next stage of the process. People think I am crazy for aiming so high. They do not understand that I only aim so high out of faith in God’s abilities. Please help me pray that I make it to the interview stage and also get the job ultimately. Getting a 70 percent plus in my school courses and getting this job are the two major things on my mind and they keep me awake at night. A lot of times I hear the devil tell me I am unworthy of either of the two and amid all my self doubt i listen to him but NOT ANYMORE. Even with my mustard seed faith I know I will move these two big mountains in my life by the grace of God.

    Please pray for me, guys. I cannot wait to come here to testify. I know that I will in Jesus name. I cannot really talk to people about these things because not everyone wishes you well and sometimes people even make things worse with their negative comments. That is why I am happy I found this site and I pray you guys include me in your prayers. I am sorry for such a long message but I am scared to my wits end and I am just seeing my life flashing before my eyes. I have had a very rough life and these two things will be such a breakthrough in my life, I guess that is why the devil is trying to jeopardize it by messing with my faith and reminding me of the “logic” and “reason” of how things are in the physical realm. But I know I serve a living God and that he is greater than the examiners at my school and the employers at my dream job.

    Please pray for me, guys. All my love to you, and God bless you.

  217. Teekor Says:

    Dear Adanne,

    Wipe your tears and continue to hold unto the Lord for he is and will continue to hold unto you. He has seen every tear, felt every struggle, heard every prayer that you made and will honour his word and promises in your life. The road of success may seem narrow, but who are we to question if God will carry us through. With God its not a matter of IF he blesses you with 70% + its a matter of WHEN!

    God is not partial and he has heard your petitions and seen your every struggle, the same God who has done it and will do it for me is the same God who will do it for you too Adanne. I confess I do not know you but I prophecy that this struggle in which you are enduring will work out for God’s glory and praise, I decree that you will return and testify of the goodness of the Lord.

    May your faith be strengthened and spirit encouraged as you go through such a trying time in your life. Your results shall glorify God and even you yourself will know that your results were not your doing but of the miraculous, compassionate and Almighty hand of God. God Bless You Adanne.

  218. Christina Says:

    Adanne, don’t worry, God has your back. I’m praying with and for you. It’s called a fight of faith. It’s not easy and you constantly in battle, just keep renewing your mind with scriptures and reject the Devils attempts to bring you down.

    God chose you to serve him, so you have a propose in him. So in that sense, know that you are sorted and God has amazing plans for you.

    Sam, Eve, Zama, Reni and Teekor. I also pray for you and with you. Breakthroughs will come from these exams and we shall stay in the path of the Lord.

    Godgirl, keep the passion burning for Christ. Submit everything to him.

    Start thanking and praising God because he is worthy. Praise him in advance guys. The impossible indeed is possible with our Lord Jesus Chris 🙂

  219. Christina Says:

    Also praying for you Chelsie 🙂

  220. Tashia Says:

    Greetings everyone. I am grateful i found this page that God cares about our every part of our lives even our academic life. i started university to pursue a nursing degree about 1 and 1/2 years ago. In the beginning i struggled a lot i prayed a lot i believed i had faith that God would help me succeed in my studies. But it didnt work that way i only managed to pass some of my papers and not all of them. i was so heart broken and devasted about why God would allow me to go through this failure even though i had surrendered my plans to Him before starting university. i cried almost all the time in 2014 i felt alone. i felt like no one understood the struggles i was facing. i would cry out to God to help me. Even when the new year came i wasnt excited because i felt as if i had no future and no hope. i really want to be a paediatric nurse one day but at times it seems impossible. This year i was given a second chance to pass the three papers that i had failed. But when i did my tests and labs i didnt get the desired grade i had hoped for. i still cry at times wondering if God is listening to my prayer and i hope He is. I will never give up on hope or on my dreams fr i know that my God will bring me through this trial. God will finish what He started in my life. Can u please pray for me that i will not lose hope but that i may have faith as small as a mustard to believe that i will pass this year and complete my nursing degree. I hope God will also meet all your needs according to his riches and Glory. Thank you:)

  221. Teekor Says:

    God Bless you Christina,

    Thank You

  222. irene Says:

    I am a final student of Accounting and Finance and I had to sit 5 exams this year which all were extremely hard! I have been studying throughout the year but my exams went bad. I’ve always have faith that Lord will help me to pass this year but sometimes is hard for me to believe it and I panic because exam results will be released in a few days and I really want to make my parents proud! Sometimes I can’t fight the tears back and I start crying because I want so bad to graduate that I cant stop thinking about it. I know Jesus is by my side whether I fail in my exams or pass the year He won’t let me go through this alone. And I really thank Him for what I’ve achieved so far. Without Jesus my life would be miserable.

  223. Vanesaa Says:

    I have an exam tomorrow and I’m only revising now and all I ask pray for please I already failed last year but I didn’t learn from my mistakes and if I fail again my family will hate me more please I beg you all pray for me please

  224. T Says:

    Hi guys,

    Reading the messages here have really helped to restore my faith. I’ve nearly completed all of my exams for GCSEs. I feel a bit apprehensive about them but know that we serve a miracle working God and he is able to do anything. Would appreciate your prayers as I also pray for you

  225. vinolia Says:

    Keep the faith, will be praying for you T

  226. vinolia Says:

    Will be praying for you all

  227. Adanne Says:

    I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Teekor and Christina for such encouraging and beautiful words and you all on this site are amazing and blessed beyond measure. I am still awaiting my results which I hear will be released in a month but through reading the scripture and listening to moving messages on youtube I am more solidified in my faith and I have more peace of mind.

    Also, God has already started to show his glory in my life. My finances that were in such a mess has started to get sorted out. I faced the risk of possibly being deported or having my immigration record tainted due to debt but God in his infinite mercy caused me to reach out to my uncle who put me through financially and cleared all my remaining debt. A great load off my back and all victory goes to God. The way everything happened was miraculous.

    Also, I will by the grace of God start a part-time job next week monday and get some pocket money so I do not go hungry or broke to my knees. The way I got an interview for this part-time job was also miraculous. I did not apply online like the other futile attempts. Something in my heart just told me to walk straight into a big clothing shop and asked them if they needed a part-time sales assistant and the lady at the till said “Oh wow, that is just exactly what we are looking for. Please come for an interview on Friday morning”. God certainly works in mysterious ways. I am praying more, and having more faith and I know that God will answer our prayers and will not let us down.

    Try to keep busy with God’s word, guys, and pray, pray, and pray. That is the best way to conquer the world and shine through. Keep praying, keep being filled with God’s word. The way I feel now is so much better than when I posted my former message all because of prayer and feeding on God’s word. I have already started seeing some miracles and I am happy even though I have not seen my results yet, I know they will be fantastic ALL because of faith and because I serve a God that is not man that he should lie, we serve a faithful God. Also, I am advancing in the recruitment for a full-time position I applied for, this, again, is God’s victory alone. Thousands of applicants applied for this position but God has made his favor shine on me and I am a step further than other applicants in the recruitment process. I know the same God will give me this job. Glory be to his holy name.

    I can’t wait for us to come here and put in our testimonies! Love you guys in the Lord! Have a beautiful day wherever you are. Keep praying, and God be with us!

  228. amaka Says:

    Praise the living God!
    truly God is wonderful, i sat my final examinations which determines my entrance into the university.
    The math exam was totally hard, nothing like what i expected, bearing in mind that my lowest in maths always came out as a B.
    i felt terribly sad after the math exam and my second paper in chemistry.
    For my biology paper i wasnt ready, like a week before the exam, but God had a way of making me read the important things, and i can honestly tell you that i filled every blank space in the biology exam, of course it was by his perfect grace.
    I finished my maths exam feeling like a total failure and my second paper of chemistry made me doubt my A.
    I came in contact with this website when i was looking for how God helped someone pass their exams, because i felt someones testimony would uplift me somehow.
    slowly i began to build my confidence, by praying, fasting, crying to our merciful God, for like a week before the exam, i would have bad dreams where i ended up failing, i would start praying, crying and rejecting it. I begged the merciful father, i admitted that i wasnt fully prepared but he should mercy.
    Yesterday, my results came out i achieved 93% in biology 87% in chemistry and 66% in maths.
    This was better than what i needed to get into university, my God is truly great, i approached my math and biology teacher(same teacher), she was stunned because she said 66% in maths was suprising, because i wrote rubbish, but it was showing on the system that i achieved a 66% score in maths and also she was sure that i got a score in the eighties range for my biology not 93%.. It was unexplainable, i knew it was only God, i cant explain how it happened, i just want to assure you that God is the best thing that can happen to your life. Please accept God into your life and put your full trust in him, because he will never fail.

  229. Nekia Says:


    First of all, I’m so glad that I found this website because it’s helping me to build my faith in the Lord. I’ve always struggled with my faith and I find it very helpful to read about people going through similar situations; I think it makes it seem more tangible. Anyways, I’m currently taking a chemistry class for the third time and if I don’t pass, I’ll have to change my major, which is not an optimal option for me since I’m almost done with my degree. This class is already very difficult and to make it worse, I’m taking it during the Summer and it’s very accelerated.

    I feel like I never have enough time to study thoroughly and when I do finally feel confident that I understand the material, I always end up failing my exams. Tomorrow is my last exam and I need nothing short of a miracle to pass it because I need at least a C in the class overall to pass. I know that I can’t pass this class on my own and I’ve been been praying constantly to God to bless me with a passing grade so that I can complete my last year of college and graduate. By praying and reading God’s word, I’ve found peace and comfort to get me through the week. But now that it’s down to the final hours, my faith is wavering and I’m afraid that God may not hear my prayers. I Know that this is the wrong attitude to have so I’m trying to keep these scriptures in mind:

    “Do not be anxious for anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippinans 4:3

    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.”
    Philippinans 4:13

    “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'” Matthew 19:26

    Please pray for me to keep the faith in God for a breakthrough. Deep down I know that God can help me through this. Of all the miracles that He’s preformed, surely a Chemistry exam is inconsequential in comparison! Therefore,I AM declaring victory over this exam and this class overall because with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

    I pray that God continues to bless all of you in your academic journeys and thank you for sharing your testimonies! 🙂

  230. khahli Says:

    Hey beloved..

    I have been inspired by all your testimonies about God’s faithfulness in your studies..i have seen Him do great things for me too and am proud to say am a living testimony of God’s faithfulness..we all serve a miracle working God hey.. my 1st semester results will be published tomorrow and I sat for 4 subjects..all 3 went well despite the Programming Subject..please pray with me for God to perform a miracle for me and find favour in His eyes..thank you all be blessed 🙂

  231. Adanne Says:

    Hey Amaka, thank you so much for sharing your testimony here. It has just totally inspired me because I am in the same exact situation with my school and how your exams felt is how mine felt; totally hard. I am praying, crying, and fasting to God and I know he is such a miracle worker. I will come here to share my testimony soon by the grace of God.

    I really love your story and we serve a living God who truly works in mysterious ways. Your high scores are such a proof of his mercy and of course your biology teacher will not understand; she does not realize that was God at work but we know! We serve a faithful God. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I also came to give two testimonies as well. In addition to my paranoia and fear about how difficult my exams were, I have been facing severe financial problems being a Masters student living in London without any job. I have applied for part-time jobs relentlessly for a month and I have gotten not even one call or email for an interview invite. I just always end up feeling dejected and useless that I can’t even score an ordinary part-time job.

    But well, our God is alive. I started praying fervently and God directed me on tuesday to drop my CV in a store which did not even advertise a vacancy. God just said I should walk in. So I walked in and dropped my CV, and I got an interview invite immediately. Fast forward to today, I took the interview this morning, which did not in my opinion go so well actually but there was no need to worry because the job was already mine. Yes, because I got a call this evening telling me to start on Monday. God is indeed faithful! Please, resist the evil negative self-pity talks that come into your head when things are bad. Run to God’s words instead. Listen to uplifting gospel messages on youtube, read the Bible, just do anything that inspires you to pray and cry and believe in God. Because God is faithful. My second testimony is my remaining accommodation debt which God has provided money today for my dad to pay. We serve a faithful God. Keep the faith and persist in prayer, guys. As Christians we have been called to be excellent in every area of our lives and who else is magnificent enough to make this excellence come true? NO ONE BUT GOD!

    Nekia and Khalil I am praying for you two as well. May God’s victory shine all over your papers and I cannot wait for you to come back here and type out your testimonies as you cry tears of joy. God is with you. God bless you. God bless you all. All my love.

  232. Alisha Says:

    Hi everyone. I am writing this message as I am so upset and don’t know where i am heading. I am a lawyer and have to give an exam which is in 10days and is a very difficult one. I work full time and was very difficult to study. I tried my best but still have so much more to study. All the others giving this exam with me are revising but I have still so much to study. I am terrified and want to give up. But I know Jesus can help me he has helped me before a million times. Even though I have faith in Jesus I am scared and I don’t know why. Can you please pray that Jesus guides me and the holy spirit enlightens me! This forum has given me so much hope…..

  233. Tashia Says:

    @Alisha, God doesn’t want us to worry He wants us to trust in Him wholeheartedly no matter what happens because our future is in His hands. He knows everything and He always goes before you no matter where you go. Just last week I was afraid to go write my exams because I had failed before but through my failure and my trials I have learnt to trust in Jesus no matter what happens in my life. Always remember that God’s plans for our lives are for God and not for evil.

    Don’t give up if God is for you who can be against you and what can stand against you. God is faithful if He’s done it before He can do it again, believe in Him and trust in Him. Surely there is a hope and a future for you. Your expectation will not be cut off! (proverbs 23:18). Believe that God will come through for you. He will never leave you nor forsake you:) Here is a verse that always encourages me when I am feeling low (Joshua 1:9) “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” God bless you:)

  234. Leny Says:

    Hi guys ? I have been admitted to go study medicine but I cannot pay for my fees ..I then wrote letters to some companies asking for sponsorship until now i haven’t gotten any response .. I am a believer and I have faith that God will help me get sponsorship even if not now I know that he will and I always pray for him to help me .. I am asking you guys to put me in your prayers so I can get sponsorship .. Thank you

  235. Alisha Says:

    @Tashia: Thank u so much for your encouragement! It has really made me feel better! Every time I get worried I have started repeating the verses that you have suggested!

    @ Lenny: you are definitely iny prayers! God willing you will get a sponsorship and you will be a medical professionalwho will serve mankind!

  236. sho Says:

    Thank God for this site. I’m preparing for exam but not really preparing as I don’t get time to read my books and exams. It’s coming up on 2 weeks. I’m scared and confused but thank God for this wonderful amazing site that gave me assurance that with Jesus Christ noting is impossible. I believe in my heart that I will write my exam and pass it by God’s grace and Jesus help. May God bless all of of who wrote about your wonderful experience with Jesus by your side in the exam hall. Thanks for sharing your testimony with us who are now going through the exact same thing you went through, Jesus will make my memory strong to remember every word. In Jesus name, Amen. Thank you once again and God bless you.

  237. Indigo Says:

    Hello, hope that you can pray for me for the exams that I’m currently taking now. They are very important and I have to do well which is to get all As. So far, I just finished 2 papers. Although they didn’t go very well and I’m disappointed, please pray for me that God will make a miracle out of it, and that I will continue having faith. I have received many blessings from God and I know that God is always with me and only God can make the impossible possible. I am also very encouraged by many of the testimonies here. Indeed God is good. Please pray for me especially for the next two papers because I am very weak in those subjects and still have a lot of formulas and equations to study. I will be praying for all of you. Thank you.

  238. Alicia Says:

    I went for an interview in a hotel last week, this is for my internship which is the last phase of my course before I graduate. I really want to get into this hotel so badly, and later would be the day they would get back to me if I have passed the interview but I know that I didn’t gave my best during the interview but regardless I’m still counting on God to help me. God pls give me this chance. They will only be selecting 5 students out of 14. Tho this made me lose confidence because I know that there are others that would do so much better than me. But I believe that God will give me a miracle and the Lord knows how badly I want to get into this hotel. I promise the God to do well when I get in and to kneel down before him and thank him. Pls pray for me, pray that I will Pass this interview. Thankyou and God bless. To God be the Glory

  239. eve Says:

    want to thank God i passed bt failed 1 but i
    am proceeding to next year i want thank
    Christina and all those who prayed with me
    we serve an awesome God i answerd 2
    questions out of 4 for other exam but i knew
    1 well the other i guesd but i passed God has
    done it let his name be praised

  240. eve Says:

    Jesus gave me dream about first exam.and i
    saw wat i dreamt coming in exam so i hve
    passed9/10 courses but will jus carry over
    maths but proceeding to 2nd year glory

  241. daniela Says:

    Well done for passing your exams!!!! God will never abandon you or forsake you. For God has plans for your good not for your destruction. All the best for everything. I have had a lot of trials but after every trial and pain comes joy!!

    all the best

  242. Osagie Says:

    Actually I believed God for this .. Am sorry I Anticipated. Believe that I would get this by faith. I did pass my exam but not this score. I praise God..

  243. Grace A Says:

    Please pray for my son Ash, he is in second year UNI and he had to retake all his exams starting froM 10th August, he has very limited time to study for 6 exams. I am trusting on our Faithful God as He said I will not leave you or forsake you, hold on to Me. All Gods people please pray for Ash God to give him abundance of strength, wisdom and sound mind to revise for his exams. God bless you all.

  244. Emory Says:

    Grace, been praying here and will continue to pray for Ash. Stay strong in faith. God bless you.

  245. GACE tester Says:

    Everything that you wrote is confirmation that God can and will work miracles! I just sat for a Math test this morning. I studied very hard and am confident about the material but the score shown at the end of the test did not look favorable.

    I cried as this is my second time taking the test, but soon after I began to think on God’s Word and how I am more than a conqueror and how he always causes me to triumph. I have faith that God has worked a miracle on my behalf! I believe that the score that I saw will not be my final score because God has the final say! I can do all things through Christ Jesus! That means that I have passed this test! All things work together for my good because I love The Lord. Thank you again for sharing. Everyone be encouraged.

  246. Onome Says:

    Hello brother’s and sisters, am currently writing my 1st year second semester exams. I have written 2 and still have 3 more to go.

    Don’t know what grades to expect from the two I wrote but I believe that God is able to do exceedingly and abondantly everything I ask of Him. I wasted 2 years before trying to study but kept failing so I moved to my current university and started over again.

    Please put me in your prayers. I know He does mighty things so my exams are not an issue in His sight so please Join me in prayers. I want to pass everything especially statistics.

  247. Alawen Says:

    I have been touched by this. it has not only given me strength for my journey, but it has strengthen my faith. who ever you are may go bless you more and glorify you. I am so thank for your blog and what the one above has done for you. it definitely has reassured me that some people are going through what your going through as an individual.

    I have been searching after search how to improve marks and is it ever to late. and all the people who wrote blogs wrote negative things and I lost hope and then I remembered God. I then searched can god give you goods marks in an exam. and just as I began reading this blog everything sounded so perfect. that I even cried because I have been disappointed in my self. but this blog has encouraged me to believe that the God we worship is merciful and loving that we can call out to him and come on to him with anything. and I think that Is beautiful.

  248. Michelle Mooki Says:

    Hello my people….i have been failing my exams all of them and spending loads of money on them,i panic a lot and take out mt stress on sinful things i dont know if its a way of God punishing me or what i am yet to write them this coming week i had taken a salvation prayer and went back to my sinful life… these exams are accounting… i am trully hurt but yet again i do not want to give up hope… i ask that you keep me in your prayers my fellow friends to pass these exams and give a true testimony

  249. Leeni Says:

    Please dear sisters and brothers, I have an exam in 2 days for which I’m struggling to learn the content despite my best efforts. I am so scared. SO very scared. This semester has been terrible with my family and severe problems that I’m afraid I will not pass! Please keep me in your prayers tonight!

  250. Olamide Says:

    How awesome is our God…the greatest amongst all, none can be compared to you…. I am encouraged today. Thank you JESUS.

  251. Adanne Says:

    God is working. Please never lose hope. Keep your focus on God, not your circumstances or issues. God is working. I am praying for all of you guys. God is working, he is here, he is here with us. Pray as desperately as Hannah did when she prayed for a son, pray, pray like Hannah as she knew the God she served and had deep faith in him. God is faithful, he will lead us to a good end. It’s been a humbling and trying journey with God. God is helping me grow and mature in him. Who am I to question the ways of God? Things are working for my favor despite such a trying and tough year doing my Masters because I trust in Jesus and Jesus alone.

    Cling desperately to God. Be grateful for every single thing. Do not for a second think you can do anything by your own strength. “But in everything, with prayers and supplication and thanksgiving, make your requests known to God”. Pray, pray, show God you are desperate. I know that God answers desperate persistent prayer. I know that it is not easy to have strong faith when challenges are being thrown in your face and disappointments are staring you right in the eye. But do not let the enemy make you look at your circumstances and stop looking at God! That is the enemy’s number 1 trick and we must not let him win! Focus on God, he is faithful. Praise him! I got a high distinction (this is higher than a distinction) in a course which I was hopeless in.

    If I had never even believed God was faithful before I believe it now. When I say I was hopeless in this course, I mean, totally hopeless. But the way God turned things around, I will never understand or thank him enough for. I got a 77 in a course I thought I might not even pass. This alone is God’s work, this allow is a testament to his mercy. Cry to God, pray, sweat in prayer, keep having faith. Out of 10,000 applicants to a job application I was singled out for a job interview (one of the three people I know to be called for the interview) which I had yesterday and which went well because there is GOD. And because he is the King of kings and he is our father. Imagine that?! Having the kings of Kings as your father?! What a gracious gift! Now this is not to say I am not having my own challenges or that things have not gone rough even in the midst of all this good news. But wouldn’t I be two-faced to not trust God to turn current situations around when I have seen him do such powerful things in my life already? We must not lose faith, guys.

    The devil is trying to set me (and us) off course by making us look only on our situation instead of God. Let us keep praying for each other and being strong. Yesterday I got such a low score on an exam I wrote and I cried through the night and tore out my heart, finding myself again doubting God. But NO! I am done with being spiritually immature. I will trust God to turn things around the way he has for my other courses. I will graduate from my Masters with a distinction and use it for God’s glory alone. PLEASE put me in your prayers. My entire family has sacrificed so much for my Masters degree. My grandfather cleared his bank account to pay for my accommodation. My Uncle borrowed money to pay part of my tuition. There is a lot of sweat that has gone into their sacrifices and only doing great in this degree will reward these kind family of mine.I will pray for you all. Let us pray for one another. We are coming back to testify. God bless you all and I love you.

  252. Fisayo Says:

    Hi, greetings be unto you all…
    I wrote my first year semester exams which 6 of 9 courses went well, the remaining 3 which didn’t go Well is What I have been praying for, especially one of them that the examiner collected my omr cause I was looking side ways having answered only 26 of 50 questions…. though if I have faith a small as a mustard seed I’d say to a mountain move from here to another place and nothing shall be impossible…. (
    dear brethren I need your prayer.

  253. karaleigh stone Says:

    i really want to trust in the lord because today is my cxc result to be honestly with u God i tried my best to put forward for my life, and i prayed everyday because i want my results tonight to at least pass one subject lord i am crying on to u lord please help me please do a miracle for me please lord im here trying hard i love u God i trust in u lord i know u will be there for me amen.

  254. karaleigh stone Says:

    honestly to u good before i wrote the exams i was nervous but then i sit and be calm because i know u are my father that can help me through with every struggles im facing. i know that last year exams weren’t that good but then i look into myself and said i will do my best next year and trust in the lord be God says that i must not give up. i must always go on and do my best and have faith but today lord as im sitting here lord i want your help i need help your help truely from my heart because i really want to pass these exams lord as im calling on to u jesus my father, i want to thank my friends my principal and house mothers who were praying for me. im so greatful to you all. lord help me i am continue to work hard and have faith in u and in myself and to do better in life…

  255. Grace A Says:

    Dear All, Our God is Amazing God. He will not Leave or Forsake His children. I continue to pray for all of you and God will give victory. My Son Ash doing his 5th Exam today and one more to go on the 20th of August. Please keep him in your prayer.

    This is sign from God. He has given all of you strength to pick up your books and try again. Our God restores, redeems and gives victory. Please never give up. The enemy wants God’s children to be distracted, leave, give up, destroyed and pushed into darkness. But our Lord, gives life, restores, redeems, overcomes, goes ahead of us, gives His life for us. Please follow the voice of Good shepherd not the voice of enemy. God has amazing plan for everyone’s life, I disclaim and claim in Jesus name you will PASS and come back with testimony. Amen

  256. Chelsie Says:

    Hi, again.

    I wrote my exams a couple of months ago and I also prayed and asked God to pass my exams. It should be here somewhere, check it out if you will.

    Couple months later got my results; today actually. I failed 2 exams and passed in 1. This is the second time. I was angry and upset because I tried, I studied. It wasn’t perfect; had distractions but I studied as honestly as I could. I held on staunchly that somehow that God would change my results. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

    I was miserable, I was angry and I was raging at God with the infinite question of ‘WHY?’ My family was- is upset. After a day of crying and moping and feeling sorry for myself. During that time, All I could do was cry, pray, be mad at God and read the Bible. Clinging to him like I was the freaking Titanic.

    A little background information, I lost my way with God and my education. That was the cause of my first failure. After that I started leaning on God and getting back to him but it wasn’t enough. I remember bursting into tears one day and saying God I can’t serve you, I don’t want to serve you.

    Now, I have had the delightful epiphany after watching Joyce Meyer’s Trusting God When You Don’t Understand video on Youtube that: Lord I trust you, your good. I believe you love me and all things work for good to those who love you and are called according to your purpose. Thank you God.

    This made me feel so much better. I don’t know whats going to happen next, I really don’t know and as much as that should scare me, it doesn’t. I have decided from today to serve God, to read his word, to trust him and love him as he loves me. Its not going to be easy but I believe that God will give me the grace to get through this.

    In conclusion, this I believe has brought me closer to God and to be willing serve and obey him again. As for my education, I leave it in Gods hands as well as my life. He shall do what he pleases for his glory. I’m feeling a little bit despondent now. Just have to renew my energy in Gods word.

    After reading this you may think I’m being crazy or foolish in thinking like this but this is the only conclusion thats giving me peace and joy, right after a day of just feeling wretched. Like a light bulb in my head and my heart.

    This maybe be a little bit off the topic of what this webite is about. But this is my testimony, not the result I expected but I’m glad for it.

    So keep studying, hold strong to Jesus and stay calm because ultimately God is in control of your life.

  257. Chelsie Says:

    Praying for you Adanne. God bless you and I love you.

  258. Cheery Says:

    Yesterday I just had my resit for one of the papers I failed in passing during my May final exam. The paper wasn’t as hard as the one in May however, it didn’t well because I have been focusing on topics that I thought would be tested and out of the many that I studied only one of the topic came out. Was really disappointed and heavyhearted as I thought God would grant me favour in this paper and show me the questions. My resits will determine if I could continue my degree in my university in the United Kingdom. If I were to fail again, I am to fly back home without a cert!

    Therefore, I was really worried, scared, frustrated and felt hopeless. I was angry too but with myself, not God…my thought were filled with negativity ‘You did not study hard enough Cheery! That is why you couldn’t do the questions! You wasted your time in the Summer! You are a shame to your family! You made yourself shameful! Everyone is going to laugh and talk behind your back about your failure!’

    However, I was quickly rebuked by God and He showed me how much peace and joy He has placed in me before the exam (I usually have stomachache and minor panic attack before exams) and I did not experience any of that this time. He also showed me how faithful He has been all these years. I love God, I really do! And I know I will not go home because my task here has not been completed yet. God is good and He is going to help me pass this exam!

    After reading your testimony and some of the comments I was even more encouraged and confident that I will pass. It may seems impossible but I chose to believe, I chose to have faith and I chose to rejoice in Him! I still have one more resit to sit on Friday and I can’t wait to kick its butt and ace that paper! Can’t wait to see how God is going to change this into my greatest testimony yet! Please do pray along with me because there is power in prayers and there is power in the name of Jesus!

    In Jesus’ name I declare that I am going to pass and this will be the testimony that I will be sharing to my non-christian family and friends! Amen!!

  259. M Says:

    Similar story to Cheery, so praying for you too! I failed the christmas exam and resit it again 3 weeks ago. I studied really hard all summer and was unfortunate that the topics I had hoped for didn’t appear. The paper didn’t go as I planned it would and I feel like I didn’t do enough to pass. I really need to pass this exam by 57% to graduate and get my honors degree, otherwise I will have to repeat the entire year for just this subject. After reading all the stories above I believe that in Jesus’ name I declare I will graduate in October with a first honors degree. Pray for me and I shall do the same for you. Amen

  260. Adanne Says:

    It’s been on my heart to post my testimony here. Hi everyone! As with everyone, my life and my faith is still a work in progress and this past year in my Masters degree I have had to lean on God like never before. The academic plus financial struggles have been immense and I honestly have thought I would not be able to go on or survive, but alas! Here I am, still standing, proving that the devil, once again, is a LIAR. And that Jesus, our Lord and the King of Kings is the truth, and the ALMIGHTY.

    The testimony that I must share is this: My Masters project, the major part of my degree, that is, my Masters dissertation, was due August 27. I had been working on it for up to 6 months and I had put in a lot of work. All I needed to do was type in a 10,000 word dissertation by 4pm on August 27. This project is major and I kept praying to God to see me through seeing that if you do not hand it in you won’t be allowed to graduate, and basically you wont get your degree. So anyway, I started typing the project early, believing that I would be done way before the deadline and have time to review my work and just avoid last minute things. But boy was I wrong.

    In the middle of the project I got stuck. The deadline was fast approaching, and the devil started talking to me very loudly. He started saying “You will never finish this project, and even if you do, you will never hand it in by the deadline”. The project was extremely difficult and I stopped eating and started sleeping for 1-2 hours a day and fear had overwhelmed my soul and sometimes I would see myself struggling for breath because the pressure was too much and I just could not go on. At least that’s what I felt. But still a voice inside of me begged me to keep pushing, this beautiful voice of the Holy Spirit told me to ignore the devil and keep writing and that God was with me. I laughed. I said how can God be with me when I am almost dying, when my heart is beating so fast I cannot hear anything else, when I feel so mentally tormented and incompetent and incapable and a loser, surely God must be joking when he says he is with me.

    But I still prayed in the midst of this torment, in the shower I praised God, I cried. When I slept I put my Bible between my chest and wept for God’s mercy to fall on me. This was the last phase of my Masters degree and finishing this part meant that I would be done, so I guess the devil needed this not to happen and this is why my torment was so much. Jesus said that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness. I knew that this fight I was fighting was not a physical fight. I just knew it. Because here I was, after all my hard work and I could just simply not type the words. My heart was desolate, I begged people to pray for me, I was losing my self. In my school, people had committed suicide in the past for way less than dissertation. I was fighting for my life here, for survival. I couldn’t go home with no degree. I needed GOD. The devil was trying his best to destroy my life and efforts. I needed God. So I kept praying and working and typing even when I did not know what I was doing. I just kept doing. I noticed that everytime I prayed or I meditated through this song ‘Here Now (Madness) by Hillsong United’, I would just feel the Holy Spirit give me strength from somewhere I could not understand, and I would be able to think and type again. So everytime I was particularly stuck, which was every time, I would call on the Holy Spirit and I would type out some words and make some progress. But still, I was far from having a finished work and my dissertation was due in a few days.

    Fast forward to a day before the dissertation was due. At this point I was beyond exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally, but funny enough, not spiritually, else frustration would have led me to take my own life or hurt myself (which is why I always say that we are not better than people who commit suicide, it is ONLY the grace of GOD that sustains us. It is not by maturity or hardwork, or adequate preparation, it is ONLY the grace of GOD almighty). Anyway, a day to the dissertation, as if my frustration was not enough, my laptop microsoft word crashed and I lost what I had been working on since I woke up. I thought I was going to go mad. I kept screaming and shouting on God. I kept questioning him but he told me to calm down and directed me to ask my flatmate for help. She had her own dissertation due but she came and looked at my laptop and told me that I should take a deep breath and give my bibliography (works cited) page to my sister or friend to do for me so that I can concentrate on the major work. She advised me on ways to make my work easier and how I can put some things in my appendix page. Long story short, she gave me advise that without, I would have not been able to do any reasonably finished work. See how God turned a bleak situation into one of hope?

    Fast forward to the day the dissertation was due. Now this part was playing out to be something from a nightmare because my dissertation was due 4pm and by 12pm I was still removing excess words and typing and arranging when my mates had submitted. I thought that was it and I was going to pass out. By 2pm I was still trying to read through my work and cut out 3,000 words seeing as it is a 10,000 word paper. By 3pm, I was trying to retype a section so that I can transfer the words and rearrange the paper to look like it was finished. I had no abstract page, no completed works cited page, no table of contents, no appendixes. I was finished (according to what the devil said). So at this point I could not catch my breath and I was breathing really fast and my flatmate was afraid I was going to go crazy and I thought I was going to break down but I kept saying “God you are the only one. If you don’t help me I am gone. I am dust if you don’t help me. I need you with all my soul and life left.” Remember I have not printed or binded or done anything regarding submission. So I leave my room with my unfinished paper and I am about to run out to start screaming or just run and keep running and run away and never come back. Or the way things were I was just running away to nowhere, just running from my life. But God said I should get back into my room and sit down and do my appendix, abstract, and table of contents and fix my bibliography at least. It is funny and crazy really because I obeyed and I fixed up my work to a point where it is at least legible and readable by whoever is marking it. So by 3:40 pm I set out of home to print. I am running and praying and I am hitting everyone on the road. I am running the race of my life and I have no clue what life is about because it is too much for me. I run to a printing office and they say their printer just broke down. See the way the devil works? Temptations upon temptations.

    So I go somewhere else to print and they say their printer is not working as well and at this point I think I am going mad. It is 4:20pm, past my deadline and my work is not even printed. At this point I am headed to the train station. And what I am saying is “Jesus help me, I love you, Jesus help me”. I am saying this loud like a crazy person (I was, anyway) and people on the train are staring at me because I look so disheveled and I am muttering things. But I keep praying because at this point it is finished. Only God can take over. So I go to print somewhere and bind my work and by 5pm my work is printed and binded, but my school closes by 4:30 pm so at this point the devil is laughing so loud and says I am a fool. That I should just go home and tell my parents I am a failure and I could not get my dissertation submitted. But at this point I choose to listen to God and he keeps saying “go to school, I know the offices are closed but run to school now” so I keep running, l am hitting everyone with my bag, I am running, I am hitting everyone, hitting things, running on no food, no water, no sleep, praying, crying, running, praying and then I get to school by 5:20pm. At this point, everywhere is silent as all offices are closed, well except for students who are drinking and celebrating after handing in their dissertations. But God said I should go up to my department where I am supposed to submit. It is strange to me because I am wondering how exactly this is supposed to work since everywhere is closed.

    But God is God and his voice is the only one I hear and I go up to my department and guess what I see: I see a lady sitting right there, in the midst of all the other closed offices, waiting. She is just sitting there in the middle of debris and wood, no tables, no computers (because the building is also under construction), waiting. So I go in panting and I say can I still submit my dissertation (It is 5:30 now) and she says “of-course, you can hand it in, there is no problem, you won’t be penalized at all”. And at this point I am crying. I hand in my dissertation and I am crying profusely. All the offices in the school might have been closed and the deadline for submission might have been 4pm but that was not my problem because I serve a living God and he had extended the deadline for my sake and kept the office open for my sake. The lady who collected my dissertation was just in the office, sitting, fiddling with her phone when everyone else had gone home. It just felt like she and I had spoken and she had been waiting for me to come. That was God’s doing alone. We cannot understand his ways, but he is faithful. He is so faithful.

    God is faithful. He had made someone wait in the office to collect my work. He had made my submission almost 2 hours after the deadline when everyone should have been at home, not a problem. God is faithful and great and I feel so privileged to be the daughter of a king. It is the highest of all honors to serve you, Lord. God is at work. Do not lose faith. God takes the foolish things to make a mockery of the wise things of this world. Faith makes a fool of what makes sense. Grace found my heart where logic ends. God loves us. Please pray, please pray, no matter how you feel, God is faithful. Keep believing, no matter what logic tells you. JESUS IS MORE REAL THAN YOUR LOGIC. Believe me, JESUS IS REALER THAN WHATEVER WE CAN SEE IN THIS WORLD. May God crown our efforts with great success and give us joy and peace that surpasses all understanding. Love you in Christ. Muah! Write to you again soon!

  261. Jemah Says:

    I have written an o’level exam three times without passing maths and chemistry. I am preparing to write the 4th one but I feel very lazy to read. Please, I need your prayers because I am the first born in my home and my family members are expecting much from me. I want to go to the university this year but I have to pass my o’levels. Please pray for me I know God will help me but I am scared. God bless u…. Help me pray for success in my exams and favour in the sight of the examiner and admission into the university this year. GOD BLESS U………

  262. Zoe Says:

    Hi Adanne

    thank you for your wonderful testimony.i sense you go hillsong church , thats my church too in Capetown.i writting my exams in less than 40days , I have been doing self study with text books I found on the internet and sites I found on the internet as I cant afford to buy proper texts.i m really trusting God for As in my subjects as I dont wanna disappoint God or people that helped me.i am 27 and writing matric, therefore failing is not an option.Here now is also my favourite song, please pray God helps me read or study whats going to come in the exam.

    In Jesus name

  263. Lisah Says:

    Guys may you kindly pray with me for my matric re-marking exam please Lord.

  264. sophie Says:

    Hi, I am here because I am at the lowest point of my life. I am a Christian and I love God with all of my heart. I carry Him in my spirit all the time. I am 19 years old not but ever since I was a little girl, life has never really been easy towards me. I have always had to go through one shameful experience or the other, but somehow, God still helps me find a way out of the situation. I recently had a huge exam and I read for it. I did all the necessary preparations and asked God for help all through the journey.

    At this point I knew that not passing this exam will have a huge negative toll on me. at the end of it all, I found out I didn’t pass and I was asked to redraw from the course of my dreams. I am trying my best not to question God as I always believe in Him, but this is taking a huge negative toll on me. its bringing my whole family down and I am once again facing huge shame and dragging my family into this.

    i have been asking for a miracle to be able to be favoured and asked to come back on the course as I have been kicked out and I don’t know where to go. I am really really sad and I am just looking forward to posting my miracle next time I come here, cause right now, I am at the lowest point of my life and I won’t lie.

  265. Nero Says:

    Sophie, I just have dis word for you; Rom 10:11. Just hold on to God. He’s watching your bak and He’s got you covered. I’ll be praying for you sis.

  266. sophie Says:

    Thank you so much Nero. That bible passage has given me so much hope. Now i am looking forward to a bright future. i just pray that God will continue to bless you and grant all your heart desires. Thank you very much once more.

  267. Emory Says:

    sophie, I’m praying for you as well. Stay strong and may your faith grow.

  268. sophie Says:

    Thank you so much Emory! i greatly appreciate it. God bless you too

  269. Adanne Says:

    Hi brothers and sisters in Christ 🙂 I pray that you are all doing well. I have prayed for you guys; Jemah, Zoe, and Lisa, and I am extremely confident that our Lord and Savior Jesus will meet you guys at the point of your need, he will not forsake you. It has also been on my mind to share this testimony especially as it just happened last week. I have recently submitted my dissertation and completed my Masters degree (although still awaiting results) so my accommodation contract for my school accommodation is finished as well. This was to expire this saturday. I had no money at all, no where to stay, and no one in London that I could stay with, and no job. I could not even go back home because I had no money at all to buy a plane ticket to go back.

    I thought I was going to lose my mind, the brokeness and brokenness was too much and fear gripped me so much. But fortunately I remembered the mighty God we serve so I kept praying and I kept praising God every night before I slept, asking for two things – a place to stay, and a job in less than 7 days, which is when my accommodation contract was expiring. It seemed like an overly ambitious prayer but I prayed anyway, as I am convinced that there is no limit to God’s grace.

    My other colleagues and friends were helpless, some were giving up and returning home to their country but I told God I cannot go home and continue depending on my father for money, that I want to stay here at least till graduation in december and apply for jobs and earn some money. So I prayed and cried my heart to God.

    If you guys know of London you will know that renting is the most expensive and hectic in the world. I kept looking at different places with different agents but these places were so unaffordable and the agency fees were painful and the areas were very unsafe with a lot of stabbings at night and all that. Some of the other areas I would have to share a room with another family or strangers, and yet it was so expensive.

    In one particular place I went to see, the room I was supposed to take did not have a window as it was actually a store room for storing boxes. I thought I was going to pass out. I was so scared and sad and heartbroken, but I kept praying. And in the next days, the way God answered my prayers was completely beyond my wildest dreams and imagination – on Sunday I handed in my CV to a company in central london, and on wednesday I was invited for an interview with them and got the job on the spot, and I was put in their least hectic department, and the pay is one of the highest per hour in London. Totally blew my mind.

    I just went through it all, feeling God’s touch and mercy. But I still had nowhere to stay and my contract was expiring in two days. The next day, a student accommodation in the best area of London which I had applied for (but did not really have hope for as their waiting list was still December 2015, so logically I was to only get a room starting from december), emailed me saying they had a room for me and I could move in without even paying until later. Turns out my job can completely cover the rent with change remaining. This job and beautiful home to stay happened in less than 7 days.

    Our God is always on time. I am completely blown away by his love. The voices of a million angels cannot sufficiently sing my praises to him. He is faithful even when we are not. Make no mistake, people, Jesus our Lord is coming soon, and we experience these miracles so that we can personally believe and bear witness to his existence and mercy. God is near. He is near to all those who call upon him. What I am learning to do now is focus less on my circumstance and only on God’s word. When I am scared I say ‘God you are faithful, I love you, I need you so bad, help me, rescue me, faithful wonder-working God’, and God always shows up. He might not show up in the way you have asked (we are children ultimately and sometimes we do not even know what we want or the repercussions of what we are asking for and only God can see the future so he knows best), but believe me that he will surpass your wildest dreams, and go beyond fulfilling your needs, better than you could ever ask.

    I love you all in Christ. Have faith, no matter how small, bring that faith to God in prayer. Jesus is crazy about us all. I am still in utter amazement on how he fought for me and provided me a job and home in less than 7 days. God is here, guys. Write again later. Also listen to this life-changing song by Hillsong United – Closer than you know! xxx

  270. Una Says:

    I am confused, my faith has been shaken, I did poorly in exams and now I can’t apply for the course I have always told God I wanted to do. I feel abandoned but most of all terrified because I have never failed exams like this. New territory and it seems as if I have just been left out to dry.

  271. Emory Says:

    Praying for you Una.

  272. Nero Says:

    God bless you for sharing this wonderful testimony @ Adanne. We walk by faith not by sight (2 cor 5:7).

  273. Nero Says:

    Una,I can understand how you feel but don’t give up. I just want you to know that God is not through with you yet. Hold on to Him and be strong. I’m sure that in a short while you’ll look back at this day and with joy in your heart and of course a big grin you’ll share your testimony. Check out Isaiah 40:30-31;wait on God. Also,try to find out what went wrong in the exam and learn from your mistakes. Its not over yet! I’ll be praying for you dear.

  274. eve Says:

    Adanne what a wonderful testimony
    Una please do not feel discouraged if i tell you i did not manage to finish the first degree i started but God gave me another chance to get into a university i never thought i would ever have a chance to and i am now in my second year having faith God will put me thru and this after 10 years of being and feeling hopeless so please all things are working together for your good have faith God is ever faithful just like Addanes testimony he will always be on time

  275. Adanne Says:

    You are not alone, Una and Sophie. God is with you. Jesus is fighting for you. It might not seem like it at the moment but Jesus Christ, the king of kings and Lord of Lords is interceding for you. I know this because I have failed in so many shades and types of failure in school. So when I say that nothing is impossible for God just as the Bible tells us, know that I am not a crazy person.

    Una and Sophie I have just prayed for you guys, and will keep praying. Keep crying to God. All I need both of you to do now is keep praying and crying to God even when you don’t feel like it or you feel your prayers aren’t working. We walk by faith and not by sight. Keep praying please. Use scripture to remind you of God’s promises. Just keep praying and doing your best, and asking God for strength to keep pushing through the pain, that is all you have to do, God is working on your behalf. He loves you so so so much. All these trials are to build you and add resilience to your life. Whether you are failing exams at the moment or not or whatever, you are a success. You are a winner. You are a conqueror. You were born to win. Your destiny is that of winning. And there’s nothing the devil or school or anyone can do to change that. Success is at the end of this dark road. You just wait and see. Just keep praying and crying to God ESPECIALLY when you don’t feel like it. God bless you.

  276. Lhakaten Says:

    I am someone who always reads testimonies and liked to be encouraged ALL the time.

    It was in past few months I realized it is better to give than to receive.If was encouraged then I must share my experience in the Lord which is going to help someone.

    I would like to narrate an incident which I relate with Biblical teaching.My neighbor wanted to go to Bangalore city as he had his rail ticket booked tomorrow. Unfortunately there was bandh(strike) in our state and vehicles were not allowed in the road. If at all he had to catch his train in Bangalore which is 5hrs from my village ,we had to travel in the night to reach bangalore before the strike starts.My neighbor was supposed to go with my brother and few other friends in a cab.Neighbour uncle wanted to know when we were leaving and I replied at 2.(I meant 2 am ).

    That very night the cab driver called up saying that we’ll have to start earlier ie at 1am.So dad rang our Neighbour and informed him we were leaving at 1 am instead of 2 am and only then did he realize that it wasn’t at 2 pm but 2 am.My Neighbour was unhappy about my improper way if conveying information and as he was unprepared to travel at 2am ,he said he wasn’t coming with my brother. That was around 12am and I was feeling guilty about not being able to tell the timing correctly because of which my Neighbour will have to miss his train and his meeting in another state ie Gujurat.

    In the midnight and in morning I was praying to God. Lord I don’t want to be guilty because I never meant harm to my Neighbour. Lord give me an opportunity to ask forgiveness from my Neighbour and please help with transport arrangement for my Neighbour so that he will not have to miss his train n meeting.

    To my pleasant surprise, I get to meet my neighbour outside his house gate in a bike with a smile.I asked him sorry for not being clear on 2 am of timings. He said ‘o !did u mean 2am anyway traveling so early was not convenient for me and I got a companion and a cab to get me to Bangalore today and if not I ‘all cancel my ticket but that’s o.k’.

    I was relieved a big time.I thanked God for the moment and I thank God for the courage He fave me to ask forgiveness. Then I left for m work in my bike full of tears thanking God for removing the guilt.

    I believe every one of us may be living in guilt for some reason .Remember ,lord Jesus Christ died for us and forgave our sins and we need not live with guilt of sin.God wants us to rejoice in Him always and not live in guilt .I encourage you dear friends if you are guilty go ask forgiveness from God and to whomsoever you are guilty then you can be free in Christ to live in His Kingdom which is Righteousness,peace ,joy and the Holy Ghost.

    May God’s Kingdom come .Amen.

  277. Lhakaten Says:

    The moral of my testimony is : seek forgiveness and be set free whether the other person forgives u or not, u r freed of u r guilt

  278. Khoo Says:

    My son Matthew will be taking his PSLE exams starting today. He has been working very hard. Help him not to make careless mistakes. Pls pray that he will have the discernment to answer the questions correctly. I pray that he will obtain excellent results. I make this prayer throughly Christ our Lord. Pls help to pray for him.

  279. amaka Says:

    Hey adanne,
    i am so sorry , i just saw your response to me now. I thank God for all he has done in your life.. I’d like to know you better if you dont mind.
    I have an exam on tuesday, i have lost all hope, but i always cling on to my testimonies that God keeps bombarding me with. I have great issues with procrastination, it basically kills me everytime.. Please pray for me concerning my exam on tuesday..

    God bless you all.. 🙂

  280. Kar Says:

    I just happened to come on this website and i was so amazed at all these testimonies. I am currently having my bar exams which is very very difficult since the pass level is only 5% yearly… This is my second attempt and I have undertaken 2 papers so far. I thought i was very well prepared but for the first paper, i realised i wrongly answered the questions.. For the second one as well – same thing happened and I didnt get time to complete my paper as well – i thus left an important part unanswered. Please pray for me as i really want to get through this time – I cried reading the testimonies above (tears flowed automatically). I know it is HIS way that things are done, but Lord i really wish to get through.. I will keep updated for the results which are due this November.

    God bless you all.

  281. Kar Says:

    Please listen to: Nothing is impossible – Planetshakers and Healer by Hillsong

  282. sahi Says:

    i was reading all your testimonies for the past 4 days..i m preparing for bank exam and it s on coming saturday. my only belief is god jesus. please pray for me that i should pass this exam n goes to next level… please everyone pray for me. i’m waiting god to do miracle in my exam and should get job soon. i love u jesus

  283. Adanne Says:

    My loved ones in Christ, my fellow students, my fellow friends, just writing to say you should keep persevering in Christ. Keep persevering in faith. Remember you are praying from victory, Jesus has already conquered your circumstance. You ONLY need the faith and perseverance to receive it. Do not give up. Pray ESPECIALLY when you feel all hope is lost. You must keep praying, you must keep believing especially when it seems so ridiculous and silly to keep believing. God is more real than your circumstance. God will move mountains on your behalf, no matter how ginormous. “For with God NOTHING shall be impossible.” – Matthew 19:26. “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” – Isiah 43:19. Love you all.

  284. Kar Says:

    I would like to write my testimony too – on what a MIGHTY GOD we all serve! We are so undeserving yet so richly bestowed with HIS grace!
    Here my story- I know there’s more to come – AMEN – Glory be to HIM alone!
    I was an ‘unexpected child’ as my mum once said- she wanted to abort me as they did not at that time, have the means to raise a second child. But it was too late and my mother had no choice than to keep me. No doubt, that was God’s seed in her, i was meant to be born : ) I am of hindu parents and my father does not believe in God at all.

    When i grew up, i went to secondary school and wanted to do law. We have to pass the A level and go to university to do the law degree – the intake being only 3 As at secondary level – meaning – you have to get an A in all the three main subjects (there are 3 main and 2 secondary subjects) and it is very difficult to get an A at the main subjects – we are marked by the Cambridge university.

    At that time i was guided, through God, by one grandmother, whom i love heartily and who was my great confidence. She guided me all my way to love God and believe in God. One day, i only said – I will do my law degree and work at one of the prestigious law firm on the Island (offshore legal firm), that was before the exams for the A-level and not even thinking how i would get my As.

    The exams came, i thought i had wrongly done them, i came home, cried my heart out, thinking i was going to fail. I was equally thinking about how my family would react- i have a huge family (both on mum’s and dad’s side). After each paper, i would put aside all the notes and vow not to touch them again. But it happened that there was a scandal, that some children had cheated and the Cambridge university ordered for the exams to be done again – I was not ready to go through everything again as I had forgotten most of my subjects which were already over ( that was before the exams had ended). I kept crying, saying that could not be true and could not happen. BUt rightly, nothing of that sort happened.

    Came the results day – I got my 3 As in my main !! I cried again – but with Joy.. praising God .. I knew, it was HIS work as i knew i did not deserve that. I then enrolled for my LLB at the university. Before that, my aunty called me one day and said there was an advert in the newspaper, a law firm giving out scholarships to students willing to do their LLB. I immediately checked it out and it was that same law firm where i so wanted to work!! But the timeline to apply was very tight – i nonetheless gathered all my documents and sent my application. They were taking only few students and with 3 As. I was then called for an interview, went for the second one and was finally accepted as a scholar !! I was the only scholar in my batch of university. By that time, that grandmother left for England.

    I was given a stipend and all my university fees were being paid. I SPENT NOT A SINGLE PENNY. I then had a thought – GOD made me come into this world – with no financial burden on my parents. All through my 3 years at the university, my parents spent no money on me- i was equally being responsible with my stipend and made sure to save – still – that was God making me being responsible.

    After my university, i applied to that law firm again for work – they called me for 2 interviews and was hired as a personal assistant to the MP – the title did not matter to me at all since i knew God had greater plans for me and that it was only the beginning there. A month after i left university, i joined that firm in July.

    In April the following year i started going to church as i was dreaming of going to church. So i followed my dreams- i would wake up early on Sundays and go to the church at 8 AM. NOTE: My parents knew nothing of me going to the church on Sundays – I would wake up in the morning and tell them i was going shopping – They NEVER asked me or enquired with me which shop would be open at 8AM in the MORNING !!! when i think about that I just have a good laugh- GOD never let them ask me that question !! I would then walk back home at noon ! from 8 AM – 12 PM, i was out and without them asking me anything! My father was against me worshiping Jesus.

    Coming back to where i was, i started knowing how to fast – that was being done secretly. I wanted to do my bar exams, without asking my parents for financial help. The fees were higher than the year before, an rose considerably. I looked at my savings- they were not much as i was paying everything for me- from my savings and had contributed to my sister’s wedding equally, from those savings. Then, in June that same year, we had our annual review. To my greatest surprise, in July, my salary got doubled! I was very amazed and when my director came to give me the review paper, he asked me to secretly have a look at what i got – i was shocked and asked him why i got such a huge increment (together with a huge bonus). He said – you deserve it and MP said you were doing more work than you were being paid for. I was doing more legal work but loved doing those even with the salary i was receiving. But I knew, that was Jesus’s work! Praise be to him. My bank balance rose more than what i had ever thought.

    I had more than enough to pay for my bar exams- i decided to go for it. But i had to attend the course for 9 months and that would mean taking leave from work and being without salary for those months. To my even more surprise, i was told by the firm that they would be paying me my leaves during those 9 months. I was therefore on paid leaves for 9 months- GOD is great! He gave me everything!!!!

    However, I started concentrating on my studies and did not put God first.. my studies came first.. the bar exams was very difficult- with 5% pass yearly only. i neglected going to church.. came the exams – I did not complete my papers – i was blank for most papers. I came home and cried and kept crying to God. The results were finally out, but i was not in. I was very reluctant to even go collect my detailed results but i knew the firm would ask me on that. So i went – and to my surprise – the papers in which i thought i wrongly worked – I got good grades in those. Those papers i had left practically blank – fetched me good grades! I was sure that was GOD himself who filled in the answers for me. I got a lower grade in two papers (core papers) out of 7 papers and that was where it went wrong. But still, i knew God had a reason for my failure. Maybe i was drifting away from Him and that was his way of reminding me that he had to be put first.

    Indeed, i was drifting away.. although i knew everything happened for a reason, I nonetheless started neglecting God. For some reasons, i started becoming close and closer to the MP – and started thinking about him more than anything. Our conversations would move from being work-related to more on a personal level. He was much elder than me- i was starting giving him more importance, praising him more than God, for all the good things in my life.. (Psalm 51 – )

    The year later (this year) i decided to try again for the exams.. this time i took fewer months off and again was being paid. I had another considerable increment again by the management. Then came the reality- I started realising, when i was away on leave, how bad i was being, how i had let satan taken over me – how i was neglecting God and his good ways of helping me all these years.. i started repenting.. heavily.. pleading God to forgive me – Psalm 51.

    I confessed to God everything (thankfully HE did not let me do anything serious and be tempted)- and my grandmother and her daughter helped me a lot, through God. I have started putting God first again.. God first, studies second then family and everything else thereafter.

    Guys- this testimony is just a quarter of what God did for me – Oh i forgot to add- my father came to somehow know that i was christian by faith – he got extremely angry and there were shouts and crying.. I prayed to God to help my father accept my faith and he did 🙂 I openly go to church, with my sister ( that’s another testimony on how my sister started going to church – i will write on another day 🙂 )

    Always remember to put HIM first, in everything, seek HIM first, ask HIM, speak with HIM, give HIM more importance than anyone or anything else as HE makes us breathe, HE does everything.


  285. sharon velam Says:

    Dear friends please pray for my daughter as she is sitting for her exams today for 4 days.
    Maths bahasa malaysia science english and general knowledge paper.
    Shasha 15 yrs old from Malaysia.

  286. joelyn Says:

    I wrote external exams and God did a miracle for me. I read hard for the externals and God showed me favpur. My teachers saw the exam papers and during revision classes would ask if we knew how to solve this and that, not all the questions though. What we even revised is not even enough to pass,but God showed me mercy and I wrote, some papers even went really badly but God intervened and I even had a B and was the only one to pass- God be praised

  287. Shereen Says:

    Hi guys! I wanna be a Deans Lister in my university and in order for me to become one I need to have a Gpa of 3.40. My current Gpa now is 2.89. There’s still one subject that hasn’t posted yet and it wasn’t included yet in my Gpa that is 2.89. I need to have an A on that particular subject for it will add up on my gpa 2.89 so it will become 3.40. I’ve been crying out for Lord to give me a miracle. I got a B last pre-finals and now I’m begging the Lord to give me an A this final exam. I did my best when I was taking the exam and before I took the exam, I even prayed to God that he will help me and guide me in answering my exam.

    I’m really glad that I found this site. I know I’m not the only one who’s going through this difficult times. I just keep on praying and praying to god that he will grant me my prayers. Im begging for his miracles. I’ll go back here and write what is the result of my test.

  288. Adanne Says:

    Hi Kar, I just want to say thank you so much for writing your testimony. I have not been on this site in a long while and I am so extremely happy and encouraged I came on today. God is so faithful even when we are faithless. I know how you feel, I know what it has been like for God to rescue you and give you everything and then you now go on to neglect him and put humans first. Thankfully we serve a God who loves us and wants us to be wise and know that putting him first is what gives us victory.

    I love your story about your sister and you coming to Christ. Jesus Christ is everything. I am so happy you and your sister can worship God openly. Continue to pray for your father and non-Christian family, with God nothing shall be impossible, they too can become Christians too.

    God is so good. Wow. No measure knows the worth of God. Isn’t it so humbling and miraculous that you were an unplanned child of your parents who were worried they would not be able to cater for you financially, and God provided financially for your entire education? Your story has really blessed me. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

    For me, my testimonies have been completely endless since I put my trust in God and surrendered totally to Christ. I have seen God provide for my every single need since I have been alone in a foreign land, separated from home and with no financial assistance from my father when I needed it the most. I have seen God provide a home for me when I was facing homelessness, and I have seen God double my salary when the amount I was expecting was not going to cover all my bills. I have seen God rescue from difficult situations at work and a colleague at work who was bullying and tormenting me got fired without me even reporting her. God simply eradicated her from my work place the moment I cried to him to rescue me. I have experienced the most peace and fulfillment in my life, and the most courage and boldness at a time when by the world’s standards I should have been closest to suicide. I had a lot of personal emotional difficulty due to past circumstances and family problems and I witnessed so much pain and injustice growing up especially with how my father treated my mother unfairly and how he looked down on her and me and my sister, so I had a lot of abandonment and insecurity issues. But mehn, isn’t God so wonderful? What had been a chain and bondage in my life God cleared away totally and the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the fact that I am victorious and in Christ I am complete and my worth was not to be determined by any human’s eyes but only by God, and to God, I am accepted, fully loved, beautifully and wonderfully made. God has shown me so much love. When I am tired he is there. When I feel rejected he is there. Even when I want to do my hair he gives me money to afford the hairstyle I want and he cares for me when I am sleepy or hungry or angry or depressed or anything. He has loved me perfectly through my imperfections and every single detail of my life he has paid attention to. I have never seen such a love before.

    When I was almost dying and suffering in London I cried out to my earthly father and he has hardened his heart and had no feeling or sympathy for my pain. But God was different. Every little thing that worried me, he took away. He makes me feel so important, so cared for, so visible. God is love. What a merciful loving God we have for a father. The creator of the skies and galaxies is our father, the one who rose Jesus our Savior from the dead is our father??? We are so blessed! Commit your exams and results to God. Since I surrendered to Christ a few months ago, worry for my exam results and anxiety has ceased because I am absolutely certain that I have victory in Christ. God heals cancer and opens the eyes of the blind and raises the dead, our receiving victory in exams or our desired results is nothing to him. We already have it, it is already there. We only need to receive it through faith. Without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God. Whatever we ask in prayer, ask in faith and it is done. Shereen, Joelyn, and you all on this site, I have put you in my prayers. God loves us so so so much. Fear is a lie. Jesus said “be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” there is nothing to be afraid of. God himself dwells inside of us, we are NOT mere human. We are more than conqueror through Christ who loves us. We can do all things through Christ who loves us. Jesus said he will never leave us nor forsake us. The word of God is sharper than a double-edged sword. God can never lie, and in his word he said whatsoever we ask in faith we will receive. In his word God says we are victorious, we are conquerors. If we are feeling forsaken or fearful we must recognise that God’s word is more real than our feelings, and we are going by what we feel in our flesh which is misleading.

    Focus totally on the word of God. Say to yourself ‘I know I am feeling like a failure but my feelings are a lie because God’s word says I am more than conqueror through Christ who loves me and his word can never fail”. Say to yourself “Fear not, neither let my heart be troubled”. I wish I can write out the daily testimonies I have experienced these past months ever since I totally surrendered to God and gave me my life to use according to his will. I am at rest, at peace, I am calm, even through so much hardship because I can see lights and dancing and prosperity already because I have chosen to not go by what I am feeling in my flesh. God loves us so much. I am going to leave with saying please listen to “You already got it” by Andrew Wommack on YouTube. Listen to Part 1 to Part 5, it has totally blessed my life. We have already got victory, and healing. It is already in us. We only need faith to make it manifest in the physical realm. Love you all in Christ. And thank you Kar again for sharing your beautiful testimony! God loves us so much!!!!!! Stay focused on God’s word. “For I know the plans I have for you, plans of good, and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope”.

  289. GODIsReal Says:

    Good morning
    I just wanted to share , my share testimony with you and I really hope that it will help a lot of people. I had an exam yesterday and after I had studied and wrote diwn about 100 concepts. I had only 2 hours to revise before the exam, and you can’t revise 100 concepts in just 2 hours. I logged on to this blog and said the first prayer, I asked God to show me the questions that are gonna be in the exam. I then went through my notes, hoping to see a white light, similar to that of the blogger, but nothing. I kept praying “please Lord, help me… Lord intervene, reveal yourself to me” as I logged on to the school portal to see if a last minute scope was added, but nothing. I logged out and saw that my mouse was pointed at the 2014 exam paper, I read through it and said nah, I then decided to read through the 2013 paper but I still wasn’t satisfied. When I went through the 2012 q paper I realised that it had the same mark allocation of sections as the paper we were writing that afternoon. I then took a huge risk and revised just that question paper and left all the other seventy something concepts out. I got to the exam room and i prayed “Lord please sit on this chair with me and write this exam for me”. When I paged through my question paper, it was the 2012 question paper, not a single change.
    God is real, he showed up and led the way for me yesterday, and he will do it for you too.

  290. Adanne Says:

    God is so good!!! Let us shout on the roof tops that God is so good! No matter what we are seeing we know that God is so good and his love and mercy endureth forever!!! I have so many testimonies to share, I do not know where to start from. God is so real, more real than what we can see with our naked eyes. I have been extremely broke during my Master’s program and living in London and I have been close to God and watching him miraculously supply all my needs. All these miracles have blown my mind away. I needed money to get a few things I really needed and I had no money at all in my account or anywhere. The amount I needed was between 14 – 15 pounds. My flesh was telling me to be worried but I just kept saying my God has supplied all my needs according to his riches in glory. I just trusted God and stayed still.

    Then while I was on the bus going somewhere, something prompted me to check my account and I did and I saw 14:67 pounds in my account which was practically exactly the amount I needed. I checked my account to see if I had gotten a deposit I did not know about but there was no deposit whatsoever into my account. I kept checking for a trace of the money from my account statement but could not see anything at all. And then I heard God say “why you checking your account statement? I knew you needed the money and I provided it for you”. So that was it! 14:67 pounds miraculously in my account. It is impossible to thank God enough for his love.

    GodIsReal your testimony really blessed my life! God bless you and thank you so much for sharing. God is faithful. Protect your mind guys. Embrace positivity and separate yourself from negativity. The enemy’s only tool is deception, and you must use the word of God as a reference for your life and not whatever drawback you are experiencing. If after praying to God for passing your exams you see your result and it is a fail, reject the result. Say this is not my result. The word of God says I am the head and not the tail, that I am more than conqueror through Christ who loves me, that nothing shall by any means harm me, that no plague (including failure) shall come near my dwelling. Reject any thing that contradicts the word of God. Let us be safe in God’s love and completely trust him because that is the only way to dispel the fear and deception of the enemy. Stay blessed, guys. Love you in Christ Jesus.

  291. Wen Says:

    Hi everyone:) I really want to thank you guys for all the encouraging testimonies that you all have shared. I am currently a 20 year old taking my exams now. This is my second time doing the a levels and my fourth year in a jc despite the normal time of 2 years. I am now halfway through my a levels but I had already lost heart as I felt that I did not perform well for my exams:( may I ask for anybody to pray for me?

    I am really desperate to enter in a university and it only gets ever more competitive. I am really scared of not doing well as my family really hope that I can do well and I do not want to disappoint them. I sometimes question myself that given this last chance if I still cannot get admitted, what can I do…sometimes I really wish to take my life and put an end to all these misery. But, I know that that is only cowardice. I pray that god will be with me and speaking to me at the rest of my exams. Thank you to all of you whom have prayed for me. Really thank you:)

  292. grace Says:

    Lord Jesus please help i am waiting for my exam result. I know you will hear and answer my prayer because i trust and believe You Lord Jesus.

  293. Indigo Says:


    Just wanted to share these verses that came to mind –

    Jer 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    1 Peter 1:6-7 6 …for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. 7 These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.

    Even though things might not seem smooth now, remember that God will always have the perfect plan for you in His time, you don’t need to worry! Very often fear clouds us but fear is only to deceive us and doesn’t come from Him, instead let’s grow our faith daily and put our faith over fear! And also please don’t ever take your own life! You are highly favoured, greatly blessed and deeply loved. Most importantly, a precious child of God. 🙂

    Btw, so it sounds like you’re from sg? Me too taking A lvls right now also! Press on, don’t give up. Exams weren’t that great for me too haha but let’s trust in God okay 🙂

    Will be praying for you and everyone else here!! God bless 🙂

    Matt 28:20 “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

  294. Adanne Says:

    “Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, So shall your offspring be. Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead—since he was about a hundred years old—and that Sarah’s womb was also dead. Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised. This is why it was credited to him as righteousness. The words it was credited to him were written not for him alone, but also for us, to whom God will credit righteousness-for us who believe in him who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead.” – Romans 4: 18-24.

    Dear fellow students and brothers/sisters in Christ, I pray you have been finding the strength to not let life beat you down. Really wanna sing on the rooftops about the wonderful works of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and how he never leaves us nor forsakes us no matter how hopeless we feel the situation is. My results came out on Monday and I am here to say that God miraculously superseded my expectations because he is faithful he who has promised.

    It has been an extremely tough year and I have faced different challenges from homelessness to abandonment from family to thoughts about running away and even just ending it all. But God is kind and near to those who call upon him and I need up to ten hours to totally detail how he stepped into my hopeless academic situation when all hope looked lost. Because he is our God, and he is the one who calls into being things that were not. So no matter how horrible things seem or totally hopeless we MUST never forget to focus ONLY on the Word of God because all that we are with all creation hangs on the Word of God.

    So here I am, a year later, and I am graduating top of my class from the London School of Economics and Political Science by the mercy and grace of Jesus and Jesus alone. Things looked so hopeless, near the brink of failure for my studies, submitting an incomplete thesis because I just could not go on, breaking down, blood shot eyes, pain, tears, anguish, but GOD is GOD alone and we are more than conqueror through Christ Jesus who loves us! He is our identity, not the circumstances of this world. Love you all in Christ. Praying for you all. God loves us! Write to you all again soon! xx

  295. Wen Says:

    Hey indigo! Thank you so much for your encouragement and more importantly your prayers for me:) I just want to share that indeed God saves us! As I was doing my paper 3 on fri, I prayed for God to be with me and that I prayed to walk out of the examination room with great confidence! Sure enough, I finished the paper with confidence! Praise The Lord! Who never gave up on me even when things looked bleak for me. Thank you Indigo for keeping me in prayer:) I would also like to reciprocate by praying for you 🙂 let’s pray that we can get into the uni of our choice and growing in our faith:) haha! And yep! I am from sg:)

  296. Ruby Says:

    My sensory analysis exam was not easy at all. May God grant me favour to pass in Jesus’ name. Amen

  297. Adanne Says:

    Wen, Indigo, Ruby, Grace; praying for you all. Love you all. All your needs and prayers have been answered in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord! Keep holding on. Let the word of God be an anchor for you at this time more than ever.

    “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow…”

    Look at this blog: This boy is a firm believer and he shares powerful Bible verses that got him through Med school exams, and also his experiences. You need to check out his blog. Keep your eyes focused on God’s word, not your problem because whatever your mind focuses on will only become bigger. God is in control, hold on tight to his word and hope against all hope.

  298. Kar Says:

    Thank you so very much Adanne. I passed my exams! God made me pass! He saved me! I will write my testimony shortly.

  299. MOSES Says:

    Just some hours ago, I was so so down because my exams had really gone bad. I had spent sleepness nights studying but just couldn’t find my way out with the questions. These great testimonies from you guys has given me a reason to carry on with the rest of my papers knowing that when we call upon our Lord, He will surely deliver us. I know I will surely share my testimony in a couple of months when the results are in. God bless you all.

  300. Kar Says:

    So, here I am back again – with my testimony! Aaaah HE is so great! He listens when you speak with Him. Here we go then ! – I was during my exams period- 7 weeks before the exams. One morning I woke up with a running nose and I was sneezing continuously- I didnt pay much attention to that. That same morning, I was walking to my room, when I sneezed very loudly and all of a sudden, i felt such a huge back pain.I was half bent and could not straighten my back at all.I was alone at home, and was in such a huge pain.I struggled to walk to my room and threw myself on the bed. I put my hand on my back and kept praying..I prayed continuously, in the hope that the pain will disappear and I will be able to walk again. But the pain was still there and I just could no longer move! I tried to call my grandmother who was cleaning the yard. after numerous calls, she finally heard me and came to see me. She thought I was playing a prank with her- but she finally realised that I wasnt. My mother came afterwards and worried, she gave my dad a call. My dad came home within 5 mins. I couldnt move and we were thinking on how I would be taken to the hospital.we even thought of calling an ambulance but given the area I live, my parents were reluctant to call for one. My sister came within minutes as well.She prayed for me.We prayed.I said- Father, Please-just make me stand and walk till the car.Please Father!!! Bang-I tried getting up and my father heard our prayers!I walked to the car and went to the hospital.I had to stay there for a WE.I was worried the whole time, thinking of my exams and revisions.. I requested my Father to have mercy on me..

    Came the exams – that’s when I got into this site and wrote for the first time on my exams papers. I was not too confident but I had the hope and faith. Some of my questions were left unanswered. As soon as I would reach home, I would meditate on proverb 21:1 – asking God to direct the mind of the examiners in my favour. After the exams, I wrote a petition to my Father – confessing all my sins and pleading for mercy. I continuously prayed on same. I would still forget sometimes while praying – that is, to refer to my petition. But whenever I would remember, I would say- Father, please!!!! I forgot about it, but please dont forget about it you! It was a very special period between me and my Father as I would speak with Him and communicate with Him as if I was speaking with a friend. Then came the results- I was not aware that the results would be out on that particular day. It was such a wonderful surprise. I kept crying crying and crying as I knew that HE had saved me. I knew what I wrote on my papers and by those answers alone, I would not have been able to get through. I knew He directed the mind of the examiners in my favour and in the way which pleased Him! He completed my blank papers! Aaah! So much of Grace he showered upon me! Be always Humble and Grateful dears! Be thankful about each and every single thing! God listens and He surely works upon your requests. I will be qualified as an Attorney. 🙂

    Be blessed everyone!

  301. D. Lynn Keisner Says:

    I need prayer. I am having my final on next Wed. I studied real hard, but the nursing exams are difficult. I have a low test average of 77% total. I need God to work a miracle for me. I have to get at least get a 89 % of higher on this last test to make it.

  302. christi Says:

    Praise the Lord
    I hope i too
    Get the chance to experience
    His miracles!!!

  303. Chevez Says:

    I just completed my cse 101 final. I prayed and called upon God before my exam. I need to receive an 80% or higher to pass the course. I have all my faith in God. I believe through Jesus Christ anything is possible.

    I have been struggling with this class all semester. I know God will answer my call. He promised if I believed in him and had faith in him, that my call will be answered. I asked God for forgiveness and that I will call unto you more often, not just in need. I pray for the person that will be grading my exam and that God be with them. I pray God give the grader guidance to seek my call I prayed to you. God will bless the grader with many more blessings. I have faith in the Lord.

    After my exam, I did not feel comfortable because I missed a few parts on my exam. I began to doubt myself, then I realized that I prayed before my exam and that I will prosper through God. It is nice to see that God has blessed you all. Reading you all posts gave me hope that I did well enough to pass the class. I ask for even more prayers.

    I plan on staying connected now and in the future with you all and I will definitely recommend this site to other believers. I am very blessed and thankful to have find this site. After my exam, I set down and thought to myself, if I just had more time, but I know that I have faith and God was with me taking the exam and together we shall prosper.

    I love and cherish the Lord in every way. The Lord is our Savior! After thinking to myself, I got on my laptop and typed in, “I just got done taking my cse final exam and I need a prayer”. This is how I came about to this lovely site. I shall know my grade from my exam sometime next week. I will continue to pray and faith in Jesus Christ now and forever.

  304. Brenda Says:

    I just took an exam for a class I have been really struggling in, I have been feeling very low but I found this site. These testimonies have encouraged me, I know I serve a God who can preform miracles! I need a 90% to pass the class. By Gods grace I graduate next semester, I am putting all my faith in Christ and I believe I will come back with a testimony next week. I am putting all my fears aside, thank you all for your testimonies and stories, I needed it.

  305. Chiki Says:

    I just finished writing my final exam. I need 85% to pass to go to semester 2. Children of God please help me pray and cry to God. I must pass this exam in Jesus name. I need a miracle. If I can ask for anything this year is to get 85% today. I waited for 2 yrs to enter this program. Prayer worriers please help me pray to my God who raise the dead to raise my grade to 85% in Jesus name

  306. Rebekah M Says:

    I messed up some of the papers i took and i know that i didnt put in as much effort as i should have but i really tried to do what i could. and these exams determine whether or not i will go on to the next stage or whether i have to retake the exams and spend 6000 dollars retaking. i am very scared and i request for prayer to pull me through this waiting period.

  307. Gloriah Says:

    Praise God forever Hallelujah! Few years ago,I was believing God for a promotion to the next level in my academics when all hope was gone, when it was looking like i was going to repeat again, then I just browsed exam passed miraculously then I came in contact with this site, after reading the testimonies here I was strengthen and I believed God that if he can do for these people he can do it in my life also, trusting God and praying with the scriptures, brethren I am happy to announce to you that God of all impossibilities against all hope did my promotion I can never forget this because it was indeed a miracle! Glory to God!

  308. Zeetweet Says:

    These testimonies have really motivated me. At first I doubted if l would make it in my final exams given the few weeks l have left. Now I am very confident that I’ll come out with flying colors in JESUS’ mighty name. AMEN!

  309. eve Says:

    Gloriah congratuations may God keep doin mighty things for you
    I passed my exams but I failed two courses maths again and statistics pliz pray for me to pass all my courses. Math has been giving me trouble. May God help me.

  310. Emmanuel Says:

    I am a final year student in the university, just last week i checked my results. I failed two courses which means i will not graduate this year. I am so down and worried but i believe that those F’s will change to A’s in Jesus’ name. I will come back here with a testimony. please help me in prayer. God bless you.

  311. Jasmina Says:

    Hi jasmin. My name is Jasmina. I love jesus so much. But now currently I don’t know what happened, my Lord seems to avoid me. I cry and I feel he’s angry at me. When I saw your msg and I ran through all the mugs and scrolled. I saw God bless jasmin and I felt much relieved. It made me feel he himself said that.. So I wish he talks to me back like he used to. If I did something wrong to my Lord I would like to apologise in front of all those people here who believe him. I beg pardon. All I want is HIS company again my life long. He who gave me so much. Please help me my LORD.

  312. katie Says:

    Hi my name is Katie. I have a long long history of struggling academically and I am so tired. I just need to tell somebody now because I feel like no matter what I am doing, it is never working out right for me. I have been a christian my entire life but because of my academical past I have become very sensitive about this topic. I pray before every exam but nothing seems to work the way that I had hoped. Either I fail or barely get by. I can’t handle this anymore. I stumbled across this blog and feel o encouraged by all of your testimonies. If he can do it for you, he will also do it for me.
    Please keep me in your prayers. It is very hard to stay strong right now

  313. cavan Says:

    My name is cavan am in 12th grade my exams are very near I can’t make my concentration on studies. I usually get distracted and always don’t get back to my studies. When I was young I used to study for long without any distraction. I don’t understand why I cant study. I come here to read all the testimonies to get courage I know my lord loves me so much and I will study well for my exam and I also wish your prayer to get good marks in my exams thank you and if get good marks I will send my testimony.

  314. Wen Says:

    Hi guys! I just really want to share my testimony so I am here. Haha! As y’all would have know that today is the A level release and previously I had shared about my anxiety towards my econs and it being an important H2 subject. Just to let y’all know I scored a B for my econs!!!! Praise to The Lord!! Indeed he is merciful and loving to all of us!!! I really also want to thank all of you who had prayed for my exams ( indigo you are one of them!) really a big thank you to you guys who have prayed for me, God must have heard your prayers and then come to bless me:) I really want to urge those of y’all to continue praying despite the odds for only The Lord knows your worries and He is the only one in control! So don’t hesitate to raise all your worries to him! Indeed he is a God who rewards all those who believes and is faithful in Him!! Thank you guys for reading this. God bless!!

  315. Wen Says:

    Hey Adanne!!! Thank you so much for praying for me! I am happy to share with you that indeed by God’s grace he made me pass my exams with flying colors!!! Thank you so much for praying for me because I am sure that He must have heard of your prayer too that he have come to bless my exams:) thank you so much!

  316. Ankitha Says:

    I seriously dont know what I’m going to do in my chemistry exam tomorrow. I’ve done no preparation right from the beginning and today Iam all broken. I don’t know what to do, what to study and how to study and above all what to write tomorrow. I am only sick, tired and broken both mentally and physically. But I only know that JESUS can help me. He is the one who does a miracle out of nowhere.

    I am a good student but finally today Iam all in panic, all because I’ve done nothing all these days and I am going to attend my board exam tomorrow which means a lot to me and yet Iam helpless. I believe, my help comes from nowhere but him, my Christ. I doubt my own self if I am worthy of recieving help and I feel I am not but still I am looking forward for a help from my mighty support system ever because without him, I am nothing and I cannot be anything ever.

    HE always forgives my shortcomings and was there for me so, I want him to be there for agin like always. I only want him to look down upon me for once again because I’ll be nothing if he leaves my side. Please pray for my exams and support me. I feel strengthened and supported by all the testimonies here.. And I sincerely pray that God help this hopeless child of his!!!

  317. Samanta Says:


    My 12th board exams were poor. I know I will pass. but, my parents and others are expecting 90%. I am so depressed. I Googled, “can god change exam results?”, and I was disappointed with what I found. It was something I didn’t want to see. “You should never ask god to do something, u don’t deserve.” Yes. I know it’s true. But I am so burdened with other’s expectations that their is no other way left. I pray to god daily. I ask him to do something for me. He can perform any miracle. He helps all his devotees. But when it comes to me, I don’t know why he doesn’t listen. It seems as if my prayers don’t reach him. i am scared as hell. I wanted to take a gap year after 12th so as to prepare for something I am really serious about. My parents agreed to let me drop a year if I score 90% else I would have to join an engineering college. it’s something I am not at all passionate about. But I can’t say this to my parents. I don’t want to break their hearts.
    what should I do?
    would god be merciful on me and forgive my mistakes?
    would he be able to perform a miracle?
    what would I have to do to make him help me?!
    please guys, tell me. Could u please pray for me? could u please disclose a way that would help me seek his forgiveness and help?!!
    please! 90% is the only thing I can think about right now.

  318. Samanta Says:

    What happened? did god help u?!

  319. Samanta Says:

    hi Adanne!
    your testimonies are great. but, you don’t post here anymore! I have shared something that is troubling me a lot, lately. My post is from March 13, 2016. I really hope you see it. You are so close to the almighty that may be, if you ask him to bless me, on my behalf, he might forgive me.
    My result would come out in a couple of months. I hope you will try helping me. Please, don’t ignore this.
    I really need some hope. I really want god to intervene and make everything fall into place.
    Thanks a lot. god bless.

  320. Emory Says:

    Hi Samanta, I’ve thought about your comment and prayed for you. Instead of asking for a specific solution like changing the exam results, I wonder if you might ask God to handle the solution in His own creative way.

    When I’m faced with situations like this where there seems to be no way out, I often use this scripture 1 Peter 5:7 “casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.” I just say to God that I have no idea what to do and give up so I cast this care on You. I can’t think of a time when He hasn’t come through.

    If you’ve received Christ, he has forgiven you and you have a right to come to Him and ask in your time of need. Now, here’s a scripture that comes to mind, Hebrews 4:16:

    “Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

  321. Samanta Says:

    Thank you so much Emory for reading my comment.
    you are absolutely right.
    I have been thinking about something a lot, How can we make god happy? I mean we always ask him to help us. But have we ever took a moment to ask god about his well being? God sure has everything. But is there anything we can offer him?

  322. Samanta Says:

    And thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers. 🙂

  323. Emory Says:

    Your welcome and God bless you Samanta.

  324. malima Says:

    Our is an awesome and miracle working God! Thank you Jesus. So much encouraged by testimonies here.

  325. Godson Says:

    Hi guys, I got exams after 7 days and to be true I haven’t prepared anything coz I am very lazy but now I regret for it but still I am not able to I am very much upset. So I’ve tried to find on Google that how God helps us in exams and magically I came here but i have one question will Jesus help me coz I am not a Christian, I never went to church I have never read Bible coz I am of Hindu religion so will Jesus help me??? Please God answer me!?

  326. Emory Says:

    Godson, He can help you, yes. But, if you seek Him and receive Jesus you will have a direct line to Him and the right to come to Him any time and ask your heart’s desires. I pray you will and that you will pass the exams.

  327. NA Says:

    I came here last year in tears and full of anxiety as i had left all my revision till the very lag minute and I thought I was going to fail. this page gave me so much hope and motivation and helped build my faith back up, but the weeks leading up to my exams were a battle of anxious meltdowns and reassurance of faith. I got through it, but I know that it was only because of Our Lord and through faith in Jesus Christ.

    I am back here again this year, a month to my exams. It was so nice and comforting seeing the same testimonies I had seen before and some new ones. God really is good. Because of all the pain I went through last year I keep panicking and due to the stress have developed brain fog. It’s scary because it stops me from thinking straight yet I have to, to be able to conquer all the work in front of me.

    Regardless, I am trusting in my God. I have more time now but still feel like ive procrastinated. I pray that Jesus Christ guides me through, I pray that he clears my brain fog, I pray he grants me a first class in all the essays I have to write between now and June. I pray that his presence is always felt in my life and that my anxiety and stresses are lifted. I pray that I learn to put my faith and trust in him 100% because I know that he can do it, I just need to understand that he would do it for me.

    Isaiah 43:2-3 – when you pass through the waters he will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I am the Lord your God the Holy One of Israel, your saviour

    Isaiah 43:18-19: forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up, do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams on the wasteland.

    Proverbs 16:3 – commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans.

    I ask that you pray for me and I pray that you all shall be lifted up and reap from the love of our Lord

  328. NA Says:

    Godson, He would be there with you. I pray for you.

  329. NA Says:

    Dear Ankitha,

    I hope you are well. I hope your papers went fine. I pray you remember the grace that the Lord gives and know that he would be faithful to you. Remember that the Kings heart is in his hands. Your situation is in his hand. He sees you, he loves you, he wants the best for you, just give him the chance to take control. Trust him and release your faith. He will be there 🙂

  330. mia Says:

    Second semester of college is so hard for me I don’t know how am going to pass my classes, I failed some of my test. oh god please help me!:(

  331. NA Says:

    Keep the faith and speak the truth. Our Lord loves us and is with us. Our tongue is so powerful, if you claim it and ask with full faith and belief that you will receive it, he will do it for you!

  332. Brisingr_av Says:


    This is dated march 31st 2016. I am so desperate right now, so upset, so depressed…that I don’t even know where to start. Things started going bad two years ago…. Thinking it would get better some day. I never gave up hope… With deaths in my family…and two of my favorite people diagnosed with cancer. Things got a hell lot worse. I’ve always believed in god…as a catholic…my entire family have been good Christians…with truckloads of faith…so somehow everything bad….have turned out good…or we have persevered through it with jesus’s help… I’m doing my chartered accountancy final this may… And I haven’t studied..not one bit..not on purpose…it’s a very difficult course and I hate it… I hate every bit of it… I keep praying..god. Just help me study.I don’t want to waste anymore time, but it’s not happening..with one month to go… I’m so scared. I don’t know if I can do this… I read the testimonies given here…and it gives me hope…I want to come to this website in July when my results come…and give the news of my miracle… I believe that Jesus will be there for me….because a miracle that’s the only thing that can help me. I don’t deserve to clear…but I need this…. So bad… You do understand…right Jesus?
    I have to clear. Have to…for me…for my family who has sacrificed too much for me. I have to.

    So Jesus…be with me…as I enter my final month…sit with me while I study…make me remember stuff that I have read or solved even once…I’m just asking for pass mark..nothing more… I promise I will sing of your praise…and I will always keep you alive in my heart… I need you Jesus…please…I am crying out with all my heart…I cannot do this without you… I love you so much…

    I have no true friends..all I have is my family and I need to do justice to them…never leave me… I want to give testimony to this…and I believe now..that I will.

    Friends in Christ…please do keep me in your prayers…


  333. Cjn Says:

    I am a second year law student …I written have four of my exams but some did not go according to plan,fear and anxiety have almost overwhelmed me but I have totally placed my hope in Jesus for the two courses remaining and for good grades when the results come out. I rely on Isaiah 41:10 as the bedrock for my exams, friends please pray for me.So when the results are out I will share my testimony with you guys and also to help others to trust in God.

  334. David Says:

    My brother in the Lord I’m praying for u, your last two exams you will not only pass, but you will pass with flying colours in the mighty name of Jesus.

  335. David Daniel Says:

    I am an a level student, and have been struggling with my academics for the last two years. I’m repeating a levels for the 3 time. The first year I got UUUU, the second I got DEUU.

    I’ve learnt from my mistakes and I’ve studied harder, but my understanding and ability to get my thoughts onto papers has hindered me. I’m also doing a intense course as I’m studying a 2 year course in 1year.

    I also chose to come to Nigeria for a year to do my exams so that I would be less distracted. And this is the first I’ve been away from my family which has been extremely hard for me.

    I have 19 exams and 3 coursework a to do between May and June in this year 2016. I just ask that my brothers and sisters in the Lord that you will keep me in your prayers I am believing this is my year of excellence. That I will not feel like a failure anymore and I will be admitted in a top university studying the course that the Lord desires me to study.

    Thank you all for your supportive testimonies they have truly inspired me, and driven me back to God, God bless you all and I pray this will be the year of excellence and success for all of us in the mighty name of Jesus.


  336. David Daniel Says:

    I’m praying for you that God will perform a miracle in your life. You will pass with flying colours better than your peers in the mighty name of Jesus. Jesus will be with while your studying and in your exams, he will guide to excellence in the mighty name of Jesus.

  337. Alicia Says:

    Hi guys,

    I really need a prayer, my application to poly failed. And I have appealed alr currently I’m just waiting for the appeal outcome. I desperately want to get into a poly. Have been praying and putting my faith in God for my future plans. I rlly want to get into SP among all the polys but apparently my gpa doesn’t meet the requirement of the course and the chances of getting into my dream sch is almost impossible but still seeking God everyday. I will just be grateful enough if I get into a poly and course that I’ve appealed for, wouldn’t ask for much. Putting my faith in God and will praise and give him all the glory no matter what the outcome is. My appeal results will be release next week. Pls do pray for me. God Bless you all!

  338. Wen Says:

    Hi David Daniel, I just want to encourage you that God is with you all this time! Do not hesitate to ask Him for help or feel that you do not deserve His grace. He wants to love you and bless you. I know how you feel taking the A levels, I too, retook A levels the second time last year. That is the maximum no. of times you can retake as a student in my country so it is like a last chance for me to make my mark. However, till the very end, I was not fully prepared despite 4 years of study especially my econs. And all I can do was pray and trust in God. After my exams, the feeling I had was not good, because it felt like I am going to fail again. But I continue to pray to God to take away the anxiety in my heart and for my grades. Finally, just this year march,when I got back my results, instantly I knew that it was God’s grace on me that I can score a B for my econs! This is a jump from my previous result S! Also, noting that throughout my fourth year, I never even got close to an E in tests, my max was an S. Indeed, God answers your prayers when you ask for it earnestly! He knows the desires of your heart! You just have to trust in Him and know that He is with you! I will be praying for you! Just do your best and trust in the loving Lord!!

  339. Viola Says:

    I recently sat for my 4 units though they did not go well for me.i really need prayers and im so desperate because if i fail in all of them i will be withdrawn from my dream course..please keep me in your prayers..i believe that our Lord will direct the minds of the examiners…please keep me in your prayers.


  340. Jaylynn Says:

    If you could please pray for me!!! I’m taking my US History test tomorrow I studied & prayed & cryed out to God & everything I have faith I will pass it but if you could please pray that I will pass my test that would mean a lot & help me to not be nervous when I have to take it thanks.

  341. divya joshi Says:

    Dear all believers i truely inspired by all aforesaid testimonies i am CA atudent. i have my IPCC exam from 3rd may to 15 may i didnt cope up with any of single subject till. i know its all because of my laziness and my personal life issues i could not able to focus on my study. but it is very important for me to crack my CA IPCC exam now this time only lord can save me only he can give me strength for my exam.

    please pray daily for me all your prayers will contribute a huge sucess in my life….. pray that lord will do miracle in my life….i believe that next time i will post my testimony here!! all offer millions of praises to lord jesus

  342. Sarda Says:

    Dear all believers,I’m not a Christian,still I believe in God Jesus,bcoz i know that God is one,who is a supreme power. My 12th boardresult will come out after after 1 day..I really don’t know what to do.. bcoz i didn’t perform well in my board exam.. i am so worried..i pray to God daily and I have faith in Him,I want His blessings.

    Dear friends,please do pray for me from the core of your heart. I want a good result in my 12th board exam with the help of God,Jesus..

    In the name of Jesus.I pray


  343. Brisingr_av Says:

    Hi Divya joshi
    I’m a ca final student…and I understand what you’re going through…in my ipcc , I did my studies last minute and advanced accounts I added up my marks…and did not even get 30… And you know the pass Mark is 40…. When the results came… I had cleared!!! First attempt… And I got 45 in advanced accounts…. Jesus can do the impossible…
    Jeremiah 32:27 ‘ I am the Lord the god of all mankind. Is anything impossible for me?’
    Believe…trust and never lose faith… I just finished first two subjects of my finals…this is my first attempt.. First paper was very bad….but I know my lord will clear me. Second paper..only what I knew came for the exam… Now six more to go….
    Jesus will be with us.. There is no doubt about that….he loves us too much to refuse what we ask for… Keep the bible alive in your heart..whenever you feel like the paper is going bad….say the bible verses…and it will strengthen you… All the best 🙂

  344. Brisingr_av Says:

    Dear Sarda
    Jesus loves all mankind..irrespective of the caste or religion….pray and he will never fail to answer…..
    I will pray for you…all the very best. Hope you pass with amazing marks.
    God bless.

  345. Sarda Says:

    Thanks for your prayer ..Brisingr_av..

    May God bless you.


  346. Jennifer Says:

    I was not born a Christian, but something amazing happened to me 3 years ago and helped me convert to christianity. i read the bible and i pray to Jesus everyday and night.
    but… something bothering me is happening. i’ve been failing so many exams. i’m a pre med student and i used to study a lot and do well. now, however, i pray and study and i end up failing. i ask for Jesus to be with me in the exam, and i feel that he’s neglecting me. this doesn’t stop me from praying harder.
    i did everything i can to become closer to Jesus. i repent everyday, i avoid sins, i help people, i pray, i help people become closer to Jesus.
    so my question is .. why am i failing? i study hard and i pray for Jesus to be with me. why am i failing? my chemistry grades are very low and it’s driving me crazy. if this happens to anyone else, they’d stop praying because it’s not helping.. but for me, I’m praying even more, thinking that i might have done something wrong.

    help me please.. I’m going crazy.
    i lost interest and motivation. i don’t want to lose hope.
    my finals are this week. My Chemistry exam is on May 10, i can’t afford another bad grade. i need a 90 on my final to get a C on the course.

    please pray for me and guide me. i feel like I’m alone in this world. i feel like I’m a lost soul.

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