Praise God! We serve an awesome God!! My name is Gurinder and I would like to share some of the things which God has done for me in my life. I have been a Christian ever since I was a little child. God has performed many miracles in my life. The first miracle I would like to share with you is after my firstborn son I was unable to conceive for five years and had a miscarriage. I went to church with tremendous faith on Easter Sunday, there was a special guest speaker, a pastor from India his name was R.B. Lal. The pastor prayed for my husband and I and a month later I truly received my blessing. God is so good he answers our prayers. God has blessed me with three beautiful children two boys and a girl. A second miracle that God did in our life was when my older son was in Kindergarten he became really sick. He was in and out of the hospital for about a month and the doctors were unable to figure out what was wrong with him. He was vomitting nonstop up to 12 times a day for almost a month. Everyone I knew was praying for him, I put in prayer requests all over the world, the whole church prayed and God heard our prayers he touched and healed him. At last I would like to share another incredible experience which I had about seven years ago. My husband had just left to work early in the morning. My son was sleeping on the bed while I was sitting on the bed right next to him and praying. It was early in the morning so I thought the sun was coming up when a bright light appeared in my room and I heard someone call out my name. I was amazed, I could not believe my eyes, when I say an Angel of God standing there holding a scroll in his hands. This light was so bright it was blinding to the eyes and I could hardly open my eyes. The angel was speaking in a heavenly language which kind of sounded like when people at church speak in tongues. I could not understand anything being spoken but tears just started to flow from my eyes and I felt this warmth and love come over me. Afterwards, I went and got my Bible and the verse which I got was to wait upon the Lord and to wait upon the Lord simply means to pray. I will never ever forget that day, I called my parents and my husband right away and told them what had happened. Ever since that day I have been healed from allergies which I had suffered from since childhood. I just want to tell everyone that God is so real and he loves and he cares for all of us.

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  1. Brian Says:

    I really appreciate your testimony of how God has revealed Himself to be faithful and real to you. I pray that He will bless you and your family with grace and peace.


  2. Tiffany Says:

    this is so encouraging, and it’s amazing how God works through prayer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. yamen g Says:

    Before I went to bed I prayed for me friend who had cancer Francis. ! Loving teenager who everyone enjoed being around. Then I prayed for my self having high cholestoral at the age of 11.. my mom would watch me like a hawk of everything that I ate. Soon after I wake up in my room where I never have a dream. But this was no dream it was a vision of an angel or HIM. He simply reached out his hand for me to touch and at first I was scared but I soon realized this was something amazing and not of this world. So I touched his precious hands with such a grip. And the love was like no other , the tingels were non stop, and I felt him healing me .. light bright light was everywhere in the middle of the night . In my vision I remembered what I prayed for and he sure answered my prayer . After I touched his hand he lifted me up like I was a baby and gave me a hug.. I felt like I was floating. And then gently put me back on my bed the tingles were so strong that I never forget how they felt … I woke up instantlly ran down stairs. To tell my mom all I said was ” I saw him in my room “.. and right away she said wow he loves u so much for him to come to you. But I care about every single soul on earth and I would love for all of us to feel the love and mercy he has for us. After I went back to sleep I had another dream confirming what happend by me running to a friends house to let them know how he healed me and he can do the same for you. If some one told me to give me 5 million dollars to trade that vision . The answer is no. I love jesus and he loves us a lot more then we,ll ever know. Oh I went to the doctor a couple days later and my cholestoral dropped a hundred points. The doctor said that wasn’t normal or un heard of to drop that low in such a short period of time. Thanks for reading my testamony. And may god touch all of you as he touched me just believe.

  4. Lackelo Nyemba Says:

    1. Pray that God will provide college fees and a laptop computer for my son, Blackson.
    2. Pray that God will provide me, Lackelo with a God fearing husband

  5. Michael Gazsi Says:

    I have had many miracles in my life as well. I recently wrote a bunch of the more notable ones down in a free PDF book which anyone is welcome to download at

    To inspire those that need inspiration.

  6. Angels and Miracles Says:

    I am a owner of a blog that I started. I was wondering if you would mind if I shared your story on my blog. I will check back and see your reply. And thank you and may God continue to bless you.

  7. mickey Says:

    i love hearing stories about the lord and how he reveals himself. may 16 2011 has changed my life forever. on the day my mom obtained the holy spirit. i remember it like it was yesterday. my mother was laying in bed telling me about her, all of a sudden my mom starts making these weird motions and speaking differently. i was afraid, i cried because i thought she was crazy..but she wasnt and she isnt. the holy spirit only comes to those who do right, have a soft heart and do as the bible says. Many of you christians say you love God, but never abide by the bibles rules. For example, many christians go to church on Sunday,but the rest of the week you guys, have sex,smoke, drink,curse, the list goes on. How can you say you love him, but allow yourself to do so much sin? You are simply wasting your time going to church if thats how you act.There are verses in the Bible that tell you how you should act,follow them. Believe me,you will be blessed. I love you all brothers and sisters and may God Bless You.

  8. missy Says:

    Would you please pray for my aunt who has breast cancer, Rhoda Jen, Lisa, my friend Mia who is brokenhearted, my friend Adam, my friend Mira who is suffering from inner demons and depression, my aunt who was a child of her own, my grandmother’s friend for an upcoming surgery, for my dad who is under a lot of stress, for the world and nature people, and also for God to grant favor on my very own miracle request (God knows what I am searching for). I’m in a great relationship with a man named Aaron, my Aaron.. He’s an amazing guy and I could see myself having a lifetime with him. Happy together. And I believe in it because it seems so real to me. It’s all I ever truly want. I repent of all my sins and will do anything to retrieve that wish/ this miracle. Eventually falling in love (it takes time), marriage (in the future), kids, and just being each other’s best friends, students, teachers and lovers to the end(eventually mates and parents to our children). To accept each other’s pet peeves and just find them endearing. To change for the better and become good people because of each other. To be patient with each other, genuinely care and compassionate for each other, be the best for each other (effort) respect each other, grow to be good people with the help of each other, never take advantage of each other, take each other for granted (never), forgive each other and resolve (our) problems, comfort each other, laugh with each other, be open to each other, honesty, trust, trustworthy, to have our potential love to grow and nurture, our interest in each other to prosper and nurture, faithful to each other, to have an open hearted and opened minded relationship, to accept/ understand each other, and to have a bond and connection that is emotional, mental, and physical. To always be mature (in our friendship and relationship). To be appreciative of each other. To learn everyday and grow on each other more. To just have a long and lasting happy relationship. I ache for him to be my soulmate, to be the One God has given to me. I saw a sign actually. Mature always. Loving, compassionate, and caring. To have sweeter, deeper, and passionate relationship everyday. Saw Spiderman on Broadway and the relationship reminded me of ours and they overcome all obstacles. Each time I doubt it seems God is telling me to have faith. I just want us to always fall in love always. Day by day, always. Just be mature always with each other. Be accepting, understanding, and appreciative. Always will be there for each other and if we fight we will always maintain our love and compassion. I believe in this and have faith. I promise to serve with God forever if this is granted. Read the bible. Be involved with the church and our kids to be involved. Be more outgoing and understand and accept my fellow man. Forgive me for all my sins. I don’t deserve this much happiness. Do many people are suffering. Please, please always pray for them. Always. No one should be forgotten or alone. To take things slowly and get to know each other. To for each other and of each other. Amen Please give us strength in this relationship, that we get stronger and more loving. We communicate more with each other, just spend more time. Amen! I believe! Please pray for us that we will get stronger in our feelings for each other. I feel we could be soul-mates ^^ please let it be. Amen For nowI just want to get closer to him. Appreciate each other. Make time for each other. Communicate more. Connect always. Just become a great couple by knowing each other and having our relationship, love, trust, openness, faithfulness, interest, and other virtues to grow. I have seen signs, really I have. J At least I believe they are signs from God. I want to be his soulmates, I want to have true love and I chose him. Aaron, my Aaron. To have long lasting and happy relationship. Be open in mind and heart always (connect). And it seems God has brought favor on us. Its amazing, each time I doubt something happens to make me believe in it. To just have a long and lasting happy relationship; to work for a deeper, sweeter, passionate, and personal relationship. For us to be destined for each other J I believe in this and have faith. Thank you so much and God bless. P.S. I repent all my sins and I ask for forgiveness. I abide by him always, and I truly love him. I’m eternally grateful. Please pray he will grant favor. God bless. World peace always. Please let everyone receive his or her miracle. Big or small. God is about miracles and everything is possible. It will happen.I also want to be positive and just accept I’m not perfect. Amen:) I believe in God this will happen. I have faith, and love him so much. I know this will happen.:) Pray for me that I ill remain positive, hopeful, smiling, happy. I have a feeling I could trust you. Call me crazy but I saw signs it will happen: my miracle request. Two white butterflies flying together and I saw this message, not once but twice: Become your dreams(the first one was in white chalk and it had next to it a rose/fish symbol and the second in purple chalk with no symbol). I’m patient and I know it will come in time, however I am working on it, but with maturity, patience, and sensitivity(maybe not as soulmates but a relationship and friendship like Clair and Heathcliff Huxtible of the Cosby show had). 🙂 Amen (I want to get closer to God more than anything, I want to show my faith, trust, hope, belief, and love to him). I would do anything to be with Aaron. What can I do? Tell me and I will(I’m very persistent 🙂 and God loves that and he knows he will be the one I come home to always) Amen

    God bless

  9. Nadia Charles Says:

    i just wrote an exam today and i’m worried. please pray for me 🙁

  10. ilse Says:

    Wow God really moves 🙂 <3

  11. Jesus#1 Says:

    Please pray for my family and our financial problems!

  12. Esther Says:

    You are very right when you say…waiting on the Lord means praying and not just sit and mind our stuff thinking we are waiting on him, we must pray for what we are waiting for, your right when you say that, thankyou it opened my eyes.

  13. Greta Says:

    Wow I am so happy about your testimony and I praise God for it.
    I also have a testimony in my life but firstly to the person who said that the Holy Spirit only comes upon those who are holy and soft is wrong. God choses whomever he wants to reveal himself to and we are testimonies of that. We were not holy and in fact we were full of sin but that day we decided to pray so that God could reveal himself to us.

    On 9 September 2012 we prayed for 3 hours and God came down from heaven along with Jesus and many angels. They were all in my room where we were praying. The light was so bright that it was almost impossible to see clearly. God and Jesus are made of light and therefore have no bodily form. God spoke clearly to us, he gave us all messages about our future and hearts desires.

    2 Chronicles 7:14 “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

    God asks us to seek him daily and we are sure to find him. This life has many afflictions. We have to seek God daily.

    When we sin we are to go on our knees and ask for forgiveness. As soon as we do that God totally erases the sin and if you keep feeling condemned about the sin then the Holy Spirit will not work in your life. We need to understand the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ when he died on the cross for our sins. I know there are many people out there who feel condemned about their sins and who feel that they are not worthy of God’s love. You are worthy because grace and mercy makes you worthy. Ask God to help you stay away from sin but each time you sin ask for forgiveness and move on.

  14. Naledi Says:

    Dear people of God

    Today I am sitting with a huge burden on my heart. I’m a medical student in south africa. In november 2012, my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer! The same time, I learned that my childhood best friend was murdered and stabbed 21 times in her home.. I generally do well in my academics and managed to pass all except one of my subjects for the year.. I spoke to the appropriate people about my problem, asking them to give me another opportunity to write another exam, because of the difficulties I had been facing while studying for the exam. The university people were so rude at first and seemed to not care! I kept a level head and something in me just said, “keep talking”. Right now, they want me to bring proof of my moms illness and the deaths in the family etc.. I’m not too sure what theyl say.. May I please ask yoy guys to pray for me, that God performs and miracle on me and shows me favor… I’m very anxious and if I fail, I will have to repeat the whole year again. My parents don’t have money and it will just add strain to an already difficult situation.

  15. cheeryleesa Says:

    to the writer,Greta,
    though I agree with all you have written, I wish to correct you on one main point, in love for Jesus
    Christ, sister.

    You have written in your comment that “God and Jesus are made of light and therefore have no bodily form.” I would like to tell you that Jesus is the Son of God and Son of Man. He defeated death in the flesh, and rose in the flesh.”This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God”1 John 4:2.

    He himself claimed to his disciples that He was not a Ghost but flesh and blood.”Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.”Luke 24;39.

    That very fleshly Jesus with divine blood stands at the right hand of God today to intercede for us. Please be aware that yes, there is a MAN like one of us in heaven, our advocate, our High Priest . that is the victory of Christianity, the actual victory over death!

    “Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist”2 John 1:7
    I would exhort you to call upon Jehovah in the name of Christ, and ask Him to reveal His holy Will upon you.
    Your sister in Christ.

  16. Emory Says:

    I’m praying for you Naledi.

  17. Nunesh Says:

    Hi Everybody,

    May god bless you.

    I am older than 36 not have husband and child, not work. Please please pray for me just right now.

    Thanks in the name of Jesus.

  18. Emory Says:

    Dear Father, reveal to Nunesh the special person you have for her. May she see clearly the plan you have for her and receive all you have for her. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  19. pietergabriel Says:

    I’m busy reading all the miracles in the different sections and just felt that I may also deal with my brothers and sisters in the respective of their testimonies. May God be my guide through the Holy Spirit so I may write, what is in line with God’s will!

    Cheeryleesa, your name sounds so special – you are indeed a sister in Jesus!I’m new on this website but wow…I cant get enough of our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!God uses you and every fellow sister and brother,to “cheer people up” and support them in the spirit.He blesses our words of truth(all by His grace) so that He maybe glorified and honoured!!It feels like standing in a row and can’t wait to be the next “kid” to be called out by our wonderful teacher,who is God!It feel as if I’m ready to jump up and run, to do what I must do, the moment He gives a command!The inner joy is unstoppable. I believe that this is exactly what God’s intentions are for creating this website with Emory and…!

    I agree with Greta’s explanation that the Holy Spirit can’t be put in a box as whom He may visit and whom not!We don’t know the heart of people from the inside,we can’t see there!We don’t know what mercy God has install for any person as we can’t see into the future! It brings me to Cheeryleeza’s comment, on Greta’s experience.God and Jesus defintely have form!The Word also says: “nobody have seen God the Father…but we do read about “His Greatness and Majesty” in a blinding light – but that is how far it goes. In ,I think Revelation,(maybe someone can give the part in the scripture – not sure where it is) ,one read about someone, who saw the following while he was having a vision :”I saw someone, who looked like the Son of Man”… and then he described somebody that most probably was Jesus!It is defintely possible for God to give not one person, but the whole world insight into their future plans but,…as God tells us to walk by faith, I’m not always feeling in the clear as to”God letting us to “see” in future!”It is possible but it depends on the “what” God wants us to see! Whether it is in symbolic ways or, even in direct words which “give you direction” – I believe that, if this “direction” is in line with the Holy Word of God you are in the clear! I think it is save but…still test it and pray! Be careful for the “letting me know what the future plans are “, then it may just be out of line with the Word of God!Satan will declare himself as the “angel of the light” but…praying to God asking Him to show you the truth, if it is Satan’s work ,it will be revealed and pointed out as a lie!Keep asking God to show you if it really was Him!Don’t be caught in proudness of your own!If you were wrong, repent to God and praise Him that he saved you from the evil!If God really revealed something to you – praise our Heavenly Father. Don’t misundertsand!God does miracles, wonderful miracles but, as to the “giving of the future” ….I will definetly pray to God for discernment in the spirit, do not just take what happen and swallow it, even if it was “wonderful” make sure!God bless you and may you receive the spirit of discernment in order to be 100% sure that it was Jesus/God who spoke to you!God Almighty we pray in the Name of Jesus Christ our Savior who dwelled the earth in flesh, to reveal to Greta the truth and we pray the Blood of Jesus over her and her family!We thank you God, and pray that the Holy Spirit be with them as they walk in faith with You!Amen Greta, if you read my testimony(testimony of pietergabriel) you will see, I certainly believe that Jesus reveals Himself and in he can do that in glorious ways – no doubt!I just want you to make sure it was the true Light Jesus of the cross, the real Son of God – the same implied for me! With love in Jesus – God be with you all! Amen!

  20. pietergabriel Says:

    yamen g and missy, and all my other brothers and sisters in Jesus our Lord!I can’t do anything else but to sing :”Shout to the Lord all the earth….” How great is our God Almighty …the wonders of His Mighty Name! Having these experiences is purely by the grace of God! It is nothing that we can boast for(Eph 2:8&9) but its only by the mercy,the grace and the love of the Father, that these things happen!Miracles to this extent and even much bigger happen everyday.The fact is people may think or (believe others will think) that they are mad!They are defintely right,the people thought that Peter and the other discipels of the Lord were drunk when the Holy Spirit came over them, but… we must serve God,not human! Why are these things causing people to think you are mad??? Because it is so high above our little brains and their understanding!

    I am first going to explain something to “missy” before I continue! missy… I also saw and felt some of the same things you’ve experienced.Before my complete healing from severe headaches on the 5th of July 2011 – (read testimony of pietergabriel) I saw symbols(also as drawn with white chalk!Those symbols were 12 days before my experience of seeing and hearing Jesus,being healed, have more visions and a dream!Afterwards (the last month, I got internet(slow to technology!)and then started to google many christian websites and other sites to confirm that, what I saw ,and truly believed was the truth, was indeed the truth! There were so many confirmation of the very truth, through events ,people and other ways – I’m sure – God wanted me to be sure. There are many things that were not mentioned in my testimony on the end of January 2013, because of space!It will be far too long to read as just one testimony!I did see silver- blue butterflies with silver lines,as wellas golden butterflies.Not flying -just the clear “pictures” as to say!The white chalk drawings were very clear ,and then there were pictures in white,gold,silver, red,purple blue(combinations of colors) on objects like – shields,a priest garment as from the waste below,a white pilar, silver new moon,crystal shining bright white light, earth and nature – with mountains,rivers, green pastures.Isaw a waterfall with clean water, rain with golden showers between the raindrops,I myself was a fountain,water was coming out like a strong fountain from my head,my arms were open but raised towards heaven!It felt as if I want to close the fountain with my arms and hands as it felt too much ,and and then I believe heard God saying to me (by thought) -:”Do you want to flow over for me or not?”I opened up my arms even wider in joy and said…”Yes my father…pour even more!” Now that really sounds mad!!!Let’s stop here,for there are much more – I will testify in future!But, you must see people’s faces when I give my testimony!The absolute normal happen…!Some take it with joy, others will say…:”that is wonderful” in the same tone of when you ask somebody for direction ,when you are a bit lost!
    Some will just smile (maybe thinking …hi, are you really hear with us, and some even rebuked me! I learned to listen and handle each comment with love. That do not mean I’m just smiling!Sometimes I feel anger in me if I realise how Satan close their ears!Afterwards they will tell someone what they heard from me and then it is almost the opposite of what I said!!Please(bear with me) just one example – In one of the visions, I was walking in front of the lines of Israel like a “King David”, and the enemy the Philistynes,were fleeing in total chaos! I shared a part of my healing testimony and vision in NGK (the Afrikaans form of the Presbeterian church!)A month later, I heard someone talking about my testimony to friends of him but…!In his story I became a Saul, who was going to fight against DAVID! Satan managed to close his ears ,or the one who started the wrong story that day,as Icouldn’t see who he was,he could have heard the testimony from someone else in my church and …,how wrong my testimony ended up in this case -all in favor of Satan for these people!We know the Holy Spirit will be the one who afterwards will protect and reveal the full truth and then …Satan will be stripped even more by the power Of God Almighty!

    Now, back to how people react to miracles! Some people do see, or is part of miracles, but because of their “wonderful” brains,and yes(God created us with wonderful brain capacity) ,the human start “reasoning” on, why and why not theses things can or can’t happen! It is sometimes funny , but at the end really sad ,to hear, why people think ,you might have had your revelation, vision dream or even why you heard a direct voice!Medicine can,drugs in all forms can, concussion can ,near death can, “psychiatric” problems can and so much things can cause these events and people will accept it much easier to be the cause as to it, being a miracle! In all of the negative forms, Satan definetily throw in all his powers and “trump” cards, but … if God work,it can’t be faked, it is the truth ,it’s Holy and just, it is works of the Almighty!Therefore,we must pray that God will open peoples’ eyes to see how Satan literally “close” their eyes and ears ,when it comes to these miracles. On the other hand, I want to believe that many people are just walking the “safer” road and treat every miracle as from the Devil himself, because they don’t want to be deceived!!! But…here happen what God says…we are falling apart, because of the lack of knowledge of God’s Word. Because people don’t study the Word as intensive as they must, the Devil then, has so many areas as to attack them, and then, they go on to the “safe-mode” ,and they unknowingly become mere spectators in the war,not really knowing how nicely they actually play into the hands of Satan! I pray….dear God our Almighty Father,Jesus Christ our Lord and Holy Spirit within us, give us the hunger to learn more and more, about the truth!Give us the faith and power to fight the forces of the dark and evil one , with the truth of the never failing Word of God.We know that Satan trembles with fear,just by hearing Your Holy Name Jesus! Please Jesus cover us in Your divine blood,please God, dress us up with the perfecte armor of God ,and may we become more than mere spectators but active soldiers for You Almighty God Jesus Christ! Satan was defeated by You Jesus, we may live as ruling Kings with our Jesus Christ the Savior!Oh Lord, please, help us in our faith ,we want to rise and stand against the total works of darkness, we will remain standing in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord!Thank you God, we praise You an honour You!For ever and ever!Amen

  21. titilayo Says:

    Please I need your prayer support. My name is Titilayo I had a baby couple of weeks ago and she was born with cleft palate. This has affected one of her ears already and her nutrition because she is having problem with sucking breast and sucking of other liquid drink. I watch my baby passing through pain when eating and at times when sleeping. She feeds with a special bottle and the pathetic part of it is I watch part of the food coming out of her nose at times when feeding. I want God immediate touch on her. I also learnt this might affect her speaking mode. I believe is only God who can intervene in her situation. I was told she can only go for surgical operation around 9 -12 months. I believe in God the great physician who heals without an operation I want God to heal my daughter and cancel the trait of cleft from my entire household. I have read and heard series of testimony and i have 100% assurance that God can heal her and remove this trait from my household. Thanks and God bless

  22. cheeryleesa Says:

    Dear Titilayo,
    blessings in the name of Jesus! I pour and cover you and your precious baby with the blood of Jesus and pray in agreement with you” Father God, who forms us in the womb, who knows us before we are born, we praise your Holy Name and your unerring works. For the wonder of Titilayo’s baby and her life we praise you. We praise you for the mighty Testimony she will grow up to be to You in the Name of Jesus, our Saviour. Holy Spirit, we both stand in agreement and ask in the Name of Jesus, ARISE , Lord, with HEALING in your wings. Heal this deformity in our baby, let her start to eat normally and let her mother have every joy a mother has in her child which YOU gave. We praise you Father for your works and what you will do..

    Lord you alone said in John 15:7 “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”Jesus, Saviour, merciful loving one, we desire and know You will heal our baby. Lord , if it be Your will, heal her and guide Titilayo to do what You will her to do.

    Titilayo don’t let the evil one snatch away your blessings. Hold your child and speak every scripture you claim over her especially “My children will be taught of the Lord and great will be their peace “Isaiah 54:13. Proclaim the Sword of the Word again and again over her.

    God bless you in Jesus Name. Amen

  23. Joy Says:

    Dear Titilayo,
    My dear sister, I pray for the Lord’s peace to surround you and comfort you. You are held in the Lord’s arms and your little daughter is so precious to Him.
    Titilayo, I work with little babies with cleft palate and help with their feeding among other things. It is very stressful for parents when baby is just born.. learning to use a new bottle and coming face to face with the unexpected. I see the children as they grow older and I can tell you they are all beautiful children. The most stressful time is probably the first year of life. It doesn’t hurt your little girl when milk comes down her nose, and usually that disappears after a while as babies get used to managing the milk and sending it in the right direction. I am not sure why your daughter is in pain and hope you are involved with a medical team. I am praying now for her wellbeing and health.
    A big hug to you.


  24. Jennifer Guerra Says:

    Praise GOD!

    GOD is so great and merciful! And I have a sample, of which I’m so totally happy, for being so very very VERY blessed! …

    I’d been raised as a Christian, but then as a young adult, I totally rejected GOD. Then I totally abandoned my family, and away on my own, I got into terrible witchcraft. But then, after a very long time (about fifteen years), I got mentally sick, and I TOTALLY lost all my memory. I was taken to a nursing home … and there, I had a MIRACLE … I converted back to loving, honoring, and worshipping GOD!

    And then, over the next year and a half, I got progressively better and better … and not just mentally and emotionally, but physically and BEST of all, spiritually!

    And then, just a few months ago, my mother and brother came all the way across the country, got me, and took me home with them!

    I’m SO happy, and I thank GOD so very Very VERY much for HIS forgiveness of me, and for blessing me as a follower.

    GOD is so loving, kind, caring, forgiving, and merciful!

    I thank GOD so very Very VERY much!!!

    – Jennifer Favia Guerra

  25. padmavathee Says:

    I am padmavathy. My husband name is sivaji. Please pray for us to be good relationship and happy for ever.Please pray for good health. I am suffering with a tumor near the neck. The doctor advised to go for surgery. But I want to pray to god so that it can cured in his holy oil. Jesus please save me. Give blessings to me.

  26. N . K Says:

    Please, pray for my family to be happy and united.The devil is trying to use my husband to break the rules of marriage. Help me to pray about it for i know that this God is real and will make my family happy ever after.

  27. meghana Says:

    wow!! inspiring!! praise be to our awesome god!
    answering god faithful god!!
    born into a Hindu family..
    I don’t have a church a pastor or a spiritual guide.
    When life became hopeless he put ppl miraculously in my life. I learnt prayers from the net. The prayers were so appropriate for the situation I knew it was him calling me to pray to him! since then there is no looking back! halleluiah my wonder worker!!

  28. meghana Says:

    a special thanks to u lord for helping n protecting my uncle continue ur shower of mercy grace blessing on my family.god my studies how miraculously u help me ace.the miracles In my daily life will never cease to amaze me!how awesome are u god!from an abusive relationship to the man I couldt even ask for u saved my life n now u show me love n care throu him!Thanku so much farther..from where I was how I was who I was to where how n who i am today its all you Jesus!u looking at the tears of gratitude as I can’t stop adoring praising n thanking u Jesus!!

  29. Myrna Says:

    Hi there precious brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. Read the miraculous of what our Father God has done in your lives…I also want to share what He (Father God) did for me, in the Month of May 1984 I was dying of both kidney failures. At that time I had given birth to my eighth baby-Maybelline whom the dotors told me she was going to be deformed due to our having close to two babies in one year. I had given birth to my youngest son in January of the same year 1983. Our baby girl was born (December) normal, healthy due to prayers going up on her behalf before my due date. Then by May I was experiencing real bad swollen feet and hands I wasn’t passing any of my waste fluids and bodily wastes…by the fifth day…I knew I wasn’t going to live another week. At that time I was into traditional Native American teachings-doings and into teaching etc…of God’s. For I was brought up in a private Christian school at a young age…but when the suffering and pain I was feeling at the time..I had to turn completely to Father God..asking Him to forgive me and to allow me to live to bring up all of my children. I was taken to heaven by two angels…at around past two in the morning on the sixth day. This is all Ican recall and remember. Then by close to eleven on that same day I woked up seeing my 8 children’s father cooking and crying at the same time.I saw all of my children bunched up in one area of the living room. They had such sad, solemn look on their faces. They weren’t their usual self…by making all kinds of noises but they were just so quiet. My children’s father then told me that I looked dead and my body was just gray and I wasn’t even breathing….he didn’t know what to say to my family. All because he didn’t make any effort to taking me to the nearest clinicor to a hospital. He was at the time praying…asking God what do I do for my not taking my children’s mother to the nearest clinic or hospital due to her not wanting to be taken anywhere else. I, then told him stop crying I am alright..finish cooking for our children. By then I was still in pain but I reached out to my children and I was just hugging them all to me..they brought their baby sister I got to hold her for a bit…it was tiring for me still. Then close to noon I had this natural urging to go and use the bathroom. Our Restroom was 1/8 of a mile away and I had my then-husband help me walk over there. Every now and then I had to stop and rest to get strength. Finally I was in to the facility…I had days old blood, urine, feces coming out of me by the gallons like..I finally felt very light physically, and had to reassure my children’s father I was alright. He was still standing not to far from the Outside Restroom. After this I walked out of there healed and so light…I was just shouting and praising our Father God so much…I was crying and crying tears of happiness knowing that I was allowed another chance to be here on earth and raise up my precious eight children in Father God’ way. I never ever went back to the traditional Native teachings-teachers (false doctrines and false Prophets) anymore. I did go to one of them during my ordeal….the man was real hesitant on helping me. I did hear the devil whispering in my ear close to two in the morning telling me I ws gonna die, not live on my sixth day of my very hard, scary situation. To this day I only seek Father God and stay close to Him. I did get to raise all of my eight children. I now have close to twenty grandbabies. I do cherish each and everyone of my family members. I may not be very wealthy financially but I have Father God’ love and love from all of my family members. It was alot of praying, planning and work to raising all of my children. At times it looked like such insurmontable mountain to me…but with God’s guidance, strength, comfort, help and provisions we made it. Need a miracle cast all of your self and problems upon Him for He truly loves and cares for us all.

  30. Ann Says:

    Hi there, thanks so much for sharing all the miracles and I think I need to share my part on God’s great love to me and to my family. Everyday when I wake up I pray to God asking Him to protect my family. Sometimes I cry to God and ask him to protect each and everyone one by one. Yesterday was no different I was praying on my way to work the same way and then at work I read the Upperroom daily devotional ‘Sock it’ for Feb 27th 2014. It read on how to pray how we need to get rid of this unhealthy mode of praying. It said to put away our anxieties and fears in prayer and cover them with positive and effectual prayer, such as the Lord’s Prayer. Praying in this way for my loved ones is not exhausting and assures me that God, whose love far surpasses mine, knows the needs of my loved ones and cares for them. It really changed my thoughts and gave me assurance that God knows whats best for all of us that he protects and cares for all no matter what. To add to my amazement God performed a miracle in my life the same day. I live overseas away from my parents, so on that day as usual I was planning to call my parents after my dinner. Then before I called my brother called me and asked if I knew what has happened at home. Then he revealed that a large rock has come out of no where and hit my house and it had landed on our dining room crashing the dining table and damaging the roof and ceiling. I was shocked and we knew it was God who protected my parents as they have been at the dining table just five minutes ago and had moved away. When my parents showed me what happened through skype I was horrified but was amazed how God did save them. I’m sure it was God who showed me that GOD is there protecting us and he assured that I do not have to worry and pray instead all I need to do is have faith is Him as he is mightier than anyone or anything. He could move mountains he could even move rocks to show that he protects us. I do praise my precious God for the miracles and I really wanted to share this and tell everyone GOD is real and have Faith in HIM. He loves us enourmously more than we could ever imagine. Praise be to GOD!

  31. ELINA Says:

    Hi family, I am a 21 year old born again Christian, and my testmony is about how God always makes a way for me. If he did it for me I am sure he can do it for you too. It was early January this year 2014 I was accepted at the university and just to find out when my results came that I did not qaulify for the level I had applied for. I fasted and prayed day in and out to my suprise on the final day they just took me in. I was shocked, as how can this possible and remembered the bible verse that through christ all is possible…AMEN to that. I am happy that God will never leave you nor forsake you.

  32. tracy Says:

    I can give you several testimonies but GOD had done something great for me the other day , I was out helping a neighbor cut up some wood and I was the one using the chainsaw and the saw kicked back and cut right through my boots and what was amazing is that it didn’t even cut off one of my toes and it didn’t touch my socks and I told my neighbor look what happened and he said are you kidding me and I pulled off my boot and pulled my sock off and he couldn’t believe it but I will tell you GOD takes care of his own and when you put GOD first then he will put you first and its good to be a Christian. There was one time that I broke my neck and the doctor told me that I was suppose to be paralyzed but GOD healed my neck and I’m not paralyzed. I was in an explosion one time and it was told to my wife that I wasn’t going to make it through the night and I wasn’t going to live, but I’m still here today living for GOD and I love the LORD so much.

  33. Emily Says:

    Will you Christians please pray for me, my friend Isabelle, my sister Carrie? I came to this website to see if God is real and to see if he actually works miracles. All three of us our goimg through really really tough times and I dont know how much more I can take. And I definitly can’t do it on my own.

  34. Emory Says:

    Emily, I pray that God’s power manifest in all three of your lives in Jesus name.

  35. Rachelle Frye Says:

    I am a Christian, I strayed from God and sinned got caught up in the world’s ways with Satan and his demons having a toll on me. I went to the altar last Sunday and prayed with my pastor and a lot of the members behind me asking for forgiveness and God to show me what he wants me to do. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life and just want God to do his will in my life. Please pray for me.

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