I Saw an Angel!

April 12th, 2009

My daughter was almost 4 years old in 1994 when she had seizures. The first time she had one, which lasted 1 minute I couldn’t believe. We took her to the hospital and after seeing a neurologist, ran all the tests CT, EEg etc. He said that she would continue to have these seizures and put her on phenobarbital. We went home so sad and in disbelief. We couldn’t believe our little angel was going to have to be in such a strong medicine.

So my husband and I decided to get her off on our own after 3 days on that horrible medication. I never for once forgot that God was present and he would take care of her. By the end of the week on a Sunday, she had another one and this time even stronger.

I then, became desperate. Put my knees on the floor and prayed for a miracle. Called my aunt in Brazil, and asked her to please pray for my little one (my aunt is very Christian). That same night she said her and many of the church members were going to call for a prayer session for my baby girl. I finally went to sleep since my daughter was sleeping beside my husband in her little bed in our room. We had moved her bed to ours to be watching her closely. I woke up with a very bright light in my eyes, even thought that my husband had put the light on. Then, I looked to my left where my husband and daughter were and saw a tall and bright figure just beside my daughter. His face was like glass with rose cheeks. I felt something in my heart never experienced before. I felt his love so deep in to my heart. He looked at me like I startled him and then I felt asleep and woke up the next morning thinking it was a dream. But I know for sure it was not a dream, he really came to see my daughter and deliver his mercy and to cure her.

My daughter never had another seizure again. I just wanted to share this because there are a lot of people out there that don’t believe in God and his angels and can begin to have faith. And it’s got to truly come from your heart and not just from words. My daughter is a healthy 18 years old now.

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  1. janet pereira Says:

    Dear madam
    Glad to read your testimony that you saw an angel
    and your doubts about God existence is confirmed
    I am facing lots of persecution from neighbours
    who want me evict my flat and do not wat me to
    prosper Pl pray for me so that I be leftt alone
    I am praying but my prayers are not answered
    From Janet

  2. dave Says:

    I loved your Testimony! Would you be willing to share with my listeners on my audio podcast show? davemarshal16@gmail.com

  3. Naquan Says:

    Wow, this is certainly a blessing. Only God can do such miraculous things. I’m so happy for you that the Lord cared so much to send healing upon your child and not only that but to allow you to see an angel surrounding your child. To God be the glory. People do need to hear this story, because theres so many people who don’t believe in angels or Christ. But you have a testimony and it will bless many. God bless you =]

  4. natalie Says:

    I believe you I saw a baby faced angel in my room also its face was the most shinist thing I ever saw and cheeks was also rosey I went to the libraby the next day to look up info on angels and it said their light shines bright cause its the enternal light of god that shines throw them

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Dear Janet,

    Please know that God always answers your prayers. Sometimes He answers yes, sometimes no and sometimes “later”.

    If your neighbours have not left you alone since you asked, trust that God has a plan for you, even if it is hard.


  6. monique Says:

    I saw another angel,,just the other night. It was my second experience with these celestial beings and the first time actually seeing one..the first time, I did not open my eyes. The one I met the other night was very, very tall, and spoke two sentences.

    “It looks like you could use this” (then handed me an object, which at the very moment, was exactly what I needed)

    and this

    “No one gives anything away for free anymore”

    and then he was gone…

  7. Alyster Vancheltz Says:

    Okay you asked for it lol. Let’s just say that when I was eleven years old I saw an angel, when I was really depressed and sitting in my yard crying? I all of the sudden felt absolutely calm, and my tears stopped falling. The angel then disappeared, and to this day I still haven’t figured out why i saw it. I also remember that I was unable to see its face, and that it seemed to be floating about nine or ten feet off of the ground. I noticed that it had blond hair, and a white robe, or something like that. Sounds like I made it up right? Lol thats the thing though, I didn’t. It was the most amazing experience in the world. I was sitting in my back yard with my back against the house on a cement ground thing (you know like a cement porch?) I had a really terrible day at school(like every day) and I was so depressed that I wanted to kill myself. I was unable to stop crying until I saw the angel. Anybody have a clue why I saw it? I tried asking some of my friends, and they aren’t really sure either, so it would be awesome if I could get some of your opinions thanks.

  8. Jennifer Says:

    I am normally very optimistic and happy but had been going through a time of sadness and despair this last week. I was so incredibly exhausted with grief that I layed in the bed and cried for a long time. Then I prayed for peace and happiness and meditated to help myself fall asleep. I had not been asleep but a few minutes when I awoke and was frozen with fear and as I saw a beautiful being watching me, who looked as if it were made of silver glitter and had giant wings made of the same substance. When I realized what I was looking at, I raised up to get a closer to look, and it slowly faded away. I sat there with this overwhelming feeling of peace and happiness…I still can’t believe I was blessed with such a visit!

  9. Jennifer Says:

    To Alyster, I believe you were granted a blessing from an angel because you were so sad and desperate too. Did you thank God for his gift to you? That is an awesome story!

  10. Heather Says:

    I stumbled upon this website and began reading peoples’ experiences with angels. I’ve only told a few people about my own experience and they all looked at me like I’m crazy So I don’t go there anymore. People can’t be convinced. They think that I believe what I’m saying, but they doubt it actually happened.

    Here’s what happened…I’m 39 years old. I grew up in an abusive household. One day, as a child and after a particularly brutal beating, I was laying in bed, crying. I was not asleep and it was daylight outside. When out of no where there appeared to me a large being eminating a kind of light that I have never seen since that day. It was THE brightest light ever, sort of white and yellow and gold. It outshone the sun but it didn’t hurt my eyes. It was flowing and beaming, that’s the best way I can describe it. I didn’t see wings or a face, but the creature (what I believe to be an angel)flowed and hovered released this light. I felt like it was smiling and loving me, but again…I saw no face.

    Words don’t do it justice. I am a well educated woman who works with words for a living, but even I don’t have the vocabulary to adequately describe this angel.

    I stared for a moment or two, my sorrow was completely gone, replaced with happiness and calm and amazement. Finally, I yelled for my mommy and screamed to her that there was an angel. But before she came in the room it was just…gone.

    I haven’t doubted God or the existence of angels for my entire life, because of this 1 minute experience. When friends and I debate religion or God I tell them absolutely, make no mistake, He exists, angels exist, good and evil DO exist. They ask how I can be so sure and I usually respond, “I just know.”

  11. Jean Says:

    Thank you for sharing this awesome Testimony I use it as a point of contact for my son who has had convulsions for over 10 yrs he is now 15.
    I believe without a doubt that my son will be healed forever in Jesus name.

    May the name of the Lord be praised. Amen!

  12. Liliana Says:

    When I was four I was in a the car with a few family members. The radio was on, but I started to hear this beautiful melody. It was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard.
    “Mommy, do you hear that? Isn’t it beautiful!?” I said. She said she couldn’t hear anything. I looked out the front windshield and saw what looked like multi colored music notes. Looking higher in the sky I saw what looked like a rope slowly letting down a manger with a hay roof. Mary was there singing with baby Jesus in her arms as Joseph looked at them lovingly. I was saying this all to my mom and grandparents, and they thought I was making it all up. I gave up and just stared, thanking God for the traffic so i could watch. there were like little pebbles in the sky and I saw the this boy bring a sheep, and three funny looking guys (i didn’t go to church enough to know who they were) and other people all bringing gifts. Everyone thinks it was a dream. Maybe… but… if someone could have seen… they’d know… im not making it up.

  13. Pat Francis Says:

    Dear Liliana,
    Thank you for sharing your experience I bellieve you as I have a very strong faith. I believe that Mary and Baby Jesus are telling you to spread His word especially now that the world is so unhappy God is not in exsitence. You must not be afraid peoply will turn a deaf ear to you especially if their faith is not strong and what you saw is a eye opener that there is a God and he was born into this world like you and me. I have been thought that I was mental as well as I have seen little babies going into Limbo after parents have aborted them. I was slained in the Holy Spirit and I was crying out PRAY FOR THE BABIES WHO HAVE BEEN ABORTED STOP ABORTION. But in this world who listens to you so all you can do is Pray and ask God to give you some inspiration and ask Him what you can do. Thank HIm for giving you this experience as not many people will be so lucky. God Bless. You can email me if you can get hold of my email address from these people although I know its private and they dont disclose your email address.

  14. Jaime Says:

    To everyone who shared:

    Thank all of you for sharing your glorious experiences..I have never seen an angel, but I know you all did and I praise God that you were able to witness to us that you did. I have a friend that saw angels, and months later someone spoke a word from God to her, describing the experience. The man that spoke to her had no idea she saw the angels, she didn’t share the experience with many because few believed her. I however, know in my spirit that God will use any means necessary to communicate , comfort and love on us. The bible is full of accounts where He sent angels to His people, and the bible is His word and His word is truth..is it not?

    God bless you all,

    Praise the Lord, King of Kings, creator of man and angels!! \O/

  15. Elizabeth Says:

    I accepted Jesus as soon I could talk and understand. I’ve made Him my best friend since I can remember. In times of need, Jesus helped me many times. I not only was aware of an angel once, but several times. The first time I heard one call my name and telling me with a loud sound: wake up! wake up now! You see I had fallen asleep on Highway 64 from Huntington wv to ashland ky. My baby was sitting in his car seat and I fell asleep just having tried an over the counter allergy medication not knowing what was to happen. When this very loud booming voice got my attention I began coming out of a deep sleep and noticed i was just creeping along in the right lane while cars were passing me on the left lane going speed limit of 65mph. My hands were relaxed on my lap and what struck me was the fact the car did not go off the road since I wasn’t steering the wheel. That was enought to get me to read and acquire more info on angels and now I know they exist. There were other times an angel came to my aid, but I may tell that real story at a later time. Thanks for reading and may you be blessed.

  16. Jalal Says:

    Me and two friends of mine were sitting in my car next to my former primary school in east london E1. It was cold outside and so my windows were all up. We were all talking about another friend of mine who had some sort of paranormal activity in his house, how it would make baby noises or cats meowing and so on, while i was speaking about this i felt worried for my friend. While we were talking i was rolling up a ciggerette with the tobbacco on a cd case with the reading light on, it was dark out. There was a silent moment when no one spoke as i was rolling up. Suddenly in front of me a small beutiful fairy appeared i couldn’t make out a face but it was truly amazing, it was like a see through bright light, not a solid light but like dots of light all moving about. It looked just like a butterfly, beutifully slowly moving its wings. At the moment i didnt feel scared i was actually happy and felt gifted that i saw this. It then flew into my reading light slowly and vanished. I had a reflective cd case in my hand and i was reflecting the light off the reading light trying to make out if it was a reflection, i knew it was real bus still thought “no it cant be” and continued reflecting the light trying to see if thats what it was, my friend then from the back saw me doing so and said, “did you see that” and then my friend sitting beside me said he saw it. As we were talking about ghosts after seening this i felt happy and like i was protected, i couldn’t stop smiling. I started the car and drove off. After a while for some reason i avoided that area even though i knew it was safe and blessed, i was walking past one night on my own. Next to where it is is a really tall tower block, i see 2 small lights moving up and down the length of the building , one was bigger and brighter but both flew together. they moved up and down then vanished. I knew it was angels. Funnily at around that time there were a number of fires in that tower block all seperate incidents in seperate flats but all wierdly around the same time. 5 or 6 large fires in the space of 2 months Its wierd dont know what to think but were the angels helping those people against something dark.

  17. McKell Says:

    Oh my gosh what a blessing! That is truly an amazing story. I have also seen an angel once myself about 5 years ago I was about 9 and I saw a little girl with wings and she was just beautiful and I felt a peace inside my heart that I had never felt before but what a blessing it is to have people that have experienced the same thing I have!

  18. Cody Says:

    That’s really cool. I felt that peace one time in a dream. I haven’t experienced anything like that since I was a kid, though.

  19. alexander Says:

    wow that story was great. I have seen two demons in my life which scared me half to death and i am only a kid .I have been scared to rebuke them but I will try to get them next time. I am glad you have seen an angel because angels are peace full and had saved my mom from death once but god saved my mom twice the trap door and from lighting. but you are in god the fathers hands,jest like my mom is. your description of the angel some how warmed my heart and brought the presence of happiness and peace. thank you for that happy story.

  20. nick Says:

    The first time I accepted Jesus into my life, I was about 5 years old, and I remember hearing angels singing and celebrating right after I accepted Christ. Whenever I start to lose faith, I think back and can still hear that heavenly sound in my head.

  21. Jenn Says:

    I saw an angel too. What struck me about your sighting is the bright light. Over twenty years ago, one night when I was sleeping, my deceased sister appeared before me four years after her death. When my sister died, she was 8 years old, but in this form she was an adult. I realized then, that when we die, we look like young adults, no matter if we died in childhood or old age. The light from her face was so blinding it hurt my eyes to look at her. Her face was like the sun, almost blue, like when you stare at the sun. The most bright light came from her head. She didn’t have angel wings, but so much energy and light eminated from her that I could see why people think angels have wings. She wore a white gown and it looked like wind or energy moved through her. I remember looking at her hand, it was her hand, but made of light or something semi-translucent. There were many colors of light that shown out from her and there was what I’d describe as a very loud silence. When she spoke it was like wavering, like water flowing. She told me that she loved me and to remember that Love and Family are the most important things.

  22. Angela Says:

    I have a picture of an angel .. I was taking pictures of items to sell on ebay and later that day I was looking through the pictures and I have a picture of what I believe my guardian angel .. you can see the wings and face …hair hands everything!

  23. Dominic Says:

    I cant believe I found this… I also saw an angel when i was young and NEVER told a soul…. I never knew what to make of it…Now I know what I saw was real!

  24. George Says:

    I’m 40 years old and I saw an angel during all a year, when I was ten (+ or -). I live in Barcelona (Spain)now but, when I was 10, I was living in town of centre of Spain; and, during all a year, every night (without exception) when I woke up to the toilette at midnight, I saw an figure without feet but very tall, touching the beedroom’s ceiling with his head. All him like transparent. And, the most important, always smiling when I watching him with fear… But one day, he dissapear…and I’m waiting him for ever!
    A greeting and goodbye!

  25. Robert Manley Says:

    I went down the tunnel, and yes toward a very bright light in flight, when I came into the light, I could not make out what I was seeing, and yes, sorry, it was wings, with a face, when I tried to establish the gender, I broke out in embarrasing laughter, while covering my mouth, the first thing this rather large ANGEL said, was its ok everyone laughs, that was the beginning of our conversation, this is the first time I have ever written these words. PS never did I hear…angels have no gender! WOW

  26. Karen Says:

    I can not describe what I saw, but here is my story.
    On Christmas Day, 2008, we opened our gifts and got dressed to go to everyone’s houses and do what we always had done every year, mostly eat alot. My kids are old enough to drive themselves and leave, at their own times. All of them but my sixteen year old, she only had a learners permit. We were at my mom’s house and my youngest son had done got ready to leave and my sixteen year old daughter was leaving with him, (she was going over to her friend’s house to spend the night). My husband and I came on home and got ready for bed. As I was putting on my pajamas, something caught my eye. It was two brilliant lights that came racing down the hall. They were side by side, in the shape of two eyes. They were golden, like the sun. I thought they must be a reflection of something, but I had never seen such a bright reflection. I can’t decribe the yellow golden color of them. I never took my eyes off of them and I didn’t move. I just stood there looking at them. I felt like they were just looking at me and then the first one to my left kind of took off, then the other one lingered there for just less than a second and took off trailing after it. I didn’t question it or anything. It felt like something normal. I layed down and looked at the clock that said 8:37. I know the tv was on and I must have fallen asleep right away. In a sound sleep, my phone woke me up. It was my oldest son, from another town, who we had just seen earlier. I sleepily answered and he said, Moma come let me in. I got our of bed and my husband asked Who is that? I told him that he may as well get up, because the news was going to be bad. I put on my robe and walked to the front door and opened it and said “I know someone died, but who is it?” My son, his wife, the sheriff department, and coroner were standing there. I was at peace and smiling when I opened the door. I knew all about it and felt like I had been spending time with whoever it was, before I woke up. Then I found out it was my sixteen year old… car wreck. It brought me way back to reality when I learned this… When I got her death certificate, she was killed at 8:36. Noone believes me when I tell them about my visit, but I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I know what I saw and how I felt. My son was mad at everyone who knew before me, and still thinks someone called me and told me before he could get here. All I can say is that I just knew, somehow. I never had doubts about God before, but that night, I KNOW he was with me.

  27. Rebecca Bliss Says:

    Dear Karen, so sorry for your loss. However, you gained your salvation with that experience, you gained peace and God’s Grace. Your testimony is overwhelming, simular experiences have happened to me as well. You know what you know, never allow anyone to make you feel unworthy of that blessing. You will in Gods time reunite with your daughter. Have peace dear one.
    P.S. I found the time of your posting simbolic.

  28. Seth Says:

    I’m sorry, but I believe you are mistaken here.

    I am willing to bet that what you saw, judging by your description of the love that you felt, was actually Jesus himself.

    If you would like to learn about my theory, I recommend two things: Kenneth Hagin’s book “I Believe in Visions” (http://www.rhema.org/store/i-believe-in-visions-book.html) and Smith Wigglesworth’s book “Faith That Prevails” (free download, http://www.evangelo.org/biblioteca/Faith_That_Prevails.pdf)

    Wigglesworth was a man of very strong faith, and the healing and loving presence of Jesus is greatly illustrated multiple times throughout this 55-page book.

  29. carmen Says:

    I understand your fear. You fear the experience because deep down, you know that there was something real about the dream. I wrote a book for such persons in your predicament because I’ve experienced the same thing you did. You can view some of the pages for free at signs-of-wonder.com Just know this: Your REACTION was proof of something prevailing in your subconscious mind. Your ACTIONS show that you want to know if God is real. There are no coincidences. The images of your dream and how you came to identify them was not by chance. That was the movement of the Holy Spirit working to reveal something to you. Keep diligent in your search for God. He’s right here. It just takes a few eye-openers to realize it.

  30. luis Says:

    when I was really little, I can’t remember how young but I was still in a crib, I used to have 2 baby angels visit me, appearing and disappearing in a flash of light. one had longer blond hair, and the other had the little black raisin hair, but both had the brightest, purest white robes you could imagine. they used to talk to me, and I’m sad that I can’t remember what about, but I always looked forward to their visits. they were with me long enough for me to know that they disappeared when my parents came close. one day, however they disappeared and my parents came in and took me away from my room. as I looked back from over my dads shoulder, I saw them both looking with something like sadness and then disappeared for the last time. I never saw them again, but I know I will again someday. right now I am 13, so I will have to be very patient

  31. Tina Says:

    My son Lane got run over by a boat trailer with the boat on it two days ago. He got skinned up pretty good but the tires missed him. He told me “Mommy, Daddy and grandpa do not believe me, but an angel told me to scoot over. I don’t know how else you could explain him only coming out with some road rash, so I definitely believe him.

  32. wayne Says:

    i love this story. it gives me hope that someday i will see jesus god and all the angels in heaven. mircales are real.but some people lie about miracles so watch out for pretenders and feel what is in your heart. not what people tell you. read the bible for yourself. praise god.

  33. i saw an angel Says:

    I saw an angel 14 years ago. it saved my life. Its was in human form and it was about 15 or 16 years old looking and roman looking , but it would not look at me, just sidewards, i could see his face only sidewards. He was only there for about 7 minutes . I did not die. I was supposed to die and i did not. I call him Blue. cuz blue is my favorite color. I have not seen him again. but i am still here. He wore beautiful colors, but i could not see hes feet.

  34. Alan Says:

    I saw my angel bout 4 yrs ago i was laying in bed fast asleep and was awakened and as i looked up towards the ceiling i seen her but was like i was floating and could see nothing else but white and her she said nothing i didnt see wings but i did see her smile which comforted me and her hair and white robe just waved like she was in water kinda hard to explain i just seen her from the mid chest up but i nvr felt so good in my like it was so euphoric i felt so happy and positive i couldnt move either just layed there not scared but with total peace i cried for i felt so good and it seemed to last forever but then it was gone and i was wide awake so i know it wasnt a dream and my wife lay asleep next to me so i know it was just for me but why i ask myself what was the message.

  35. daisy Says:

    I saw an angel earlier on this year. I was awakened in the middle of the night and I saw the angel standing next to my bed. He had wings, his hair was in short wavy curls and his whole body was shimmering silver white light. I only saw him sidewards because he was facing my bedroom windows on the other side of the bed. I thought I was dreaming at first, so I blinked and he disappeared. Before this happened, I was at the point where I was doubting the existence of God because I was going through some hard time. But this event brought back my faith in God =)

  36. Melissa Says:

    I think I saw 2 angel’s last night! I woke up to use the rest room about 2 something. I remember seeing what looked like bright large face of a girl with blond hair near the foot of the bed. It was like it was cuddled in the covers by my husbands feet! I know wierd right? Just the face nothing more. I had to look twice but it was gone.

    When using the restroom, I left the door open since we have a private bathroom connecting to our bedroom. I never turned on the light, but we have a night light in the restroom and the hall light was on. I felt a presence, that is the only way I can describe it. Like someone was up or in the room. For that split second I looked up at the doorway. I saw a side image of a person/lady? It was so quick! White, very thin, tall, blond hair…no wings though. It was a side view so I really did not see the face. I felt a tad scared but then a voice I heard in my head said “Angel”. And I knew it was an angel, not a ghost or something to be afraid of…and I wasn’t afraid. I got back into bed and turned my back to the outside part of the bed to hold my husband. I felt that presence still over my shoulder but I did not look. “Angel” I told myself that time. And I went back to sleep.

  37. denise Says:

    I was inbed with my six year old daughter.I was dreaming of speaking to an angel, I was telling it my problems, it did not have a face,it was reaching out to me, I dont know why, but there was something blue about this angel. I woke up with my daughter sitter up in the bed grabbing her hands into the air. I sat up and asked her whats the matter, she turned and said to me I want to see the angel you have just been talking to. I tried to grab its gold wings but it flew out of the window.I jumped out of bed and turned the light on, I was so shocked. The next morning i asked her, What was wrong with you last night and she replied you were talking to an angel and I wanted to see it.

  38. faith Says:

    5 years ago my son and i were going through hard times. my son was too scared to walk upstairs on his own. the house we lived in was previously used by people we knew that dabbled with the occult and pagan rituals. everyone commented how the house felt eerie, dark and heavy. many spiritual things happened in this house. if i was not a christian i would think i was going crazy and grow scared and fearful. i asked my friends to pray and anoint every room in the house.since then everyone who entered the house christian and non-christian remarked on the change in the house. it felt lighter and peaceful but there was something still looming outside. Around this time i was sitting in my living room and saw something white and tall walk by with a gold belt i went straight upstairs and my son who was 8 years old lying in bed said mum i saw an angel with a gold belt with a triangle on the belt. straight away i thought of the holy trinity.my faith with god was so incredible if i lost a hair band he would help me find it. at that time i d had this woman who has bullied me for years it was weird cus i knew she used to spend a lot of time in this house and she dabbled into weird stuff. i was scared to go home one day because my ex was hovering round my door i didnt know what to do so i started walking towards a pub i knew if i stayed there for a little bit id be safe then go home after he got bored waitng for me. as i aproached the pub this clear soft voice said to me don’t go in. i was so scared to be hanging around outside i didn’t listen and went in. This woman (bully) came in and beat me up in the toilets her eyes weirdly glazed over and she just went psycho and started bashing the sides of my head. i knew i should have listened to the voice it was either god or his angel walking by my side.

  39. therese Says:

    I really like your testimony. It reminded me of the similar experiences that i had. It started at an ordinary day at my parents’ house. I was alone and I felt very energetic so I started twirling and as I twirl I say a woman wearing a long white dress smiling back at me (this was my first experience). Other times I heard in angel that was in my dream telling me to wake up because supposedly i felt like I was about to die in my sleep, i could had died if it wasn’t for that angel (while i was sleeping I had a terrible/good dream). So when I finally broke out of that scary moment, I woke up, I went to my Bible and ask who was the angel who saved me.. and when I flipped the Bible to a random page and it said angel Gabriel (I was very surprise and happy). And finally other times I either feel an angel’s touch or their presence (this felt like a sudden overwhelming chill that came with peace and happiness). These all wonderful things started happening when I started to get closer to God, pray a lot more, and since I’m only 15 years old people kinda give me this face that show that I’m crazy or lying, but wasn’t, when I told them (but they didn’t say that I’m crazy or lying). I have been very religious since very little and I’m still going to continue that way because the things and signs that I had seen ..it.. it is just believable at the same time wonderful.

  40. Amber Says:

    I was a small child when I now believe what I saw was an angel, I used to tell other kids when I was younger that I saw a ghost. But, now that I am older I know I saw a woman with a halo and wings that reminds me of the exact angel on the little Gaurdian Angel prayer cards. She looked huge maybe 8ft tall, she floated as if she was under water, even the curls in her hair swayed with her, I also remember being so impressed with the beauty of her halo, and I found it odd at the time (I was maybe 5) that her knees were bent back, I can only describe it as her floating like cupid. Any comments will be appreciated, I desperately wonder why she appeared to me.

    p.s. I believe she was smiling at me also (like in the other accounts Ive read), but I did not feel peace (like everyone else) I was so afraid, I screamed in horror and I think she still smiled, at that age I felt as if she disregarded the fact that I was horrified and she just kept smiling at me, I definitely remember she didnt seem concered to have scared me. To this day Im 31 and still afraid of who’s floating around. My faith in God is the only thing I have to protect me from that fear.

  41. angel Says:

    Hi, my name is Angel, yes, Angel!

    Paradoxically I never felt fond to ‘angels’ although I do really believe in God and Jesus and especially a profound devotion to Virgin Mary. My grand father’s name was Michael Angel, Angel. I loved my grand father with all my heart, he passed away when I was 15 years old. Now I am in my forties.

    This is my story:

    One of my most beloved brothers was dying. I was miles away from him, I was unable to be by his side while he was dying. We were extremely close since we were children, we used to share the same bed, since we were so poor that there were no enough beds for each of us (we were 8 children).

    On the 24th of February 2009, I had a dream. I was in a church, (the church I used to go to pray for my brother’s health to the Virgin Mary), in my dream, I saw a very, very tall entity, coming through the main aisle like suspended floating. That entity was dressing a kind of ivory and volatile robe, its face was extremely white and with long, very long, long blonde hair. The entire church was full of golden things and thousand ivory roses. I just saw it, I didn’t speak or hear anything. I was really impressed when I woke up remembering what i saw in my dreams.

    That day after my dream, I went to the church, it was ash Wednesday, and I met one of my bosses in the church. When the ceremony of the imposition of the ashes was ended, he came to me and greeted me. I reply, wow! after nearly a year I see you again! I went on and said: I had a dream yesterday night and what I saw was something like an angel! …I was quite reluctant to explain to him my whole dream, and I went on saying…’ perhaps it was you…’ He replied… ‘what you saw was an angel’! he smiled and left. I went back home thinking about that event.

    On the 16th of March 2009 my beloved brother passed away, that was the most terrible moment in my entire life! He did it while I was in that church praying for him, and when I wanted to lit a candle the candle I chose hadn’t robe to lit! I that very moment I knew hi died, after an hour I came back home I had a phone call, confirming what I didn’t want to hear!

    I went to Spain to meet my sister, I couldn’t bear the pain and I was all alone. She took me to a little village, which is called ‘ Sant Miquel de Fluvia’.(St Michael of Fluvia) There is a monastery very old nearly 1000 years. When I opened the window I saw a kind of mark just on the opposite wall to my window in that narrow street, it was king of figure killing a dragon. I thought it was St Georges, as it is the patron of Barcelona. I that time I didn’t know anything about St Michael.

    Months later many events occurred in my life, now I believed they were all linked. I moved out from the place I was suffering so much the grief for my brother. I supposed to go to another flat but many ‘coincidences’ brought me here, to the one I still live in.

    In order to get out of my grief, oddly I got accepted in a MSc programme at University. The very day I supposed to do my enrollment, my niece came back the night before from my homeland very far away. She was carrying a small statue of the Archangel Michael my brother left to me to be given in his name as a memory of his faith in the Archangel. I carried the small statue with me to my first day to Uni.After a month, a flat was given to me in one of the university halls. When I came here, it was very dirty and when I started cleaning I discovered a ‘message’ written in one of the wardrobes. It says: ‘it will be impossible the miracle will not occur’. That was quite shocking, as I explained once in a blog, but later on, one day full snowy day I ended up in a very dark church 5 minutes walk from my flat. A lady approched me and said: ‘May I help you?’ I answer, no, just it is snowing to heave and my boots are socked, I just want to stay here for a while if you don’t mind…’ I didn’t have the intention to pray, whatsoever, my believes were in ‘standby’ after my brother’s death; so I started to go around the church and I saw a very tall ‘roman soldier’ with a sword and very big wings. I asked the lady, who he was, and she replied:it is the Arcangel St Michael! I felt my heart beating so hard, I couldn’t believe it!!!

    From that moment on, I knew what I saw in my dream, on the wall in Spain, and in my wardrobe, was just the confirmation that my brother was there delegating his care for me on the Archangel Michael, I was there, in fornt of the Archangel that I didn’t know and suddenly everything made sense! all started started three weeks previous my brother’s death death, that night the Archangel Michael came to my life to rescue me and protect me. Now I can say with a shadow of a doubt: I met the Archangel Michael!

  42. cris Says:

    Not very long ago there was a time in my life when I was searching ways to get closer to God, and actually started to feel really connected to Him and really feeling and loving Him more than anything(I still do). At that time i was having some difficult problems in my life and it seemed so overwhealming for me because I was praying but my prayers were not answered in the way i wanted. I was not sad that my prayers were not answered, I just came to a point where I kind of “accepted” my fate and took it all as a “test” from God. One evening when i went to bed, i really started to cry in the middle of the night, feeling so overwhelmed and just so tired of all that I just called to God and said that I am so tired of this life and I just want to rest, so God, please, all I want is to be with You, so won’t you take me from this life and let me be near You? I remember saying this words before falling asleep. “I just want to rest forever…” Something happend while I was asleep. But it wasn’t a dream, it was so much real than a dream and so much real than anything I experienced in my life. I “saw”(i can’t explain how because my eyes were closed, maybe with the eyes of the soul)my entire room suddenly bursting with light, like an awesome explosion of light. The light was so bright that i can’t explain and pure white. It went right through me, it pierced my body and as this was happening I felt the most intense, awesome feeling of ecstasy, of happyness, of love, of peace, just piercing through me with this white explosion of light. It was pure bliss. Then I noticed that in the light it started to take shape a “person” or beign, i don’t know how to call it. It had the out shape of a human body but couldn’t see any facial or physical features because it was just so incredible radiating of that light. That being was the light itself. Then it started to talk to me. I heared a voice not from this world. The voice it was nor female or male’s voice but it sounded like..it’s so hard to even associate it with something because there’s nothing like that on this earth, but to give you an ideea, i felt like his/her words were music coming from a harp, extremelly beautifull music, so calm, so peacefull, so loving and sweet. The being told me a message in what seemed to be a strange language but I understood everything perfectly at that time. As the being was delivering this words to me, all the feelings that I was experiencing grew more and more and intensified. Each word was hitting me like a bigger and bigger wave of extreme joy and love until I felt like I can’t take anymore of that euphoria, i felt like if i will take it any longer, i’m going to shatter to piecess, to disintegrate. Just when I felt like I’m on the verge of just explode of so much of that feelings, i opened my eyes. The room was still extremelly bright for a split second, and then everything turned dark again. I thought that I’m going to have a heart attack. My heart was pounding out of my chest like I never felt before, and i felt like my actual soul was at the level of my throught.That feeling of euphoria was still there but started to fade rapidly imediatelly after i opened my eyes. I noticed that i instantly forgot the message i was given. I tried so hard to remember and I was so upset cause I couldn’t, but then I got like an answer inside me. It was like a revelation i believe so, the voice inside me said that after i am going to die and meet the light again, I will be allowed to know again all that was said to me that night, but for now, in the physical world, I can’t be allowed to remember. After that my soul just rested. i felt at peace.I knew from that time on that everything will be ok no matter what will happend to me or my life.

    I can’t wait for the day when I will be shown the meaning of my message again…

    I am so blessed, so amazed. I can’t believe that I deserved such a wonderfull experience from God. I am not worthy of, there’s so much more people out there with stronger faith then mine, I’m sure. God answered my prayer in the most beautiful and amazing way i could have ever imagined. Praise God and all the Glory be to Him!

  43. Restored child Says:

    I hope people are still on here. Over the past few months I have woken up a couple of times at night and as soon as I open my eyes I see something at the end of my bed like part of a robe that is white but almost a glow in the dark kind of white. I start to see the shape of the being like a person and then it’s gone. Just like that. Right when I notice it after awaking it disappears. I am not sure if that’s an angel. I was a little freaked out but then fell back to sleep. I am a strong Christian and I love the Lord. I know he uses Angels to help us in various things. I am wondering if this is one of them.

  44. amelia Says:

    Just last night I was praying that God would always protect and guard me from any demons and guard me against Satan and all of a sudden I started singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing in my head. At once I had this overwhelming feeling and I knew there was an angel in the room. I looked over to where I knew the angel was and I couldn’t see it with my eyes the way you can see an object in front of you. It was like I was seeing with my spiritual eyes and I saw it (if that makes any sense, its hard to explain). Then I looked over to the other side of my room and for a moment or two I saw another angel, different from the first. Then I looked back over to where the first angel was and he was still there. I think the first angel wore a white robe with a blue sash and the second had a green sash and I didn’t see their faces. After a couple minutes, I ran into my parents room to tell them and they thought I was just dreaming (after explaining what happened to them this morning, they believe me). BUT IT WAS FOR REAL I WAS FULLY AWAKE!!!!!! I went back into my room and tears of joy streamed down my face as I praised God. Recently I had been having some doubts about how this was possible that God could do everything He has done and I had also recently been praying for protection. This completely reassured me that God is there and is always listening to my prayers and protecting me. I am so grateful that God choose to send angels to me and I feel so honored that He noticed me and clearly answered my prayers.

  45. Tamara Says:

    About 15 years ago, age 27, I had a wonderful experience. At the time I was divorced with one child and barely making ends meet. I was on the way to the daycare to drop my son off. I didn’t have a penny to my name and credit cards maxed out. The gas tank was on empty. In fact the needle was far left of the organge mark. There’s no way I could make it and didn’t want to walk with my son. I drove to the sitters and prayed the entire way. Asking God if I run out of gas let it happen after I drop my child off. All I cared about was my son being safe. I also asked God if there was some way that I could find a dollar or two or some change in my car to put gas in my car. Well, I made it to the sitters. I dropped my son off and headed to work. As I pulled down the street I prayed that the Lord let me find $5, just $5. Then I remembered I had an old gas card that I never charged in my console. I found it and pulled into the gas station around the corner. When I pulled in there were cars everywhere. It was a busy morning. The odd part, only one bay open and the other 7 bays full with card filling up and waiting in line. I stopped and very hesitatnt that maybe that one open pump wasn’t working. I slowly pulled foward. During this entire time I prayed and hoped this gas card was still good. The card was swiped at the pump. And the gas began flowing. What was really strange was that I didn’t have to select the type of fuel. This whole thing made me nervous. The gas kept pumping and then stopped at $5! My heart sank. I thought oh no! My card is bad now I’m going to have to come up with $5 to give the attendant. I walked inside and waited in a long line. Remember this partiuclar gas station was packed. I made my way to the cashier and I told her there’s either something wrong with my card or the pump isnt working properly. I explained I hadn’t used my card in a long time. If I owed her I’d leave her my driver’s license and promise to come back after work to make payment. She laughed at me. She said, “Darlin, this is your lucky day. A man came in here and pulled in that same spot right before you. He bought a honey bun, oj and $5 worth of gas. He got back to his car and drove off and never got his gas” She said it was the funniest thing. She stated that bay had been open for at least 5 minutes but the other cars didn’t pull in there. Her comment, “You must have an angel out there!” I walked back to my car and sobbed and thanked the Lord for getting my son to the sitters safely and helping me get gas. I promised I’d spread my story and I have.

  46. Cris Says:

    Wow.. What a wonderful story Tamara.. The Lord is so merciful and He always listens to our prayers. God bless all of us.

  47. L.Freddo Says:

    I am an English blokey bloke B.Sc.(hons), not a drunkard or drug user O.K?
    In my village there is a takeaway attached to the local pub.
    Last summer 2012 I got an injury that meant I was off work for a while.
    One night I had a very realistic dream, The lady of the takeaway approached me with her carry-cot (she had had a baby in the winter) and put the cot on the floor by me. I looked in the cot and it was empty. I said where’s (babies name)? and looked at her, she was so sad she couldn’t even cry.
    At that, I woke up and called Oh God not another one … please no (I was refering to the babies graves to the east of the church). Then I fell back to sleep and forgot all about it.
    A few days later I called in the pub at dinner time (unusual)as I could not hobble far. The landlady was there but no one else. Its a very old,dark pub.
    As soon as I walked in I noticed a bright figure by the opposite door. I sat at the bar and asked the landlady ‘has anything unusual happened lately’ she says ‘no, why?’
    She obviously saw no bright figure.
    I stared at the figure and gradually discounted reflections or refractions of light as there were no viable sources. I rolled a cigarette and went to stand outside to smoke. In order to go, I had to pass the figure.
    I approached the figure, looking at it all the time and passed it (within 1 foot) it was certainly 3 dimensional and it neither gained nor lost shape or density as I passed. It was bright translucent white, had an almost (not quite) humanesque face but no real features. Its torso was slight (like a 5 foot tall, thin person), it hovered approx !foot off the ground, its head was inclined toward the takeaway, it had no identifiable arms or legs and it had two winglike protrusions from its back(shoulder blade region?) which arched upwards and almost joined at the top.
    As I said, My eyes did not leave it as I passed it and left the room, looking back it was still there and I went to smoke my cigarette (note, I had not had a drop to drink and was stone cold sober, the 1st time I had managed to hobble about for a weeK).
    Whilst smoking my cigarette I wondered what was this emanation? from where was the light source? Had I seen what I thought or was it a trick of the eye?
    Then I remembered the dream.
    I thought ‘???????????????’
    When I returned it had gone.

    That was 4 months ago. Recenty I asked the landlady if the baby was still bothering her with its angry incessant crying. She says no, she seems calmer and happier. I ask since when. She says since about 4 months ago.
    It bothers me, thats why I googled ‘i saw an angel’

  48. cheeryleesa Says:

    definitely sent to solve her problems….no doubt. Praise the Lord for His provision. You should tell the lady…and pray especially for her family.

  49. Nicole Says:

    When I was 7 years old, I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw a bright, glowing human like figure with a very gentle face and was looking directly at me, smiling at me, wearing a white robe, and with a praying hands. That very moment I knew it was an angel but the thing is, was it real or just a dream? My mom said that I would know if I am dreaming when I pinch my self and it does not hurt. And when it hurts then probably its real. I kept that in my mind. So when I saw that angel, I did pinch my forearm a couple of times and it hurts. Then I closed my eyes for a few seconds, my last check, and I was surpised that when I opened my eyes the angel was still standing there and was still looking at me, still smiling at me. I was thinking if I would wake up my mom whose beside me and let her see the angel with her own eyes, but no, I smiled back at the angel, and closed my eyes with happiness and security in me. I know I was a child back then but I really felt I am secured, that there is someone watching over me, guiding me, that I am safe.

    Now I am 24 years old, and every time I tell my friends that night I saw my guardian angel, there is this joy in my heart and I am really thankful. For all the trials and tribulations I have been experiencing, though sometimes I forgot to acknowledge him, I have to remind myself that once upon a time, my angel decided to show himself to me, maybe because he knew that one day through the darkest moment in my life, I will need a companion, a best guide, hope, an inspiration, that there he is, and I should never forget him, to hold on to God and be brave to face every blow in life. I am at peace knowing angels are real. Thanks be to God!

  50. Ronnie Says:

    Hi to you if you are reading this you may have been lead here to do just that. My name is Ron i am a construction worker its 2012 im 50 years old. 20 years ago I seen an angle. I was having financial problems i needed to come up with 700.00 to get out of a mess that i was in or go to jail. I prayed for guidance shortly after i found a good paying job but i had to travel to get there and i needed the money with in 2 weeks or go to jail on my way to the job site my car broke down on the north side of the golden gate bridge. I had to push it into a parking spot and park it. I tried to figure out the problem but could not and im usually pretty good fixing cars. I was becoming a little distraught so i figured i would take a walk to clear my head. There was a walking path so i started walking it. The sun was shining kinda cool about a 1/2 mile on the trail i noticed a thin fog layer sweeping over the ground as the trail turned back torwards my car the thin layer was getting a little thicker i didnt think to much of it after all it is the bay area . I continued to walk and think of solutions to my problems. Staring at the ground while walking and thinking I looked up and about 15 feet in front of me was an angle translucent with wings in his hands at about chest level was a anatomically correct heart shaped translucent container with red fluid moving around in it. I couldnt move i was scared . the angel said in a masculine voice that i did not have to worry and that i would receive gifts beyond my imagination. I just stood there in disbelief scared…afraid…at the same time very calm and relaxed its hard to describe…the angel disappeared i walked the rest of the way out of the trail with a clear idea of what i needed to do and did it. It all worked out fantastic.

  51. Lucila Says:

    When I was a little girl my family was very poor and we lived in Brooklyn, New York,I was about 3 or 4 and I am now 21. So, It was a 2 bedroom basement with no windows in the bedroom and I shared my room with my 3 other siblings. One night I woke up to use the bathroom and I sat up in the bed and realized that there was an angel in front of the door. My parents raised me believing in God and so I knew it was an angel. It was huge, like it’s head probably touched the ceiling and it was light the brightest white but it is weird because it was not blinding like the sun. I could not see facial features or recall feet or anything but I just knew it was an angel because there were no windows in our rooms and there was only one light in the room which my parents had turned off. I don’t recall what happened after I saw the angel, I am pretty sure I sat in my bed until I fell asleep again. But I know the very next day I told my mom about it. I am very thankful for the experience because just like a previous writer said, I know God is real and because of my experience I will not be able to doubt that. I hope God blesses everyone who reads these posts and helps them know that God is real and he is ready to build a relationship with you and show you how wonderful he is!

  52. Fiona Says:

    Almost 8 years ago I was on holidays in Tonga and starting to attend a church with some friends I’d just met. I didn’t grow up in a Christian family and struggled to believe what they were teaching me about God, Jesus and the bible being the word of God. I was definitely more open to new age or eastern philosophies than Christianity but I was also hungry to know the truth. I watched the lives of the people from the church closely and I could see their relationship and love for Jesus was real. They embraced me like family. But I struggled to believe in a God who allows so much suffering in the world and I felt he didn’t care for me at all. I refused to surrender my life, I just couldn’t take that step of faith…I argued against many things I heard from the bible. But one thursday evening in february 2005 I woke up early in the morning and there were five glowing beings standing around my bed. They had the shape of people but were kind of transparent but glowing. My eyes were open but I could not move. I felt such love and peace and more awake than I’d ever been..if that makes sense? I could feel the breeze coming through the open window..I knew I wasn’t dreaming. I heard one of the angels say “she is going to make the right decision, she knows Jesus is the son of God.” Then they each came over to me, I felt the bed move as each one leaned over and whispered something in my ear, in a language I hadn’t heard before and I felt the warmth of their breath in my ear. When the last one stood up from speaking to me..they disappeared and I immediately was able to move again. I got up straight away and knew in my heart that everything I was hearing about Jesus was true. It shook me to the core. At the time I thought these beings were the spirits of the people from the church but now I know they were angels. That incident is what caused me to accept Jesus as my Lord and saviour and I’ve been following and seeking him ever since. When I came back to Australia all of my family and friends thought I had gone nuts because I started attending church every week and changing in many ways. I have never told them to this day about what happened that night because I know they will think I’m crazy (maybe oneday when they are ready to hear). It’s not something I go around telling people. But I am extremely grateful to God for intervening in my life like that and telling me the truth. Thank you Jesus.

  53. Andrius Says:

    Its nice to know that there are people who saw an angel too and sharing their stories. Well, i saw one too… When i was about 11 or younger, i woke up at night to go to bathroom and before getting out of bed, i looked in front and i saw standing bright, white glowing men in robe with hood, facing the window, (i live in 6’th floor) whose hands were like in praying position, but i couldn’t saw his face. When i saw it i was kinda afraid and i just turned around and went back to sleep. That moment my heart was beating very fast. In morning i told my parent what i saw, but they didn’t believe in me.
    Now i am 22 and still wondering why he was there and what he was doing.

  54. Babak Says:

    I saw an angel while i had 14 years old, i saw the angel in for 30 second.
    That event affected in my whole life.
    After that, my faith increased. OH GOD, where are you?

  55. Joy Says:

    Dear Babak,

    The Lord God is WITH you. He is MIGHTY to save. He takes great delight in you. He rejoices over you with singing. He quiets you with His love. (Book of Zephaniah, chapter 3, verse 17).

    He is the friend that is closer than a brother.

    May the Lord bless you.

  56. Bonnie Says:

    It was about 1994 or so, My oldest son was in middle school. We were in the parking lot around 3:00 pm after school. As we were walking to the door I looked up in the sky. There was a cloud that looked like a beautiful woman. She had a long flowing dress, long hair, you could make out her face, eyes,nose and soft smile. You could also see every finger in both hands at the end of each sleeve. You could also make out the lace. One foot was sticking out of the dress at the bottom. She had a tiny waist. You felt so calm. My son asked if I could see her and I said yes. He wanted to go into the store an purchase a camera to take a picture. We did not have cameras on our phones then. I was afraid she would be gone. She said nothing ,just looking down on us. We stood for quite a while. There was a policeman at the corner of the building with two teenage girls . None of them looked up. There were no wings, but she was to detailed. Arms stretched out like Jesus in pictures. I knew I was not crazy, my son was seeing everything too. He asked if it was God or a fluke of nature. I did not know what to say. He begged me to go buy a camera so we left into the store. When we came out the beautiful lady was gone. I have never seen her again, but I constantly look in the sky’s. Now my oldest son is 28 and he still remembers. Wish I had stayed outside. Was there something this vision wanted to say? I’ll never know.

  57. david Says:

    I was born December 25 1987, I am now 25 years old. when I was 4 or 5 I lived in an apartment complex on the forth floor. I was put to bed one night by my father. as a kid I was scared of the dark so I slept with a night light. but I would still pull the sheet over my head and hide myself to any ” monsters” in the night. I would always spend half an hour or so looking threw the sheets at my book shelf or my toys. but one night a great light illuminated my room more than the night light ever did. When the light faded to a level that I could see I saw a being standing in my room. looking threw the sheet I saw no facial features at all but I could see that it emitted what looked to be an amber and gold light. but it glistened back and forth. like the sun looks when you look at it on the surface of water. It stood there just inside my Window looking around my room silently and took a step forward and picked up one of my cars off my dresser, turned it over to see its undercarriage and as it was putting it down it turned to me under the sheets. all the time I had been watching fearfully in silence. but when it looked at me I tried to scream the loudest I have ever tried, but nothing came out. just air. There was the bright flash over the room again. and when it was over I was sitting up right in my bed. with the sheets now on my lap. the light man was gone. my dad ran in and told me that I was in there an hour fast asleep but it felt like 15 minutes and I was wide awake. ive never known what I saw as a kid. or why he came. ive lived a weird life since then.

  58. Marcus Says:

    I know that angels exists and often wonder why so few do not believe. My experience came in August/September 2011 one night while preparing for bed around 12:00 – 12:30 a.m.

    I was involved with a woman for 4 years who I had suspected was unusual in many ways. Early on in the relationship, I often told her that she has something dark following her in life and that she needed to find a way to be more positive. She’d brush and excuse her negativity with stories of being abused and taken advantage of for so many years. My hope was that she would change and we would/could start a prosperous life together.

    I began to see her so many odd appearances about her. Things like:

    1. Her head being about the size of a softball as the rest of her appeared height/weight proportioned.
    2. Thick dark cloud hanging over her head
    3. An evilness in her eyes once in a while during her disappointments
    4. Being overly calm, nice and loving in the morning after very intense and heated arguments as if nothing happened 12 hours ago the night before

    There were 3 occassions where I asked her to leave my home because she refused to help with household expenses for 4 years. Each time she would leave, we stayed in touch and she would eventually return with promises to help with home and each time she lied.

    Her final out led her back to Florida to stay with her sister only to return a final time to my home. During her time in Florida, I had dreams of her having a black face (she is white); or dreams of her standing naked with heart and guts torn out and blaming everyone for doing this to her. Other dreams involved men which I believed were true as well.

    Anyway, a few odd things happened days prior to her return.

    Odd thing #1: A large crow with a snake in his beak flew over my home

    Odd thing #2: Waking at 2:00 a.m. to sounds of a woman screaming loudly in the woods (2 nights, same time) then never again

    Then two nights prior to her arrival from Florida, I am preparing for bed upstairs, 3rd level bedrooms and look outside my window. This is what I saw and believe to be an Angel. A beautiful Emerald, glowing solid, light floating past my window.

    This Emerald light moved slowly and deliberately. My first reaction was to grab my cell phone and snap a photo because I thought, NO ONE IS GOING TO BELIEVE THIS.

    As I reached for my cell phone, the light began to accellerate and seem to speak to me: “You are not to capture a picture of me”. I stopped reaching for the camera phone and; the Emerald light slowed down to its’ initial pace. Me, thinking, I am city born and slick, thought to sneak and ever so lightly get the camera phone. This Emerald light once again accellerated and seem to communicate again, “If you reach for your camera, I will not be here when you return” “I am not allowed to capture an image”. I stopped reaching, thinking this light is smart and knows what I am thinking. I just observed Archangel Raphael continue along his straight, moving path behind the large brush in my back yard.

    I waited for this Emerald light to either come out on the other side, rise above the brush or lower itself to ground level. It did none of the above. He just disappeared behind the brush. I went out in the morning to inspect any evidence of broken limbs or anything. NOTHING!

    What I come to realize was that God had authorized this Archangel to visit me to warn me of the ex’s black magic plans as she had practiced witchcraft since her high school days (unknown to me at the time). She was very careful to shield her practices from everyone and appears to be the nicest, sweetest, most innocent victim ever. I had already seen her deception but was confirmed with things that she did upon her arrival. Odd Plants around the house, setting up an alter on the north window, cooked foods started smelling like live animals, kids were fearful of going into certain parts of the room near the north window, bird droppings were become frequent on the north window BUT no other neighbor’s home were dropped on, creaking continuously upstairs and the thought of this woman each morning was the first thing I had (even after removing her from my home). She is certainly into black magic and has lived off and done the same to many men since high school. She is now 49 Years old and from what I observed with her new boyfriend of 65 years of age, has him in a horrible trance. He looks lost, confused, tired and listless as well as aged more than his 65 years and continues to work 40 hours a week. I’ve told him that she and her daughter are witches but he cannot hear anything except her stories.

    My Angel came to warn me and to save my spirit which they had definitely attacked. My angel sighting, I believe was Archangel Raphael, in bold, beautiful and amzaing Emerald Green light that no one else saw.

    I realize that God must truly love me to authorize this angel to appear to me. As I continue to experience difficulties from this woman’s sorcery, I am at the end of her trials as this angel came to tell me two things:

    1. Prepare and build your spirit
    2. Get rid of this woman

    Since then, I walk and listen to my spirit everyday and have from listening, have found many things in my home that this woman left. (i.e. vaginal fluid drawing of an upsidedown cross above my bed, plants that did not grow but would not die, stains forming on the wall and blinds, candle wax drippings under windows, sand in shoes during the following winter months, and more). In spite of the many demonic messages she’d leave, I was rescued and saved from this beast of a woman who enlisted her daughter into the dark side of life.

    With that, I am proud to say that I feel blessed and so very special for the Lord to authorized an angel to come to me. God, Jesus, ArchAngels and Angels are very much real, alive and do care about our hearts, minds and spirits. They have cleansed my home, my spirit, my mind and heart and; I am forever a believer and so very grateful for Jesus’ love, patience and power. My soul, my life and my child were saved from this treacherous, deceitful and deeply disturbed woman and her daughter. Proving, NO POWER IS GREATER THAN GOD AND HIS ARMY – I must be something special as I complete this trial and test of faith. I only hope to make God proud of me when my time is done on Earth.

    Believe in the unbelievable – otherwise you’ll remain lost on this planet and after.

  59. Grace Says:

    My son commited suicide 01-27-10. I’m in my thrid year without him physicaly in my life. I was out of town the day he passed away. I was on my way home, 15 minutes from home exactly, when I saw what I know beyond doubt was an angel. It was atop a telephone pole. It was made of pure energy. Energy fired within it sparking colors of blue, yellow, and white. It was in the shape of a human. If you have ever seen a static ball then you can picture it in human form. I thought I was day dreaming until I came home and found my son had left me. If it was him, an angel of death, or my guardian angel I have no clue. I do know it was something letting me know that life does go on and that brings me much needed strength and courage to continue my life here without my son. For I now know that someday I will be with him again.

  60. pietergabriel Says:

    God Almighty is so real! We as humans have a word we use “reality”.The fact is, that our reality fall so short from what reality is! The truth is… the Word of God Jesus Christ is reality! Our little knowledge,poor understanding, not having true faith, and our believe in the Word of God, is actually our biggest problem!And we must realize ,that Satan wants to use that against us!Therefore we must study the Word of God(the Bible.) The Word of God is our shield against the Evil One. There we learn about Jesus Christ,the Son of God, and His precious deed of love on the cross! His blood cleansed us from all our sins,He overcome death and defeated Satan and all of his works of darkness.Jesus is our Protector ,our Healer and our Comforter.

    To come back to our understanding of “reality”. Even the disciples of Jesus struggled with that. It is also evident and clear, we can see that in some of the questions they asked Jesus.Furthermore Jesus asked them (many times)where their faith were! With this background ,I want to add more to our thinking about “reality”.

    I’m not trying to ,or pretend to be wise at all. It just struck me when I read about people, seeing angels and having encounters above our human understanding! I also had a wonderful experience/s ,which the biggest was to see Jesus Christ ,hear His voice and be healed from years of headaches in a moment! If you would like to read more on that, you can go to the “Healing” section of Testimonyshare and read “The Testimony of PieterGabriel.” + “Testimony of PieterGabriel Part 2.”

    That will show you that I truly believe that people do have these experiences. There is just one major rule I believe, and that is to make sure that, in whatever you see, you are not deceived by the false angel of light, namely Satan. We must test everything to the Word of God!

    Because these events(even though we read about such events in the Word of God), is far above our human reasoning or understanding, we struggle to accept or believe that it really happens! Therefore, the safest way for many people, to handle these cases, are to argue…it was medicine that caused hallucinations, just a dream, just imagination or, …it was the Devil or demonic actions. All of these actions do happen, and therefore it is wise to go to the Word of God, and test whatever happened, according to God’s truth. It is easy to say we must just find the answer in the Word, but sometimes it may be difficult to find the correct answer.The fact stays – seek your answer in prayer, do some research in Biblical studies, listen to spiritual leaders, but again… most importantly trust the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you. There will not always be clear answers, and what you have seen, may never be a message to you as such but… remember, God’s ways and reality is Sovereign and far above our reasoning! Do know for sure – our Almighty Father in Heaven is always in control, the wonders of the True Light, Jesus Christ ,and all the spiritual world which He created, is actually the reality! That is why Jesus said, our “war” is not against flesh and blood but against the evil in the skies, the father of lies, Satan and his works of darkness.

    Don’t misunderstand – our earthly reality is also “reality” as it was God’s plan in creation, but we only understand a very small part of what God’s creation is all about! God created us, to His likeness on earth, so that we can rule over all, worship Him, and withstand Satan who challenged God Almighty! Every time we withstand Satan, through the power and the blood of Jesus Christ our Savior, Satan must admit that God is the Almighty! Satan is humiliated every time when a human chooses God and follow Jesus.

    Some people start to worry if they don’t have any extraordinary experience with God, some feel you must have such an experience, otherwise you don’t have a relationship with God – THAT IS NOT TRUE! For those whom it maybe a “stumbling block”…whether you’ve had an experience or not – remember what the Word says. Blessed are those who BELIEVE but did not see! If God reveals something to you or me, it is not because we are “more special” than others! God loves us all with an everlasting love! God use His children each and every one as He wishes to! For sure,it feels special if something like that happen to you and God gives you an experience above the normal , but it’s not about “us”! It is all about God and what we can and must do on earth as His children!We are His hands and feet and we must be willing to spread His Word, The Word of the Truth and the Light!

    Jesus is the only way to the Father. The Word says…no one will enter God’s Kingdom, if not through Jesus Christ our Lord! Jesus said ,If we confess with our tongues and truly believe in our hearts, that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, He had risen from the death and He is now sitting on the right hand of God Almighty- we will be saved!

    Please pray with me if you feel like that.

    God Al mighty, we thank you for your love and grace! Thank you for wonderful ways you reveal the reality of your existance to us – truly ,it’s ways above our understanding and reasoning! Please teach us in the Spirit of the Truth and guide us to follow you! Father God, teaches us to hear your voice and to listen to your commands only!Forgive us, if we did not listen to, or even ignored your voice!We want to serve you Jesus Christ our Savior, open our spiritual eyes and ears, so that we may submit our will to you only! We love you Lord of Lords and King of Kings!We give all our heart to you as our Master and our Savior. Thank you Father for giving your Son Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice on the cross so that we may be saved through His blood!!! We thank you Lord in the Name of Jesus Christ – unto you be all glory! Amen

  61. Emory Says:

    Good point about not needing to worry about having an extraordinary experience. They certainly are nice but you may believe just the same and never feel anything extraordinary has happened until later or perhaps never. God is still there at our side either way.

  62. Lisandro Says:

    When i was around 7 to 9 years old (i really can’t remember how old i was but it was in that age spawn) well i happened to go to church that day…but i do remember it was a Sunday i was living in Cuba at that time…and in my town around 10pm the whole community had a power outage(for about 24 hours) i called my mom because i was unable to sleep…and she used to grab a paper fan and with that she used to wave it near me so that i could sleep…around 2am she decides to leave my bed and go to her room…i was sort of scared and couldn’t sleep well…that same night…there was a candle light which my mom had left on top of the restroom wall…(we did not have an inside ceiling) and i sort of gazed at it for a short period of time and fell asleep…i think around 2 or 3 hours later i woke up and to my surprise…there was not one but TWO child-like angels on the ceiling…i kept on opening and closing my eyes numerous times because i just could not believe what i was looking at…one had a small harp and the other one was holding a trumpet…their legs and arms moved so vividly and their wings like a hummingbirds it was so poetic and so beautiful…i felt so peaceful that night and tears kept coming down rapidly as i gazed at them for about 2 minutes,they faded out little by little, the next day i told to my mom what i had seen and she told me she had prayed for me to not feel fear…from that day i always tried to do the right thing…but it was hard for me and difficult. Now i always know that i don’t need to see god or his angels to know his presence i feel confident on him and his almighty power and love. My mother has always been really strong in the word of god…she is a cancer survivor and also she had around 3 Fibroma when she was carrying my 3 month old brother, unfortunately she had to abort the baby(doctors told her she did not have the capacity to have the baby in her any longer or she could die, she had a really high blood pressure at the time) in the middle of the procedure(abortion) she visited the heavens and she said there was a wall of angels walking back and forth at the same time…and she could not get through…and she also told me she could hear people shouting on the other side and chanting beautiful words and praising god she said there was a HUGE bright light on the other side…she told me…some of the nearest angels were telling her “it was god’s” “it was god’s” “it was god’s” repeatedly…when she woke up…some of the doctors could not speak…because in the procedure she was jumping and saying “it’s not yours it’s god’s” and the doctors just could not believe because she was under general anesthesia…and this just could not happen. When the procedure was done…and my mom woke up 15minutes later,she walked away and pointed to her sister crying and sweating “i have a story to tell you and i am ashamed for what i have done” she told the story to my aunt and she said if she could’ve had a bit more strength and faith in god she would’ve been able (with the power of almighty god and his grace) to have the baby. 2 months later…she had a dream of holding a grown baby that looked a lot like me when i was little ( she was breastfeeding the baby in the dream)…as she looked at him he vanished and turned to ashes and suddenly she woke up…to her surprise her left breast was dripping milk and she was crying, she pulled my dad’s arm and suddenly he woke up …my father…was shocked! She recently told me these events and now i am 25 years old.

  63. Liz Says:

    I don’t normally post on any websites ever but I thought I should tell my short story of a visit from an angel. I am currently going through a divorce that is not my choice and I should be devastated because I believe he is my soulmate…but for some reason I have not been sad at all and feel God’s presence or light shining on me and bringing me joy and peace. I have not lost any sleep and still eat like normal. (Usually I loose my appetite when in stressful times.) The few times I have cried I called out to my angels to surround me and I immediately felt loved and could not cry anymore even if I tried. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night and had been awake for an hour or so when all of a sudden a white, gold, peaceful light was shining on me. I remember thinking, “That’s weird. Why do I see my hand’s shadow…it’s 3 am and dark in my room.” That’s when I realized this light coming through the ceiling onto me. Covering me and just glowing. I became paralyzed with fear when I realized there was also an angel sitting on the bed. I froze. She was silver with long wavy hair and long dress and I said, “I’m scared.” because honestly at this point I was! And then she touched my back and said, “don’t be afraid. Go to sleep now.” Then I remember thinking, “yes, there is nothing to fear here. This is love.” And I was filled with peace and love and warmth. After that thought it was like I had been put under anesthesia and had no choice to be awake or not. She put me to sleep. I know that God hears my prayers and that everything will be ok no matter what. We are all special in God’s eyes and all loved more than we can imagine. God is pure love and you are made of love also. He is always there listening. Even if we can’t feel it at times. Have no fear.

  64. marina Says:

    reading all these stories, just remind me of something that happened to me many years ago, and i never cant forget, still very vivid and clear in my mind. i was 10 years old when this happened, now iam in my 50’s.
    I was in my country of origen…Cuba i was trying to ride my brothers bike, i did not know how to, but was eager to do it just as my brother did, i took the bike from home without telling anyone, and left for a ride i went away bit far, and went down on the bike real fast it was very dangerous, as i was going fast and did not put the brakes on it…all of a suddened i felt like if someone or something close my eyes, did not know what happend after, when i woke up i was on top of the hood of a car, well it was a jeep, the only vehicle park in the area. I woke up all shaking, the bike was on the street by the jeep. I woke up..nothing happened to me just shaking for long while, it was unbelievable, i looked and saw 2 people bit far from the area, just looking on, i remember i was smiling at them, seem they where passing by, they were leaving. I never could understand what happened, did not got hurt at all, but i know it was God that send those angels to look out for me on that moment, when i needed it the most.

  65. liz Says:

    well when i was 18 me and my friend wanted to know our future and we went to this cuban shop where this guy took us to his room and and did some cleaning on us with eggs,chicken and perceeding telling us stuff that really scared me i went home that night and i felt super scared couldnt sleep i felt like i was going to die i saw 3 dark shadows flying towards me to come get me.i started praying to guy scared on the bed when a bright angel came in and hugged me with her wings i felt this safeness and relaxation that i went to sleep.i dont know if it was a boy or girl i couldnt see the face it has long golden bright hair white robe huge wings.. i pray again to see the angel again but never seen again..thank u god angel are real

  66. saint Says:

    Hello everyone im 17 & i hear the voice of god i have no one to tlk to about this the thing i see the things i hear no one believes on my life on god my dead grandmom i wouldnt lie i wore the eye of horus which is the eye of god he talks to me about salvation says im here for the people says i was born michael says im not a prophet there are no more says i am his son i see all his signs & recieve messages from him everyday even through the people he’ll speak to me him & even the saints would says im one of them god says you are my son & i believe in you says that ive been here before tells me to go to israel & i’ll recieve wisdom & power he speaks to me about daniel & says im in the bible

    He says I love you son & says he’s in me he says if i go to Israel he’ll prove he’s alive he says they’ll crucify me because I talk to him & he’ll give me the book of life & I’ll return he said it was thy time.

    The things I saw & the things i see & the things i heard & the thing i hear no one would believe im not trying to offend anyone but he’s says im here for a reason & for me to believe in him he reveals his self to me in my dreams just today he told me don’t I love my god, well of course & the day before he told me he’ll talk to me when I grow up because I’m young.

    He also tells me that I’ll win & he knows what I think before I even say it he’ll already reply to what i’m about to say before I say it he says I’ll fight the devil. but he says in time I’ll understand & everyone will know god.

    I didn’t even know Daniel was in the bible till he told me to read it & i saw Michael in it he says I’ll die righteous & he end the world im am his son.

    He says we are gifted people & that i am great he says for the sins of the people he says I’ll be like him & Jesus also spoke to me & says he’s alive inside of me & that I’m not alone & I wont die alone. I hope none thinks I’m crazy I cant help talking to god. He says he never changes his mind I am his son.

  67. Alia Says:

    Wow! This story brings tears to my eyes. It really shows that God cares and will answer you when your faith is strong enough. I just turned 14 recently and to this day remember my experience seeing an angel as a 6 year old girl. I don’t share this story often because there are many people out there who won’t believe me, but I feel confident sharing my story here with you. Only someone who’s also seen an angel and can understand.
    I was 6 years old, at my grandma’s house sitting at the dinner table. No-one was home except my great-grandma and me. She was in the living room (the floor above me) and I was in the kitchen. I didn’t pray before I ate, as many other children my age would forget to do. I looked in front of me and saw a girl about 2 ft tall floating on the table. She had on a white gown and looked like me, with brown hair in a pony-tail. She didn’t say anything, yet had her hands held together, as of to be reminding me to pray. Without even telling my brain to, I turned my head fast and looked again and she disappeared! I ran upstairs, and told my grandma, who is very religious that I saw an angel.
    To this day, I remember to pray ^_^

  68. Todd Says:

    This is to Amber. I had the same exact experience you did.

    It has been hard for me to explain what God allowed me to see.

    If anyone knows Amber please let me know. I would like to write her about her experience.

  69. Maggie Says:

    Last night before I went to sleep, I closed my eyes and saw a bright light and what looked like angels. I have lost all of the people I loved with all my heart and felt the closest to. Does this mean that my time to go home is near? I have never experienced anything like this before.

  70. cathy jacobs Says:

    Please pray for my husband; he was accused of things that is not true. We truly need an angel with us now!

  71. Maria Says:

    My father died February 18, 2014. He got a stroke and his brain was damaged. I prayed a lot for him to not suffer. The day he died, I was sitting next to his bed and close my eyes. I saw a very tall figure, looks like a human but could not see his face. Had a white gown and his feet was kind of big. A yellow light came from his back. He put his right hand over my father’s head and his left hand extended to me. Then I saw my father stand next to him. I can see all the room but was like in trance or sleeping. My father died an hour later. My father is in heaven. I’m sure of that. I was not a big believer but after this experience, something real is out there.

  72. Jan Ulrich Benthin Says:

    I thought there was something wrong with my mind, but I see there are others. Here is my encounter:
    All my life I have seen ghost like dark shadow people here and there and felt them try to process me. And I was in fear. Until I realized that I was afraid of being afraid, because when I was 7 I felt a how a dark being drew into my back and I was out of my self of pain and chock.

    About July 2010 at 10 o’clock I was at work. This is a big Chickefarm, 10.000 free birds in a big long building. They are grandparents to the chicks you eat. I was picking up floor eggs along the feed and water area. When I saw a hole in the distance open up. I got big and grew until a white man appeared, nice long and slim, extreme slim. He was dressed in a black suite, white shirt and a slim black tie. As he came close I felt that he wanted to deceive me. I told him to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. And he swept away to the right and was gone.

    In April, 2012 at 3 o’clock in the morning. I had a different experience: I was awake laying in my bed, I felt the energy in my chakras was strong. I saw a white shadow person I would call him (the angle of light) stand in front of me. He didn’t say anything, but he was my whole being conscious. I was aware, that he knew everything. I saw his light and felt the fine, light tone his being. It was the most fantastic feeling and I new that it was there I want to be. I wanted to go with him, but I couldn’t stand his light, I wanted to hide, the thought came to me, I wanted to hide under a rock, but there was none. I couldn’t stand it, I cut the connection. I saw myself and it was hell. It took me 3 months before I got myself together again.

    I started to take things of spiritual nature very serious after that. And that the most important thing in this live is to change and become alive. What I want to make clear is that I am Christian and have always been, and that this experience shocked me into the roots, because I got a taste of Paradise for a small moment. We all think we are good and nice, but you cannot lie, we are going to judge ourselves, because of our thought patterns, illusions and fantasies. We are all guilty, and I see no hope for us as a species. I know it is individual. I have only so far seen 2 persons in my life that were truly changed. It is only in the deep change we find the love and kindness.

  73. Mary Says:

    ok, so when I was a little girl, my younger sister got sick… after she came home from the hospital one night we were all laying in my moms bed. It was my mom, brother, sister and I all cuddled up… we were crying and sad for her when all of a sudden we hear this very soft voice, I really cannot explain the sound of the voice but the voice softly whispered ” Emily, Emily, it will be ok I’m going to help you” now being that we were little kids this scared us, even scared my mom, we all looked at each other and ran out that room. We all heard this same thing, and guess what… My sister got better despite what the doctor said. TRUE STORY!

  74. Heather Says:

    When I was 10 years old I saw an angel. I had been sitting at the dining room table doing homework one night. I had just finished my work, so I decided to go to the bathroom to take a shower. I stepped into the bathroom and looked in the mirror when suddenly I noticed this ball of pure white light.

    At first I thought it was merely the reflection of the light in the kitchen. I rubbed the mirror but the light only got brighter. It’s hard to describe the color of the light. I had never seen light so bright. I blinked and noticed that the ball of light was now becoming sharper; I blinked a few more times and saw what looked like a human form. I turned around and there it was in the kitchen, sitting on the countertop with its legs crossed. I know that sounds a bit absurd, but it was sitting there. It never moved. I say “it” because I’m not sure what gender it was. I would say it looked more “feminine” than “masculine,” but I noticed it had no breasts.

    It also had no wings like one would expect an angel to have. Its hair was long and curly. I had never seen anything so beautiful. It wore a long white robe. Actually, everything was white–its face, its eyes, its hair. It was a single shade of pure white, and it wasn’t transparent. I could see the veins in its hands and feet–just like one would see in a human. I think if it had moved or spoke to me I would have gotten scared. I remember looking into its face and eyes and having this weird feeling that I was getting a glimpse of something, a world, or parallel existence even, beyond the one we live in. It wasn’t spooky, just mind-blowing. I was in awe. I sat for a long time a few feet away from it, just looking at it in amazement. I wanted to touch it to confirm what I was seeing was truly real but was afraid it would move and that would have frightened me.

    I left to take a shower, and when I came back it was gone. I think I’m a fairly normal person. I thankfully don’t have a mental illness that predisposes me to hallucinating. This wasn’t a near-death experience, nor was it in a state where I was awakening from sleep. I was fully conscious. I’m not saying NDE’s and visions we see in sleep are not valid, just pointing out to those who are more skeptic that what I saw did not conform to typical sightings. I’ve never seen anything similar to that, but have seen balls of white light hovering in mid-air in other areas of the house, sometimes during the day, sometimes at night, and always when I’m alone in my parents’ house. I’m never frightened when I see it; in fact, I feel comforted. When my dog was alive and I was alone in the house with the dog I noticed that occasionally the dog would bark at something that I couldn’t see. He barked at the air. I’ve always wondered if this comforting spirit that’s in my parents’ house has anything to do with my mom and her devotion to wanting to live a life pleasing to God.

  75. Travers Says:

    When I was 4 years old living with my mother, sister, and two brothers on Varney Street S.E. in Washington DC I was in my mother’s room asleep at the foot of my mothers bed. I was awaken by a touch on my head that was so light and gentle when I looked to see who had awakened me I saw pure white transparent figure had awaken me I screamed as loud as I could but no one heard me nor did anyone wake up. While I was screaming I watched the pure white transparent figure leave the room, as the figure left the room I noticed a crown on His head as He looked at me walking away.

    Before this time in my life I had no prior knowledge of this type of experience. As I grew older when I was ten years old I would walk up and down the street singing swing low sweet chariot coming for to carry me home almost every night for the entire summer. I later went on to live a sin filled life traveling around the world including Israel where I took a tour of the ruins, the sea of galilee and other historic places.

    At this time in my life I was looking for the next party an was not thinking about any experience that I had in my life then Feb. 7, 1983 while walking around the barracks because I could not go home for the weekend from Camp Lejeune, NC. I stopped to talk to the marine that was standing fire watch Lance Corporal Neal, he was reading the Bible and he began to share Jesus to me. for the first time in my life someone told me about Jesus and not church. After hearing about this Jesus I accepted Jesus as my lord and savior. after years of serving Jesus I finally realized who I saw when I was 4… it wasn’t an Angel it was Jesus, the crown was a crown of thorns on His head and he touched me then and he touched me Feb. 7, 1983 and now he lives in me… I finally understand.

  76. Leanne Says:

    I have recently been thinking about an encounter I believe was an angel several years ago. My son was about 2 and he was running a bit of a fever, so we let him sleep in the bed with us, my husband had his back to him, he was in the middle and I was cuddled up next to him. I had been laying on my side, and in the night I shifted to turn to my back, and I saw a very large tall figure of a man I believe was an angel with shoulder length hair, I did not notice wings, but I did notice sort of a light brown long leather looking old fashioned coat. The angel was looking at my son and did not seem to notice that I had turned onto my back and could see him, I remember wondering if I was dreaming, and I wished I could wake my husband so he could see this too. I was thinking what could I do to test if this was real, so I quietly said, “I can see you.” When I said that, the angel looked right at me, it was a very soft, peaceful, kind look on his face, and then he slowly faded into the dark. I remember next I got out of bed to use the bathroom which is in our room, and thinking to myself, I need to tell my husband about this tomorrow. I felt calm, not at all afraid, went to the restroom, got back into bed and went right back to sleep. The next morning I told my husband about it. I also told a friend from my church about it. I believe it may have been my sons guardian angel, and I look forward to meeting him when I am in heaven. The main thing I remember feeling is a sense of peace and wellbeing after this experience.

  77. Robyne Says:

    I’ve had what I think are some pretty amazing experiences, but several years back one early midmorning I began praying and really just worshiping Yeshua(Jesus). All of a sudden I felt myself leaving my body, it wasn’t a vision as I have had those before… Both open and closed eyed visions. This was different and I know I was outside of time. I was standing on a set of stairs as I looked up I could see who I believed to be Yeshua standing about midway up and past Him at the top I could see a throne with a very light emanating from it.. As I began to walk up Yeshua came down to meet me and took me by the hand. He began talking to me as we were walking up together… We never made it to the top of the stairs, I never saw His face.. I could see He was wearing a white robe. I could see brown hair, not long, but not short… Not going into great detail.. When I went to bed that night I slept peacefully and woke up hearing these words, so I wrote them down… I titled it “Time with Jesus”
    I’m seeing with my spirit eyes
    In just a moment I realize
    I’m standing on the stairs… With the one who really cares
    As you reach your hand out to me… I look past you and I see… God the Father, sitting on the throne, can it really be? Am I seeing what I see? Is this really happening to me? Can this be reality?
    It’s not a vision with my eyes… It’s not imagined in my mind…. It’s way down deep.. inside… My spirits outside time
    Jesus, you walked with me, you talked with me
    We were walking hand in hand… Up the stairs to heaven, to the One who is… I Am…
    As we were getting closer I began to understand… That the only way to God is through the son of man
    You spoke to me about promises, that they’re just not for some… You said that these promises were for everybody and those who choose to come…
    You said you wished that none would Parish, but have everlasting life
    And that all could have your peace and joy instead of living in strife…
    Then you let me feel what you feel, how you mourn for us each day… And how, because of our sin, the sadness in your heart doesn’t go away
    Tears streamed down my face as I began to think… That because of the choices we make… Our Saviors heart still aches…
    I cried and said, Lord tell me what can I do?
    He said simply to, tell all the people that His love is true…
    He said that everyone is searching for something to keep us satisfied… Because there is a void in us way down deep inside..
    Then He said, no matter what we do and no matter what we try… The only thing that can fill that void is Himself, Jesus Christ….
    He then said, I want you to tell people all about my love… And that if they will seek Me, I will be enough…
    He said that, love is really what every person craves… From the time that we are born until the time we’re in the grave…
    Then He said, My love can change the world, it is the only way…

    I’m not here to sell my book but the Lord has given me much poetry so if you would like to hear more it’s called : Psalms and Poems from the Heart… I felt strongly to share them with whomever reads them… God Bless…

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